The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 22, 1916, Image 5

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Insure your Knrro Property with
Frank T. Hoon, Fieldman
for I ho
Farm Central Mutual Fire
Insurance Co.,
Hastings, Nebraska
riio.NEs: Otllee, .'10l; Residence, 17.10
A sane, Mife. sou ml unci economical
plan of lire, lightning ami tornado
Will your policy soon expire
Write tile and let me explain. No
obligation on your pait.
Ituy j our Groceries of Miner l'.ros
Louis Schulu spent Sunday in Guide
Mrs. C. E. Cross was in Hi stln's,
Closing out embroideries and laces
at Albright's.
Mrs. M. Finkenbinder spent Mondny
In Hastings.'
Morris Groat, of Inavalc, was in the
city, Saturday.
Frnuk Deal returned home Friday
from Alliance.
James Ryan returned from Grand
Island, Monday.
Buy your groceries at Albright's and
save ten percent.
Dr. J. V. Stockman returned home
from Lincoln, Friday.
Hammocks at 3.1 per cent discount
at Foil's harness shop.
Attorney Bernard McXeny went to
Lincoln, Monday morning.
Miss Mary Miksch went to Mt. Claro,
Monday, to visit her sister.
Miss Nellie Gilliam returned home
Friday morning from Alma.
New Summer Dress Goods now be
ing shown by Miner Bros. Co.
John Turner, of ISloomington, spent
Saturday in the city with relatives.
Who was the first man to pay spot
cash for cream. J. (). Caldwell.
A. II. Carpenter returned homo from
Seldon Kansas, Wednesday morning,
Mrs. Mel Snyder, of St. Joe, Is the
guost of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hllinger.
Mr. nud Mrs James McGuire spent
the weekend in Blootningtou with
A good !J0 horse power ;i spped auto-
mobiln for sale or trade. Inquire at
this olllje.
A largo line of hammocks to pick
from at 2?i per Fogel'a
harness shop.
Miss Uazd Burden, of Bladen, is
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bur
den this week.
Tho Misses Nellie and LydiaGilhnm
left Monday for Lincoln to attend
summer hcliool.
Harry Boats, ICd Kellogg nd Joe
Carr lo'-umed home from Knusas City,
Tuesday morning.
Mrs. F. A Hildebrandt wa-. called to
Alma, Sunday evening, on account of
the lllrois of her mother.
Dr. nnd Mrs C. V. Cms-, of Hoi
diedge, spent Sunday in the city with
his brother, Dr. C. 10. Cios.
Rev. J. Ii. Beebe was in Superior,
Monday, whore he delivered a lectuie
lit the Christian Kndeavor meeting.
Attorney 11. S Foe 1 omo
Monday from Hastings, where he
had been looking after legal nil lirs.
Tho Social Ciiclo of the L'nited
churches, will hold u market next Sat
urday, June si, at H 1'. Weesuer's
Emit Poluioky" returned home the
lust of the week from Lincoln, where
he has been attending the state mil-ersity.
Buy your 'Groceries of Minor Bros. Co.
J .C Mitchell was In Hastings. Tues
George Overlng was in lla.tiig, Fri
Vincent Johnston spent Sunday in
S II. Bogard came home from Bxet-
er, Filday.
John Gilbert was a passenger to
Wymore, Saturday.
Mrs 1'rnest Straycr of 0ford spent
Saturday in the city.
Joe Crow and Will Hunt were Blue
Hill visitors Mondny.
II A. Iliukins of Khcitou was a Bed
Cloud isitor Saturday
I. T Amack and son returned home
fiotn Basting-, Saturday
Miss I'.dltli McKelghan went to
Omaha, Wednesday mottling.
Ivan Dickenson wont to MeCook,
Sunday evening, to visit lelatives
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hunt spent the
weekend in Blverton with relatives.
Coming July Oth, "A Fool There
Was" with Theda Bura ut Orpheum.
Mrs. Minnie Turner left Mouday for
Norton, Kansas, where she will reside.
Mrs. J. C. Myers left Wednesday for
Harvard and Cloy Center to visit rela
tives. Mrs. S. Beebe returned to Alma, Fri
day, after visiting with her son, Bev.
J. L. Beebe.
Mrs. B.C. Johnson of California is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Pope.
The Misses Minnie and Mary Christ
lad spent tho tlrstof tho week in Hardy
with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bssem of Beat
rice spent tho weekend with Mr. nnd
Mrs. K.S. Fit..
Mr. and Mrs. Boy Sanderson of Kiv
crton spent the weekend in tho city
with relatives.
Lawrence McCall shipped 4 cars of
cattle to Kansas City, lie accompani
ed the shipment.
Miss Klma Ailcs returned home Sun
day from Wymore where she had been
visiting her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Blackledgc and
Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Warren autoed to
Guide Rock, Sunday.
Mrs. Conyers and daughter left the
first of tho week for Anselmo where
she will visit her sister.
Mrs. Sarah Gard and daughter, Mrs.
Goodwin, went to Hastings, Weducs
dty to spend a few days.
Mr. and Mr. John YeUer of Omaha
visited with Mr. and Mrs. F. II Hend
erson tho llrst of the week.
Sidney Cox returned to Denver, Moil
dty, after speuding a few days with
his mother. Mrs. C. C. Cox.
Mrs Mabel Thompson and children,
of North Platte, arc visiting with her
mother, Mrs. G. W. Lindsoy.
Harvey Kiekeison, the popular barb
er at Mercer's shop, spent Monday
night in Franklin with friends.
"The Girl and Tho Game" tho great
railroad serial is now running at tho
Orpheum each Wednesday night adv
Mis. F. A Long returned to her
homo at Nelson, Friday, after visiting
with her daughter, Mrs. Morton
Miss Grace Sherer leturned homo
Friday evening from Blue Hill whore
s'le had beiii visiting her sister, Mrs
II. M Arnold.
Mrs. Morrison has returned to homo
at Council BlulVs after visiting with
ht'rdaughtets.Mes'lamrs M.MeConkey
and George Corner.
Miss Martha Murphy has tesigned
her position as stenngiapher in K lT
Overman'-, oltlce "Uid returned to her
homo at Grand Island, Fiiday
.Miss Flossie MuKiinitify leturtiei!
home tho Hist of the week from
Wheeler an I St FtiuieN, Kansas,
where she hud been visiting tiicmk
Dustin Farnum
iii the Paramount production
"Cameo Kirby"
A Facinatlng Snushern Romance by
Booth Trrklnton
Monday, June 26
Special Music by the Tepeo five-piece
orchestra. Regular admission lOo-f.c
TOMORROW Friday "The Iron
Claw1' and four other tools
THURSDAY, June SO-Mauy Pi moui
in "Remind the Scene-"
Miss Marguerite Richardson return
ed home Saturday from Vulpariso,
Indiana, where she had been attendu g
Mrs. Sophie Hospkins and children
returned to Guide Rock, Monday, nfter
visiting a few days with Mrs. A.
Mrs. Anna father returned to Lir.
coin, Saturday, after spending several
weeks with hor brothers, A. V and D,
II. Kaley.
The Misses Nora and Kmma Wut'on
nnd Frank Watson of Womer, Kansas,
spent Saturday with Mr. and Mr.
Chas. Steirens.
Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Letson, Mrs. L.
M. Stoncbreaker and daughter, Miss
t i-iiia, were in uiiicr una l.l-uiuiun
I Sunday, visiting friends-.
Mr and Mrs. R. B. Leggett return
ed home the lust of the week from
Franklin where they had been visiting
', their son Otis ami family.
I Some short runs of Low Sho.-s for
, Women Blacks ami Tans, in Kids,
i Patents and Calf While they last
. Your choice Si 10. Miner Bro. Ca
The season of Lightning and Tornfi
1 does is npptoaoliing. Don't delay too
.long for the Insurance you may need.
. G. M. VanCamp, General Insurance.
M. and Mrs S. C Kills and daugh-
fr, Miss Helen, returned homo from
Denver, Tuesday morning, where he
had been looking aftor his fruit farm.
t Mrs. Waile Tate and children, return-
1 ed to their homo at Tiukio, Missouri,
I Friday, after vi-iting a few weeks with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs J L. Clui'.t
ian. Mr and Mrs, C. D. Robinson and son
Koy and wifo mitnedorer to Clay Cent
or, Saturday afternoon, and spent Sun
day with thuii son anil brother Bruce
Robinson and wife.
A. B. and T. K. McAithur and wife
autoed down to Long Island, Kansas,
Friday, to attend the wedding of their
cousin, Miss Fiances Carl to Mr
Prank O. Kidenourof I-hiiporia, Kansas'
i Mr and Mr-. Phil Zeigler autoed
down from Rlvei ton, .Sunday inoming.
and lsitel with their son imy elg-
jlerandwifo who accoinj aitied them
to Guide Bock in the afternoon to vii-it
their daughter, Mrs. Vein duly.
WANTi.n-I.oad of cobs. Phone either
Bell 7J, or I ml 155.
Walter Pope was in Superior Satin
Curtis Geer spent Sunday in Frank
lin. All white summer goods at Albright's
Ht cost or less.
H J. Overlng was in Blue 11111, Tues
day, on buslitesg.
Fred Temple of Kansas City was in
the city Saturday.
Fiesh Fruits and Green Vegetables
at Miller Bros. Co.
Jim McBrldc of Cowles was In town
Thursday afternoon.
Dr. Cole returned to Kansas City,
Wednesday tnoiniug.
Win Thornr of Illation huh in the
c ty Thursday afternoon.
1M Mv'Allistoi was in Blue Hill, Mon
dny, looking after business allalrs.
Ross Brooks of Cathorton township
was in the city Monday afternoon.
Con ltarr and Jim l.thetton spent
Sunday In Guide Bock with friends.
Mr and Mrs. Will Koon and children
spent Sunday In Norman with friends.
Mr nnd Mrs. Harry Burden of Ax
toll visited with relatives here Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sattley spent Sun
day with Mel Herrick at North Branch
New Queen guallly Shoes nnd Low
Shoes are ow being shown tit Miner
Bros. Co.
Mrs. George Hadell and sister, .Miss
Clara McMillan, spent Saturday in
Harry Yost and Raymond Koontz
spent Sunday evening in Guide Rock
with friends.
Mrs. Etl Foam wont to Hastings,
Saturday morning, to visit her son
Oris and wife.
Mr. nod Mis. C F. (iund and children
of Blue Hill were in the city Thurs
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hamilton and
clii d'on spent Sunday in Guide Rock
with relatives.
Just received a new line of lly nets
at Fogcl's harness shop Come in ear
ly ami get yours
Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Bobinson of
Guide Rock spent the weekend in this
city with rolatives.
Misses May and Mildred Regestor
went to Chester, Wednesday morning
to visit their grandmother.
When In need of printed matter of
any kind call at the Chief olllco the
homo of "ijuallty" printing.
Mis. George Smelscr went to River.
ton, Friday evening, to visit her
daughter. .Mrs Fred Taylor.
Wan 1 1 D ."i0 to SO lbs., thrifty stools
hogs. Will pav pieniiiini over market
price.-C. II. Miner Soium Co
Good Clothes
a Big Factor Towards Success Good Clothes
May Be Had Here Without Extravagance.
Make it a point of unfaling business
to personally inspect the new Spring
Suits and Topcoats at Our Store
in Style, Fit and Workmanship in Clothes that range
all the way to $25 and suits that are unquestion
able supreme values at each selling price.
Manufacturers have contributed to the magnificent
stocks here that make special points of popular lines
At $15 and $20
IT'S STRAW HAT TIME-See Ours at 25c to $6
The Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.
Red Cloud's Foremost Clothiers
Union Suits
In gauze, wc have Union Suils from
to the silk lisle at
Gauze vcsls, in regular sizes, from
Gauze vcsls, in extra sizes, from
Muslin chemise, at
10c to 60c
15c to 30c
After July 10th-
We Will Discontinue Giving the
Green Trading Stamps
Get Busy! Get That Book Filled
and Receive Your Premium
Before July 10th
F. G. Tur nur e & Son Red cioud
Tonight, June 22
Bluebird Photoplays present n rcmaiknlile photo
pl.iy miIi a brilliant cist, mpparlintt a most dis
linuislicil tcrrrn star, I loliarl Oaiwortli in
Tenuly dramatic, ivnll) realistic Tukrn on
the field o( the present cor.llict, on ihe border
line between the U S. and Mexico
Thursday, June 29
Extra Special Feature
50c to $1.50
15c to 35c
25c to 50c
Muslin skirts for ladies, from
Muslin drawers, in childrcns sizes, from
Muslin drawers, in ladies sizes, from
Muslin combination suits, in ladies sizes, from 75c to $1.50
Childrens Union Suits
Boys and girls bared nainsook union suits, at . . 50c
Agent Warner Corsets Butterick Patterns
LeRoy Music Co.
Everything in Music
Peterson Building : Red Cloud, Nebr.
Lcnvc orders
al Our Stoic
for Piano
Pianos, Talking Machines
Violins, Guitars
All Popular Sheet Music
A First-class
Piano Tuner
will lie here
Next Week
Special Prices
for the next 10 days
William Po preienli Jane Millir in
'From the Valley
of the Missing"
From the Hook by the lame name, written by
Grace Miller White. POPULAR PRICES.
Mr mid Mrs. K. L Crimes, and chll'1
ion spent Tuesday in Hastings with
liis mother, Mrs. ,1 I'. Orinies.
Mi-.I. Ilynii, uftor spending several
weuks witli Mr. and Mrb. ti. W. hind
sey, departed .Sunday for liiidieott.
The lirit of the week Mr. and Mrs.
l.T. Ainaek moved into Joo McCul
linn's resilience in tho east part ot the
Harry Ho.its shipped six cars of
eattle to Kansas City, Sunday. Joo
Carr and Kellotff,' chaperoned the ship
irSont. Mrs. 10. II, Cowileu returned homo
from Alliance, .Saturday ercnimr, whu o
h'ic had been attending the l. VI ().
' fit tit ft Stl IMtl I ltl
Col. .1. II KlIliiKcr returned home
the first ot the week from Imperial
whore he had been in the inttrjsts of
the Miner .Serum Plant.
II. V. Surivncr returned to ids home
in Henklenian, Monday evoiilng. III
wife will visit with rolatives here for
Hometlnio before returning
Mr. and Mrs. Clmrlo Finnan, of
Fiuiay, Ohio, who had been visitinp
with their uncles. A. U. and D. II.
Kaley, departed Sunday for Colorado.
Tho V. C. T. IT. will meet with Mrs.
C. U. Myers next Wednesday afternoon
at 3::i0. Mother's meeting topic,
"Cider." Leader, Mrs. Addle Thomn
We nrc hi the market for 100 to 1 i
pounds Slioats at tnaiket price tleliv .
ed at Sorutn Plant. Will pay for A
livery to plant. C. II. Miner Seiuw
Vincent Johnston is home from Kan
sas Clty to visit with his mother. The
Saunders Hros., havo disposed of tlnt'x
yards at Kansas City and ho will jp
with these gentlemen to IJIllings, Moe
tana, where tlioy will locate,
ik i