The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 02, 1915, Image 6

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Hand of Labor
TTnnd of labor, hand of mlfrlit,
He thou fltronff In things of right.
MuMrr thou of crnftn untold,
DrlvltiK them In heat nnd cold;
Working lilnh nnd worWInr: low,
That the world may brlnlitrr Brow;
Press, tlio loom, and truffle Krcnt,
Know tho drive behind thy weight.
Hand of labor, rudo nnd fln
Things of cnrtlt nro moitly thlno.
Mines of sold nnd flcldii of whcnt,
lliirhnrit deep wlirrn prnnnnts greet;
BlilpH of wur, cnnnlM nnd locks,
Ttondn of utrcl nnd btldRt-H, tlorlis,
Htrnln thy sinews dny nnd nlKht,
Do thou strong In things of rlh'lit
MIIN and ulinps In rlnnff nnd ronr,
l'oundry fires and molten ore;
Hullon tnlnes nnd henvlntf seas,
I-nnds of rock nnd timber trees;
Cotton Holds ns whlto ns snow,
Kori;en black 'mid (lames nitlaw,
Htrnln thy cltiows day and nlRht,
Ho thou stronK In things of right.
Hnnd of labor, prent thou art;
He thou fair, nnd bear thy part
I.Ike hit? souls, sincere, Intense;
Stoop not low to Imso offonno,
Nor, In hent, forcet that men,
I.nrKe nnd stnnll, nil kind nnd ken,
Have their plnco and must remain
'Nontli tho swny of guiding brain.
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Disturbances Go Far Back Into
Apostle Paul Is on Record as Having
Created Dissension Among the
People of Ephesus by His
Preaching of Christianity.
Whllo tho matter of Lnbor day Is
Milder consideration, tho question
rifles: What Is labor? Webster
Slvca as his first definition: "Toll or
exertion, physical or mental."
William D. Wilson, secretary of tho
department of labor, gavo tho follow
Ins as his conception of tho Idea:
"Labor Is any mental or physical ac
tivity othor than that engaged In sole
ly for ploasuro" a definition showing
brain at onco practical and analytic.
Mr. Powdorly would narrow this
aomowhat by defining labor as "any
exertion, mental or physical, not In
dulged In for pleasuro and for tho ben
efit of mankind."
Doctor Coultor of tho cousub bureau,
an export on such matters, would glvo
an oven broader scopo to tho word. Ho
doQncs labor as: "All oftort, whothor
znontaf 'df "physical."
I Tho question of Labor day naturally
brlngu to mind tho collateral labor
Questions of labor union protests nnd
strikes. Thoro is a tondoncy among
latter-day philosophers to prophesy
all muniior of ovll to como to mankind
by tho way of labor unions nnd their
troubles, both among thomsolvos and
jwlth others, and to hold forth thoso
troubles ns a proof of human deca
donco, pocullar only to this degonorato
I l'nul, togethor with olhcr apostles,
wont up in tho Ephoous country, Book
ing convurta to tho Christian faith.
( Now, EphosuB wa3 tho favorlto city
of Diana, or Artemis, us sho was also
called. Hero was nor famous tomplo;
horo wna hor famous stntuo, said by
tho prloats to havo fallen from heavon.
Thither overy yoar cntno pilgrims by
tho tons of thousands to worship at
tho ehrlno of tho tutolary deity and
lioro a goodly number of silversmiths
found their calling a most lucratlvo
ono. For, thoro bolng no photographs
nor postal cards, theso pilgrims took
away with them small sllvor fac
simile Btatuottcfl of tho great goddess
as BouvonlrB. Now obsorvo tho nine
teenth chapter of Acts.
"Now a silversmith nnmed Demet
rius, who mado silver modolB of tho
uhrlno of Arteml3 (Dinnn), and bo
gavo a great deal of work to tho nrtl
Bans, got theso men togethor, as well
as tho workmen engaged in similar
occupations, and Bald: 'Men, you know
that our proaporlty dopends upon this
work, and you boo nnd hoar that, not
only In Ephesus, but In almost tho
wholo of Roman Asia, this Paul has
convinced end won over great num
bers of pooplo by bis assertion that
thoso gods which aro mado by hands
aro not gods at all, so that not only Is
this business of ours Ukoly to fall
Into discredit, but thoro Is tho further
danger that tho tomplo of tho great
goddess, Artemis (Dinnn), will bo
thought nothing of, and that sho her
solf will bo deprived of hor splondor,
though all Roman Asia aud tho wholo
world worship her.'
"When thoy heard this tho men
woro greatly enraged and began shout
ing: 'Groat Is Artomls of tho Epho
elans!' Tho commotion spread through
tho wholo city, mid tho pcoplo rushod
with ono accord into tho theater, drag
ging with them tho companions of
Cortnlnly thoro cannot bo found In
any modern nowspnpor a moro perfect
account of a sympathetic strike and a
labor riot. And that was two thousand
years ago.
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Period of Stress Ahead of the
American Worker.
Labor Day an Excellent Tlmo to
Think of the Future That Mutt
Be the Result of the War
In Europe.
Every American, whothor ho works
with his hands or with his head, will
tnko full advantago of Lnbor day, the
laBt of tho summer holidays; ovory
ono will appreciate tho fact that thero
is a long period of work ahead of him.
This fall and winter Is euro to bo
a tlmo of readjustment in many lines
of American commcreo and labor, duo
to the European war, which not only
shuts off Bomo of tho things we buy,
but Is filling our warehouses with
many of tho things wo sell. How to
mnnago without tho particular things
wo havo nlwnys Imported and how to
get a market for tho things Europo
cannot buy must engago our serious
attention for months, perhaps for
years. Thero may bo bomo failures In
tho effort to readjust, but thero will
bo moro successes, nnd great ones. No
doubt about tho futuro need bo in tho
henrt of anyone
Tho best thing about tho wholo sit
uation is tho stout heart of tho busi
ness world and tho peoplo In general.
They enter upon a combat with un
certainties with tho old Yankco con
fidence, backed by tho knowledgo that
In tho fundamental Items of physical
llfo wo nro Bafo. Wo can feed our
Bclves, clotho oursolves, warm our
solvo. Tho rest Is only a matter of
tlmo and adjustment. Thoro will bo
no hard times If tho hard work Is
well tackled.
Business must not wnlt "until tho
war Is over," for nobody knows when
that blessed day will bo. If wo nro
prepared for a long war, so much tho
moro prosperity If tho war is brief.
It Is a splendid tlmo for every
American, fiom tho housowlfo to tho
capitalist, to study American econo
mies and get a. hotter knowledgo of
Public Ideas Have Had a Significant
Change In a Comparatively
Few Years.
When tho French nrlstccrat beforo
tho grout roolutlon was asked as to
his chief sorvlco to society, ho replied,
"To havo been born." Ho felt that hla
mere presenco In tho world conferred
an honor on his couutry.
That has been tho attltudo of privi
leged classes of all tlmo. But a now
ideal has come into men's minds tho
Ideal of labor, of Borvlco to tho com
munity. Today tho public Is constant
ly asking men to Justify their Income
"What havo you dona to desorvo It?" Is
tho question. "By what service to bo
doty havo you earned your monoy?"
It used to bo considered perfectly
proper to wntor tho stock of great pub
lic Borvlco corporations. Dut now pco
plo havo cono to sco this means to
gift an inconio without working for It,
and public sentiment Is shutting off
tho prnctlco.
Molon cutting In connection with
franchlso grabs was onco popular. Hut
it bocamo apparent that this was mero
ly ono way of getting something for
nothing, and tho day of melon cutting
la douo.
So, all up and down tho lino tho de
mand haB como for servlco In return
for Incomo. Society Is willing to wrlto
Us noto for pretty nearly nuy amount
to tho oncrgotlc man, but It Insists that
tho payment shall bo for value received.
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Tho only civilian frco from suspicion In tho vicinity nt the military enmps' In Italy Is tho llttlo woman camp
follower who sella scrnped Ico to tho soldiers. Tho ono here soon at her cart nnd her baby aro equal favorites with
tho fighters.
A temporary outdoor factory In
matting or entanglements in front or
Many of tho lobsters Horvod in the
finest "lobster palaces" of this country
are supplied by Mrs. M. C. I'lckott of
Now York, tho only woman lobster
dealer In America, horo seen holding
dho of her monstor crustneoans
Peer Becomes Mechanic.
Lord Nnrhury Is ono of tho latest
amateur recruits to tho ranks of war
workers. Recontly ho began employ
mont ns a fitter in n Surrey aeroplane
factory, working from six in the morn
lug to scvon at night at tliu regula
tion pay of 7d (11 cents) an hour. Lord
Norbury, who will take his meals with
the other workmen, nnd will bo on tho
Bamo footing in nil respects, Is llfty
two years old, and ho has eliosen this
way of doing hla bit becauso ho is
abovo tho ago limit but feels strongly
that ovoryono should do what he can
to help tho country. Ho linn a good
knowledgo of Internal combustion en
glues. Lndy Norbury, who Is ti cousin
of Lord Howard do Wuldon, bogan
work nt a soldlors' canteen at Euston
tho Bamo tlmo that hor husband coin
mouced as a titter. London Globe.
Artificial Leather.
Tho manufacture of artlllclal leath
er Is an Industry which has mado gl
gautlc strides In tho last fow years,
owing to tho degree of perfection
which has been attained In tho mnk
Ing of this substitute for leather and
to tho custom of splitting leather
which is not gonorally satisfactory, ex
copt as fnr as Its appearance Is con
corned when It Is new Thnt ts to
Buy, that It Is readily rccognled as
real leather, hut when tho split loath
or comes to withstanding tho test of
Borvlco It is not tharo Tho artlllclal
lenther has established a ropuiutlon
for sorvlco In tho manufacture of au
tomobiles, whore It Is in strong da
maud for UDbolstcrv and top covers.
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Gormany whero Russian prisoners aro
ijrr Vh j. " "vt. snerhar " --'mjp yi:uft aaT?JesK rsm.y.i w. maa r.4-i
Tho hand grenndo as a war weapon is bolng used with conaldoruhto
succosB on tho llrlng lino. To protect tho grenadiers from bolng overcome
by tho polBonous gases which aro used with such telling effect by tho Ger
mans, a special mask which prevents tho Inhalation of tho gases has been
brought Into uso. Heavy holmeta guard against Injury from bursting shells
overhead, and to complete tho nntldoath costume worn by tho grenadiers
thoy wear a bullot-proof waistcoat Tho photograph pictures two of thoso
French grenndothrowerB, equipped with their grotesquo proofs against
death, in tho net of throwing gronndes at tho oncmy.
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ik jw-jf wwtt . w " "j vax a ' H piwwy
is - -(--7-i8T'Ji:JSt2SKiit, mz9 XR ,1 VJbi. i ?
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iWwiAftt WVirrtt.tfUX.IrtViV.VV.vWN'
Motor cat ot the Italian army equipped to tarry u sot of wireless uppll
hnces lor quick work in the Held. With this apparatus a wlrolesa station
Is set up within twelvo minutes.
- v
at work manufacturing wlro for the
.OWVNV"V..M';rf vtvkjMWlwkw
mz mmmmmzi
" r vav v.W V
vut.KtiBj 'w, mini nt. . vrmr. HK - xkz i a', isms. ob.. a
". JHFypzwn IJ wPMBBkWPv0's'
fiflj? MsSmFmJAJr ,. t.
"f x''2zm.ir3Jxz-1&MiiK&Mi'isFrimvMrirr
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Great Care Should Be Taken In Selec
tion of the Most Substantial
Roofing Material.
If you woro without preparation or
plan, rudely placed In a wilderness,
your first thought would bo of food
supply nnd your next of Bholtor, for
theso aro tho two inoBt vital necessi
ties of mankind. It to therefore
natural that tho best thought, and
study aro put upon theso two essen
tials. Moro forward stops havo been
taken In tho building Industry in the
past fifteen years, as regards comfort,
sorvlco and architectural boauty than
In tho fifty years previous. 4
Only in recent years has tho hand
ling of cement In building work boon
understood properly, and progress Is
still constantly being mado with It.
Modern hotels and ofTlco buildings
aro bolng equipped with shoot motal
mouldings and steel voonored doors.
Nearly overy Important ohnngo In
building construction Is away from
tho fire hazard of wood.
Ono of tho most significant dovolop
menta of recent years ia tho crushed
slato surfaced asphalt shlnglo which
Is, on now construction and old, rapid
ly supplanting tho wooden nrtlclo.
Thero nro many reasons for this. The
slato surfaced shlnglca add beauty to
any building In fact, thoro is really
no comparison from nn architectural
standpoint. Crushed slato of pleasing
tints of rod or green, Is omployed aa a
surfacing. Tho shingles nro uniform
ly eight Inches wldo and nro exposed
four inches to tho weather. No paint
ing la necessary aa tho red or green
crushed slato is natural and thereforo
cannot fade
Tho purchaser, howovcr, ohould
guard himself against buying a Blato
surfaced Bhinglo that is not guaran
teed by a rcllnblo and rcsponslblo
manufacturer. Thoro nro so many
kinds of roofing and Bhlngloa on tho
market today each claiming to bo tho
best that It becomes necessary for tho
buyer to get nomo satisfactory nssur
anco thnt tho roofing or shingles nro
represented honestly.
Clear Title.
Uncle Moso aspired to the elective
olllcc of Justice of the peace in tho
"black bottom" part of town. Ono
bar there was to his proferment Ho
could neither read nor write Hla
master advised him to go to tho com
missioner of elections and ask
whether ho was eligible. Moso wont
and returned.
"What did ho tell you. Mose?" in
quired tho master.
"It's all right, sun," answorcd Moso;
"dat gen'lemun suttlnly was kind, yas,
suh. He tole mo Ah was Illegible fo'
dato ofllce."
It is almost Impossible for a wom
an to drivo a nail, yet sho Is usually
an expert with tho hammer.
A dlvorco Judge, like a poor marks
man, makes a good many misses.
If your health is poor as a
result of a weak stomach, lazy
liver or clogged bowels
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed
For Douches
In the local treatment of woman's ills,
bucIi as loucorrhooa and iiillamtnntlon. hot
douches of 1'axtlno aro very cfllcacioua.
No woman who has evor used medicated
douchos will fall to apprcclato tlio clean iiid
boalthy condition 1'axtlno produces and the
prompt rollof from soronoss and discomfort
which follows its uso.This Is bocauBo l'axtlne
povsesscH superior cleansing, dlsinfecU
lug nun noaiing properties.
For ten voars tlio Lvilla K. ,
Plnkham Medicluo Co. has roc
ommcndoil 1'axtlno in tholr
pnvato correspondonce with wo-
nion, wnica proves its auperl-
oriLT. ivnraim wiirt irva luutn
' rollovod say It Is " worth its
woiciit in gom." AtdrugcMts.
NKj. large box or by mall. Hample free,
Tho Paxton Toilet Co., Boston, Mass,
Reduces Strained, Puffy Ankles
Lymphangitis, Poll Evil, Fistula
Boils, Swellings; Stops Lameness
and allays pain. Heals Sores, Cuts,
Bruises, Boot Chafes. It is an
Does not blister o remove tho
halrand "one can be worked. Pleasant to use.
$2. 00 a bottle, delivered. Describe your cast
for special instructions and Hook 5 K. free,
AUSOKUINE, JR., tntlirpuc hnirurni (o. minklnj ri
Sucn Ctritn. Itlntut. Knotted Swollti Vcim Milk Uj,
Gouc Concrruu fd-ftlf few dropi required tlaoappli
rttloa. Price SI per bottle delicti oi delltered.
W.F.YOUNO, CD. F.,119 TibsIi ll.Sprlngflsld,llu.
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