The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 03, 1914, Image 1

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E. H. Newhouse
Optometrist and Jowolcr.
For Sale
Two and one half acres of land with
Rood eight room house, two good chick
en houses, wash house, coal house and
a good well. Everything in first class
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No. 81.
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l ' 117
Will Boron was in Cowles Friday.
John J. Garber visited in Hubbel
over Sunday.
Kd. Walters was homo from Minden
over Sunday.
Fred Copley was, 11 passenger to Ash.
Irtiid Monday.
John Frohneii was in Hastings the
iHsi of the week.
Oia Hun-well left Sunday for his
homo at Holbroolc.
Ivan Uobiiifon left for liih homo at
Ft anklin Saturday
I Mrs. C. 'It. Sv.miI was a passenger
to utiiito Koek Sunday.
Hon E. Sam. dors of Kanaa City was
In town the Hist of the week.
Ned Hnid and Uhas. Ilennett of
Cowles were in town Saturday.
Wilbur Hamilton and family spent
.Sunday in (iuldo Koek with relatives.
Frank Condon returned home from
liis fall buying trip to Chicago. Sun-
Mt.s. Ed. Walters spoilt. Fiiday in
Guide Itoclt tho guest of Mrs. Noble
Dr. O. K. Reno was up from Guide
Rook Saturday the guesi of Dr. II. D.
Miss Diet Smith of Lincoln is visit-
ing her aunt, Mrs. Geo. Wurren this
Emory Guy and wife returned to
Guide Koek Sunday after visiting E.
tl.- Weber.
Mrs. Ilert Sherman returned homo
from Lincoln Saturday where she had
been visiting relatives,
Mr. and Mis. Curtis Geer returned
from Franklin, Sunday, and are now
settled in the Albright property.
Webb Ray of Stella was in town on
Sunday visiting friends. Webb has a
good position with a lumber firm at
Misses Irene Miner. Gertrude Blank.
ledge, Mabel Buckles, Dcsale Taylor,
Fay Teel, Floyd Turnuro, Miner and
Phillip Sherwood and Jaok Catber re
turned borne Monday from Daweana.
where they had enjoyed a week's out
ing at inn popular resort. ' -
A Ncwspnpcr That Olvcs The News
The Closing Days of
Teachers, Institute
Tho Inst two ilnys of Instltuto Mr.
lluit W. Harris, a puntiiniishlp special
M. Xivo soino p.VL'i'Uent work. Ilotid
Vik itis tlio llminatii)ii of f'incy K'tters
and tennliomlio plain uuslno.s hand,
w '11' lli fjnVo t he luaclicih inns'
cnl ir tela nation o.oicNp, as woll ns
prn -tico uoik and iiislrnctions on ptc
spntliifj the woilc to chlldiPii Ilo Is
enthusiastic In his work and impaitcd
his enthusiasm to the teachers.
On Wednesday morning the instltuto
whs fa voted with special music given
byMimeoftho niPtnliPrs of tho Itod
Cloud normal training class. The
program consisted of a piano solo by
Ileutrlce Slots, a trombone solo by
Glenn Foe and vocal duet by Grace
Rhoier and Hazel Saladen Tho num
bers were well rendered and did credit
to tho schools as well as flic indi
viduals One of the special features of tho in
.stitute, and one which was much en-
joyed by tho tenohcrs was the Vlctrola
inuslcale, giron on Fiiday morning by
Mr. U. L. Cottlng, assisted by Mr.
Mitchell. Tho tprogram consisted of
mum and varied t-otigs and lecitations
lor children, which might be taught
at.d used in the school room. It clear
ly deinonsliated the educational value
of the Vlctrola in training children to
appreciate and enjoy the best in music.
A good many rural schools iu our state
now own Victrolas.
, Everyone was wishing for more
wlieu time was called but the program
served as a very , pleasant closing of
the week's special exercises,"' and the
kindness of these people In trlving
their time to tiie entertainment' was
very much appreciated.
A large audience was prosent at the
lecture given by Chancellor Fulmer at
the Methodist church Friday evening.
The subject of his address was, "The
Power of Suggestion,', and was nre-
sented in .1 clear, decisivo manner and
made especially luteiesting by the
many illustrations used. The talk was
logical, and hi ought out distinctly the
evil resulting from allowing childien
to load poor literature. He Pinnha-
flled paiticularly the tiemendous in-
lluoiiee of suggestion over children,
and because of its potent iu
molding chaiactor, lie. showed why tho
uhild's Miirotiiidiiigs hhntild lie ab
beautiful and up-lifting as possible.
A very pleasing t'iauv of the pio
gram for tiie cMsning was n boll .solo
by llaymond Turtiuie iu which he
showed exceptional hklll. The young
man is especially talented along musi
cal lines and liis willingness to as3ibt
is always appreciated.
Geoigo Triiut and family .snent Sun-
day iu llluo Hill with iolatlve.
Chai Iny Fox was lioincfioiu York on
Sunday visiting with his parents.
Alf Saladeti and wife visited Win.
Hooves and wife at Byron, Sunduy.
Mrs. G. 13. Throne and two sons left
Sunday for Wilsouvillo for a week's
Grant llalley loft for liis homo in
Omaliti, Monday, after enjoying a two
weeks vacation, part of which was
spent with relatives here.
Mt6ses Graco and Pearl Sherer wcru
Inavalc visitors Mouday, where Miss
Grace Sheror will teach school the
coming tcim.
Eniio Funke, Frank Delehoy and L.
A. Wright returned to their homes in
Blue Hill Saturday after spending the
week here attending the Institute.
Misses Anna Cowel and ltorylc
Slrrs returned to their hotnes in Rose
raont, Saturday, after spending the
week here attending the Institute.
Bruce A. Porter and family who
have been visiting Mrs. Laura Ponn.
nnd Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pope for the
past two weeks left Saturday for their
homo in Chicago.
Dr. llobt. Mitchell, Allen and L H,
Blaqkledge and Flavins Grid return.'
ed home Monday from a ten dava fm.
reatlon and flihing expedient atTaber-
aan, Colorado, . 1 . , .. ...
Fifty-two tVcr.k-i Each Year For $1.50
The Eighth Grade
Graduation Exercises
The Twelfth Annual Graduating V.k
erclses of the Webster county public
schools was held at the Methodist
chinch Saturday morning, August 20,
at 10 o'clock 11 in. About one bundled
graduates wore present. The Interest
and willingness ot these young people
was shown by the songs uml lecltitttouu
with which they entertained the audi
ence. The" address of the mottling was
given by Superintendent .loy E Mor
gan ot Guide Itoclt. Ills subject, "Lifo
lluildlng," was one of deep Inlet est to
each gmduato, and proved to be help
ful and Instructive as well as enter
taining. At the close Of tho address
Miss Coon spoke 11 few words of en
couragement and upp-eolutlun for tho
intetost shown and the faithfulness of
these youug people, and then ptosont
ed to tho class of 1014 the long coveted
Mr. Ed. Orc:iag-closed tliu piogrum
with a bhotttalk in which he outlined
tho din'ovn.jt courses given in the uni
ons high ichools, and told why It is
becoming s,o necessary to intiuduce
oouisos iu ngileultuial, domestic
science, etc., in the high schools of to
day. Ho cmphasled particularly the
fact that if we wish to keep our child
ren at home we must give them an
education which will lit thin for tho
work which they cau do at home, and
not give them an education, tho com
pletion and practice of which necessi
tates their leaving home.
- -
Andy Buster bas 'gone to Page,
Nebraska. ' '
Loch Hutchison is building a gran
ury for Will Hudlburgh.
Shoeuiukers were threshing for John
Gibbs the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith attended
church ut Highland Sunday.
Itcv. Adams dolhorod his fatewell
set 111011 at Union Sunday morning.
Oft Smith has touted the L.
Hotuhltiss farm lor the coming year.
Hog choleia seems to bo stiikiug
soino of the people mound lieto pietly
home oi the fanneis me hauling
their wheat to market, leccivliiir !)l
cents per bushel at lMion.
The Ladles' Aid will meet at the
fhtueli next Friduy and tie some com
foi ts and do some sewing for the Will
Wood's family.
Our county treasurer, J. W. Beeman
and E. ). George, editor of tho Man
kato Monitor had some trouble iu the
tieasurer'b oilicu lasl Tuesday which
resulted iu the an est of tl. D. Gemw
The ttial is set for next week.
Why Meat is High.
Mr. jHiues Walker, a furmer of
Scottville, Macoupin Coiintv. 111., sold
at Chicago, August 10, loll, five cuts
of cattle (80 head) for $11,781.10, of
wliich 47 steers averaging 1175 pounds,
brought per loo pounds, ot
S15MG per head, while 2(1 steers aver
aging 1378 pounds brought 810.50 per
100 pounds, or SH1.70 per head. Those
are the highest prices ho ever received
for such stock. Mr. Walker is 81 years
old and has fed cattle and hogs for the
Chicago market continuously for G2
years. Within this period he has sold
the best cattle as low as 83.75 per 100
pounds and the best hogs at 8..50, and
has seen corn selling at eight cents por
bushel such us now btings oltrhtv
Mr8. MnSI'B f'nfmnnn,. n.i.l ..1.1 !.! '
, -w... ...w,.jr uuu VIIIIUIUU
visitea her mother, Mrs. C. C. Cox, in
uea uioud, the c os n? davs nf inMt
week. McCook Trlbuue.
C II. Wright and wife and children
of Merced, California arc visiting his
orotner Hev. W. II. Wright aud family
nt ,. .. . "
1 11 t1 ' Ut parTBe tor B d"V
ortwo They are on the r wav tn vUlt '
... .. , , -'
his mother In Canada, who Uvea east:
or loronto. The two brothers hsd
ot ta eaoh other la oia yr. '
?hbO " "-- 'Vrf- K ,yj(
1 y? I8Ji j& iJIUld I
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(lords in 98.00,94.60,94.00 4fcO A A
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Cribs, Trundle Beds, in fact everything that goes to
make things pleasant for the Baby and convenient for
the mother. We have them in all prices and quality
from the cheapest to the best.
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Licensed Embalmer
iu amamaaam
w.u. yneuer, formerly a successiui
tailor or this olty, hot who for the
.. j ... L. .., ..
yoi. yer uu nail oh reoiueu Kb
i-i.tilo-.i. i I. .. iL- .
(UrwMk r.niwing cquminUnoe. au4
vWtlnf reltUvM.
LOT 2-
50 OFF
To Ydii"n
Zlirmciman Co. --No. ?t
and Furniture Dealer. M
Mrs. J. P. Grimes and Miss Irmjt
Urimes ot Blus Hill, visited E. I
Grimes over Sunday. MluIrmaQrisss
lea? a Friday for Caspsr, Wrottlaff.
whers she m ft position lo Mt puMis
sobools. V
' :?;:
lit vhv
lif, i'