The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 22, 1917, Image 7

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"My Jiuslmnd's n brute," sobbed the
pretty bride.
"Whnt has he done?" asked her sym
pathetic friend.
"I told him todny I had n letter say
ing mother was 111 and couldn't come
to visit us."
"And what did he do?"
"He said he said he hoped It was
.toothing trivial."
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Bears tho r ZZSZ
Signature of (JtaZ4UcJUt
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Found Her Out.
"I found Mrs. Smith in when her
maid said she was not at home." "So
you found her out 1"
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liVigA and PreserVo Tl;o
Woman Judges in Queensland.
Woman Justices are sitting in the
present session of the high court at
llrisbniic, Australia, for tho llrst time
in the history of Queensland.
Alfalfa seed, $0; Sweet Clover, $S.
J. W. Mulhall, Sioux City, la. Adv.
Aunt Sarah (horrified) Good gra
cious, John, what would your mother
suy If she saw you smoking cigarettes?
John (calmly) She'd have a fit.
They're her cigarettes.
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Items of General Interest Gnthertd
from Reliable Sources Around tho
State Houso
WVMett) Net'i1W'r Pii!n Npm ,"ervlre.
Charging each state- Institution for
tho electric light service which its
penitent Inry power plant provides is
the plan of tho state board of control
for putting that plant on a self sup
porting basis.
Tho service lights tho Lincoln hos
pital for the insane. Orthopedic hos
pital, the capitol building, the govern
or's mansion, the homo for dependent
children, in addition to the penltvn
tlary Itself.
Vouchers have just passed through
the hands of the state auditor show
lag that the hospital for the iusauu
has paid out $;i,457.1!0 for hcrxlcc since
April 1. litlt!. Tin1 charge Is at tho
rate of 2 cents a kllowat.
Outside of the strictly business end
of the enterprise, the charge might be
(ailed by some a case of robbing
lVter to pay Paul, since all state In
stitutions are under the state board
of control. In the ease of tho hospital
mentioned, the cost of tho lights arn
transferred from the asylum cash fund
to tho cash fund of the penitentiary
I'ndor the new plan, tho board of
control has asked the legislature to
reduce the penitentiary appropriation
about JL'O.OOO for the biennium on the
ground mat the power plant can pay
its own keep It takes nothing from
the other institutions since they would
otherwise have to pay for tholr lights,
probably on a higher basis.
Echo of Capitol National Failure.
Appointment of three members of
each legislative house to investigate
tho desirability of suing the directors
or the failed Capitol National bank of
Lincoln for slate money Involving tho
nmount of $300,000, lost when that
Institution went under, Is asked In
resolutions Introduced In tho houso
and senate. The federal supremo
court decision has held that tho direc
tors nro liable In their personal and
individual capacity for all damages
and the object of the resolution 1b to
dctermlno tho willingness of the stato
legislature to report the "amount of
litato loss and tho probability of re
covering the same."
Passes Federal Aid Bill.
Tho house In committee as a wholo
has passed houso roll 722, which nc
ccpts the federal good aids. Tho bill
lovies .05 of a mill for threo years
to meet tho requirements of tho fed
eral net granting aid to tho states in
the building of permanent highways.
This Is tho end of one of tho hardest
fought issues In tho houso this ses
sion. Insurance Board Did Big Business.
Tho stnto Insuranco hoard did a '
$150,000 business in February alono
and Us ledger still shows a balanco
duo from insuranco companies of $100,
454.30, according to tho monthly state
ment JiiEt Issued by Insuranco Com
missioner W. B. Eastham. It is tho
biggest February business In tho his
tory of the department.
During tho quarter ending February
,oot!,l0.lJCpa.r,tI!,e.nt ,"JcclvC(I ,n ca8h
$93,927.42, which b distributed among
tno iouoxving ninus in tnis proportion:
school fund, $2,88G; cash fund, $3,
354.58; general fund, $87,080.84.
From the 103 companies In tho stato
tho department has $140,24G,29 In
taxes charged, of which $84,242.09 has
been paid.
Soy Figures Disprove Statement.
While charges havw been made that
appropriations of tho 1915 loglslaturo
exceeded $9,800,000 and Increased
amazingly over tho appropriations of
tho 1913 session, figures given out by
the stato assessment board show that
but $0,300,000 waB raised from tho
taxpayers for tho blennlum of 191C
and 1916.
A commlttco comprising Wilson of
Dodge. Adams of Dawes nnd Chappoll
of Kearney appointed last week to
investigate rumors that stato officers
ami memners or 1110 icgisiaturo havo
been receiving freo telophono servlco
and that tho telophono interests are
using freo servlco to dofcat tnlcphono
legislation, has not yet announced n
meeting. It Is understood tho records
of stato ofllcors aro to bo investigated
with tho end In view of ascertaining
xvhether such ofTlcialB aro using tele
phones for prlvato purposes and charg
ing tho expenso to tho stato.
It Is charged that tho sifting com
mlttco ns proposed In the upper houso
would contain only ono prohibitionist.
If thnt Is true, say tho drys at tho
other end of tho capitol, thoro may
bo somo grounds for nn Omaha lltpior
merchant's going on tho assumption
that tho penplo xvlll bo allowed to
stock up tholr xvlno cellars prior to
May 1. If property manipulated tho
prohibition enforcement bill could bo
held up by tho sonata sifting com
mlttco until tho drys had agreod to
strlko out tho provision regarding tho
nmount of boozo on hand when pro
hibition takos effect
Sanction of Lower House of
Auto toll roads throughout the more ,
lhlill settled parts of NeluasKa are
an inunt'illute posslbillt.s as the result
of action by the house in approving
the Peterson Jackson bill. II It 710. 1
to allow corporations to "la out, lo- !
cute, (oiiMiiu t, furnish, maintain oper
ate and i iy hard surfaced toads for'
the transportation thereon of ti eight, j
cxpn s.s and passengers by means of '
auto elileivs" I
I'nder the pioposed law sut h toipo '
rations ate to lie given the tight oJ
etnltii'tit domain, subject to the same
tegulations as thoM gowtniiiK the
nillwiiy lompaiiles, which im-aus that
they 111:1 v take possession of as much
real es-ate as Is necesMiir to ptovlde
for their roads, tat'on and work
shops While It is undet stood that.
In the event of the passage ot
the lull, the llrst ptoject undet taken
would be to build a road ft mil Omaha
to l.lmolu, it is uho lnllied by some
that mil h projects i until be carried
out with success between other cities
in at lous parts of the state.
Tlie action of the house In approv
lug the Peterson. lackson toll toads
bill ma result In their establishment
in attous portions ol the state, par
ticularly in the eastern section
State Dank Deposits Increase.
Deposits In state banks of Nubrnska
for die last three months increasi d
ti.dt',4 L'Ti: -t I, in spite of lluancial
predictions that the tide had reached
its height This is accotillug to the
abstnn t of tho condition at the close
of business February lit, made public
by Acting Secretary Johnson of the
state banking board.
This Is the largest iuarteil in
crease it is said, on iccord in the of
lice of the banking board.
The total deposits In the Sit! banks
reporting amounted to JlUl.r.'.n.SOlMO.
distributed among KJ'J.ltSl depositors
Tho total at the previous call was
$105,000.(100, and six mouths ago
$140,000,000. During the year 1010 the
number of the new state banks was
only Increased by thittytwo.
Sinie the decision of the Nebraska
supreme court In l-'cbruaty denied the
right of tho state hanking board to
withhold or reject charters ot appli
cants, the number of state banks up to
Saturday afternon hud been I111 reused
to 870 Only S-P5 were in operation,
however, at the time of the rVbrunrv
To Amend Compensation Dill
A bill amending the xvorkmt n's com
pensation law has hvun reported out
by tho house committee on labor and
placed on general tile. It is II. It.
525, and hns been amended to include)
tho main provisions of two other bills,
H. II. 44 and II. It. 182. In general,
tho effect of the amended bill is as
1. Allows an Injured employe, or
In case of death, his personal repre
sentative, six months time after the
injury in which to decide xvhether ho
will accept compensation under tho
laxv or bring suit for damages.
2. Raises compensation lor total
disability or loss of members, from
one half to two-thirds of weekly
xvagea continuing for specified periods
of time.
8. Reduces Initial non-compensatory
period for minor injuries from
txvo xveeks to one xveek.
A bill foi bidding employers to do
duct from tho wages of their employ-
I cs, tinder nny circumstances, was
killed by the labor committee.
An appropriation of $20,000 for pay
ing tho railroad fare and other ex
penses of Nebraska civil war veterans
to VIckBburg for tho memorial anni
versary celebration to bo held at tho
national cemetery thero this year has
I been reported out by tho finance
mni00 of tbo houso. This was .1
over the opposition of Chairman Hies
clck The hill Is one that Messrs.
Jacobson and Fred Johnson Intro
duced. Its supporters have been mak
ing the sentimental plea that this Im
probably tho last opportunity tho
stato will have to do anything of a
substantial nature for the civil wnr
voterans, owing to the rapidly increas
ing death rato which Is carrying them
off. They have madu a partial can
vass of the houso members and nro
confident of pusslng the bill.
In tho list of bills reported out In
the house Is onw from the labor com
mittco providing an eight-hour day
for all occupations save farming.
"Measures to prevent "monopoly con
trol" of farm products are recom
mended to tho legislature In a report
' flicd by the special
committee ap
session. Chief
I pointed early in the
cierk Potts started to read It, but
tho houso grow rostlvo after ten or fif
teen minutes and nn effort was mada
to sldotrack tho document. Thereupon
Mr. McAllister, chairman of tho com
mittee and author of tho report, camo
forward and began reading it himself.
Ho xvas Interrupted by a motion lo
order It printed In tho Journal.
Senate Passes Landlord Bill
Adjutant General Phil Hall of tho
Nebraska national guard has an
nounced that ho will urgo the xvar
department to establish a summer
! training enmp for civilians at the rifle
f rango grounds at Ashland. Theso
grounds nro a government reservation,
"Ashland 1b an ideal plnco for sum
mer camp work," said General Hall.
"A continuous enmp could be main
tained through tho summer not only
for Nebraskans, but for men from
other states. I liopo to get sufficient
funds to mako badly needed Improvo
monts which will mako tho grounds
still mcro eultablo for tho camps."
Keep It
Word off attacks of grip,
colds nnd indigestion by timely
medication with tho thoroughly test.
hI and reliable remedy of tho Araerl.
can household
It's tcttcr to be safo than sorry.
Mimy n lotut rjtl of illstrrMlnil AlcXnrM
mlilht hnvo turn iitwrnted If this proved
rcmrdy lirul tx-on trvitteJ to In ttip (lft
Mnfid. Any nrUclr that lint tirrn cMU Irntly
utcii Inr neatly tmir n rrntury has rrl
lit value. Tnlilet form it yuudetlreil.
At your drawisn.
Supply Depot.
"Wombat serin- tn I" Kettltig He It
fast, hat's In- up tn1' '
"1 bellce he's running a sen Ice
station lor fountain pens."
Few persons can be sick who ne j
Green's Aunust Flower. It has been
used for all ailments that are caused
by a disordered .stomach and Inactive
liver, stub as sick headache, eonstlpti- ,
t Ion, sour stomach, nervous Indices. ,
Hon. fermentation of food, palpitation ,
of the heart from gases created In
the stomach, piilns In Hie stomach, and
many other organic disturbances.
August Flower Is a gentle ItiMitlve.
regulates digestion, both In the stem
neb and Intestines, cleans and sweet
ens the Moiiiiich and whole alimentary
canal, and stimulates the liver to se
crete the Idle ami impurities from the
hlood. Try It. Two doses will relieve
you. I 'sod for fifty years In every
'town and hamlet In the I'tilted States
and in all clvlli-zed countries-. Adv.
Nebraska Leads the World.
Now that Kurnpcun production has
been shut off. Nebraska leads tho world
In the potash Industry.
Died of Premature
Old Age!
(BT v. m, rn:ncu, ai. d.
IIoxv ninny times xve hear of compara
tively young persons passing uxvny
when they should have lived to be 70 or
80 years of age. This fatal xxork Is usu
ally attributed to the kidneys, as, when
the kidneys degenerate. It causes auto
intoxication. The more Injurious the
poisons passing thru the kidneys, the
quicker will those noble organs be de
generated, and the sooner they decay.
To prevent premature old age and
promote long life, lighten the xxork of
the kidneys by drinking plenty or pure
water all titty long, and occasionally tun
ing Anurlc (double strength) before
meals. This enn be obtained at drug
stores. Anurlc will overcome such con
ditions as rheumatism, dropsical sxvell
Iiuih. cold extremities, scalding ami
burning urine and sleeplessness due to
constant urlslug.
Practical War Economy.
Soft collars and "olllce overalls" for
men, dark blouses and citrtalnless par
lors for women, are all on the pro
grant of Knglnnd's "save the laundry
bills to help the war" campaign. In
cidentally, the authorities are pointing
out that xvheti the hands ami lace are
washed carefully, the loxvels do not
haxo to be laundered so often.
I?e careful how you give advice,
somebody might take It.
The Quinine That Does Not
Cause Nervousness or
Ringing In Head
Because of its Tonic and Laxative effect, LAXATIVE BROMO
QUININE can be taken by anyone without causing nervousness
or ringing in the head. It removes the cause of Colds, Grip and
Headache. Used whenever Quinine is needed.
but remember there is Only One
"Bromo Quinine"
That im the Original
Laxative Bromo Quinine
Thim Signature on Every Box
r IJrMmm. MjW W In Onm amy
0 . S j&rtrvts'
Farm Hands Wanted
Western Canada Farmers require 50,000 American
farm labourers at once. Urgent demand sent out for farm
help by the Government of Canada.
Good Wages Steady Employment
Low Railway Fares
Pleasant Surroundings Comfortable Homes
No Compulsory Military Service
Farm hands from the United States are absolutely guar
anteed against conscription. This advertisement is to se
cure farm help to replace Canadian farmers who have en
listed for the war.
A splendid opportunity for the young man to investi
gate Western Canada's agricultural offerings, and to do so
at but little expense.
V Only Those Aooustomod to Farming Nood Apply
For particulars as to railway rates and districts requiring labour,
or any other information regarding Western Canada apply to
W. V. DENNETT, Room 4, Beo nidp;., Omaha, Near.
Canadian Government Agent
-j j 1
W 'I ii
'- ''II' HW
Alrblup Losses In Europe.
An idlli ml r- npii iilm tf ti in Merlin
of the stiitMim of nli'-lilp losses dur
ing the year 1!MC Indlcnies that tho
Cermatis lost 'J J I machines and their
opponents siicrlllced 7s. The bulk of
the lossrs en In it It sides was III tllO
West, where the (ieriunns lost 18t
airships ami the Imgllsh and French
7,'l!t. it Is declared.
A busy man talks but little,
body nexer steps talking.
A busy-
The first sneeze is
the danger signal.
Time to take
The old family rcmctly-ln tablet
form- Mile, sure, fy to tiike. No
oplntcs, no unpleasant after effects.
Cures colds tn 24 lumrs-CJilp In J
days. Money back If it fails. Get
tho (jenulnc box with Ked Top nnd
Mr. lllll's picture on It 25 cents.
At Any Drugstore
For Hang-on Coughs, Colds
Omaha, Neb. -"All of last winter I
was Just about clown and out with n
heavy cold on my lungs that the old
fashtonetl home remedies I bad been
necustnmed to taking did not seem to
touch. I xvitH Just about to send for
the doctor when my brother advised
me to try Dr. Pierce's (Joltlen Medical
Discovery. I only took the one bottle,
but It certainly did give me wonderful
relief mid I believe saved me from n
siege of pneumonia. My people luivo
used Dr. Pierce's remedies for moro
than twenty years ami consider them
to be most reliable." MRS. CORA 13.
If you cannot obtain Dr. Pierce's,
flohlen Medical Discovery at your
dealer's, send $1.00 to Dr. Pierce. In
valids' Hotel, IlufTnlo, N. Y., and ho
will mall large package of the tablets,
or send fit) cents for smaller size. No
alcohol or narcotic, l'urely herbal.
Ingredients printed on wrapper.
A Drawback.
"A nhfitogruiihcr has one
"What Is that?"
"He has to lake every customer
Ids face value."
One squeeze llulsltes u lemon, but It
only gets 11 girl Interested.
t'niitontinont Is a virtue, but even In
the mutter of virtues one should be-
-ire of (outlterfells.
Ummd thm World Ovw Im
Curm m Oold o AC
m n