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KIiJ B,- RHI'InUS. ActltiR Wr.-ctor of
Huml.iy K.-hnnl Toursu. Moody Hlblu In.
Mtitute. Chicago.)
LLSSON TliXT-I Samuel 10:1-13.
OOLDliN TEXT-Mtin lookotli on th
imlwurd appeal :uict', but Jehovah lookotli
tn UUc heart.-! Bamuol li:7 II. V.
After tho events recorded In last
Sunday's lesson Samuel retired to
Hainan nover uguln to see Saul's face.
Samuel "mourned" (15:35) I. o., bo
walled and lamented the deposed king.
It was noble for Samuel thus to be
grieved over Saul's sin; still, God had
work for him to do. There Is a sor
row that "workoth ropentanco" which
Is pleasing In tho sight of God, but
that Idle sorrow which sponds Itself
in unprofitable mourning Is detrimen
tal to. man and a hindrance to tho
kingdom of God (ch. 8:7; 15:1) Men
may fall but tho kingdom goes for
ward. Wo do not Interpret verso 'A
us suggesting any subterfugo on God's
part but rather that God refused to
pay any attention to Samuel s fear
God answers fear by giving us duties
to perform and in their performance
we are delivered from our fears.
I. David Chosen to Be King, vv. 4-10.
Saul, tho clamorous cholco of tho peo
ple, was not succocded by David "tho
man after God's own heart" for sev
eral years after this lesson. God's
will in this matter was shown to
Samuel progressively: (a) In chapter
13:14 Samuel 1b informed thut God
hath sought "a man after his own
heart;" (b) in 1G:1 ho is told to go
and find tho king whom God had pro
vided; (c) in verso 12 Samuel
is at last definitely told whom God
has selected. This selection Is in ac
cordance with tho prophecy made cen
turies beforo regarding tho kingly
scepter (Gtn. 49:10). Of course It
was high treason, this not Samuol was
about to perform, and Saul yet had
many friends and supporters (v. 2).
God Bcems to have permitted Samuel
to uso ono avowed purpose to con
ceal tho roal ono, but "such a course It
ono to uso but sparingly" (Maclaren)
God can and docs protect thoso whom
ho sends (Ps. 34:7) and "man is im
mortal till his work is dono." Just
what or how did not concern Samuel
for ho had God's promlso (v, 3). A
step at a timo' was sufficient and la
taking each step Samuel was to tell
tho exact truth.
Thus God guides and tests his sorv
ants. Samuel was a judgo as well ai
a prophet (ch. 7:16) and tho people
of Bethlehem wcro agitated at his
arrival. It may bo, too, that these
ciders wcro fearful of Incurring tho
displeasure of Saul. There was no
occasion for fear, as Samuel's purpose
was to sacrlflco and hl3 mission ono ot
peace oven as tho angelic messengers
who quieted tho shepherds with their
mossngo of "peaco" when "great
David's greater son" was ushered into
tho world. Jesso was a grandson ol
Ruth tho Moabitess aud also a de
scendant of Itahab tho harlot. On
his father's sldo ho belonged to the
strong trlbo ot Judah. Ho was evi
dently a man of somo wealth, certain
ly in his children. After tho sacri
fice and beforo tho feast Samuol it
inado acquainted with tho sons ol
Jesso. Tho first, Ellab, was tall and
good to look upon and at onco Samuel
fixed upon him as th'-certain choice
for Jehovah.
II. David Anointed King, vv. 11
13. Seven sons aro set aside and yet
Samuol did not hear tho voice ol
God's approval. In seeming dismay he
asks, "Aro hero all thy children?"
Jessa sooma to havo made a careless
and reluctant reply that the youngest
was away from homo tending sh.cep.
Thereupon Samuel asserts that "we
-will not sit down (to tho sacrificial
feast) till ho bo brought hither " It Is
from such lowly positions that God la
constantly promoting men to positions
of responsibility and prominence.
Witness Carey, Livingston, Moody and
a hundred others past and present
David at this timo was about fifteen
years old (Dcochor). Ills namo means
"darling," significant of tho affection
of his mother, whoso namo is un
known, but to whom David twice
makes rofcrenco (Ps. 8G:1G; 11C:1C).
David was abort, compared with his
brothers, but had bright eyes (v. 12
marg.) and a fair face a "comely
porson" (v. 18). David was agllo and
otrong and though seemingly scoffed
at by his brothors and neglected by
his father It did not pervert his good
naturo nor turn him from tho porform
unco of his dutlos. Samuel did not
greet David as ho had' greeted Saul,
ho may havo been dlspappolntcd. This
gives emphasis to tho words In verso
12, "Arlso anoint blm: for this
Is ho."
David Is anointed, set apart, for tho
kingship, but is not equipped nor does
ho enter upon his offices till lator.
In this ho la a typo of Jesus who
shall yet reign on David's throne.
Verses 13 and 14 tell of the develop
ing contrast In tho lives of Saul and
David. David tho young king, poten
tial only at this timo, 1b a great in
spiration to tho young of all ages In
that, (1) Ho did his lowly work
thoroughly; (2) While doing It he
sought to cultlvato and Improve him
polt (v.lS); and (3) Ho gave himself
wholly to God; henco the record "aud
tho Lord is with him" (v. 18)
r ; X -tt"
Song Sparrow Above, Streaked With
With Black Stripes Below, White
(Prepared by the United Stiites Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
There aro somo forty species ot
sparrowB lu North America which .uro
helpful rather than harmful and should
bo encouraged rather than discour
aged; ut least, this tho opinion of tho
United States department of agrlcul
turo'B Investigator whose "Somo Com
mon HIrds Useful To The Farmer" has
Just been issued as Farmers' Hulletln
No. G30. While tho English sparrow
is noisy and obtrusive, the American
species are unobtrusive both in song
and action.
Thcso nativo sparrows, although bo
seldom noticed by tho majority of
people, may probably bo found In near
ly every part of our country, although
sot more than a hulf dozen forms aro
generally known In any one locality.
While American sparrows aro noted
Bced eaters, they do not by any means
confino themselves to a vegetable diet
During tho summer, and especially In
tho breeding season, they eat many In
sects and feed their young largely up
on tho samo food. Examination ot
stomachs of three species tho song
sparrow, chipping sparrow, and field
sparrow shows that about one-third
of tho food consists of Insects, com
prising many injurious beetles, as
snout beetles or weevils, und leaf
beetles. Many grasshoppers aro eaten.
In case of tho chipping sparrow,
theso insects form one-eighth of tho
food. Grasshoppers would seem to bo
rather largo morsels, but the bird
probably confines itself to tho smaller
species; indeed, tho greatest amount
(over 3G per cent) Is oaten in Juno,
Field Sparrow Crown Chestnut;
Above, Streaked With Dull Red,
Black and Gray; Throat and Breast,
Brown; Belly, White.
when tho Ir.rgor opccles aro still young
and tho smallor most numerous. He
sides tho insects already mentioned,
many wasps and bugs aro taken. As a
wholo, tho insect diet of tho nativo
sparrows may bo considered beneficial.
There aro several rccordB ot potato
bug larvae oaten by chipping sparrowB.
Their vegetable food is limited al
most exclusively to hard seeds. This
might seom to indlcato that tho birds
feed to some extent upon grain, but
tho stomachs examined show only ono
kind, oats, and but Uttlo ot that. Tho
great bulk of tho food Is made up of
grass and weed seed, which form al
most tho entire diet during wintor, and
tho amount consumed is immense.
In tho agricultural region of tho up
per Mississippi valley by roadsides, on
borders of cultivated fields, or In
abandoned fields, wherever they can
obtain a foothold, masses of runic
weeds spring up and often form almost
impenetrablo thickets which afford
food and shelter for lmraenso numbers
of birds and enable them to withstand
great cold. A person visiting ono of
theso weed patches on a sunny morn
ing In January, when tho thermometer
Is 20 dcgrecB or more below zero, will
bo struck with tho life and animation
ot tho busy Uttlo Inhabitants. Instead
vm- -sjPSDiriaF' - . r r . rjrtc- s i
-?- - . 9 j... . j. trava'-riM'K nrr, - Jki iJiiikfti w w
4S. -XisZjf'2rZ.V ? J. V'll: .' ircy.srM.-' -;'. i nn. v e
Black and Brown; Crown Chestnut,
Streaked With Black and Brown.
of sitting forlorn und half frozen, they
may bo seen Hitting from branch to
branch, twittering uud lluttorlng, and
showing every evidence of enjoyment
and perfect comfort. If ono of them
is captured It will bo found lu excel
lent condition; lu fact, a veritable ball
of fnt
Tho snowbird and tree sparrow aro
perhaps tho most numerous of ull
tho winter sparrows. Examination of
many stomachs shows that In winter
the treo sparrow feeds entirely upon
seeds of weeds. Probably each bird
consumes about one-fourth of un ounce
n dny.
Tho writer of tho new hulletln has
estimated tho amount of weed seed
annually destroyed by theso birds in
Iovn. On tho basis of one-fourth of
an ounco of seed eaten dally by each
bird, and an average ot ten birds to
each square mile, remaining in their
winter range 200 days, there would bo
a total of 1,750,000 pounds, or 875J
tons of weed seed consumed In a sin
glo season by this one species. Largo
as aro theso figures, they unquestion
ably fall far short of tho reality.
Tho estlmuto of ten birds to a
square mllo is very conservative, for In
Massachusetts, whero tho food supply
Is less than in tho western states, the
treo sparrow is even more abundant
than this In winter.
In Iowa several thousand tree spar
rows havo been soon within tho space
of a few acres. This estlmato, more
over, 1b for a single species, while,
as a muter of fuct, thcro aro at least
a half a dozen birds (not all sparrows)
that habitually feed during winter on
theso seeds.
Farther South tho treo sparrow is
replaced In winter by the white
throated sparrow, tho whlto-crowned
sparrow, tho fox sparrow, tho song
sparrow, tho field sparrow, and sovernl
others; so that all over tho land a
vast number of these seed caters aro
at work during tho colder months, re
ducing next yeur's crop of worso than
useless plants.
One of the Best Preservatives Is Coal
Tar Creosote To Determine Tem
perature of Creosote.
(By B. O. LONQYEAn. Colorado Agrl
cultural College.)
A small, but satisfactory, tank for
tho open-tank method of treating
fenco posts can bo made from ono ot
tho galvanized steel barrels used for
shipping oil and gasoline. These
barrels are 3G inches high by 32 Inches1
In diameter and by removing ono ot
tho heads with a cold-chisel, or other
wise, a tank 34 Inches deep remains.
This tank is heavy enough to serve
tho purposo of post-treating, nnd may J
bo supported upon two iron cross-bars
built into tho sides of a brick or stone
work fireplace. Such a tank will
hold about 10 or 12 poBts of ordlnnry
slzo at ono timo. Ono of tho best
preservatives is coal tar creosoto. The
posts Bhould bo seasoned and tho
creosote should bo heated to at least
tho tempcraturo of boiling water with
tho posts In It Uy leaving the posts
In tho creosoto whllo It cools down, a
good degreo of penetration should bo
Bccurcd with most of tho quick-grow-lng
soft woods llko cottonwood, pop
lar, elm, and tho split cedar posts
found on the market Tho tempera
ture of tho creosoto may bo roughly
determined by hanging a small tin
can of water In the tank, and when
tho water bolls, the proper tempera
ture has been reached.
Tho process of treatment may bo
hastened by keeping tho creosoto in
tho tank hot and removing tho posts
after about an hour's Immersion into an
open barrel of cold creosoto for
another hour, whllo a now batch ol
posts Is being heated In tho tank.
Poultry Overlooked.
Thero Is many n farm whero tho
poultry Is considered an unimportant
offshoot of tho business, but which, it
cultivated right "up to tho handle,"
as It should bo, would produce more
money than all tho crops raised.
Animal Protein Best.
Animal protein matorlal produces
moro eggs than vegotablo protein ma
terial, and is tho most ecocomicnl. It
can best bo provldod in tho form of
beef scrap and skim milk.
in i I i i nmawmwH
?,-lm, rL
Easy Money.
nurghir Come, now, I Just beat up
tho Janitor and got upHtuirs hero and
I want your purse quick.
Flntdwoller You bent up tho Jani
tor? Hurglnr Yes. Here, where aro you
Klatdwcllor It's nil right I haven't
any purso myself, but I'm suro I can
ralBo ono among tho tonants In a few
Mr. J. M. Sinclair of Ollvohlll,
Tenn., writes: "I strained my hack,
which weakened my kidneys and
caused an nwful bad baclmcho and
inflammation ot
tho bladder. let
ter I becamo bo
fW much worso
il "I consulted a
doctor, who said
that I had Dia
betes and that
my heart wns af
fected. 1 Buffer-
Mr. J. M. Sinclair. cJ for four ycnr8
and was In a nervous stnte and very
much depressed. Tho doctor's modi
clno didn't help me, so I decided to
try Doddt Kidney Pills, and I cannot
say enough to express my relief nnd
thnnkfulnoss, us they cured me. Dia
mond Dinner PHIb cured me of Con
stipation." Dodds Kidney Pills, 50c. per box at
your dealer or Doddt Medicine Co.,
Uuffalo, N. Y. Dodd Dyspepsia Tab
lets for Indigestion havo been provod.
COc. per box. Adv.
The Unexpected.
"Did you hour about Seootlelgh?"
"Ho woko up In the night nnd went
to tho wall cupboard for tho bottlo of
Jamaica ginger. He was In such n
hurry ho didn't stop to feel for tho
electric light button, but chnnced It."
"Dear, dear!"
"Ho grabbed a bottlo that he thought
was tho right ono and took a swallow
of tho stuff."
"My, my I"
"It burned him painfully."
"Oh, that's too bad! What wub It?"
"Tho Jamaica ginger."
Ilrown Whore's thnt fiver I laid on
tho tablo a moment ago?
Mrs. Drown You never expected to
Bee that again, did you?
Drown And why not?
Mrs. Drown You told mo that In
parliamentary practice, whon a bill
Is laid on tho tablo, It Is seldom hcurd
of again. Harper's Dazar.
Their Kind.
"What do you think of tho way
that upstart Dinks gives himself airs?
Hero he was talking tho other day
about tho delights of his salad days."
"Well, I could havo reminded him
that they woro not chicken salad
Point of View.
Aviator I must tako a vacation 1
Manager To got rested up?
Aviator Lord, no! Down!
Mistress Aro you married?
Applicant No, ma'am. I bumped
into a door.
When prohibitionists havo banquets
thoy aro supposed to eat tho toasts.
Comparative Food Values
I pound of
1 pound of
Comparative Cost per Pound
1 pound of
I pound of
It would be difficult to find a food that affords the same
abundance of true nourishment, at so low a cost, as does the
famous wheat and malted barley food
Grape - Nuts
At three-fifths the cost, a package of Grape-Nuts supplies j
nearly one-third more nourishment than a pound of rib roast
beef. And besides, in buying a roast you pay for about 20
refuse, and there s a shrinkage in cooking.
Grape-Nuts food comes ready cooked and every particle
in the FRESH-SEALED package is good to eat. Its rich nutri
ment includes the 'vital' salts that are necessary for brain, '
bone and sturdy muscle. Grape-Nuts is delicious easily
digested economical.
Thinking people everywhere are more and more adopting)
Grape-Nuts ;
"There's a Reason";
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
Liverpool Man Exceedingly Careful
That He Should Not Shock the
Nerves of His Friend.
In Liverpool there Is a man, writes
a contributor to Peurson'fl Weekly,
who Is famous for hid calmness on
every occasion. Ono day ho strolled
leisurely Into the ofllco of a friend,
"I've just had a chut with your
wife," ho began.
"Why, I didn't know sho was In
"Oh, die wasn't In town," replied
tho other. "I called at your house."
"I didn't know she wns receiving to
day," bald tho husband, with somo sur
prise. "I thought sho had u head
ache." "Sho didn't mention It to me," said
tho calm man. "There wan quite a
crowd at the houso."
"A crowd 1" echoed tho husband.
"Yes," went on tho calm num. "They
cunio with tho llro engine."
"Tho lire engine I" gasped tho Iiub
band. "Oh, It's all right," went on tho calm
man. "It's all out now. It wnsn't
much of a llro, but 1 thought you'd
like to know of It."
Preventing Premature Burials.
Tho feur of being hurled nllvo al
ways has been, and Is, so widespread
that the French Academy of Science
somo years ago offered a prize oqunl
to $7,500 for tho discovery of somo
means by which even tho Inexperi
enced might nt onco determine wheth
er, in a glvun case, death had ensued
or not. A physician obtained the
prize. Ho had observed tho following
well-known signs: If tho hand of tho
suspected dend person Is held towards
a candle or other artificial light, with
tho fingers extended and one touching
tho other, and one looks through the
spaces botween tho fingers towards
tho llsht, thcro appears a scurlct red
color whero tho lingers touch ench
other, duo to the blood still circulat
ing; it shows Itself through tho tis
sues which havo not yot congested.
When life Is entirely extinct, tho phe
nomenon ot Hcarlot spaces between
tho lingers at onco censes. Tho most
oxtcuslvo and thorough trials estab
lished tho truth of his observation.
Final Opinion.
"I bco thcro is un exodus ot for
eigners In Mexico."
"Well, Instcnd of them fool for
eigners Joining In nny such uonsenso,
I think they ought to get out"
Not the 8ame.
"Havo you caught any of tho dl
vino afflatus from tho coming of tho
"No; nil I've caught Is tho Influ
enza." The War Geography.
Knlckor What is an island?
Docker A body of lnnd entirely sur
rounded by a war zone
At the Races.
"That horso was pulled."
"Yes, and I was plucked." Haiti
moro American.
If you want a middlo-ngod woman
for housowork you should advcrtlso
for a girl.
Reaping a man's noso to tho grind
stono doesn't sharpen his wits.
rib roast beef
Grape-Nuts food
rib roast beef
Grape-Nuts food
In there modern day of heavy arma
ment nnd pcientllic war equipment, much
tlioi(;lit Ims been Riven to our coast de
fense. The question of prcparcdnem is one
Hint concern nil patriotic Americans for it
Is nhvuyn the unexpected attack that caue
Thin ii nleo true In matters pertalninR tq
hen lth. That great enemy of health
Stomach trouble may pprinR nn unexpect
ed nttnek nt any time nnd it In well to be
picparetl by always keeping n bottlo of
lliwlcttcr'H Stomach Hitlers In tho houae.
It U your bulwark in time of distress.
He on guard nt nil times, nnd as soon as
you notice tho appctito failing, digestion
becoming inquired, the liver inactive and .
tiio bowels refuse to perform their daily
functions, commence takinpf tho Hitter.
Prompt notion, together with tho aid of
thi medicine, has been tho means of pre
venting much Buffeting from Sick Head
ache, Nausea, Poor Appetite, IndlgcaUon,
Constipation and HilioiiHncis.
Don't tiiflo with your health, but rather
help Naturo when weakness is manifested.
Hosti'ttcr'H Stomach Hitters is Nature'
nlly, nnd them' together, form a combina
tion that Ib sure to result to your welfare.
Try it today, but be sure you get Hostet
Governor Knew What He Wat Doing
When He Told Anecdote of
Ancient Vintage.
The governor of u southorn state
cume to his ofllco with a frlond ono
morning to find a number of men wait
ing In the anteroom. Pausing an In
stant, ho told a story that was a de
cided "chestnut" When ho got Inside
tho private ofllco tho friend said:
"That was a horribly old oao you
sprung on thoso fellows."
y "I know It," chuckled tho governor,
"but did you notice that one that
"Well, I noticed that three or four
"Those," said tho governor, "aro the
fellow who won't get in to see me.
Thoy aro tho ones who havo favor
to ask." Rchoboth Sunday Herald.
Method In Hl Madne.
"Do you rcallzo thut your long ser
mons aro rather tiresome?" naked the
young parson who wns now at the
"I do," replied tho wlso parson, who
wns beginning to enrry weight for age.
"That Is why my congregation give
mo such long vacations."
The Way to Do.
Frlond 1 seo you adopt tho policy
of a good housewife In managing your
Manager How so?
Friend You always keep your house
In print.
Just That
"Tho Germans aro going to mobil
ize tho elephants in a monagorle for
heavy work. That's new line, Isn't
"Quito so; a sort ot trunk lino."
Its Result
"What do you think of this busi
ness of tho Germans taking a Fryer
"They aro apt to find thomselves
In a broil."
Superstition 1b what prompts a por
son to bellovo a horseshoe over the
door has moro vlrtuo than a lock and