The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 19, 1914, Image 9

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-iyi1'M-IUM" UfWr
'Tirygrzzrrrzz: v .: wvrww-'w"
&tytil W
, jOjyW
"Feeling Fine"
I is merely a matter
I of health and health
I is merely a matter
II of keeping the di
ll gestion perfect, the
II blood pure, the liver
II and bowels active.
II If you are in poor
II health just try
Stomach Bitters
immediately. It makes
the appetite keen, as
sists digestion, renews
health and prevents
Spring Ailments,
AVegdable Preparation for As
similalirnj the Food and Regula
ting lite Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ncssand Rest. Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
Vrjw tfoM DrSAMEtmrat
fimpliit Sum
MxhlfS'tli -Amtt
ftpptntwit -
CltrSitd Sufr
MtnbiyiTtit Flnvar
A perfect Remedy forConslioa
lion . Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish
ncss and Loss of Sleep
facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company.
'Guaranteed under the Footlan
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Tho most economical, cleansing and
germicidal of all antiseptics is
I flktovl&fi&s
A soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed.
As a medicinal antiseptic for douches
en treating catarrh, Inflammation or
ulceration of nose, 'throat, and that
caused by feminine Ills it has no equal.
For ten years tho(Lydla E. Pinkham
Medicine Co. has recommended Paxtlno
ln'tholr prlvato correspondence with
women, which proves its superiority.
Wonion who have beon cured say
It Is "worth its weight in gold." At
druggists. 60c. largo box, or by mail.
Tho Paxton Toilet Go,, Boston, Mass.
, If JOU it l 'OUT Of OHT' "lit It DOWN' 'Ulir the BLUES'
crr(H from kidney, m.iDuru, kutiii'i dukiiei).
cukumo vrtiKNcm, ulckk. hkim, riut.
writs far FREE cloth nnVKU m-mciL hook ok
the remrOr far tour own aliment. Abaolutrlr FREE.
No'follow up' circular. No obligations. Uu.I7eCieko
Med. Co., IIitxmtock No.. IUhi-jhad. London. Lao.
wx want to mora thibjuok will cuiue too.
Nebraska Directory
CURED In a few days
without pain or a sur
gical operation. No pay until cored. Write
OB. WUA.Y.-UO j Be Mdg-., Omaha, Neb.
vr,. A. on) gig Bargain in Risidtnci
. Glanwood. Iowa. 0 room modern,
I Beautiful home. Price S&.UUO. AUo splendid Ilea
taorant In Uolfax Oo , Nebraa.l'aya big. 1'rlco SsOO.
I. i. aBorr warm, buu uk su , uuii, .
Omaha. Nebraska
Booms trom 11.UU up single, 70 cents up double.
Lincoln Sanitarium
Sulpho Saline Springs
Located on our own premltet and used In the
Natural Mineral Water
Uniurpaued In the treatment ol
Heart, Stomach, Kidney and Liver Diseases
1408 M Street Lincoln, Nab
With an Eye Toward Economy.
Mr. Perry had bcon out (or a day's
fishing, ns ho proudly displayed tho
contents of his basket to his wife,
sun exclaimed:
"Oh, Alva, aren't they beauties! But
I'vo been vo anxious for tho past hour,
"Foolish llttlo onol" said Alva
caressingly; "why, 'what could have
happened to me?"
"Oh, I didn't worry about you,
dear," snld the woman: "but It grew
so lato 1 was afraid that beforo you
got back to town tho fish markets
would all bo cloned." National
He Hadn't.
"What a debt wo owo to medical
science!" ho said ns ho put down the
"(lood heavens!" she exclaimed.
"Haven't you paid tho doctor's bill
Patience Thought It wuh against
tho law to weur aigrettes?
Patrice That's not an aigrette;
that's her husband's shaving-brush
she's got stuck In her hat.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Sloan'e Liniment is a speedy,
reliable remedy for lamenesa
in horses and farm stock.
Here's proof. '
Lameneat Gone
"I bad a homo eproln his shoulder by
pulling, and he was aolamo tie could
not carry foot at nil. I got a bottle of
your Liniment nrul put It on four timet,
and in thrco days ho showed no lame
neat at all, end cmilo a thirty rnllo trip
besldca." K'alur B. AlonfotJ, La Satli,
For Splint and Thrush
"I hnve used Sloan'e Liniment on a
fine mare for eplint nnd cured her. Till
makes tho third horse 1'to cured. Hare
recommended it to my neighbors for
thrush and they naylt la flue. 1 find It
the beat Liniment I eier used. I keep
on hand your Sure Colic Cure for my.
eelf and neighbor, and I can certainly
rrepmmend It for Colic." A ami,
ilcVoiwugh, Co.
If a quick, safe remedy for poul
try roup, canker and bumble-foot
Try it
For Roup aad Caaker
"Sloan'e Liniment la the epeedleet
and eurest remedy for poultry roup and
canker In all its forma, eipertajly for
canker In the rndplp.''- y. iU.
tne,Jal"r N. It.
AtaUDealan. 25c BOe. a J09
Reaa Sloaa'e Book oa Iloteee, Cattle,
Hoce and Poultry aeat Ire.
WLAftlS.aOA",kx, MmlI.
that make a horse Wheexe,
Roar, hare Thick Wind
or Choke-down, can be
reduced with
alto any Hunch or Swelling, No blister, no
hair cone, and hone kept at work. Con
centrated only a few drops required at an
application. $2 per bottle delivered.
Book 3 K free.
ABSORDINE, JR., antiseptic liniment for man
kind, reduces Cysts, Wens, Painful, Knotted
Varicose Veins, Ulcers. $1 and 52 a bottle at
dealers or delivered. Book "Evidence" free.
Nf.YOUNO, P. D. Fm 110 ItaU SUSarlnafleld. Uata.
fU 4f
aLHn bmA
;4fPf - .WrM
Thinning Sugar Beets, Which Owing to the Closeness of the Young Plants,
Must Be Done by Hand.
(Prepared by tho United Stntps Dt'imrt
ment of Agriculture.)
Tt Is generally conceded that tho
beat soils for tho production of uupnr
boots are tho onndy loams nnd tho
clay loams. However, any Rood soil,
if properly handled, will produce satis
factory sugar beets, provided climatic
condition) uro favorable, stntcB Farm
ers' lttilletlu fG8 of tho department of
agriculture. In general, more depends
upon tho physical condition of tho
soil thnu upon Its strict classification.
Select the field for sugar beete with
reference to tho quality of tho sur
faco and subsoil, conditions of drain
age nnd tho fitness to follow tho pre
ceding crops. Plow thoroughly and
deeply In tho fall If pOBslblo. Mnko
tho seed bed (lrm below as well as
near the surface. Plant in tho spring
as soon ae tho soil und weather condi
tions are right. Use plenty of seed
to Insure a good stand, and do not
plant too deep. Hold tho molsturo in
contact with tho seed by use of tho
press wheel and rollers. Cultivate as
One-Horse Two-Row Walking Cultiva
tor, With Attachment for Distribut
ing Fertilizer.
soon as tho rows can bo seen, but
do not throw the dirt over tho beets.
Block and thin the boots just as soon
as thoy are largo enough to handle.
Spaco with referonce to the strength
and moisture-holding capacity of tho
Rotate with other crops to improve
the soil condition anda to eliminate
pests. Keop plenty of' live stock to
utlllzo the beet tope and other feed
and supply stable manure. In har
vesting the beets see that they aro
all gathored, properly topped, and as
free as possible from dirt. Cover tho
beets as soon as topped to prevent
evaporation, and utilizo beet tops,
pulp and lime with a view to improv
ing soli conditions.
Tho by-products ot tho beet field
nnd eugur mill that aro of particular
importance to tho farmer aro tho beet
tops, tho pulp nud tho wasto lime. If
properly handled, tho beets form n
valunblo nsset for tho beet grower,
and in considering tho value of a beet
crop they should bo reckoned at their
real worth as a stock food. Many
farmers sell their tops at a cash price
ranging from $2.50 to ?5 per acre, in
which case tho grower Ib tho loBor
for tho reason that the tope are of
greater value to him as a stock food,
and if he allowB tho tops to leave his
farm ho loses their manurial value,
consisting of a large part of mineral
plant food taken up by beets in tho
process of growth, and also their
humus value, which results from re
turning tho tope to tho soil in the
form ot stablo or barnyard manure.
The most economical way to handle
tho tops is to gather them into piles
soon after they wilt and beforo
they becomo thoroughly dry. In this
condition7 they can bo gathered with
much less loss than would be tho case
if they were left scattered over tho
ground until dried. After thoy havo
cured in the piles they should bo
hauled to tho feed yard, where they
should bo fed in properly constructed
racks to avoid waste.
13eot pulp is an excellent stock food.
This by-product is tho refuse that re
mains after tho beets havo been
sliced and tho sugar extracted. As
a stock food it may bo used cither as
greon pulp, that is, Just no it comes
from tho mill, or it may bo dried.
Wasto llrno is a by-product of tho
sugar mill, which under certain con
ditions Is of considerable valuo to tho
farmer for correcting tho acid condi
tion of tho soil. It is well known that
a soil should bo neutral or slightly
alkaline in order to produce tho best
results. Llmo has tho ability to com
LBB -f.-f f I
bine with the Injurious acids that de
velop In Hie soil ami thereby ronder
them neutral. Ordinarily nil applica
tion or from f.OO to 2,000 pounds or
wasto llmo per aero will correct tho
acidity and otherwise improve tho soil
Poultry as Food.
Although mil ns ninny vnrletles of
poultry mo In common uho In tho
United States as In Europe, and al
though eggs form porhaps tho most
important part of the total poultry
Industry In thu United Stntcti, enough
birds are raised and sold for their
flesh to make poultry an Important
itom in the lint ot foods, saya tho de
partment of agriculture. Chickens
aro, of course, far the most common
of tho kinds of poultry. Noxt como
turkeys; then ducks nnd goetie, fol
lowed by caputiB and squabs, tho other
varieties, such as guinea fowl, pheas
ants and quail being leant common ot
In ruining birds for tho market spe
cial fattening has not heretofore boon
practiced In this country with any
thing lllio tho sumo frequency as in
Europe; but American breeders aro
gradually coining to it more and more,
especially on tho largo ou!try farms
which nre springing up in many placoB.
The extreme methods used so much
in France aro not, howover, consid
ered advantageous by most American
Llvo poultry 1b very commonly mar
keted, especially in the southern
states, whero it is tho custom to kill
a short tlmo before cooking, but, con
sidering the country as a whole, it
1b doubtless true that tho dressod
birds uro marketed mora than tho
live, nnd the buyer must depend
mainly on tho nppcaranco of tho skin
and flesh to tell him how fresh tho
bird is, and whether it has beon prop
erly dry-plucked or plunged Into boil
ing water to make tho plucking eas
ier. , In most caaes, also, tho ago muut
be determined by tho pliability ot tho
breastbone or, '"In duck and gooso, ot
tho windpipe.
The methods ot cooking poultry are
in general tho sumo as thoso for other
kinds ot moat The tougher tho bird
the more cooking will bo needed to
make it tendor und easily digested,
and tho larger it is tho more heat will
bo required to cook it thoroughly.
As regards composition poultry does
not differ as much as is commonly
supposed'1 from meat of other domestic
nnimalB used for food. Individual
kinds and specimens, of course, vary
in the relative amounts of protein and
fat contuined, and there are certain
flavors in poultry which differ from
thoso In other meats. Hut these dif
ferences are so small that they aro
practically negligible In ordinary diet
Nor is there as much difference in
digestibility as ie often stated. On
tho average, poultry is somewhat moro
Piling and Topping 8ugr Beets.
easily digested than beef and mutton,
but only very slightly. Tho difference
in digestibility between tho various
kinds ot poultry probably depends on
tho amount of fat contained, tho fatter
sorts being least easily digested. Ton
dcrnese of fiber may have something
to do with both ease and thorough
ness ot digestion, and, if bo, young
birds are moro easily digested than
old, and tho less-used musclcH of tho
chlckon, such as tho breast, more eo
than tho much-used tissues ot tho'lega.
Similarly, whlto-fleshod birds may
bo moro easily digested than dark
fleshed, becauso the fibers of their
flesh aro lesa closely act; but this is
not fully proved. Indeed, very llttlo
is positively known on this subject,
and that little seems to indicato that
tho differences In thoroughness of di
gestion are very Blight, and that cook
ing has much more to do with the
digestibility ot tho birds than thoso
slight differences In composition and
' B& A. a-
jja . araaV JaCcaalaK Ms
iTfiilrTlfal ifrliiA Jl JSSutMl
.lij53p')"jBBBaW?ii 7z$9UaHiaH
Items of Interest Gathered from R
liable Sources and Presented In
Condensed Form to Our
Weatcrn Newupmwr I'nlon News Hcrvlca.
Agricultural Committees Appointed.
President Roberts of tho board of ag
riculture has appointed nliio commit
toes to look Into and report to tho
board upon tho conditions nnl require
ments of various matters pertnlnlng to
agricultural cloelopmont or tho Btato.
Tho committees aro ns follows:
Live stock Charles draff, J. A. Ollls
and II. V. Hlesen.
Dairying- .lacob Mass, It M. Wolcott
nnd V. Arnold.
Poultry William Foster, J. A. Mc
Ardlo nnd .1. A. Ityaii.
Horticulture P. Youngers, C, O.
Crows anil V. V. Cole.
County fairs Oeorgo Jackson,
Charles Mann and 55. T. I.eUwIch.
Rural and agricultural education
H. It Purcoll, II. Panning and J. H.
Agricultural extension K. It Denlol
sou, William James und C, II. Pudge.
Production L. II. Cheney, T. 11
Keedlo and C. II. dUHtafson.
Marketing I. V. I.eonnrd, Geo, F
Dlckman and W. C. Caley.
Tho appointments are endorsed bj
Secretary Mollor In a letter sent out
to tho members of tho committees, in
structlng them ns to their duties.
Hunting Chaplain for Penitentiary.
Members of tho state board of con
trol aro having a hard tlmo finding a
man suitable for tho chaplain's posi
tion at the Btato penltontlnry.. Whllo
tho vacancy exists tho placo is being
filled on Sundays by local pastors and
during week days Doputy Warden
Harmon is serving as spiritual ad
viser to tho convicts. According to
tho board members thero is no dearth
of candidates for tho place, but nono
of thoso who have applied thus far
appears to 1111 tho bill. "Wo want
just tho right man for tho placo,"
said Chalrmnn Holcomb, "and will
not appoint any ono until wo are well
satlslled that that ono Is Just fitted for
the duties that will fall upon him. It
is a position of singular. Importance
from sovcral angles and wo do not
expect to act hastily In tho matter.
If thore Ib any minister In tho state
who feels that ho Is fitted for prison
work and ho would llko to tnko this
position wo would like to havo him
como forward.','
Impassable Roads Unnecessary.
Impassable mud roads, says tho Ne
braska collcgo of agriculture, aro un
necessary If thero Is enough public
spirit In a community to glvo them
proper use. Tho uso of tho King road
drag Is advised when used at tho
proper tlmo. Thore aro no periods of
tho year when tho drag does not bene
fit tho road, but It docs tho most good
when tho soil Is moist, yet not too
sticky, The Nebraska soils, whon
mixed with water, thoroughly worked
and well baked with sunshine, becomo
extremoly hard and impervious to
rain. Tho action in becoming hard
and smooth not only helps to shed
tho water, but also greatly retards the
formation of dust.
Farmers Assist Cholera.
Tho fnrmer hlniBclf is tho largest
single factor In tho spread of hog
cholera, according to data collected
from tho four demonstration nroas by
tho department of agriculture. Tho
oxohango of work Is chiefly responsi
ble for this, nays an animal patholo
gists tho university farm. Helping a
neighbor haul exposed hogs and after
ward using tho snmo wjngon to shuck
corn Is a fairly certain 'method of get
ting cholera. Visiting a sick herd for
any renson whatever Is a poor prac
tice. Tho vendor of stock foods and
powders seeks tho sick herds nnd la a
likely carrier of Infection. Know posi
tively whero the family dog Is at nlgljt.
If looao, ho may bo miles away and
bring homo his lond ot gonna. In tho
winter, crows havo a liking for feed
lots nnd rango n long dlstnnce. Tho
old medical Injunction to "clenn out,
clean up, and keop clenn," should bo
applied to chojera outbreaks f
Bank Guaranty taw at Work.
Interest on nil deposits to bo paid
out of th lately closed First Stato
Savings bank of Superior, tinder tho
guaranty law, will bo paid up to
March 10. The stato banking board
bo decided after having considered
tho llnblllty of tho stato law for in
terest only to Jnnunry 1. Tho prob
lem Is a new ono. becauso tho now
guaranty law has never before boon
palled Into operation. In this case, bo
It was denoted at the meeting of tho
board, It Is probable that most of tho
bnnk'B assets will ho realized upon.
Cure for "Blind Staggers."
A total ehnngo of feed nnd forage is
tho only effective method of contend
ing with "blind Btnggers" In horsoa.
Government exports havo Issued a
bulletin declaring that thero Is a di
rect connection between tho greon
forage, oxposod pasturago and newly
cut liny which tho horsos eat and de
velop this dlsenso. A complete ehnngo
ot feed and forago Is tho treatment
recommended. Moldy baled hay has
cnused tho death of many horses.
Many havo boon slain ns tho result of
using fake
It Is cruel to force nauseating,
harsh physio into a
sick child.
Look back at your childhood days.
Remember tho "doBo" mother InBlqtcd
on caBtor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How you hated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our children it's difforcnt
Mothers who cling to tho old form of
physio simply don't realize what they
do. The children's rovolt is well-founded.
Their tender little "insides" are)
injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, glvo only deli
cious "California Syrup of Figs." Its
action (a positive, but gentle. Millions
ot mothers keop this harmless "fruit
laxative" handy; they know children
love to tnko it; that It never fails to
clean tho liver and bowels nnd sweet
en tho Btnmnch, nnd that a teaspoontul
given today Baves a sick child tomor
row. Ask at tho store for a CO-ccnt bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs," which
has full directions for babies, children
ot all ages and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottlo. Aav.
"What did you think ot Jim's rattle
nnnko story?"
"it wuh it rattling good tale."
To get the lentihir, rail for full name, I.AXA
TIVK IIKOMO (JUININH. Look for ttmature ol
IS. W. tiKOVIt. Curei a Cold la Out Vv. Ho.
"Howover did you hear such dread
ful things ubotit Mrs. Hubcr?"
"You forget she wub onco my dear
est friend." Fllogondo illacttor.
Promising All Right
Pill Don't you think ho has a promt
islng volco?
Jill Sure. I heard him say twenty
difforunt times ho was going to pay
his bill.
Supreme Test
"Doos your husband treat you un
kindly?" asked the lawyer.
"Certainly not!" Bald tho unsur
stantlal woman.
"Then why do you want a divorce?"
"I don't actually want a divorce. I
merely want to apply tor one. Then
I can Judge by tho kind of a fuss my
husband mnkes whether bo really
cares for me or not."
Black Hole of Calcutta.
Tho Innato corruption and depravity
ot human naturo were porhaps never
moro clearly brought out than in the
historic Ulack IIolo of Calcutta. That
atrocity stands unrivaled as an in
stnnco of tho utmost sufforing human
ity can endttro, passed through by a
largo number, yot leaving a fow sur
vivors to tell tho tale. Many more
havo been Blaln or executed at ono
tlmo, death being expected; but
probably only safo keeping of tho pris
oners was intonded, and only fear of
breaking a dospot's sleop prevented
tholr earlier release. Yot this torture,
"uncqualcd in history or fiction,
whoso record cannot bo read unmoved
after tho lapso of a hundred and fifty
years," was produced meroly by crowd
ing men together in an ill ventilated
room. No fires, racks, nor Bcourges
wero needed; all that was done or re
quired to bo done, was to tako from
each the amount of air and Bpaco to
which ho was accustomed, crush him
into closo proximity with bis fellows,
and the thing wsb accomplished.
From "A Farmer's Note Book," by Q
E, D, Phelps.
Just Plain Cause and Effect
There aro some quito romarkable
things happening every day, which
scorn almost miraculous.
Somo persons would not bellovo that
a man could suffer from coffeo drink
ing so 'scvoroly as to cause spells of
unconsciousness. And to find relief in
chnuglug from coffee to Postum is
well worth rocordlng.
"I used to bo a great coffee drinker,
bo much so that it was killing me by
inches. My heart becamo so weak I
would fall and lie' unconscious tor on
hour at a time.
"My friends, and oven tho doctor,
told mo it was, drinking coffee that
caused the trouble. I would not be
lieve it, and still drank coffee until I
could not leave my room. ,
"Then my doctor, who drinks Pos
tum himself, persuaded me to stop cof
feo and try Postum. After much hesi
tation I concludod to try it That was
eight months ago. Since then I have
had but fow of thoso spells, none for
more than four months.
"I feel better, sleep better and am
better every way. I now drink noth
ing but". Postum and touch no coffee,
and as I am seventy years of age all
my friends think tho Improvement
quito remarkable"
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Write for a copy of the
famous llttlo book, "Tho Road toWelU
Postum now comes in two forms:
Regular Postum must bo well
boiled. 15c and 25c packages.
Instant Postum Is a solublo pow
dor. A teaspoontul dissolves quickly
In a cup of hot water nnd, with cream
and sugar, makes a delicious beverage
Instantly. 30c and 60c tins.
Tho cost per cup ot both kinds la
about tho same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
sold by Grocers.
"- I
h,rtrtfy.&Jr.r fi