The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 02, 1915, Image 7

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a tale or cml strife u
1 COPYMGHr I ( )
On Special Service.
It waB already growing dusk when
flic Staunton Iiattcry of Horse artil
lery returned wearily to camp after
hours of hard field drill, the men over
ronsclouB that no evolution, however
trivial, was being overlooked by
"Stonewall" Jackson, sitting astride
his sorrel on a llttlo eminence to the
left, IiIb stern faco unrelieved by even
the semblance of a smllo.
The winter quarters of the Staunton
artillery were slightly off tho main
road and 1 remained for somo tlmo
overseeing tho enre of tho horses be
fore nppronchlng the hut whoro tho
noncommissioned ofllcers hnd mess.
Wo wito nil of us still at tho tablo,
discussing tho Incidents of tho drill,
when n lieutenant appeared suddenly
In the doorway
"Sergeant Wyntt?" ho Inquired
I arose to my feet.
"Hero, sir," I answered In somu sur
prise. "You aro requested to report to
Oonernl Jackson nt once; his head
quarters for tonight are at Coulter'B
farm, on tho dirt piko You will ride
jour own horse."
I''lvo minutes Inter I was guiding
my own horso down tho dark road,
bending low In the saddle, obsessed
with a feeling that this mission,
whatever It might turn out to be,
promised n chango In my fortunes.
It was nn ugly path, rutted deep by
artillery wheels, and dungcrous for
tho horso. I was an hour reaching
tho Coulter house, n doublo log cabin,
some llfty feet or more back from tho
road. It wbb with somo difficulty that
I mado my way through the obstruct
ing guard to tho steps, where an officer
took my name at tho closed door, dis
appeared In a sudden blaze of light
and I stood thero silently In tho
shadows waiting.
Ten minutes must have elapsed be
fore tho door opened again and I
heard my named called. It was a
rough appearing, commonplace In
terior. A sturdy flro burned in tho
fireplace, and three lamps Illumined
tho scene, revealing tho presence of
five men, among whom I Instantly
recognized Kwell, Ashby, together
with Jackson, and his chief of staff.
Tho fifth occupant of the room sat
alono in ono corner, his faco partially
concealed, revealing little other than
a fringe of gray whiskers. Jackson,
seated behind n table littered with
papers and mapB, glnnced up at tho
announcement of tho orderly, and I
came Instantly to nttcntlon, my hnnd
lifted In salute. The general's stem
blue eyes surveyed mo Intently
"Sergeant Wyntt, Staunton artil
lery?" "Yes. sir."
"How long, may I ask. have you
teen In tho service?"
"Since May, 'CI, sir."
"Ah! indeed. And your ngo?"
"Twenty-four, sir."
Ho mado somo remark nsldo to the
llde, who nodded bnck, and pointed to
a map before them.
"You are a younger man in appear
ance than I had expected to Bee, sor
gqant," Jackson said slowly. "Yot I
have learned within the last year to
havo confidence In young men. War
Is a swift developer of manhood Your
colonel speaks of you in tho highest
terms and Informs mo that you aro
a natlvo of Green Driar county."
"Our homo was at Lowisburg, sir."
"Then you nro doubtless Intimately
acquainted with that section?"
"Very well, Indeed, general."
Jackson sat motionless and In si
lenco for what seemed a long while,
his grave eyes on my faco, but his
mind evldontly elsewhere, ono hand
unconsciously crumpling a folded pa
per. Ashby moved his chair, causing
It to crunch noisily on tho floor, and
tho commander aroused at tho un
usual sound. i '
"By any possibility are' you related
to Judgo Joe) Wyatt?" he questioned
"Ho was my father, sir. He has
been dead two years."
"I regret to hear It. Your mother,
unless I am mistaken, was a Farqu
har, of North Carolina?"
"Yes, Hlr she has returned to her
old homo."
"Tho best of southern blood, gentle
men." ho Bald smilingly, glancing to
ward the others, but with watchful
eyes instantly returning to scan me.
"Was sho driven out of Green Driar
by tho state of unrest In that sec
tion?" "in a measure yes," I replied
promptly. "It was hardly safo for her
to remain there alono. Tho county la
filled with Union sympathizers, and
roamed ovor by bands of guorrlllns,
claiming allegiance with both sides,
but sparing no ono. At present, I
understand, Federal troops have been
sent there from Charleston and nro
In control,"
"Your information is partially cor
rect; but In order to perfect plnns
now contemplated 1 require a still
more dellnlte knowltdgo of existing
conditions. I need to know accurate
ly U) numl'or and distribution of tho
Union forces in Green Hrlar, and nlso
more complete information regarding
thoso irregulars who are In sympathy
with us, as well ;ih tho character of
their leaders. Judging from tho rec
ommendation given you by Colonel
Mnltlnnd I felt that you were peculiar
ly adapted to render this service. How
ovor. Sergeant Wyatt, I propose Btnt
Ing plainly that this may provo an
exceedingly dangerous detail, and If
you decide to accept it, it muBt bo
dono as n volunteer,"
Ho paused questioning!', and 1 drew
a quick brenth, realizing suddenly the
seriousness of tho situation und tho
Importance of my decision.
"I nm perfectly ready to go, sir."
Kwell broke In impntlently with 'his
high-pitched voice
"May 1 nsk If It bo generally known
In Green Hrlar that you nro enlisted
in tho Confederate service?"
"To but very few, sir," I nnswered,
turning to look across nt my unex
pected questioner "To none I nm nt
nil likely to encounter. My mother nnd
I left the county at tho first outbreak.
My father's affiliations were with tho
Union element,"
"Most fortunate. Nothing could bo
better, General Jackson. Tho ser
geant enn very safely travel b n Fed
eral officer In benrch of recruits. Tho
matter of papers can, of course, bo
easily arranged."
Jackson turned toward his nlde.
"What Federal troops are now gar
risoning Charleston, Swan?"
"An Ohio brigade, with a regiment
of Pennsylvania cavalry. There Is also
a company of heavy artillery outside
tho town."
Tho commander leaned his head on
his hand.
"It was not my original plan to
send you Into tho lines of tho enemy
In a Federal uniform. Howevor, Gen
eral Ewell'8 judgment Is probably cor
rect. Havo you a late army list there,
Colonel Swan?"
"Yes, sir, Issuod tho fourteenth."
He turned the pages slowly, leaning
forward to tho light. "Here Is a Lieu
tenant Raymond, Third U. S. cavalry,
reported on recruiting detail. Ills
regiment is stationed at Fairfax
Court House."
"Ho will answer as well bb any
other. It Is scarcely probable the
man would be known In that remote
section. What Ib tho full name? and
where is ho from?"
"Charles II.; appointed from Ver
mont." "Colonel Swan will arrange" tho
necessary papers and equipment. Or
dorly, havo Major Kline step in hero
"You Are Requested to Report to
General Jackson at Once."
at once. Ah, Kline, havo you among
your trophk'B of war a Federal lieu
tenant's uniform which will probably
fit this man?"
"I bclievo so, sir," and tho officer
addressed ran his eyo appralslngly
over my figure. "Any particular regi
ment?" "Third United States cavalry. Havo
It pressed and sent here at once, se
curely wrapped, together with saber
and revolvers. Sergeant, do you de
sire a better mount?"
"No, sir, my horso Is fresh and a
good traveler."
"Then that will bo all, Klino; ex
cept, of course, complcto Federal cav
alry equipment for the horse."
Tfce officer saluted and disappeared,
tho door instantly closing behind
him, cutting off tho hum of voices
without. Thero was a moment of si
lence. "You hnd better retain your present
dress until after you leave tho valley,"
counseled Jackson, slowly. "Swan
will furnish you with a pass, which
should bo carefully destroyed after
passing our pickets at Covington. It
will bo of no servlco to you beyond
thnt point. My best wishes for your
success, Sergeant Wyatt."
Ho stood up, and I felt tho firm
grasp of his band. Then Ashbv nriri.
ped my shoulder.
"Wntt." he Raid kindly. "If you
per doslro to change otir arm of
tho service, you are tho kind of man I
want to rldo with me"
I smiled In appreciation, but before
I could nnswer, tho man who had been
sitting silently In tho corner arose,
and stood erect In tho light. The
glenm of the lamp Instantly revenled
his faco, still shadowed by tho wide
hat brim, tho tlrm, bearded chin, the
grnvcly smiling eyes
"General Ashby," ho snld with quiet
dignity. "Sorgennt Wyntt, I am sure,
performs this Important duty without
thought of reward. It is tho South
that has need of such men In every
branch of her servlco." IIo enmo for
ward, and extended his hnnd cordially.
"I am General Leo, nnd am very
glad to greet, and wish God speed to
tho boh of Judge Wyatt. If you return
in safety, you will report to mo In
person nt Richmond General Jack
son will bo nrrango with your battery
Tlmy were nil upon their feet,
stnndlng In respectful attention. I
murmured something, I scnrcely knew
what, bowing bb I backed toward tho
door. And this wns Lee Robert E.
Leo-this man with tho kind, thought
ful faco, the gentle voice, tho gravely
considerate manner. And ho had
greeted mo In words of personal
friendship, hnd spoken to mo of my
father. 1 know 1 straightened to sol
dierly ercctnccB, every pulso thrilling
with n now resolve. A moment I stood
there, my eyes on the ono faco I saw
before me, and then went out Into
tho darkness. Tho orderly closed tho
An Unwelcome Companion.
It wns in tho chill of a cold, gray
morning that 1 rode Into Strnsburg,
Jogging along at the rear of n squad
ron of Fifth Virginia cavalrymen who
chnnccd to bo headed for tho sntno
place. TIicho found quarters In tho
town, but I proceeded u mllo or more
south on tho valley pike, until I
reached a single-roomed cabin, heavy
wooden Bhuttcrs bnrrlng tho windows
tho door closed and securely fnBtened
Tho place to all appearances was do
Bcrted, and hnd been for a long whtln
Although sltuntcd scarcely a hundred
feet back from tho valley turnpike,
which wns never without its travelers,
and along which nrmlcs marched and
countermarched, tho surroundings
were thoso of a rcmoto wilderness. 1
dismounted, and leading my horso,
pressed a difficult passago through tho
bushes. To my surprise tho rear door
stood slightly ajar, and my eyes per
ceived the movement of an 111-deflnod
shadow within.
"Hollo there!" I called out, yet in
stinctively drawing a step backward.
"Ib there any room hero for a tired
The tall, angular flguro of a moun
taineer immediately appeared In the
doorway, and a gray, wrinkled face,
scraggly bearded, looked forth, tho
eyes glinting and tilled with sus
picion. "Wal, who bo yo, an whut do ye
wnnt yens?"
"I am a soldier," I replied, rnthor
shortly, not particularly pleased with
either the man's nppearanco or mnn
ner. "Mysolf and horso nro about
worn out. I mistook this for a do
sorted cabin."
"Whar bo ye bound 7 an' whut may
yo bo up to a-travelln' nlono?"
I smiled, endeavoring to rctnln my
"See, hero, friend," I returned short
ly. "I havo ub much reason to ask
you such questions ns you havo me.
However, 1 am willing enough to an
swer. I am on furlough, and am go
ing homo across tho mountains to seo
my folks. Do you know Raleigh
The man, who was now standing up
right In tho doorway, ono hand grip
ping tho barrel of a musket, tho early
morning light on his withered faco.
stared unwlnkingly into my eyes.
"1 rather reckon I do, young man,"
ho replied slowly. "Fur I was raised
up on tho Green Urlar. What mout
be yer name?"
"Cowan," I answered promptly, my
mind Instantly alert, and aware I had
mado a mistako."
"Ho! Yo don't say! Ono o' ol' Ned
Cowan's boys?"
"No. I am a son of Widow Cowan,
over on Coal crook."
Thoro was not tho faintest glim
mer In the cold, bluo eyes, no evidenco
of any recollection In tho wrinkled
face. Ills JawB roBO and fell on the
tobacco which extended his cheek.
"I don't reckon I'vo been over that
way fer nigh on fifteen year," he said
at last reflectively. "An' somehow I
don't Just recall no Widow Cowan
but I know ol' Ned mighty well. lie's
took to the brush with bis whole breed
since this fracas started, an' som'
cuBsea burned his house, an' sent the
ol' woman after 'em. It's plumb hell
In Green Urlar. Maybo yer a Cowan,
but I'm d d If ye look like ony o'
thet outfit ever I see afore. What
part o' the army wua yo with?"
"Sixty-fifth Virginia Covington
company, Captain Daniels."
The older man chewed awhllo In si
lonco, evidently impressed with the
seeming frankness of tho reply.
"Wal, ye mout bo a Cowan, o'
course," ho admitted reluctantly.
"Enyhow I reckon It don't mako no
great difference, for If yo bo goln' ter
Green Hrlar we kin rldo awhllo for
gather. Two Is better than ono theso
days. Hitch yer hoss out thar In tho
scrub alongside o' mlno, an' then come
In ycro. Wo'll cat a blto fust, an' thou
lie down a spell, fer I'vo been a-rldlu'
most o' ther night myself."
Hla volco was hardly as cordial as
his words sounded, but I felt It best
to accept tho rather surly Invitation.
I led my horso down the dim path In
dicated, tllltll I I'lUlll! ID title t
other animal n rangy, III grnnmi'u
sorrel wns securely hidden I hud
blindly stepped Into n trap, but Just
what kind I could not us ut deter
mine. 1 must win tho man's coutl
denre. and loam what I could, Tho
fellow, w hoover ho might proo to bo,
was evidently In concealment.
Whoovor ho might proxo to lie spy,
scout, busliwhncker or deserter be
yond all question ho possessed iuti
mnto knowledge of the country lying
lie) ond tho AtleghcnlcH Ho knew tho
existing conditions there, and was ac
quainted with tho people. Oncu his
couudcni'o could bo fully secured, pro
viding his sympathies wero with tho
ennui of the South, as was most prob
able, his Information would bo of the
utmost value. Reticent as ho was,
MtsplrlouH and cloao-uinuthcd, a silent,
typical mountaineer, ho could surely
ho Induced to let fall some scrap of
Information. 'And somewhere along
tho way an opportunity must surely
nrlFo whereby 1 might escape from his
company, If such u move beenmo
really desirable
Revolving theso thoughts rapidly In
my mind, 1 returned to tho hut, care
fully bearing (ho bundle containing
tho federal uniform tucked under my
nrm The gaunt mountaineer, busily
The Figure of Mountaineer Appeared
In the Doorway.
engaged In preparing brenkfast at tho
open fireplace, scarcely favored mo
with a glnnco of recognition, but be
gan to arrnuga tho scant supply of
food on an overturned box.
"Just pitch In, an' help yourself,
Cowan," ho said, affecting a cordiality
of manner not altogether natural.
"Thar ain't much of It, but we'll eat
whut we've got, an' then rest awhile.
If yer a-goln' ter travel along with mo
It will bo dono mostly at night till wo
git down Covington way."
I seated myself without ceremony.
"You nro In hiding, then?" I asked
carelessly, not oven glancing up at the
expressionless faco oppoBlto.
"Wal", not exactly. Wo'vo grown
pretty skeery back In tho hills no
body thar knows their friends frum
their enemies theso days. Yer ain't
been thar lately, I reckon?"
"No; not for ovor a year."
The Beach Is Evidently a Most Be
wltderlng Place to Size Up
Social Pedigrees.
For tho last tlmo they mot on the
"I am sorry if what I am compollcd
to say palnB you," ho Biild, "but my
royal relatives would never consent
to my marrying a woman of low
blood. Whenever ono of us Do Rltslcs
havo mixed beneath us our rich bluo
blood turns In our children to a dls
agrecablo orango color. Hut, needless
to say, I have onjoyed our little nf
fair tremendously, and I trust that
wo part the best of frlenjls,"
"Assuredly, your highness," replied
tho beautiful thing. "I Hhnll return to
my humble Job In tho kitchen happy
In tho knowledge thnt ono of your
rank has condescended to stoop to my
levol. And now go, Henry, If you
pleaso, hero comes my employer."
"Tho Duko do Swobblts!" exclaimed
tho other, and moved off just as the
fumous noblcmnn Joined tho beautiful
"Well!" ho heard tho duko say
fondly, "I hopo my llttlo American
wife hasn't boen flirting again!"
"Well, I'm another!" muttered Hen
ry, and, repairing to the barroom of
the Seaside pazaz, he donned hln
apron and began work for tho day.
Made Him Ache All Over.
Tho llttlo cottago is of that capacity
whore thoro is always room for ono
more. Ono night small Tommy had to
bo awakened and his bed mado rendy
for a late and unoxpectod guest. Whlla
they wore trying to decide whethor to
fix his bed In tho morris chair or on
tho floor ho fretfully wished thoy
would hurry up. "Why, Tommy," said
IiIb mothor,, "you don't wunt to he a
selfish llttlo boy, do you?" Stretching
out and starting for tho morrla chair,
ho said: "Mother, I'm bo unsoltluh
now I ache all oor."
Queer Contradiction.
"I can't understand why my husband
don't llko cats."
"Nothing queer about a dislike of
thnt sort."
"Uut he's bo fond of a llttlo kitty
thoy have at his club,"
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Walter Was Up Against an Order
Which Was Decidedly a New
One to Him.
Once n short llttlo woman and her
tull husband wont to a cafu of tho
cheaper sort for dlnnor.
"Yes," sold tho llttlo woman, an sho
tried In vain to touch her feet to tho
floor, "and, llonry, I want a hassock."
Henry nodded, nnd aa ho handed hln
order to tho waltor, said: "Yes, and
bring tho lady u hassock."
"Ono hassock?" asked tho waltor,
with what Henry thought more than
ordinary interest, as ho nodded in tho
afurmntlvo. Still tho waltor did not
go, but brushed tho tablecloth with
a towel and rearranged tho articles
on It Bovcral times, whilo hla faco got
very rod.
Then ho camo around to tho hus
band's sldo and, speaking In a whis
per, said: "Say, mister, I haven't boen
hero long, nnd I'm not on to all theso
things. Will tho lady havo tho has
sock brollod or frlod?"
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Got Himself Disliked.
"Why dooB tho brldo hato talm?"
"lie's ono ot tltBo practical Jokora
whom everybody hates. Tho bride
asked him to como ovor and try aom
of her blBcults." ,
"Didn't ho go?" (
"Ych, and took a hammer and a
cold clilsol with him."
"Thoy say MrH. Brown hasn't paid
nor servants In throo months."
"Why does sho kcop so muny ofi
them, then?"
"Sho says sho fools It hor duty to
glvo employment to an many as pos
Blble in thoso hard tlmos."
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