The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 24, 1914, Image 5

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liullotln of The Week's Doings
Hot your fur, at Miner Urns', .store.
I. I'Imui ws In Blue Hill Tins
IM. Uurr of Guide Hock was hi town
Knr your new shot's uo to llnicr
Hi os Co
titty Zeller win In (iuiiU Hook Titos
tiny tnornltn;.
Kind (Siitiil whs down fiom I'lue
Hill Sunday.
Homer Squires was down from InJ
vulo Tuesday.
Loul Vnvrlchii of Mine Hill was in
town Satin day.
Robert UcllK'r is home from Lincoln
for the holidays.
Attorney Walteis of liluo Hill was
in town Monday.
Editor 12 Non of the A runs was in
Hlun Hill Tuesday.
New shoes for the ladies just re
ceived at Miner Ilros. Co.
'Finnic Sttidebaker left 1'iiday n!j.'ht
for his home, at Klbcrtn, Utah.
FOU RENT ooil .'iro mi hniiso
Hutchison t Hulutlvii. adv
The snow which fell Sunday will
certalnlv help tho whoat
Roy Copley and Paul l'itney of Ina
valo wore in town Monday
Hobt. Garrison of (Initio Hock was in
town Monday on business.
John Hamilton and son of (iiiido
Rook were ih town Filday.
.John Tonilinson was a passenger tc
(iiildo Rook Tuesday morning
Choice alfalfa and prairie hay for
sale. Inquire of Ned Grimes.
Prof. Hot, and his orchestra will go
to Rlverton Christmas day to play for
a dance.
Miss Flora Shute, who is teaching
sahool at Welllleet, Nebr , Is homo for
tho holidays.
Attorney 15 W. Stewart left V.
nesday iiluht for Lincoln to spend
Christmas with his puents.
Mr. and Mis Ralph Caufleld left tho
first of the weclc for MI-ouri to sptnd
the holiday with llNpuviiN.
Mrs Orvlllc l'Vrffiison and daughter
or Ohcrliii. Kunas ate visitliie; friends
and ielatives here this week.
The larjiest nn 1 best lino of Chi 1st
mas eatidieii m Hie'town Is now beitix
shown and tul-' .it Miner IScon. Co. -
Tho M'S-f. D s-de Tuslur, Fa Tuel,
Murlf lltilibtt-r and nlai-gurul Beal ale
home from Lincoln for the boll I's
Harvey liiokerson. Hi" popular bar
tW "t MMver'e shop, J i' ft Sunday
nt-jlit fur Ml&viurl lo spend the hull
days Uh nlalives.
Mis Mattie Alwl, who Ih to.ichtiitf In
tho pub'ic schools at McCwk, is home
'or the holiday-, to v'sU with her par
ent's, I). M. Able and wife.
MUs hario ,Iernbtir who Is toacliliii
school at .Sutherland, Nebinsk.i. ur
r'lvul linmu the last of the week to
spoml the ho i-lays with her parents.
Phil Shet wood. Russol Atnaclc, Fred
Pharcs and Ohn. Shcror returned
home from Line In tho last of the
week to spend tho holidays with their
.lesse Uurlow left Tuesday tuorninjf
for .SprliiKllelil. Mo., but wu are unablo
to say tit; tills wilting-, what caused
him too to that place, but .wo in ti
Inclined to belie vo that ho will not ie
tiiril'lioiue alone.
0. J. Phitt entertained tftenty eight
of his gentlemen frinds on Friday
cveuiilK, IJ o. inner IS and
cigars wan part of thu entertainment
until about Jl o'clock vkln Mrs. 1,'lnU,
inUistml bv Mrs. W A. 'htTWo d and
MraPrtiit Storey, wvvil lunch. i
The telephone girl u'ts sPI In her
chajf mid listens to voices f ron very
where. Heine all the golp, nhu henra
all the uiw,kIh Uno-tfH who is linppy
uud who hi tht? tyiu-s; he kinv all
o'ri" j.y, tn kuov every gli I who is
c'mslnst the boja; She know nil our
trouble, he known, of our stiifn, she
lctuiwa tsvery inui who is nieun to his
wifttj ehe k (', vnry lime we aie out
with the ioy, he h'-ars th excuses
each employ; hh Vnowt every woipim
who ha pant; ste know-' every
m tn who's luelmed t be fust;" in
laot tluie's a secret 'neHth eaeli sadey
curl ' t that quia', deiuwre looking
tel"ph. ne girl, if' the telephone girl
would tell all Mie knows, she wvould
tui-u all oui friends into hilterufct foe;
bhe w m'd sow u fciimll mIimI that
wou'd moo be a gale, engulf h in
tiouble and laud no In Jil; she could
letkoastiiy whicli gaining in foicc
wool 1 inns.' half our wives to sue for
dlvoiee; she cuhl get till (he churches
mixed op In a light, and linn all our
days into son owing nights. In fact
she could keep the wholn town in a
slew if she'd tell n tenth pint of the
things tint she knew. Now doesn't It
make your head wliiil when you think
what you owe lo the telephone girl.
I I! t'i iii was up from liable Rock
We lues I. ij
(iiiitit lloiieli n wis up from
i:'l t i.
Mow, it I Foe Is home fmtn Lincoln
for the holidays.
Wiltci Marshall is hoinii fimn St
toe for the holidays.
Si vend children a roil ml loan uieon
th" sick li-it this week.
Vim cut Johnston Is home from
Missouri for the holidays.
tan. r.teis oi U'liiie liocic was in
town Weiliuslay'aft'riioou.
Chill (lellatly left this moinlng f 1
liincolii to spend the holidays,
MifS Thornton left last night for
tdncoln to spend lor vacation.
Wcesiier ,fc ICoout. shipped two ears
of hogs Snndiiv to Kiiusiis City.
Mrs. Robt, Avery and sou wete pass
engers to Superior this morning.
Col C. W. Kaley re", i riled home
Friday from Otualia and Lincoln.
Don Saunders of City ws
in town Tiiusday visiting friends.
Pi of. Ote Fra.ler of Edgar is in
town this week enjoying his vacation
STUXYED A sandy colored sow,
weight 2:.0 RewHid. Mrs. Coin Pit
ney, Inavale.
Mis ICatliryu ltuike left last night
for W-ilnut, Iowa, to spend her vaca
tion witli her parents.
The pub ie schools closed yesterday
for the holidays ami will open again
Monday, January 1th
Miss Louise Schumacher departed
Wednesday night for Orleans to spend
her vacation with her patents.
Dr. R V. Nicholson left last night
to spend the holidays with homo folks
at Wlsner, Nebraska. Wo are anxious
ly awaiting his return in order to
know if lie returns alone.
Wednesday morning the fire depart
ment wns called to Art Robinson's
residence In tho east part of town.
The lire was caused from a defective
flue, but was extinguished before the
arrival of the department, and before
It had accomplished much dtimngo
Mrs. Ann Harris aged 08 years, 1
month and '2 days, wife of John Hauls,
died at their homo southwest of this
city Wednesday night after buffering
from a paralytic stroke. She leaves n
husband and sevei id sons and daugh
ters to mourn her death. She was
born In England and was an old pioneet
of (inrlleld pieeiiiol. The Chlof along
with the efitire community extends
condolence to llle bereaved husband
and children.
Salniday afternoon John Rufelge,
bi!u driving nlonir near Ambov. iv
liced Mure men who wu"o, jippareutli ,
nin'OHVorliig to conceal something in
an alfalfn stack, and oatne to thy con
olnslou tb'it they vwilo burying a
X'orpne. II iwevei, unrulier . i ihiicn mm
Sheril Hedge wero not notified until
Tuesday afternoon, but on going to
the scene anil making a c ireful seaic't,
o in d tt lie ijo'hiugof an inciluiinatiii
.Sfii5cllg or Cisntestahts
J'he following is the standing of the
Contesiaiits in Th Chiel's and Cook's
Ding S'oio 1'iee Tiip to the Pmiaina
Exp jit iun Contefii: i
II .
a .
90 .
1 .
$1 .
..(.(. !.
ii i.yi
no mo
oi -'.-i
7 sir.
5'J!V 5
Carcasses Should Be 8uncd
'4 Uy H. Vt. OH AN JON.
The bishop of Caahel, having occa-
i.on to visit Dublin accompanied by liln
wife niitl daugh
ter, determined to
perform the Jour
ney by e n b y
stages, In Ida own
At tho foot of a
hill, however, ho
decided to make
the nscent afoot,
and so hla family
and BcrvnntH wuro
far In advnnro '
when ho decided
to hasten. At a
wild point In tho
road a fellow
leaped from be
hind Homo stones,
nourished a club,
nnd detimndcd
"Money !'
Tho bishop gnvo
the lobber all tho
nllver ho h a d
loose In his pock
et, hoping Hint It would satisfy him;
but he was mistaken.
"And Is It with tho likes of this
I'm niter lotting you off? n fow
paltry tin-pennies! Arrah, don't Btnnd
shivering nnd slinking there, hut pull
out your jiurso Immediately, or I'll
bate you ns blue ns n whetstone"
His lordship most reluctantly yield
ed his well-lllled purse, saying In
tremulous nccents: "My good fellow,
there It Is; don't Ill-use mo; l'vo for
given you all; pray let mo depnrL"
"Fair nnd softly, If you pluse; ns
sure ns I'm not n good fellow, I haven't
dono with you yet. I muBt Bnrch for
your note-case, for I'll cngngo you
have n fow bits of paper pnyablo at
tho bank; so hand it over or you'll
sup sorrow tonight."
It wns given up. Tho bishop rando
nn instinctlvo movement as though
nnxlouB to escape from further pil
lage i
"Wnlt a while, or maybe I shall get
angry with you; hand over your
wntch nnd Beals, nnd then you mny
"Surely you have taken enough ;
leavo my watch, nnd Til forglvo nil
you hnvo done."
"Who ns'd your forgiveness, you old
vnrmlnt? Don't forco mo to do any
thing I'll bo sorry for hut w.ithout
any moro bother, just glvo mo tho
And he jerked tho bludgeon from
his right hand to his left, spnt In the
horny palm of tho foimcr, nnd r.
grnsperj the ft.rtnld.ibta ve-jirn; tl i-
action wns not unl.i.. by h'1 v.c-
tlm ho drew forth the golden time
piece, and with a heavy sigh handtd
It to the .spoiler. ' ,
It needed no porBvmslon to Induce
tho bishop to turn his back upon the
despoil, i uT h.a Yi oi Idly sooda, and.
lmvl'i'j no" weight to curry, he not off
at what equestrians term "a hard
canter." Scarcely, however, had he
leached tho middle of the precipitous
load when ho perceived 111 persecu
tor running 'after him.
,"Stop, you nimble-footed thief of
the woild!" roared the tobber "stop,
1 tell ou. l'vo a parting vcrtl with
you yet."
Tho exhausted nnd defenseless cler
gyman, finding it iniposMblu )lo con
tinue his HiMit, buddtnly came to a
btandstdl. Tbu tollow approachtd, and
hla lace, instead of its iornter te
roclty, was lit up with n whimsical
ioguUhncHb oCe-xptesBloit as ho said;
"And Is It likely that I'd let you olt
with u better coat ou your back tliiin
my own? and will 1 he after losing tho
chance cf that elegant hat and wig?
Off with them this moment, and then
you'll bu quit o' me. '
The footpad qu. ly divested tho
bishop oi his binglu orcautud coat, laid
violent hands upon the cUVleal hat nnd
full buttr-med wig, put them on his
own perpou, and then infelelcd ou Boe
ing hla luto apparel uaul In tuelr
stead, and with p. loud laugh, ran otf.
Thanklul of luvvltiR escaped with un
broken bois, his lordship was not
long In overtak'"3 his carr..i."?.
"My dear Wii'.am." txc:ai.:'.ed his
affabio wife, a't.r utooluh u Uo ac
count of the v .. to which ber hun
band had brui exposed, "for. heav.n's
saka, take olt that fllthy jacket nA
throw It out of the window, iou cun
nlSliU Ui -l- - LlL ; (,f)
fm&n&om (S3-
-IIU ab niu: gnrixngs In those f imir
v.s..:..:-...x..f.-w -mj': i
"1 ook acrosa the utrcct, Phil. Tom
1 i iii'lon uecnifl to bo seated to death
el .tut big fellow with tho black lint.
I wonder whnl'a up."
"Don't bother me, ,11m, I'm busy,"
returned Harrington, Impatiently.
"Tom's been casting furtive glances
nt the big fellow as if ho was trying
to dodge him," continued Morris, ex
citedly. "Now he's stopped In fton.
of that Jewelry store and tho big fel
low has ranged up alongside of him."
"Uriindon'tf as palo as a ghost," ob
served Harrington, now thoroughly In
terested, "lie's started off again and
the big fellow Is after him. Hello,
he's coming over here!"
This was true, tlrandon, cngerly
glancing around for somo way of es
cape from his pursuer, had seen Har
rington und was hurrying ncroaa tho
Ktreet. A few moments later, he en
tored nnd sank, breathless und ex
hausted, Into the chair Morrla pushed
towards him.
"What's tho matter, Tom?" Inquired
Harrington, solicitously. "You aio
trembling like a leaf. Who's that big
fellow who was following you?"
"Haven't the slightest Idea, Phil,"
replied Urnndon, shuddering nt the
refcrenco to his purBiier. "That fel
low's been following mo for tho past
two months. No matter where- I go,
.lie's always behind mo. A week ago
,ho moved into thu Iioubo next door to
mine- nnd H'b been ten times worso
,s!nco then."
"Why don't you nsk him what ho
'means?" demnnded MorrlB.
"I can't, Jim," returned nrandon,
mournfully. "I wish I could, but that
fellow's got a pair of tho most pierc
ing eyes in his head that you ever
saw. They ooro mo turougn iiko a
gimlet and Bend a cold chill down
ray backbone"
"You'ro in bad shapo, Tom. Why
don't you run down to tho country
and braco up a bit?"
"I'd do It in a mlnuto, Phil," repllod
Drnndon, eagerly, "but I'm bo tied up
that unless I Bell my house, i can't
"What will you take for the house,
.Ilrandon?" Inquired Morris, thought
fully. "Maybe I can Boll It for you."
"I'd tako five thousand, Jim, al
though I know It's worth more, Just
to get away from that follow with
those infernal black eyes."
"All right, Tom," returned Morris.
"I'll tako tho matter In hand. I have
an idea that may help mo to sell thu
Jim Morris wan keen-eyed and ob
sonant. Wt "i l.e witched Prnmlon's
efortii lo '.- . -.el':-, o '.' Wz
black eed purs.'n r, Voirla felt Hure
he had seen t! . mm with tho plorc
Int eyes roinevVte although hi could
not remember Just where it had bee n
or under what circutnstanri n. To
ate sure of thK lie etationud hhn
self near Brandon'3 house tho follow
ing morning and, unobserved by
eltbor. followed Ilrandou und hlf.
(Christmas ;uth a
a nit hush tuut a i,U
happn auiN jmuspcrous Jclu
And remember Wednesday,
December 30, is Red Letter
Day. We give $ 1 .00 worth
of Green Trading Stamps
Free to everybody visiting our
oLv1 C
G. TiiFiwe & Son
-v-sw-s iiiiiiiiniiiiig es-ss-
Good Coal Is Sure To Be Scarce
' When Cold Weather Comes.
Jn 1 WL Jm
irA Mxb
;'f3'-aaE53WS-CS Ji
Ft-w mo v oertinxi nwtb ds for tin
xnre.t I ot hg cliiir va may b foiit.d
tliaii Ii.'hvii rxpimed thu carun-si'i. of
hogs X hat have dl d of cholera, liven
tint n cnrMM may bo Juolaled from
ot'.U'i' hugs, It may Iw tin t soopage
from llipcjtiatti will reah anuighbir
ing 't'v mi and tlm endnngur a. nli'do
SBOtJOll of tits Btat. Agnlu, dog ,
onts, or birds, nttiHcti'd ta the bpot.
may crry the gvrws to a hog hy fr
dUtaiit and j)erliHp'prijnd tho jJU-iir.;
for many milei. The depart mt-nt of
animal p.tthology nt. tho Nnbrai.ka
Unlrrtiitltf Kii'in iirgi's thijtoniv hg
dying of choluia or of any olhr con
ttiKiOus dUcHhc should lie immediately
burned in coinpliunca with tlm htnti'
XllEN wo began our
vv business career in
in Red Cloud wc took as
our motto the one word
Quality and we believe
all our patrons will agree
with us that it has truly
been our slogan all this
time. Our leputalion for
High-grndu Groceries is
well known. We are fully
prepared to supply all
your wants in ouv line
Notice to Farmers
The Au'iicttHiiral IK'pirtni.'tM of ihe
Ut'd I'hiud lllh School will test five
of chin go any farmer's M'ed corn. A
writ'on tcport will lie lurnihhed with
each test made Application for free
seed corn tests should he 11'od nl once
with It. 1) Mnitrrv., Siipoiltit-irdetil
nut i war.n cloak oer your ehnut
ilern til Wv rehf.U the netct stage, nnd
then i u .)il be able to purchase
some habit much better Butted to
your Imb't aud calling."
"That U wore fcunily atd than c!qj,
iny love," he replied; 'I have lcA all
thu 'money 1 poeeoned; not a alugla
guinea in left to pay our expenses to
nlht. My watch, loo, that I eo dear
ly piUa. Everything sowl MUer
able man that 1 tan!"
"Never mind your Match or any
thing elte juet now; only pull oft that
mass of nith, 1 lmploio you; vho
huowa what horrid contusion lrj'
might all catch If you peralat in wear
In it?"
"Take It off, dear papa," obuervod
the daughter, "hut don't throw it
away; It may lead to tho detection of
tho wretch who robbed you." .
Tho obnoxious garment was re
moved. Tho youug lady was about
to place It uuder the seat 'when uho
beard n jingling nolso that attracted
her attoutlon, and on examination
found socretod In various parts of tho
coat not omj tho v.iMi, pocketbook.
p'jrse and tdlvor cf which nor fa
ther had been doprlved, but a yellow
cam as bag such as used by farnierr.
pojit'i' c f.' ml '" lnn
" ' S-cfflSeE3!S!Easaa.o.(f
phadow downtown. CranJoo, to rio .,,., " - ,-,-, , - , .,.,.- . .
lowed the man with tho penetrating j
eyos. Tho latter, unaware that ho was
lielns followod In turn, walked rap-
l.llv nlniiw until lio rniiclipil .1 lill'i3f bulldhif; which ho cntr-od. Tnk
inj; the elevator, Morrla ami tho black
oyed n. un woio nis-lictl up to the sev
enth door, whero tho latter entcre-l
tho office cf Abraham Siuait, a well
known teal eatato broker. -
Jim wac uflhered Into Mr. Smiirl'n
piVjcnco and after niaKInc Eome In
iipilrlea about come proporty tho bro
ker hnd, withdrew, feollnn sattallctl
,that ho had Rained an insight Into tho
itormentliiK of his friend.
Tho next morning Morrln was e!t
ting In hla olllcc, busy over hla mall
when tho man with tho piercing blacli
cjos entered. ,
"You hnve a liouso on avenue
advertised for sale," romatkod the
visitor, carelessly. "What is the
"Eight thousand," repllod Morrla,
"Ttfb inc-U," retorted the caller, ab
ruptly. "I'll give you ilv."
"The price la eight thousand, take It
or Wf&VB It."
Without Junker worda tho luau
with th oVk eyes turned, and left
1h olfloe. fcton-te rh-rkledt "I've '
got hen Boln n..-' 'l bO soiry be
fore lt' 'kratvh.'
Ou the Hiircte,:-!).' .' v tho 11'.
with the r'i"' v-' ye"
turned to ..denn' ewi. c u act'opt ''"'
nrteo and mak t de .1 't hut to cii-
dlaniay, toqud U at th.i nice had 1 .'
nuea to-jen w'win
yu- snltt pLM' jJj. 'nd ywster
day ha b'evt. 1 "t. fe , lly, k.h
L. lnH tO . Ul'' K)V i.f r ni,l 'J,j llr.Oj.
the ijJtptiiu ." -r: -
T-iluy I .ay v. 1 t' n V '
P. A. Wuilbraedi
frli , jri '.,1 r-f ! ,' ,f "
ln p.;ciMik i'1 ' ' "t ur".
hoar, wIT'i; '.- ' ' i - .',
SHinp for the jjio aijtj ci ),? :.
,"ln he iuiw( t!""t r- '. e,
tAen tr juc'p. Mornj d' it ' 1
tvw Ive ihr.ttaand for tbfe pjc-yt '
"What sort 'of a gait" we . . ..
i",", ou me'" dmcuded & n
tne plercliiK eyes.
"Von tine your oyes to wotl: v
Kchcmua und I use my heed." 1 - I
v orris. "Spook quick, I havv.:i . r
..11 day to wait on you."
'I'll pay Uio twelvo thcuu ud '
"And If you boi'uw llnmd . ati
I'll hrrik your head for von " jr
a' rrltf
o-ae-Q3SS wmm- G&s3gm o
Administrator's Sab cf Genfral Dry Goods. and ($
Grocery Business at inavale Nebraska t W
I'.y itfuiii kti the tti tlh nf ii'iHiik X. Koe'un I, proprietor, ill oiuj- fa)
in c tip M- at 11 1 the u''tiil.UtiHtor will utiVr and aejl nt Ful'
Auction ' ,.
At Inavalo In Webster Ceunty, Nelirnakt , :
On Ufcember 3t), I'JiJ, nf lloVlotik a. m., tne ootlr ti)isk of d j
goods giii!wlt,'t., Mid H-tiii, nun-' 1 luting the uk$$te .A tie
tfis'ule. The sfle wdl tK In hulk, The t ire t now .men' U Inspi.'
Vn and nmnbur nut iuvuice will b(iiiib and wibJ'CL to liupeittiou
of tddtterk Deeeajber Hi) T bi 1. a rd hvatl )u fur a 'ribure In a
Miiiilf countrj t in. T!k h-oclc lias b -t.'ii up with staple bliia
th'ulenth of the uiflprloliir, th iruh' t'ikcii re of, tho htore in
c lilted and Iih carne.l a utouk of from ."i,0Xi to 28.000 The lOCitiou
U in t lie lut.u't id a goud t uiiiluK' JOiinliy, a 0'.)d trade Is u?tilillhlifil
and linio Is nn uxoHllcut pp irluulty to neumv 11 sfoln(; biitjl'iei uu I
clean stock in ood comllliou. It U not a bankrupt Mode, and no
tr ttdind propositions will bo Hcccptcil or (iiuisiiluro 1. Any cash h,d
which will be approved by thu prnb tto co irt, in ly bu acuipto I be
tore the day of mlo.
U. Koolmol, Administrator, Inavalo, Nebraska
L. H. Ulacltlode, Attornoy, Red Cloud, Nebraska
v M
v. I
MWJV-w.l.Bt-HVIilt W WtVWIVl!flrfryfctaCXiUrKAl&Ur
. m