The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 22, 1915, Image 5

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Bulletin of The Week's Doings
See Dr. Wat rich. Monday, April Until
Today is Aibor day Did you plant
ii tree?
Boscoe Woesnor was hi Hatlti s
Geo. Holt of Cowlos was in town
Col. .Jahe Klllnger was In Bladen on
The Ilest of Shoes"(uoei.(jiiallty"iit
Miner Bros Co.
Intues Utibatka of I) Union wiis In
town Wednesday.
Boadmnster l'hil Tiout was in lie
publican City, Friday.
Mrs. A. II. Bugloy spent Thursday in
MeCook with friends.
.Inch Bogg wat n passenger to Iiui
vale Monday evening.
Attorney McXeny was in Superior
Tliursday on business.
Vale Fox went to York last week to
visit his brother, Charley.
Frank Klllnger and Aaron Hedge
spent Sunday in Campbell.
FOU 11KNT A good b-room houso
Hutchison & Saladeu. adv
Have you seen those line spring Shoes
and Oxfords at Miner ltros Co.'.'
Frit. Moodeof Blue Hill has accept
cd u position with the Ued Cloud Auto
Mr. and Mrs. C5. A. Wells of Cowles
spent Sunday In this city with J. 13.
Butler mid wife.
Attorney Dorsey of Bloomlngton
spout Sunday in this city with Attor
ney McNony and wife.
Mrs. Geo. Davis returned home from
North Branch, Sunday evening, wheio
she hud been visiting relatives.
Spring Suits! Spring Coats! Spilng
Skirts! Spring Press Goods! Evuiy
thing new for Spi lug at Miner Bros.
Charley Powell left Wednesday
morning for Rochester, Minnesota,
where he will havo an operation per
formed Bring in your cream, poultry and
eggs to us. Wo pay the highest
market priee. Swift it .Co., Clare Woltu
Bandmaster Bet. 1ms announced
that the llrst open air baud concert of
the soason will be given on Thiusday
evening, April L'Oth.
Dr. Warrick, tliu specialist, will meet
oye, ear, nose and throat, patients and
those iKellng glasses llttt-d at. Dr.
DanieioH's olllce, Monday,, -Cth.
Arthui Young of Ansley, Nebraska,
spent Thursday evening in this city
with his uncle, W II. MoKiuiniey mid
family. lie was euroute to B aver
City to visit relatives.
The hiiuie tilont play entitled, "A
Debtot Honor," was given at thonpeia
house Monday evening. 1 he house
was puck ed to Its full cap.ioitx, and
the play was good, each and every one
in the cist proving a star. Prof. But, s
orchcstin fin uisliod tin' music winch
was up to the usual high standard.
"Do not burn cnrnstull.h or straw
but plow under all crop losidiios," is
the advice of the depai tment of agri
cultural chemistry at the Univeislty
Farm. Corn stalk's and oat stinw aie
wot tli ?1 "() u ton as fertilizers Be
sides returning nitrogen, phosphorus
and lotassiuin to the soil, they help
to Improve the texture of the soil by
increasing the humus content.
Down at Belolt, Kansas, tliu other
day a lady went into u dry goods store
and asked to look at tliu new suits.
After trying one on she informed the
clerk that sho only wished to see how
bhe was going to look in the suit
she had ordered from a malt order
house The lady certainly displayed
no small amount of norve, and to us it
seems as though a person of this type
Is not entitled to live, even in Kansas.
Made by The Irving Drew Co. Makers
of Finest Footwear in America
The Latest Are
"The Tipperary Pump")
"Military Oxford"
(Black Patent Leather, White Top)
"Sand Colored Cloth Top Boots"
We Havo Thorn In Your Blzo
C3TRemember We Give S. & H. Green Stamps With Footwear Sales
Garden Seeds - Onion Sets
lidies' Suits at Miner'- at ill) anil up
lelV t liaplin of Cowles was in town
Col. Besse was in illuV IBB Monday
on business.
I tob t. Avery and wife- spent Sunday
in Superior.
Dr. Crelghton is now diking a now
Ford ro'idMiT
Bring In vour cream and buy coal.
J. O. C ild well.
Alf McCiill went to Kansas City
Sunday morning.
Chas Kessler came down from Hast
ings Monday evening.
'2(1 percent discount on Wall Paper
and Paint B. S Barber.
Pasture For Bent Plenty of good
grass, water and shade. A. Boats.
Garrett Olnnstede of (Juiile Koek
was in the city the last of the week.
For rubber boots and rubbers come
in and see us. The Kllis Shoe Store.
11. C. Hansen purchased a new Ford
touring car of Jas. Peterson this week.
F. C. MeDole of Orleans has accept
ed u position in Ja. Peterson's garage.
Order your Lettuce, Badishes, Celery
and other vegetables from Miner Bros.
Hugh ljealis in the city this week
vl-itiinr his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
V. .Beal
FOB SABB Kami and road horses.
John Sorensoii, 0 miles southwest of
Dun rmhoir of ( riiiil Bock purchased
u now Ford auto from .las, I'oteroon
S ilmday.
Our sprlngstock of shoos havo arriv
ed ami they are beauties. The Bills
Shoe Store.
Mr. mil Mis Dick Biinchy ennm
down from fl i and Island, Monday to
visit friends
fiuorge Hailcll was in Bong Island.
Kansas, Friday visiting his mother
who is very sick.
.1. A. JIi'Arthur ami son, Ar'hnr
weie in Bone Island. Kmisis, Friday,
attending the wedding of their noiee
a d cousin, Miss May Call and I'red
Bowman of Topeliii
The llrst of the weok Attorney B W.
Stewart pureluised the abstract busi
ness of. M. W. Carter and has taken
possession of tliH same. Mr. (Jailer
ami family are moving back to Nelson
tills week, and while lesidiug In this'
city made many friends who regret to
hivu them leave. Mr. Stewart needs
no Introduction to our citizens, having
been engaged in tliu practice of law
here for some time, and being well
and favcrably known, and wo bespeak
for him biiccess.
Farm Loans
At best rates and terms to bo had in
this state. Call for mo at State Bank
of Bod Cloud. C. F. Cathiiii.
Spiing Coats at S" and up at Minei's.
Ben MeFarliiud returned homo Sat
urday from Lincoln,
Clias. Woods canio homo f'-om Brand
Island Tuesday evening.
John and Miss Bose Metiuiro weie
In Bivertou S'liiday afternoon.
SriO.nnO to loan bn real estate
security. L. 1. At.uHKllli.
Order your (ieiniiiie Bed Blver Bally
Ohio Seed Potatoes from Miner Bios.
Bono MeBuiio and Bruce Shercr,
who are teachingsehool nearltiverion,
weie homo Saturday.
Miss Cecllo Thornton, the domestic
science teacher, is on the sick list with
the mumps this week.
Warren Longtin was down from
Hastings Wednesday attending the
funeral of John Polniokv.
The Misses Cioneveivo Boblnson and
Alice Fowler woro up from Guide
Bock Wednesday shopping.
(Jo to Miner Bros. Co., for all youi
wants in Women's Wear and in Dry
Bonds, Groceries and Shoes.
Miss Laura Hedge was down from
Franklin the last of the weok visiting
her mother, Mrs. M. Hedge.
Bov. II. B. Clarke, Hli evangelist, be
gan a series of levival meetings last
evening at the Baptist chinch.
Fiod A'jois, Deputy Oil Inspector,
was in the city today and whllo heiu
ho made this olllce a pleasant visit.
Lloyd (Ii lines put chased a Ford
ro.nlsii'i of ,I,is, Polfi-sou this week in
which lie will iruiol over his territory
as saicMiiuii.
A stoia goinu' the i minds in the n.'u smi'i : A j onng iiiaii ill
the cotiiitiy had a tt n.l r passnm and
took his uirl smut llimcrt 'Mlow
U i ml of win." said Ihtj gill, ''to bring
me those inveli ll)trn. I think thou
is some ilt-w on ihnu tcl " ''Yes,"
s,iiil thoyniith in visl,' c inhaf.issilient.
"there is, hut 1 mil gi in to pay it oil'
tomm i." '
Most of the funnels finished sowing
oa's last week.
Henry Coulsoti has ptiiehascil a new
Muriel Kiiinliislcj is sick with the
mumps this week.
Mis. Ira Truelilood Is visiting at the
Whiteloy homo this week.
Fay A meson and family spent Sun
day at the W M. Points home
John Mltcheland family spent Sun
day at the Claience Heed home west of
Mr. and Vis. Btherton of Bed (loud
are visiting their sou and family at
Mrs. B. F Points and children visit
ed ichuhos in Bed Cloud Satin day and
Mrs. T. Whl'eloy spent Saturday
arid Sunday in Franklin with her sou
and family.
Alva Stoner and wife attended the
Fanners' Union convention at Guide
Bock hist Saturday.
Win. Volgt of Nolson was out look
iiitf after business intuiestsnu his farm
a few days lust weok.
Frank Cowden of Bed Cloud was
tuiusiictiug business in the Mt Pleas
ant neighborhood last Friday
MlssCleo Wilmot, M. II. Ilunsicker's
and Carroll Noble's were guests at the
Uobt. Huuslcker home last Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Stokes, Jr., returned
home from Paulino lust week whore
she hud bean called on account of the
dentil of her mother.
You Can Enjoy Life
Eat what you want and not bo troubled
with indigestion if you will tako a
beforo and after each meal. Sold only
by us 25c a box.
H. E, Grlce Drug Co.
School Board Transacts
Considerable Business
(Continued Fioin Page One)
April IP, 'IS.
Begiilur adjourned meeting of the
Bo.inl hold in the olllce of Dr. Cielgh
ton, Piosldent Henry Gilliam, pie
siding. MetubeiN piesent, Blaeklodgo,
Coon, Crelghton, Weesner, Overlng.
Minutes of previous meetings read
iitul itppi oved as read.
The teaclieis' connnilteo submitted
the following repoit:
Bed Cloud City Schools
lleport of Committee on Teachers
To the Board of Bdueatioii:
We your commit ten having had
under consideration tliu recommenda
tion of teachers for employment for
tho ensuing year in our school, io-s-peot
fully repoit:
'In the grades all are euiplojed with
out specllli designation of any guide
and with tho understanding that they
ate subject to assignment to any guide
as maybe determined for the good ot
the schools. At tho same time they
aio tentatively considered for curtain
grades to which they aru expected to
be assigned, If circumstances do not
make a change desirable In tho opinion
of tliu Superintendent or Boaul
On this basis wu recotninund ns
For Sub primary, there are no appli
cations, and we i commend offering
tlio position to. Miss IriniiOriuiosut Stlfi,
she having fuimetly tuuijlit in that
As tho assistant in that woik, and
also to take chat go of the music, thus
tukiiii! tliu nliici'.s of the Cadet, Iluel
Boblnson, and of Mr. W'agonur, Music,
we recommend Miss Simmons, tin appli
cant f i om Lincoln, at the. cotnblt oil
salary of theso positions, SM
For Fiist grade, re-election of Miss
For Second Krade, re-employ nient of
Miss Coombs, who uudtirtliu rules does
not need to bo re-elected.
For Third grade, ro election of Mi's
For Fourth g.ado, leelection of Miss
For Fifth grade, ro employment of
Miss Burko who does not need to be ro.
For Sixth grado the present teacher,
Miss Potter has not applied mid wu re
commend Ireiio McOuirc, subject to
the requirement that she take summer
work in the lines of Pedagogy and
For Seventh grado, ro employment of
Miss Cluistiiiti, also as Piliielpal of tliu
Lincoln school.
For Bight h giado, no applieatloi s
being In, tho selection of u teacher
should be deferred.
In tho High School there will bo
vacancies as follows: I'rinclpalship
and ICnglish.
We maid the following recommenda
tions: For Piiiiclpul, Buth Johnston, at an
increase of Sid monthly over her pies
unt salary of SKI).
For Langimue, Vernon Stoiey. -
For Coiniucrciiil, Josephine Bichaids.
For Agilculuuo, John lloohr at pies
cut siiIhi'.i .
For Doni' stic Science, Ceeilo Thorn
ton. For Matlietiiiitics, Bstella Duckor.
For Knglish, Miss Olive Prion ol
Bockfoid College.
"or Science and History, W. 1'.
Medlor ot Cicie. Mr. Medlor Is also
qualified to superintend school physi
cal training and athletics.
For Manual Tiainliig, Superintend
ent and John Wolfe assistant at SI 'JO
tier J ear.
All salniles are governed by schedule
except those named.
All subject to proper eeitillcatlon by
state department
L. II. Bi.A(i;t.i;i)oi:, )
E J. OVhIUMI. .lit., Con
E A. CimioiiioN, )
ft J. OVhIUMI. .lit,, Com
The Board then proceeded to vote
on teachers with the following result:
Sub'l'rimary, Miss Crimes, six voten.
Asst. Sub-Primary and Music, Miss
Simmons, six votes.
Fiist grado, Miss Schumacher, six
Third guide, Miss Cilham, live votes.
Fourth grade, Miss Henderson, blx
Sixth grade, Miss McOuirc live, Miss
Sheier one
High School
Principal, Kulji Johnston, six votes
Languago, Miss Storey, six votes.
Agriculture, John Boohr, six votes.
Domestic .Science, Miss Thornton,
six votes.
Mathematics, Miss Duckor live, Med
lor, one.
Bngllsh, Miss Prieu, six votes
Science and History, W. P. Medlor,
six votes at $8o Oo.
Assistant Manual Training, Juhu
SVolfc, six votes.
Tho following bills wcru presented:
John W.Boehr 8 12 7.'1
Buth Johnston 11 00
J. O. Culdwell 2f 05
Fred Eddy 1 00
II. E. Crico Drug Co 11 80
State University .'1 .'Is
L C. Smith 25 HO
County Commissioners -Bi'i 00
Moved and seconded that ubovo bills
bi) allowed. Motion carried.
Moved and seconded to (.djottrn.
E.J. OvKiilNd, J n., Societal y.
PtigHfej 1
We have four gold w lehes to be itlveii to tho Boosters or to
porsons who aio not Uiosie's, I'm-y n I l be given during tho next
sixteen weeks in the following wiij.
One watch will bo given hi in I each four consecu
tive weeks after the count on l I. . April atlth, to any
Individual who casts tho most Hon i i Coupons during the
period of four weeks. All coupons cast In these contests
count on tho Brand Prio for the best Booster in tliu
Booster Club Campaign, tint nil Boosters stmt even In. each
watch contest of four weeks; thus each Booster, high or low
lu the club, has the sumo opportunity in each wntch
contest. Any Individual having won ii watch from tho store
will not bo allowed to enter tho following watch contests,
neither may any member of the immediate family of u
winner, nor a helper.
An Individual who Is not n Booster may enter these watch
contests and coupons may be east in 'tho nam) of some
Booster, in wliieh case, to get the credit, the coupons must
be counted by us before they aru put lu tho ballot box.
However, these coupons collected by persons i.ot Boosters
must bo cast all for one Booster. In casu of a tlu tliu
premium will be sold at auction mid tho money divided.
Tho llrst Watch Contest
Monday, May 'i tth.
Sou the Boster at our storo for
Coupons. Ask us about it.
One tliottsiind coupons will be given to Maude Ciow for music
which will be reudeied at our stoic from 2:.'l0 to .'lilld p. m.wStituiilay,
April ytli.
he Qomden-Kaley Qlothing Qo.
The Booster Store
ivC3S3 m- 39'VV
EconoBiy, simplicity and cllicicBcy makes the Ford
a universal utility. A utility because it serves every
body doctor, farmer, salesman and banker. In every
business, or as a pleasure car. the Ford proves leliable
and economical. Low first cost $00 less than last year,
and the plan of sharing profits with the buyers and low
upkeep expense are reasons why it pays to own a Ford.
They serve and save. Buyers will share in profits if we
sell at retail UOO.000 new Ford cars between August 1911
and August 1915.
Touring Cur $490 - Runobout $440
IF. O. B. nctroU)
Hod Cloud ... Guide Rock
3S C
"Life insurance increases the stability of the business
world, raises its moral tone and puts a premium upon
those habits of thrift and saving which are so essential to
the welfare of the people as a body."
Legal Reserve Policy
from tho Travelers' Insurance Company of llai tfoid, you do not liny
agents' o-tlmite, uncertain dividends (rofuiuts) and disappointments
in your old ago. Tiavolrs Bolides aro gnnraiitood throughout.
Bo you want to speculate on your family's piolectlon?
Geo. M. VanCamp, Agent
(0vr Store's Clothlnft Store)
PHONES: Intl. 341 and 173 Bull 2
rnHM r
I. ,iU
" s
LU f
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits f
Fancy and Stable Groceries
Best Prices Paid For Butter and Eggs
Walter W. Marshall
Red Cloud,
Is from Monday, April 2li,
big special offer
in freo Booster
3 ran
rum imtitiii i i" r
ii, iitiMlil.l'.iLl.Liili.u ilU
! r m miiwi m i i
i sj i in fcni
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