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The Award Will Become Effcctlvo
May Tenth and Dlndlng For
One Year Only.
Chicago.-An arbitration award ad
vnnrlnK to some extent the niton of
pay of 01,000 locomotive engineers,
itremon and hostlers umployed on the
140,000 tulles of llnu or ninety-eight
western mllronds In thu Bient men of
thu United Slates and Canada, bound--d
on the wist by Iho Illinois Cuntrul
and tho Gicat Lakes, has been signed.
Thu wao award Ih believed by tho
men to fall nhoit of their domamlH.
By reason or the many miIob of opera
tion lnolved no railroad will be ablo
to tell exactly for 11 month at leant
the amount of mony Involved. Tho
fiiirprlHf! teHt rnnnlns.
Tho award Includes neveral re
forms affecting bourn and condition.1
of employment. RopresontntUes of
tho brotherhoods expressed dlsap
polntment at It, whllo tho rullroudn In
a general way connldered It satisfac
tory. Tho arbitration was strictly on
the demands of tho men; there wan
nothing for them to lose of ad
antngon already enjoyed.
A dissenting opinion wan filed on
behalf of tho Brothoi hoods of Lnglno
men, In which the arbitration was
branded as n failure and tho Now
hinds Inw, under which it was ar
ranged an Inadequate device for tho
settlement of Industilnl disputes.
Tho award effective May 10 and
bindlnK for one year only, wan frank
ly declnrcd nn merely postponing for
a twelve month tho actual settlement
of tho differenced Involved. Tho rail
road members of the board Issued n
formal statement criticising featurea
of the regulations governing tho ar
bitration, and remarking that certain
concessions, regarded as intilnslcally
unjust, worn mado for tho sako of
preserving peaco with tho employes.
Judgo Peter C. Prltchnrd of Rich
mond, Va., chairman of the board,
explained his position and stated that
whllo In his opinion tho men In cer
tain branches of tho service wero
entitled to groater advances thnn
wore granted, he had to make conces
sions In order that an award might
be made, and ho found much of a
hopeful nature In the award.
400 of 1,600 Sheep Found Alive.
San Frnnclsco, Cal. A herder In
Morrow' county. Oregon, found -100 of
his newly shorn flock of sixteen hun
dred alive, nrtor tho pitiless storm
of wind, snow, sleot and hall which
for two days swept that portion of tho
United States lying west of tho
Horky mountains. At Monterey, Cal.,
warehouses wero blown Into tho bay,
merchandise and all. In southern
California Icicles hung from npplo
trees. Tho first snow within man's
recollection fell In the Salt river val
ley in Arizona, and across the Ne
vada desert tho wind attained tho
proportions of n hurricane.
1,200 Ironworkers Strike.
Chicago, 111. Twclvo hundred
bridge nnd structural iron workers
struck when their demands far In
crease in wages was refused by tho
contractors' association. Tho men
also demanded that they bo given tho
reinforced roncroto work for which
laborers now recclvo 40 cents an
hour. Work on many municipal pro
Jerts will he held up besides the do
lay to privnto buildings now under
Half of Colon Burned.
Colon. More Uian half tho city of
Colon has been swept awny by a din
nstrous lire.
Ten porhons nro known to bo dead,
Including two native policemen and
soTcrnl hundred persons have been
Injured whllo between 10,000 and
12.000 others, mostly negroes, havo
been rendered homeless
Tho loss Is estimated nt about
Dunkirk Shelled.
Paris. Gorman warships hnvo
been seen off tho Belgian coast, ac
cording to an ofllclal stntement given
out In ParlB Large shells to tho
number of nlnotecn have fallen on
Dunkirk. Twenty persons wero killed
and forty-five wounded. Some houses
wero destroyed.
Crickets Destroy Much Wheat.
Wilson Creek, Wash. A column of
crickets four miles long and twelvo
foot wldo mowed down hundreds of
acres or wheat In Ornnt county. They
move In four columns.
Proof of Kolberg Sinking.
Lerwick, Scotlnnd. Tho finding
near tho south end of this islnnd
of a life buoy marked "Kolborg" Is
believed here to confirm tho report
made nt tho time that tho cruiser
Kolberg was sunk In tho battlo In tho
North sea on January 4.
Germans Celebrate; Arrested.
Vancouver. II. C. Four prominent
German residents or Vancouver wero
vfirrestcd, charged with taking pnrt
Jwlth a number of other Germans, in
celebration of the German victor.
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k gMsMlMlnl Jy summer vk u the- i
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TORSHIP. Resignation of Hastings Man Is Ac
cepted Many Months After It
Was Tendered to the
Washington. Tho resignation of
William K. Andrews of Hastings, Neb.,
as auditor of tho treasury has been
accepted. Sam Patterson of Arnpa
hoo will bo named as his successor,
according to unofllclal Information.
Formal announcement of Mr. Patter
son's appointment Is expected noon.
Although Mr. Andrews filed his resig
nation with Secretary McAdoo during
tho first days of tho democratic ad
ministration, Its acceptance at this
time came ns a surprise to him. While
ho has been prepared to sever his
connection with tho auditor's nftlcc nt
any moment, no hint came that ho
was to bo replaced except through
unofficial sources within the last few
Sam Patterson had been nn appli
cant for tho nudltorshlp since enrly
In 1013. He hud the endorsement of
Senator Hitchcock nnd tho Nebraska
democratic members of tho house. It
Is stated here that Secretary Bryan
will mnke no objection to tho appoint
ment of Patterson. It Is believed Mint
Representative Shallcnbcrgcr has had
a good deal to do with the naming of
tho Arapnhoe man. It is recalled that
when Mr. Shnllenberger was governor
he wnnted Patterson named ns secre
tary of the stato banking board. It Is
probable therefore, that the patronage
doadlock between Senator Hitchcock
and Secretary Is not Invaded In
tho expected settlement of the nudl
torshlp. Mr. Andrews would mako no an
nouncement of his plans. It Is under
stood that for a few months, nt least,
ho will devote himself to rest and
tho enjoyment of a vacntlon. part of
which will bo spent at his Nebraska
Trunks Contained Fortune.
Lincoln, Nob Mrs. Gertruno Mul
len's lost traveling cases, contnlnlng a
fortune In securities, were not stolon.
They wero delayed in transit nnd have
been recovered by tho owner.
Sheriff Hyers solved thn problem,
and tho trunks arrived In Lincoln on
n Rock Islnnd train from tho south.
They wore one train behind the trav
eler. Mrs. Mullen nnd her sister.
Miss Mnry Dalloy. of this city, were
much worried over the nonnrrlval of
tho trunks, bocauso onn or them con
tained securities vnlued at $00,000.
Tho securHIos wero round In tholr
proper places when tho trunks were
Nevertheless Mrs. Mullen was
robbed Just as she left tho train nt
Lincoln A row minutes before tho
train stopped she had a smnll hand
bag on her arm. When she got off the
train the bnndhng was missing. It
contained about $fi In cash, tickets,
her trunk checks and other personnl
property Sheriff llyors thinks somo
thief cut the cord that held It on her
arm as sho got o.T the train.
Sending of Troops Mistake.
Dos Moines, In Strong disapproval
of the action or tho United States In
sending troops Into Mexico was ox
preyed by Bishop F .1. McConnell of
Denver In his report to the board of
bishops or tho Methodist Episcopal
church In session here, concerning his
recent tour or Inspection or Mothodlst
missions in Mexico.
"Tho United States had no moro
right to Interfere with tho Intornal nf
ralrs or Mexico than with the coun
tries at war In Europe," ho Fiiid.
To Erect Monument.
Omnhn. Neb. A memorial monu
ment to Chlcr Logan Fontenello head
of the Omaha trlbo of IndlniiB, will bo
erected by Fontenello trlbo No. 78 of
tho locnl lodge of Red Men. At the
Inst council flro of the trlbo n commit
too was appointed to dovlso ways and
means of erecting tho monument.
Just what kind of n monument nnd
whero It will bo crectod will be decid
ed after a conforoncc with others In
terested In the first hUtory of the
Not at All Pleased.
Lincoln, Neb. Busing his observa
tions on an early bulletin saying that
western cnglnenten had been given 25
per cent of the increnso asked by the
board of arbitration, C. C. Peters,
chairman of the Burlington local divi
sion of firemen, suld that he reared
this wns the last arbitration or wage
differences that would ever bo con
sented to.
"We refused arbitration nt one time
because of the delay," he said, "nnd
finally consented to Bubmlt tho mat
ters in controversy on promise of nn
early award. Wo consented to arbi
tration last August nnd we get an
award of a small part of what we
asked .for the last of April. This
doesn't please the men very much."
Prltchard Wants Release.
Beatrice, Neb Julius Prltchard. a
prisoner In tho Nebraska penitentiary,
who wub sentenced from this county
(Gage) to a twenty years' Imprison
ment for committing n criminal us
sault upon Margaret Dclaney, an eight-year-old
Wymoro girl, gives notice
through u local paper that lie has ap
plied to Governor Morehend and tho
advisory board or pardons for a fur
lough or a commutation of sentence.
The hearing on the application Is set
for May 13. The offense of which
Prltchard was comletcd, occurred in
November of tho same ear. During
tho trial ho became Incensed when
cross-examined by County Attorney
Fred McGlrr and threatened the lire
of that ofllclal.
Answers Call by Aeroplane.
Sioux City, la. To answer nn emer
gency call to an nccldent by aeroplane
wns tho experience of Dr. Pearl K.
Someru, of Grlnnoll. la. Somer- re
ceived a telephone call from u farm
home eleven miles southeast of Grln
noll. Aviator W. C. Hoblnson of
Grlnncll was near tho doctor's olllce
when the call came, and, learning of
Somers' mission, volunteered to tnko
the doctor to the scene of the acci
dent In his aeroplane. Tho start was
mado within a few minutes, and the
eleven miles were traversed In nix
minutes, nt the ruto of 110 miles an
Second Action Is Begun.
Lincoln. Neb. Susan L. Slpple,
widow and administratrix of tho estate
of Charles F. Slpple, has for the sec
ond tlmo brought suit In district court
against the Mlsbouri Pacific Ilntlway
compnny, though this time, instead of
asking dnmages in the sum or $20,200,
sho prays for only $3,000. The other
suit was filed a year ago and upon
nppllcntion of the defendant wns re
moved to tho federal court on tho
ground or diverse citizenship. It was
dismissed by the plaintiff nt tho same
tlmo she began her second action,
which on account or the amount sued
for, cannot ho removed.
Omnhn, Neb, A special order hns
Just been received nt the pnstntllce
to permit the forwarding of money to
Kuropenn wnr prisoners by money
order without the payment of tho
usual roes. The action Is taken In ac
cordance with n provision or Tho
Hnguo convention, which wns sub
scribed to by tho United States and
by all tho European nations now en
gaged in hostilities
Lincoln, Neb. Speaker George
Jackson of tho house of representa
tives called on tho board or control in
nn nttempt to securo some convict
labor ror road Improvements being
planned In Nuckolls county, whero Mr
Jackson resides.
Tho law provides for tho allotment
of convict labor by tho stato on con
tract to tho counties ror road work and
applications for such labor have been
made from time to tlmo by several
counties. As yet, howovor, tho board
has not seen fit to nvnll Itself of tho
opportunity offered by tho law.
Lincoln, Neb. Proceeds of tho an
nual dance, given by the
fraternities of the stato unlvorslty nro
this year to he turned over to the
stato orthopedic hospital. Tho dance
la held tho later part of May and is
widely attended by tho fratornlty
alunml rrom out ovor the state.
Tho lnter-rratornlty council has also
decided that rushing next your Is to
bo confined to llvo dnys Instead of ten,
as was the caso last year It will be
gin Friday of registration week nnd
continue until Wednesday noon of tho
next week.
Arbitration as Operated Under the
Ncwlands Act Branded as a
Failure Affects C4.C00
Chicago. An arbitration award ad
vancing to some extent the rates of
pay of (M.OOO locomotive engineers,
tlremeu and hostlers employed on the
140.000 miles of line of ninety-eight
western railroads In tho great area of
the United States and Canada bounded
on tho east b thu Illinois Central and
the Great Lakes, has been signed. A
dissenting opinion wns tiled on hchnlf
of the brotherhoods of engineers. In
which the arbitration wns branded as
a "failure and tho Newlands law, un
der which It was arranged, as an in
adoiiiato device for the settlement or
Industrial disputes."
The award, effective May 10 and
binding for one enr only, wns frankly
declared as merely postponing for a
twelvo months the actual settlement
of the differences Involved. The rail
road members or the board issued a
formal statement criticising features
or the regulations governing the arbi
tration and remarking that certain
concessions, regarded ns Intrinsically
unjust, were mndo for the sake of
preserving pence with tho employes.
Judge Peter C. Prltchnrd of Rich
mond, Vn chairman of the board, ex
plained his position nnd stated that
while In his opinion the men in cer
tnln branches of the service were en
titled to greater advances thnn wore
granted, he had to make concessions
in order tnnt nn nwnnl might be mado.
and he found much of a hopeful na
ture In the nwnrd.
NIjsuj Dlan f HiinanUitlnii
1 1 w n inn vi wiyniii4uuwiM .
New York. Stockholders of tho !
Wabash Railroad company received
copies of a new reorganization plan
announced by Wfnslow S. Pierce.
chairman of thn board of directors and
of a lolnt reorganization onnimlttoo.
Tho plan provides for tho organization
of n new company with a capital stock
of $205,118,000. a reduction of $17,201,
377 from tho stock of the existing com
pany. It was announced that tho plan
wnn approved by Kuhn, Loob & Co..
nnd that this firm had agreed to act
as reorganization malingers. A syndi
cate, headed by that Arm, Is being
Cold Wave on ttie Pacific.
Snn Francisco. A herder in Morrow
county, Ore., found 400 of his newly
shorn flock of l.fioo nlivo. after the
recent pitiless storm of wind, snow,
sleet nnd hail, which for two days
swept Mint portion of the United
States lying west or tho Rocky moun
tains. At Monterey. Cal.. warehouses
wero blown Into the bay. merchandise
nnd all. In southern California icicles
hung from apple trees. Tho fust snow
within man's recollection fell In the
Salt river valley in Arizona, nnd
ncross the Nevada desert the wind at
tained the proportions of a hurricane
Funeral of Oldest Mason In Nebraska.
Elgin, Neb. The funeral of Hiram
II. Brown, tho oldest member of tho
Masonic order In Nebraska, was held
Friday. Tho services wore In charge
of the local lodge, of which tho de
ceased was n member. Upon thn
death or Past Grand Master Hayes of
Norrolk, Mr. Brown became the oldest
living Mason In Nebraska and the Jor
dan gold medal was nccordlngly be
stowed upon him Inst September.
He wns made n Mason In St.
Charles. 111., In 1850 nnd rcmnined a
member ot the order for over sixty
live years. He was nlmost 87 yenrs of
age nt the tlmo or his death.
Warrants Signed for Newspapers.
Lincoln, Neb. State Auditor Smith
has elgnod the last warrant for tho
newspaper claims arising out of the
printing or tho proposed const Itulonal
amendments, submitted at the last
election. It cost the stato $182 ror
each or nlnetj-throo counties In the
state. Tho appropriations ror tho
claims wero made by the last legisla
ture. Grand Duke Nicholas Well.
Washington Tho Russian nmbassa
dor hns received the following cable
giani from tho minister or loielgn af
fairs in Petrograd:
"Plcaso contradict most categorical
ly false reports spread by the German
press nccordlng to which tho Grand
Duke Nicholas wns said to ho ill. The
grand duke, commander-in-chief, is In
perfect health and has been accom
panying his majesty, the emperor, in
his recent visit to Gallcl.i '
Canal City Is Fire Swept
Colon. Moro thnn half tho city or
Colon has been swept by n disastrous
fire. .Ton persons are known to bo
dead, Including two nutlvo policemen
and several hundred persona huvo
been Injured, whllo between 10,000
and 12,000 others, mostly negroo3,
havo boon rendered homeless. Tho
loss Is estimated at about $2,000,000.
The flro destroyed completely twenty-two
city blocks and was not con
trolled until twehe buildings In It?
path had been destroyed.
Alllnnco Is to have n Country club.
Work on the Farmem' bank of
Crnlg has been started.
Is not serious, but tho tower Is a
wreck nnd tho bell dnmaged.
The cornerstone for tho new city
hall nt Geneva has been lnld.
The new Crawford city hall, erected
nt a cost nf $12,000, has been opened.
J. D. Anderson hns been elected
mannger of the Syracuse baseball
Theodore Nelson of Nehawka was
seriously Injured by being kicked by
a mule.
Tho business men or Pender huvo
raised about $L000 to support a base
hall team.
Otto Wrleth of Omaha has JubI
opened a new hardware store at
Work has begun on the excavation
for the $250,000 nddltiou to Lincoln's
postotllce building.
Work hns commenced on tho now
$:!G,00() building for tho stato tuber'
culo8ls hospital nt Kearney.
The twenty-fifth annual meeting of
the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
w;ll bo held at Lincoln May 31.
Moro automobiles licenses wero Is
nued by Secietary of State Pool last
week than nny previous week slnco
nutos wero Invented.
Klbert Moron, living nenr Johnson,
suffered a broken nrm and intcrnnl
Injuries when two tennis and a wagon
lond of oatn ran over him.
The Rt. Rev. Richard Scannell,
bishop of Omaha, will administer tho
rite of confirmation to a very largo
clnsn at West Point on May 10.
Tho new Methodist bell tower,
erected a month ago at Ord, fell
after huvlng been struck by a run
away horse. Damage to the building
A $200 diamond brooch pin, lost by
Miss Kflle Yager In front of her homo
In Hastings, wns crushed Jy nn au
tomobile and its value as a pin de
stroyed. The barn of K. N. Boyles. living
nenr the Wyoming lino, northwest of
Hnrrlsan. was burned, together with
four horses, two mules, a cow, har
ness, hay and grain.
Attorney General Reed line an
nounced the appointment of Ed. P.
SImth of Omaha to oppear for the
state and the railway commission in
defense or order No. 1ft, tho class
rato order.
The Alliance Commercial iclub has !
shipped In 2.000 trees, pnylng tho
freight nnd selling them for less than
cost. More trees will bo planted
there this year than In any five pre
vious yenrs.
While working about the railroad
yards at Unndllla, Max Schrelner,
mannger of tho Farmers' elevator,
stepped on a spike that ran nearly
through his foot, cnuslng a very pain
ful wound.
William O'Brien of Pllger, has
received by exxprcsn a black bear
from Nyssu, Ore. The hear wan cap
tured when n small cub, by Wlllard
Davison, formerly of Pllger. It In
now one year old nnd quite tamo.
An Iron staple, approximately an
Inch an a quarter long nnd hnlf an
Inch acroso. which S. C. Hawthorno
nf Lincoln swallowed over two years
ago, was removed rrom his left lung
during tho first pnrt of this month.
Adjutnnt Trimble nt Lincoln has
received nn Invitation from the town
of Aurora asking for tho stnte en
campment of tho Grand Army of tho
Republic for 1916. The encampment
this year Is nt Mlndcn, May 18, 19,
20 and 21.
One of the most shocking nccl
dents In the history of Alliance occur
red when Vern Lyon, the nine-year-old
boy of Mr. and Mrs, Jim Scott,
had his leg literally torn off at tho
knee as he was attempting to climb
onto tho rear of a buggy.
A twelve ncro plot In tho west part
of Hastings has been leased by tho
school board for experimental agricul
tural purposes upon the part of school
boys, who will bo nllotod one eight
of an acre each. Eighteen boys en
gnged In the experimental work last
year. One lad sold $18 worth of his
own products.
Probing preliminary to a grand
Jury Investigation Is being carried on
nt Hastings. According to Deputy
Attorney General Barrett, the inves
tigation promises many sensational
Whllo- riding in n carryall with her
husband and fnmlly, Mrs. Phillip
Volmer. who resides ten miles from
Moron, fell from the back of the ve
hlclo to the ground nnd broke her
nock. She lived but hnlf an hour
after the nccldent.
The state board of control hns ar
ranged Mint between 1,500 nnd 1,(100
loads of sand and cemont, needed for
the pormnnent roadway which will bo
constructed on tho Lincoln highway
near the Kearney Industrial school,
wll ho haued by the boys there. Tho
sand will bo taken from the Platte.
Thousands of horses are being gath.
crod nt Grand Island for the warring
nations of Europe.
Colonel A. B. Pevslngor, who re
sides nenr Chappell, had twenty head
of 2-year-old steers struck by light
ning nnd killed. Tho cnttlo wero
worth over $1,000.
It Is oxpected that 200 women from
various parts of tho country will bo
In Omnhn Mny 8 to 13 In nttendnnco
upon tho biennial convention of tho
Woman's Homo nnd Foreign Mission
ary society of tho general synod of
tho Lutheran church.
TURES TO COST $400,000.
Attorney General Reed Issues Ruling
Regarding Assessment
of Banks.
Lincoln. Tho University of Nebras
ka Boniil of Rogentn authorized tho
first two buildings to bo constructed
on the city campus under tho plana
for university extension. They nro Urn
Bessey hull and the chemistry build
ing, eacli to cost $200,000. Tho
board also selected Mio slto for tho
pew dairy barn at the stato farm.
Tho Junior medical collcgo In Lin
coln ban been abolished, It being tho
intention to give these courses nt
Omaha. Tho board made plans to
construct tho new $150,000 hospital
building nt the Omaha Medical col
logo authorized by the legislative ap
propriation. Tho department of for
estry wns nbollshed nt the university
and a department of poultry cstat
Ilshcd at the state farm.
Assessment of Banks.
Attorney General Reed has Issued
a ruling Mint requires county assess
ors In npprnlslug the cnpttal stock ofl
banks to give Its "franchise value.'
Tills menns that not only the paid
up nnd book vuluo of the stock, sur
plus and undivided profits shall bo
figured, but that the assessor Is also
to take Into considcraUon anything
else that mny affect the value of tho
stock. The real estate and all tangi
ble property Is to bo added as a part
of tho capital stock value. The real
estate In then to be deducted and
taxed separately. The ruling takes
cognlzanco of nnd Is issued In view
of the corrective law passed by tho
Inst legislature, repealing tho exemp
tion Mint bunks previously had as to
renl estate mortgages.
After Session Talk.
Senator Jack Grace of Harlan
county, n member of the last and
preceding senate, wn3 a caller at tho
state house last week and In a dis
cussion of the statement made by
Senator Qulnby of Omaha that the
ronato had nineteen "wooden In
dlans" In it at the last session, tho
Btntcsman from Harlan remarked. "1
don't know nbout tho wooden Indians,
but I know there was one wooden
bead in the senate and ho camo from
Omaha." Spenklng of the work ot
the Inst senate, the senator said ha
believed tho record of that body
would stand up well with tho work
of other senates In tho past "One
thing Is sure," said Senator Grnce,
"If the state of Nebraska had had
only one body, the house, nnd no sen
nte, as Senator Qulnby advocates,
there Is hardly an Institution of tho
stnte but what would havo been
crippled for funds to run It or havo
iK'cn compelled to sacrifice Us effi
ciency because Micro would not havo
been funds to run It on a buslnesB
May Ninth Mothers' Day.
Following the custom of the. last
few years Governor Morehoad has Is
sued a proclamation designating Sun
dny, Mn D, as Mothers' day and asks
that a fitting obsorvnnce of tho day
bo followed. The proclamation in
part follows:
"Gratitude Is one of tho cardinal
virtues; to remember gratefully nets
of kindness bestowed Is nn evidence
of true nobility; to exemplify this
b word or deed Is commcndablo in
nil. One day of tho year has been se
lected in which thin mny bo shown In
a manner that must tend to mako
ourselves and other hotter. It Is tho
dny wherein wo nhow by some out
ward token how dearly we esteem
tho one who gave us birth, and
wntched over us in our Infancy nnd
youth, nnd who hns nt nil times been
our best friend. That friend Is moth
er. The dny Is Intended to ntnrt In
the mind nplendld recollections of tho
past, and will mnko that Sunday
more sacred than It othorwlso would
bo. It would be well If npeclnl men
tion of tho day bo mado In all tho
churches throughout tho stnte. I
therefore recommend that Sunday,
tho 9th day or May, bo obsorved ns
Mothers' dny and trust it will bo re
cognized ns generally as circum
stances will permit. John n. More
hend." Signal Officers Service School.
The War dopnrtment has nuthor
Ized Adjutant General Hall of tho Ne
braska national guard to seifd tho
officers of tho signal corps to Mio
eorvlco school for that branch of the
Borvico, to bo held nt Fort Leaven
worth, Kna, Juno 5 to 15.
Florence Left Out.
Governor Morehend has Issued
another Greater Omaha annex
atlon proclamation, which excludes
tho vlllngo of Floronco from tho op
eration of tho annexation olectlon.
Tho governor's now proclamation
cancels tho ono Issued on April 24,
and provides for nn annexation elec
tion which nffectn only South Omnlm
and tho vlllngo of Dundee, under S.
F. No. 2. Florenco not being sup
plied from the gaa plant In tho city
of Omaha with, Its gaso, does not
como within the provisions of tho bill.