The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 22, 1915, Image 3

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By E. O. SHM.nRS, Actltu; UlriM'tor o
Sumlny Soliool Course-, Tlio Month Willi?
ItiKtltutP, ClilntKn, III.)
LKSSON TPJCT-I Samuel 17.3-51.
GOI.DUN THXT-H God lc for us, who
1s fiBiilnat us? Horn. 8:31 It. V
For forty duys (v. 1C) Goliath deflei
SihiTb iirmy, encamped near Oetlile
.hem. Three of tho Bona of Jessu woro
in Saul's army and to them David is
sent with food (vv. 13, IS, 111) These
brothers Bcornfully reproached David
when he expressed n willingness to
fight Goliath, accusing him of pride and
reminding him that hesnshutn fihcp
hord (vv. 2G-29). David's words are
carried to Saul and he is Introduced to
tho king.
I. Boastful Pride, vv. 38-44. Fear
and dlBmay wcro nroused at tho very
sight of this proud Philistine (vv. 11,
24, 32), yet such fear waB foreign to
David, for his eyes wcro not upon man
but upon Ood (v. 37). Ho related to
Saul his exploits not as boasting but
ns giving him assuranco that God was
nblo to deliver him out of the hand of
this Philistine. Saul, who had ouco
been n man of like slinplu faith, 1b now
as much in fear aB any of his army.
David was perhaps about twenty years
of age and verse f6 calls him u "strip
ling," henco it was that Saul'B armor
would not fit him (cf. 10:23). Human
ly speaking, it was an impossible thing
David offered to accomplish single
handed. Even Saul (v. 32) sought to
dissuade David, but David was not
trusting In man nor depending upon
tho armor of the king (v. 39; Pa. 27:1
3; Ibb. 12:2; Rom. 8:31). David took
his familiar staff and sling (see 1
Thess. 6:2'.) and sallied forth, "strong
in tho Lord, not in himself; armed not
with steel but with faith." Crossing
"tho valley" (v. 40 marg.) ho prepared
his sling, with which every Israelite
was skilled (see I Sam. 13:10-23). On
camo tho giant, a ninn about nine feet
tall (v. 4), "a stalking mountain, over;
laid with brass and iron," preceded by
his protector (v. 41). Why such a sol
dier after his period of triumph should
desiro this added safety 1b not quite
clear. It suggests, however, tho sin
ner'B timidity which reveals his essen
tial weakness in that be trusts him
self, takes no chances, and is even sus
picious of his own supporters. What
a contrast! This armored giant and
this ruddy-faced, unarmed youth, car
rying only tho staff, wherewith ho was
wont to fight wild beasts, and hi3
sling! When God calls a man he uses
that weapon with which tho man is
most familiar, and when tho church or
tho Christian soldier seeks to fight in
tho nrmor of another, or by using tho
weapons of tho world, it Ib foredoomed
to falluro (Ex. 4:2; JudgeB 3:31).
II. Conquering Humility, vv. 45-51.
David acknowledged Goliath's su
perior nrmament, yet armed -with tho
nnmo of tho God of the army of Israel
which Goliath had Insulted, his conn
denco overtops that of tho Philistine
and ho hurls back his broud boast.
Furthermore, tho victory was to bo an
immodiato one, "this day" (Zech. 4:C;
James 4:7). With calm assurance he
Informs Goliath of tho outcome of
their conllict, but tnkes no credit to
himself. David had naught but naked
faith and tho senso of a just cause to
strengthen his arm. Ho would do to
Goliath and tho Philistines tho things
that Goliath had boasted ho would do
to David (vv. 44 and 46) "that all tho
earth may know that there is a God
In Israel;" sco also v. 47. David's
seemingly insufficient preparation is
now revealed to bo abundant, for ho
had four stones more than he needed
(r. 40). It is thus that God chooses
'ho weak things to confound tho mighty
(I Cor. 1-27).
III. Summary Wo havo before us
thrc-o lessons. First the lesson of Indi
vidual responsibility. A sinful king had
paralyze'd tho effectiveness of tho
ortr.7 of iBrael. David, "a man after
God'B own heart," refused Saul's ar
mor, crying out "I cannot go in these."
Saul, bound by tradition, must use
conventional weapons. Every great
ndvnnco in tho history of tho church
has been led by somo man who struck
out boldly, insensible nllko to tho con
ventionalism of Ida friends nnd tho
gibes of the enemy. God would have
evory man work according to himself,
no, copying, not imitating, but with his
own equipment. Second, all tho glnnts
of sin havo not yet been overthrown.
Wo still havo the giants of Intemper
ance, Unchastlty, Graft, Selfishness,
Ambition and tho Inequalities of our
civic nnd social life. These can only
bo ovcrcomo in tho strength of God.
Iluiiyan mentions three giants,
Pride, Grim and Pagan; to theso wo
may add, Anger, Untruthfulness, Self
ishness and Sullcnncss.
Third, Our Helper. See Golden
Text. Of nil tho graces David pob
Bc&scd, faith was the root of each ono
faith in a living God.
His active faith caused him with
nimble feet to attack this blasphemous
t'tiemy (v. 48).
H!b fnltli In God characterizes his
cntlro life, resounds in his songs and
strengthened his life of service for Jo
hovah. '
It is such faith that strengthens tho
arm of tho true saint of God, that en
ables him to "ovcrcomo" In his own
lllfe, to undertako for God and to go U
Itho ends of tho earth In his name.
J Available for Wear With Various Frocks
A separate coat, which becomes a
suit-coat when worn with Its own par
ticular skirt, but is availablo for
wear with various frocks, will com
mend itself to every woman, espe
cially to hor who contemplates n Jour
ney. Many of theso coats havo been
designed this season, nnd they have
been enthusiastically welcomed. They
nro shown in tans, grays, black nnd
whlto mixtures, nnd In checks. In
theso neutral colors they go well with
frocks or Hklrts In any color.
Ono of tho newest nnd smartest of
coatB of this kind Is shown In tho
picture. It is cut with almost
straight lines at tho front and back
nnd trimmed in braid nnd buttons
with a crisp military precision. At
each side, a llttlo bolow tho waist
line, there 1b nn Insert of fan plaits,
giving the desired flare, and the
double turnqver collar, set on at the
back, Is another concession to de
mands of the vogue.
Tho skirt to match Is plain, fitted
about tho hips and with a very con
servative Hare from hip line to bot
tom edge. It Is n llttlo longer than
ankle length, but short enough to be
a correct tailored model.
In nearly all coats of this kind tho
fit is vague, tho waist lino either
Headwear for All
Now that the return of spring lures
everyone to tho out-of-doors, devotees
of motoring aro happily busy getting
together their "motor togs." Coats
and headwear for ruln-or-shlne driv
ing must bo considered from every
point of view, and let no one think
that becomlngncss Is not ns impor
tant In motor apparel as in any other.
nut this is a hint hardly needed for
the buyer of headwear. Women aro
accustomed to placing becomlngness
as tho paramount essential when
choosing any kind of millinery. In
tho cliolco of motor hats there Is so
great a range this spring that ono
can afford to be exacting at)d to look
until the very best model Is found.
Two motor bonnets nro pictured
hero thnt may be depended upon for
good service. They aro made of silk.
One of them boasts n brim and Is quite
llko a hut in shapo. It is developed
in pongoo with brim-rover turning up
nt tho back over tho folded-over
crown. A Bilk cord nnd fan of fringed
braid supply tho decoration and theso
are supplied in any color demanded.
Tho bonnet nt tho left of tho plcturo
Is made In chungeablo taffeta piped
with n dark color in tho same silk.
BAHJkL. aV "V LaeaeEaaeaw "&9" "
raised above or dropped below tho
normal, and only a suggestion, at
most. In many of them lines nro
perfectly straight or show n gradual
llaru from the shoulders down.
New Towels.
Some of the newest Turkish towels
have an Initial quite four or live Inches
long, worked In French knots nt the
left of the towel, above the border, in
stead of In the center, as Is usually
done. For a man's uso towels worked
with theso large letters are very good
Among the newest designs for small
guest towels Is ono of a lino dumask of
a very smnll pattern without a woven
border. The latter is hemstitched on
and consists of an inch-wide hem of
colored linen, pink or blue.
Tho Initial may be embroidered in
whlto on the hem or worked on tho
towel Itself In a color to correspond
with the hem.
Separate Coats.
Separate coats are receiving a great
deal of attention; motor coats con
tlnue to be full length or seven-eighths.
Some of the newer conts are of uneven
Motoring I
- Weather
The "body" possessed by this silk
makes It especially well suited to soft
crowns. Also, In tho better grado, It
tins fine resisting qualities ngalust
dampness, und sheds dust readily.
This bounot 1b finished with broad rib
bon ties in a soft weave that will not
crush. A buckle, mado of tho silk
used In tho pipings, over a foundation
of buckram, and two flat buttons of
the same, aro used for trimming.
Many of the new volls nro largo
squares of chiffon hemmed all around.
Among them is a novelty showing a
squnro insert of net or Inco In tho
chiffon at ono side. This is placed
over the face, when tho veil Ib not
needed for actual protoctlon, and al
lows tho wearer to boo clearly,
Spring Waists.
Spring waists aro both novel and
wcarablo. Tho most notlceablo fea
tures nro tho continued uso of high
collars nnd tho return of jabots and
rufllcB. That the jabot has returned is
good nows, for never did women look
moro attractlvo than when they woro
jabotfj nnd ruffles of crisp linen and
lace. Vogue.
A Western Canada Farmer
Writes as to Conditions.
A. G Hansen is a farmer living near
Clnvet, Sask., nnd as un old resident
of Minnesota, takes strong exception
to some of tho articles appearing in
American papers disparaging the true
conditions In Western Cnuada. The
"Cottonwood Current" of Cottonwood,
Minn., an Important weekly paper in
the southwestern pait of the state, re
cently published a letter from Mr
Hansen, which Is Interesting rending
In his letter Mr. Hansen makes a
splendid enso for Western Canada
ngalnBt those who seek to deter farm
ers in tho StntCB from settling in Can
ada He BayB:
"The district In which we llvo Is a
fair comparison to any other district
in the country, tnndo up mostly of set
tlers from tho Stntcs. Tho majority
hero consists of Americans from Min
nesota, Iowa and tho Dakotas, with a
few Canadians' nnd nn odd English
man. Wo havo been here eleven years,
over slnco this part of the country was
sottlcd, and tho majoilty havo done
well. If they havo not, It Is certainly
not tho fault of tho country.
"There has not been a crop failure
In this district slnco nettled This
year was tho poorest, caused by lack
of rain, although a fnlr estlmnto of
wheat la about twelvo bushels per
acre, average, and oats nbout ten.
Some farmers got ns much as twenty
flvo bushels of wheat per aero, and if
all got good prices.
"Tho laws of Cnnada arc nearly tho
same us thoso of Minnesota, and wo
enjoy tho samo privileges.
"So far as tho European war Ib con
cerned, wo Buffer to a certain extent
as all the world docs. Canada Is giv
ing a helping hand to her Mother
Country, nnd wo American-Cnnndians
firmly believe It Is Canada's duty to
do so. I havo not heard ono American-Canadian
who hns expressed a dif
ferent opinion. Canada is not com
pelled to send hex soldiers. Tho serv
ice rendered Ib all voluntary service
"Tho accusation that old settlers are
considered undeslrablo citizens and
aro forced out of business, evon In
danger of being 'mobbed at thetr own
fireside,' Is all falso, a mcro fabrica
tion In the mind of badly Informed
correspondents. There aro a few who
have been discovered carrying letters,
others papers and plans to provo them
spies, and whose object Ib to conspire
against tho government. TheBO havo
Justly been arrested. Such a class of
people cannot bo considered good citi
zens, whether living in Canada or In
tho United States.
"Some people aro failures wherever
they are, and as an excuse for failure
In their country It may seem easy to
put tho blnmo on the Canadian people
and the Canadian government. Fact
Is, thousands of peoplo from tho United
States aro emigrating to Canada at
tho present tlmo, which shows they
aro not afraid of the Canadian govern
ment. "Tho government is giving away,
free of charge, provision through tho
winter to farmers In certain district's
affected by tho drought, and Is also
sending seed grain to those In need
of help. ThlB Is very different from
driving settlers away from their own
"I have always observed that the
peoplo who love their Mother Country
most are thoBo who mako the best citi
zens of their adopted country. The
glorious 'Stars and Stripes' will al
ways stand for what Is good and noble
to us, though we live in a neighbor
country where we also enjoy 'life, lib
erty and the pursuit of happiness. '
After the Meeting.
Orator's Wlfo Did tho people ap
plaud? Orator (with bitterness) Applaud?
They mado less noise than a rubber
heel in a feather bod!
Over 100,000 package of Allen's Coot-Hane, the
antiseptic powder to abake luto yourBlioeH, are
being uited by the German ana Allied troop at
the Front because it resin mo teei, bitch in
stant relief to ConiB and IJuiiIoiib, liot, Hwolleu
aching, tender feet, and makes walking easy.
Bold every where. 25c. Try It TODAY. Don't
accent any substitute. Adr.
Tho man who makes the best of
everything should havo no troublo In
disposing of his goods.
Somo men aro pleasant to talk to
nnd (llsagrecnblo to listen to.
fui yVivviLizaLiJ
MEN'S 2.50 3 3.50 '4.00 4.50 5 5.50 SHOES
WOMEN'S '2.00 '2.50 '3.00 3.50 & 4.X SHOES
BOYS' 1.75 '2 '2.50 '3.00 MISSES' '2.00 & '2.50
W. It. DouglM .hoe. are made of
leatuer., on trie latcic moueu, careiuuj conuruciea oy me ino.s
xpert 1BJ ana pattern matter in una
oi equal price., can compel, wuu n.uiuuugiu enoee loriiyio,
wommamnip anu quality, as cuauurwum, ooiy wauuof
hoe. they are nn.arpM.ed. J
Thn B3.0O, S3.SO and S4.0O .boe. will clve as rood Berrleo
M other make! coatlne SM.00 to U3.00. The aV1.60,3.oo and
mojao .hoe. compare favorably wltb
oiuer raaue. eoitine aui.uu to ajH.uu. .
thero are many men and worsen wear I
ahoee. Coniuf t them and ther will tell I
Douglas tuue cannot be excelled lor
AIIriril WhenbuytniW.t,.
wr iwn a loot lor BUNAMr
BtamDed on the bottom. ShoM tbUA ttitnioed
worth the price paid for Ihrm. For 3e ynani W. I.. Douilaa ha.
cuuantowl their value and protected thewrartr iiitlnnt hUh
tulctt for Inferior ibou by having tila NAMK AND I'lllCl!
itamped on the bottom belore they leave the factory. Do not
ba pereuadrd to take tome other make claimed to be Jiut a
food. You are paylut your money aod are entitled to the ban.
If your dealer cannot supply yon, write for Illua.
Umtml Catalog showing how to order by mall,
W, I- Uuuq-la., aiO Hpark Bt Brockton, Moss.
Is it possible there is a woman in this country who con
tinues to suffer .without giving Lydia E. l'inkham's Vege
table Compound a trial after all the evidence that is con
tinually being published, which proves beyond contradic
tion that this grand old medicine has relieved more suffer
ing among women than any other one medicine in the world?
We have published in the newspapers of the United States
more genuine testimonial letters than have ever been pub
lished in the interest of any other medicine for women
and every year we publish many new testimonials, all gen
uine and true. Here arc three never before published:
From Mrs. S. T. Richmond, Providence, R. I.
FnoviDEKGR, K. I." For tho bctiollL of women who nufler as I have
dono I wish to Htnlo what Lydia K rinlthnm's Vcgctublo Coni'xmnd
lias tlono for mo. I did eonio heavy lifting and tho doctor mild ib
caused a displacement. I havo alwayn been weak and I overworked
after my baby was Irorn nnd Inflammation sot in, then nervous pros
tration, from which I did not recover until I had taken Lydia K Pink
ham's Vegetablo Comixnind. Tho Cbintmuml is my best friend and
when I hear of a woman with troubles like mine I try to induce hor
to tako your medicine." Mrs. H. T. Kioumond, 81 rrbgress Avenue,
Providence, III.
From Mrs. Maria Irwin, Peru, N.Y.
Peru, N.Y. M Boforo I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo Com
pound I was very irregular nnd had much rain. I had lost three
children, and felt worn out all tho timo. This splendid medicine
helped me as nothing elso had dono, and I am thankful every day
that I took it." Mrs. Mama Irwin, K.FJ). 1, Peru, N.Y.
From Mrs. Jane D. Duncan, W. Quincy, Mass.
South Quinoy, Mass. "Tho doctor said that I had organic troublo
and he doctored mo for a long time and I did not get any relict I
eav J,yuia u. l'inkham's Vegetablo Compound ad- skz
vcrtiscd and I tried it and found relief beforo I had S1IC
liuiBuuu mo iirac uouio. I continued taking it all
through middlo lifo and am now n strong, healthy
"woman and cam my own living." Mrs. .Tank 1).
Duncan, Forest Avenue, West Qidncy, Mass.
tterivlll bo opened, read ana nnnwerod
by a woman und halu lu strict coulldoucc.
It will pay you to come to me for your Dental work. 26 long years
of experience In one spot. Painless guaranteed fillings, crowns and
bridges. Plates that wear and fit. Diseased gums successfully
treated. Fillings from $ I up. Railroad fare for SO miles allowed.
Send for Free Booklet. 921-22 Woodman of World, Omaha
Bad Language.
ThomiiB A. L'dlBon on IiIh sixty
eighth birthday unld to a reporter:
"Tho result of this war will bo n
Qormun republic that In fifty yenn.
will forgo ahead of all of ub."
Tho roporter, Impressed by Mr. Edi
son's war knowledge, asked:
"Whnt langungo do tho Uolgluns use
Walloon, French, Germun?"
"Humph," said Mr. Edison, "I know
well what languago I'd ubo If I woro a
Cobb Is It a privilege- to know
Webb Yes; an expense, alBo.
Trr Murine Hj Kemtdjr for Ued, Wck. Watery
ll;K and (IrunQlatr'l Hrellds: No Hmarllni
Iust Hie comfort. Wrlto tor Hook or the K
nail Free. Marine Uje Itemed? Co., Ctilcao.
This would bo a much hotter world If
peoplo would only finish everything
that they start.
AMWI.rA HKKI), 16 00. Farmi for aale on
crop payment! J. Mulhall, Boo City, la. Adv.
When sho reads n historical novel
Bho skips tho historic pnrt.
tba beat domeitlo and Imported
country, no outer miu
Wherever vou live
ing w.i.iJougiaa
you mat w.
tbo price.
Dourtai tho.
ara aliiaiii
7MfffjtXijCVfrfy. KM (WiWRvtSv.S7
afRntfj millliW HiMfftS'
We!llIIIIL ir..alllUkUrMVUrWIiail11IIU,'anm
ffliRr.. mmmwmmmwm.
rcvvu77Kr ivc-,iiiuvin4T1UfwariAuiir'!
mmmw Awvcr, irman mwnm iyaTOiv'm
BTaTaHahBkXXTaTaKPl - - awMBBZL'ir.Tf .. , "A IAAW WWWV aTi2' JeTJaaeaV
"aiSTalPr-''-"S-'1wB -t
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( y r Nft
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Dr. Gordon's Homo Treatment, wherever used, Is producing
results heretofore unheard of. Guaranteed to give satisfac
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us a postal or letter today.
j Home Remedy Company, Lincoln, Nebr.
Dninpni'HH caused by u woman's
tours Ih always oppressive.
Official Denial
No War Tax on Homestead Land In Canals
The report that a mar tax Ih to b placed om
IlouiCHlciid IuiiiIh In Wextern C'uumla having
been Rlreii couBlderaliln circulation In the
Uiilleil HlateH, thlH Ih to adflse all enquirer
that no Huch tax ban been placed, nor Ih there
any Intention to place a war tax of any nature
on finch lands. (HlRnetl) W. D. Hcott, Supt. at
lmmicratlon, Ottawa, Cuuad a, March iSth, 1916.
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W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 17-1916.
It you could vlilt tbo
W. Zm Douglas factory
at Brockton, Ma...,
and sm bow carefully
tba (hoe. aro made,
and tba high grade
leather oaed, you
would than under.
stand wby they look
and fit better, bold
their abapoaad wear
longer than the
makes for the prloa.
VV. L. Dqualaa
throusn bo
stores In the
no anoa
j0 v
mflmiV iwfmwrw