The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 21, 1915, Image 3

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HELD OUT $2110
on i mm
Eskimo Fugitive Decides
Majesty's Rake-Off Is
Too Heavy.
I Now an Expert Workman In Detroit
Automobile Plant Noises and
Distances of City Make
Life Miserable for Him.
Detroit. Arthur Zerbelcn, a full
blooded Eskimo of 151 Holburn nvo
ntic, did not get any sleep that night
thrco tnontliH ngo when ho lied from
tl'lko'u I'cak lako In Grcenlnnd n:ul he
has not enjoyed a night's good resl
Zcrbolcn's rather distraught condl
tlon Is In a measure oxpluini'd by the
fact that It la not officially considered
good form to leavo somo parts ol
Greenland without saying anything to
tho king about tho Intended departure
Zerhelen, who Is twenty-eight years
old, lives with his uncle, Jucob Ja
cobs. Tho Influences of Intense- clvlll
zatlon threaten to wreck his nervous
There aro lnnumcrablo elements
that mako for tho general hopeless
bewilderment of tho fugltlvo Green
lander. Ho novor saw tho earth that
1b actual soli until ho carao to this
country; oven such a commonplaco
perqulslto of civilized lifo ns a chair
wns a novelty to him; horses and cat
tle wcro to him strange beasts of tho
strangest land that Imagination over
conceived; a question as to how ho
regards street cars, automobiles,
electric lights and other modern won
ders renders him sputterlngty speech
His Own Rake-Off.
Dut what aro, fear of kings, sleepless
nights, a craving stomach and a gener
ally upset mind to. a man! still mi his
twenties who has 21,000 In tho bank?
That's Arthur Zorbolen, who Is now
employed in an automobile plant. It
was this that mado up tho "burden of
a knapBackrthat ' ho '"shlfcd'rtho
night holstnrtckl his fllrthd from Green
land. Durfnir his rears of eervlcd ho
had "htd'out" trat amoujht ontho J
usKimo King.
When Zorbclen finally Jqlnqd, bjs
undo In Detroit, nftet'.a hard JoiSaicvra
ho annllcd at onco for work in tho
automobilo plant )le ivns. .put:ttt'
work, and although ho never had seen
macbineryor -any. niplciacnt8..cUior.
than tlioso mado from tho bones of
animals, ho has shown tho aptness
of n natural-born mechanic J -,
2L left Greenland," s'dld-Zcrbolen.
"when I finally realized that my life
1 Were to Him Strange Beasts.
there would bo spent In hard work
for which I should get nothing hut n
living, while the king waultL gefc all I
cmrncd."! J J ' A
I JBJg a,nd Blue, eWJ J
Zerbelen, wh6 Is tall.andatralEht.
and broad of shoulder, with light hair
nndjbluo oyes, spcaUa gopdjHngris.
Ho Bald many of htsf people dorhavhig
picked it up from explorers and trad
crkj , .
'Tho king," Zcrbolon continued.
"tjoik good,caro of mo, but, I began to
wpnldor If ho did not get too much.
Wfi were .supposed to glvn him all ,tho
gold wo -got in oxchango fqr fura and
hides. He settled 'all our disputes and
dla lots of other things for us see!"
.Tho young-man opened wide hla
mouth, displayed a tooth' neatly filled
with gold. Ho explained (hat the king1,
wftlj melted gold and fishbone instru
ments, had done this work.
flwhat, did you pay. him. for, tho
jop-r- tne KBKimo wns asked. i
t'l worked flvo months for him," Zor
belen replied ..-
.1 . .T ' .
n nnn., LJ . till. .?- '
'M WI"nB 1 IV,BT,CDlf1,UU
: orla, III. Ucorgal MlorJ,
11 fly flvo years, died atfe hoipltal
autroruica naa tound mm lying holn
loss In aLnam.ivhero-ho hnd been
strltkonwjlihj al'Uden' Illness. lUn-
nbldto holp hlmsQlf, his face, had beeu
cnawed almost Tioyonu reooKn(floh:6v
gnawed almost lioyonQ reoogn(floaJ6y
ratsi -.. -" " - "'"" "" "
ike oirnhi. f
Somnoytown, Pa. In tho dim light
"'-. ,-m.M
of her cellar Mrs. Anna Itoth discov
ered a flvo-foat black snake colled on
a table. Her crjea for holp brought
Sllaa Harpol, who killed .tho reptile
attet a struggle
(CJ3) WX "
fipfj' 1 !fss
v y S I III
BsWJshV ' 1 II
u'j l-'H
m ,n
m uwidiGmenxx
The-Man-of-Genlus had such a trc
mondouB faculty for understanding
Tho Woman's thoughts even beforo
slio expressed them that It made her
"Nothing llko It has over como Into
my life before," sho told him appre
ciatively. "As a girl I spent half my
time in explanations to my mother,
who nover seemed nblo to understand
my motives even after I had spent
hours In laying them bare. Then
when I married "
"I know, my dear," answered The-Man-of-Genlus
Interrupting her re
cital. I do not wish to hurt you, but
ono has only to look Into tho stolid
faeo of that husband of yours to un
derstand. Forglvo mo for reading
things so clearly. It is ray love for
you that gives mo so keen a percep
tion." Tho Woman lifted eyes filled with
pleading and gave a gesturo of pro
test, but The-Man-of-Genlus was qulto
accustomed to having his own way,
BO ho paid no attention.
"Lifo Ib ery full of Just such trage
dies ns yours," ho told her. "Hero
you aro, an cxqulslto bit of human
mechanism mated to a coarso piece of
clay nulmatcd by reasoning powers
and perceptions utterly Inadequate
for the understanding of a mind filled
with beautiful Ideas. And because of
some foolhardy words you said before
"Life la Very Full of Just Such
a priest you persist in living ou
i farce!"
i- I
I.J.t Z.O
Tjeorft. aktherod f liit ThriS Woman's
r i
eyes, aridXc-Mata-qrf-qcrtJu( .fllng.
iathcxed her .tenderly into- hla arms
jandshowered her with klsaes, which
it'h'otfisljl no-iglittoo
f right to receive, and w!
JIUl DUU 111?
hen at last
,b1io released herself she woa quite
'.exhausted with her, struggle against
tho ever-increasing desire in her heart
,tq spend the rest; of, her life in4 the
perfect harmony of companionship
'with him. , i i" ,,'ri.
JMorio' Tho Woman spoilt 'hours iti
thought. HerN mind traversed tho
past. She' had love'd The Husband
when sjio married him. Ho was a flnef
substantial 'man, successful In his
business; phlegmatic in his tempera
ment; generous tto The, Woman even
where. he did not understand her, and
loving her with unswerving falthtulf
ness. Sho admitted his' ex'collent
hualltles of "character, but felt hls'de
ncttaoJeaJln tho llttlo niceties of life
Anl nr.o she had known Thc-Man-of
OelluB.tKo wortoJlio Husband had
Beeineu to ner Tnmu-so prosaic uuu
inconsequential. .
Haw low must bo tho amwtton'Ihat
"Howcdjjnan to bo Ba'tisfled with
hC wnnutocttroriofrlioqlcryiall- Iha
r-flttyu of hla Iuawhllo.uumausoula
wero wiuiyns,to qo f;d; mlndBfwero
cravlng;tup) thpk'clpalBland
I 1. !. I.,.. .. !.. .! Mn..M
iiuuriH iLinjiuuB.wni. jwr ivvu ullu vuut-
tgo in tho struggle- of tn& Inner lifo
which ono must inevitably meet and
ivo alono. The Woman could not Help
but compare) fho Bo'rtof "tjilng The
I Man-of-Genlus gave tho world with
lift in
ftaVjSVJSBVjSVjVl I llll H KLVUYlmiCIHSyitiaW -SS
S3&vvJBfcs In
'? WW"1 of Bt0fc 'B?
" MT
music wns divine. Tickets for hit
concerts wcro In such demand that
ono had to secure them weeks ahead
or miss tho treat. And always he
seemed to play directly to tho heart
of Tho Woman. Ills violin carried fhe
appeal of his heart to hers us no
other medium could havo carried It,
and when sho wns alouo with him his
argument against her right to llvo
out her lifo with a man who wbb utter
ly Incapable of appreciating and un
derstanding her liner nature seemed
entirely JuBtlllcd and so at last sho
yielded to his will, going away to a
stato where divorces aro easily se
cured upon just no ground at all.
When Tho Woman wns freo from
her shackles of marrlago to Tho Hos
iery Manufacturer she married The-Mnn-of-GcnliiB,
nnd In tho certainty
of tho perfect harmony of her new
union sho Justllled herself for the tor
rlblo blow she had dealt The Husband
In tho pursuit of her personal happi
ness until tho closer contact with
The-Man-of-Genlus revealed to her tho
nbomlnablo traits of an artistic tem
perament. Ho flew Into violent tits
of temper at tho slightest provoca
tion or with no provocation at all
and when Tho Woman protested
ngalnst tho unfairness of his conduct
to hor ho explained It ns a part of his
highly strung nature and Buemcd sat
isfied with tho excuse. Ho subjected
Tho Woman to long periods of cold-
Tragedies' an' Yours"," He fold Her.
ncss and neglect only to make 'des
pernto love to her again, and she fell
into the habit of watching his Bwlftly
changing moods with fear eating all
her heart, and whon at 'last 'she bo
camo certain that sho was expected to
! submerge Ircr "Individuality Iht6 hla
life and its interests "-she held com
munion with hor Boul, and her thought
turned back longingly over the even
quiet years of moderate happiness
with tho. man ywho, mabifaclurod
hosiery f6V a living, yeara 'which now
had passed from her lifo forever.
,.FIght of, Gulden Plover. if
Tho longest continuous'" flight" Is
aald to bo performed i by, thej golden
plover, which crosses from Neva Sco
tia to South, Ajnexicat a distance, of
2,400 miles, in a' straight line. ' In
foul weather they sometimes .make a
! half: at Bermuda or in the Antilles, but
If tho weather is fair thoy do not atop
at all until they rcafch tbb mainland of
Southl'AtneViW On tho Paolflc eldo
of tho continent tho golden, nlover
makes a eontimidUs;,tllghri cV 2,000
imlloa from-AIttflkJii-tolHViwnllnh"d nat
uralists wonder how tlioy manago to
i9trJ!cP. W..fimaU n mark, in, the midst
iOt thi) greatest tot ocunnB'U u.
j The Defect. '
; ''Tfiero lBbno thing I havo noticed
abourvyoinr"4ion pQifofi.'i " "I r
iwattjat? iVl A J d , ;
"Thoy aro seldom well torapcred.'
. ... i p , i.
Room' for Conciliation. ""'
"Wo can lilo a crqaa-blll." oxplalnod
tho lawyer "
"Not too croaa," cautioned tho wife,,
."1 Btlll iovo my husbaud," ; "
. ii 1 1 ii.
Carefully Pick tend Pack Fruit
Paper Boxes Place In Cool
Room, With Plenty of Air.
Every year thoro Is n porlod o)
somo wcoks between tho normal sea
son of tho autumn nnd tho winter vn
rletles of apples when there Is an
absence of nice, mallow fruit suitable
for eating out of hand. The oul
known way of overcoming this nat
ural condition Is to manage to extend
the period of tho Into autumn varie
ties. Hut thoro Is tho difficulty, to
keep those varieties long past their
natural period without great loss from
After Bcvoral Bcasons of experiment
ing with seemingly possible ways ol
halting this decay, 1 hno finally hll
upon a simple plan that lias served
splendidly each season since, Hays a
writer In Baltimore- American. It la
simply this: When it ia time to pick
the Into autumn varieties, u number
of papurbourd packing boxes, micli as
glass fruit JarB aro shloped In, aro
accural. Theao boxes havo pasteboard
partltlona and will hold about a half
bushel of upples. Tho apples aro laid,
not dropped, In tho hooa directly af
ter picking, with only two handlings,
care being taken not to bruise them or
to rub off the bloom, but to pack thorn
Just as thoy aro when taken from tho
tree. These boxoB nro stacked four
high In ttors, with a foot tmaco be
tween tiers, on tho back porch, whuro
they havo open nlr without bolng
rained on. When freezing weather ap
proaches they aro removed to tho
north sldo of tho attic. In this way
tho fruit la kept in good condition as
lato aa tho new year, by which tlmo
Bomo of tho fruit of winter varlctloa
will havo become mellow. Thla plan
has been tried ono season by many o(
my neighbors also nnd thoy nil roport
it a success, so thut It sooms worth
passing on.
Task May Be Performed Without
Slightest Injury Sometimes Wise,
to Supply Little Rich Soli.,
That Is not a difficult tnsk. Whon'
trees aro dormant, or when tho earth
Is frozen Bombwbat, dig around ttie
tree at a distance of from two to tHroo
foot, and lift a considerable hall of
earth with, tho uninjured roots, to tho
cavity previously proparod, and pack
soil carefully about tho roots., Trcon
thus moved should not ho Injured In
tho least, , and Instances aro known
whero pear t trees moved after thoy
had been growing for a fow ycara
seemed to mako a moro rapid growth.
If tho earth at tho point whero tho
trees nro reset ia "rather thin, duo to
a clny-BUbnoll, It "would ho wlso tb
aupply a llttlo rich boII or well-rotted
manuro In tho bottom of tho prepared
cavity. Do riot placo fresh manure In
tho holes for trees, especially In cases
whero treoa uro reset after a fow years
First, Be Careful That Soil Is Well
Prepared Aim to Have Trep
Straight Paint All Wounds.
In planting trees I am careful first
to proparo tho ground well. Holes are
dug 3 or 4 foot In dlamoter, or wide
enough' to accommodate tho roots
without doubling thorn up, writes Carl
SchonowelB In Missouri Valley Farmer.
The roots aro kept .moist by pourjnp
waiter-over thom. THo trod in (canon
slightly in tho direction from which
Young Tree Beforo Set.
jtho' prevailing winds como, then rich,
fine earth is packed firmly about tho
roots. I cut back tho treo to eivo tho
roots a hotter chamo, then pruno tho
'treo as it prows to mako it row
straight, 'ahd'produco a''well''Bhapbu'
1100(1,1 CuUllmba off cloaq t tho trunk
ana 'tnoy'wlll'hlial ovor proporly. Tho '
cross marks in tho illustration show !
AVhorV) tlfo treo Bhould bo prun'cd bo
lforo setting. Woulids'should bo paint m
d over to keep fungous diseases from ''
getting a start. j '
. Method of, Pruning.
I How to prime rjiHjjborrloH
niorrlea: rCut out nlK fcanba1 tliht1 fruited
last 'Blaaoii" (bllouid'' liafo1 bpdn dyljo.
last falJ)i.also nlwlnlor-knleil tanus.';'
Shorten ' XiiWfiimK catipitD tljriie!r
four ftfitilWlJigurpJf vm$$fit
each long ulUo-ahuot. 1 iiauueup and
burn-liTibrushJ,:j, Mi.a..iia.ji.J.t4al
f 1
Sad Days.
Big sister was reading In her book of
"Tho melancholy days havo como
tho saddest of tho year"
"Kla, bIs," broke In her schoolboy
brother, "don't pull any of that 'sad
dest of tho ear' stuff. With nlno ex
amples and a page of giammer to do
I know what tlmo of year It Is!"
At Once Relieved by Cutlcura
Easily. Trial Free.
Tho Soap to cleanse nnd purify, tho
Ointment to aootho and heal. Nothing
better than theso fragrant super
creamy emollients for all troubles af
fecting the skin, scalp, hair and hands.
Thoy mean n cloar akin, clean Bcnlp,
good hair and Roft, whlto hands.
Sample each free by mall with Hook.
AddrosB postcard, Cutlcura, Dent. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
How many men do ou kjiow who
do Just as thoy please7
Don't wtury
hla duo; he'll
about giving the devil
got It.
Children Cry
Xlio Kind Ton Ilavo Always
In us for over HO years,
Wm "'V- M UIU1V
All Counterfeits, Imitations nnd " Juat-as-uood " aro but
32xerlincnts that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria hi a harmless substitute for Castor OU, Pare
Corlc, Drops and Soothlnjr Syrups. It Is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Slorphlne nor other Narcotla
inbBtanco. Its ago Is Its jjnarautco. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverlshnoss. For moro than thirty years ill
lias been In constant uso for tho relief of Constipation.
Flatulency. "Wind Colic, nil Toothing Troubles- and
Diarrhoea. It rcguhtfes tho Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates tho Food, giving healthy and natural sleep
She Children's Panacea Tho mother's Friend
i i
Bcara the
In Use For
t t
The Kind You Have Always Bought
BBl 'rfJF,BlBWT 'bibVIP
I lomc trenlment for Cum DIsehset. Pninleiis Dentittry; work feunrnntced 10
yenra; FillinR. Crowns. UridKC-wotk and Plates lhn toy where I putthem.
Send for Booklet on Unuiiial Dentittry lt' free. Rnilrond fnro for 50 miles
allowed. Crowns from $2.50 up. 921-22 Woodinsn of Wo'ld Bldg., Omihi, Nib.
fffill I' If
When you nicest a man with
Bchomu, proceed to Ket In a hurry.
What the Doctor Knows
ew pepplo rcnllzo to whn extent their
health depends upon the condition of the
The physlcinn In nearly all' amen of e
rious lllntmi, umkes s chemical analyiii
of the patient's urine. lie knows that un
ls the kidneys, are doinR their work
properly, the other organs ennnot readily
be brought back to health and strength.
When the' kidneys sre neglected or
abused in any way, serious results are sure
to follqw. Therefore, it is particularly
nccesnnrj to pay moro attention to the
health of thceo important organs.
An ideal herbal compound that has had
remarkable success as a kidney remedy is
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
The' mild and healing influence of this
preparation, in nost cases, Is sobn real
ized, according to sworn statements nnd
verifirtl testimony of those who have used
tho remedy. ,
When your kidneys renulro attention,
get Swamp-Root at once from any phar
macy. It is sold by every drutfgist in bot
tles of two sizes 60c and IIjDO.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation, .send ten cents ,to Dr.
Kilmer ffi Co., Uinghamton, N. Y., lor a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paptr-AUr. i
And many a slnglo man Is guilty of
donblo dealing1. ' '
l(te Worth of (Pl&
' Will Cleai $1:00 Wirth of Land
I I ! llfVdsltSli
Get rid1 of
1 big crops on
Bad Stomach
Is a Foe to
Be Feared
Nearly all illness has its
origin in a weak Stom
ach and clogged bow
els. Your food remains
undigested and you aro
deprived of its health
sustaining properties.
Weakness and a gen
eral rundown condition
soon overtake you. Bo
wise in time and pro
vide proper aid, which
suggests a fair trial of
for Fletcher's
Bought, and which has been
hits bornotho Blgnatnro of
ana uas ucen uiauo unucr ins per
sonal supervision slnco Us Infancy
MlM VIU blAUWWU juuiiiuuia
Signature of
futtt V
' i iU
Over 30 Years
) i
to CuiUr'i Blacklti PHI. M
prlcdl, fcoii, rtlltblcs prtftrrwl M
tiumi tiu-juiifn. inctnM
rttMl uhirt ttthir vimIrm
Vrlto lor bnuklft nd tmuaoolila
is-om ptit. BiukU) nut ii.
10-itM skit. BluklH Fills 4 W
III hit lnlrrtor. bul CutUr'i bot.'
Tht lupntorUj of Cutter productt li du to ottr ll
ttr of tprttlin( In (IMlsll sn strsMi tut. a
Insist Cutttf'i. If unobulotlil. orJfr dlnct.
Tk CutUr LUtistsry, rkslsy. Csl., sr Cklssts, list
Didn't Divide Patronage. Y.
"Ixok hero!" sternly said Squlrs)
I'oavy, "this is about tho seventh timet
you havo boon up beforo mo in' sV
"Yas, sah," roplled Brother Hooker.1.
"1's pround to say 'tis 'cwadln' to mukt
rcccrloctlon. I nover was ono o' deM
(luttory pussoiiB dat's liOah today and
somo'rU'Clso tomorrow; ,vhcn I llko i
man I gives lilm nil muh business.,
Yussnh, when a gcn'loman wins muj"
'steom I b'llovos in standing by him.1 '
iWomau's Homo Companion. , ?
A Relic.
"Coorgo Washington onco dined atf
this vory table," said tho propriotort
of tho waysldp inn proudly. ,
"I sco," Bald tho guest, "and, 70a
haven't' changed tho tablecloth since."
. 1 -, .
Our idea ot a bypocrlto Is a persoa ;
who throws mud at a man whllo alive)
and puts flowers on his coflln whon hf
dies. - - -
rm f Y .;iii-v i
Sometimes two. women, can stop
talking about each otbor long enough
' to swap, klsges. t ,
the stumps'and crdw
cleared land. Now
,1 ia inoiiimeioieanup -your iarui 1 .
1 whilei jiroducta bring high prices. Blasting 19
- quickest, cheapest and (eastest .with, Low Frecz
1 ing. Du iPont Explosives. They work in cold
.weather. A ! ! ' ' "
Writ h for Free Handbook oFExptoflvct No. 69F, ,
1 1 and name of neareit dealer. '
-ji. --j w jsjfisw issirrw
- fc ftmm0m 9pit!imm4ii'MH$tf'fVnvwi0
-isMis-fTi mto4fmitmi.ef Hts"""ln'y