The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 04, 1916, Image 5

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    .XK -! Ki
' i
Insure your Kami Property with
Frank T. Hoon, Fieldman
for the
Farm Central Mutual Fire
Insurance Co.,
Hastings, Nebraska
Phones: Offlce, HOI; Residence, lT.'.O
A sane, safe, sound Htid economical
plan of fire, lightning nnd tornado
Will your policy soon expire?
Write mc and let mo explain. No
obligation on your part.
V. V. Heal Is home from Cowles.
French Flashers at Fogel's.
Look up the Tenth Commandment!
Miss Gertrude Doers Is visiting In
McCook this week.
Huy your Groceries of Miner llros.
Miss Lola Coplen is In Inuvalc tills
Mrs. J. E. Coombs lb reported on
the sick list.
Mrs. E. II. Webber and children were
, passengers to (iuide Kock, Tuesday.
When in need of printed mutter of
any kind call at the Chief ofllce the
home of "Quality" printing.
Herbert N'euerburg nnd family mov
ed Into the I'hares property, formerly
occupied by Moss Abel, this week.
Mrs. J. N. Sellars, of Moulder, Colo
rado, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Joe
Fogel, this week.
May u Is the time, Orpheum is the
place, nuf ced, take her to that home
talent show and make her happy.
. R. D. Jiurton, of Frnnkliu, visited
his sister Mrs. A. II Carpenter the
last of the week.
Mrs. C. H. Miner returned home
Sunday morning from Colorado
Springs, where she had been looking
after her ranch.
Mrs. S. M. Carl, of Long Islnnd,
Kansas, was the guest of her brother,
J. A. McArthur and family, the ilrst
of the week.
The season of Lightning and Torna
does is approaching. Don't delay too
long for the Insurance you may need.
G. M. VanCamp, General Insurauce.
John Llndsey.'of Gillette, Wyoming,
visited at the home of hl8kune)e1Sani
Lindscy,- over Sunday while1' efirobte
to Hadden, Kansas. t
Dr. II. p. Ilox'ey returned home
Saturday morning from Star Lake,
'Iowa, where he was called by the
death of his mother.
The ladles of the Methodist church
will hold a bazar, dinner and supper
tit the Woodman hall on Saturday,
May Cth. '
We are in the market for 100 to 125
pounds Shoats nt market price deliver
ed at Serum Plant. Will pay for de
livery to plant. C. II. Miner Serum
Miss Vera Hatlleld returned to St.
Jo?, Saturday, to resume her studies,
after spending last week hero with
her parents, Mr. rnd Mrs. Bert , Hat
field. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Robertson and
children, of Sterling, Colorado, are
Visiting at the home of Mrs. Ro
bertson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chtis.
'' School district number .11 closed
another successful term, on Friday,
March 28th. On that day a picnic
was given and about sixty were present
and everyone reports aud enjoyable
time. Mr. CJlen Foe, the able instruc
tor in charge of this school, is deserv
ing of much credit for his work and
the Interest lie has taken In this
during the entire time.
Stop and Shop!
Ripe Olives, fresli from California
Special ut ....
Strawberries, ripe, I A I'0'1 r'Pc Tomatoes I E Fresh, tender Peas I a-
tine flavor, box I UC per lb I 9C per lb. . . . I UC
Fresh Cuban Pine- EA Long green Cuciiin- QEA
apples, large, each I OC bers, extras .... aCUU New Potatoes, :i lbs Ogg
Try a can of White House Fresh Carrots, a Afi ---
Peel Apricots. This Is a large lmncli WW lmte M)ft -
delicious form of Apri- ,, . Mnrshniellows, lb wC
uuiiuuim jnuii "i"1 Homegrown Aspara- fj-.
cots us the flavor is ex- ,,,.,, tender, hunch UC "
tremely delicate because Advo Jell, tho Jell thut
of fruit having QC. Lettuce, very choice C whips, all flavors OE.
been peeled, can WWW per bunch WV :i pkgs for. .. vG
G. M. Coplen, of Shickley, is visiting
his brother, E. NV. Coplen, this week.
Miss Laura Pierce visited In Super
ior over Sunday.
John Merrill was a Guide Rock visit
or Friday.
Harry Roats spent Friday in Hust
ings. New Summer Dreis Goods now be
ing shown by Miner Bros. Co.
Mrs Alf McCall and sou, Robert,
were In Hastings, Saturday.
Miss Fleta Davis, of Hshoti, spent
the lust of the week hero with friends.
Who was the Ilrst man to pay spot
cash for cream. .1. O. Caldwell.
Mrs. Mary Seaton went to Cowles,
The Misses Anna Rnubal and Elsie
Rupert spent Sunday In Rlvertou.
F. M. llilderbrandt of Alma was in
the city Monday
Miss Elma Alles went to Wymote,
Saturday, to visit her sister
Rev. J. M. Bates was a passenger to
St. Paul, Saturday.
W. II. Taber nnd (leorge Michaels
autoed to Lincoln the last of the week.
Miss Mabel Holfman, of Cowles, is
visiting at the A. 11. Carpenter home
this week.
Buy your Groceries of Miner Bros. Co.
Come to Red Cloud and do your trad
ing Mrs, .1. K. Bloom, of Hastings, is
visiting her mother, Mrs. A. Soderlln.
this week.
New (Jueen Quality Shoes and Low
Shoes uro now being shown at Miner
Bros. Co.
Mrs. Belle Kcagle had a cement side
walk laid In front.of her residence this
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sanderson of
Norton, Kansas, are visiting relatives
here this week.
Ernest Stevens of Smith Center,
Kansas, was the guest of Lon Eddy
last week.
Miss Inez Fetty returned to her
at Inavale, Sunday, after visiting
friends hero for a few days.
Mrs. Clara Shcrer aud daughter. Miss
Pearl, were Hastings visitors over
Mrs. Lizzie Rounds of Crand Island
is visiting Urandmu Mcintosh this
Miss Mabel Buckles returned home
Monday from Potter where she had
been teaching school the past year.
Frnnk Starr, the popular horse nnd
mule buyer, was n pnsscnger to Grand
Island, Monday.
Attorney L. II . Blackledge went to
Lincoln, Monday morning, to attend
a session of the supreme court.
Mrs. Claude Onrrow of St. Joe is
visit'ng her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George Clawson, this week.
The Misses Josephine and Blanche
Sherer spent the weekend with rela
tives in Blue Hill.
Miss Lela Woods returned homo the
Ilrst of the week from Lndgcpole,
where she closed a successful term of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Burden, Mes
dames O C. Tee I and Frank Ellinger,
Herbert Myers and Bernard Burden
autoed to Hastings, Tuesday.
P. A. Wullbrandt returned home the
first of the week from McCool Junct
ion and Exeter where he Iiud been
visiting relatives.
Col. J. H. Ellinger returned home
the first of the week from Oberlin,
Kansas, where he had been in the in
terest of the C. II. Miner Serum Co.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hosmcr departed
Sunday evening for California where
he hopes to improve his health. The
Chief along with his many friends join
in wishing him a safe and pleasant
journny and that the sunny climes of
California will aid him In regaining
his health and strength.
in the bulk pr I A per
glass I U6 " quart
Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables
at Miner Bros. Co.
Buy it today as you will need It to
night. Fiench Flnshers at Fogel's.
Clarence Carpenter wns In MeCook,
Hugh Allison of Nelson was In the
city Friday.
Dr. Reno, of Superior, spent Satur
day with Dr. Camp.
Chas. Farnum returned Saturday
from Omaha.
Mrs. John Kenuard, of Hastings,
spent Sunday with Mrs . Soderlln.
Miss Hannah "White visited her
parents at Bostwlek, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sheiman visited
relatives in Superior, Sunday.
Miss Ilnttle Kalley and sister, Nellie,
spent Sunday lu Guide Rock.
Attorney Bernard McNeny went to
Denver, Sunday evening.
tleorge ViuiCantp,'. was transacting
business lu Superior, Wednesday.
(J. W. Llndsey returned from Lin
coln, Friday evening.
Mrs. Christie Pntniore was a passeng
er to Hastings, Tuesday.
Mrs. Joe Fogel returned home fjom
Inavale, Tuesday morning.
Attorney B. W. Stewart was trans
acting business in Hastings, Monday.
II. A. Hlukins of Rlvertou was in
town Monday.;
V. A. Wulbrnndt is having his store
repapered this week.
James Loy and Harry Regester
were In Blue Hill, Saturday.
Mrs. (ireenhaulgh, of Trenton, was
In town Monday, between trains while
enroute home from Cowles.
A. II. McArthur was in Republl.
can City, Saturday night, between
Mis. John Weesner and children re
turned home from Superior, Sunday
Earl Lnttn, of neat Cowles, accom
panied a car of stock to Kansas City,
Ralph Real came in from. Llnco'n,
Wednesday for n short visit with his
parents, W. V. Beal and wife.
Clarence Eshelman returned home
Monday, from Arcadia where lie spent
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ornupaud daught
er, of Riverton, spent Sunday as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Morhart.
Mrs. Chas. E. Hill, of Hustings,
came down Tuesday to visit her moth
er, Mrs. Hassiuger.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Stroupe nnd
daughter, Lucille, wero lu Ilenkle
man over Sunday visiting relatives.
Mrs. E. U. Overman nnd daughter.
Miss EU.abeth, and Mrs. G. M. Van
Camp were In Hastings Tuesday.
Miss Mario Nelson was home from
Blue Hill over Sunday visiting with
homo folks.
Begitiningthe23thof this month the
C. B .tij. will again run trains No.
1 and 11 through hero from Oxford to
Hastings on the old schedule.
Miss Marie Hollister spent the week
end with her parentn, Mr. and Mr.
G. H. Hollister, leturiiiug to Lincoln,
On aecount of reorganizing the band
there will be no open air concerts un
til the Ilrst of June. F. A. Turnure,
For rent My neivH room modern
house with sleeping porch. Fine lo
cation. See me, C. A. Sohellak, or
phone black UK).
The W. R. C. will meet Saturday at
2:110 p. m. Let every member be pres
ent for special business. lly order f
V. M. Sherwood, advance agent for
John G. Rue, was in the city today
making arrangements for the play
"The Tenth Commandment" to be
shown at the Orpheum next Wednes
day evening.
The World's
Best to Eat
1Kl i)er
- $1.30
What is the Tenth Commandment?
L. A. Graves, of Grand Island, Is lu
the city this week.
Grant Turner was in Guide Rook,
Watches, clocks, beads and jewelry.
Variety Store.
Attorney A. M. Walters, of Blue
Hill, was in town, Wednesday.
Cash Scrlvner was lu Hastings, Wed
nesday. Do you know too Tenth Command
tni'iit'.' Sheet Music- If we haven't what you
want we will get it. Variety Store.
W. V. Ileal, J. II. Bailey nnd Will
Mountford were Cowles' visitors, Wed
nesday. L 11. Wesselman, manager of the
Wesselmau Stock Co., departed Wed
nesday for Omaha on business and will
bring the balance of the company back
with him.
F. A. Hlldi'braudt ami wife, the new
proprietor of the Pioneer Meat Market,
were In the city Wednesday transact
ing bushiest nnd also looking for u
house in which to reside.
We understand that Prof. A. A. Le
Roy has" rented the building on East
Fouith avenue, which was formerly
occupied by the Sunny Side saloon a
few j ears ago, anil will open a music
store therein.
The science hibratory equipment of
the High School has received a very
valuable addition lu the form of n
Birtmiin X Ray Machine, which was
generously donated by Dr. E. A.
Creighton. The doctor also donated
a lluoroscope, and with tho xrny tube
that the school already possesses, the
pupils are able to get excellent results
In experiments with Roentgen Rays,
l'lie machine Is in excellent condition
and the generosity of Dr. Croighton Is
thoroughly appreciated by tho school.
Arrest Traveling Merchant.
Wedntalay morning the sheriir, O.
D. Hodge, took itito custody Tom Dil
lon, who was making his headquarters
at the Holland Hotel. The chnrgc is
preferred against Dillon was peddling
without a license, and the manner in
Which he got possession of the cloth
ing, the otllciuls being of the opinion
that the goods were stolen in some
other locality and brought here to be
sold to the unsuspecting public. This
Is not Dillon's Ilrst appearance In the
city as he has been here at other
times disposing of goods in the same
manner. No evidence could bo pro
duced as to the manner in which ho
gets posessiou of the goods, Jbut he
whs; convicted on vagrancy '.charge,
hu paying tho liiue and court cost-,
aud left for parts unknown.
Married At Wilber
On April Kith., at Wilber, occurred
the marriage of two of this city's well
known young people. Tho contract
ing parties wore Mr Oliver Powell and
Miss Hazel Robinson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C D. Robinson. Tho bride
was born and reared to young woman
hood in this city and is a graduate of
oiirhigh school, while the groom is
one of our popular business men. The
Chief along with the many friends of
the bride and groom wish them much
joy and huppiiiess while sailing over
the matrimonial seas.
Methodist Mention
Miss Glaze, the Conference Organ
izer of tho W. H. M. S., spoke In the
Methodist church both morning and
evening, entertaining und instructing
the people in home missionary work
as done by the deaconess.
The Intermediate League now have
seven p!e;cs in their orchestra.
All who attended the Intermediate
League picnic report a splendid time.
The only thing to mar the pleasure
was tho breaking of an axle which
compelled some to walk home.
The pastor will preach next .Sunday
morning on "Proof Positive'.
The (lospel Team from North Rranch
will have charge of tho services iu the
Plans are being made for the ob
servance of Children's Dav, June 11.
Call at the CHIEF office
and get acquainted-ami
then when YOU want
printed matter of any
kind YOU will know
Just Two
pAME into Our Store
yesterday, who said they
didn't see anything wonder
ful about our Spring Styles
They Were Both Blind
Everybody else said they
never before had seen such
a mighty fine collection of
the newest, prettiest Spring
Styles in nobby garments.
Come in this week and pick
your spring clothes.
This is the home
ionable suits and
of big values at
The Cowden-Haley Clothing Co.
City Council Holds
Regular Monthly Meeting
The City Council met last evening in
regular session being called together
by Mayor Dr. Robert Daraerell, the
following members being preaent:
Koontz, Hamilton, Saladen and Stevens.
Minutes of meeting of April 24 and 25,
read and approved.
Petition of Geo. Smolser for Marshal
presented to tho Council. Meyor Dam
crell made the following jappointments.
Guy Ziigler, superintendent of Water
and Light Department ut a salary of
$140 per month.
P. H. Boner for City Marshall at $C5
pr month. Not confirmed.
For Health Physician Dr. II. Cook.
M. McConkey Street Commissioner
for six months at $90 per month with
team. $1 CO per day when extra team
is used.
, . i ' i . . i .
and treasurer he instructed to pay l
freight, t-xprtsi, postaita and ull labor
bills und other items when O. K. by the
proper oflklala.
Annual reports of City Treasurer and
City Clerk presented and placed on file.
E. H. Niwhouso was present and
Baked permission to erect a wireless
mast in front of his store. The matter
was referred to the Uuilding Committee
with power to act.
The hid of C. F. McKelghan for haul
ing coal for the city at GO cents per ton
and stand demurrage on not over two
cars at one time, was accepted.
Petition of C. A. Herrlck et al, for
aide walk on south side block 9, Plati'a
Saturday May 6
L. B. Wesselman Stock Co., offers the 4-act drama
The Girl and the Shepherd
Specialties Between Acts.
Reserve Heats, Phone 111 Matinee at 2:.'1()
."o admission 'to nil.
Mondey . May g
9th cpisode---2 reels. Also a 2-reeI Feature and
One Comedy. Admission 5c-10.
Tuesday . . May 9
Home Talent Play, given by amatuers of Red Cloud
Farce Comedy In Three Acts.
John G. Rae
Tenth Commandment !
of fashr
overcoats little money.
Addition, annex lot No. 29 by Ord and
block 22 Red Cloud, was presented and
ordered that the owners construct
Application of James Peterson to
erect a brick building on lots 2 and 3
block 1 Williams Add referred to Build
ing Coramlttea with power to act.
Petition of W. T. Mountford et al, for
Bidewalk on west aide of Locust street
and aouth sido block 10 and 11, Smith
& Moore's Add, presented and owners
on wcit aide of Locust street ordered
to construct walk.
Petition of Sattley et al, for croft
walk referred to Cross Walk Committee
Councilman Stevens introduced the
annual estimate of expenses for "year
ending May 1, 1017, and moved iti
adoption. Same to be approved br
City Clerk and published.
Superintendent Zeiglcr presented th
proposition of an oil engine and motor
driven pump to relievo tho present ma
chinery at power house which would
xwmq a saving of uhout $2000 in fueL
vjuuiiku iiinuuuiuu nun iu get prices on
pumps and engines und report same.
Mayor asked for nn expression on the
appointment of a city attorney for th
year and it was decided to dispense
with services of same for the present,
The following claims were allowed:
JJ. McNeny, fjnld over) $100 00
P. A. Wullbrandt 1119
E. H. Weber 15 90
Mayer Coal Co 53 56
Geo. Trln G 7e
II. A. Roats shipped 4 cars of cattle
and : ears of hogs to Kansas City,
Sunday, and with Kd Kellogg accom
panied the shipment
of Motion Pictures
offers, in four acts
May 10