The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 25, 1916, Image 7

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Juno 5 nnd o Pageant of Mncoln,
presenting "The Gate City."
Juno G-7-8 Stnto Undertakers' Con
vention ut Hastings.
Juno GO Spanish War Votorana'
Stato Convention at North IUatto.
Juno 1? to 15 Trnna-Mlsalaslppl Utik
or3 Ass'n convention at Oruaht.
Juno 13-14-15 Annual convention ol
N'ubrnska Hlkn at Omaha.
Juno 13 to 1C state 1 K. O. Conven
tion at Alliance
Juno 13-14-15 Great Western Handi
cap Tournament at Omaha.
Juno 13 to 1G Nebraska Pharmaceu
tical Convention at Hasting.
Juno 19-20-21-22 American Union of
Swedish Singers, West. l)lv., co'j
certa and convention at Omaha.
Juno 20 to 24 Stato Stockmen's con
vention at Alliance.
Juno 21 to 23 Fraternal Order of
Kagles, stato mooting at Mncoln.
July 25 Nebraska Democratic cony
vontlon at Hastings.
July 3-4-5 Mid-Summer Uaco Meet nt
July C to 8 Stato Golf Tournamont
at Omnha.
July 10-11-12 Northwestern Hoto'
Men's Association Convention at
Juno 28-29 International Auctioneers'
Association Convention at Omaha.
City commissioners of North Platta
liavo lot a contract for twenty-live
blocks of vortical liber brick paving
to bo laid this summer. Tbo contract
prlco totals approximately $101,000.
William Jennings Hryan Is not going
to tho democratic national convention
as an alternate- from Nebraska, nor as
a delegate from any other state, ac
wording to an announcement made In
Tho encampment of the Orand Ar
my of tho Kepubllc, held at Lovlngton
was the greatest affair of the kind
"ver held in tho stato. It Is estimated
that 12,000 visitors wero In attend
anco. Columbus secured the encamp
ment for next year and won out ovei
Hastings and Wayne by a good-sized
Another discovery of a technical op
ror has Just been mado at Hooper with
tho result that another six weeks' dr
lay will be necessary before tho sa
loons enn legally open. Tills time it
has been found that the new ordinnnc
drafted hurriedly by tho Hooper coun
ell 1b defective In several particular-
Tho biggest Flag day over attempt
ed nmong the Klks will bo the feature
of tho Nebraska convention, which
will bo held In Onmhn, June 12, 13
and 14. Thursday, the 1 1th, Is th
national flag day of the organization
All Klk lodges In Nebraska nro urged
to Rend delegations.
Tho farm management nssoclatlor
of Dawes county haB purchased n loan
of dairy cattlo for tho uso of tho dnlrt
farmers of tho county, which consist
of forty-one head of high-grade H'l
steins to be sold to the fnnners with
out profit for tho betterment of their
dairy herds.
Ono hundred thousand yards of dirt
nro to be removed from the roaiH of
Otoo county during the next twelve
months, according to plans of tho
county commissioners, who have Jut
let a contract for tho year's grading.
Ralph Conyor, formerly of Excel
sior Springs, Mo., died at Mitchell as
tho result of Injuries received when
ho lost control of a motorcycle no
which t ho was riding.. Ho wns
thrown on his head.
Paving that will cost tho city of
Lincoln a quarter of a million dollars
has already been ordered this spring.
A total of 07,000 square yards has
been authorized and most of it con
tracted for.
Ord held a special election Just re
cently to decide tho liquor question
Four hundred and fifty votes wero
caBt, the drys winning by a majority
of eighty.
Tho peoplo of Crolghton have Just
voted a liberal bond Issue for the
purposo of building a city hall that
will bo a credit to the town.
Tho big lumber sheds of J. Shum
way & Son nt Lyons, wero destroyed
by fire. Tho loss Is estimated be
tween $15,000 and $25,000.
A week's campaign against the dan
-dellon at Fnirfleld brought In a total
of 1,200 bushels.
An nmatour baseball league, which
-will embrace Kearney, Shelton, Kim
Creek, Rlverdalo and other towns, has
beon established In Buffalo county. A
schedule has been arranged to date
from Juno 1, after which two games
per week will bo played.
It Is reported that J. II. Morrison
Is to remodel his building that has
been used for a snloon for years, at
Suporior, and mako an upto-dato mov
ing picture and vaudovlllo theator of
It, giving Superior two moving play
Marlon B. Stahl of West Point won
first, Louis Wirt of South High school,
Omnha, second, and Nclllo M. Schwab
or McCook third In tho ninth annual
contest of tho Nebrnska High School
Dobatlng league nt Lincoln.
Hastings lost 105 families until No
vombor, recontly, wlion a special
train left for Scottsbluff with th.iso
who annually work In tho boot flolds
In that section.
Tho vlllago of Syracuse, In Oton
county, has Issued $10,000 In bouds
to build a municipal electric light
The development of potash and Its
by-products will soon bo ono of Ne
braska's chief Industries, a pure arti
cle having been found at lloffland,
near Alliance, which necessitates lit
tle else than pumping, boiling and
drying to mako the best portion ready
for tho rollnery, aftor which the fin
ished artlclo bring the heretofore un
known price of nearly $500 per ton.
Tho outlook In the potash lines
seems to bid fair to bo as Important
In Nobraska as the oil Industry In
other states. Nearly 100 men nro em
ployed In tho plant. Now residences
and business buildings are going up
In tho little city at a most remarkable
In a sweeping decision in the dis
trict court at Kearney, Judge James
Hanna of Grand Island, sitting in
place of Judge Host otter, denied an
Injunction against tho mayor and city
council of Kearney, to restrain them
from paving tho city streets. He de
clared tho constitutionality of tho law
passe1 by tho Inst legislature provid
ing for paving and assessing in cities
of tho first class. His decision di
rectly affects over $1,000,000 worth of
puvlng Improvements to bo laid this
summer In Kearney, Beatrice, Colum
bus, Falrbury, Fremont, Grand Island,
Hastings, Nebraska City, North
Platte, Plntbunouth and York.
If present plans of the state execu
live board of tho Seventh Day Ad-
enlist church are can led out Hast
ings will be made the location of ono
of the most Impotlant denomination
al schools In the state. The school la'
preparatory In nature and It Is ex
pected will start with nn enrollment
of 100 students. The first building
to be erected will probably cost In
the neighborhood of $25,000.
Nebraska's crop of winter wheal
will total 59,341,000 bushels this year,
according to the estimate of tho Unit
vl States department of agriculture,
based on tho condition of the wheat
May 1. Last year the winter wheat
crop of Nobraska amounted to (!G,
G18.000 busholB. The condition May
1 last year was reported as 99 per
cent, while May 1 this jear it was 89
per cent.
Bay Wiggins, veteran engineer of
the Hock Island railroad, and his 0-year-old
son were drowned n few
miles from Falrbury, while attempt
ing to cross a cteok. The stream, or
dinal lly nearly dry, was swollen to a
torrent by heavy rains. The little boy
fell Into tho water, his father dived
after him and both wero swept away.
A. C. Watson of Plnlnvlow was on
the South Omnha market a few days
ago with a load of beef steers, aver
nging 1,103 pounds, that sold at $9.50,
tho extreme top of the year to date.
This Is also tiio highest priced bunch
of cattlo over sold In the month ol
Mny ut the South Omaha mnrket.
Tho woman's annual metropolitan
golf championship tournament will bo
staged nt Omaha on the links of tho
Omaha Field club, July 10, 11, 12 and
13. Tho woman's tourney will follow
Immdlontely after the Nebraska stato
event, which will be held at the samo
links July 5, 0, 7 nnd 8.
In n high school track meet held
at Superior, with Superior, Hardy,
Edgar, Nelson, Hebron, Scnndln nnd
Republic City, Kns., contesting. Su
perior won tlrst plnco with 30 points.
Joe Steelier of Dodgo nnd Stranglor
Lewis will meet in the wrestling ring
in Omaha on July 4.
Three cnrloads of postage stamps,
stamped envelopes nnd postal cards
wero received by the Omaha postal
authorities Just recently, to fill tho
needs of tho Omaha odlce for tho en
suing quarters. This consignment Is
valued at little less than $500,000.
More than fifty crack gunners from
nil parts of the stato will go to Nor
folk June 4 nnd 5, the dates of the
first annual registered tournament of
tho Norfolk Gun club.
Sunday baseball can now bo played
In all parts of Dodgo county as the re
sult of action taken by the county
board of supervisors at Fremont a
few days ago.
Fremont was chosen as tho meefng
placo for tho Omaha Association ol
Congrogatlonnl Churches in 1917, at
the closing meeting of tho convention
at Uchllng.
Hastings Is to have a public market,
operated and managed by boys In the
agricultural department of tho city
At a special election hold at Hoi
brook tho electric light Issuo carried
by a majority of twenty-five votes.
Talk of secession of five westorn
counties of Nebraska on tho grounds
that the eastern part of tho stato Is
not In sympathy with the west In tho
light for water rights, has been
brought to Lincoln by a prominent at
torney, who Is Interested In various
water cases.
Plans are being Intel for tho ninth
annual encampment and reunion of
nil Spinlah War veterans to bo held
at North Platte June 5 and G. There
will bo a camp fire, dance, rifle shoot,
auto rides and bnnquet.
Tho town of Stella in Richardson
county will hold a special election
May 29th to voto on a proposition to
Issuo $8,000 In bonds to build an elec
tric light plant.
Tho Civic Improvement League of
Columbus Is giving prizes every
month for tho best (lowers produced
In tho gardens and on tho lawns of
tho city.
County boards of Platte, Rutler nnd
Polk counties oro making an offort to
sccuro a state-aid bridge across the
Platto river south of Columbus next
Extremely Pretty Dress for Summer May Be Made of Plain and
Dotted Organdie, Though Other Materials May Be Chosen
Selection of the Veil Is Most Important Innumerable
Patterns From Which to Choose.
A very pretty and summery dress of
plain and dotted organdie nchloves lino
stylo by combining theso familiar ma
terials, Organdie in cottons, as taf
feta In silks, has proved peculiarly welt
adapted to tho stylos of today. Tho
originality of tho model lies In combin
ing tho plain and dotted surfaces so
that they play parts of equal Impor
tance, and It suggests tho uso of other
goods In the same way.
In tho modet shown tho body and
skirt aro of the plain orgundla. Five
graduated ruffles of tbo dotted organ
dto euclrclo It, tho first und widest
about the hem and tho narrow fifth
rulllo nt tho waist line. Tho under
skirt Is gored nnd gathered to tint o.
Its crlspness and that of the rufllcs Is
almost equivalent to the effoct of crin
oline. Tho threo-quartor length slcovcs
and Bquaro capo of tho dotted organdlo
aro edged with narrow rufllcs mado of
It. Tho throat opens with n shallow V.
A belt of ribbon In any color desired
may bo worn with this dress. White
moire, corded near tho edges, makes
thnt shown In tho plcturo. Silk stock
ings and white buckskin or canvas slip
pers will finish tho pretty toilette suit
ably. Among tho now summer goods thcro
are plain voiles nnd lawns In beautiful
NaflaT JbLsY
MM J tf9
Jf n, flaa.! aaSsBai a & ipaej 1 IH HHBlBBw k
- aarflESHaBsaBiBaVaTar rBwf d9ES99bV
BpBBBJPMliHBislpc -- ..ut.tf4nba95EBaa5S9LS'
aYSHBBaD . t. ., J"" tTSA&lB9E9E9BBSr S i
colors with which dainty Interpreta
tions of Scotch plaids may bo found In
light tints and varied colors. Some
thing very distinctive and original
might bo mado by combining thcsio In
tho manner shown In this organdlo
dress Then there nro tho crossbar
and striped organdies, which might be
used Instead of tho nioro familiar dot
ted varlotles. They aro sheerer than
chiffon, the daintiest of all cotton,
weaves, and retain tho crlspness which
distinguishes tho plain matorlal. Noth
ing could bo hotter for a graduating
A circular veil with hexagonal mesh
and border of smalt chenille balls Is
one of many that have aided designers
In the conception of now offocts la
oman s rveaim
mllllnory. Those to bo worn ovor the.
fnco are of unbroken mesh with alt
sorts of fancy borders, and nro woven
of tine hnlrllkc threads, so that they
Mill not Interfere with the vision. Oth
ers, to bo thrown back, aro purely
an adjunct of tho hat and show sur
faces broken by big polka dots of flat
sequlnB, or lace patterns In conven
tional and lloral designs.
Theso small voll-trlmtned hntH nro
very chic, but this management of tho
veil Is quite outstdo the real realm of
its usefulness. Veils aro worn for
two reasons, to keep tho hair neatly
In plnco nnd becnuso they nro becom
ing. Thcro aro so many patterns to
chooso from thnt a selection Is a mut
ter of trying them on as In choosing a
lint or n color for a gown. Ono may
buy a mesh In almost any shapo, as
square, round, diamond shape or hex
agonal. Borders vary also nnd there
nro soveral colors to cIioobo from.
Taupo, brown, gray and purplo tones,
with several shades of dark bluo,
mako It worth whllo to experiment,
as they are adapted to varied com
plexions. Black remains most popular,
but is not always tho happiest cholco.
Tho threads of which veils, nnd es
pecially black volls, of today aro wov
en are Incrodlbly lino, and tbo heavy
veil has no following.
Volllngs and separato volls are made
In narrow widths with narrow borders.
Tho border reaches to tho chin so that
tho veil covers JuBt the faco. No oc
centric methods of draping liavo ap
peared so far In tho season's history,
unless wo class tho harem veil, which
has been Introduced for tho motor
ist, undor that head. Many of tho
now motor volls are of very thin chif
fon and somo of thorn aro circular,
suspended from nn ola3tlc cord that
holds thorn In placo about tho hat In
tho manner shown for tho face voll
pictured horo.
Items of General Interest Gathered
from Reliable Sources Around
the State House.
Wstern NfwuiMper Union News Harvtc.
The chokost views from European
battle fields will be shown members
ot the Nebraska national guard on
enmpmont thiough the courtesy ot
Captain Donald G. Thompson, tho
Katisan who has gained a wide repu
tation as a photographer with tho
armies of tho countries ongagod In
the great war.
Thompson, whllo touting Nebraska,
was mado a captain In tho Nebraska
national guard upon order of Governor
Morehead and Adjutant General Phil
Hall, By reason of his rank ho will bo
utilo to secure tuoro freedom with tho
countries at war In securing pictures.
In npproclntlon of tho caurtesy of
the Nobraska guard officials Thompson
has Informod Adjutant General Hall
ho had already sent 7,000 feet of film
und would send anw other pictures
which General Hall suggested.
Did Not Sanction Tax Reduction.
Governor Morehead 'in refusing to
sanction n reduction of tuxoH for com
mon carriers doing business In Ne
braska, has influenced the state board
of equalization to turn down a recom
mendation to Its socrotnry, O. E. Ber
necker, which would have had the ef
fect of materially lowering assess
ments of the Standard Oil company,
tho Armour refrigerator car corpora
tion and other companies operating
private car Imcs. Tho board Adopted
another of Socrotnry Borneckor'H roc
nmmondntions by voting to assess the
rolling stock and Ihtnnglble property
of railroad companies, under tho ter
minal tax law, for exclusively munici
pal purposes on the samo basis as a
year ago. Tho niombors wore as
sured that this would not nltid them
later on when thoy como to assess
tho raliroadB In their holdings, both
physlcnl and lutnnglblo, for general
When One May Go Fishing.
In reply to nn Inquiry, Assistant
Attorney Goneral Roe has given an
opinion thnt an owner of land ad
Joining a stream may forbid othors
to fish from tho bank where It runs
through or past his property. Ho has
tho right, Mr. Roe finds, to prevent
tropusslng on tho land. An oxcoptlon
to this rulo Is that on a navigable
strentn anyouo may land from a boat
or other vessel If tho necessity should
nrlso. As to whether a land ownor
can keep a fisherman from angling
In a stream which runs through tho
land, whoro the fishing Ib dono from
a boat, there seems to bo Bomo ques
tion. Running Btrcnms nre declared
by stato law to bo public waters, and
It Is posslblo that nn owner could not
onforco his order agnlnst fishing ox
cept on the banks.
To Rearrange Freight Classification.
The stnto railway commission will
meet Juno 13 to make tho soml-annual
freight classification. Chnngos In tho
classification of empty Iron barrols,
bananas, oxygen and hydrogen gas
nnd regulations governing tho use of
Ice nre proposed. If a shipper removes
Ice from a refrigerator car nt Its des
tination after tho car has boon emptied
ho will bo charged frolght on the Ice
removed. BnnnnuB are now shlppod
first class. It partially enclosed It Is
proposed to chango to clnss Dl. The
chnngo In ciasslflcatlon of gas or air
products aro asked for by a Now York
firm. Gas is now shipped first class.
It is proposed to ship It third class
in less than carloads, and fourth class
in carloads and to reduco tho mini
mum weight from 24,000 pounds to
20,000 pounds.
Semi-Annual Conference of Officers.
Tho second soml-annual conferonco
of officers of Nebraska stnto Institu
tions with tho board of commissioners
of state Institutions will bo hold In
Lincoln Thursday and Friday, May 25
nnd 2G. The Thursday mooting will
bo held at tho stato penitentiary nnd
tho Friday mooting at tho orthopedic
"Nobraska has produced good citi
zens In splto of her school system
rather thnn because of It," said State
Superintendent A. O. Thomas In an
address nt tbo mooting of tho Nebras
ka Academy of Science "Civilization
has grown apaco in the last twenty
five years, but tho little country
school remains the same unattractive,
bleak, wind-swept Institution that it
was when first established. Tho
teacher problem In tho country school
will solvo Itself when tho situation
Is mado attractive, for the country
Marlon B. Stahl, of West Point, was
awarded first placo InVebraska High
School Dobatlng league at the univer
sity Memorial ball Saturday. Louis
Wirt, representing South high, Oma
ha, was given uccond placo, and Miss
Nelllo M. Schwab, of McCook, was
awarded third. The dobato was on
the question, "Resolved, that congress
should substantially adopt tho recom
mendations of tho secretaries of wnr
nnd navy for Increased armament."
Tho nrgument was closo, and the
Judges wero closotcd togothor for
halt an hour boforo their doclslon.
Must be provided when tbt
Appetite is Poor
The DIocslioH Weak
The Liver Lazy and
The Dowels Constipated
It It an excellent tonic, app
tizor and stomach medicine.
v- Get The Genuine -
Uncultured Confidence.
"Do you enjoy grand opora?"
"Very much," replied Mr. Cumrox.
"If I had It to do over, I'd bo a grand
opora nlngor myHolf."
"But you can't sing."
"Thnt'fl why I'd chooso grand opera.
I can't carry a tuno very woll; but I
can holler like everything."
A man's lutoltoct doesn't snem to
liavo anything In common with hut.
Tho rolling man gathers no bank
Rest Those Worn Nerves
Don't glvo up. When you feel
all unstrung, whon family cares
scorn too hard to boar, and back
ache dizzy hoadachps and Irregu
lar ktduoy action mystify you, re
member that such troubles often
tonio from weak kldnoys and It
mny bo thnt you only neod Doan's
Kidney Pitta to mako you wolt.
Don't delay. Profit by other peo
ple's oxperloncos.
A Nebraska Case
Mrs. Kdwln Al
ton, Albion, Neb .
nys: "I had dull
palna In tho nmll
ot my back, which
boinrroii mo moat
y at nlisht. I suf
fered from bond
aches and folt all
run down. On a
f norm s a d v I c n ,
I usod Donn'n Kid
ney l'llln nnd tb
o o n relieved the,
aches nnd palnn'
a u a RircnRttinneii:
my kidneys. !' n r
llin piiHt two yearn, I have boon free
from kidney complaint."
Gel Dm'i at Aay Stmt, go
doan's vans'
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
That's Why You're Tired Out of Son
Have No Appetite.
will put you i
in a few days.
They d
their duty..
Rtioation. I
Biliousness, Indigestlsn nndSIck Headache
Genuine must bear Signature
A Shoe Boil. Capped
Hock or Bursitis
will reduce them and leave no blemiihes.
Stops laineneu promptly. Does not blis
ter or remove the hair, and hot le can be
worked. J2 a bottle delivered. Book 6 M free.
AUSORDINE, JR., (or nuakind. the tatltcvdi
Uolmcot lot BolU. BnilKi. Jorcfc SwclUorr. VmUokVcIm.
AUtri Piln mi Inaimmnioa. Pike (t u4 W t bonk u
draff Ixt or dcUitrcd. W1U Ull you mora M ton writ.
We Will Open Our Midsummer
Gis Tractor School June 12, I9U
Practical shop and held instruction given
on gasoline traction engines. Just the time
to get ready (or a Job in the great wheat belt
In the Northwest Write (or particulars.
Fargo Auto & Oas Engine School
1228 front btrcct r-argo, North Dakota
ti.i. hm, c1m, or
namDtftl, eonTiiUoot,
ckeap. Lasts all
aaaaon. Madoot
raeUI, can't iplllor Up
OT.ri will not toll of
Injur anything.
OaumnlMd ffeotlr.
iprtat paid for IM-
ASOLD SOIIUS, 1H B Kalk ., Bmilra, T.
br tblmndrfJi,
that will not dlo.
Ing. n-arlns and dlaeiuis control tecreU ot ttia
mallud. Hndoruwl by prutulnnnt poultrr ron.
DATCIITQ nttionl.Cnltmtn,
r I til I U Ptnt Lawjar.VVaihlncton,
-Baa'' i.a Adtloaandbooinro
Bate(reuonabla.!Hgaatrftrencei. BottMrvloua,
Nebraska Directory
Omaha. Nebraska
Rooms from tl.00 up single, 75 centH tip doable.
W, N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 22-1916.
gflBfei Firturv
JHajf Ttttt
right .sftHllHljAKtrtt
ajSBsmii pills.
w JsjkA i
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i m