The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 27, 1914, Image 4

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Rod Cloud, NobrnakuL
Entered In tlio I'oMnlllro nt tied CUmil, Noli.
m Hccotul (;lns Mnttcr
I wish to tlnuik tlio doctors for the
votes given mo at tlio primary flec
tion, Mid hope to merit your conll.
tlcnco and support nt tlio general
election In November. Yours sincere'
jy, ' Geo. V. Tkim:.
Attention lh called to the tabulated
priiiiury vote found on nuother page In
this ibsue. Owing to the light vote ntul
iiojontost In the Populist, Progressive
end Prohibition pintles v.n do not give
these retuniH by precincts.
The Tepee plctmes have been un
usually good the past two weekrt.
Malinger Wurren bus u (llbcrlnilimtlng
tasto and knows what will best please
our people. The. films hlch he holtuts
nro of it higher older tluili thosushown
In many of the larger cities..
- 9
Mr. Geo, Huminol and Mrn. Wnsuom
shipped near of melons to.Mct'ook last
Friday. Theio were 1(XX) melons in tlio
car and they averaged a IV pounds
npleco. They were certainly line
melons and tho ilavor was exception
ully good. We know, for the editor
was presented with one for which we
are very thankful.
The light rains and the cool weather
have placed the late corn out of dan
ger. Tho the corn crop will not be as
large ns it promised earlier in the sea
son yet conservative men place tho
yield nt from -'0 to JO bushels per aero.
This yield, together with the bumper
crop of wheat and tho abundance ot
alfalfa and potatoes will put the
county on easy street for another
Tho Democratic party in this county
-.and state comes befoie the voters this
;yonr with men who are well qualified
lor tlio various ollloos. From top to
bottom our candidates are men ot
Stirling worth and imi known for their
lionesty, integrity and busiuess ability.
"We need make no apologies this year
.nuywhero along the Hue for our can-
xlidates arc all tttrong men and will
make excellent oiliulals.
Webster county Iriespt-etivo of par
tisan polities &huuld feel pleased that
one of her former citizens has been
honored with tho-nomination of state
representative in Douglas county. We
refer to Mr. Henry KiohiiionJ. Henry
is. now editor of tho Nebrusknn at
Omaha and is getting out an excellent
aiiipor. Douglas county should see to
it that ho Is sent to the next session
Mf the legislatuie since ho Is eminent
ly qualified Tor the position. We whdi
lilm success.
VU thoNoTember election, tho voters
of Nebraska will be called upon to
decide whether oi not it would bo ex
pedient, to confer the ballot on wo
men. Tlio Nebraska. Association Op
posed to Woman Sull'riigo is thorough
Jy convinced that when this iuesliou
is properly piesented to ho voters of
the State, it will bo defeated by a ma
jority of not less than T.'i.OOU votes.
JOhlo, in September, Utt'J, defeated wo
rouii Mitfrngo by 87, 1.1.1 majority. Wis
cousin, in November l'.Hi!, defeated
woman sulliiigo by l)'.',(!0l niiijorlty.
.Michigan, in April, loin, defeated wo
man biitfinge by 110,1 U majority. Or
ganizations of women opposed to the
ballot largely contributed to this re
sult in those states.
In another week our schools will
open. A good start is 11 battle half
won. Tlio busy season, harvest feasts,
reunions and fairs will be past. The
golden opportunity meets you at a
most opportune time. You have had
-trest from your labors unit been re
freshed by pleasant associations, and
aiow feel ready for duty. You are im
pressed that life requires a lltuess to
,jrot the most out of it, and your usplr
.ntlona lead you in seeking for that
which will mete out to you 11 full ico
,ompenso of reward for endeavor put
tforth. Our fci-hools have wisely and
carefully considered you uud your tie
&lrt8 una have inndo special provisions
to meet those demands, and eordlully
invite you thither. You will llnd here
good society, ph-iisuil ii-fooiutlons,
ami n mo-t hospitable people. nine
and see us, leant our school iidviint
iiges and know they nro not excelled
by any town of lit size in the state.
I Iundrcds of Dollars in Valuable
Prizes Given Absolutely Free
by Cook's Pharmacy and The
Red Cloud Chief. ' -
Wo are giving away, absolutely free,
hundreds of dollars in valuable, prizes
to the ladies entering our voting con
test. ) '
There are to be eleven pilzes given
at tlio close of the contest, and twenty
lour weekly bonus prizes Hvcry prize
Is well worth working for and some
lad or nli-1 will leave our olllce on the
night of Kubnuiry Itftli, with tho grand
prize, whliili is a trip to tlio gient
Paiiiimii' l'acllle position nt Han
I'Vaueb-Colii l'Jlfi.
This ticket not only takes you to
this wonderful exposition, but It gives
you 'J.l side tilps to tho wonderful
sight seeing unci pleasure lesorts in
California, and also six tickets to fair
grounds, twelve tickets to shows In
side of fair grounds.
Kveryotie has the privilege of enter
ing this contest and we feel sure that
the ones securing tho pilzes will bo
well paid for their time, so come in,
let us show you our prizes, nnd explain
the contest more fully, and you might
bo tho lucky one at the close.
The only way to secure votes in this by purchasing things in the
Cook Pharmacy' or by getting sub
scribers Tor The, Ked Cloud Chief.
Votes will bo given at tlio rate of
100 to tho dollar on regular cash sales
or collections. 1000 votes to the dollar
on the sale of duo bills. 1000 votes to
tho dollar on special sales. MOO votes
for one yearly subset iption to Tho
Ued Cloud Chief.
Nominate yourself or your friend
and get bu-y.
Good For 5000 Votes
When Used to Nominate
.. , Candidate.
Only u Candidate
Clip Out and Nominate Candidate
It is not too ute to enter the big
fiuo trip contest. Holer your mime- 01
some friends name.
Standing of Contestants to Date
I lilaiicho lSoner . .
i Krnui ltanney
II Alison Cov.doti....
1 Uludys Wilson
u Josephine Esig
0 Klein Davis
7 Hazel Spires
S ' Amui .leinberg .
D Laura Pierce
..07 10
. 11103
10 Kthol Doyle ... :lf0
II Pourl Woleott , MUD
li lvsi Uutledgo ft'.'Sf.
l.'l Lirace yiierer ol-.'i
1 .Mabel Smith M 10
15 llerlllco West W0U
III MhiIcUoss ;..; 51 to
17 May Wright .. 50.HI
lb1 Gretn Turnuro ', .-. 5115
I'J Murybelle Uussiiiger...,. f075
.'0 Dorothy Potter 5115
HI Minnie Traut 0115
"li Hazel Uobinsou 51IJ5
UJ Klizabetli Overman 5010
'! I Marguerito Fogel 5laa
L'5 Lola Coplen 5110
'.'i Maurino Caldwell 5UJ.)
l!7 liractt Wilson ssa.'i
ja Cimeo MeCrilli's 5015
ill LautM Hedco 50155
I1.I iliixul Shokion 5110
. JJl .clma Woudelly ... 'T 5U5U
:IJ lm-z Crabill .VJ.5
!i:i Kteanortillhain " 5000
'1 Hstellu Uuylor 5035
:i5 Vcnia Henderson 5055
III) Kdna Ibinnoy 50S5
117 Edna lleiideison , 5015
as Isabel .Muynard 5050
III) Mario Traut 5035
10 Dorothy Hurtwell 5025
11 Mdyth Herrick n M50
12 lleatrice Sloss 5075
Kl Kalth Koontz 50(50
H Mario Harwood 5010
15 Lillian Koontz..., 5035
40 Mary Christian 5035
17 Clura Warren .... 5335
13 Esther Storey 50 15
111 Maude Crow 5350
50 Dora ltrlnknian 5000
51 Rotta McDowell . Huso
WJ Miirthu Arnold..
5;i Kintnii llurKinnii f,0:),'i
1 CI Volinii MolCltniia'v r.lln
r.r Muriirot lli'iil noSO
50 lmrl Ciuj)oiitor ..SOLI
.17 Mnliol Utilloy jiour,
.13 Oortrndi) Wutlbnuuit.. '"'.' " ""'.iitts
Bit lvu Ciirter .108.)
no lluicu Unities -) 1 :i r
ill Mnrlc rulbipliur !...B11.1
0'J Lena Ludlow !!. ,If0li5
(1.1 l'oiirl Minos ...V..5IW
01 Corrlo niedrlch t" .-000
05 Sndlo Oralittin 7700
"All my life," began tho fltout girl,
ns she removed her lint nnd hold It
up to undergo a critical survey, "I've
had n wild longing to possess a hut
'with a plunfo. 1'vo been possessed
,wlth envy of every girl I saw with n
rcal plumo on her lint. I've stood hours
longing for tho wealth of plumes dis
played in shop windows but 1
'never felt that 1 could get one I"
"You see, when I wus a Imby nn
undo of mine died, nnd his wlfu gavo
my mother the white plume from his
helmet; for ho belonged to some uni
formed order or other nnd had n
plume to march with, you know.
"Well, mother packed Hint plume
nwny in blue tlssuo paper, so it
wouldn't turn yellow, und wnltcd for
mo to grow up.
"When I became old enough to
think ubout pretty hats, mother
brought out tho plume, tiud wo looked
It ovor.
"Just then, however, everybody was
wearing llttlo clusters of tut short
tips, nudvthat long ntrnggly ostrich
feather of mine, no matter how you
curled It, never could have boon worn
on tho street without nttrnctlng un
pleasant nttontlon. So we sorrow
fully wrnpped It up ngnin, and 1 dream
ed of the next year, when styles
would change, whllo mother pressed
out some plaid ribbon und, tied it
urouud my hat!
"Well, when tho uext year came, be
hold tho plumo! Even mother hnd
to laugh when wo looked at It. Every
0110 had a willow plume, If she huiT
anything, nnd tho willow plumes wero
thick and long and thrllllngly exquis
ite. Tho helmet plume, Hat nnd
scrawny,' looked In comparison like
a llttlo ulloy cat bcsldo a big bluo rib
bon angora!
"I remembor I uhed real tears that
year over tho disappointment. Uut
mother had some cast Iron or
India rubber or something equally
strong, that resembled n bunch of
black feathers, and we tucked those
on my 'hat, whero I had imagined tho
plumo would wave, und I wont out lu
tho world and protended thero waB no,
skeleton In our closet!
"Of course, mother and I agreed!
that It would bo perfectly cllly for m&
to buy another plumo so long as wo
had ono In tho house not in use! For
wo havo always been taught to
uso what we havo and finish using it
beforo buying more. It'n rather diffi
cult sometimes to realize tho logic of
this system, but in tho long run It's
very economical. Why, I'd havo had
several expensive hats during those
year of waiting ir it hadn't boon for
that perfectly good, mussud plumo up
in U10 closet!
"Then last year, when I read tho
willow plumed wero quite out of tli
swim, and ordinary plumes would be
used again, I got out my long slim
natural feather, feeling very righteous
lu tho knowledgo that thoro was noth-
"Dut Now Has Come My Reward."
Ing artlllciul about It, aa thcro was
nbout fill willow plumes. It wna
strictly ns tho 03trlch had presented
It to the public!
"I curled up tho plume and had my
lint selected to appear early lu Feb
ruary, when low and behold! Thoy
weren't wearing plumes at all! Aud
those who dared to Ignore tho stylos
bought very rich expensive plumes to
,b1iow they could afford newer stylos
If thoy wished, but that thuy pre
if erred ostrich feathers.
"Of courso I couldn't even protond
that my feather was of tho cxpenslvo
sort. No ono would huve been so gul
'llblo. It would have had to bo aw
fully stylish to bo posslblo at all! So
I wrapped it up again!
"Uut now hno corno my reward!
Thcro Isn't ono of you who can beat
my plumo for stylo. Seo, I've pushed
'half of It up and tied it with a little
bow and half of it down and tied it
with another llttlo bow; cid behold, a
French creation!" '
"Sweet!" exclaimed tho thin girl,
reaching for tho hat nnd trying it on.
"I think my father belongs -to eomo
society or something, und I'm going
homo and seo if ho lifts a plume."
Then sho departed In Cbgor hasto.
Chicago Dally News.
Seeking Harmony.
"This song Is not suited to
volco," snid tho prima donna.
"Well," said tho, discouraged ninn
nger, "I auppo&o I'll havo to get you
nnothor song. There's no use of try
Ing to, havo y.Quj- voice rowrltton."
n 1
firm W&
Till' In 'iwltin niMed iiincmllil
tl c,inUt;llio:i of .lu HtAto of Noli
I.H hi'ii in ii'li-r art fnrlli In mil. Ih miliinl
t"il to tin- 1 li i'lnr.4 of 1 1 1 Ml.iti- of NMii.i.s
la to lc votfil upon nt the Kncral elfc-
tlott lo be I16I1I Tuitiiluy, NuvuhIjit 3rd,
A. IJ. 19H. .
"Km I 11 J.ilnt resolution proposing ntuend
incrilH to taction 1. of Artletii V, uilil
Sxllon 21. of Article V, of tho Consti
tution of Ncljt.'iHka, rclntliiK to ti-rm of
ollli-i- nt'd mlmv of (lovernor ami olllor
CM' IIIlK' OlliC !.!!
Hi 't It-v ilv-il tuul K-mrti'il by tlio l'eoplo
t the si itc of Nei liirln: 1
Ocstlon 1. TI1.1t nt tin- mineral vlectl n
t'tr MaU' mid li'Kltlnllvp olllui'x, lo Ijo ln-UI
on tlio Tucpil iy KiKxccilliiK the llrtt Mou
ilny In Niivnnlier, 1114, tlio followltiK l'
Hi'oiniiiKi 11" iininniim-n'x to rri! ns 1
.1 nl H ,.r Arllile , of the Cji si.iutlon
of Noljiualai:
Spc. 1. The cxi'cutlvi" ik'pirtnient
flmll cnnnlst of n Governor, who slnll
I10I1I IiIh olllce for it term of two ye.irs
from the tlmt Thurniliiy after tlio llrm
'liKMiluy In .luiiiiary, ne;t after hln elec
tion, mill until his Hiicrfcmr Is elgeted nnd
iiuallllril. In ndilltlon to tlii Uovi nior, tho
I'M-piillvo ilep.irtiiiunt nhinl Inchiilo tlio
follouliiK olllcers: Lieutenant Governor,
Secretnty of Hlnln, Auditor of Public Ac
counts. Tictimircr, Stlp'rlutcnpnt of Pub
lic Initriictl.iri. Attorney nnd
J'oniinls-iloner of I'ublle l.aniln nnd llulld
IiiKit. eneli of whom ili.itl hold his ollleo
fn the tern of tv.11 .ns fi-'ini tlv Hi st
Thurcilnv after th" Hint Tue.xl.iy In ..vnu
ny. next nfter hH eletllon. mill until liN Jx eli eted :md iillitlllled. I'll)
vlilrd, I'ovvive-, Unit tho lhr.t elietlon of
."Mid utile, im Ahull be neld en I he Till sd.iy
KiicfO(i-i tlio lb i Monday In Novriiiln 1,
ll'l'l, end e.ich mice -edinK utecilon shall
be held at thn mwio ilitlve time In enh
even yeir tliTe'iflrr. Tho (lovinor. S-c-rei..rv
of Slate. Auditor of I'Mblic c
eonnt. nnd Trr.iiur' - .ilnll teflde at the
-1 1 of (fovcnipi-nt ilnrlnj; thelr'terniH of
ii'ileo, in-il Itoeji Hip puliMe lecurdn. book 'I
and pipeM tlieie. and rlnill peifotni sucn
dutli'n tin inn v be p., nlred liv l.tW.
Utc. 24, The ciliary of tjio Oivernor
n'iMll be llvo thnusiinl ($,".. OUU.fl'l) doll irn
PT nniiitm. The mlirlcH of Auditor of
I'libllo .icei'iniM nul Xi eretary of Stati;.
SujiiTint d nt of I'ublv In -trurtl n and
'onihilie' oner of I n t'c I iii!h and Hulld-I-ikr
ph.ill be two llion.-iiul live hundrrd
fi',."0n.iji)) doII'ir.M each per annum, and of
tho Attorney f!. nerai, four thou"!!!!! dol
lars ($1,000.00) per iinntiiu. tho salary of
tho Stati Treasurer nhall bo three thou
sand (J.1,000.00) dollar.i per annum, nnd tho
Lieutenant Governor shall recelvo ono nnd
one-half tho compensation of a senator,
and after the adoption of thin-constitution
they shall not receive, to their own
use any fees, costs, Interests upon publlo
moneys In thf Ir handauor under their con
J perquisites of ofllce or other com
pensation, nnd nil fees that may hereafter
be payable by law for services performed
by nn olllccr provided for In this nrtlclo
of tho constitution shall bo paid In nd
'vnnco Into tho stato treasury. Thcro shall
bo no nllnwnncp for oleil: hlro In tho of
fices of tho SuprrintPttdent of Public In
struction nnd Attorney General.
Sec. 2. That at raid 1 lection on tho
Tursd iv sueeeedlnir the llrst .Monday In
November, 1SH. mi the ballot of each
elector votlnir thereat, thero slnll bo
prlnti d or written the words: "Kor pro
poned ameniltiitut' to tho constitution,
llxlnir the term of nfllco und miliry for
Koveriior, nnd other executive otllcem,"
aid "Airilti"t pnpi!ed iiiiiiiinlmPutH to
1 he conptltuttoii. 1 1 ; 1 11 k the te-m of ollleo
nnd ! ilary fur governor, and other execu
tive e'llcers."
Appioved. April 11. 1H13.
I. AddlFon AVult. Secntary of State, of
the Slate of Nebraska, do hereby certify the foreiodni; ptopoed amendment
to the Constitution of the State of No
Inaska In il true and coneet copy of the
iHkIii.iI enrolled and niriosed bill, as
pas-ied by the Thlrtv-t'ilid session of the
LeKNIaturn of the .State pf Nebraska, ns
npppirs from flald original bill nn llle In
this llllee. and tint said proinsed niivnil
inetit Is submitted to tho iiualllleit voters
ot the State of Nebraska for their adop
tion or reliction at the Rene-til election
In be held on Tueday. the 3rd day of
November. A. 1). 1011.
In Testimony Wheioof. I have hereunto
set my hand and alllxed the Great Seal of
Urn Slate of Nebiaski. ,
none at LlncMn. tn's ?Trd day of M-i-eli.
In the year of our 1 nid. Ono Tin is nil
Mi 10 ilpiulrni ami l-iii'ii.'-n. ana or tlio
Tndependei'PP of th T't !lnl .M up tie iiuniii'Pti una i iiiriy-seviniii. unu oi
this Unite tho lurty-s vealh.
A'MM-aiiN V.' IT,
Seal) Picietary of S,tite.
I5S3a gsss
- NK3
ri u sffla,
THE ALARM is 11 drond'nl tiling
OF FIRE for the mini without
iiibiHuiico. Hvery time he sees the
engines racing nlont; his heart come.s
up In his throat if the lire is ntiywhero
near hi place. What folly, what mlsi
tiilceti economy.
THE COST OF is so small that it
INSURANCE need hardly hu
considered. The freedom from worry
alone is worth it iimiiy times over
Have us insure you to-iluy.
0. C- TEEL9
Reliable Insurasioo.
(01010 OllUttt Ad c
eat to 6')
1 h n vl e..
m k'j rfrxwm f-
La &i tii
VnWMhLlMfc-tMUkMhhteUMMMk'M V
We Are Looking For
1 The Man
Who has soiled his clothes so
badly Mint they are not lit to vvonr.
Ko mutter how dirty or greasy
tho suit may be we are equipped
with tho most modern niiiehlnery
and have skilled workmen who
know how to
Clean, Repair and Press
R. G. flassingef
Cleaner and Dyer
Both Phone
iriakn. I L M . r a A A. U . .
t- tfl L L X! C 1 U 1 . 1 1 1
? maiiiuiiu Drauu ?
The float7 With the Quality
"-L -lKlfI9r1tfomcnts S C&"Gei7.
Ii:9crApomi)anyij,vIiercby ournomrsmay obtain
any oflhe Simeon L. & Geo. H. Rogers Co.'s genuine
standard. A-l Plate.silverwLre at a very low.'cost. This
silvej-reJsjwsHivelx guaranteed and is now on dis
play in the Bon Ton Bakcryrvindow& Each 48-lblsack
?i?PiliPlaili.FlouCcontaillsont; fuil certificate.
EacjhJWlTck pfsajd flour contains one-half certificate.
TJilell certificates together with a small cash pay
ment,j;ntiUesjLhe holder to any one of. the various
premiums offered. See large display cards. v
The Diamond Jlilling Go.
Red Cloud,
dft l.j ft . k. :n'!'i'!'!'iii I'inii u '1 1 ,
There's Nothing Better
sgssss'1-' "smm- ssjssb
dl'shlnv 5i-rk?.lf)ilTrniTATF? I,,.oJ t
Jfn .i7Wix
f) 1 . . m
I nlll- rnmnlnln ?, f -
"" -"'"(jh.h; lint ui VJIO- gf
cerics, Qucenswarc, Cigars, Candies, (ft
Tobacco. You will fmfj us able and ?
willing to. supply your wants in a very
satisfactory manner at all times, and our
chief endeavor is to please. Now, with
these inducements and incentives to give
us a trial order, why not do so today.
A Trial Will
Convince You-
exhibits v
Are Nade Right
Well Lettered
Carefully Erected
1 um
my z? zaj
air fri&.ti t h,c?Jtrz .jTfi
; f
lr .!
1 A' .
-'HA,0'.Z!,. Ki-;
tnrC ls,
- -, M-iJhJ'Avj.p