The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 24, 1914, Image 5

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Bulletin of The Wook'a Dolnga
TuWo your uivuui to J. 0. CaUlwoll.
I) M A 1 1 1 e was in Hasting Sutnr
tluy. Will Mount foul was In Kltto mil
Hoy llmohUon was In tliistitiKi on
TiiuiMlny ,
L C. Pk-liwrtif Hluo Hill whs in
town Momluy.
V. C IliKulicnvof IIluu Hill wan in
town Mond iy.
Mol Putnam of linu'ule was on our
M reels Momluy
WihIh Tiite w rlreil In tho city tlie
tir-t ot tlit wRt'l;.
MNs (irnei Stewnril was a Ilast'uiKs
visitor Thursday.
Attorney Wallers of Hluo Hill tvas
on our streets Monday.
Come to lied Cloud sjiMiHuy or nny
tiny in tliu week Mini (Jo your trading
,A1. lleelter is liotno front CoinstouU
where ho attended his lirothcrV ftincr
l'rof. Mority. has purchased n now
ltuick automobile of the Red Cloud
Auto Co.
Mrs. Siwim Ludlow of Fiunkliu visit
ed her daiij,'htor, Mis. C. .1. Geer, over
Mi's Hurtliii Doyle left Friday mom
liiK for CluuupiiiKn, 111., where she will
attend college
The September term of district court
will convene In tills city, Monday,
September SSHi.
The Red Cloud Concert Hand went
to llyroti Wednesday o play for a
two days celebration.
1'red Witt wer, who was operated on
at Lincoln Inst weel., ts gutting iilnnp;
nicely at Hum writing
Meredi'ili Duller is ttoiklnjr for Will
Koon in liis buteher shop during the
ab'-eneo of Mr. Butler.
A. II Carpenter returned home Sun
day morning from KunsuV where he
had beer, on business.
L. M. Wittwer of Htirb,ink, Soutli
Dakota, Hrrlved in the city Sunday to
visit with his brothers.
Leonard Iteihor left tho first or tin
week for Lincoln.' where he will study
law at the state university.
Mr. and Mrs. Root". Avery "atitocd to
Edgar and Superior Sunday and spent
the day with tucjr parents
U. A. Teel of May wood, Nobr , spent
the last of thawet-k here with his
biotlier, Oscar Teel and wife.
Mr. and' Mrs.JRoy Feaiu of Superior
Hpeiit Suuduy here with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Robertson.
Mr. and Mrs. Clare Wolfe are the
proud parents of a baby boy which
was born last Thunday imrnlnff. t
Mrs. Chas Potter and tho Misses
Tillio Cook, Hattie and Mary-Christian
were Hastings victors Thursday.
"Bud" McCune who has been in
California for sometime for his health
is In the city vloiting his patents.
Dr. Summer reports the arrival of a
boy Thin sday night at the home ol
Fred Burden. BloomiiiRtJii Athojute
Fred Good of Cowles was in town
Saturday attending a meeting of the
Democratic County Central Committee.
liruco Robinson leturtfc'd to his
home in Clay Center Saturday mom
ing uf :er spending the week hero with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. I). Robin
Oris Fearn, who Is holding down a
job in tho Adams County Democrat
olllco at Hastings, spout Sunday hea
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Dr. Warilck, The Specialist, will
meet eye, ear, noso and tin oat patients
and tliosu needing glasses lltted at Di.
Dntnerell's otllce in Red Cloud, Tuts
day; October Uth.
Mr and Mrs. .1. R. Butler left Satur
day morning for northwestern Kansas,
where they will visit with relatives,
after which theywlll visit in Lincoln,
Iowa and Illinois.
Raul S'orey, who is Gland Repre
M 'sentutiVe of t lie NebrnskaOrniul Lodge
of Odd Fellows, left Fiiday morning
for Atlantic City, N. J , to attend the
Soverign Granil Lodgoof Odd Fellows
of America.
Mr. mi i Mib. Low Hohenseo of
Boatrtco w'oro tho guests of l'rof, Bets'.
and wife Thni sday. They had been
out to Dunlng and were on their way
homo. Wo ncknoVledgo a pleasant
call from Mr. Hohensoe.
Father Fitzgerald and Shcrln Hedge
were in Hastings Saturday attending
tho funeral of SherilV Chas. Sanderson,
of Clay Center, who was shot at Har
' vard last Wednesday When this edi
tor, A 1). MoAithur, workod In the
Patriot oflioe In Clay Conter, several
years ago, wo became acquainted with
Mr. Sanderson, he being elected to the
otllce of sheriff that year, a position
whloh he has held for seven years. Mr1.
Sanderson was a good officer, and
made manv friends who were sorry to
bear of bis death.
- I - - - w - . ..
s.v- - a-... mtUT -
F r lnii new snors go to Miner
II. os Co
l'f 'R IlttN'T cowl "i-ro'itn lioiue
llttsch'-ou it Salai'fu.
A Sa gold fount tin pun for only f,9c
bj trailing tSuOeash ut Ih'iiry Cook's.
FouSm.UCHkm': A Hurley David
son motoii'iele go"d shnpu. Mis.
Win Wolf,'
Mr. II L. GilniHs and children re
turned from Blue Hill Saturday after
a weekWioit.
Robt. Potter of Oklahoma, is visit
ing his parents at the . It ihn ( Potter
home this wt ok.
Col. .1. II Rllingerand A If. McCull
lft via auto for lliid City. K-ts., Wed
itesday utornlug.
Orlu Hedge and wife aie tlie proud
ptreuts ofu buby boy which ttnlved
the lltt of the ok
Chief Cloil; Miiokio retained hnnio
from Red Cl.niil, Fiidny moiiilngoii l'..
.Monday's McConk Unzette.
Next Monday, Sept. 3S the first show
at the Tepee will commence piomptlj.
at T:-lo Second show at 0:00.
New co-its jus.t received nl Minor
Bros. Co , whom they have iccelvud
tiewiliieK in all depaitmcutH.
For tho . latest stylos in full and
winter millinery go to Mts. Barrett's
millinery store. adv
Last Friday morning Hartv Buckles
had the misfortune to injure Ills hand
quite badly while working In tho
blaelismitli shop.
A. Kopish of Blue Hill was In the
city Satttiday afternoon attending a
meeting of tho Democratic County.
Cen traLCommlt too.
Lincoln Bcacliey, the world renown
ed avla'.or, has ben secured to give
flights three davs dining Ak-Sar-Bou
carnival in Omaha. IWohey will ap
pear there Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday, October 7, 8 and' !. He
will loop the loop, lly upside down
and do other feats with his machine
that no one save a man with Beachoy's
daring would attempt.
That sunflowers uso thtee times as
much moisture as the corn plant is a
I liictrcccntlv found to be true at the
NebiasUa experiment Station. After
comparing several coin ami snnllower
plants during tho growing season, up
to September 1, this year, itwas found
that the average amount S)f water
used by a corn plant was four 11 fills of
a barrel, weighing :to0 pounds. Tho
aveiago amount of water used by a
snnllower was two bariels and a keg,
weighlnir 9."2 pounds. From this it
would appear that tho farmer can well
afford to keep down not only his sun
llowers but all other weeds which are
robbing the soil of moisture needed to
grow a crop. , ,
Lewie Fuller of Bethany, is here
visiting relatives.
R. B. Thompson was in Hastings
Tuesday on business.
S. P. Stark bought a new Ford car
of the Cowles Auto Co. last week. '
Kauan Sprenklo of Wllsonvllle,
Nebraska, Is here visiting rolatives
and friends.
Born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Will
Butler ii baby boy with the weight of
nine pounds.
Mrs. Baylor left for Illinois, Satur
day, to be at the bedside of her father,
who Is verv 111.
A large number of the members of
the Chi istiau church autoed to Guide
Rock Sunday evening to hear Rev.
Holly preach.
A. .1. Guy, James Saunders and 11.
B Thomson started for thesaud hill
country Wednesday to have a short
vacation shouting chickens.
No GaiTble
You can get a dollar's worth
of merchandise in our store for
one dollar. We don't force you
to take a chance on,a house and
lot, nor an automobile, neither
do you get trading stamps and
when you get three million of
them you may get something.
Neither do wefgive you tickets
good for trashy crockery. In
fact, Uierc is no chance when
you trade with us. You are
sure of what you get.
B. E. (Hepai-land
AHh fl
Sum ffi 3r &&&
3 tTiL,mLi
o L o L Dll!M as K A .
Kin 11 rrB-Bl 'W M w iWWTIHiUMIM W WMWtHW w linn
En i" ir
t JLj JLj
Program For Week Commencing
Monday and Tuesday
SEPT. C8 mid 21)
FOUG'S MILLIONS, in two reels.
An opportune discovery snatches a for
tune liom a pair of schemers n tragedy
is averted niid the law does the tost.
comt'dy In which the elixir of youth
astonishes with its antics
tine picture, appealing in heait inter
est. Wednesday, Sept. 30.
Afternoon and Evening
HA0i:NUECICirn d" W A h L A C V.
GREATSIlOW.Slnfourroolsof Motion
I'lcl nres. showing i he entiiiCirens and
Animal peiformaiici, Menagerie, pa
rade, unloading tialns, erecting the
Ciicus City, in tact over) thing pui lulu
lug to the dally llfeof thlsgiimi ciicus.
Tho "(in people, 00 lioises. 'M) wild
beasts, 'Jttii pei formers. TiU clowns, etc ,
taking puit in this show are all por
trayed In 1100 feet of film and explain
ed by a lecturer.
Fo'ur Shows will be given of this
wonderful lllm, vi, '2:W and 1:00 In the
afternoon, and ut7::U)'mid l):l'0 in tlie
REOCLAR PR1CF.S only will lie
charged for tills speuial piogratn,
(though doublo prices are being charg
ed ovorywhote els,-) but all children
will be required to have u ticket. 10
cents fur adults; 5 cents for all children
under 12.
Thursday, Oct. 1st
One Day Only
tenth' page In the active llfu of Dolly
(Mttrv Fuller) in whicli she plays de
tective and sets a clever trap for tho
THE SOUTHERNERS, in three parts.
Adapted from the famous novel by
Cyrus Brady and a magnificent present
ation ot thrilling Incidents of the Civil
War, including the battle of Chiclm
manga mid the entrance of Ianagul
into Mobile Ray A sttonir and con
vincing slorv laid in tlie unsurpassed
beauty of southern scenery. The naval
engagement at Mobile, the soljieis,
sailors, slavs, etc , make a most com
plete ntul entertaining picture.
Friday and Saturday
OCT. 2 and 3
two parts. Two railroad companies are
after u bi mall contract and the
trouble they. make for eacli other fur
nishes au interesting story.
. HER TRIP to NEW YORK. A stflry
of pathos that lays bare man's thought
lessness. . , .
PIGS is VIGS. Comedy. You have
seen pigs but never such pigs as, those,
They set John Bunny daffy and almost
ruin the express business.
Commencing next Monday, Sept. 28,
First show nt 7:30 Second at 0:00.
Now shoes for the ladies just re
ceived atMinor Bros. Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hall returned
home from Geneve Sunday morning,
where they iad been visit iug his
brother, Tom Hall.
A treat is in store for Nebraska
teachers who attend tho State Asso
ciation convention in Omaha, Novem
ber t, Ii and 0, for the Buietu of Pub
licity has secured Mtidamo Gerville
Beadle to give a concert on the night
of November 0. Every moniker of the
Stato Association will bo the guest of
tho Bureau of Publicity, tickets of ad
mission to bo given at the time of
registration Madiuno Roache, who is
one of the most prominent aiugeis of
the United Stiito",'ruiiking with Gadski,
Tutia.luul and Nielsen will bo brought
to Omaha especially for this concert.
This appearance, however, will not be
her first In the middle west as about
fiur yems ago she toured this section
of the countiy. Ro.ioho is h mezzo
soprano of mnarkablo ability and her
concert before the tenchots, will bo
one of the big featuies of tho con
vent inn. f
!.. li
Vi v
screes e Wheat Yields
A'tt tetncgwio ell'sct of fanning
wheat for 12yeiro and of fanning oats
for9 years for ited thete appeals to
bo ui) Himtiuugu in such a piautlce
from tlie viewpoint of increased yields,
according to oxpoiinHiits conducted at
the Nebraska Kxpet Intent Htnticn.
Vields of wheat for 12 years aver
aged: Heaviest eed planted il'l .1
bushels;. oiiglual unfanned seed, ,13 f
bushels; lightest seed planted :W.O
bushels. Yields of oats for 9 years,
uveiaged: Heaviest seed planted, M fi
bushels; original tiofunuod seed, CI. ,1
bushels; lightest seed planted, 51.0
bushels. Tlie slight difference of one
half bushel is considered negligible
and well within the possibility of ex
perimental error. These data corres
pond to similar tests for 11 years at
the Ohio Kxporiment Station.
On tho other band, a fanning mill
may prove a profitable investment for
use in eliminating Injurious weed need
and other foreign matter, when
Con Bur win In Fiaukllii Thursday.
.1 F. Ui lines itturued fiom Blue Hill
Everett Bean of Inavalc was In town
We luel'day.
Prof, lletz teturucd Sunday from
Republic, Kansas.
Ed (larber was In Guide Rock Wed
nesday afternoon
Barney Sutton mid wife are home
from Wichita, Kansas.
Commissioner t Ohmstedo was
from Guide Rock' Wednesday.
Horace Brown and .Ion Bat tit wore
home from Dcweese over Sunday.
Mr mid Mrs. llenrv Strayor weic
down fiom Franklin Wednesday.
B. E. Mei'arlund was in Nelson
Tnediiv nt the Nuckollas county fair.
Fori S.i. Cm:r-A good gentle
horse, also buggy mid harness. L. II
Judge Ratiuey- Is oiit again after a
severe tussel with tutT military rheu
Glenn Foe has purchased a tiiotot
cycle and uses tho same on his journo
to his school noithwestof town.
W. L. Weesner, Mr. and Mip O. C.
Tool ami Mr ami Mis Joe llew'ett at
tended the Nuckolls county lair at
Nelson Wednesday.
The Tepee will have a sure enough
circus nest Wednesday, Sept. .'(), after
noon and evening, ut'J:!i(), J:oo, 7:R0 and
!:()(). Four tools of moving pictures
bhowing every thing pertaining to a
circus its daily life- performances etc.
Most of the fanners have began sow
lug wheat.
Mis. Andrew Mitchell of Ilolton,
Kausas, is heie visiting
Lloyd Mori Is has icnted tho Bee.
man place for the coming year.
Several from this ueighhoihood ate
attending school nt North Brunch.
Mrs. Lola Kenworthy and children
visited a few days last week with Mrs.
Will lludiburgh.
Enoch Weaver has began sotting
wheat on the farm he recently bought
Ifrom R. W. Ilelmer.
Loch llu'ehlson with his mother
mid two sisters, Virgio and Vina
stinted to Hutchison, Kansas, last.
Wednesday to at toud the fair. Louh
took sick nt Sallna, Kansas, and they
had to return homo. He Is some bet
ter at this wilting, although still
under the doctors eHro.
The following proposed amendment to
na hereltioftpr set forth in full, Ih submit
ted to tho 06ctors of the State of Ni-Iiiiih-
tlie constitution or tno state oi rseuniim.i,
ku, toT)o voted upon at the general eiec-
tlon to ho held Tuesday, November 3rd,
AAD. 1014.
"FOR a Joint resolution proposing amend
ments to Section 1. of Article V, and
Section Z4. of Article V, of tlie Consti
tution of Nebraska, relntliiK to term of
olllee nnd salary of Governor and other
executive otllcers.
Do It Itesolved and Enacted by tho People
of tho State of Nebraslc.i: . , .,
Section 1. That at the Kencral election
for state and leKlslatlvn olllets. to ho held
on tho Tuesday succeeding tho first Mon
day In November, 1H14, the follow Iiik bo
submitted ih amendments to Sections 1
and 24. of Article V. of tho Constitution
of Ncbrasku:
Sec. 1. Tho executive department
shall consist of a Governor, who shall
hold his olllee for' a term of two years
from tho first Thurediy after the first
Tuesday in January, next after his elec
tion, and until his successor Is elected and
qualified. Ill addition to the Governor, tho
executive dep-irtment shall Include the
following oIIIomih: Lieutenant Governor,
Sccretaiy of State, Auditor of Public Ac
counts, Treasurer, Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction. Attorney General, and
Comnileslnuir of Puullo Lands nnd Hal d
Iiikh. each of whom shall hold his olllco
for llir. trni nt in vimi-m from tin- 111 fit
Thursday after tho ll-st Tuesday In Janu
ary, next after his election, and until his
HiiccoFsot Is elected anil ill.illtleil: Pro
vided, however, tint tho Hist election of
said ot'teiTS shall l.e hi Id on the Tm "day
succeeding the Hist Moudiv In Novcmi'i-l.
run, and fiich Hiiec'-edliiK el ctlon sin 1
bo held nt the same relillvo tlm In oaeli
even your tht rentier. The Oovuinor, Sec
retiirv of State, Auditor of Public Ac
counts, and Treasurer shall teside at tno
mu of govorum- nt diulng th-lr tnns of
otl'co, and lie, p the public records, books
and ropers tlir-ro. nnd slinll porform sueh
dutloH os nmv be euulred by law
Sec, 24. The siUiiy of the f'.ovornor
shall he llvo thousand (I'i.Oui).') i) dollais
Iter annum. The snlarlws of Auditor of
Public ureuunts Hid S,errtir of Kttte
"uporlnt' -id' ut or I"it lie Instruction and
Cninmbsl mer of P'i'illc Lftndt and Ilulld
ings slei'I hi two tnoiiwuul lle uundt-d
iJ IP'iohi ilollits each per tituium. nnd of
llm Att.rifl (iinnrnl. ffitr th ustid ilol
hrs ($ per aniiutn. the uliry of
tho State Timisui-r shall be tlno thou
sitnl ($3,010 on) dollars por annum, and the
Lloiitenn-it Goveinor sh ill mchvo one and
unn.linlf tlm enmrienMntlon of a Henatot.
and after tho adoption of tills constitu
tion they shall not reeo to their own
iish any fets, costs Interests upon public
moneys In their hands, or under th"lr con
trol, poiqulsltos of oltloo or othor om
pensnttnn. and nil fees that mny hereafter
bo p.iyalde by law for snrvlcs perform' d
bv nn olf'cer, provided fir In (his nrtlc 'o
of tho constitution shall bo paid In ud
unce Into tho state trcisuty There shatl
ho no allowance for clerk hlro In tho of
fices of llm Superintendent of Public In
strnctlon nnd Attorney General.
Sec. 2. That at Slid election on tho
Tuosdnv succeeding the (list Monday In
November, 1014. on tho ballot of each
elector voting thereat, there shall ho
ptlntecl or written tho words: "i-or pro
posed amendments to the constitution.
Il?;ing tho term of olllco and salary for
governor, nnd other executive nilleors."
nnd "Against proposed amendments to
tho constitution, fixing tho term of olllco
nnd salary for governor, and other oxecu
tlvo otflcers,"
Appiovrd, April 21 1DJ.T.
I, Addison Walt, Hecutary of State, of
tho Stato of Nehraslw, do hereby certify
that tlm foregoing proposed amendment
to tho Constitution of the Slnto of Ne
braska Is a tine nnd correct cony of tho
original enrolled and engrossed bill, os
passed by the Thirty-third session of tho
Legislature of tho Stato of Nebratka, ns
appears from said original bill on llln In
this olllco, nnd th it said proposed amend
ment Is submitted to tho qualified voters
of tho Stato of Ncbuiska for their adop
tion or rejection at the general election
to ho held on Tuesday, the sru u.vy oi
November, A. D. 1914.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand nnd nlllxed tho Great Seal of
tho Stato of Nebraska. ....
Done nt Lincoln, this 23rd day of March,
In tho year of our Lord. One Thousand
Nino Hundred nnd Fourteen, and of the
Independence of tho United States tho
One Hundred ond Thirty-seventh, and of
this BUU the rorty-seventn.
Secretary of Stats.
To Ik Mile S
We Ask This Consideration
When you are ready to buy your
Men's and Boys' Clothing for Fall and
Winter we most respectfully urge you to
come and see what we can do lor
before you buy elsewhere.
s On account of
i general feeling of unrest wc have seen
' iL :.. - ..L- :i it . . ?
a uiu neLeb&uy ui muKiug special eiioris to
I buy our goods as cheaply as possible and
feel confident that we are in a position to
save the clothing buyers of this country a
nice sum of money on their fall purchases.
Anyhow, come in and let us talk
it. over and see what you can see. Fair
dealing and courteous treatment assured
all and an iron clad guarantee back of
everything weN sell you.
he Qocuden-Kaley (Nothing Qo.
S Red Cloud's Foremost Clothiers
9$&SKmmEKa 3S3
r5rr AINU fcifc-iS-
8 1
C j f
H Are Made Right tk
1 ' Vell Lettered ' B
fj4 iit,SiWSTiiwsi R
i And R
i Our i
53 Carefully Erected
j Prices - p
$ Are ' Sf 8
Reasonable come in and scs ft
Sfijt MissMij,iiwisirw m'mmm sxsiisssjisi iimiissi s isssis iwspmwi w xw nil siuiiiihhibi i w WB
8. nirct)Tolfr titmz a pc U
S -w- -H-- -- 8
8EPT. 30 TO OCT. 10
Evtry afttrnoon and averting.
Claotrlcal Farad Fralarnal Farada
Kvanlng Oot. 7. Arnn Oat. s
DiAurros Atiand th Territorial Flanaars Ra-Unlan,
PIONEER 9 SaBt. 30 to Oct. 3. f-ti &
nSfflESRSS s
limes and a
DKUO. a bU.
' j f
r ' l I
. ,.' i.uCjf!" ' .
1 sjt A-lAiS: &i
c. tvj.1 V ul Hwr n ij-j
-v.. - vr-'1 ; 'iii'iMiwwiwwiiiM ji