The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 02, 1914, Image 5

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Bulletin of The Week's Doings
Wtn. Uoevcs spent Tuesday In Guide
Get out your rake and cleiin up your
Geo. Fairfield was in Gitldo Hock
Frank Miser left for Dunning Tues
day morning.
Iluy all you can of the homo mer
chant la our motto.
Aro you going to plant u Slower gar
den in your yard this spring?
Frank (knvden left. Sunday morning
for PnlUade, Xobr., on buslnei?.
Just received a ear of Fancy Early
Ohio Potatoes. SI. 10 per bushel. Tur
nil re fc Son.
Mr. and Mrs. S. It. Floranec aro the
proud parents of u baby boy which ar
rived last Friday.
POSTS Somo good Walnut posts
for sale. Inquire of C. II. Coulsou on
Stonebrcaker farm.
Fred Hedge and Floyd McCall went,
to Knuses City Sunday morning where
they will take in the sights.
Mrs. Frank Peterson and children
lire visiting hor parents, Mr. and Mrs
U. II. Crone, at York this week.
It is reported that a small cyclone
hit Lebanon, Kas., Sunday and tore up
u few buildings and the oil tanks.
A couple of our citizens put on a
pugulistic stunt on our streets Mondav
afternoon which only wont a few
I am again ready to mako farm
loans promptly anil on attractive terms,
Solo agent for Trevett, Mattis &
Baker. J. II. Bailey.
Harvey Vincent, who has been visit
ing at the home of Ids daughter, Mrs.
Bernard Fruit, was taken to Hastings
Monday to the hospital for treatment.
Mrs. Robert Avery and son, Doyt,
came down from Ued Cloud this morn
ing for a visit with her parents G. W.
Woolscy unil wife. Saturday's Super
ior Express.
Peoplo that liolievo in home trade
sell the Red Cloud Cigars as they aro
tho best t" cent cigar in the world. In
other towns they get 10 cents for this
cigar. , adv
There will be a demonstrator at my
btore, Friday and Saturday, April
3rd and 4th, to show you how to ue
Chi-Namol. Como and seeuhow eusy it
is! Chas. L. dotting, the druggist.
We havo on hand now a carload of
Genuine Minnosota Red River Early
Ohio Soed Potatoes. These are the
best tablo potato and tho only kind for
seed. Weesner, Perry &'Co. adv
Harvey Rickorson returned Sunday
morning from Missouri where ho has
been visiting relatives the past three
mouths, and is once more amputating
whiskers at M. A. Mercer's barber
The following shipped stook to Kan
sas City Sunday: Lawrence McCall,
two cars of cattle; Boyd Harrington of
Lester one car of cattle; Fred Hedge
one car of cattle "and one of hogs;
Wcesnor & Kountz one car of hogs. x
Our lady readers will find tho feature
article by Julia "Uottomley on another
page of this paper to bo both interest
ing and helpful Miss Bottomley un
derstands tho requirements of the
6enslblo women and tolls them what
to wear and how to make It.
There will bo a union temperance
rally at the opera house Sunday even
ing at 8 o'clock. Tho wet till'' dry
proposition as It effects our community
will'be discussed in short addresses by
Rev. Wright, Rev. Wagoner and Rev.
llayne. A large chorus choir will
lead tiie&lugiiiir. Everybody welcomed.
The Willing Workers of tho Iiiavnle
Christian Church will hold their an
nual Bazaar at. Hunter's Hall, April
11th. Apron and uovi-lty sale begin
ning at 2::io p m Supper botween
tho hours of 5;30 and 10 o'clock. Child
ren under 12 years, 15 cents. Adults
23 cents. All are invited. adv
Tho reading circle examination will
bo held at Blue Hill, Guide Rock and
Red Cloud, Saturday afternoon, April
l&th. A special examination in county
certificate subjects will be held Fri
day, April 17 and Saturday, April lflth.
(iKUTiiui)i: L. CoN,
County Superintendent.
The Annu'tl Easter Bazaar given by
tho ladles of tho Methodist church will
"bo held on Saturday, April 11th. A
largo assortment of fancy work,
aprons, biinnets and children's cloth
ing will be placed on sale. Dinner
and supper will bo heived. Price
3. conK
One of tho barbers at Campbell is
advertising in his homo paper as fol
lows: I first class hair cut; 1 line, two
blade pocket knlfo and a tonic all for
25 cents, besides washing his custom
trs ears for nothing. Wo would s.iy
that this barber would have his chairs
full for a week did bomo of our citi
zens reside over there, but no doubt
some of them will soon got their an
nual sprlug hair cut which will make
our local barbers fnille.
Be a Booster.
Take yfiur cream to J. 0. Caldwell.
Cluis Bennett of Cowles was in town
Don't forget that next Tuesday Is
city olection.
Lee Detour was up from Guldo
Roek Thuisday.
K. H. Harbor was in Gtiide Roek Fri
day on business.
The school children are enjoying a
week's vacation this week.
Stair Bro. shipped two cars of
horses to Grand Island Friday.
Mrs. 11. A. llealo came down from
MeCook Thuisday to visit relatives.
Attorney Bertiaid McNeny and wife
departed Tuesday morning for Omaha.
Mrs. Harry Cramer left Monday
morning for Geneva to visit her par
ents. Mrs. Roy Garher of Hebron is in tho
city visiting with Mr. and Mrs J. .1
Miss Kathryn Burke is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Will Bailey at Broken Bow
this week.
Rev. Wright went to Hastings Tues
day to attend a meeting of tho Metho
dist ministers.
Earnest Moranvllle of Byron is in
town thlswcok visiting his fattier, Dr.
J. W. Moranvllle.
Prof. Betzaud his orchestra furnish
ed music for a dauco at Bloomingtoii
Thursday evening.
Tho assessors will now begin to
make their annual calls in their re
spective townships,
Tho Degree of Honor members aro
rcquestod to attend tho meeting on
April 7th, us there will bo initiation.
Chas. .1. Reddon, city marshnl of
Blue Hill was in towti Thursday and
while here made this otllco a pleasant
Mr?. Harriet Einigli of Aurora, Illi
nois, arrived in the city the lust of the
week to visit her daughter, Mrs. Will
Friday, April 10th, will bo Good
Friday, and no doubt a good many
peoplo will plant their potatoes on
that day.
Goorge VanCamp is taking a vaca
tion from ills duties as operator at the
depot and S. C. Ellis has taken the
day shift
Bert Hatfield returned to his home
at Jamestown, Kansas, the last of the
week. His sister Mrs. Bessie Cain and
child accompanied him.
I havo somo pure, Gold Standard
Learning ear corn for sale at 81.00 per
bushel, just as it runs in the crib. C.
J. Piatt. adv
I have the best rate In tho county on
farm loans. Sco mo and bo couviucod
My motto prompt service.
A. T. Wat.kkr.
Lot every public spirited citizen put
his shoulderito the wheel and help
make Red Cloud tho most bcniulful
and cleanest town in the great Repub
lican valley this year.
A little tragedy. Mother tells child
that an angel Is beautiful, has wings
and files. Child tells mother that
father called the hired girl an angel.
The hired girl flew at once. Lebanon
The second story of tho Adventures
of Kathlyn, "The Two Ordeals" at the
Topee next Monday and Tuesday,
April 0 and 7th. Regular prices 10
and 5 cents.
A very pleasant time was had by the
members of the Fraternal Aid at their
last mooting. After the business of
tho overling was concluded a dainty
luncheon was served by the first divi
sion. A drill tenm was also organized
for future work.
Farm Loans
Lowest rates, bost option. Call for
mo at State Bank, C. V. Catiiek.
Given Away
April 14th
See It In Our
B. E. JHeFariand
All the Phones
Program For Coming Week
Monday and Tuesday
APRIL Hand 7
The Adventures of
Kathlyn, No. 2
THE TWO ORDEALS, in two reels
Kathlyn, the unwilling occupant of
the throne of AJIiihu roolvod not to
wed the villliin Umballah at the re
quest of his creatures the Council of
Thrce-i forced to submit to two or-
itiMils. Tim Htsl. uu linmttii tint t Iti tin.
leopard trap -tho second to meet a
hoide of hungry lions in tho amphi
theater. How she eseapes theso terri
ble perils makes thote wild animal
seniles cxtmotdliiiit-v.
A resourceful Ameilcan girl, alone
in fur India in tho hands of a race of
fanatics, compelled to occupy a throne,
-ho still duties them when thoy attempt
to marry her to a matt she detests.
Her bloodcurdling experiences in
thwarting their scheme, while seem
Ingly complying with thoin, aro thrill
ing beyond compare.
BUNNY'S M1STAKE.-A good vita
graph comedy with Bunny in his ele
ment Tho BLINDED HEART. - Drama
with Arthur Johnson u:d tho Luboiis.
An Interesting story.
Wednesday and Thursday
APRIL 8 and 0
tary drama of tho Civil War, In two
UNITED in DANGER.-A pretty
romance by tho Edlsons.
esting picture showing how it is done.
A JOKE on JANE. A Kalcm come
dy. Friday and Saturday
APRIL 10 and 11
The CASTE of THE D1E.-A two
reel western picture with lino horse
maiiship in the wlud-np.
Firt show 7:30, Secoud.9:00. Matinee
Saturday at 3 p. in.
four reels. Regular pricos. Monday
April 13th ono day only, afternoon
and evening.
1 ti M
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JS flm
.V frTShlV
m&s- i
irOid'l. -VAtS
S C-Srir.
Jk&fi. the
1 14
r mKj vtJi
I'-' K-A4 If 41
LE fiimi II i
ft IMftw'M
ore and more people are awakening to the importance of
it. And more and more are they realizing that this is
their feet
treating the. feet to
We have good shoes for every need and for every
age for men, women, youths, misse3 and children. Every
model from the daintiest lady's pump to rugged shops for
school boys, reflects the beauty and good taste of fine
Added to this is the certainty of an accurate fitting.
Everything depends upon how well your foot is fitted. Our
salespeople have been especially trained to assist you in
selecting the last and size best suited to you.
F. G.
Renl Estate transfers.
Real Estate Transfers for Week end
ing March 31st, mil. Complied by
M. W. Caiter, Hondo 1 Abstractor, Red
Cloud, Nebrasiui.
Joseph 11 Cook and wife to J T Lacy,
wd north 35 feet of lots 'J.VJo, bile 11,
Blue Hill $ DO) 1)0
Allen County Investment. George
W C'obel, wd, s1-, and sl, nw quarter,
see llltt n 1,000 00
Ralph -A. Snaucr and wife to John 1)
Taylor, wd, nw quarter of tla-l-It
17. find Do
James Mcllildo and wife to Arthur V
Earl, wd, lots u, lo, u, i'J, blk 12,
Foe-Mcltrldo Add. Cowles. 1,100 00
Florence It Sahuleii and husband to
Louis Uergfiold, wd, sw quarter of
-'152 10 11,500 00
Albert Held to Mary B Young, qed,
part so quarter, 3-Mi 1 o0
Allen A Coopor and wife to Flavins
Grlco, wd, nw quarter and sw quart
er se quarter JEMl-lS 8,100 CO
Flavins Grlco to Mary E. Cooper, qed,
m, nw) j m'.I.i 3;i-:M2 .... 1 (H)
R II Allen and wife to Geo II Overlng,
wd. lot 0. blk 2. Rosomont. 1 00
Goo II Overlng to Sarah Alloti, wd, lot
(!, blk - Rosomout t 00
D E Saunders, et til to The Malonc
Avery Co., wd, lots 21, 2;, S.I, 21, blk
5, nj-i lot 20 and all lots 2J1, 21, blk
20, Red Cloud 1 00
Giegory Bennett to William Keillor,
wd, cast 20 ft , lot 2, blk 1), Bladen,
50 00
William II Thomas and wife to Lora
A. Whltaker, wd, ne'i, 22-2-11
0,000 00
Lora A. Whltaker and wife to William
II. Thomas, wd, o, swU, sec .'I and
part lot I. sec;i(), 1-11 8,000 00
Hiram ,1 Saunders ami wife to James
McBrlde, wd, aw), s mv)i, seo 10,
3-10 11,000 00
Mortgages filed, 900,005.00.
Mortgages released, $18,477 00.
A Good Shipment
Harry Roats of Red Cloud, Nob., an
extensive cattle and hog feeder,
brought In today a shipment of 120
head of 315-pound hogs, good enough
to briug 88.75. This was Mr. Heats'
first shipment from his big feed lot
where he has back about the same
number of hogs, as woll as 100 head of
good steers. Ho will mako his first
steer shipment next Monday. Kansas
City Drovers Telegram, March 2.'ld.
Concerning the Court House
It will not bo long before every
voter in the county will have the op
portunity of casting his judgment in
regard to tho new court houso. In
reality this Is just what an election
Easter is at
hand, with its
r ' i e jvu
- M ... .
V-iHM III X. !' ttS I
x&jm new lasmons lor v. . ".ujm"i!b aB b iuhb
i skirt, slender hip effect and medi-
Spnng and Summer, urn low bust. The boning is dur-
Snmhw rnlnv inH Virivv able and strong, with long, flexible
fcomDre COKMo ana ncavy wires in the back. The material
weaves ot winder must ive will give long service. The trim
away to the novel colorings ming is a neat embroidery.
and designs which will Price Only $1.00
have full swav during
spring and summer.
uuvanuuu iu inu most, conservative.
Prices I.OO to f.00
good shoes stylish, yercomfortable and durable.
At All Prijces
0vvw-m. vfvvv I'V' Vs 0
Some New Arrivals At Our Store
Suits For Spring
Made For Particular Men and Young Men
"Perfectly Beautiful" is the verdict of
those who have seen them. We want
you to look now and lay one aside if you
don't want to buy now.
We also make
Suits to Order
Jhe Qowden-Kaley (jlothing Qo.
Red Cloud's Foremost Clothiers
moans getting tho Judgment of tho
votors of the county on a glvon prop
position. We believe that this county
never will havo jiistMich an opportun
ity again. Tho plans for the new
building have been adopted, the cost
is known to a cent and there Is noth
ing hidden or eonoaled about ths pro
ject in any particular.
This building will practically cost
the county nothing as under the plan
tho funds will simply bo diverted from
one fund lo the building fund and no
m 'igji
Special Value
y&zS You women who appreciate up-to-
aaio siyies ,ior me lowest price at
which a good corset can be sold
see this new J. C. C. model in our
corset department.
Fashionable Well Made
J. C C. No. 323
: . -:u ,.
Other J. C. C. designs
ft 1 n nn J JA iV. - -
And For Every Need
I ' f" ww
extra levy will bo made. Tho taxes
will bo the samo whether the court
houso Is erected, or not. The proposed
building is larga enough for this
county and will provo ample for many
years to come. Tl.o amount Is about
right for a county of this kind.
Tho thing for each voter to do is to
realize that perhaps his vote will de
cide the question and then vote as ho
honestly thinks is right for nil con
cerned. In our opinion we should
vote for the proposition.
from the most
i. 1"
taking good k care of 1
bestSccomplished bv
f w if
r '71