The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 30, 1914, Image 8

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There's Nothing Better
Tlmn our complete line of Gro
ceries, Qucensware, Cigars, Candies,
Tobacco. You will find us able and
willing to supply your wants in a very
satisfactory manner at all times, and our
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Stiffen. Sknittn
wi IMA Htmwa
OUTncten ,
"-, Ptra WatM
Uf GntoOrifa
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I Correspondents j
A light frost, on Tuesday nlKlit.
Two Hue rains already this week.
Corn planting Is the ordor of the
Howard Alius was visiting with his
mother Saturday and Sunday.
KiiiestShipman, who luid his eye
injured some lime ago, l mxiiu duller.
Mhn Kl inn Allis, who litis deon
teaching school in tin; north west part
of llio state, Mulshed very sucus
fnl tat in on Thursday and. returned
to her home in Garfield on Saturday.
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gine, take care of it as any machine
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i: unset cynnuer
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and in all sizes from 1 to SO-H. P. They operate
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Not everv local dealer handles I H C em
The one who does is'a eood man to know. 1
acJifiOf Jtnow who, lie is, Va 'will telr you twhen yoP
wiuo uo tui vaituugucs.
International Hamster Company of America
j ' UaceeralU
CfauriM DMrisg MeCeraick WhraakM
' Neb.
OAane Flaae
?inem.i ':
THE ALARM is a dreadful thing
'OF' M9K for tho man without
iinsurance. Every time he sees the
renginos racing along his heart conies
up in his throat If the (Ire Is anywhere
aienr What folly, wliat mis
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NBUANCE need hardly be
considered. Tim freedom from worry
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. C. TEEL,
Reliable insurance.
in the County Court o? Webster County,
Webster County. f ""
In tho matter of tho estate of Krnuk X.
Kocliuel deceased.
UUKimotlH of nld estate will tako notice,
that llio tlmo limited (or iireocntatlon anil
mine ol elnhnsnuolnst tliu unino U Novcin.
her 15th A. I. 1UU; unit tor the paymt'iit or
(loots Is April t'tli, l'JIO, that I will Hltattho
county court room In said county on tho Ifitli
ilny of November, 1911, at 10 o'clock, A. M., to
receive, examine, henr, allow, or adjust all
claims and objections duly filed.
Dated this 'Jlst tiny of April, A. 1 1U1 1.
A. I). KANN'liV,
(ska I.) County Judge.
Mrs. Darnell was it passetitrer to
Htistli-'ts Saturday.
Mr Uantleldof IIIueHIll shipped a
car of stock to SI. Joo Wedne.sdHy.
Jud White and wife spent the day at
Frank Amiiok's across tile river Suu
il'iy. A. A. JJoren has an unction snlu o!
Iinpleinonls in Cowles Satur3ay. He
iiiteiuls to close out all of Ms imple
ments ami quit tlie business.
Kev. Uavls was agreeably surprised
Tuesday evening by u number of his
muiifbers from Eckluy chinch. It was
a oomplute surprise and u very enjoy
able evening was spent by all.
Mr. Cooper and Morgan Davis passed
through here Sunday in a WHgou with
a number of horses. Mr. Cooper is
taking these horses from lied (J loud to
his farm near DeWitt, Nebraska.
Stanley Long has taken over the A.
A. lioren Hardware and Furniture
stock this week and lie stands ready to
wait on any customer for any of tueso
lines. Wo wish him overy success.
Dwight Johu&on former! v of 1 1 1 1 J-
place but now of Bethany Heights,
Nebraska, came in Tuesday and is
shaking bauds with bis nunierotic
friends. He intends accepting a post
tiou in one of the General Stores in
We understand that Ciias C. Ben
nett has aunouueed himself as a, candi
date for the nomination of County
Clerk of Webster County on tho Kt
pnblicau ticket. He lias lived in this
county for several years and has been.
In business1 here several times and has
always glve'u'everybody a square deal,.
Charley is well qualified for the, ottlce
aim uis many menus win ue pusascu
to hear or his announcement.
The anniversary of the I. O. O. P.,
lodge was celebrated, by the Cowles
lodge Saturday in the Congregational
church. The Cowles Baud rendered
a number of selections and accompan
ied tho lodge to the church. A violin
splo was given by Miss Geneva Stark
ana it piano solo was giveu by Miss
Georglt(ood. After this the adli nee
was delighted with au address deliver
ed by Kd Overiug of Rod Cloud.
Mi'm. Ct infold of tlliut Hill i-Mtul
hor sou, Lee, 'rue-day.
l?cn Lnbiii rli pttrch ed n Imrao
fmin 1. II, Allen s.iniriiHy.
ftlen James is vlsitiuu tits gr-nd pi
ents Mr lyul Air-.. It." Cure.
Mi, ntid Mrs Ed O.itmati ami cjil -(lien
visited II II. Laird Sunday.
R Hose, priprii'tui' of the mirage,
sold his first Mhxweil car Monday.
Mr. and Mrs 11. uu visited their
d.uightor, Mrs, y. Janus, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cowel, Mr. and Mrs. T.
W. Suliult:; visited wltli 11 K. Haas
Jettfiilgkt, EiiH (Ireen, Vella and
JUhel Wilglil. spent Hmidiiy atternooii
at F. Barton's.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Kiinuleatid children
spent Sunday at A KiincloV in Lat
reuiM" Suiiday.
Mr. and Mis. W. Husking and chil
dren and John Hupliiiu visited t licit
fither, Mr. Iltipllne, Sunday.
Hiarm Arnold and Miss Pearl Sherer
spent Sunday with hor mother, Mis
Sherer, at Kurt Cloud Stuidny.
Huv. L. T. Maze, prusiditi"; elder,
held services at the Evungelieal church
Sunday morning and evening.
Mr. and Mis. Geo. Handfelt, Mr. and
Mtt. Gf-o. Meents and Mr and Mrs. O.
Mounts spent Sunday at Mr. and Mrs.
Itenker's near Blue llill.Snmlay.
The Standard Bred and Registered Trotting Stallion
Aiiercyone McGregor
AI.l f.ItCYONK Mclti:OI, N'o. :iW0. llio
jubjtct of thlnslietili, hits n record of 2.0U l-'Jou a
half mile track In iio. lie Is one nf the Htoul
luiiitid. rmjucd miiili.immorniohori'is. mid In
troiiia tac-u hurso faiullv on liolli sides of tho
hoiiM-.l)tlijKMrcd by Allcicyone. ho by the rt:it
Allertou JOl) I-'. IiIh dnni bciii tliu 8ruit brood
ninre, All .McdrcKor, by lieu .Medrcjmr Ills
itcond dam l.s Maud Mcllrei-or. dam ol Nut Jlo-(lri'i;or.U:IT:i-l,
also ttiedaiu of Miss Delniarch,
the Krcatt-st race mare that ever raced over i,
half mile trnrk. Also the dam of ninny otherH
nltli Mnndar.l rwordH. Ills third dam Is thu
dam of Mx from 11 to a: i! 1.4. iiml u-lth n,n
fuurlhiliinilsafioducaronhlsMrc'MMde. Alter
cyoijo McdreRor comes from tho roat Allertou
family, bolni; by A lleroyuno the la-it mm of the
ureal Allertou. who In h tlmo held tho world'tt
&&&iRwft&-- HI
mWSmM nw
u(. II In.. ... ....., tin, . , ... ,.,..,. ..... .T . ... ..
""""; iviiiiiAui i-i, in iikii wiii-ei H111K.V, huh 'i wiu icnoiiiK siro of tlio u olid; on his
dam' Hide this Ilrst three duns wore McGregor innns, which family cave us tho tnlifhtv
irccits. who held tho Malllon record. ! 1)1 .. for several yearn, and a family that linn becit
considered thi yameM laro ho so family In exIMcnce. Alljreyono Mcdrci-or Is a lino In
dlMdunlaudainmuraroliorsc, linvlmcMnrtcil 'Jl times and lielns Mrit or second every
tlmo bill tube. Ilo wiih bred liv L. U'm II. l'nrtlmui. .Mn. Ingrn,ii t..i.i.. n i....i
, null'.
k. tho
II. 1 1110. he beat as likh class n Meld i,f 'MV2 nneets as over started over a half-mllo trae
iiini iiciu nciiiic-jani i-i,iiiu.iiiiiu uic iracK rironi inauo by .llattlochluu-s tho year before.
iu nun iiiu iii-iii piiiiciiioiijoi;iiiinesircicn,aniiii w.iKsaiu by a the horsemen nrescnt
hat ho could have iiiieed tho liwilln':s.8 or better, t Hit record Is no Unit to IiIh" p"t lias Tlo
has bo n i.ace. a h-df milt on a half n.llo track In 10J l-l. a qunrter In sa. a id an tluhth
In :i: I-l. While Allcrcy.-ne Mct-renor Isa tiaecr hlinxelf. ho Is strictly trutiliVi I.Vecd an
what feweoltHhehasarealltroters.andshowlotHofspcid, and ho should bo as f nreti 1
MroaHhlsuranilKlrolf glMiian opportunity. " '
Will stand for season 1914, Mondays and Tuesdays at F. E.
Payne's barn on Sec. 24-3-12. Thursdays. Fridavs and Satur
days at Red Cloud Tie Barn, Red Cloud, Nebraska.
TERMS: $12.50 for the season. $15.90 to insure colt to stand
and suck.
F. E. PAYNE, Owner
A Portrait
1rtL, , AtW "'"l U) ,,u' UU-0til
tvaiu'Sa om's ,I0W ,uu' l,,u" '
a$5vi' binds tho IVii-iiil-
mk'WL' Milpsofvout.,,
Order T Show Cause.
Stnte of Nebraska, I i,ThnCniinn.-(',M,rt
Webster Couatv. f '" lnoi-uUD -outi
AT a i ouuty ourt held at tho County
Court room In and for said county April
Uth., loll.
In tho matter of tho cstato of Antonio
V. Sadllek, Deceased.
On readlnir and lllhin tho petition of
Frank V. .sadllek, prayliiK that administra
tion of said estato may boKrauteJ to himself
as Administrator.
'OuiiKitKii, That I'rhlay, tho Ut day ol
May, A. I)., llill, at 10 o'clock n. in., Is
assigned for hcarlui; said ctltlon, when all
porsons Interested In said matter may appear
at a Comity court to bo held In and for said
county and showcauso why prayer of peti
tioner nlnm!d not bo Krantid; and tliat uottijo
ol tho )Liidnucy of said jii'tlllon and tho hear
Inn ihcreot bo bIvcii to all persons Interested
In said mailer, by publishing A copy of this
order In llio Ited (.'loud Chief, a weekly news
paper pi luted In said county, for three con
sceutlM weefR prior toiald day of hearlm;.
Ishai.1 A. 1). ll.VNM'.V,
Countv .liidKO.
bridges distance
uud l;niB closer
tho tins of family
and lilnslolk.
Our fast lonseB,
modern methods
a uU equipment,
prompt' attention
and courtesy to
patr.ons have
made, sittlnjr for
plio togrsipliri.u
real pleasuru,
Our prices uro
conslstout, v 1 1 h
Llio lilgli quality
nf our work.
M a U e- a n ap
pointment today.
Stevens Bros.
Incorporation Notice.
lied 1'loiul, Nebraska. IVbruary iS, mil.
At u called niotlUiK of tho dlllcprH and
Jlotirdol llricloriot tlioMalonp Avery 'Co.,
held al Ited Cloud, Woluur county, 'l1
ItrasWa, on tho alwvo date nt which all stooK
hQldirs wero present tho IoIIowJuk amend-
menu to ihc-ArUcliwol lniMirporalloiuwiru'
Artlale Number Two rn afiicndcHl to read
us follows: '
Tlie principal pluco of trnnwetlng thu
btirilmsM of this Coi)sirittlou Dliall bu liul
Cloud, Veiwtcr t'ouniy, oI)ra)ka.
Article Number Four wuManicuded to rend;
IV. '
Tho amount of the t'npltal Hlock of thlM
('oiiKiratlouMiall bo Twenty Thousand Uol
lars t5i,XX).0O) divided Into Two Jtundrwl
Nharojjot tho Vnr Value of Ono llundrcd
liollras each. Th'e sauio havlni? been Mile
wrtiicd and paid up and In the custody of tho
parties hereinafter named as thoOItlcirs and
Hoard of Directors.
ltert tuuUartl went to Kansas City
last Sunday.
Miss ltertba Whitley visited rolatlveb
In Xelson last week.
Clyde Kersey and family spent Inst
Friday at b Wintjeus.
There W6re several baptized at tho
river Sunday afternoon.
Wni. Xorrls and Coell McCall each
shipped stock tb Kansas City Sunday.
Malen Points and family were trans
acting business in Red Cloud otie day
last week.
, L. D. Dally and wife and J. A. Kecd
spent Thursday of lust week at the
liunslckei home.
John Mitchell and Clnis. Dlekersou
have beou tptltu busy tho past wcok
repairing the oast Walnut Ureek
'Mms. Uiuker and wlfu weru guefits at
Priiulc UlankeubHkers last Sunday,
ami attended the babtlslnjrat the rh'ot
in the afternoon.
The little friends of Nora I'utniiiu
irave her a Htirprlso Hnutluy in honor
of hor sixth birthday, A phMMiut tlmo
was hud by all present.
Max Moode, ono of the s ate guards,
wan in tills neighborhood soiiultlnK
voluntoeih to uo to M:.uo. A number
of the boys have joined.
Thu voii'iik pooplo of tho Christian
church sveru entertained by the young
men at the hom of Karl and Allies
Wilmot last Friday uvenluj,'.
, Tills tiolKUborlinml was visited wUh
u'fiur rain Sunday and Monday imrhtb
wbioh wn yrflatly needed to fitaet; tlm
pustuj-(H, ,s tlmre Is very little dry
feed loft in tho-eguntry. ' 't
L fr'.'-f l
John llroun liauled a load of hogs to
Inavale last Saturday. x
The Myers brothers made a business
trip to Ited Cloud lHst Saturday.
Almost every one started in to list
corn last. Monday. They find the soil
in excellent condition.
Miss Clnike, sister of Mrs. J. fetter
sou Duckervllle, who has been making
an extended visit in Iowa is home.
Tho-e who were behind in planting
gardens were busy during the past
week. The earlier gardens look line.
J. C. Williams and Herb Barber both
traded horses with Bill Holliday one
day last week, the former also traded
horses with Kugene Smith tho follow
ing day.
Herb Barber, wife and family, were
iu Bed Cloud last Saturday doing their
trading, also Mrs. Ada and George
Leiulabraudt were there In the middle
of tho week transacting business.
The dance in South Pawnee was well
attended last Saturday uight uud all
report a good time as good order and
harmony prevailed. The general
amusement ceased as the clock struck
twelve. ' l
Will Relehan of Topeka, Kau., paid
an incidental visit to his boys, Bill and
Dan. who aid farming his place and
caring for his stock here in Logan If
Will finds everything all right the
boys will be continued In ottlce, if not,
a dismissal is liable to ensue
Elmer Spuire' of Duckervllle pin
chased a most attractive automobile
from Liudcll, McMurrny & Co , of
Lebanon, which co-t him the sum of
31,2.10, alto his brother-in-law, Fied
Brown Pawnee, one the next day cost
ing him the same amount, both with
their families autoed to Bed Cloud on
lust Saturday for the purpose of test
ing their ears and to do their trading.
They were wejl pleaded with the trip
and everything all-around being very
Summer - Uudewear!
M) l
tfB i
. Now that the warm
days of spring are here
you will need lighter
weight underwear. We
have a full line in all
styles for ladies in sep
arate pieces or union
suits. High neck, long
sleeves, ankle length
union suits at - 60c
Low neck, either of two
styles, in tight knee or
1 n r frrm
Application for License.
Notlco Is hereby given that I did, on tho Kith
day of April, I9U, llio my petition with tho
village clerk of tho vlllaoot Illadcn, county
of Webster, state of Nebraska, for a license to
sell malt, spirituous, and vinous liquors In tho
bulldliiK situated on lots 9 and 10, block 11, In
the vlllago of Illadcn, county unit stato afore
said, tor tiio period of ono year from the com
mencement of tho municipal year.
lace, from
25c to $1.25 .
Children's and infants vests, long sleeves from
15 to 30e
Nazareth .waist in all sizes from 2 to 13
at 25e
Agent For American Beauty and Warner
Bros. Corset And -Butterlck Pattern
w afaAi AMe)atMifcetfceaJC
asa AND ses-
Little Vtilum Crawford id on thohfek
list. ' ' ,
Mr, and Mrs.. It. Rose-spout ruuduy
with 0. Hudson's,"
Miss Alta Guthvto visited nt A, V
Krausc's Saturday.
We Ave Looking For
The Man
Who lias soiled his olnthcs bo
hadly that, they tiro not lit to wear.
No matter how dirty or urvusy
lho hiiit may lie wo ale equlppell'
-. with tho moist niodoiu uiachtnory
and havo aUllliul worltiuen who
know how to
f Clean, Repair and Press-Clothes
G. HassingeF
Cleaner and Dyer
-Both Phonoo
A Tour of the East
Take advantage- or tho very attractive excursion rates this coming Sum
liter applying over a completu circuit, uroin ono way, returning another that
will Include many of the. most luiuutis mountain and i-uiisIiuio loeiiHtios of
llio KaHt.
You may Include Ihu Ailrlondiu'ks, tlio.Wliito MoitntaiiiH, The St. I.nw
n tieo Uivor Hogion, Litku Gpnrjrn, Siuali'KO. Montreal, (juebec, Dnstou, New
Yotk, thu Hudson Hlvnr, tliu 'Ocean Tiip to Newport News, thu Jmoy Const,
Urn Virginias, Waslilugton, I). 0.
Leavo your name with me and let mo secure for yousomo railroad and
ho'el literature that will dcfuribo thu Summer journey you havo in mind.
Something NowThrough sleepers now in service be-
tween Omaha and Peoria, train No. 12,.
17. C. F-'OS, Ticket Agent.
L,W. WAKELtZY, General Passenger Agt.
z 1 1 wwni ) i m wii m w wjtBssamamisx
Wo Can Please You As To Material, Style And
Workmanship, And. Our Prices Are Very Low.
JL !
gtfli Mir -
Tk.; vt