The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 14, 1915, Image 3

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uook, motneri it tongue is
coated, give "California
Syrup of Figs."
Children lovo this "fruit laxative,"
and nothing else cleanses the tender
atomach, Ihrer and bowels so nicely.
A child Biraply will not stop playing
to empty tho bowels, and the result 1b
they become tightly clogged with
waste, liver gets sluggish, Btomach
ours, then your llttlo one becomes
cross, half-flick, feverish, don't cat.
leep or act naturally, breath is bad,
ystom full of cold, has soro throat,
tomacb-acho or diarrhoea. Listen,
Mother! Beo if tonguo Is coated, then
give a tcaspoonful of "California
Byrup of Figs," and in a few hours all
tho constipated wasto, sour bile and
undigested food passes out of tho sys
tem, and you have a well child again.
Millions of mothers give "California
Byrup of Figs" bocnuso It Is perfectly
harmless; children lovo It, and It nev
er falls to act on the stomach, liver
and bowels.
Ask at tho store for a GO-cont bottlo
ef "California Syrup of Figs," which
has full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on tho bottlo. Adv.
Serum Cure for Tetanus.
Doctor Doyen, the famous French
eurgeon, announces the discovery of
a serum that will cure tetanus or
lockjaw. Tho Inventor Is a physician
in tho Ardennes, nnd the secret of his
success lien In keeping tho patient
with head downward at an angle of 45
degrees after Injecting tho scrum Into
bis loins. Doyen says ho cures SO
per cent of his cases.
Qlrltl Try This! Makes Hair Thick,
QloB8y, Fluffy, Beautiful No
More Itching Scalp.
Within ton minutes after an appli
cation of Dandcrino you cannot find a
elnglo traco of dandruff or falling hair
and your scalp will not itch, but what
will please you most will bo after a
few veekB use, when you seo new
hair, fine and downy at first yes but
really new hair growing all over tho
llttlo Dandenna Imeedlately dou
bles tho beauty of your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittlo and
i-craggy, Just moisten a cloth with
Dandorino raid carefully draw it
through yonr hair, taking ono small
etrand at a time. The effect is amaz
ingyour hair will be light, fluffy and
wavy, and bavo an appearance of
abundance; an incomparable luster,
softness and luxuriance.
Get a 26 cent bottle of Knowlton'a
Dandorino from any store, and provo
that your hair ts as pretty and soft
as any that it has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment that's
11 yon surely can have beautiful hair
and lots of It If you will Just try a lit
tle Danderin& Adv.
"How about this faro?" demanded
the stranger in New York.
"Faro's quite correct, sir," replied
the taxi chauffeur. "I haven't over
charged you."
"I know you haven't, and why
haven't you? What sort of a game
aro you up to now?"
Eat' Leu Meat If Your Kidneys Aren't
Acting Right or If Back Hurts or
Bladder Bothers You.
When you wake up with backache
d dull misery in tno Kidney region
generally moans you have been eat-
c too much meat says a well-known
Sithorltv. Moat forms uric acid which
Overworks the kidneys in their effort
to flltor it from the blood and they be
come sort of paralyzed and loggy.
When your kidneys get sluggish and
clog you must reliovo them like you
relievo your bowels; removing all tho
body's urinous waste, else you have
backache, sick headache, dizzy spells;
your stomach sours, tonguo Is coated,
and when tho weather is bad you have
rheumatic twinges. The urino is
cloudy, full of sediment, channels oft
en get sore, water scalds and you are
obliged to seek roliof two or three
times during the night.
' Either consult a good, reliable physi
cian at onco or got from your pharraa
cist about four ounces of Jad Salts;
take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is made from tho
acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with llthla, and has been used
for generations to clean and stlmulato
sluggish kidneys, also to neutralize
acids in tho urino so it no longer Irri
tates, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is a. life saver for regular
meat eators. It is inoxponslvo, cannot
Injure and makes a delightful, effer
vescent llthla-water drink. Adv.
One great troublo Is that ono half
tho world Is trying to make a bigger
show than tho other half.
Nover mind about giving tho devil
his duo; Just try to keep. him from get-
(By E. O. SI2L,LKna. Acting Director of
Sundny School Colirnp.l
LF.BSON TKXT-Ju1bmi 6:1MS. S3-40,
read entire clinptrr.
GOLDEN TEXT-nienaed Is the mn
whom thou choowdt. Vb. 65-4.
Wo have before us now tho fourth
apostasy, and servitude of Israel, ono.
which scorns to have affected chiefly
tho four northernmost tribes (v. 35).
In preparation for tho cull and work
of Qldeon, tho sixth Judge, "tho chil
dren of Israel cried unto heaven," nnd
God sent unto them a prophet who en
couraged their flagging faith In Jeho
vnh and turned them back to him
(G:l-10). Tho now impoverished and
overridden Israelites, who hnd enjoyed
prosperity after their former deliver
ance, had agnln dono evil nnd must
first Judgo their sin nnd obey tho voice
of Jehovah before they could rccolvo
a messago of liopo and deliverance
through ono of Johovnh'H prophets.
God'o Call to Gideon.
I. Gideon In Prayer, vv. 11-13. That
tho "nngel of Jehovah' was a mani
festation of Jehovah Is clear from ti
enreful rending of verst 13. Thcro tho
first use of the word "lord" Is not cap
italized, whereas in o second in-
stanco it 1b caHtaltzed This nngel
was a foreshadowing o tho Incarn'n
Hon in Jesus of Nazareth. Ho Is clearly
identified with Jehovah (eeo Judges
2:1, 2; Gen. 1G:10. 13, R. V.). It was
thus that Abraham saw "my day"
(John 8:5C). "Tho angel of tho Lord"
at no time appears after Jesus camo,
as tho revised text bIiows. Tho no
madic Midlanltcs brought ruin to Is
raol as tho bitter fruit of its sin. Then
was uttered the cry for relief (Ps. 130).
Tho father of Gideon is passed by, for
bo woe a worshiper of Daal (v. 25).
They who bear the vessels of tho Lord,
those through whom ho works, must
havo clean hands. God's call to Gid
eon came to htm (1) while ho was
alone, as ho was threshing wheat In
the hiding place of a winepress, for
he daro not thresh in the customary
open place of a threshing floor. This
call camo. to him (2) as ho was faith
fully performing his duty, that one
nearest bis hand (v. 11, Ex. 3:1, 2;
Lulto 2:8, 9).
11. Gideon In Doubt, vv. 13-16. Gid
eon's thought must havo been ono ol
amazement as well as of doubt. Ills
question, "Why then Is all this befal
len us?" was a most natural one and
ono that men even now are asking
when they are in great trouble. Suf
fering nnd misery aro not all to be laid
at God's door, though he permit it, but
chiefly at tho door of sin (Pb. 77:7-9;
Isa. 49:1, 2). It is possible that Gid
eon had not yet recognized his heav
enly visitor (cf. v. 21). The name
Gideon means "Hewer" or "Treefeller"
and indicates, as all eastern names do,
something of his personal character
or appearance. Hence the significance
of v. 14. Tho Lord In the person ol
the angel looked upon him and said,
seeing all of his natural qualifications,
but with tho emphasis upon the "I"
"Go in thy might . . . have not
Bent thee?"
Gideon Was the Agent.
III. Gideon Assured, vv. 33-35. Gid
eon's first net on being assured of this
heavenly communication was ono of
worship (vv. 17-26). His second one
was to tako ten picked men and over
throw the altar to Baal, thereby dem
onstrating tho impotence of Baal and
tho futility of calling upon him for
deliverance. The tribesmen at onco
light upon him as having performed
this act and demand his death from
Joash, his father, who seems to have
been a sort of caretaker of the idol
(v. 25). These same men later become
Gideon's enthusiastic followers (vv.
34, 35). Gideon thus translated theory
into action and gained confidence. It
was one man against tho community,
and to further rebuke them ho erected
an altar to Jehovah (v. 28).
IV. Gideon's Caution, vv. 36-40. Spur
geon said that ho never entered his
pulpit to preach without trembling,
nnd Gideon would have been mora
than human, even after assembling his
army, had life been absolutely free from
doubts. Wo should nover place an
"If" beforo any of God's promises, and
Jesus reprimanded those of his day
when they demanded a "sign" (won
der), but Gideon proved his heroism
in part by his caution. Gideon was
afraid of himself but was sure of God.
Onco assured of God's leading he was
willing to lead 300 men against the
overwhelming force of bis enemies. If
such a demand was a weakness God
dealt with it with marvelous patlcnco
and tenderness, Just as ho condescends
to treat our weaknesBoe. The very life
of tho nation Is at stake, everything de
pends upon udeon'w bucccss or failure.
Caution and courage are never far
apart. Caution i tho soul of courage.
Tho fleece suggests a "figure of for
lorn Israel;" tho dew, tho presence ot
the Holy Spirit. In the old dispensa
tion tho dew rested upon Israol while
others wero dry. In this dispensation
Israel is dry whllo tho dew of God
rests upon tho nations.
"When God calls lift your soul In
prayer and follow In tho direction it
leads. As you lift your soul before
God it will war or wano. If It wanes,
abandon it; if it waxes, follow it,
though nil hell attempt to stay you."
F. B. Meyer,
New Officials Take Charge and Many
Changes Ara Made In
Office Forces
Western Newspaper Union News Service
Tho first official act of State Auditor
Smith was that of attaching his signa
ture to bonds of tho city of Valentin
nmountlng to $20,000. His second was
to firmly but respectfully decllno a
request mndo by nine Btuto bank ox
amlnors who dcslrqd to he relieved ol
tho trouble of obtaining receipts foi
every Hem expended by them In thcli
trnvplH about tho state. Thoy have
been required to fllo receipts for ex
penditures when they fllo oxponso ac
counts, but desired to bo rellovcd ol
the troublo.
Auditor Smith's olllce forco com-
Editor of the Ord Journal, (elected at first
asilstant chief clerk of the house of rep
resentatives. prises tho following new appointees:
Deputy auditor, W. B. Easthani.
Broken Bow; stuto accountant,
Charles Q. DcFrance, Lincoln; county
trensurer examiners, F. A. Stech of
David City and John J. Mahoney of
'Omaha; bookkeeper, L. A. Willis,
Hastings; bond clerk, Georgo W.
Ellsworth, Fullerton.
Ho will endeavor to dispense with
a recorder. It this can bo dono he
will Bavo to the Btate an annual salary
of $1,000.
Stato Treasurer Georgo E. Hall of
Franklin Is busy assisting his official
bondsmen check $10,000,000 of securi
ties for which ho is to givo a receipt
when he finds them all. The old office
force Is assisting in the work. Oscar
Dantelson ot Center, Neb., has been
succeeded as deputy stato treasurer
by William H. Murray of Frnnkfm.
State Superintendent A. O. Thomas
is being assisted by O. P. Stewart of
Sterling, Miss Stanley of Kearney,
Lulu Walford of Pawneo City and J. D.
French of Lincoln, all new appointees,
nnd has appointed A. V. Teed of
Ponca, who will soon Join the office
force. Miss Edith Lathrop, who has
been rural school Inspector for soveral
years has been retained as a membor
of the offico force.
Secretary of State Pool has changed
his entire office forco, but has re
tained George W. Marsh, former dep
uty, for the present to assist the new
employes, who are: Deputy secretary,
Hugh L. Cooper, Tecumseh; book
keeper, Kcnnoth A. McRao, Grand
iBland; corporation clerk, Max Katel-.
man, Omaha; recorder, B. It. Boys
Bays, Valparaiso; automobllo clerk,
Miss Cecllo Snapp, Lincoln; stenog
rapher and copyist, Miss Etta Saffor,
Attorney General Willis E. Reed Is
now on duty ready to defend the stato
and its officers In any honorable busi
ness in which they may be engaged
In an official capacity.
Andrew M. Morrissoy of Valontlne,
formerly private secretary to tho gov
ernor, is deputy attorney general.
G. W. Ayres of Central City, formerly
deputy attorney general, has been
naked to remain in tbe office nt least
until tho legislature adjourns. Miss
Josephine Murphy of Flattsmouth,
who has served as legal stenographer
in the department, has been retained
Members of the state legislature
and their wives and families and hun
dreds of citizens attended the gov
ernor's reception at the executive
mansion Thursday night. Beforo the
evening had ndvanced far tho orches
tra removed from the ball on the first
floor to tho ball room, and dancing
started. All of the newly elected state
officials, their wives and many legis
lators were in lino. Tho legislators
took turns at receiving and mingling
with tho guests.
Tho stato auditor's offlco has re
ceived notlco that tho county board of
Greeley county has passed a resolu
tion to make a lovy in 1915 to raiso
$803.35 to bo paid tho state as Iho bat
unco duo tho stato for tho caro of
patients at tho hospital for tho Insane.
This debt wns incurred a number ol
year ago under an old law.
Roses "from tho boyB at home"
graced tho desk of Barrett of Douglas
at tho opening session. They were
American beauties, large and of a deep
red hue.
Miner Caught in Cavc-ln Forced
to Keep Awake for Fear of
Being Buried Alive.
Kly, Minn. Hack from tho tomb,
from darkness, enmo Josoph Skuslk
when ho was carrlod, conscious nnd
practically unharmed, but exhnustod,
from tho pit of Slbloy mine, whoro he
nnd five others wero burled In a cave
In. For 112 hours Skuslk fought sloop,
terror, thirst and hunger In a dark
hole 90 feet under ground nnd won.
With him thoro wns brought to tho
surfuco tho body of an unidentified
companion who hnd smothered In dirt.
That Skuslk's escapo was mtrncu
lous Is indlcntod by tho situation in
which ho was found, one foot pin-
The Planks Overhead Allowed the
Dirt to Fall Gradually.
ionod by timbers nnd with nn nrch o.
timber overhead that kept off tho di
rect fall of earth. Had It not been
for tho pinioned foot ho probnbly
would havo tried to escapo nnd been
overwhelmed by a rush of earth. Ab
It wns, ho could not lonvo tho spot
and tho planka overhead allowed tho
dirt tofall but gradually.
This falling dirt, according to half
n dozen broken sentences ho apoko
beforo doctors ordered him to keep
Bilont, wns Skuslk's greatest troublo.
In the darkness ho could not seo
whether ho was menaced by possible
blgRer falls, nnd as dirt alfted through
nnd foil on his face, a hnndful at a
tlmo, ho frantically brushed It awny.
Ho dared not sloop for fear more
would fall and smother him.
Vralth of Man Killed Who Was on
Railroad Tracks Upsets Old
Philadelphia. On Garrett Hill, in
Radnor township, tho police are look
ing nightly for the "ghost" of a man
who wsb killed several months ago at
the railroad station nt Radnor. The
man lived at Garrett Hill, and has re
turned, his old neighbors Bay.
:' A number of residents say they
havo seen tho wraith. It flits out of
dark corners, they say, stares at them
with sorrowful eyeB, and then passes,
moaning. A woman tollB of being
called to her door tho other evening,
and of finding tbe man there facing
her with his piteous stnro. As sho
stood, she says, paralyzed with fear,
he vanished.
So many tales of the "ghost" have
reached tho pollco that they havo 'be
gun an investigation, on tho theory
that a crank or a maniac Is annoying
the residents. So far, however, no
trace of a flesh and blood marauder
has been found.
Nevada Miner Is Victim of Many Ac
cldents Within a Few
Plocho, Nov. Falling headlong for
a distance of 80 feet down nn incline
in shaft No. 1 of tho Amalgamated
Plocho company, Ted O'Brien, a miner,
was seriously Injured. In addition to
a broken leg, he wns terribly cut and
bruised. O'Drien had been tbe victim
of a scries ot accidents, all of which
have happened within tho last few
While working at the Prince mino a
few months ago his foot was crushed
and he was laid up for several weoka.
Shortly after recovering from this
misfortune a hand was crushed and
again he was laid up. A week follow
ing his supposed recovery from this
accident ho was again retired to tho
sick list ns a result ot blood poisoning
setting in. Physicians say that ho
will recovor from tho effects of the
latest and most serious accident.
Sentenced to Jail for 60 8econds.
J Many, La. Convicted of shooting
uupuiy Buoriu ui. a. force, ur. nnr
voy Dillon, former president of tho
stato board ot health, was suntonced
to GO soconds In Jail by Judgo J. H.
lioono hero.
Girls Kill Four-Pronged Buck.
Bellofonto, Pa. Center county has
nt least two Dlanns, Mary and Zllla
Sharer, who killed a deor. Tho girls
dragged it a half mllo to their homo,
skinned and dressed it. Tho buck nnd
four tvongs and weighed 1C0 pounds.
You Don't Have to Uo About
Canada The Simple Truth
Is Enough.
Tho natural resources ot tho coun
try are so vast that thoy cannot bo
told in moro figures. Man can only
tell of what tiny portions havo dono.
Ho can only say, "I am moro pros
perous than I ever expected to bo."
And yet if a farmer expects to suc
ceed on land that ho has been forcod
to pay f GO to $100 an aero for ho ought
to feel assured of attaining prosperity
when ho finds tho richest pralrlo soil
at IiIb disposal absolutely freo. If ho
has a llttlo capital, lei him InvoBt It
all in llvo stock nnd farm Implements
ho will find himself ten yenra ahead
of tho gamo. Somo day such n clmnco
will not bo found nnywhero on tho
face of tho globo. But now tho satno
opportunities awnlt you au nwalted
tho ploneor and not ono hundredth
pnrt of tho difficulties ho encountered
and ovcrcamo. Success In Canada la
mndo up of two things, natural re
sources and human labor. Canada
hns tho ono and you tho other. A
postal card stands between you and
tho Cnnndlan government agent. If
you don't hold theso two forcos nnd
enjoy tho fruits ot tho result It 1b your
own fault
Debt and Canada Will Not Stand
You wnnt a cozy homo, a freo llfo,
and BUfllclont income. You wnnt edu
cation for your children, nnd Bomo
plcasuro for your wife. You want in
dependence. Your burden has been
heavy, and your farm hasn't paid.
You work hard nnd nro dlBcournged.
You roqulro a change Thoro Is a
goal within Bight, where your children
will have advantages. You can got a
homo in Western Canada, freedom,
whero your ambitions can bo fulfilled.
If tho Pralrlo Provinces of Canada aro
full of Successful Farmers why should
you provo the exception? Haven't you
got brains, experience, courago7 Then
provo what theso aro capable of when
put on trial. It Is encouraging to
know that there 1b ono country In tho
world whero poverty is no bnrrlor to
wealth; own your own car; own your
self; bo somebody.
For facts wrlto to any Canadian
government agent AdvertlBomont
Principal Products.
Teacher What Is tho elephant
hunted for, Emerson?
Bright Pupil Magazine articles.
Much of tho wisdom of the wise is
reflected from tho foolishness of the
foolish. Macon Telegraph.
Nothing disappoints a woman quite
o much as nothing to bo disappointed
over. Detroit Free Press.
Praise Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Women from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from all sections
of this great country, no city so large, no village so small
but that some woman has written words of thanks for
health restored by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. No woman who is suffering from the ills peculiar
to her sex should rest until she has given this famous remedy
a trial. Is it not reasonable to believe that what it did for
these women it will do for any sick woman ?
Wonderful Case of Mrs. Crusen,
of Bushnell, III.
Busiineix, lLfc."-"I think all tho troublo I havo had since jny
aaarriago was caused by oxpoauro whon a younp; girl. My work has
been housework of all kinds, and I havo dono milking in the cold and
enow when I was too young to rcalizo that it would hurt me. I havo
suffered very much with bearing down pains in my back and such
miserable pains across mq, and was very nervous and generally ran
down in health, but since I havo taken Lydia E. Pinkham's "Vegetable
Compound my back nover hurts mo, my nerves aro stronger, and I'
am gaining in health evory day. I thank you for the great help I
have received, from your medicmo, and if my letter will benefit suf
fering women I will bo glad for you to print it. Mrs. jAxza Crusxm,
Bushnell, Illinois.
A Grateful Atlantic Coast Woman.
noDQPON, Mb. -aI feel it a duty I owe to all suffering women to
toll what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo Compound did for me. One
year ago I found myself atcrriblo sufferer. I nad pains in both sides
and such a soreness I could scarcely straighten up at times. My
back ached. I had no appotito and was so nervous I could not sleep,
then I would bo so tired mornings that I could scarcely get around.
It seemed almost impossiblo to movo or do a bit of work and I
thought I nover would bo any better until I submitted to an opera
tion. I commenced taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and soon felt llko a now woman. I had no pains, slept well, had good
appetite and was fat and could do almost all my own work for a fam
ily of four. I shall always feel that I owo my good health to your
medicine." Mrs. Haywaud Soweks, Uodgdon, Maine. ,
For 30 years Iydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound lias bcentlio standard remedy for fe
male ills. No ono sick with woman's ailments
does just Ice to herself if sho does not try this fa
mous medicine made from roots and herbs, it
una restored Homanysufferlngwomento health.
lkF (CONFIDENTIAL) LYNN, MASS., for advice.
Your letter will bo opened, read and answered
by a woman and held in strlcoonudencs.
Keep Your Locks Youthful, Dark,
Glossy and Thick With Garden
Sage and 8ulphur.
When you darken your hair with
Sngo Ten and Sulphur, no ono can
toll, becauflo U'b dono so naturally, so
evenly. Propnrlng this mixture,
though, at homo Is mussy and trouble
somo. For CO cents you can bay at
any drug Btoro tho rendy-to-trao tonlo
called "Wyeth's Sago and Sulphur
Hair Remedy." You Just dampen
sponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through your hah-, taking
ono small strand nt a time. By morn
ing all gray hair disappears, and, after
another application or two, yonr hahr
becomes beautifully darkoaod, glossy
and luxuriant. You will also dis
cover dandruff Is gono and ftalr has
stopped falling.
Grny, faded hair, though no dis
grace, la a sign of old ago, nnd ns wo
all dcslro n youthful nnd attractive ap
pcarnnco, get busy at onco with Wy
eth's Sago nnd Sulphur und look years
younger. Adv.
After the War.
Tho manufacture ot woodon logs Is
n useful Industry, but extraordinary
activity in their production Is not a
sign that tlui world Is Industrially
prospermia. Kansas City Journal.
votm own nitunuisT wim.tkli. voo
Try MiiDiik Kjn Itemed for lied. Weak, WaU-ry
Ui nnd (Iruiitiliiied KjellJM Nn Huirtlnii
Jiitt Kji minion. Wrlln for llootc if llin Kr
by mail fc'ron. Miirlun hjo Itemed? Co., Chicago.
Gossip generally means taking two
and two nnd tanking throe.
is at stake when you
neglect the Stom
ach, Liver and
Bowels. Poor
health will soon
overtake you. Keep
up "to the mark" by
assisting these
organs in their work
with the help of
Stomach Bitters
It makes the appetite
keen and aids
digestion. Tryabottls.
A toilet preparation of mrrlC.
Jlolin to eradlcau dandruff.
Far RmIaHm Color ami
Beauty to GrayerFadadtUar.
J SQcajnHtwatDrorsiau.
.V txotr- t1iXitJ&-