The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 15, 1917, Image 3

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It is cruel
force nauseating,
harsh physic into a
sick child.
Look back at your childhood days.
Remember tho "doso" mother insisted
on caster oil, cnlomel, cathartlCB.
How you hated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our children it's different.
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physic simply don't realize what they
do. Tho children's revolt Is well-founded.
Tholr tender little "Insldcs" aro
Injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only dell
clous "California Syrup of Figs." Its
action is positive, but gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this harmless "fruit
laxative" handy; they know children
lovo to tako it; that it never falls to
clean tho liver and bowels and sweet
en tho stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given today saves a sick child tomor
row. Ask at tho store for a 50-cent bottlo
of "California Syrup of Figs," which
has full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottle. Adv.
Sky Splitter.
Marcy, the highest mountain In the
Empire ntnie, wus named In honor of
Gov. William I,. Marcy. Its Indian
name 1b "Tahiiwns" (he splits the
A tncdicinnl preparation like Dr. Kil
mer's Swamp-Root, that has real curative
value almost cells itself. Like an cndlcta
chain system the remedy is recommended
by those who have been benefited to those
who arc in need of it.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is a physi
cian's prescription. It has been tested
for years and has brought remits to count
less numbers who have suffered.
Tho success of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root
is due to the fact that it fulfills almost ev
ery wish in overcoming kidney, liver and
bladder diseases, corrects urinary troubles
and neutralizes the uric acid which causes
Do not suffer. Get a bottle of Swamp
Root from any druggist now. Start treat
ment today.
However, if you wish first to test this
peat preparation 6cnd ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Utnghamton, N. Y., for a
ample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. Adv.
Far Corners of the World Look to the
United States for Expert Aid
and Advice.
American genius is triumphant, Gl
rard writes in the Philadelphia Tub
lie Ledger. A United States firm has
arranged to light the office of tho
president of China with Indirect elec
tric light.
Australln has sent for -10 expert
American workers to teach the men
in kangaroo land how to make glass.
The first motortruck ever seen In
northern Honduras was recently sent
thero by an American firm.
A Boston manufacturer was Induced
to go into Canada to Instruct our
northern neighbors how to make toys.
I am reliably Informed of an extraor
dinary use being made of the Ameri
can malls by a New York factory. This
concern had contracted for u large
number of railroad lanterns for Rus
sia. To save time nil these lnnlerns
aro sent to San Francisco by parcel
These are merely a few satnples to
show that If Kuropo does not snatch
from us our world trade after the
war, Europe nt least will know that It
has been In u light for it.
Rrnokflcld. Vt., enjoys the distinc
tion of possessing the llrst library or
ganized In the state.
Don't prolong a quarrel,
hnnl light and then quit.
Make one
Foods Are
In Price
But you can still buy
at the same price.
This staple cereal in
its air-tight, wax-protected
package will
keep indefinitely, yet
is ready to eat at a
moment's notice.
Grape-Nuts is full of
compact nourishment
with a delightful
wheat and barley
The Most Economical of
Prepared Cereals
Items of General Interest Gathered
from Reliable Sources Around the
State House
Western Newspaper t'ninn NV Service
Threv votes were recorded against
tho "bone dry" prohibition bill on Its
Html passage by the Nebraska house.
Two of them were cast bv n i tubers
of the Douglas county delegiitku,
Messrs. Kevgan and Schneider Tho
third negative voto wus b M-yscn-burg
of Hutler.
The bill received ninety vote and
was doclared passed with the onuig
oncy clause. The absentees were
McBsr. Hehrens, Cronin, I.eidlgh,
Mears, Trumble and Waltc. Of these,
MeEsrs. Cronin, Trumble and Walte
were tho only ones who bail been
marked absent on the morning mil
call, tho othorb having been in their
seats earlier in thu forenoon
Mr. Koch wa3 In his seat when tho
prohibition bill came up, but i!e lined
to vote on it. Although his nanu was
called scvoral times, ho did not re
spond. He and Mr. Hehrens, who was
absent nt tho time, aro from Cuming
county, which is known as one of the
strongest anti-prohibition counties l.i
tho state, having a largo foreign popu
lation. Mr. Mvyscnburg explained his oto
against the bill by saying it was not
tho kind of a measure tho people vot
ed for last fall. Mr. Richmond voted
for it, notwithstanding his belief that
it is not in accordance with tho wishes
of a majority of the people of Ne
braska. It being the only measure bo
fore tho legislature making tho dry
amendment effective, ho suw nothing
else to do.
To Amend Compensation Bill
A bill amending tho workmen's com
pensation law has boon reported out
by the Iioubo committee on labor and
placed on general Hlo. It Is H. II.
625, and has boon amended to Include
tho main provisions of two other bills,
H. II. 44 and II. R. 182. In gcnvral.
tho effect of tho amended bill Is as
1. Allows an injured employe, or
in case of death, his personal repre
sentative, six months tlnve after tho
injury in which to decide whether ho
will accept compensation under the
law or bring suit for damages.
2. Raises compensation for total
disability or Iosb of membors, from
onohalf to two-thirds of weekly
wages continuing for specified periods
of time.
3. Reduces Initial non-compensatory
period for minor Injuries from
two weokB to one week.
A bill forbidding employers to de
duct from tho wages of their employ
es, under any circumstances, wa
killed by the labor committee.
$50,000 for Prison Industries
Fifty thousand dollars will bo al
lowed for Nebraska penitentiary in
dustries, under certain conditions, if
tho Lancaster appropriation bill, as It
now stands, passes tho legislature and
tho governor's hand. Tho provisos at
tached to the bill make tho $50,000
available for any kind of prison In
dustry, except the manufacture of
brooms, but require that all prison
made goods shall be marked as such.
Since tho abolishment of tho contract
syBtem of prison labor two years ago,
tho broom industry at Lancaster baa
been gradually done away with, until
with tho removal entirely of the fac
tory of lessees from within the prison
walls this winter, the only work dom
thoro now is straw sorting.
No Temperance Day In Schools
When a bill Introduced by Repre
sentative Mills to require the observ-
J anco of "tompernnco day" in tho pub
lic schools came before the bouse
It found few friends. Tho svntiment
was that there aro too many special
days now. Mr. Flansburg remarked
that II. R. 70:? (tho prohibition bill)
establishes 305 temporanco days In the
your, nnd ho saw no need of speclul
legislation for any ono day.
Wants Enforceable Antl-Clgaret Law
Reprosontatlvo Dorsoy may remove
some objections to the cignret stat
uto which ho seeks to got through the
legislature by amending it to provldo
that no youths under 21 years shall
c .u iu ,,..... "6c ...
this state. The present draft of tho
bill sots tho figure at 18 years. The
thing about the bill which appeals to
men of a practical turn of mind Is
that It is enforceable and offers a so
lutlon to a problem which hns worried
many boy-workers In the paBt few
Will Ballot by Mall I
Lino officers of the Fourth N'obras- I
ka regiment will ballot by mall to J
chooso majors of the First nnd Sec
ond battalions, tho voto fo bo can
vnBsed at noou, March 13, nt tho
office of the adjutant general in Lin
coln, Major Ilonnlng F. Elsasser of
tho Flrit, has been elocted lieutenant-colonel
of the regiment; tho com
mission of Major Ivor S. Johnson, of
tho Second battalion, has expired.
WANT TO AD.'OUt n !,.'. 1
Think They WIM be Needed nt Home
fcr Spring Work
rami' i mi'iiKri ol the legislature
ate beginning to talk nl out the tunc
of adjournment Representative Heis
tier would have tho two houses ad
1ourn about Atiril 1. whether thc
had finished what they wanted to do
or not He said that others were
discussing the quest Ion and he looked j
for a movement of that kind to bo
started in a thort time, If the lino
weather continues.
To consider all the bills before It,
it would take the leuUluttirc until
July. No effort will be made to do
this. The general llles in bulb '
houses, upon which are placed all the
bills that pass the gaiin'let ol the
committees, are well lllled Two or
three weeks would be neccssnr to
clean up the house calendar alone,
nr.d there are several hundred bills
In the bands of the committees. This
condition will force a sifting coin- i
mlttec early in the month.
Are Guests of Omaha
Members of the legislating officials
of the executive departments of the
state and some of their wives were
guests of Omaha last Friday The'
special from Lincoln, bearing 1.15 of
them, arrived at South Omaha at
11 o'clock In the forenoon Gover
nor Neville was a membei of the
General Manager Hiicklngham of
the stock yards, took tho party in
tow, piloting the vlsitois thtough the
yards and packing houses and giving
an automobile ride about tho South
Side At noon luncheon was served
at the Live Stock ICxcbango restau
rant. In the afternoon the parly took
In the auto bhow as guests of tho
Omaha Automobile Trade association.
In tho evening the Commercial
club gave a dinner to the visitors at
the club rooms.
Favors New Wing to Capitol
Tho holism finance, ways and meanB
committee adopted, without a dissent
ing vote, a motion inai u op mo sense
if tho committee that Richmond's bill.
H. R 1. be reported out amended to
provided for a two-thirds of a mill levy
for the next two years, the proceeds
:o be expended In building a new vast
iving and in pnylng for the pencil
iketches for a completed structure.
Tho bill will carry the present rec
Dmmondatlon for tho creation of a
-npltol commission, composed of the
governor and four citizens to bo
named by him, which will adopt the
plans for the new structure.
To Conform With Gerdes Law.
Resolutions to require tho examin
ing board of the state board of veter
inarians, who aro paid tho fees of their
sxaminations as salary, to turn their
fees over to the state treasurer were
passed at a meeting of the state board.
This board is mado up of Governor
Neville, Secretary of State Pool and
State Auditor Smith. The board hold'!
that this requirement is in conformity
with tho Gerdes law.
February Warrants Total $327,194.48
State Auditor W. H. Smith issued
state warrants In February amount
Ing to $327,l!i4.48. The amount of
wnrrants Issued In January was $7.1!t
422.74, making a total of $l.$fi.ri.fil7
for two months. Tho lire commis
sioner's olllce drew on tho slate treas
ury for $1,097.84 to pay the expense
of that department for tho month of
Over $10,000,000 Bond Investment
Over 10,000,000 of Nebraska's
funds aro invested in bonds hearing
3 per cent Interest or better, State
Treasurer Hall has announced. This
is the first time in tho history of
the state the bond Investment has
passed the $10,000,000 mark. Tho
state's cash balance was $1,302,241.
05 at tho close of business in Feb
Usury Dill Approved.
Representative Real's bill to limit
ntercst and commission rates on
oaus, designated especially to relieve,
oonovvvrs in western Nebraska from
.ho exactions of usurious money lend
rs, was appioved by the house .a
committee of tho whole after a lengthy
Tho house railroad committoo con
sidered Mosoley'B bill, H. R. 374.
which makes trespassing on a railroad
right-of-way a misdemeanor and will
amend it before reporting It out. Tho
bill is intended to prevent the use of
, ,rncks nji roadbeds by pedestrians
i nn,, lhft ilimnln nn ,, ,lff f !iru ,lV
boys. Tho flno is $10 or thirty days in
Jail. It is also aimed at the I. V.
W.'s. Tho bill makes every agent and
section foreman who is a citizen a
spocial deputy sheriff to make arrests,
Farmers adjacent to right of way wll
bo exempted from tho bill.
Cannot Collect Tuition
Private or parochial schools cannot J
collect trco tilgli school tuition nor
can thoy receive money appropriated
for normnl trnlnlng In high school.
This Is tho substance of an opinion
given by Attorney General Willis 10.
Reed to Statu Superintendent W. II.
Clemmons at tho hitter's request.
Tho statutes governing matters of
tuition ami distribution of normal
training funds, Mr. Kei-d points out,
are only broad enough to Include free
public high schools in tholr Jurisdiction.
SiiNparScnooL i
'Hv n O HKM.UKH Acting Pirn-tor of
Siitulnx School I'ourst! of Moody Hlble
Instil. itc 1
. intern ten. Wrstrrn No w mm pi r t'liloti I
l.P.SSON TKNT John k 12. 3I-?7. 6G-!A
(It, a. I i ntlre rhaplert
CMUi:N TT..VF If the Hon therefore
Mmll make you dee, i- nlmll lie free In-(lictl.-Jiiliu
Teachers should sketch rapidly In n
chronological way the events in the life
of our Lord. (See mi good harmony)
nnd show t lut t this lesson belongs to
the period of the Galilean ministry of
Jesus when he had gone up to Jerusa
lem to attend the feast of the labor
naele (John 7:l-.rrj). Let us be sure
to load our guns with temperance urn
munition, be familiar with facts, take
careful aim, concentrate all we have
to say upon one definite aim, ami then
pull the trigger e. g. be sure to shoot
a temperance charge and make u tem
perance application.
I. The Slavery to Sin. Jesus' previ
ous references to water (('lis. -I and 7)
mid to bread (oh. (') were occasioned
by outward occurrences; so with this
reference to light. In the treasury (v.
i!0) near to Jesus as he spake were two
colossal, golden lamp stands around
which when lighted the people gnth
c red with rejoicing. Amid the blaze of
this Illumination, Jesus eelalms; "I
am the light of the world." What Is
more beuellcent than light ns it re
veals, cheers and brings life, health
ntiil happiness to mankind? Without
light there Is no vision. Without Jesus
there Is no spiritual wisdom. Without
light we know not whither we are go
ing. Without Jesus we grope In the
darkness. Kvery ray of light, of truth,
of holiness and love comes from him,
for God Is light, unci In him Is no dark
ness at all (I John l:1.r). Some think
that these words were occasioned by
the onlookers, seeing what Jesus had
written In the sand (vv. 1-11). The
first step In the slavery of sin Is blind
ness; the second Is habit; and the
third Is that of absolute slavery (Prow
r:22). Jesus was the Incarnation of
I lie light of God. We cannot con
ceive of Jesus making such an asser
tion an tills, ami being merely a good
II. The Possibility of Freedom (vv.
.TI-H0.) These words were spoken to
"those which had believed on him," mid
ns the result they were to know tho
truth, and the truth should make them
free. Knowledge and liberty come from
a continuance (abiding) in the word of
God (John M:lf; MM'J-l.'i). Many men
reject Jesus Christ because they claim
they wish to have their liberty, and by
bo doing they lose their liberty. A dis
ciple Is a learner; Jesus Is the teacher;
the entrance examinations to the
school of Christ are the simple nnd
necessary condition of believing or ac
cepting him as Lord and teacher. The
scholars nre all the disciples who con
tinue tinder his Instruction. The ob
ject of the schooling Is to make per
fect men, "unto the measure of the
stature of the fulness of Christ" (Kph.
4 :'22 ; Col. 4 :12). Christ's school Is not
only In the church and In the Sunday
school mid Young People's society, but
It Is everywhere, In the home, In tho
office, at work and play ; wherever ono
Is trying truly to live according to
Christ's will, he Is In bis school, nnd
that school Is open both day ami night;
there are no vacations unci no recesses.
The text book Is the Rook of books.
We need not argue as to the necessity
of sin, but realize the fact that all aro
under sin (Rmn, f:l'2), but being un
der sin does not necessitate our abid
ing there, nor Is sin necessary to our
being. This freedom hero Is from sin
and the love of sin and the curse and
the penalty of sin and the bondage and
corroding care of sin. It is also mental
freedom, freedom for Christian ac
tivity. A knowledge of the Kngllsh
Illblo Is a liberal education, and brings
true liberty to those who are thus edu-
rated. As contrasted to that we have
1 the slavery of sin (vv. HI, I!0). Tho
' drunkard Is a slave because be Is re
J strained from doing what he knows ho
I ought to do. Ho cannot even do wrong
I freely for his conscience constantly up
I braids him. lie is a slave because ho
Is compelled to bear tho consequences
of sin against his will. Tho way of
escape (v. .'!(!) Is through the son: "If
tho son therefore shall make you free,
ye shall bo free Indeed."
III. The Authority (vv. fiO, 58). Tho
Jews took exception to the words of
Jesus (.'H-fifi). When did Abraham seo
Jesus? Read the 38th and llUh chapters
of Genesis, and we find that one of tho
three who visited Abraham was differ
ent from the other two, and remained
behind while1 two went on to Sodom.
The ono who remained was tho Lord
Jesus, Jehovah appearing In human
form before bis later incarnation as
Jesus of Nazareth.
"I Am" Is tho nmno of Jehovah.
Jesus hero takes that name to himself.
There was a time when Abraham came
to bo or was (v. f8), but there was
no time when our Lord over cunio to
bo for he Is the eternal "I Am." Relng
thus one with God, he haB tho power
to bet men free.
Wo have In this chapter the plcturo
which Jesus draws of the chmacter of
tho devil ns the enemy of mankind un
der two aspects: First, ho Is a mur
derer (v. 41).
No war has slain what Intemperance
(ono of ills favorite Instruments) bar
slain. Second, he is u liar,
to farm laborers
160 Acres
to Farm
Canailii today, with the great lie
I uiatitl that Is made upon it lor food
I sum's, ilnds Itself almost In the throes
of a labor famine. A novel menus of
1 solving the problem has been evolved
by thoCniindlaii Government at Ottawa
I on Wednesda.v last, when it was tie-
elded to pnietleall.v bonus every farm
! band going to Camilla, bv giving hlin
I WO acres free as a homestead, and to
allow the time be would be working out
for, the good wages ofl'oicd, to count as
icsldciu'c duties on the homestead.
Western Canada has been a big pro
ducer of grain and It is estimated that
theie is a shortage of over thirty thou
sand men. necessary to produce an av
erage crop in 1!M7. This shortage has
been caused b.v so maii.v .voung men
having left the limns to go to war, and
It Is essential to make an unprecedent
ed offer of this kind, to till their places
on the laud at once.
It has been required In the past to
do tluee years' duties on homesteads
to get title, but mi additional Induce
meiit has been offered b.v practically
reducing this term to two years. As
explained by an official of the Cumuli
an Government. Canada's need for
farm laborers Is Intense, ami excep
tional inducements are being offered
to get the needed farm workers tit
once. A farmhand will make his en
try for one of the RiO-acrc farms, sat
isfy the Government thnt be Is work
liig for a farmer nnd thai lime will ap
ply as residence on the land Hied for,
Just the same as If he was actually
living on It. Advertisement.
Do Tell!
lie-So you let Lieutenant Topple
kiss you?
She Yes. Mow do .vou know?
He I heard him brag he'd smelt
SS-S-SftSrnTJ'Knl to
gftNct rnntentalSPluidDraohid
i ALGOHOL-a I'll" ".
j Thereby IVomoiin Diction
Mineral, not ij"--
Air trmna
A hMnfiil Remedy for
Constipation and Diarrhoea.,
ami mtriww" --
rosutUntS thettfrwnjt!nf'anCf
ri? wj
fac Simile S.nihot
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Sec If Your Diamond Is Genuine.
licru Is a test that can b made
when a diamond is quite clean nnd dry.
Place nn I he Mirface of a diamond a
tiny drop of water. Now take a needle
or pin and try to move the drop about.
If the diamond Is genuine, experts Miy,
the drop can be rolled Intact. On the
oilier hand when the pin Is an Imita
tion tho water .spreads directly It Is
touched with the needle point.
Whore a man's hair Is ashy jra.v
may be owIiik to the fact that he had
money lo burn nnd burned It.
Wise men lire those who lcet other
people from eel tine wls"' t them.
Sudden Death
Before an insurance enmnnny will
take a risk on your life the examining
physician will test your water and re
port whether you are a Rood risk.
When your kidneys get sIubrIhIi nnd
clog, you Ktiirer from bncunciie, sick
headache, dizzy spells, or twinges and
pains of lumbago, rheumatism and gout,
or sleep Is disturbed two or three times
a night take heed, before too late!
You enn readily overcome such con
ditions and prolong life by taking tho
advice of u famous physician, which Is:
"Keep tho kidneys In good order, avoid
too much meat, salt, alcohol or tea.
Drink plenty of pure water and drlvo
tho uric acid out of the system by taking
Anurlc, in tablet form." You can obtain
Anurlc, double strength, at drug Rtores,
the discovery of Dr. I'lerco of invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
fcCi'Ci i ay mr
3aw, rt
fso9 IKKi&MuPlV77?v
In the
of Health
It is imperative that
you keep
ToThatEnd Try
Stomach Bitters
1 1 IKi'KljJ
from n Houo Spavin, King Hone,
Splint, Curb, Side Hone, or timilit
trouble anil gets horse going ound.
It acti mildly but quickly and good re
sults arc Uvting. Ooca not blister
or remove tho hair and horse can
be worked. Page 17 in pamphlet with
each bottle tells bow. 2.0() a bottl
delivered. Horse Hook 9 M free.
AHSOIiniNK. JR., the antiseptic liniment
for mankind, reduces Painful Swellings. En
larged ('.lands, Wens, Unlives, Varicose Veinsf
heals Sores. Allays Pain. Will tell you
more if you write. 51 and $2 a bottle at
dralrrs or drU.ftfl, IJbfrtl trial bl le lof J0 lumps.
W F. YOUNG, P.O. F.,3tOT(ir,ptaSt .Sprlngflstd.Mist.
Wilt lion K.Colfimnn.Wash
liitfton.HO. Ilookntrnn. High
rm niinrnnci-a. lll result.
"ROUGHonRATS ih outdoors. n!a"niiS.
Avoid oiH-ntuont. IMHIIto l.Ut'r AMloniachrnmndy
(So (Ml) Ksnlt sura: hoinn rmnrdr. Wrlt todtr
UlblMi RintJr 211 S.Dtut-tre St-CUcm
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 11-1917.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Good Way to Test Diamonds.
Suspected dliiiiionds are frequently
tested by placliiK theui between two
coins ami pressed bard with tho
lingers. It Is said to bo Impossible to
make the smallest Impression on a real
dlaniond. but, In tho case of a pasto
article, the edes may be crushed. Tho
effort can be discerned by a critical ex
amination with a lens.
Alfalfa seed, ?fl; Sweet Clover,
J. W. Mulhall, Sioux City, In. Adv.
If matrimony dnosijlt make a worn
an wise there Isn't nn hope for her.
It Is easier to renew a good resolu
tion than ti PO-day note.
Doctor Advises Herbal
Tonic for Women
Council Bluffs, Iowa. "When I was
going through middle life I became all
run down, was very nervous and suf
fered with severe pains in my back. A
doctor advised me to take Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription which I did, and
it brought me through in n strong,
healthy condition. I have always used
the 'Pleasant Pellets' nnd found then
to be a splendid regulator of the stom
ach, liver nnd bowels." MltS. MARY
MORGAN, 180 10th Ave.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are th
original little Liver Pills. These tiny,
Htigar-coated, antl-bllloiis granules
thu smallest nnd easiest to take. Mado
up of May apple, the dried Juice of the
lenves of nloo and tho root of Jalap.
Almost every drug store In this coun
try sells theso vegetable pellets as well
(ib Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
and Golden Medical Discovery.