The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 22, 1915, Image 2

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A Serious Event.
IO Com to do Htibron, In tho iihtlrins
uniform of r-ujilnln In tlio Cuvulry,
nat HinokliiK and thlnkliiK. . .
What Ih tlui ii8 of beliiR thirty yearn
old with tho brovot of captain mill
much dlHttnctlon of family If you uro
a poor mini In uhurt, what Is the good
of anything If you nre nlono In the
world mid no onu caret) what becomes
of you?
Ho nwiK hl bnll, and when IiIh
ordonnnnco appeared, aald nhnrply:
"Quo dlublo Id tho noise In tho sta
ble, Ilrunot? Don't you know that
when 1 Binoko at this hour all Turaa
con niiiHt bo kept utterly Bllcnt?"
Tarascon la nover silent. No Kronch
meridional town Is, especially in tho
warm Butillfht of a glorious May day.
"The noise, mon Capltalno," aald
Ilrunot, "la rather melancholy."
"Melancholy!" exclaimed tho young
officer. "It'a infernal. Stop It at onco."
Tho ordonnanco held hla kepi In IiIh
hand. Ho had a round good-natured
faco and kind gray oyea that wero
used to twinkle at IiIh maatcr'a humor
and caprices.
"I beK pardon, mon Cnpltalno, but
a very serious event la taking place."
"It will bo moro aerlous yot, Ilrunot,
If you don't keep thlnga qulot."
"I am sorry to tell, mon Capltalne,
that Mlchetto has Juat died."
"Mlchotto!" exclaimed the maator.
"What relation Is alio of youra, Uru-
"Ah, mon Capltalne," grinned tho or
donnanco, "relation! Nono! It la tho
llttlo terrier that MotiBleur lo Capl
talno may havo remarked now and
thon in tho garden."
Sabron nodded and took his clgarctto
out of hla mouth aa though In respect
for tho decoasod.
"Ah, yes," ho said, "that melancholy
llttlo dog! Well, Ilrunot!"
"She has juat breathed her last,
mon Capltalne, and she Is leaving be
hind her rather a largo family."
"I urn not surprised," aald tho officer.
"Thero aro six," vouchsafed Hru
not, "of which, If moil Captalno is
willing, I should llko to keep ono."
"Nonsonse," aald Sabron, "on no ac
count. You know perfectly well, Ilru
not, that I don't surround myself with
things that can mako mo suffer. I
havo not kept a dog in ten years. I
try not to enro about my horsea ovon.
Everything to which I attach myself
dies or causea mo regret and pain.
And I won't havo any mlsorablo llttlo
puppy to complicate existence"
"Illon, mon Capltalne," accepted the
ordonnanco tranquilly. "I havo given
away live. Tho alxth la In tho stablo;
If Monsieur lo Capltalno would coino
down and look at It . . ."
Sabron rose, throw his clgarctto
away and, following ncroBS tho garden
in tho bland Mny light, went Into tho
Btablo whero Madamo Mlchette, a
6abron Looked at the Letter.
umall wire-haired Irish torrlcr had
given birth to a lino family and her
colf gono tho way of thoao who do
their duty to a raco. In the atraw nt
his feot Sabron saw a ratlike, unpre
poBBcaalng llttlo object, crawling about
feebly In search of warmth and nour
lahraent, uttering pitiful llttlo erica.
Its cxtrcmo lonollness and helpless
ness touched tho big soldier, who said
curtly to his man:
"Wrap It up, and If you don't know
how to feed It I should not bo sur
prised If I could induco It to tnko a
llttlo warm milk from a quill. At all
events wo shall havo a try with It.
Fetch It along to my rooms."
And us ho retraced his stops, loav
Ing his ordor to bo executed, ho
thought to himself: Tho llttlo beggar
Is not -much moro alono In tho world
than I am! As ho said that ho re
called a word In tho meridional patois:
l'ltchouno, which meana "poor llttlo
"1 shall call It Pltchoune," ho
thought, "and wo shall seo If It can't
do better than Its namo suggosts."
Ho wont c.'wiv back to his rooniB
and busied himself at hla tablo with
hla correspondence. Among tho let
ters wan an Invitation from tho Mar
quise d'Hscllgnae, an American mar
ried to a Frenchman, and tho great
lady of tho country thereabouts.
"Will you not." sho wrote, "como to
dine with us on Sunday? I havo my
niece with me Sho would bo glad to
see a French soldier. Sho has ex
pressed such a wish. She comes from
a country where soldiers aro rare. Wo
dine at eight."
Sabron looked at tho letter and Its
flue clear handwriting. Its wording
was leas formal than a French Invita
tion la likely to bo, and It gave him
ii Bonao of cordiality. Ho had aeon,
during Ills rides, the beautiful lines
of tho Chateau d'HsclIgnuc. Its tur
rets surely looked upon tho Rhone.
Thero would bo a dlvino vlow from
the terrucea. It would bo u plensuro
to go there. Ho thought moro of what
tho plnco would be than of tho pcoplo
In It, for he was something of a her
mit, rather a recluse, and very re
served. Ho was writing a line of accoptanco
when Unmet camo in, a tiny bundle In
hla hand.
"Put l'ltchouno ovor there In tho
sunlight," ordored tho ofllcor, "and wo
shall seo If wo can bring him up by
Julia Redmond.
Ho remembered nil his llfo tho first
dinner at tho Chateau d'Escllgnnc,
whero from tho terraco ho saw tho
Rhono lying under tho early moon
light and tho shadows falling around
tho castlo of good King Reno.
As ho passed in, his sword clanking
for ho went In full dress unlfonn to
dlno with tho Marqulso d'Escllgnnc
ho saw tho picture tho two ladles mado
In their drawing-room: tho marqulao
In a very splendid dress (which ho
novor could remember) and her niece,
a young lady from a country whoso
name It took him long to learn to prr,
nounco, In a dress so simple that of
courso ho never could forgot it! Ho
remembered for a great many years
tho fall of tho ribbon at her pretty
waist, tho bunch of awect pens at her
girdle, tint ho always remembered tho
face that mado tho charm of tho pic
ture. Their welcome to him was grncloua.
Tho Amorlcan girl spoko French with
an accent that Sabron thoiife'.it bo
wilderlngiy charming, and ho put aside
sonio of his reserve and laughed and
talked at his case. After dinner (this
ho remembered with peculiar distinct
neas) Mlas Redmond sang for him, and
although ho understood nono of tho
words of the Kngllsh ballad, ho learned
tho melody by heart and It followed
with him when ho loft. It wont with
him as ho croaaed tho terraco Into tho
moonlight to mount his horao; It wont
homo with htm; ho hummed it, and
whon ho got up to his room he hummed
It again na ho bent over the llttlo roll
of llannel In tho corner and fed tho
puppy hot milk from a quill.
This was a pulnatnklng operation
and required patienco and delicacy,
both of which tho big man had nt his
ilngor-tlpa. Tho tuno of Mls.i Red
mond's song did for a lullaby and tho
puppy fell comfortably to sloop while
Sabron kept tho picture of hla evo
nine's outing contentedly In hla mind.
Rut later ho dlacovcred that ho was
not so contented, and muted tho
hours when ho might return.
llo shortly mado a call at tho Cha
tea d'Hscllgnac with tho result thut
ho had a new plcturo to add to his col
lection. This time It was tho plcturo
of a lady alono; tho Marqulso d'Es
cllgnnc doing tapeatry. Whllo Sabron
found that l- had grown rotlcent
again, ho listened for another stop and
nnothor voice and heard nothing; but
before ho took leavo thero was a hint
of n second Invitation to dinner.
Tho marqulso was very handsomo
that afternoon and woro yo' another
bewildering dress. Sabron'a slmplo
tasto wns dazzled. Nevertheless, sho
mado a graceful picture, ono cf beau
ty nnd refl'iomont, and tho young sol
dier took It nway with him, As his
horso began to trot, at tho end of tho
al'oy, near tho poplars at tho lower
end of tho roso terraco ho caught a
gllmpso of a whlto dress (undoubtedly
a simpler dress than that wor y
Madamo d'Escllgnnc).
A S-cond Invitation.
"I don't think, mon Cnpltalno, that It
Is any uso," Ilrunot told his master.
Sabron, in his shlrt-sleovcs, sat be
fore a table on which, in a basket, lay
Michotto'b only surviving puppy. It
wns a month old. Sabron already know
how bright V" eyes woro nnd how al
luring Its young wnys.
"Uo still, Ilrunet," commanded tho
officer. "You do not como from tho
south or you would bo moro sanguluo.
Pltchouno l.ns got to llvo."
Tho puppy's clumsy ndventuresomo
feet had taken him as far na tho high
road, nnd on this dny, ns It woro In
order that ho Bhould understand tho
struggle for oxlstonco, a bicycle had
cut him down In tho prime of his
youth, and now, according to Ilrunot,
"there wasn't much use!"
l'ltchouno was bandaged around hla
hind quurtcrn and his ndorablo llttlo
head and foropaws camo out of tho
handkerchief bandage.
"Ho won't eat anything from ran,
mon Cnpltalno," said Unmet, and
Sabron ceremoniously opened tho pup
py's mouth and thrust down a doso.
l'ltchouno swallowed obediently.
Sabron had Just returned from a
long hard day with his troops, and
tired out ns he was, he forced himself
to give his attention to l'ltchouno. A
second Invitation toidlnner lay on hlaf
tablo; ho had counted tho days until
this night. It seemed too good to bo
tme, he thought, that another picture
was to add Itself to hla collection I Ho,
had mentally enjoyed tho othors
often, giving prefcronco to tho first,
when he dined at the chateau; but'
thero had been a thrill In tho second
caused by tho fluttering of tho whlto
droBa down by tho poplar walk.
To-night ho would havo tho, pleasure
of taking In Mias Redmond to dinner
"Seo, mon Capltalno," said Ilrunet,
"tho poor llttlo follow can't swallow
Tho water trickled out from elthci
sldo of I'ltchoune'a mouth. Tho sturdj
terrier refused milk In all forma, had
dono so since Sabron weaned him; but
Sabron now returned to hla nursery
dnya, made Ilrunot fetch him warm
milk and, taking tho quill, dropped a
fow drops of tho soothing liquid, lute
which ho put a daah of brandy, down
1'ltchouno's throat, l'ltchouno swal
lowed, got tho drink down, gave a
feeble yelp, and closed hla eyea. When
ho opened them tho glazed look had
Tho ofllcor hurried Into his evo
nlng clothes niiil ordered Ilrunet, as he
tied his cravat, to feed tho puppy a lit
tlo of tho stimulant every hour until
bft :JiM iffei
i IW ill iry
"He Won't Eat Anything From Me."
ho should return. PItchouno's eyea
ow open, followed hla handsome mas-
ter to tho door. As Sabron opened it
ho gave a pathetic yelp which mado
the capltalne turn about.
"Relievo me, mon Capltalno," said
tho ordonnanco with melancholy fa
tality, "It la no uso. If I am left with
l'ltchouno It will bo to ace htm dlo. I
know hla snlrlt. mon Capltalne. Ho
lives for you alone."
"Nonsense" said tho young officer
impatiently, drawing on his glovea.
l'ltchouno gavo a plntntlvo wall from
tho bandages nnd tried to stir.
"As for feeding him, mon Cnpltalno,"
tho ordonnnnco throw up his hands,
"ho will bo stiff by tho time . . ."
Rut Sabron was half-way down tho
stairs. Tho door wus opon, and on tho
porch ho heard distinctly a third ten
derly pathetic wnll.
Commanding Generals GoUd Not
Handle Present Enormous Armies
Without the Motor.
With mllllona of men drawn up in
battlo army at ono and tho samo time,
to hnndlo them effectively by old-tlmo
methods would hnvo been impossible
Even boforo -o opposing frontB woro
extended to their fullcat degreo in
Frnnco nlono, they wero officially de
clared to havo attained a length of
300 miles, nnd ono of 270 miles In tho
east figures which not only convoy
somo Indication of tho stupendous
8lzo of tho engaging forces, but oven
moro emphatically suggest tho tre
mendous rospontilbllltlos of tho com
manders In chief.
Novertheles i, although they havo to
deal with jillllons Instead of tens ol
thousands, the commanders concerned
havo nover had their forces so com
pletely under control; in every phase
of tho wnrfaro, whether of transport,
attack, defense or sunply, tho koynote
of tho operation hue boen effectiveness
of tho complotcst kind.
Tho motor, in short, has "specdod
up" the war in a way that could novor
havn boon dreamed of by former gen
erations. Never havo tho movomente
of troops been so rapid; for, Instead
of men having to wait for ammunition
and food supplies, theso havo boon
convoyed by motor wugonB which can
travel, If neod bo, much faster than
tho armies thomsolves. Charles I
Frccston In 3ciibnpr's Magazine.
Will Not Stick.
To provont postago stamps
sticking togcthor, rub them over the.
I hair beforo putting thorn away. '
"He Won't Know How to Handle
Lawbreakers," Opinion Ex
pressed When Appointed.
Criminal Class Learned He Was Not
Their Enemy Sentenced One Man
to Attend Church Made
Friend of Gambler.
Kmporla. Kan. When Rev. .1. II. J
Rico, pastor of tho First Congrega
tlonal church (Kmporla'H wealthiest
church) wus appointed police Judgo by
his friend, Mnyor Rob Hnmer, many ol
tho townspeople were skeptical.
"A preacher won't know how tc
handle Inwbreakors," they Bald.
That was almost a year ago. Km '
porla's 11,000 population Is awaken
Ing to tho fact that tho parson-Judge
la "making good." Ho is known at
"Judgo" Rico by those living in the
"South end," whero his court Is lo
cated, and ub "Reverend" Rice In the
"North end," whero tho Flrat Congre
gational church stands.
The first prisoner who came before
Judgo Rico was George Maddux, a
notorious crap shooter. Tho prisoner
was not "soaked" with a heavy lino.
Judge Rico aaked Georgo to tell about
hlmsoir. Since then George nnd the
Judgo havo como to be good friends,
with tho Judgo lending a helping hand
when necessary. And George haB not
been arrested In nine months.
"I am not sure whether George haa
reformed or not," tho parson-Judge
told u friend. "Hut ho has kept ou
of the police's hands."
"Sure ! a Fair Judge."
The former crap shooter came to
tho office of tho Emporia Gazetto ro
cently to say: "The parson Is sure a
fair Judge."
"In dealing with George I followed
out my theory that tho criminal class
should bo dlsnbused of the Idea that
tho court Is their enemy," Judgo Rico
"I sentenced ono man to attend
church. Ho wns a church member
originally, so I thought the pastor of
his church could help him."
Judge Rico wns obliged to tmposo
a light fine on a negro minister who
was charged by a member of his
church with carrying concealed
weapons. Following the sentence
camo tho announcement, "Court is ad-
Imposed a Light Fine on a Negro
Minister. I
Journcd." But tho congregntion of tho
warring church present was not dis
missed until Parson Rico hnd deliv
ered a forceful sermon dwelling on
tho sin of quarreling.
On a Unique Plan.
Hero aro somo of the things which
havo been noted especially in tho con
duct of tho Emporia pollco court:
Tho pollco nro Instructed to make
arrcstB only when absolutely neces
sary. Uso provcntlvo nnd educational
methods Instead of ponat.
Tho man Is worth moro than his
money. No speclnl attempt is mado
to securo revenuo by linos. Moro than
half tho money collected under Judgo
Rico hns been in forfeited bonds.
Only six times in nluo months hnve
InwycrB appeared beforo tho court for
tho accused. Tho prosecutor is in
reality attorney for both sldeB.
It Is strictly a court of fact, not ol
Paroles aro given to a largo per
centage of prisoners.
Not ono caso has been taken on ap
peal to a higher court.
Only three persons havo boen be
foro tho court moro than onco.
Tho Judge has used tho ?45 a month
salary ho receives from tho city largo
ly in helping tho law violators and
tholr families. Tho pollco courtroom
in tho city hall has boon nowly fur
nished nt a cost of $100 to Judgo Rico.
Recently Judgo Rico In his capacity
of pastor announced from his pulpit
that If those who had dead trees on
their property would notify him ho
would Bend men to chop them down
for fuel. Ho mado nrrangoments with
tho city to haul tho wood frco of charge
Itn itin tinmen nf thn men who did tho
C Jh
illP-z: .
LTiTTI ) JuifiEl
AVetfctable Preparation For As
similoting llie Food and Regula
ting the S lomachs and Dowels of
Promotes DigesliorChccrful
nessaniJRcst.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not "Narcotic
Paipt trotHDrSAMVEiimr&R
Iimpkin Sud'
fiMlSttt ..
Attn Sit J
Hirm Stttt -CU'-fintSujnf
Winkrjnin Ymor
AnrrAvt Remcdv forConsllpn
lion , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Facsimile SignaUuejf
Tire CENTAtm Company.
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
j Principal Reason Why One Interna
tional Marriage Was Permanently
Called Off.
Henry I Davison of tho Morgan
banking firm was talking about Inter
national marriages:
"Well," ho aald, "I know of one In
ternational marriage that failed,
thank goodness, to come off. Tho girl
was tho daughter of a Paint Rock
millionaire. Tho man was a count,
a Spanish count.
"Tho count was absent minded.
That was his undoing. Tho girl's
father gavo a dinner for him in tho
Paint Rock castlo overlooking Paint
Rock, and at the dinner's end the
count got up to light a cigarette, and
then, by Jove, Bturted to remove the
"Tho guests watched him in an
open-mouthed silence. His napkin
slung over his arm, he had got nearly
all tho plates removed when his mil
lionaire host said to him gently:
"'Wako up, George: You'ro not
waiting In the beanery now, you
know. You'ro pretending you'ro a
count in Paint Rock. Wako up, man,
for gracious sake!' "
Same Thing.
"Oh, dear! I must do something to
reduce my weight. I weigh a hun
dred and sixty."
"Well, In my dancing frock."
Now You m Know.
"Tell mo, do women dress for tha
men or for each other?"
"For both; for tho mon to admire,
and for each other to envy."
Only a nonsainrled oillco is com
celled to aeek the man.
Which Brings Dally Enjoyment
A lady doctor writes:
"Though busy hourly with my own
affairs, I will not deny myself tho
pleasure of taking a fow minutes to
tell of tho enjoyment obtained dally
from my morning cup of Postum. It
is a food beverage, not a stimulant
llko coffee.
"I began to uso Postum 8 years ago;
not becauso I wanted to, but becauso
coffeo, which I dearly loved, mado my
nights long, weary periods to bo dread
ed and unfitting mo for business dur
ing tho day.
"On advlco of a friend, I first tried
Postum, making it carefully as sug
gested on tho pacKago. As I nau al
ways used 'cream and no sugar,' I
mixed my Postum so. It looked good,
wns clear and fragrant, and it was a
pleasure to seo tho cream color it as
my Kentucky friend always wanted
hor coffeo to look, 'llko a now saddle.'
"Then I tasted It critically, for I had
tried many 'substitutes' for coffee. I
was pleased, yes, satisfied with my
Postum In taste and effect, and am yot,
being a constant user of it all theso
"I continually assure my friends and
acquaintances that they will llko Pos
tum In place of coffeo, nnd receive
benefit from Its use. I have gained
weight, can sleep and am not norr-
Name given by Postum Co., Battlo
Creelt, Mich. Read "Tho Road to Well
vlllo," In pltgs.
Postum comes In two forms:
Regular Postum must bo well
boiled. 15c and 25o packages.
Instant Postum is a solublo pow-
dor. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
In a cup of hot water, and with cream
'and sugar makes a delicious boverago
Instantly. 30c and GOc tins.
Both kinds aro equally dollclous and
cost per cup about tho same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
sold by Grocers.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Enjoyed a Joke.
.Hmson I Just tell you, you can't
And a man anywhero who enjoys a
good Joke better than I do.
Friend Guess that's so: I havo
heard you tell tho samo Joko forty
times, nnd laugh nt It every time.
New York Weekly.
At Once Relieved by Cutlcura Quit
Easily. Trial Free.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, th
Ointment to soothe and heal. Nothln
better than theso fragrant super
creamy emollients for all troubles af
fecting the skin, scalp, hair and bands.
They mean a clear skin, clean scalp,
good hair and soft, white hands.
Sample each free by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
A Mean Question.
"I have been to consult a beauty
doctor about my complexion."
"Does ho hold out any hopo?"
The man who acquires tho reputa
tion of being gront usually lookB big
ger at a distance.
Stop That Backache!
There's nothing moro discouraging
than a constant backache. You are
lame when you awake. Pains pierco you
wtien you bend or lift. It's hard to rest
nnd next dny it's tho name old story,
l'nin in the back is nature's warning of
kidney ills. Neglect may pave tho way
to dropsy, gravel, or other serious kid
ney sicknoM. Don't delay begin using
uonns i.iuney nils mo remeay mas
has been curing backache and kidney
trouble for over fifty years.
A Kansas Case
Mrs. A. D. Sauer,"wrv
309 W. Fourth St.,if'ir
S., Abilene, Kan.. ?"?,
savs: "Mv Is 111 nova ton'
were in dreadful
Blmpo and my back
bothered me awful
ly, I was worn out
nnd nervous n. n A
could hardly do my
work. Aftor doc
tor Ins faithfully
without success I
used Ooan'a Kid
ney Pills and thoy
restored mo to
health and strength."
Cat Dotnli at Any Stor.50 Bom
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver ih
right the stomach and bowels are right.
gentlybutfirmly conK
pel a lazy liver to A
uo its duty.
Cures Con-.
sttpation, In
and Diitreu After Eating.
Genuine must bear Signature
bj BlltUtf mi. 1-"
priced, froth, relUUel rrflfnoa or
Wwlera itocknion. tKui
r I
rjrotwt othtr vawiin ; i.
VVrlUi far booklet unit tutlmontilv.
rotMl Wl
rrlui far
O.dOM o
I0.0M Bill. niMiiig rim .
80-tfOM ifc DUettof. PHI SO.
h n Inlwtor. but Cutter! tmt.
The Miwrtortty ofouttor iroducU'U duo la out U
M.r nt .ntf-l.1liln In VA.illt.l And MfUma AHlV.
Intltt on Cutter'i. If unobUlnbl, oriltr turret.
Ik Cutttr Utwr.torf, Oirkiliy, Cil., or Chicago, JH,
A toilet preparation of merit.
Jlelpt to eradlcatB ilanilrulf.
For Rest nrini, f?riln rA
Beauty to Gray or Faded 1 1 airy
two ana t. w at t'rutfcisia.
M faf fill
4 flV
l Alt
f .mm
gfE W" ' Lt
iv Bivcn
jsva pari his.
PS- Mfcf Jl