The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 22, 1916, Image 2

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Axie uroKen uin
o4 5too) of
Mystery and
From the Scenario by
Grace Cunard
(Copyright. 1015, By Wright A. I'ntu-rton)
Novellzud From tlio Motion I'lcturs Urninii of llio Sumo Nutnu, Produced by tho
Universal Film Manufacturing Company.
Kitty Clmy, nowHpupor woman,
finds In
...,, ;;:.--, -,--.. ..,.. .1...
a. curio h idii nuir 01 11 uniKun nun, i"
mutilated liiMnlptton on which nroum-H
licr curiosity mm iuiiuk nor, in inu urm-i
of her managing editor, to go to thu prin
cipality of (IrcUholTeu to ploco out the
ntory miggcstcil tiy tho Inscription, Hho In
followed, nnil on nrrlvat In UreUhoffen
lior atlvcnttircfl while chasing tho secret
of tho broken coin lieglti.
A Tartar Taken.
"Enfln, mademoiselle!" exclaimed
Bachlo, with tho Hmllo which Kitty
Grny bo well learned how to hato nB
woll bb dread. "At lnat! You uro
dinicult, but aa tho maxim makora
havo It, pcrsovoranco at length wlna
Its own reward."
"Well, then." Bho began, facing him,
at bay, hor hands clenched, her oyca
flaBhlng. "What 1b it that you wlah?"
"Ah, well, many things, my dear,"
said Bachlo, coolly. "Hut especially 1
doslro all tho knowledge you havo of
tho affairs of this distracted kingdom
horo. Thero Is more than ono secret
horo ycsT It has a broken coin and
a broken parchmont aa woll yes?
Togothur thoy may mean something,
each for tho other yes? And wo I
all of us who aro sworn to advanco
tho intorost of our kingdom wo need
thorn both all. la It not truo?"
Ho folt In hla pocket for his Bllvcr
clgarotto caao, and would havo sorvod
blmsolf. As ho opened tho caao tho
girl mado a nuddon spring. Ills hand
dropped tho llttlo caso and caught her
by tho arm.
"Tut, tut, nowl" ho Bald. "Do not
bo foolish. I may aa woll Hay It you
aro going onco moro with ua to our
own town, tho city of Grahoffon."
Bho could only Btamp her foot, too
much enraged to spuak. Uut ho wont
"I am thinking you will not bo boou
mako your cacapo tho noxt tlmo. Wo
havo seen that C.rctzhoffon hero has
docp dungeons yea? Grahoffen has
otherB quite aa deep.
"Tako hor, men!" ho Bald, "and
quick. Wo must march."
"Ah, well," Bald Kitty Gray. "It
should not provo bo difficult. 1 am
unarmed and a woman I am helpless
and innocent of any wrong nguluat
"Mademoiselle" Bald Sachlo, "It la
Idlo to wusto words. Glvo over to mo
tho plcco of parchmont which I know
you havo."
"I will not," Bald Bho calmly.
"Soarch hor, men!" Bald Sachlo.
"Tako away from hor what alio has
bo caroful not to toar It moro."
Sho was helpless and realized It.
Slowly sho drow from hor bosom tho
foldod ptoce of parchment which Bho
had concealed.
"Woll, then," said sho, "Blnco you
rosort to such measures, horo it la
I do not deny it. I found It. So did
you. At least it is as much mlno as
yours and moro mlno, bocauso I did
not loso what onco I found. Hut as to
what it means, I know nothing. 1
nevor saw it boforo."
"Vory woll, thon," said Sachlo. "Wo
will sco if wo can read its additional
riddlo at eomo later tlmo. Now wo
DUBt go."
In tho confusion of tho hour, thcro
foro, Kitty Gray vanlshod and nono
noted tho fashion of hor disappear
anco, for all had matters enough to
occupy them fully. Count rrcuencic
alono of all thoso with whom Bho late
ly had spoken missed hor, nnd began
search Tor hor. Ho got no word in
any portion of tho palaco which had
boon froquontcd by hor aa guest or
Troubled deeply, Count Frodorlck
onco moro turned to hla own homo.
Horo ho mado urgont Inquiries among
his pooplo In tho vaguo hopo that
onco moro tho young woman whom
he sought had for reasons of her own
found hor woy back to a place whero
ho had moro than onco vonturod in
tho past. Dut not ono of hla servants
could furnish any knowledgo whatso
ever. Thoy had not Boon her, knew
nothing of hor presence
Count Frodorlck called to him ono
of his moat trusted men.
"Listen," said ho. "You know tho
young American tho ono of a certain
promlncnco in the court tho one who
has boon horo as my guest?"
"Yes, excellency," replied tho man
"Very well. Sho haa disappeared.
It is my wish that you discover her
for mo aa soon as poBBlblo nt
Having taken theso measures, pos
Blbly Inofllclont, yet tho only ones of
forlng to his mind, Count Frederick
himself hurrlod onco moro to tho royal
It was. as so often Is tho caso, a
small thing which changed tho courso
of greater resolutions. As ho crossed
the palaco grounds bo lately tho scene
of armed combat, ho noted tho tram
pled swnrd, tho torn bed of llowors,
tho brolon shrubs, tho Bhorn treeB
all the c rka of rifle and artillery fire.
I Hero thorn lay tho dohrlB of tho nt
tack and tho retreat arma, equip
ment. Tho keen oyo of Frederick
noted them ull. It noted ulno tho
gllttor of a bit of metal which suomod
not a portion of dlBcurdod accouter
monta. Ho stopped and picked it up.
It was a silver clgarotto caso, evi
dently of valuo and evidently aban
doned by Bonio of tho Grahoffen forcca
who ho recently had loft tho place.
Count Frederick nxamlncd it curious
ly, opened It.
Within tho lid thoro wna written a
llttlo Inscription which gavo him ti
start. "To Count Sachlo, our well
beloved, for deeda of valor. From hla
"So." exclaimed Frederick, "ho then
ao then! ho waa horo but now. And
look" Not far away ho saw tho
prints of sharp-heeled boota In tho
broken soil. Ho caught up a llttlo
bit of lllmy laco a kerchief whoso
porfumo wna familiar to him. Ho saw
against tho bark of a noarby trco a
fragment of llko lace, torn perhaps
In Bomo strugglo.
"Yes, sho was hero."
Agitated, ho huatcned onco moro
now to tho palaco door. Ho domand
cd of all whom ho mot whero last they
had Boon tho young Amorlcan, but
thoy could glvo no intelligent ropllea.
"Let mo toll you, thon," Bald Count
Frederick In a Hash of angor, "Blnco
you cannot learn for mo. Sho haa
gono to GraholTon aa n prisoner. Go
thoro then, follow Sachlo, na I havo
already ordered. Tho young Amorl
can without question haB been taken
prisoner. Wo must roacuo hor. Wo
must do that for ovory reason In tho
world for her own safety and our
"And for my own pcaco of mind,"
ho ndded sotto voco, as, hnggard, ho
turned away to find audi relief nB ho
could In tho countless dutlcB which
now wcro to dovolvo upon him nmld
tho wreck of a government and tho
ruin of n city.
Although tho forces of tho king of
Grahoffen had been worsted In titrat
oy and had given their parolo In or
der to Havo their Uvea In tho Hooded
chambers of tho dungeon loveln, tho
kingdom Itself. Its ruler nnd Ub lend
ing men seemed to fool llttlo of tho
terror common with thoao actually de
feated. 1'pon tho contrary, old Cor
tlslaw and hla nobles wero vlctlma not
ho much of terror na chagrin. Neither
woro thoy disposed too scrupulously
to obBorvo their own plighted word,
which had purchased llfo and liberty.
Passing from tho llmlta of tho bo-
languored capltol, thoy did not scorn
to tako such loot as lay at hnnd, or
to carry with them such prisoners as
pleased them. Among thoso latter It
chanced that thoy had ono moro pris
oner whoso freedom might much havo
altered tho course of ovents In thla
complex llttlo drama.
Had Roleau. tho doughty servant of
Kitty Gray, been on band at tho tlmo
of tho capitulation of tho Grahoffon
forces, no doubt ho would havo kept
ho closo to hlB mistress ub to guard
against any Biich sudden surprlso as
had now loft hor at tho morcy of her
enemies. Hut Roleau, prtsonor to
Grahoffon, had no knowledgo of any
of tho Into stirring events, nor any
knowledgo of tho whereabouts of his
Tho windows of tho cell In which
Itoleau had been conflnod fneed upon
tho corridor sometimes used by tho
rotnlnera of tho palaco, less frequent
ly by thoso persons of greater Impor
tance. Iloleau heard footstopa now,
voices, tho confusion of n largo party
arriving. Ho stepped closo to tho
bars of his coll, preasod hla fnco out,
ho that ho might bco. Upon hla fen
turea any who had observed muat
havo seen Joy, exultation. For, though
blmsolf a prisoner, Itoleau had Been
now, down below thoro, tho form of
that mistress whom ho served!
But Itoleau was wlso. Ho did not
cry out. Ho did not shout in sudden
greeting, as sho passed among his cap
tors. Only ho stood cIobo and hoped
that sho would look up.
Sho did look up, and saw him stand
ing thoro, nnd guossod his reason for
Bllonco saw his sudden finger on Up
demanding sllenco from herself as
woll. A (lash of Intelligence passed
onco moro botwoon tho two.
"Well, well, my pretty ono," taunted
Sachlo. "Wolcomo onco moro to our
portals; and may you bldo with us
longor this tlmo than last."
"Wo Bhall seo," was hor retort.
Sachlo did not answer, but grimly
lod her on Into tho prcsenco of King
Cortislaw hlrasolf. Cortlslaw was Btlll
furious in his chagrin at tho defeat of
his plans.
"So, again, madcmolsollo!" said ho,
nnd his gray beard curled In his evil
smllo. "Wo havo you onco moro. Bo
llovo us, it is tho last tlmo. You shall
not escapo again. Why ia Bho horo,
Sachlo?" ho demanded "How did you
tako her?"
"I found her as an angol disdaining
tho earth, your majoaty," laughed Sa
chlo, "spurning tho ground In short,
safe, as sho supposed, high in tho
branches of a treol Wo pulled her out
of that, and found In her possession
something I had lost this parchment,
your majesty."
Cortlslaw examined It curlouoly.
"What, nnothor half-told talo?" Bald
ho " 'tla torn ncrosB."
"Yes," aasonlcd Sachlo, "It is a mys
tery llko that of tho broken coin. If
my Latin Bervea mo, It says aoracthlng
of a lost prlnco."
"You aro very faithful, Sachlo," said
Cortlslaw. "You nro very faithful,
anil very efficient. Whnt do you say,
"I say nothing," rojolncd Kitty Gray,
and stood defiant.
Count Bachlo Bpoko for her. "I am
persuaded from tho way nho comports
herself, your majesty, that hIio known
more than alio pretends about thla in
scription here."
"So, then, you undortnko to bo ob
durate ?" Tho cyo of Cortlslaw wob
fixed on her with ltd cold menace.
"I am not obdurate, but I stand up
on my rights," Bho went on. "I bnvo
not both tho halves of tho coin, and if
I had I would not glvo you either. As
to this Inscription, I know nothing of
It thin la tho first tlmo I havo seen
"Take her awny, men," anld Sachlo.
"Keep her under gunrd. Wo will call
you when wo need you."
Tho door of tho great reception hall
closed now upon Kitty Gray, prisoner
onco again In Grnhoffcn towers.
"Woll, whnt think you, Sachlo?" nald
Cortlslaw, turning nt length to his of
Ilcor. "Sho spcakB with boldness."
"Yes, nnd always haa," assented Sa
chlo, musingly. "What Is tho secret of
hor courago? Sho seems to have no
fear whatever for ua."
"Listen, Sachlo," said ho. "Wo havo
mado acquaintance with that young
woman beforo, and havo got no profit
from tho meeting. Sho la too mysteri
ous, and alio makes ub too much trou
ble. Woro thoro certain to bo a reward
for that, very well, but what reward
may wo hopo? Wo daro not torture
tho truth from her, aa onco the king
of thla country would havo done. Since
alio will not talk, and since we cannot
had proved successful. An Instant and
Itoleau waa past them, beyond tho
door, and In tho hall boforo tholr scat
tered senses had tlmo to rcallzo what
had happened.
Aa ho lied, Itoleau had no plan be
yond Hint of mero flight. Hut It
chanced that ho renched tho outer cor
ridor Just ua Kltty'B guards woro
bringing her Into It. Ho fell llkowlso
upon Kitty's guards with such ilea-
porato valor that beforo long they, too,
woro scattered and helpless. A mo
ment later Kitty and Iloleau fled, seek
ing Homo exit from tho palaco walla.
Tho huo and cry followed thorn now.
Almost they hnd escaped, but not
quite. Even nt tho grout door of the
palaco Itaclf thoy wero apprehended
by yet other urmod men. Onco more
they wero brought boforo tho king.
"So It Bcoma wo havo two incor
rlglblcs," commented that monarch
coldly nB ho faced Itoleau and Kitty,
still panting. "This man, na you
know, Sachlo, la far moro dnngcrous
than hla accomplice here. Sho la dan
gerous, yea, In a way, but thla man
haa hesitated at nothing not even
murder. What shall wo do with him?"
Sachlo atood oIbo regarding tho two.
"I'll toll you, your majesty," said ho
nt length, slowly, "if you nsk mo my
own feeling In tho mntter. Let ua
Bend them out of tho country to
gether. They havo a way of gravitat
ing together let them go together to
that America of which thoy talk ho
much. Let them find tho protection
of thnt Undo Sam of whom they
"Away with them!" command Cort
lslaw, Imperiously.
Sachlo therefore now had hla task.
But how to achlovo It waa hla quea
tlon. Ho know well enough ho could
not obllgo cither Kitty or Itoleau to
book puasago acrosB tho ocean unless
thoy so desired.
"Attend to theso two, lieutenant,"
said ho to tho officer of tho guard.
"Keop them safo until I return."
Ho hastened now as rapidly as ho
might to tho water front, whero at the
somewhat restricted docks of Grahcf
fen an occasional ocean liner touched.
Ills hearties hesitated for n moment,
but at length agreed with him. "Why
thon," said tho Bpokesman. "1 sup
Pobu" and once moro they looked nt
tho gold pieces In tholr hands.
"Thero Is not tho least danger in
tho world nbout It." said tho Btrango
man who had thus accosted them.
"You nro committing no crime, but
aro doing this country n service.
Theso two spies will be brought horo
to tho dock Just beforo the ship sails.
Thoro la Bomo confusion but they got
aboard they aro hoisted from tho
dock Into tho hold, whero thoy will be
nafe. Vory good, the vessel nails. She
Is nt Hoa ono day, two days. Then all
at onco there is huo and cry stowa
ways discovered two of them. Very
well, that la all. They tell their atory,
but tho captain of tho ship thinks
them to bo stowaways, and nothing
else. They have tho look of such. As
such thoy will be landed In duo tlmo
nt New York. Their passage money
Ib paid not to tho Hhlp but to you
yourselves moro than you would
mnko for six months' wages. And bo
aldea that, you bnvo done n good sorv-
Ico to our country, which Is fnr moro
friendly to your own, my hearties,
than that America to which theso
aplea muat be deported. Whnt say
you. then? It Is a bargain?"
It Boomed that It was to bo a bar
,,.1 f
MbjTIiI fttsMvi flmll fl yMM; II xstl
lifiiliBI & IfflifMm.
"Wit If IF
W ""
"You Shall Have Some Time to Reflect on the Expediency of Being More
compel hor to talk, why, let ua cast
hor into tho discard na of no uao to
"Whnt la it your majesty means?"
Inquired tho noblcmnn.
"Why should wo trndo In such small
door ub thla aftor all?" Bald Cortlslaw.
"Wo may woll loso all our tlmo nnd
havo only additional troublo for our
pains. Cortalnly thero nro enough
things to do. Aa for theso larger
troublea which sho threatena might
wo not well havo n core? Well, then,
let her havo hor way. Let ua Bend her
back to that country of which she
tnlka let ua send hor back whether
alio wishes to go or not!"
"As your majosty wishes," Bald Sa
chlo gravely.
"Coomo to mo within tho hour, Sn
chlo," said Cortlslaw, turning away.
"Drlng mo tho plan by which wo can
aond her out of our country. Let It
bo soon, nnd good riddance of the
vlxon aB well."
"It Bhall bo na you say, your majes
ty," said Sachlo.
Travel Incognito.
Roleau paced his narrow cage like
somo restless wild beast, some half
formed plan In his mind. The tlmo
was nt hand for his guards to bring
him his midday food. Ho heard them
approaching beforo long, four of them,
all cnroleBB, singing somo ribald ditty
of tho lino nnd trench. Ho saw them
open his door and enter, putt!ng(down
tho basin which hold his meager prison
fare. Itwasonoughl Tho door of tho
coll was opon.
With a leap and a snarl of rago tho
powerful man was upon tho guardB,
striking, wrestlfng, assailing horo and
thoro with such vlolcnco and such skill
that soon tho four wcro much at hla
mercy, taken altogether by 8urp,rlB0 as
thoy bad been. Once more boldness
Ho knew of such an ItiBtanco now a
vessel of sortB waa lying loaded and
almost ready to Hall. Perhaps chnnco
would favor him.
Ho mado his way across tho crowded
dockB to tho gangway of tho stenmor;
but ho Bought no convcrso with tho
captain or tho purser of tho ship. In
stead ho beckoned to him ono or two
deck stewards, whom ho aolcctcd aftor
a quick look aa countrymen of a land
ho knew.
"Sco hero, my good men," Bald ho
when ho had them aside. "As I fancy,
wo aro all interested In making monoy
is it not truo?"
A grin mado the answer of tho two
sailors, who stood expecting somo gra
tuity. Tho gratuity came It fell Into tholr
hands In gold and in large pieces!
Thoy stood dumfoundod and speech
less for tho moment, but Sachlo wont
"Llston, men," said ho. "Thoro nro
two spies horo In tho city, a man and
a young woman. They aro dangerous
to our country. They nro our pris
oners wo took them in tho assault
on Grotzhoffon in tho recont wnr be
tween theso two countries. They aro
both Americans. I know how much
your country loves Americans you
can guess how much I lovo them."
"Truo, truo," said ono of tho ffion.
"That Is right. Wo know them
thoso Amorlcnna!"
"Precisely," resumod tho nobleman.
"Now, wo must get theso spies out of
this country secretly. Thoy rotuse to
tako passage Vory woll wo will
book It for them then. And boo, I
pay you tho passago monoy InBtend
of paying it to tho ship's purser.
Somowhcro in tho hold you could
watch them, could you not, men?
Nono will bo tho wlBor, and you will
bo the richer. What thon, my
A Broken Voyane.
Alono In Ills palace. Count Frederick
paced up nnd down, engrossed In
futllo plans. Aftor many hours, nn
attendant announced tho arrival of
ono of tho cmlssnrlca ho had sent to
follow Count Sachlo.
"Excellency," began hla servant agi
tatedly ".uick, or wo shall bo too
"What now why too late what haa
happened? Tell me, mon!" Count
Frederick was nono too gentle In his
moods of anger.
"Thoy havo taken her prlaoner
thoy plot to Bhlp her away today
tolnght now, for all I know!"
"What aro you saying, man? Hut
you found hor, then?"
"Found whero she la, or was. As
you suspected, Bho was taken prla
oner by Count Sachlo and carried to
Grahoffen. I followed him. Ho went
to tho docka and bargained thoro with
somo fellows of an ocean Bt earner due
to Hall within nn hour or so. I heard
them ngreo to tako over a prisoner, a
womnn another prisoner, a man.
Count Sachlo said ho would deliver
them Just beforo tho vessel snlled.
They wcro to bo hid In tho hold and
discovered later as Btownways too lato
for return."
"Quick, men." Ho turned now to
bin assistants. "Hasten to tho ship
ping offices on our own dock. Have
them mnko ready a boat to carry my
message to tho captain of tho royal
yacht. Tell him to mako ready to sail
at onco on my arrival and to expect
n race with an ocean liner."
A few moments later ho wn3 nt the
dock and. hurrying Into the small boat
which lay awaiting, was carried
nwlftly to tho side of tho royal yacht,
on whoso docks already thero was evi
dence of tho orderly confusion of n
boat about to get under way. Evi
dently hla messago to tho captain of
tho yacht had been received.
"Como on board, sir!" said Count
Frederick, bb tho captain met him at
tho ladder. "You understand?"
"Your servant, Count Frederick,"
said tho commander. "I know you
well. Command us."
"Under way at onco then, captain,"
said Count Frederick. "Lay a courso
to tho foot of tho bay. Tho vcbboI wo
must search has perhaps even now
sailed from Grahoffen port. It Is our
dutv In tho namo of tho king to In
tercept hor. Thoy havo on board pris
oners of our own people tUoro has
beon treachery done by Sachlo, leader
of Grahoffen."
An Instant, nnd tho Jnnglo of tho en-glno-room
bells made sweet music to
Count Frederick ears. At least now
thero would bo nctlon, at least bus
penso would bo at on end.
Tho npcedy yacht ripped through
tho water as though conscious itself
of its Imperative duty. Ero long they
had passed the lower headlands of
tho Grotzhoffon harbor. Eagerly Fred
erick scanned tho levels of tho sea aa
thoy opened before hlra. At last an
oxclamatlon escnped his lips. A long
and heavy cloud of smoko lay on tho
horizon, tho trail of a great snip malt
ing for open Ben.
"Captain, thoro sho goes! A thou
sand napoleons if you Iny us along
sidedishonor If you fall to do so."
And tho captain nodded.
Meantlmo what was tho secret that
tho distant liner was carrying with
hor? Nono savo thoso aboard could
tell that, and of thoso but two or
throo rudo deck men. The bought
agents of Sachlo had done tholr work
woll. Nono on tho ship savo thoso
interested had noticed when two bun
dles, trussed up and concealed In
hnnw covorlncs. had beon hoisted
aboard by tho Bhlp'B donkoy onglno
and dropped Into tho hold. Yet In thla
way two human beings wcro loauca
as cattlo, without tho knowledgo of
tho ship's officers.
When Kitty Gray recovered her
senses Bho found herself In a dark
and nolsomo hole, sho know not
whore Terror smoto her. Her pulses
rofuscd to work, her mind rebelled.
Abovo nho henrd trampllngs, shout
ings, tho croaking of tncklo, tho sound
of machlnory muffled by Intervening
walla of tho ship's Btructuro. At last
sho thought Bho henrd tho Bwash of
water alongside What did this mean
was this tho sea? WaB Bho a pris
oner to bo handled in somo now and
mystifying way? What did 'it all
A raint light enmo from nigh anove,
whero tho hatchway yet remained
open. Sho saw It all now film waa
in a ship's hold, nnd beyond nil aid.
Sho callvil oul. but got no answer.
Exhaus'ed by her frultlca efforts, nt
laBt alio flung herself down upon a
nearby bundle and stnred up again
with n shriek of terror!
The bundle beneath hor had Htlrrr-d
moved yea, b!i was puro of thatl
It moved again. Terrified na alio was,
sho stooped and cut tho thongs which
bound tho neck of tho long bag of
Thero appeared to her gazo the
tousled head und livid fnco of her
friend Roleau! Without hor knowl
edgo ho had been hoisted In with her
nnd left to live or die. an ho choao,
bound tight In a bag which gavo him
llttlo enough chnnco for air.
Kitty gavo a cry of delight and dis
may mingled ns alio bent abovo hor
friend. Ho wan half unconscious, tin
nblo to speak, because tightly gagged.
Sho nlded him nnd freed him as she
might. Tho nlr, bad aa It was, prca
ently began to rovlvo tho HUfforcr.
"Excellency," said ho at last, "ex
cellency, It la you! And where nro
"I do not know, Itoleau," Bald she.
"I can only guess. Wo aro nomowhore
In tho hold of somo ahlp. Wo must
havo been smuggled horo, for what
purpose 1 do not know. It may bo
we shall bo carried out to sea. How
then can wo escape?"
Tho boat now waa far from tho dock
In tho lower bay of Grahoffen harbor.
Under full way, alio was headed for
tho open oca. Tho cxocutlvo officer
camo to tho captain in hla ofTtco, and
tho latter turned upon hhn an Inquir
ing eye
"Steam yacht on our atai board quar
ters, sir," said tho latter, "going fast,
flying Blgnnls for us to alow down bo
ho may como aboard."
"Como aboard when wo aro under
way and two hours back of our sailing
hour? A peat tako thoao llttlo atatea
which aro fighting this cat and dog
wnr! Wo have nothing to do with
that and I warrant It yondor strangor
"What orders, air?"
"Straight ahead, and full npocd."
"Very good, air."
"What la tho hour, Judson?" de
manded tho captain aB tho executive
turned away.
"Four bells, sir."
"Mako It so." And thus In nautlcai
torniB tho voyage of tho Prlnz Adler
was begun.
Hcgun, but not ended. Hcgun, but
soon to bo broken. Tho fast yacht
swerved slightly and bonded on such
nn nnglo as would Intercept tho liner's
course. She snlled n splendid gait,
hor clean-cut bows rising blnck above
tho waves as now and ugaln she
leaped from ono crest to nnothor In
her desperato apcod. Somo man wna
driving her who had n purpose; that
waa pla'n.
Tho captain himself wont on deck
na ho heard tho sound of u distant
shot. It had como from tho yacht's
bow gun, a formldnblo looking black
plcco which might carry iron enough
to elnk a helpless liner.
"Tho damned pirate!" exclaimed tho
captain. A second report, n aecond
plungo of white ahead gavo him warn
ing that it was tlmo to halt.
"Ho'll sink us If wo don't Blow
down," muttered tho captain. His
hand went out to tho euglno-rooro
Bwltchboard. A third ahot gavo ovi
dcuco enough of tho yacht'a lnten
tlons. Once moro tho onglno bells
Jangled far below. Tho ordor had
como to alow down, to reverse Tho
giant liner trembled, hnlf pauaed, slow
ly slackod her speed, and at last lay
purring, oven as tho yacht swung
swiftly alongside
"What do you wnnt?" called tho cap
tain of tho Prlnz Adlor, addressing
a tall figure which stood at tho bow
of tho yacht. "What do you moan by
Btopplng my ship?"
"Send mo n boat at onco," was his
only answer. "I will explain when I
como aboard. Hcsltato and you may
regret it. '
Fooling under this tho throat which
mny or may not havo beon meant in
faith, but which served nono tho lesa,
n ship's boat put out to tho yacht
nnd brought Count Frodorlck aboard.
Ho nt onco mado hla way to tho cap
tain, whom ho addressed brusquely.
"You havo persons nboard thla nhlp
who nro fugitives from Justice I como
In our king's namo to aoarch you bo
foro you leavo tho thrco-rallo limit
of our own watera. Porhapa you aro
Ignorant of thoso facta youraelf. Lay
to, whllo wo try to get tho informa
tion confirmed for you. I know thoy
aro on board."
Thoy wero Indeed on board, but
nono know of tholr prcaonce Far bo
noath tho lowest deck of tho ship tho
guilty deck hands had mot tholr pris
oners and sought to uso such argu
ments ns thoy could find to induco
their sllenco.
As for Rolcnu, ho would hear to
nothing. Tho Joy of combat once more
camo to his soul. Ho fell upon thoso
Beamcn, and weak as ho still was
waged such battle that at last they
fled. Kitty and blmsolf followed them.
Almost thoy gained tho troodom of
tho upper deck.
Dut what could a weak woman do
against such odds or ovon Roleau?
Evon as Count Frederick's boat came
alongsldo, nnd aa he stood conforrtng
with tho ship's captain, tho two pris
oners who mado tho subject of tho
controversy wero loft In such caso
ub might very well provo tho captain's
assertion that ho had on board no pas
sengers savo such as ship's passengor
list showed and hnd a right to show.
Neither Kitty nor Roloau had knowl
edge of what went on. Doth had been
laid senseless,