The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 05, 1916, Image 7

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One of tin- iiHi-t sensational wur pictures taken up tn 1I1N da.. It was grunted lirst pilr.e tit the wur photo
graphic exiMisJtlnu hold in PurK Scxernl French soldiers trapped l the enemy In it ruined lllngo In ANucc are
defending themselves down to tlii'lr lust cartridge. Note tin wounded soldier handing Ids lust bullets to one of lilt
companions. An nlllccr Just lilt cnn In seen dropping Ids' rllle.
Sign Misunderstood oy Alkali Ike nnd
Dendwood Dick on Visit to City
After Long Absence.
Alkali ll.o nml Dcndwnoil pick dilfl
rd Into n western cll tin1 itli'f day
with full wallets nnd it mighty thirst.
Th' hud been endured teetotalers for
1 1 1 ii it moons, mi of course they mnde it
beelluc lor Saloon I Sow. The sign oxer
the liMt door the.x came to stuggered
tin No Mlnois Allowed."
No minors allowed, eh 7" said Al
Lull Welt, we'll see iihotit that!'
" mi liet '" sutd poadwood.
So the lldilleil the iun with bullets,
swept through the spllntctcd door.
.Milil.eil the teriotled lull keep from Ills
liuii'i.' phici. oulered drinks for the
huddled nnd aiuaed etowd -anil weie
nrn-sted in the midst of n .lollltlealloii
that was really Jollv tioin Iheii side
' Centletiien," said the Judge. afl i
explanations, "I order eaeh of ,oii to
.o at once and buy u pocket dlctlounn
that .von may llud out Iheie are minor
and miners. Don't nd them up ugiilu
Tin- i-ase Is dismissed."
Important to Mothorn '
Exnmlnu carefully every boltlo of
CASTOHIA, a safe anil Ditro remedy for
Infuutu and children, and ecu thnt It
Hears tbo
Slgmtturo of
In Vno for Over 30 Yearn.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Cnstoriii
$3.00 03.50 $4.00 $4.50 & $5.00
Srtvo Money by venrln W. L. DotiKlns
dhocB. For artlo by over O WOO shoo clculur.
Tho Dent Known Shoes in tho World.
W. L. Doupl.M name and the price it stumped on the hot
torn of all at tlie factory. The value it r.iurJntccd and
the wetter protected" afltirut la,l priici for inferior jIiocj. The
retail prucs are the same everywhere. They cost no tnoio In S.ut
l;r.uirico than they do in New Yoilc They are always wottli the
pmc paid for them.
Tlie quality of W, L. Doug! is product is guartntrril hy more
than .)o years experience in unking fine shoes. The smart
styles are the leaden in the Faduou Centres of America.
Thry arc made in a well eouippod f.utory at llrockton, Mam.,
hy tlie hihett paid, skilled, tinder tlie direction and
supctvitum ot rtpencnreil men, all working with an noiieu
dctrrt'.utittton to nuke the U-it sluxs for the price that money
. rort MrN
can Pi.y.
.1 sour utino denier for AV,
. T
I.. llnngl.i hlieoj. If lm run-
not Mipply mii with tlin liltul )imi winl, luko no otliiir
tiuiiii'. ttrni'
Kt'l .liopoil III
uy tvturii limit. intii; firo
'1J&3flkiV.I '
S-fa-WK ... )
for ltili'ii'ltlii? Iioolitrl itollllllltlif Ihmv to I
rt .IiopoiI I tot hlnlii't .1 uiiliiril of ipmllly for tlin pileo,
LOOK FOK W. L. Dottrle
nnm nnd the rrtnil prico
tamped on tl.o liottom.
rrRt or
Doyi' Shoes
(ictt In Ihn World
MAti A.
tuMtcT $3.00 S2.60 & $2.00
V. I.. Itiinul Minn Co., Itiorklon. I""-, .,
V S . j Jjf'nj trr.? ' r t f r " r r vrr -5 .-,.-.. .., , , rr r. ,,, . ,rr r..r. .,.-, " a "rr wm'jw,j,uM .... -4ftt " i JT. t,c,rn f
xr' r .... it i F a . fr . 'v . rj .... . t
"-:s-'JkfoMAs-"( ::: ' -" "Jjru- A4-s4.- WAtf'.,teJ , 'WvmaAhv.m Smmr v MftAtA" avwm Nvrt Uwnrti IWAW. At . &Y .
m, 4sm( y
j , ' S
'J'lils In one of the 111;,' tractors, mnde In 1'oorla, HI., which were transformed by die ItritiMi Into armored and
armed "limits" and used with lerrltle effect In the Kniiiiue sector.
Mrs. Simmons was rather taken
nhncU hy learning that her new do.
niextlc's name wns the miiiic ns her
own daughter',
"Vonr mime, Kntlierlne, and my
dnnnhter'H IicIiik tin niiih' makes mat
ters Miinewhat eonfiisliiK," Mild Mrs.
Simmons, "Suppose wo change II V"
"(l don't niolml, imim," replied the
"That's vcrj nice," said the mistress.
"How do yon like, say, lite mime of
"Well, ilium." returned the domestic,
"It's tint niesllf Hint's over particular.
Ol'm willing to call Hi' young ludy ony
name o'd .mikcIsI. mum."
Hard Luck.
"Did .Mitt catch an.MhluK on ,our
llshliiK ItlpV"
"No; not even the last train home."
1 1 v wm. iy
k n M I 1
"leader" and "repeater"
Shot Shells
For the htyh flyers, or ths low flycra, "Leader" and
"Repeater' shcli3 have the reach, cproad nnd penetra
tion. Their great sale is due to these qualities, which
insure a full bag. Made in many gauges and loads.
.Mine than 1,00,0 women are cm
ployed In the hardware Industry In
KxpeilN consider that one Krent
(uallllratlou woman munition workers
possess Is pallence.
ow Nuxated Iron helped
me to whip rrank iioran
fmswmmmssTAmmmyx &$! "wsm' w w ' 'wCTy
An unusual photograph nt nn cukIu caught in a French nurophiue, lianln
by his wIiikb on the wires of the frimiuworl; of the inachlne. The eiiKlo was
probably trying to attack the uvlutor when bis wings were cuuglit In tho wires.
Fit Is Inrgely usetl In Btoklng tlie
rullway engines of Sweden.
i5omc of tlie Ice fields of Green
land are half n mile In thickness.
Of all unlninlH, dogs uppenr to
evince the keenest musical susceptibil
ity. The earth's utniosplierc Is supposed
to vary In depth from liiO to liOO
A whnlo struck by a harpoon has
been known to dive ut the rate of ".00
yards a minute.
It may not bo generally known Unit
the hair of the beat) grows faster In
Mirnmer than In winter.
Auto owners do not complain bit
terly of being run over by reckless
Sheets of paper pass for money In
Corfu; one bheet buys one quart of
lice, and 20 bheets apiece of hemp
Tho gems, ornaments nnd precious
stones belonging to the shah of Persia
are estimated to bo worth ubout 5:15.-000,000.
The most valuable pearls nre per
fectly round In shape; next conic the
button-shaped, then tho drop or pear
shaped pearls.
Ireland has 84,801) land holders hav
ing plots not exceeding an acre, til ,7110
who hold more than one acre and not
more than live acres; in;,2SKI under j5
and l.W.OoS not exceeding .'10.
Tim Chinese government Is planning
to extend Its system of wireless tele
graphy Into Tibet.
Thorn uro nearly 1,000 hooks on elee
trlcnl subjects in the library of con
gress nt Washington.
Uy constructing u spoon with a false
bottom an Inventor can make It pos
slble to get two gurgles out of every
spoonful of coffee Instead of one.
What Is said to bo the largest drill
ever made hits been recently made for
some special work being done by a
Pemisyliinln contracting supply house
which hail occasion to drill holes l'J
Inches In diameter through large tim
bers. It Is more than ( feet In
length and In operation It cut a li!
Inch hole through a pile of timber 0
feet high.
fc. nB.jiHr rf
Ordinary Nuxated Iron will often'
Increase the strength and endurance
of delicate, nervous folks 200 per cent
In two weeks' time.
Mrs. Kathryn M. Stanton, aglow
with the triumph of selling the centri
fugal gun, for which she stood sponsor,
to the Itrltlsh government, has re
turned on board the Tuscnnla. The
new weapon Is operated without pow
der and Is noiseless us well ns smoke
less. It hurls missiles with deadly
aim, nnd they may be anything from
nn egg to n lump of dynamite. Mrs.
Stanton financed the building of tho
model nnd personally superintended
the making of the gun. Tho United
States did not euro to purchase the In
vention, so Mrs. Stanton sold to Great
What He Had Done.
"I'd he ashamed to beg If I wns n
big, healthy-looking mnn llko you."
said the sarcastic female. "You ought
In be looking for a Job. Have you
done anything nt all during the past
"Yes, tnn'iim, I hev," nnsweretl tho
husky hobo, meekly. "I lust finished
iloln' thirty days, mu'nm."
SPHCIAI.! NOTR-Dr. n. Sailor, a woll
known pliynlclan who linn Btinllod wliluly
In both tills country and lOtnopo, has livun
pptclully employed to nmko n thorotiKh
InvcHtlKiitlon Into tho ronl soorut of llio
Croat FtictiKtli, power mid Ptiilnruneo of
Jess Wlllnnl, nnd tho niarvclotiH value of
nuxated Iron as u utrengtli builder.
NKW YOHIC Upon being inter
viewed nt his apartment In the Colon
ial Hotel, Mr. Wllhird said: "Yes, I
have a chemist with me to study the
value of different foods and products
ns to their power to produce great
strength and endurance, both of which
are so necessary in thu prize ring. On
his recommendation I have often tak
en nuxated Iron and I have particular
ly advocated the free use of Iron by
nil those who wish to obtain great
physical and mental power. Without
It I um sure that I should never have
been able to whip Jack Johnson so
completely and easily us I did, and
while training for my fight with Frank
Morau I regularly took nuxated iron,
nnd I mi certain thnt It was a most
Important factor In my winning the
tight so easily." Continuing, Dr. Suuer
said: "Mr. Wlllard's case is only ono
of hundreds which I could cite from
my own personal experience which
proves conclusively the astonishing
power of nuxated Iron to restore
strength and vitality even In most com
plicated chronic conditions."
Not long ago a man came to me who
wns nearly half a century old, and
asked me to give him n preliminary
examination for life Insurance. I was
astonished to flad him with the blood
pressuro t)f a boy of 20 and as full of
vigor, vim and vitality as a young mun
in fact, u young man he really was,
notwithstanding his age. The secret
lie said was taking Iron nuxated Iron
had filled him with renewed life. At
30 he was In bad health; at 40 care
worn nnd nearly all In. Now nt W) a
miracle of vitality and his face benm
Ing with the buoyancy of youth. Ah I
have sulci a hundred times over Iron
Is the greatest of all strength builders.
If people would only throw nwny pat
ent medicines and nauseous concoc
tions nnd take simple nuxated Iron, I
um convinced thnt the lives of thous
ands of persons might be saved who
now die every year from pneumonia,
grippe, consumption, kidney, liver nnd
heart trouble, etc. Tho real and true
causo which started their diseases was
nothing more or less than n weakened
condition brought on by lack of Iron
In the blood. Iron Is absolutely neces
sary to enublo your blood to change
food Into living tissue. Without It, no
mntter how much or what you eat,
your food merely passes through you
without doing you any good. You
don't get the strength out of It, und as
( to l ii -urtt II
qsv irvnnK
I LIHbhE' ijiii2jj' k b? t(i& twfi mw $f W I
Among' oil the prominent figures of the prize ring, probably none is so do
voted to family life as Jets Willard. After each engagement the champion
hurries to his wife and children and remains at their side until public de
mand forces him to leave for new encounters. Everything is done to bring
up the "little Willards" with strong healthy bodies. Mr. Willard accounts for
his own success by saying:
" contlJar that pUnty of
iron in my blood it th
n consequence you become weak, palo
and sickly looking, Just like a plant
trying to grow In soil deficient In Iron.
If you ure not strong or well, you owe
it to yourself to make the following
test: See how long you can work, or
how far you can wnlk without becom
ing tired. Next take two five-grain
tablets of ordinary nuxated Iron thrco
times per day after meals for two
weeks. Then test your strength again
nnd see for yourself how much you
have gained. I have seen dozens of
nervous, run-down people who
ccref or my great ttrenmtk.
power and endurance."
ailing all tho while, double their
strength nnd endurance and entirely
get lid of all symptoms of tb'spepslu,
liver and other troubles In from ten to
fourteen dnys' time simply by taking
Iron in tho proper form. And this af
ter they had In some cases been doc
toring for months without obtaining
any benefit. Hut don't take thu old
forms of reduced Iron, iron acetate or
tincture of Iron simply to save a few
cents. You must take Iron In a form
that can bo easily absorbed and as
similated like nuxated Iron If you want
It to do you any good, otherwise It
may prove worse than useless.
Many an athlete or prize fighter 1ms
won tho duy simply because li t knew
tho secret of grent strength nnd en
durance and filled his blood with Iron
before he went Into the affray, while
many another has gone to Inglorious
defeat simply for the lack of Iron.
were K. Suuer, M. D.
NOTR Nuxated Iron, rocommended
nbovo by Dr. Saucr, Ih not ft patent medi
cine nor xecrot remedy, but ono which in
well known lo ilrtiKKlstH nnd wIioho Iron
constituent!! nre wliluly prescribed by emi
nent pliyniclutiH everywhere Unlllio tho
older IriorKiinic Iron products, tt la easily
oh.hI ml luted, does not lujuro the tcoth.
mulio tliein black, nor upset tho stomach;
on tho contrary. It Is a moat potont rem
edy In nearly nil forms of Indigestion as
woll as for norvntm, rundown conditions.
Tim manufacturers linvo nuch great con
llilenco In Nuxated Iron that they ottor to
forfeit $100 00 to any chnrltablo Institution
If they cannot tnko any man or woman
under 60 wlio lacks Iron nnd Increase tlielr
utictiKth :o por rent or over In four'
wcfikH' time, provided they h.ivo no so
rloiiH orKiinlo trnublo. Tiaiy also offer to
rotund your money If It does not nt least
double your Htremjth and endurance In
ten day' tlmo. It Is dlnpuutjcd by most
drur;iiHtH. If your druggist or general'
ptoiu Ih without n supply uulc thorn to get
It for you. Adv. ,-