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The Broken Coin
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c1 Story of By EMERSON hough
Mystery and
a j . From the Scenario by
AClVentUre Grace Cunard
(Copyright, VM, by
Klttr Gray, newspaper woman, finds In
a curfo nliop Imlf of a broken coin, tho
mutilated Inscription on which nruumH
lior rurloMty iiiul leads licr, nt tho order
of Urrr inanimlnK editor, to ko to tho prin
cipality of (IntzlKilTpii to plcco out tlio
ntory KUKKMtcil hy tho Inscription. HIip In
followed, nnil on nrrlvnl In UrctzliolTcn
hrr ndvrnturcs whllo clmsljiu tho sucrt't
of tho broken coin begin.
King Cortlelaw.
"So you ilnd it convenient to enter
my room onco moro unasked?" Kit
ty'B cyos flashed In gcnulno Indlgnn
tlon an elio faced Count Snchlo.
"It Is not your room, mademoiselle,
but ourn. Wc pay for It und liavo con
trol of It."
"So thero was some dcdnlto pur
poao In secreting mo hero away from
my friends?"
"Asaurcdly, a purposo very definite,
end ono from which wo do not Intend
to bo swerved, mademoiselle"
"What thou do you purposo doing
with mo?"
"Wo plan taking you boforo tho
king not tho king or Grct7hofron, but
our own king, Cortlslaw of OrahofTcn.
Ho wiahoa to nco you, mademoiselle"
Kitty turned back Into tho room
and Snchlo, Irritated at tho delay,
wont so far as to tnko her by tho nrm
to lnduco her to leavo tho room with
him. Sho resisted him bo vigorously
that for tho tlmo ho stood back non
plused. But at length tho girl's powers
proved no match for thoso brought
against hor. Sho was forced from tho
room toward tho front of tho build
ing. Onco moro Kitty adopted tho pol
icy of Itoloau hlmsolf alio ceased to
Btrugglo when sho found struggling
useless, und lay back to wait until a
tlmo whon reslstunco might bo moro
"Very well, then, gentlemen," Bald
sho. "Do as you like I am weaker
than yourselves. Since you nro men
and gcntlomon, naturally you aro
Count Sachlo mndo no answer to her
biting words. In truth, mattcra had
not gono so well with him as ho would
havo liked. Ho had been ordered to
roport to hlB own king, and now must
Boon mako that roport, and certainly
ho could not tell of thu unqualified
Bucceaa which ho had so confidently
t Tho Insignificant distance which
separated theso two kingdoms was
Kitty Trie to Make Friends With the
Old Keeper.
spanned in hours, somewhat to tho
wonderment of Kitty, schooled in tho
groat distances of her own country.
Arrived In tho capital of Grnhoffon,
she was allowed small tlmo to arrange
her toilet or compose herself nftcr tho
fatlguo of tho Journey. Vory presently
she was brought beforo King Cortls
law himself.
Sho found him an old man, thin,
wrinkled, crabbed, irritable, excitable
Cortlslaw regarded tho young girl
steadily as sho stood beforo him.
"So thla la tho woman?" ho demand
ed of Count Sachlo, who stood humbly
"Tho samo, your majesty. Sho can
explain what you dcslro to know."
Tho king looked intently at some
thing be held in his hand. Kitty
caught Bight of it it waa tho half
coin which bUo had onco possessed,
,wblch hnd been taken from her but
lately by theBo men. Evidently Count
Sachlo had turned it over forthwith
to Its royal possessor.
"Mademoiselle," said bo, "tell mo
jrbat It Bays. The Inscription la
- .: - - : - . - :. - :'': - - ; - ' - ':"t';':":": - - ; .;.:.
Wrlaht A. Patterson)
broken. I wish to know It nil. I am
Informed thnt you havo Been both
halves of tills coin, and thcrcforo know
tho cntlro messago. Head It to mo at
Kitty took tho coin In her hand as
though to study it, hut swiftly put hor
own hnnd behind her back us sho
clutched it.
"It la my property," said alio stout
ly. "Not oven a king enn tako away
property without courso of law."
Even a king was astonished at tho
effrontery of tho young girl who held
hor possession until two sturdy guards
forced tho coin from her hand. Tho
king smiled at her, a somewhat tooth
less smllo.
"So you value It? Many do. Wo nro
willing to pay for what wo hnvo, ma
demoiselle nnd tho messago of tlila
coin wo mean to have. Glvo It to ua,
and you Hhull bo set free"
"Your majesty Is liberal you offer
whnt is already mlno tho right to
llborty. But whnt you nak la Impos
sible for me True, I havo aeon each
half of tho coin even I miw both
hnlvca nt ono time but never havo I
rend tho cntlro Inscription."
"But you hnvo Been both halves,"
went on Cortlslaw. "Tell mo, what
was on tho other half."
"Your majesty, I cannot I do not
"By tho saints of our falhera," ex
claimed Cortlslaw, "If this wero In tho
olden dayB tho torturo chamber should
show you something. But now"
"Tho torturo could wring only de
ception from mo, your majesty, nnd
that deception would bo of no service
to you. I hnvo told you tho truth
and that nlono can servo you. Glvo
mo my liberty again and then per
haps I might learn moro of tho other
half of tho coin."
"Tho girl nrgucs well," said Cortla
law. "I am not suro whether or not
Bho speaks truth, but her argument
goes to tho samo thing In cither case
Lot her go under guard perhapa
something mny nriso to glvo us fur
ther insight into this.
"As for you, Count Sachlo, you hnvo
not yet suceeded in what wns naked of
you you hnvo not yet taught ua
whero Ilea tho hlddon treaauro of
"Your mujesty," replied tho count,
reddening, "it la but inadvertenco.
which ahull bo amended. In my zeal
I fancied your majesty would rather
havo this young woman than to havo
tho other half of tho coin. To secure
that mny rcqulro yet moro time"
Tho king llxed on him tho cold smllo
which his courtiers hnd learned to
dread, yet ho could not fall to seo tho
shrewdness of Snchlo'a reply
"At least guard her, then," Bald ho
dryly "Sho shall bo our guest until
wo learn moro of what ahe knows It
moans too much to forego tho full
rending of that coin these days. I
mean to havo it. I trust all my olllcera
will realize that fact."
".Mademoiselle." said Sachlo to Kit
ty, later, when sho had been with
drawn to quarters which virtually
wero to provo a prison to hor, "You
havo heard what tho king haa snld
ho will allow you to return to your
own country unharmed If you but help
him to tho moaning of thnt inscription.
What is it to you? It la only ldlo curi
osity brings you hither. With ua it
may mean tho llfo or death of our
Kitty gavo herself up to certain re
flections nt tho tlmo. As to war be
tween tho two kingdoms, if it came,
why Bhould she nld Grahoffen ngalnst
tho country with which sho had be
come moro familiar? Neither had
dono her much courtesy, truo. but for
somo strango reason her sympathies
wero not with tho country governed
by thla irasclblo and unloely king.
"Think well, mndemolsollo," went
on Sachlo. "It ia a long way from hero
to your country. Tho coin can mean
but littlo to you nt best."
"It mny mean much to mo," broko
out Kitty suddenly. "Listen. Thla
coin Is not tho property of your king
or of that other king. It la tho prop
erty of tho people of thoso countrlea.
It soeka to toll thorn its story not to
any king for his selfish purposoB but
It Becks to mnka known its npponl for
JuBtlco nnd liberty. What, think you
tho pcoplo will forovor bo content to
rcmnln a shuttlecock between you
A moment Inter and ho had left
her onco moro to her own dovices.
King Michael of Gretzhoffen.
Mcantlmo In Gretzhoffen town tho
peoplo remnlnod Irresolute, uncertain,
making no further overt attempt ut
tho long-pending revolution. And as
they waited tholr king amused him
self after such fashions as had long
been his own. Continually ho changed,
Bomctlmea hoping, again dreading;
nnd ns often na ho changed ho sent
for Count Frederick, on whom ho
leaned in fatuous confldenco.
"But, my dear count," ho re
proached that gentleman ono day,
"you havo loft oue orrand uncom
pleted. You have brought us our
coin back ngnin, that la true, but the
young lady who wo fancied would
como after it still remains absont
from our court, Thoro haa been no
word from her for many days."
"Truo, your majesty, bIio has dis
appeared, it scorns. I do not, myself,
know whoro sho is."
"You havo mndo inquiry at her
usunl placo of residence aomo hotel,
waa It not? An absurd thing, for such a
woman as horsolf to llvo in a hotel."
"At her hotel," rcpllod Count Fred
erick, "thoy know nothing. Thoy tell
mo that sho cornea and goes at nil
hours, and leaves no word as to hor
return. Nearly two weeks ago sho
ion, nnu lias not yet returned."
"Thoro may bo many reasons," con
tlnuod tho count, "for her continued
absence FcrhapB tho bualneaa upon
which alio camo Is not yet completed.
Perhaps her employers havo called
her away. Perhaps bIio may havo
been intimidated by certain obstacles
in hor way?"
"By whom, Count Frcdorlck?"
"Well, alio has Beomed curious her
aoir rognrdlng tho coin. Perhaps sho
know somowhnt of it"
"So alio also has studied this trlnkot
thnt wo gavo her? Very well wo
meant it to provo of Interest."
"Doubtless. But regarding tho coin
so many threats havo been made "
"Threats? What threats? What do
you know of any?"
"Muny things como to my cars,
your majesty, but I strlvo to keep
them from your own cars so much
ns mny bo when I find them unwel
come" "Tho most unwelcome thing that
could como to us, my dear Frederick,
is tho absenco of this young woman
now. Whero, think you, sho may
"I could not guess, unless perhaps
Bho muy havo returned to her own
country In which caso wo shall never
aco ncr again, your majesty. Wo can
mako examination of tho passenger
lists of all sailings within tho last two
wcoka. I will look into that. If sho
haa not gono back to her own coun
try, sho either remains In this somo
whoro, or in somo other near by."
"You do not mean Grahoffen?"
Count Frederick nodded. "That
Is what I do mean. In truth, your
majcaty, thoro uro Grahoffen Bplos in
thla city thoy wero oven nt your ball.
PorhapB thoy concern themselves with
this young lady. Why not? If thoy
Kitty Escapes
suspect that sho had part of tho coin
and It waa easily seen by any that
onco sho did havo thnt part might
thoy not undertako to mako trouble
for their own purposes with her?"
"But what good would como of
Count Frederick saw thut hla
argument had gono too far for his
own purposes. Ho did not caro to
tell tho king all ho know, yet hla
zeal for Kitty had led him far.
"Much good might 901110 to Grab off
en's war department, your majesty,
if thoy know our secrets. Perhaps
they thought sho could glvo some in
formation." "But you do not predict troublo be
tween us and our neighbor you do
not mean war?"
"Your majesty, I predict nothing
theso days, but always it is well to
bo prepared."
"You disturb mo sorely do not
speak to mo of war I cannot endure
tho thought I do not wish to hear
of it."
As It chanced, much of thla conver
sation camo to tho car of ono of
Sachlo's agents, tho spy Bartel, still
hanging nbout tho city of Gretzhoffon.
Ho overheard enough in his passing
by at tho tlmo of this conversation
to bo advised that tho king of Gretz
hoffen Intended to mako senrch for
tho missing American. Not hesitat
ing, ho hlmsolf now sped off for his
employer to communlcato this news
that ho had learned. '
Ho found Sachlo aloof and discon
tented, out of favor In tho court, and
somewhat at n loss what next to do.
At tho thought of a definite demand
on tho part of King Michael or rath
er on tho part of Count Frcdorlck
upon their kingdom for the person of
tho young girl, Sachfo grew somewhat
grave "This," said he, "la a matter
for tho king."
But tho king waa In no too good hu
mor over all theso fnllurca.
"What, Sachlo," said ho, "you como
to mo onco moro with theso old wom
an's tales? If your tlmo Is so short
beforo your secret is discovered, then
all tho moro reason for diligence on
your part. It is not tlio business of
kings to accept reasons for talluro
In performance Tho girl la still avail
able completo your errand with her
bring to mo tho reading of tho coin.
I know well enough that If Count
Frederick cornea ho will bo different
from hla king."
Thcreforo onco moro Sachlo went
back to hla bootless Interviews with
Kitty, onco moro pleading with her to
glvo him all knowlcdgo sho had of
tho coin. And onco more Kitty could
no moro than rcassuro him of her own
ignoranco of what ho wished to
Sho heard odds and ends of Informa
tion which taught her which way tho
wind sat at Grahoffen capital. Somo
tlmoa sho hoard Sachlo, again Bartcl,
again this or that man, speaking
freely of tho plana nt hand.
"I told tho king," said Bnrtcl ono
tlmo, speaking to Count Sachlo, "that
all ia rlpo for tho shaking of tho
tree I told him that wo havo full
plans of nil their fortlflcatlona and de
fenses that their reslstanco will bo
but nomlnnl. Onco wo get tho Grotz
hoffen coders opened, tlmcB will be
easier in our country."
"Yea, onco you do," rejoined Sachlo
grimly. "But toll 113 how!"
Kitty, really owing allegiance to
neither of theso kingdoms, both of
which had dono her auch repeated In
justice, hardly stopped to ask herself
why sho found her own leanings to
wards Gretzhoffen, tho sccno of
most of tho Indignities sho had met.
Sho must escapo for every reasou
so sho assured herself. But how?
From tho windows sho had a full
view of tho well-kept grounds of tho
palaco nnd of tho boulevards sur
rounding It. Sho stood nlono ono day
staring out on scenes grown familiar
to her. But all nt onco her gaze grew
moro intent, fixed upon somo object
not far away. A car was standing at
tho curb. Sho did not remember to
have seen it thero regularly.
Tho two giant grenadiers to whom
hod been assigned the duty of watch-
From the Palace.
ing after her In her wanderings re
garded her as littlo moro than a child,
and thoy smiled as now sho pushed
past them through tho door which led
out to tho gardens. Sho walked out
to tho ear which stood at, tho curb,
regarding It curiously, ns though it
wero tho ilrst car alio had over Been
in her llfo something very far from
What tho guards, who smilingly re
garded hor through tho windows,
saw waa a swift leap of tho girl to the
driver's seat, her rapid movements
with tho controlling lovers as sho cut
on tho spark, gavo tho cur gas, threw
in tho clutch, threw open tho throt
tle, and drovo away, tho cut-out muf
fler roaring her own doflanco to pur
suit. Iluo and cry now through all
tho hallo of Grahoffen palaco, and gen
eral uproar. Count Snchlo, nover too
far away, waa promptly on tho spot.
Whon ho saw what had happened ho
cursed tho two grenadiers with nil his
ardent soul. Even tho king, him
self, aroused from hla midday slum
bers, Joined lu theso scenes of excite
"What haa happened what ia all
thla about?" ho demanded.
Tho trembling guardB ecnrcoly
dared tell him tho truth.
"What, sho has escaped that pris
oner! Sho waa of moro importanco
than nny hold hero in our own ro
monibiauco. You shall all bo held to
account for this. How now, Count
Sachlo, did wo not glvo hor into your
lmmedlato charge?'
"Your majesty, you did. I daro no
explanation of her escape Only she
la gono."
"And with her our only hopo of suc
cess In the ambition of. this kingdom,
! You sock to explain that to me? After
her, dullard, und bring her back In
twenty-four hours or elso do not re
turn. You Eucaa my meaning, Sachlo?"
Again In Gretzhoffen.
Pursuit? Kitty laughed at tho
thought as sho felt under her tho
strong pulso of tho great machine.
Sho hnd tuken tho driver's Bent, nnd
ns tho car wns of left-hand drive, for
tho tlmo Bho had no opportunity to
look into tho tonncau, had sho liked.
Listening to tho swift purr of tho
smooth motor, sho did not at first
hear tho sound of a chuckling laugh
back of her in tho car a chucklu
which at length broko out into a
hearty gust or laughter.
Sho turned her eyes swiftly nt risk
of capsizing tho car and found her
solf gazing directly Into tho face of
tho man whom of all others Bho would
mobt have preferred to see.
Even now ho camo crawling across
tho top of tho seat to Join her In the
front of tho cur,
"Holeau!" sho exclaimed, "la It In
deed you? Aro you always to be the
deus ox muchtua In nil my dilllcultles
literally you arc thut now!"
"I do not know whnt you mean by
that, excellency," snld Holeau, as ho
took tho steering wheel from her, "but
I have been in this machine for somo
time. I waa satisfied that did you es
capo from the palaco you would need
a means of getting away. All I need
ed to do waa to wait patiently. So you
havo come. As soon us I could mako
my own eecapo I secured this car a
good one and I followed. It was vory
sltnplo, ns you see."
"At least a near squeak this time,
Holeau," said Kitty. "They never
meant for mo to escape"
"Thoy do not mean It now, excel
lency," said Holeau, nodding behind
him. whero ho know pursuit even now
was beginning. "I will drlvo now as
I havo never driven before 'Tis a
sweet engine, nnd It rldea well. They
will drive fa3t who follow ua."
All of which waa bo literally true
that before long tho desert miles onco
moro hnd aped beneath them and Kit
ty found herself ugaln in the city
sho was moro than ever disposed to
call her homo. They found entrance
to tho Rltz hotel at tho rear door, in
view of their own travel-stained con-1
"Excellency." said tho grieved and
pained clerk, when nt length sho made
her way to the desk, "I was on tho
point of removing your belongings und
making other atrangementa for your
"By what right?" demnndod Kitty.
"They are paid for In udvanco why
should they not be ready for mo when
I come?"
"But we did not hear when you
would return."
"There arc many things one doos
not hear perhaps you may hear very j
little of my own business and my)
plana. I pay for service here. I'lcaae
caro for me, therefore, and my man
wo both are tired."
"You have been Inquired for in your
absence, excellency. The Count Fred
erick of Gretzhoffen "
"Indeed, and what could ho want?"
"Ho has been here twice, excellency,
but yesterday ho came tho last time
He said ho camo on messago of tho
king which gave me warrant for what
he n&ked."
"And what was that?"
"Access to your apartments. Ho
said It was tho command of the king."
"And you dared glvo him such ac
cess?" "We dnrod not do less, excellency.
Ho wub most courteous in ono way
asked many questions regarding your
Belf; but ns to search of your apart
ments ho mndo none or next to none
Ho seemed to care for nothing that ho
8aw. savo ono littlo picture a portrait."
Kitty remained but briefly in her
own rooms. Sho took a swift glanco
about. Everything Becmed In placo,
much as she hnd left It no search ap
parently had been made of any of tho
cabinets or drawers. Thero hud been
n littlo picture ono of herself left
on tho dressing table. It was gouc!
Sho missed nothing else.
In the Name of the King.
It was plain enough to Count Snchlo
which way Kitty would head In her
flight. Her car waa littlo moro than
out of sight en tho Gretzhoffen road,
cro Sachlo himself was In pursuit.
Count Sarhlo himself wns no blun
derer, and no common thief cluisor, but
a courtier and a man of intelligence.
Ho knew it would bo futilo to make
a direct domnnd of tho hotel manage
ment regarding tho whereabouts of
tho young American. Therefore, while
ho himself npproached tho hotel desk
to engage tho clerks in conversation,
ho sent two of his own men one of
thorn Bartel, tho spy, who had been
established hero so long by way of
a rear stairway to find Kitty's room
and roport to him what thoy learned.
Ho stood for somo tlmo making po
ll to speeches with tho desk men and
tho porters, asking for certain infor
mation ns to routes and distances, but
nil tho tlmo burning with impatience
that ho heard no report from his mes
sengers. As ho stood, thero camo
nows of them startling nowa enough.
Thoro camo shrieking down tho stairs,
incoherent, babbling, a mnld who
called out to tho clerk, or to any who
would hear her!
"A man," Bho cried "A man killed
in hor room tho young American's
room murdered it Is murder, I tell
The ofllclnls of the hotel took
prompt action.
"Close all the doors," ordered tho
porter. "Clear tho corridors nt onco,
in tho king's tin me, Apprehend tho
murderer whoover it may be Have
tho gendarmes come at onco. You,
boy run I suy."
It was hue and cry once moro, nnd
Sachlo waa glad enough that his own
alibi waa plain, for ho know not what
now might happen. Ono of his men
rejoined him tho spy Bartel. Tho
other remained behind his fate un
known ns yet.
As for Kitty, sho was at t'lls mo
ment onco more away from her hotel
and onco more In tho stately palaco
of Count Frederick.
She entered softly, leaving Rolcau
us usual somowhnt reinoto, to guard
agaltiBt any sudden intrusion. Onco
moro sho cast about a searching gazo
upon tho details of tho place. All Its
Sachlo Takes Advantage of Kitty
Helplessness, Out Is Interrupted By
a Guard.
disorder had been removed. Spick
and span in military neatness the
apartment lay beforo her.
Upon tho dresber. In full view,
openly displayed, waa a plcturo in a
littlo frame a frame of bllver Bot In
brilliant gems. She looked at it sud
denlyit waa the portrait of herself
which onco had stood on her own
dressing table in her hotel! Now it
waa here Why? Kitty felt a strange
flush como to her face
Something now arrested her she
paused, reluctant to resume a search
which ever had been dlstuateful to
her. No, sho would not touch n thing
had he not done as much for her
had ho not beta moro respectful than
herself of another's privacy? If he
had taken nnythiug from her apart
ments it was but thla. And appa
rently ho had cherished it. No, sho
would not search for tho coin. 3 ho
would leavo thla country disappoint
ed, If need be.
Hut there lay, Junt at the foot of the
littlo portrait, an object which caught
her eye. It was tho half coin of
Yes, hero It was In full view, open
ly displayed, that any might seo it
who liked, who chanced to bo there
Apparently Count Frederick felt that
all pursuit of the coin had ended that
no longer could any intruder gain ac
cess to his palace.
Kitty hesitated for a moment. Tho
appeal of tho coin camo to her once
more Sho took it up, held it in her
hand, gazed nt it and onco moro, as
so often had been the case sho found
herself surprised at tho very moment
of her bucccss.
Sho heard Count Frederick's quiet
footsteps, his calm voice behind her.
"Mademoiselle, again!"
Tho count stood thero regarding
"Evidently, mademoiselle, you did
not rcalko that theso repeated vlBlta
rendered necessary tho Installation ot
an electric system of my own devis
ing you seo, I know of your presence,
and ns you see, I havo come. You
rang. Of what scrvico can I be,
"Leavo me alone," panted Kitty, her
face hot, tears almost In her eyes. "I
hato you! I hate you!"
"I grlevo nt that, mademoiselle,"
said Count Frederick evenly. "I wish
I could say tho samo of you but I
cannot. With every reason to distrust
you I cannot. Continually wo cro&s
swords, do wo not? And you wero
easy to deceive thla time. Seo you
aro trapped ub Blmply as a bird which
steps Into it3 cngo without hesitation.
"Will you not glvo mo back my coin,
mademoiselle? Will you not add it to
tho other? Will you not assist mo in
reading tho message of tho coin, so
that wo may make an end of all this
so that wo may not continually cross
sworda with ono another?"
In answer Kitty darted past him,
found her wuy into tho hall, ran she
knew not where. Beforo hor lay a
littlo narrow stairway, and sho sprang
up It, hoping to ilnd egress some
where. Alas! tho door that closed tho
head of tho Btalr wns locked. She
heard his low laugh as an Iron grille
snapped across tho opening, cutting
off escape.
"Won't you glvo it mo now my
coin?" ho asked.
Silence reigned in tho great white
marblo palaco of Count Frcdorlck ot
And now, far off in other parts of
tho city, whero men sought ono who
had dono a crlmo, thero roso in the
streets tho sound of hurrying feet,
with the warning cry, "In tho name ol
the king!"
(To Be Continued.)