The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 28, 1915, Image 7

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Appropriation of One Hundred Thou-
sand Dollars Requested for the
Establishment of State
WoaUtii Newspaper Union News Service
Newspaper publishers In the logl
la t tiro propose to sco to it that alt
legal notices shall bo paid for promptly
Instead of tho publisher being com
pelled to wait several months for his
money and, in so mo cases, falling to
get it all.
The plun for bringing this about Is
novel. It leaves no loophole whereby
a needy publisher, anxious to get any
kind of business, might consent to
await the prompt payment and thus bo
deprived of tho advantage which tho
proposed law would glvo him. When-
Representative from Lancaster county,
one of the republican leaders In
Nebraska legislature.
evor a legal publication has been made
this bill provides that the owner of
iho newspaper, or someone in its em
ploy, must swear to an affidavit con
taining Uils clauso:
"Publication feo has been paid to the
publisher of newspaper in which sucb
publication was made."
A penalty of $25 fine is specified in
lease any publisher makes a false am
davit State Printing Plant Bill
Ono hundrod thousand riollarn is ths
amount of an appropriation for the '
establishment of a state printing plant, sho associates. As a Nazarlto, Samson
proposed in a bill introduced by Rep , was dedicated unto God, must not al
resontatlvo Bates. This measuro ere low a razor to touch his head, was not
atcs a Btate printing commission con
sisting of tho governor, secretary of
tato and tho stato printing commis
sioner appointed by the governor. It
empowers tho commission to act with
tho board of control in purchasing a
lto and erecting bulldlngB thereon,
as near as possible to tho capltol
building in Lincoln.
Tho appropriation is divided as fol
lows: Grounds and buildings, $20,000;
equipment, $45,000; printing and
building material, $10,000; labor,
920,000; salary of stato printer for
one year, $2,000; Incidentals, $3,000.
It Is figured by the introducer that
the stato plant, ft established, will not
be ready for operation during the first
year ot the biennlum, and for that
jreason only ono year's salary is pro
vided for the state printer. Free labor
will be employed. v
Judge John J. Sullivan of Omaha,
formerly judge of the supreme court
kf Nobraska, has declined to accept
appointment to tho honorable position
pf chlof justlco ot tho court of which
pe was onco a member. This Infor
mation caused doop regret at the
'office of Governor Morehcad. Justice
ifiulMran was tho first choice of tho
Itovornor to fill a vacancy caused by
(the death of Chief Justlco Conrad
tlollonbeck, who died two weeks after
e was inducted into offlco.
Dodge of Douglas has presented a
measuro which provides that in print
Ins;, posting or distributing political
advertisements either for tho elec
tion or defeat of any candidate or
any constitutional amendment the
pamo of tho chairman and secretary
ior two officers of tho organization
Issuing tho asmo or the voters who
are responsible therefor with their
names and addresses and the name
pf the printer shall be attached.
Failure raakos penalty of fine or Im
prisonment or both.
Chief Game Warden Oust Ituten
cck, in his annual report to tho gov
ernor, rqfommends that a law be
passed prohibiting tho carrying of
firearms by all unnaturalized foreign
born persons and also that a bill bo
pnsscd allowing nil moneys derived
from tho salo ot hunting and fishing
tpormlts to bo used for tho protection
,and propagation of game and fish.
Tho present law allows tho employ
ment of thrco deputy gamo wardens
i. a .uninil sittvVit mnnttia In y lift
jk .hu.;.h. r .. .
. Lesson
(Uy 13. O. HLLLUItS, Acting Director of
Suniluy School Courso Moody lllblo In
stitute, Chicago.)
LUSSON TKXT-JtKlKcs 13:8-16, 21-25.
ClOLDHN Ti:XT-Itewnrc. I pray tlieo.
and drlnlt no ulno nor strung drink.
Judge 13:4.
Tho story of Samson bulks largo in
Iho book of Judges and in tho Interest
und imagination of nil men over since
ais day. This being tho only lesson in
t, soven years' course wo suggest, in
outline, Samson's cnttro life.
I. Samson's Parents. Clod chooses
a humblo man and woman, folk of piety
nnd prayer, to bring forth and rent
this great deliverer. Tho angel's most
Improbablo promiso (13:3) is accepted
by Mnnonh and his wlfo (13:6, 7).
They express a deslro to bo nblo to
measuro up to tho responsibility a
suggestion to parents. There Is nlBO a
hint of tho dual responsibility of par
ents In tho words, "teach us," (Sco
Eph. 6:4; Jos. l:G-7.) It was reason
able to bcllcvo that tho one who
brought tho promiso could also tell
thorn how to train nnd nurturo tho
child. God honored tho mother's pray-i
or and sho shnrcB hor experience with
tho father (v. 9). As tho mother of a
Nazarlto Bho must keep herself from
nil things unclean (v. 14; II Cor. 6:'
17), oven ns Mary, tho mother of
Jesus (Luke 1:38). Tho experience of
tho sacrifice, tho worship of Mnnoah
and his wife and tho fact of Sam
son's birth completes tho record of
chapter 13. Mnnonh could not worship
tho angel, but could show him hospi
tality. Verso 18 (II. V.) seems to Indi
cate that this was another promanl
fcstatlon of our Lord Jesus.
II. Samuel's Power.' Every rnco ho
its superman, and. usually it is ono ol
I physical strength. That Samson had
no physical evidence of his supcrlot
ntrongth is evident from tho fact that
Delilah asked to know his secret. Noi
was his strength in his hair, elso there
was no need that tho "Spirit ot
Jehovah" should como upon him. Tho
secret of his power is indicated In
13:2G. Tho word "move" suggests to
play upon a harp, as if Samson's heart
was open to Qod as a harp Is open to
human touch. "Samson's power was
the result of a faith that was open
to tho infinite storchouso ot tho di
vine dynamic." Such spiritual power
Is within tho reach of every man.
Samson ("sunny") was full of laugh
ter; not tho comic, but tho JoyouB. He
did the big things God gavo him to da
and was filled with gladness. But
Samson camo under tho spell ot an
evil woman and all of this truo laugh
tor and glad joyousness left his soul.
III. Samson's Impurity. A woman
can make or mar tbo man with whom
to touch nnythlng unclean, nor drink
intoxicating liquor. This vow was
usually for a short period. Samuel and
John tho Baptlzer aro other Naza
rites recorded In Scripture, and aro
said to havo been such from birth
(3:14; 16:17; Luko 1:15). Samson's
strength burned out when ho lay his
I head In a harlot's lap and the laughter
went out of his soul, it was that
which broko tho contact between him
and God. Samson's birth in a godly
homo, his kuowlego or his relation to
God and tho experience of God's power
did not keep him from an Ignoble
IV. Samson's Imprisonment Wo find
him after his excesses grinding in tho
Philistlno prison, whero ho perhaps '
overheard praises being sung to Dagon
who had overthrown Jehovah's judge.
It Is never safo to play with tempta
tion though conscious ot our own
strength; then It is we aro moBt apt
to fall (I Cor. 10:12). Ono act and
tho gay hero is grinding in a prison
houso. Directly a man goes into im
purity, whether In act or thought, ho
loses tho power that formerly moved
men or worked wonders. Yenr after
year Samson plodded Ills round of en
forced toll, a typo of tho forco and
power of intemperance and other Ira
puro habits.
Finally, "when their hearts woro
merry" (1C:25), ho Is brought out to
mako sport. During ono of his resting
periods ho said to a boy near by, "Let
me feel of tho two pillars," thoso upon
which tho main walls rested and
which wero within a man's reach.
Then it was that ho was ablo to grip
tho mysterious power of tho unseen
(16:30). Was Samson a suicide? No!
Ho accepted death as tho inevitable
consequence of bis act ot duty (See
Heb. 11:32).
The growth of his hair was only a
token of that consecration which he
had surrendered when ho failed to
withstand the wiles of Delilah.
The Temperance Teaching of this
lesson is all too plain. It must begin
in tho homo and contlnuo throughout
all of Ufo. As we havo scattered in
formation throughout our land we
havo seen tho work of temperanco ad
vancing mightily. Snmson's exploit
with tho lion Is a temperanco sermon
Jn parablo (14:5, C; Prov. 20:1). The
business of tho temperanco forces Is
to Blay tho lion. Wo aro also to eat
"honey out of tho rock," to gain vic
tories, within and without, and, like
Samson, wo can glvo honey to othors.
, aissi sss.iffwsas;
Vnlrbury will bo In thu statu base
ball league next Benson.
Tho state muses' association will
meet at Norfolk April 20.
Grand Island Is to havo a substii
Hon or branch postolllcc.
Tocumsoh got sixteen Inches oi
snow during tho roccnt storm.
Tho Statu Farmers' union urges the
adoption of a non-partisan primary
University Place Is making efforts
to raise funds for a Y. M. C. A. at
that plneo.
D. C. Kllpatrlck was found dead In
a snow drift a short distance from hie
home at Fulls City.
Retailers of tho stato will hold
their next annual meeting nt Lincoln,
February 23 to 2G.
The Lincoln telephone company will
have to pay $500 or more each month
us a federal war tax.
Laura Peterson ot Plattsmouth fell
on n sidewalk whllo returning from
school und broko an arm.
Dr. L. C. Klgln, stato veterinarian,
has tendered his resignation to the
live stock sanitary board.
Officers of tho N. N. G. will hereafter
bo compelled to pass annual mental
nnd physical examinations.
Mr. and Mrs. David Digger of Uni
versity Place celebrated their golden
wedding anniversary last week.
Itev. C. C. Mnrkham of Cedar Haplds
has accepted a cull (o thu pastorate ot
tho Baptist church at Tccumseh.
Kcv. II. ilnllerborg, for olght years
pastor of the German Evangelical
church, near Arlington, has resigned.
The old wooden bridge across the
Platte river at Kearney 1b to be re
placed with n modern concrete struc
ture. Arthur Anderson hnd his left hand
tofn off whllo feeding a corn shrcddei
on the farm ot Charles Shaffer near
Judge Conrad Ilollenhcck, chief Jus
tlco of the Nobraska supremo coitrL
died at Lincoln, Thursday, of heart
Tho Cornhusker basketball team
won second gamo from tho Kansas
"Aggies" 26 to 20 and tied first, 12
to 12.
Over 1,500 sacks of Nebraska grown
apples woro given away at tho closing
of tho stato fruit growers' association
show nt Lincoln.
Miss Louise Stegner, who was dis
missed by tho teachers' committee ol
tho 1014 Omaha board of education,
has been reinstated.
In turning his team to avoid strlk
ing a llttlo girl, Fireman Will Hyland
was thrown from tho cart and sorl
ously Injured at Omaha.
Johnny Svejda, n ton-yenr-old Oma
ha boy, lost three fingers when ho at
tempted to Investigate tho interior oi
a dynnmito cartridge with a hairpin.
Tho widow of Nick Fellen, whe
died In a drunken stupor in the Ne
inaha county jail, has brought suit
for $3,000 against threo saloon keep
ers nnd their bondsmen for selling
him liquor.
Tho annual meeting of the Ne
braska Peace society will be held at
tho First Presbyterian church at Lin
coln, Februnry 17. Many prominent
speakers and workers along this line
will bo present
Tho Shorthorn breeders' association
at Lincoln elected Charles Kltchlo of
Grcsham, president; K. W. Cosgrove,
Farnam, vice president; Irwin
son. Bolvldoro, secretary; Albert
Johnson, Douglas, treasurer.
Dwlght S. Dalbey of Gage county,
president, and A. W. Richardson of
Lancaster, secretary of the Nebraska
Good Roads association, were re
elected at tho meeting held at Lin
coln in connection with organized
John L. Outright, Jr., recently ap
pointed vice consul at Nottingham,
England, has been recalled, on ac
count of local objection to pro-German
sentiment ho expressed in a
private letter -to friends at his homo
In Lincoln while a resident nt Co
burg, Germany.
Alfred Larson was found near Alli
ance, December 10, with both feet
badly frozen and amputation was
necessary to save his limbs.
Tho soldiers' home farm near Grana
Island has received several head of
cattle from tho farm of tho Norfolk
asylum. The cattle aro of tho Hoi
stein dairy typo and will furnish milk
tor tho inmates ot the homo.
Mrs. Henry Flyr lies in a critical
condition at her homo near Hastings,
Buffering from five broken ribs and
possibly a fractured skull ns tho re
sult of a runaway accident In which
sho and her husband wero victims.
Nearly COO wero In attendance at
the stato firemen's convention at No
braska City last week, and It Is said
to havo been tho largest and best
ever hold.
S. W. McCune of Lowell lost a wal
let containing $5,000 in. cash and se
curities at Hastings and didn't know
of it until Informed by telephone that
it had been found on the street there.
More than 100 students at Hastings
believed to havo been exposed to
smallpox through tho illness of Miss
Brldenbaugh, teacher, havo been for
bidden to return to school until suc
cessfully vaccinated.
Members of the Alliance volunteer
fire department havo leased tho lot
adjoining their club for tho purpose
ot erecting a Bwlmmlng pool to which
tho public will havo access.
Many farm homes in Adams county
will eventually be supplied with light
and power from tho Hastings municl
pn4 plant If tno plans proposed by tho
mayor and council aro carried out.
Tho Farmers' Grain company at
Syracuse at their annual mooting, re
ported that their elovator had handled
during tho year Just passed 413,000
bushels of whoat and 6,000 head oi
Poultry Men Exchange Ideas
About Noble Bird.
Appealed to One as Having a Comical
Aspect How Editor Broke Man's
Habit of Allowing His Chick
ens to Run.
"A customer was Just telling mo
of thu experience of his llttlo boy who
this morning learned a lesson on the
hnblts ot that comic biped known us
tho chicken," said u well-known poul
try denier. "He said that while at
breakfast ho heard tho Utile chap
patter downstairs and run to thu out
kitchen, whero was kept n chicken
which had yesterday been presented
to tho boy by Ills uncle. Upon open
ing tho door lie set up a howl.
"'Whut'B up, son?' cried thu father.
" 'He wouldn't go to bed! walled tho
"There tho Wyandotte loosted on
tho edge of thu box, Ignoring tho beau
tiful nest thu owner had prepared In
side, expecting tho chicken to crawl
In llko a pup and curl up to sleep."
"Yes," resumed tho poultry man,
who talks Interestingly on (he subject
of the walking birds, "tho chicken Is
a stupid thing to be, with Its by-product,
the egg, so Important a factor In
tho food supply
"Ho seems so comical to mo. Ho
roves nbout all day, trying to catch
up to his head, which hu thrusts for
ward and then steps even with. In
cidentally, tho sldeeyim spy a bug
hero and there.
"His head retains something ot tho
shape and motion of his ancestor, tho
"Tho tall feathers aro Important to a
chicken in maintaining Its balance.
When lost in battle or by accident, tho
cripple will fall on his uoso in run
ning. "1 saw a woman In BuckB county
killing chlckuns for tho Philadelphia
market. Her method of slaughter was
to hang thu fowls head downward
from a lino utrctched between two
trees. Sho went along tho row and
cut each chicken's throat with a Jack
knife. "Ono Immcnso Plymouth Kock
rooster developed such powerful re
Ilexes thnt ho broko tho ropo twice,
and n tar ropo had to bo substituted to
Insuro tho execution. This woman al
so killed pigeons In thu samo way.
"I recently heard of some smart do
vlccs to break a hatching hen. Ono
was to placo u loud ticking dollar
watch In tho nest At first tho 'cluck'
looked In every direction as if for an
enemy, then sho became panicky,
bristled up and jumped from tho nest
In terror.
"Ono hen was going about with a
squaro block of wood tied between
her legs. After several trials it pene
trated to her little walnut bean that
sho could not Bit down, and sho gavo
up tho Idea of hatching tho china egg
always left In tho nest as a nucleus
for tho laying hens.
"I havo a new chicken story, by tho
way; got it from a Jersey farmer:
"Bmngardner wns greatly annoyed
by neighbor Fcnstormakcr's chlckons,
which passed tho daylight hours In his
garden. Ho did not wish to quarrel
891 Million Bushels
How Much Wasted?
Last year a wheat crop in the U. S. was a record yield, surpassing all expectations.
All of the nourishment of this enormous crop should go into food for mankind,
but much of it will be wasted.
In making white flour and many foods, the outer, or bran coat of the wheat is
discarded. This bran-coat contains vital mineral salts, iron for the blood, lime for tho
teeth and bones, phosphate of potash for the brain and nerves, etc., etc, aU absolutely
necessary to health.
All of these mineral elements are retained in making
About three-quarters of a million bushels of selected wheat are used by the
factories of the Postum Cereal Company, and none of the nutriment of this wheat
is wasted.
Grape-Nuts is made from wheat and malted barley. The food comes ready
to serve and costs less than a cent a dish. It's mighty good, too.
"There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts
Sold by Grocers everywhere.
with Fonstermnkrr. Ono day ho told
tho local editor of Ills troubles.
"'How many heiiB do you koop your
self?' linked tho scribe.
'"Only two.'
"'All light, leave It to mo.'
"The next Ismio of tho paper had n
paragiaph calling attention to tho phe
nomenal laying of llrungnrducr's hens.
From two hens ho wns collecting from
sl to suveii eggs h day. Fenstermak
or Hhut up his chickens. 'Brungard'fl getting my eggs,' ho remarked
to tho editor."
A New Cure.
A bedpost has not generally boon
regarded bo much n8 an eyooponor as
an eye-shutter, but If a story thnt
comes from Boston Is trim and what
story from Boston was ever iiutrua?
our oculists should go' to school to tho
huudmnlils of Morpheus. Mr. Frank
H. Hayes, who haB been Btotio blind
for ulno years, so the tnlo runs, struck
his head violently against tho bedpost
on nrlslng, and wns astounded a few
minutes afterward to find that his
sight had boon entirely restored. Wo
do not know whether the vlrtio of this
euro lay In tho bedpost or In tho fact
that It wns n Boston bedpost, but If it
was really effected In this way there
would seem to bo a good ileal In such
Inanimate objects not heretofore
dreamed of In tho philosophy of optica.
Ono of the morals of this modern mir
acle would seem to bu that "knocking'
Is sometimes n very ctucncloits prv
ess, and that tho only way to mako
some folks sco things Is by knocking
them Into their heads. Baltimore Sun.
Frank Comment.
In his very, very early youth Mr.
Mumpser hnd been a pretty child. Ills
friends did not bullovo this was pos
sible nnd oven ho hail forgotten all
about it until ono day ho unearthed n
painting or hlmseir nt that period
from nmiitig tho old lumber.
This ho handed to his wlfo no somo
compensation for his present some
what worm-eaten uppenrancc.
"There, Alice," said Mrs. Mumpser.
proudly exhibiting tho plcturo to tho
servant. "Thnt Is a portrait of your
master, painted when hu was a child."
Allco gazed open-mouthed at tho
"Lor", mum," sho said, nftor somo
moments, "what n pity It la wo havo,
to grow up, ain't It?" London An
Their Pastor's Faults.
Wardon So you got rid of your pas
tor? Elder Yes; ho waB a good man, but
ho was too dry In IiIb preaching al-
wnys giving us a history of tho Jows.
But wo don't like our now paBtor
much, cither.
Warden What's tho matter with
Elder Well, ho preaches with tears
In IiIb volco all tho tlmo.
Warden I see. Tho old pastor wan
too historical, and tho now ono too
Khaki for the Navy.
Naval medical authorities, after ex
perience gained In naval operations at
Vera Cruz, aro of tho opinion that
white clothing, particularly white
hats, aro too easily penetrated by tho
sun's rays nnd aro thercforo unsuit
able for ubo In tho tropics. It is rec
ommended that only khaki or forestry
neutral clothing be supplied to the
navy for landing parties. Tho Pathfinder.
For Five Years
I was
with a
Cured me
and Well.
Mrs. Maggie Durbln, 209 Victory
St, Little Bock. Ark., writes: "I was
troubled for five years with a chronlo
disease. I tried eveythlnc I heard
of, but nothing did me any good.
Some doctors said my trouble wa
catarrh of the bowels, nnd some said
consumption of the bowels. One
doctor snld he could cure me: I took
his medicine two months, but It did
me no good. A friend of mine ad
vised me to try Perunn and 1 did so.
After I had taken two bottles I found
It wan helping me, so I continued Ita
u.-ie, nnd It has cured me sound and
well. 1 can recommend Peruna te
any one, and If any one want to
know what Peruna did for me If they
will write to me I will answer
Brooklyn Lawyer Tells of Some Popu
lar Impressions That Aro Entire
ly Erroneous.
Sumo persons bollovo, Bays Mr.
Hugo Hlrsli of the Brooklyn bar, la
CaBo and Comment, that raarrlago
can bo entered Into by any man or
woman, regardless of ago, raco, re
lationship, or condition. But In this
they aro mistnken, for every state hns
Its own peculiar laws regarding, limit
ing, and circumscribing ontrauco into
thlB relationship nB tho samo may be
affected by thoso provisions.
Somo iiersona bollovo that fraud,
force, duress, coercion, used for the
purpose of bringing about marriage
between man nnd woman, do not af
fect tho legality of tho relationship,
but In this thoy aro mistaken, because
every state and territory has a law
providing for tho annulment ot mar
riages caused by fraud, forco, etc.
Somo moti bollovo that wives are
chatties and may bo beaten Into sub
mission. Tills Is a gravo error, for la
many of tho statcB such conduct Is
causo for an absolute divorce, and la
nearly all of tho states It is causo for
a legal separation.
Return of Walnut
Tho wood of our fathers, the good
old "black walnut" thnt was reckoned
tho supremo cabinet material of CO
years ago, has como back. True, they
call it "American walnut" no?, and
glvo It a shiny finish and try to bide
tho deep, purplish brown which Is the
truo glory of tho stuff; out It Is the
samo old mood In spite ot all. May It
soon get back Us ancient name and
more than Its ancient popularity.
Irene Don't you think that travel
brings out nil that is In ono?
Ire Yes; especially ocean travel.
Somo men who boast that thoy pay
as thoy go never inanago to got very
aflrVk'EeeW Rs) (K
, v,' ",'fl
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