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Uncle Sam Plans to Make Red
Man Useful Citizen.
Vocational Schools Established to Make
Young Wards of Government
Efficient in Various Indus-
trial Pursuits.
To nmke the red mnn n productive
citizen, prepared to tuko his place In
the industrial und commercial life of
the nation 1b the object of the voca
tional tralulug which has been Intro--duced
by Uncle Sam Into all the In--dlan
schools of the country. The chil
dren of the original Americans are now
being given the benellt of what gov
ernment officials believe to be the best
vocational training ottered by any
school system in the United States.
The new system of training for Uncle
Sam's young girls is being de eloped
under the supervision of Cato Sells,
head of the bureau of Indian affairs of
the department of the Interior. Mr.
Sells is giving much attention to this
feature of the bureau's work and Is
confident that it will produce very
beneficial results.
Given Practical Training.
The system, recently devised, is di
vided Into three divisions. The first Is
the beginning stage, the second the
Undine stage and the third the finish
ing stage. During the first and second
periods the training Is domestic and in
dustrial activities center around the
conditions essential to the Improve
ment and proper maintenance of the
home and farm. The course outlined
4n the prevocntlonal division is unique
In the fact that In nddltlon to the regu-
Cato Sells.
lar academic subjects boys are required
to tuke practical courses iu farming,
gardening, dairying, farm carpentry,
farm blucksmlthlng, farm engineering,
farm masonry, farm palntlug and shoe
and harness repairing, und all girls are
required to tuke courses In home cook
ing, sewing, laundering, nur&lng, poul
try raising and kitchen gardening.
This course not only prepares the
Indian youth for Industrial efficiency,
but At the same time helps them to
find those activities for which they are
best adapted and to which they should
apply themselves definitely during the
vocational period, the character and
amount of academic work being deter
mined by Its relative value aud Impor
tance as a means of solving the prob
lems of the farmer, mechanic and
Nonessentials Eliminated.
Nonessentials are eliminated. One
half of each day Is given to Industrial
training and the other half to academic
studies. All effort Is directed toward
traltdng Indian boys und girls for ef
ficient und useful lives under the con
ditions which they must meet after
leaving school. Other subjects to which
this course directs special attention
are health, motherhood aud child wel
fare, civics, community meetings and
extension work.
After their long course of search,
the experts of the Indian olllce who
have been In the closest touch with this
work sny that they came to the conclu
sion that tho economic needs of all
people and of tho Indian especially
demand that the schools provide for
Instruction along eminently practical
lines. To this end the Industrial schools
were cstubllshed, lu which the culture
value of education Is not neglected,
but rather subordinated to the practi
cal needs of tho child's environment.
In the first or primary period, spoken
of before, the Indian child goes into
what Is to him u strange land with a
strange tongue, strange habits, customs
and standards. Ho Is lacking that fivo
years or so of fundamental home edu
cation which most white children re
ceive Iu our American wnys of think
ing, doing and living. Officials of tho
Indian olllce uro much pleased with tho
way their new method Is working out.
A. diaphragm aud horn resembling a
ijlrouogruph's have been Invented to
fiuuVjte telegraph relay Instruments nu-
'illhla nnii onvn 4ltn lion nt wlHlltmnl
I.....W 4..U KM,W bMU 3i W. UUUtViUMUl
Uncle Sam's Experts Will Instruct
Applicants for Training, However,
Must Agree to Become Officers In
the Aviation Reserve Corps at
' End of Schooling.
Civilians who meet the requirements
of Uncle Sam will have an opportunity
to become experienced aviators at the
expense of the government, nccordlng
to plans that are being prepared by the
aviation branch of the Utdted States
Signal corps In compliance with the act
of consnws appropriating $Ki,000,000
for the organization of a military avia
tion corps.
For the alatton suction of the Signal
Officers' Reserve corps It Is proposed
to have 21H) olllcers, graded from major
to second lieutenant. Those who
aspire to be olllcers may be taught to
fly at tlw expense of the government.
Applicants must be from twenty-one
to twenty-seven years old. If the can
didate Is considered desirable he will
be examined physically, mentally and
morally. The physical test will be the
same as that required for officers of
the regular army who want to serve
In the Aviation corps. In the mental
test the applicant will he required to
establish the fact that he has "the
equivalent of a college education."
The candidate must Ktnte in writing
that If he passes his aviation test after
being taught aviation at the expense
of the government he will become an
officer iu the Aviation Iteserve corps'.
Then the examining board will recom
mend that the applicant be designated
as an aviation student. lie will be sent
either to an army aviation school or a
private aviation school approved by
the officer In charge of the aviation
section. When he has been taught to
fly he will be commissioned second
It Is the intention to organize re
serve uero squadrons iu various parts
of the country.
The enlisted reserve corps calls for
i4 master signal electricians, 11)0 first
class sergeants, 1181 sergeants, OKI cor
poruls, 1,881 privates, first-class, and
U70 privates. These men will bo ex
pected to attend to the motors of the
An officer In the reserve corps will be
commissioned for live years, after
which he may be recommlssloued iu
the same or higher grades for succes
sive periods of five years.
In time of uctunl or threatened hos
tilities olllcers of the reserve corps are
subject to such duty as the president
may prescribe. Heads of staff corps
when authorized by the secretary of
war may order reserve officers to duty
for periods not exceeding 15 days a
year. While so serving the olllcers will
be paid the same us the respective
grades In the army.
They Should Not Be Used in Packing
Boxes for Shipment Through Any
Belligerent Countries.
If you arc going to ship some old
clothes to the Belgians or to anybody
else, through tho belligerent countries
of Europe, donlt wrap them lu old
newspapers. This Is the warning Is
sued by Uncle Sam.
Likewise, If you are packing some
thing, don't use old magazines or pa
pers to fill the Interstices to keep your
gifts from rattling around in an over
sized packing case.
Warning Is being given nil shippers
by the department of commerce that
delay in customs is sure to bo the por
tion of such shipments If they do not
suffer a more serious fnto.
This wnrnlng Is given to big ship
pers, many of whom have found old
papers and magazines u cheap and
useful packing material. Presence of
such printed mutter Is a real menace
to the goods.
An ulterior motive Is always sus
pected when uncensored printed mat
ter comes to n belligerent country
through channels other than the pub
lic post, where It Is readily expected.
Homo newspapers are censored by the
governments, and uncensored Ameri
can papers are not appreciated by the
authorities In out-of-the-wny corners
of packing cases.
i V
Rockefeller Foundation Plans to Spend
$1,000,000 on Medical College and
Hospital Buildings.
A million dollars of American money
Is to be spent on buildings and equip
ment for a medical collego and hos
pital at Peking, China, Uncle Sam's
commercial attache at that place re
ports. Tho money is to bo spent by
tiie Rockefeller foundation.
Some time ago tho foundation took
over the previously established Union
Medlcnl college of Peking and the hos
pital operated In connection with It.
It Is now proposed to build a com
plete new plant for these Institutions,
tho plnns calling for bulldlngH for tho
college to nccoinmodnto u maximum of
CO students und for tho hosnltal to
provldo for n present maximum of 200
beds, with possibilities of luter expan
sion. Tho hospital Is Intended primar
ily to provide cllnlcul facilities for tho
college, and it Is expected to bo pat
ronized mainly by tho poorer classes.
Tho expenditure that this project
will involvo is not officially stated, but
It Is understood that it may run over
President Designates November 30
As a Day of Thanksgiving
and Prayer.
tVHtrn Newnpapur Union News Service.
Portland, Qie. Sonutor Georgo K.
Chamberlain, who has gone to Wash
ington, has announced that at tho
coming session of congress ho would
Introduce a proposed constitutional
amendmont providing for tho election
of president by direct voto of tho
people. Ills intention ho said, was to
get the amendment under way
promptly, so that It might bo acted
on by legislatures of tho various
states in time to become effective for
tho next presidential election.
"Tho recent election demonstrated
more strongly than ever the desirabil
ity of electing tho president by direct
vote," he snld. Senator Chamberlain,
who Is chairman of the senate com
mittee on military affairs, said he
would also at the coming session put
forward a measure providing for uni
versal military service.
President Issues Proclamation Regard
ing Its Observance.
Washington, Nov. 17. President
Wilson has formally by proclamation
designated Thursday, November 30, aa
Thanksgiving day.
Horo follows the president's procla
mation: "It has long been ilia custom of
our people to turn lu the fruitful au
tumn of the year iu praise and thanks
ilvlug to Almighty God for Ills many
blessings und mercies to us and tho
"The year that has elapsed slnco
wo last observed our day of thanks
giving has been rich In blessings
to us as n people while tho whole faco
Df the world bus been darkened by
war. In the midst of our peace and
happiness our thoughts dwell with
painful disquiet upon tho struggles
ind sufferings of tho nations at war
and of tho peoples upon whom war
has brought disaster without choice
)r possibility of escape on their part.
Wo cannot think of our own happi
ness without thinking of their pitiful
"Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wil
son, president of the United States
of America, do appoint Thursday,
tho thirtieth of November, ns a day
of national thanksgiving and prayer,
md urgo and advlso tho people to re
sort to tholr several places of wor
Bhip on that day to render thanks
to Almighty God for the blessings
of poaco and unbroken prosperity
which Ho has bestowed upon our
bolovod country in such unBtintod
"And I also urge and suggest our
duty, In this, n day of pcaco and abun
dance, to think with doep sympathy
of tho stricken peoplos of tho world
upon whom tho curse and terror of
war has so pitilessly fallen and to
contrlbuto out of our abundant means
to the relief of tholr sufferings.
"Our peoplo could In no better way
show their real attitudo toward the
prosent struggle of the nations than
by contribution to the rollof of the
Bufferings which war has brought In
Its train.
"In witness whereof, 1 have here
unto set my hand and caused the seal
of the United States to bo affixed.
"Done at tho City of Washington,
this 17th day of November In tho
year of Our Lord 1016 and of tho In
depondenco of tho United Statos tho
"By the President.
"Secretary of State."
Deutschland Sinks Her Convoy
Now London, Conn. Five lives woro
lost when tho German submarine
Doutschland, which loft port Thursday
for Bromon rammed and sont to tho
bottom with Us crew of five tho tug
T. A. Scott, Jr., ono of Its convoying
tugs. After tho accident, tho Deutsch
land returned to port.
The collision occurred about a railo
Inside tho Race and, according to a
niombor of the Deutsghland's crew,
camo "all In a minute." The tug, ho
said, got In front of the Doutschland,
tho distance being so slight betwoen
them that tho submersible had no
chance of avoiding the accident. Her
nose struck the tug noar tho storn,
lifting it well out of the water and
sending tho Scott's nose under. Al
most Immediately afterward the boil
ers of tiie tug oxplodod and the ves
sel sank with all on board.
British Steamer Sunk
Paris. Tho British, steamer Sarah
Radcllffe, of 3,333 tons gross, has
been sunk by a hostllo Btibmarlno,
which torpedoed and bombardod her,
according to a semi-official announce'1
ment. The steamer sank after twelve
shots had been fired at liar, nccordlng
to this account, her crow of twenty
eight men being rescued by tho Nor
wegian steamer Hudtn. Thq sloop
BL Nicholas of Granville was sunk
also by a submarine, tho announce
ment adds. Jler crow of nine man
was saved.
English Recipe, of Course, Is Well
Known Plain or Steamed Fruit
Confection Excellent.
English Pudding. Half cupful but
ler, one cupful molasses, half cupful
seeded raisins, three-quarters cupful
milk, three and one-half cupfuts Hour,
one teaspoonful soda, one-half tea
spoonful cloves, one-half teaspoonful
cinnamon, one-half teaspoonful mace.
Heat tho butter to a cream, add tho
molasses, raisins aud milk. Sift to
gether (lie Hour, Hoda aud spices, add
these to first mixture, turn Into a
greased mold, cover closely aud steam
three hours. Serve with wine sauce
or foamy sauce.
Plain Fruit Pudding. Two cupfuls
Hour, one-half cupful chopped beef
suet, two teaspoonfuls baking powder,
one teaspoonful mixed spices, one
third of a cupful of candled peel, one
half teaspoonful tail, one-half cupful
currants, one egg, one-half cupful
M-edod ralsliiH, three-quarters cupful
milk. Sift tiie Hour, salt, baking pow
der and spices. Add the suet and
fruit, and ml to a soft dough with
the egg and milk. Turn Into a well
greased pudding mold, cover closely
and .steam three hoiir.s. Turn out aud
serve with hard or lemon sauce.
Steamed Fresh Fruit Pudding. Two
cupfuls Hour, three teaspoon! ills bak
ing powder, half t.'iispoonful salt, two
eggs, two table.spooufuls xugnr, one
cupful milk, three tablespoonfuts melt
ed butter, one cupful fresh fruit, any
thing one likes. Sift together the
flour, baking powder, salt and sugar
and mix to a batter with the eggs and
milk. Pour iu the melted butter and
fill small greased cups one-third full
of the batter. Drop In a little fresh
fruit and cover with more batter.
Steam about half an hour.
Date Pudding. Half-pound stoned
(lutes, quarter pound beef suet, one
cupful Hour, half cupful sugar, ono
teaspoonful ground ginger, one tea
spoonful groundcinnamon, one tea
spoonful salt, one teaspoonful baking
powder, one cupful bread crumbs, two
eggs, two-thirds cupful milk. Chop
the dates and suet flue or run them
through a meat chopper. Add all the
dry Ingredients and moisten with the
eggs and milk. Turn Into greased
molds and steam ; If In one large mold
four hours, If lu small molds, two
Three Splendid Ways of Making the
Yellow Globes a Welcome Ad
junct of the Feast.
Pumpkin-Date Pie. Ono pint pump
kin pulp, one-half cupful sugar, one
half cupful chopped dates, one-half
teaspoonful cinnamon, one-half tea
spoonful allspice, one cupful crenin or
rich milk, one-half teaspoonful salt,
two eggs, one-half teaspoonful ginger,
one-fourth teaspoonful nutmeg. Blend
all the Ingredients to a cream. Beat
up the yolks aud whites of eggs
separately and fold In tho whites tho
lust thing. Pour Into crusts and bake.
Servo cold with a layer of whipped
cream on top flavored with n llttlo
vanilla and dotted, If liked, with n few
crystallized cherries. These pics can
be made In the form of patties.
Pumpkin Fritters. Pumpkin or
squash, salt, fritter batter, hot fat. Cut
the squash or pumpkin In long, square
pieces. Mnke tho pieces ns thin as
possible. Sprinkle with salt and let
stand awhile; then dip Into the fritter
batter and fry In deep fat until the
pumpkin Is tender. When nicely browu,
dust them with sugar and serve hot.
Escalloped Pumpkin. Pumpkin,
breadcrumbs, three tablcspoonfuls but
ter, cheese, salt and pepper. After
the pumpkin has been peeled, cut It up
Into small squares. Place tho butter
In a saucepan; when It Is melted add
tho pumpkin and cook until tender;
season to taste with salt and pepper
and a little sugar. Place n layer In a
buttered linking dish ; cover with grat
ed cheese and buttered breadcrumbs;
add another layer and top off with tho
cheese and crumbs.
New Hampshire Carrots.
One quart of carrots, ono qunrt of
water, one teaspoonful salt, one-half
cupful elder vlnegnr, three-quarters
cupful sugar, ono tnblespoonful butter.
Scrape the carrots and cut In sections
one and one-half Indies long, then
Bllce them lengthwise, one-quarter of
an Inch thick nud then in strips of
same thickness. Add water and suit
and boll until tender. Drain off water,
add the vinegar, sugar and butter nnd
cook until the carrots have a clear,
transparent appearance. Then serve,
This will servo five persons.
Stuffed Potatoes.
Select fine lmatu potatoes and bake
until tender. Cut off the ends, scoop
out the contents with the handle of a
spoon, nnd work soft with butter, hot
milk, pepper und suit, and u little grat
ed cheese. Return the mixture to the
skins, mounting It up on the open end,
und with these uppermost set the po
tatoes lu the oven five minutes. tint
from the skins. Delicious.
Practical Suggestion.
The secret In making chill snuco is
to boll nnd boll the mixture until It
thickens well, without allowing It to
"stick." This takes much patience und
failure to comply with this require
ment Is tho cause of fnlluro In much
of the homemndo chili sauce.
To Clean White Enameled Furniture.
Rcmovo nil dirty marks with n flan
nel dipped In wood alcohol. Then wash
at once with tepid wnter to which has
been added a little fine oatmeal. Nover
use soap or soda.'
(By R O. SELLrcnS. ActltiK Director ol
the Sinulny Hchonl Cournu In tlio Moody
Ulbto Institute of Chtcmjo.)
(Cop) right, t91G, Writcrn Nowapnpcr Union.)
I.K8SON TKXT Iloiiinns 12.
UOI.DDX TBXT Pn-Bunt your botllon
a HvliiK wicrlnco, holy, itcccptablo unto
God, wliluli Is your spiritual ncrvlco.
lloni. 12:1 It. V.
The first 11 chapters of this let
ter tench and Illustrate the great
principles of the Christian life. Paul
calls It "my Gospel." Its funda
mental principle Is that Justification
regenerates men, and nothing else.
The second section Is the practical ap
plication of these truths.
I. The Exhortation to Gratitude
(vv. 1-1!). "Therefore," because of the
work of Christ on our behalf, wo are
to present, our bodies as living
sacrifices unto God, to be used for
his glory und service. (See chapter
0:18, 10, 1). Paul urges, he beseeches ;
he Is winsome, though he might com
mand. To "present" technically means,
"bring nn offering to God." Tho body
Is the sum of nil human faculties,
physical und spiritual. It must not be
defiled by being yielded as nn Instru
ment to sin, for It Is the temple of
God. (1 Cor. 8:10, 17). A "Living Of
fering." (not ii8 the bodies of sluln
animals offered by Jews) Is n conse
cration of the body, und not u destruc
tion of life. The original means that
thisthe offering of ourselves as n
living sacrifice Is a reasonable, ra
tional service. God has the right of
ownership of every member of our
body, nnd there never was n day when
there was greater need of Insisting
upon a Christianity that affects the
bodies of men than today. Hands, lips,
ears, eyes every member should bo
constantly presented to him who pur
chased It by the blood of his own Son.
(I Cor5. fl:'20; I Pet. 1:18-11).) This
Is n spiritual, religious service be
cause It Is our spirit which presents
the offering of the body which he in
habits. Too many of us are "fuBh
loued uccordlng to this age."
II. The Expression of Gratitude
(vv. 8-8). Or tho right use of tho gifts
of God. (1) Avoid "self-conceit" (vv.
8-5). These verses Indicate how im
portant this subject Is. Conceit Is en
tertaining nn exaggerated opinion of
one's own ability. Tho church has
many members, and they do not all
have the samo olllce; there Is a variety
In tho unity of the body. So In tho
church there uro muny "members In
one body," each of which Is Important ;
all uro essential. (2) "Prophecy"
(v. 0), not necessarily foretelling, but
tho revelation of spiritual truth und
expprlenco uccordlng to tho propor
tion of our faith (Ps. 80:3), the living,
spiritual experience of the presence of
God within us. (8) "Ministry" (v. 7).
The business Bide of tho church, col
lecting of Its money und the distribu
tion to the poor. Some can best at
tend to such business. Many churches
full by not selecting wise lenders for
this work. (4) "He thut teacheth."
The true pastor Is a combined proph
et, pnstor and teacher. We are all
teaching, whether we wish to or not
It Is a privilege us well as an obliga
tion. III. Conduct Toward All Men (vv.
0-21). The renewed soul needs guld
uncc, encouragement und instruction.
(1) "Iu love" (v. 0). Tho hypocrite
wears u musk. Notice the closo con
nection of "ubhor thnt which Is evil"
with "cleave to that which Is good."
Tho word for cleave means literally
to glue It, so that nothing can scpnrate
you from lovo which Is tho supremo
good. "In honor preferring one an
other" (v. 10). Let others curry the
bunncr few of us can stund this ucld
test. (8) "Diligent In business" (v.
11). Whatsoever your hands find to
do, do It wllh your might, being fer
vent or boiling In Bplrlt, the reverse of
tho previous exhortation, In that which
we are thus to servo tho Lord. Few
need exhortation to be diligent In their
own business, but all of us need this
exhortation with regard to the "king's
business." (!) "Rejoicing in hope (v.
12). Triumphing over trlnls und diffi
culties in tho way. Looking for that
"blessed hope" (Titus 2:13). (5) Pa
tience and tribulation (v. 12). The
Latin "trlbulum" wns tho threshing In
strument or roller whereby the bus
bnndmuu sepnrated grain from the
husk. Sorrow, distress nnd adversity
urc the menus for separating men from
the chaff of their lives. Sometimes
smnll annoyances, long continued, be
come great tribulations. (See .Toshun
21:12.) (0) Continuing In thu school
of prayer (v. 12). Steadfast, urgent,
pressing, persevering prnyer (Luke
12:1). (7) "Given to hospitality" (v.
13) ; literally, pursued It.
Tho word "condescend" Is not strong
enough It should be literally "Borne
away" from the living things along the
line of tho things that are humble.
(8) Living pcuceably with all men
(v. 18) ; being ready for peace und to
do more than your share of recon
ciliation. (0) Overcoming evil with good
(vv. 10-21). Tho heaping of couls upon
tho enemy's head Is uot the object hut
tho result of returning good for evil.
(See Proverbs 25:21-22.)
Tho only real victory Is, "Be not
overcome by evil, but overcome evil
with good."
Is the first essential to
continued good health
when help is needed for
Stomach Bitters
Surgical Deaartneat
Entirely now nnd Isolated from
other deportments.
Obstetrical Department
Furnishing an unexcelled Borvtos
for tho cars of mother and child.
Located on our premises and
used in the
Natural Mineral Walcr Baths
DR. O. W. EVERETT. Mar. .
14th aaM Pie. Llacela, Nefc,
Hit Ailment.
"I found your sou was suffering from
nostalgia, my dear madam."
"Mercy me, doctor I I never dreamed
It was so serious as all that. I thought
tho boy was only a little homesick."
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matter to all of you. To cut down
your food bills nnd ut tho Bnmo tlmo
tmprovo the health of your family,
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Is tho best possible food for adults.
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how to serve It In n hundred ways,
tt's free to every mother. Ady.
In Style.
"Was her dinner formal?"
"Formnl? Why, even the
Weren't half dressed."
The Swiss president serves one year.
Neglected Colds
bring Pneumonia,
Look out.
The old family remedy In tablet
form safe, sure, easy to take. No
8 plates no unpleasant after effects,
urea colds in 24 hours Grip in 3
days. Money back If it falls. Get
the genuine box with Rod Top and
Sir. HUi'a picture on it-25 cents.
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Thickened, Swollen Tissues,
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lay up the horse. $2.00 a bottle
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If Ton have been threatened or hare QALLBTOtntf,
INUia MOTION, GAB or pains in the risht E sj rr
side write forralaabtoUookof Information rmEti
Sk a, mwbks, wax s. iuiwur,
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 48-191.
it srtiatsriir flffssirflfl