The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 05, 1914, Image 6

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Forty-three Drowned When Steamer
Monroe Goes Down Captain
Claims Carelessness
the Cause.
Wrtern Ncwupnper Union News Sorvloe.
Norfolk, Vn. Forty-three persons
wont down to their death Friday
momliiK at 1:35, when the Merchants
and Minors' liner Nantucket Bunk tho
Old Dominion liner Monroe. Wireless
lists forwarded by Captain Johnson of
the .Monroe, returning with tho survlv
ors on the Nantucket, rIiow:
Ix)Ht Passengers, 19; crow, 24. To
tal. 43.
Saved Passengers, 3G; crow, CB.
Total, 01.
The Monroe was rammed amidships,
practically cut In two, nnd sunk within
ten minutes, twenty miles southeast
of flog Island.
Captain Johnson of the sunken Mon
roe and all his officers but one were
nmong tho saved. Tho lost olllcor was
Second Engineer Oatley.
"S. O. S." calls reaching out to the
coast stations started every available
ngoncy of rescuo Into action, but not
soon enough.
Whllo tho Nantucket backed off, low
ered boats and began sweeping the
misty sea with her searchlight, tho
Monroe, her passengers pitched out of
berths In night clothes, sank like a
In tho swirling vortex of tho sinking
ship men shouted and ' women
screamed through tho mist. Tho Mon
roe wont down so quickly that thorc
wns llttlo tlmo for launching boatH,
and It !b believed that tho only refu
gees wero those saved at once by tin
Charges Grose Carelessness.
Norfolk, Va. Charges of gross care
lessness nnd ncgllgcnco on tho part
of officers and crow of tho Bteamer
Nantucket have bpen mado by Captain
Johnson of tho ill-fated Monroo, which
mink Friday morning with a Iobs o1
llfo of forty persons, nnd who has
libeled tho vessel which sunk nor foi
In his formal papers, filed In the
local federal court, Captain Johnson
placed rcsponslbllltw for tho accident
squarely at tho door of tho Nantucket
Ho alleges that sho was navigated at
a dangorons rato of speed through the
fog, that tho Monroo's signals woro ab
solutely disregarded, and that every
law or navigation was violated by the
Merchants nnd Miners steamer. Cap
tain Johnson alleges that:
"At no time was thero any care
lcRsnoss or negligence on tho part of
officers or crew of tho Monroe. Tho
blamo for tlio accident reBts entirely
with tho Nantucket.
"Tho Nantucket was running at a
dangerously high rato of speed
through a fog that was dangerous to
"Tho 'Nantucket did not hoed the
signals of tho Monroe, but kept on her
courso and 'her ofllcors apparently
mado no effort to provent tho col
Washington. "This Is tho first tlmo
in tho history of tho Old Dominion
lino that tho llfo of a passenger has
been lost nt sea," said II. B. Walker
of New York, president nnd general
manager of tho Old Dominion Steam
ship company. ''Tho lino wbb organ
ized In 1867. Sovon stcamors bavo
been In operation for several years.
Tho Monroo was tho Btaunchost of tho
lot. Sho was put Into Bervlco In 1902.
There was llfo saving equipment
aboard for nearly double tho number
eho carried on this trip. Undor tho
navigation lawB, wo are required to
have 100 per cent equlpmont at this
season of tho year."
Find OH at Dawson.
Dawson, Nob. Workmen engaged in
drilling for water on tho farm of Com
modore O. Grady, three miles, north
east of this place struck gas after
digging ninety foot In sand. Tho roar
'of escaping gas was heard" for half a
mllo around above tho roar of tho
drilling mnchlncry. Somo water was
Btruck In going down nnd gas causes
It to bubble and roar nnd steam in
throwing out. Tho discovery confirms
tho Idcn that thoro is oil and gas ns
woll as other mlnoral deposits in south
eastern 'Nebraska.
Gets Judgment for $2 000.
Pawnoo City. Florenco R. Bothol's
Judgmont for $2,000 ngalnst Pawnoo
county for tho death of her husband,
ttobert Bethol, who was fatally In
jured by tho collapse of n brldgo on
tho Kansas Btato lino road, has boen
upheld by tho supromo court of Ne
braska. In doing so. tho court holds
that a county In Nebraska cannot
escnpo liability for Us share in main
taining bridges on a boundary Hue
road, oven though tho bridge was
built originally by tho adjoining county
in Kansas.
Hog Cholera Fight Success.
Washington, Gratifying results
markei tho efforts of the department
of agriculture during tho past year to
combat hog cholera In Indiana. Mis
souri, Iowa and Nobraska by means of
anti-hog cholera serum and farm quar
antines. In a statement Just Issued It
is nsscrted thnt of tho hogs actually
Bick when treated, tho department's
inspectors lopt but 25 per cent. Of
well hogs In diseased herds less than
one per eopt died after inoculation
with serum.
Epitome of the Work and Bills Pre-
suited and Passed by the
Two Houses.
Western Newspaper Union News Bervlco.
Tho Senate Senator Brlstow asked
a $1,000,000 appropriation for Investi
gating irrigation by rcsenolra in the
middle west.
I'ostmnster General Burleson's re
port on government ownership of
wires was submitted.
Senator Lano criticised Interstate
commcrco commission's action on bis
resolution to Investigate alleged re
bating to United States Steel corpora
tion. Ho withdrew his remarks when
several senators demanded nn apology.
Senator Robinson announced con
gressional commission on Indian af
fairs would investigate charges
ngalnBt former Acting Indian Commis
sioner F. H. Abbott.
Senator Cummins attacked baals of
distribution in agricultural extension
bill ns favoring southern states.
Adjourned at 4:32 p. m. to noon
Tho Houbo Resumed debato on tho
Immigration bill.
Representative Kahn Introduced n
bill to appropriate $600,000 for a
marine hospital In San Francisco.
Representative Cox introduced a
bill to require tho army to make Its
eaddlcry and boots nt a quarter
master's depot in JcfferBonvlllc, Ind.
Representative Lovy of New York
appeared nt tho trust hearing before
tlio Judiciary committee.
Adjourned at 0:29 p. m. to noon
' Friday.
Tho Senate Foreign rolntlons com
mittee recommended renewal of nil
pending arbitration treaties.
Considered nominations in execu
tive session.
Adjourned at C:10 p. in. to noon
Tho House Began debato on Bur
nett literacy test immigration bill.
Representative Stanley testified at
tho Judiciary committee's hearing on
trust bills.
LouIb D. Brandcis urged uniform
accounting for corporations before
the commcrco committee
Bill to creato six vlco admirals of
tho navy introduced by Chairman
Padgett of tho naval committee.
Adjourned at 6:40 p. m. until 11
a. m. Saturday.
The Senate. Foreign relations com
mittee suspended business in memory
of tho late former Senator Shelby M.
Nomination of Col. George W.
Gocthnls to bo first govornor of tho
Panama canal zono sent in by Presi
dent. Wilson.
Administration rural credit bill in
troduced by Ropresontatlve Fisher.
Adjourned to noon Friday.
Tho House. Mines commlttco mado
preliminary arrangements for taking
testimony in field in tho Michigan nnd
Colorado strlko investigations.
Roprcsentntivo Brltton Introduced a
bill to mnko tho salary of tho gover
nor of tho Panama canal zono $15,000 '
n yenr bo long as Colonel Goethals
holds tho office.
War dopartmont asked for $25,000
to continue collection nnd compila
tion of revolutionary war records.
Adjourned at C:20 p. m. to noon
Blizzard Rages.
Bismarck, N. D.--A severe blizzard
raged throughout tho central, western
and northern parts of North Dakota
all Wednesday night, causing great
suffering to live stock. Thermometers
hero showed a drop of 44 degrees In
twenty-four hours, registering Thurs
day at 14 bolow zero, tho coldest of
tho winter.
Now York. Certain records of tele
graph, telophono and cable companies
must bo preserved a yenr, others for
three, somo still longer, nnd others
permanently, nccordlng to new regula
tions Issued to become effectivo at
onco by tho interstate commerco com
mission. For Presidential Primary Plan.
Washington. Secretary Bryan ad
dressed tho Common Council club
horo in favor of tho stato presidential
primary plan. Joseph W. Folk, so
licitor of tho stnto dopnrtmont and
presldont of tho club, which wns
formed for oxtontlon of tho presiden
tial primary plan advocated by Presi
dent WllBon, Introduced Mr. Brynn as
tlio "richest man in tho United States,
not in silver nnd gold, tout In tho of
fectlons of bis fellow cltlzons." It
was decided to proceed with tho op
ganlzatlon of branches
Postmasters' Examinations.
Washington. Competitive examina
tions of applicants for about 1,500
fourth class postoffices, whore tho
present postmnsters woro not appoint
ed undor tho civil service regulations,
bavo bcon ordered by Postmastor Gen
eral Burleson. iTho states affected aro
Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas,'
Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Missis
sippi and Louisiana. .Tho examina
tions will bo held at places designated
by tho civil servlco commission, be
ginning March 2 and continuing until
the latter part of tho month
" i in ii i - i i iii m in wjiw i
rrnnvrluhl I
Labor Leaders Scored for Failure of
Copper Strike Asks for Survey
of the Missouri
Western Newnp;ipor Union News Service.
Chicago. After causing six deaths
In Illinois nnd Indiana the most severe
storm of tho 1913-1914 winter season
In the middle west swept out over
Lako Erie nnd up the lower St. Law
renco valley Saturday brushing the
northern part of Ohio. Chicago, In
dianapolis, nnd other Illinois and In
diana cities CBcaped from tho grip of
the -blizzard but at Detroit 2,000 labor
ers fought desperately to clear streetB
and tracks. Eighteen inches of snow
have fallen, nnd hundreds of automo
biles stand desolate and stranded in
deep drifts. Street car traffic has
been entirely suspended In Grand
Rapids, and northern Michigan cities
are cut off from communication.
Score Labor Leaders.
Indianapolis, Ind. Scenes of the
wildest disorder mnrked Friday's ses
sion of tho United Mine Workera of
America. Duncan McDonnld, secre
tary nnd treasurer of the Illinois min
ers, charged that Samuel Compere,
president of tho Amerlcnn Federation
of Labor, was "gloriously drunk" dur
ing the Seattle convention and. on
other occasions. Gompers denied the
accusation from the convontion plat
form. He called McDonnld a "Hnr"
and a "slanderer." Chnrles II. Mover,
president of tho Western Federation
of Miners, reiterated tho chargo that
if tho Michigan copper miners' strike
failed it would be because of financial
assistance not given by tho Amerlcnn
Fedorntlon of Labor.
Wants Missouri River Surveyed.
Washington. Congressman Lobock
has urged on tho houso commlttco on
rivers nnd harbors tho necessity of
providing a survey of tho Missouri
river from Kansas City to Sioux City,
with respect to Its availability for
river traffic. Ho also urged tho crea
tion of a river Improvement district
covering this area under the supervi
sion of tho army engineer corps.
Trachoma In Lincoln School.
Lincoln, Nob. Thirty-throe cases of
trachoma in n single school horo has
led tho board of education to author
ize tho immedlato hiring of enough
assistants to Dr. Knight, school physi
cian, to make war on tho disease. The
thirty-three cases were found In a
school where tho total registration is
only a trifle over 200, indicating that a
comparatively largo percentage of the
children had become infected.
Mexico City. General Huortn, to
"show that his government is not"
'broke,'" Saturday gavo Nelson
O'Shaughncssy, American charge
d'affaires, $40,000 to pay 'the United
States, the annual payment, fixed a
hair century ngo by Tho Hngue tri
bunal for church lands In southern
California confiscated by tho Mexi
cans. Suicides After Killing Wife.
Delta. la. Following n family quar
ol hero Albert Taylor, a farmer, re
cently from Nobraska, shot his wlfo
twice, then shot himself nnd cut his
throat with a razor. Whon neighbors
arrived after hearing tho shots they
found Taylor dead nnd Mrs. Taylor
Bryan Gets Big Vegetables.
Mobile, Ala. S. Imura, a Japanese
gardener here, has sent to Secretary
Bryan at Washington two rndlshos
weighing thirty and twenty-eight
pounds respectively
Warrant for Cachler.
Superior, Nob. County Attorney
Brubakor'has filed a warrant for tho
arrest of A. O. Felt, cashier of tho
failed First National bank, An tho
county court before Judgo Peebler at
Nelson. Tho complaint Is mado by ox
Governor Bailey of tho Exchango Na
tional bank of Atchison, Kas., charg
ing Mr. Felt with obtaining money un
dor false pretenses by selling n noto
with chattel mortgngo nttnrhod that
proved to bo worthloss. Tho noto
was for $2 590, secured by a mortgage
upon nlncty-flvo head of steers.
Reserve In National Bank Stock to Be
Limited Reduced Express to
Be In Force After
February 1.
Wi'siern Nuwspupcr Union News Service
Juarez, Mex. Five million Mexican
dollars received up to dato is the
amount of cash which tho rebels un
der Gen. Francisco Villa possess to
carry on their revolution. In addition
they claim possession of much per
sonal property, stores, cattle and land
confiscated from rich families and
valued at many millions. Tho cash
represents pajt of the wealth obtained
within six months under tho direction
of General Villa. It was accumulated
from forced loans on banks, mer
chants, mlneB, on tho Tcrrazas and
Creel families and from taxation and
Import duties. Rebel leaders .said it
would be impossible to estimate the
actual wealth of the revolution, the
proceeds would be sufficient to run a
government in the rebel territory for
several years and tho sources of reve
nue are increasing. , The mines and
smelters are reopening on terms by
which tho rebels procure 10 per cent
of tho profits. The money now in tho
rebel treasury is to be converted into
a now issue of currency to replace
various kinds of paper money now in
Reduced Express Rates.
New York. On February 1 the ex
press companies will put into operation
tho new rates order by tho interstate
commerco commission. Under the
present tariff it costs G5 cents to send
a five-pound package from New York"
to St. Louis. Undor tho now rates
tho cost will bo 32 cents. Now it
costs 80 cents to ship a ten-pound
package to St. Louis. Tho new charge
will be 44 cents. Other reductions an
in proportion.
National Sank Stock In Reserve Must
Not Be Over 6 Per Cent.
Washington. It has been made
known that tho federal reservo organ
ization committee has decided that no
bank shall bo allowed to take stock In
tho reservo bank In Its district
amounting to more than G per cent of
its capital and 'surplus. Tho law
clearly states that a national bank
cannot take less than 6 per cent, but
it is not so plain thnt there is any
limitation on the amount above 6 per
cent which might be subscribed. The
organization committee, however, de
cided G per cent from anyone would
be sufficient
Boys' "Pig Clubs" for the South.
Washington Organization of "Boys'
Pig Clubs" In tho southern states is
the latest step taken by the depart
ment of agriculture as a means of re
ducing tho high cost of living. The
dopnrtmont is endeavoring to Interest
tho young southern farmer in the
breeding of good bogs, tho object be
ing to raise at least enough pork for
homo consumption, nnd, if possible, a
Burplus for the mnrket.
Will Be Civil Governor of Panama.
Washington. Col. George W. Goet
hals will bo mado civil governor of
the canal zone and when ho gets
through with his work thero nn effort
will bo mado to get him to superin
tend tho construction of tho proposed
Alaskan rnllway. This was tho opin
ion expressed by several porsons close
to tho administration In commenting
on reports, thnt tho chief engineer
would eventually become commission
er of pollco of New York city.
Celebrate Emperor's Birthday.
Berlin. Emperor William celebrat
ed his fifty-fifth blrthdny Tuesday, hale
nnd vigorous In body and mind and
nblo still, as was shown by his recent
woodchopplng exploits, to undertake
tho physlcnl work of a man in the
prime of llfo. All classes of his sub
jects Joined In observing the day, cele
brations being held by university and
technlcnl school students, by acade
mics of arts nnd sciences, by army
and navy officers, civic organizations
and by municipalities and veteran as
sociations throughout the empire.
Floyd Smith was accidentally shot
during a wolf hunt south of York.
Tho Wabash Grain company will
erect a new elevator at that place.
Jack Noico of Hyannls broke an
arm while cranking nn nutomobllc.
August Schultz of Germantown la
dead from tho effects of blood poison
ing. A number of well-developed cases
of smallpox have been discovered aU
Two- enormous wolves were killed
In a round-up near Holmcsvlllo Inst
Thoro Is n movement on foot for
tho organization of a local Y. M. C. A.
nt Havelock.
Mrs. John Wclland, nenr Madison,
Hiilclded by hanging herself In the
bnrn. It Is thought she suddenly be
camo Insane.
Tho next convention of tho State
Firemen's Association will be held at
Nebraska City.
Grand Islnnd has received her new
flro auto truck nnd is testing It out
before accepting It.
Tho political situation In York
county Is warming up, and candidates
aro beginning to declare themselves.
The Fremont retail merchants' asso
ciation Is opposed to tho support of a
baseball club at that place In 1914.
Over 3,000 men have attended th
religious meetings of the Y. M. C. A
at Beatrice in the past threo months
Burglars visited tho home of Wil
liam Yager at Hastings nnd app'ro
printed a diamond ring valued at $125
The new music hall erected on the
campus of the Lutheran seminary at
Seward has been formally dedicated.
Wolves and coyotes have become
nlmost a menaco in Lincoln county,
nnd a war of extermination has begun.
Bernnrd, the seven-year-old son ol
U. G. Chapman, living a mile south
east of Wymore, was drowned while
Medlll McCormick of Chicago will
be ono of the speakers nt tho bull
moose rally and bnnquet at Lincoln,
February 11.
Tho soven-weeksold daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Jones, living near
York, has beat all records by cutting
several teeth.-
Having served threo terms already
as superintendent of the Bartley pub
lic schools, Professor Duncan has Just
been re-elected for a fourth term.
Tho Utlca Farmers' Elevator com
pany declared a 2fi per cent dividend
nt Its annual business meeting last
week tho largest in Us existence.
More than 300 pounds of honey and
ten swarms of bees were Eccured by
tho contractor In charge whllo tearing
down nn old school building nt Ncllgh.
Tho five-year-old daughter of Frank
Finney, at McCook, got a kernel of
corn In her ear, and It required sev
eral hours' work on the part of a
physician before it wns removed.
While George Clay, nn Omnha col
ored sport, was entertaining a num
ber of friends at n week-end house
party, two strangers entered, held up
the company nnd relieved them of six
Moving pictures will be Introduced
is a regular feature of the Christian
3hurch services nt Hastings by the
new pastor. Rev. J. E. Holly, who has
an up-to-date outfit of his own.
E. C. Brlggs and Harry Heatfy, of
McCook, had the rare fortune to shoot
and enpturo a golden eagle. The bird
measured over seven feet from tip to
tip of wings, and Is still alive nnd an
object of Interest.
Wenzel Lnndkamer, an eleven-year-Did
Powell boy, received numerous
bad burns on tho face and head when
a 22 tnrget rifle that had been con
verted Into n shotgun "back-fired"
when ho discharged it at a rabbit.
Wllhelm Flege, now appealing for
tho third time to the supreme court
of Nebraska from a penitentiary sen
tence Imposed upon him nt Pender
for the killing of his sister, Louise, will
again be admitted to ball In the sum
of $15,000.
A number of horses have died in the
neighborhood of Mynard with what
the veterinary surgeons call cornstalk
disease. When an animal is affected
with it he becomes crazed, and often
runs Into nny obstruction which may
be in the way. Somo bavo been killed
In thnt manner.
At tho second annual convention of
Nebraska commercial club secretaries,
lust concluded at Lincoln, the follow
ing officers wero elected: A. M. Con
ner of Grand Island, president: R. E.
Riley of Falrbury, secretary-treasurer;
W. E. Whltten, Lincoln; W. A. Ellis,
Omaha; S. D. Thompson, Nellgh;
J. E. Tlllotson, Harvnrd; C. O. Wcrtz,
Crawford, vice presidents.
Tho discovery of several cases of
measles in a school room at Hastings
resulted in n holiday for tho pupils
nnd a thorough fumigation of the
building. ,
Donald, tho ten-year-old Bon of Dr.
and Mrs. W. L. Cjtrtis of Falrbury,
sustained a broken arm whon ho fell
from a turning polo on tho grounds of
tho East ward school.
A cream separator being operated
by Mrs. Lars Nelson, nenr Upland, ex
ploded, throwing pieces of the ma
chine In overy direction, but the lady
miraculously escaped without a
scratch, but very badly frightened.
On Monday, February 2, tho Grand
Lodge of Nobraska Odd Fellows will
hold a session of tho grand lodge nt
Soward. Tho district is composed of
David City, Ulysses, York, Dorchester, i
Havelock, University Place, Beaver '
Crossing, Waco, Mllford, Utlca and
Soward. I
Harvey Penso, formerly editor of I
a newspaper at Stromsburg, has filed
'suit in tho district courj at York
against Dr. Fllppln, a negro doctor,
In tho sum of $10,075, for Injuries al
leged to have been received when the
doctor assaulted him as he was about
to board a train.
No sick headache, sour stomach,
. biliousness or constipation
by morning.
Get a 10-ccnt box now.
Turn tho rascals out tho headache,
biliousness, Indigestion, tho sick, sour
Btomnch nnd foul gases turn them
out to-night and keep them out with
Millions of men nnd women tako a
Cascaret now and then nnd never
know tho misery caused by a lazy
liver, clogged bowels or an upset stom
ach. Don't put in nnother day of distress.
Let CaBcarets cleanse your stomach;
removo the sour, fermenting food;
take tho excess bllo from your liver
nnd carry out all the constipated
wnsto matter and poison in the
bowels. Then you will feel great.
A Cascaret to-night strulghtono you
out by morning. They work, while
ou sleep. A 10-cent box from
any drug store means a clear head,
sweet stomach and clean, healthy liver '
and bowel action for months. Chil
dren love CnscarctB because they
never gripe or sicken. Adv.
Harsh Judge.
Judge Stephen C. Grecno, at a din
ner in Charleston, was defending n
harsh sentence.
"I nm a conservative," said Judgo
Greene, "and I believe that it is bet
ter for law nnd order that sentences
should err on tho sldo of harshness
rather than on tho side of lenity.
"Look nt nature, the great Judgo of
its nil. Was thero over a harsher,
severer Judgo than nature, who sen
tences each and every ono of us to
hard Inbor for llfo?"
R. F. D. No. 2, Suuileld, Mich. "I
was troubled with eczema.. It began
with a sore on the top of the scalp,
broke out ns a pimple and grew larger
until it was a large red spot with a,
crust or scab over it. This became
larger finally covering the entiro scalp
and spread to different parts of the
body, the limbs and back and In the
ears. These Bores grew larger grad
ually until some were as large aB a
quarter of a dollar. They would itch,
and if scratched they would bleed and
emart. The clothing would Irritate
them at night when It was being re
moved causing them to Itch and smart
eo I could not sleep. A watery fluid
would run from them. My scalp be
camo covered with a scale and when
the hair was raised up It would raise
this scale; the hair was coming out
"I treated about six months and got
no relief and after using Cutlcura.
Soap and Ointment with two applica
tions wo could notice a great differ
ence. It began to get better right
awuy. In a month's time I waB com
pletely cured." (Signed) Mrs. Bertha.
Underwood, Jan. 3, 1913.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free.wlth 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card "Cutlcura, Dept L, Boston." Adv.
Deadly Work of Scorpion.
Some scorpion bites causo little
more than burning pain and numbness
in tho part affected for a few dayB.
But tho moro poisonous varieties cause
dea'.',i, and that especially, when
thoy sting young children or de
bilitated old people. Tho lower class
is of people in Mexico suffer more than
the well-to-do, because of their custom
of going about half naked most of the
Girls! Try Thlsl Makes Hair Thick.
Glossy, Fluffy,' Beautiful No
More Itching Scalp.
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cation of Danderino you cannot find a.
sjlnglo trace of dandruff or falling hair
and your scalp will not itch, but what
will pleaso you most will be after a
few weeks' use, when you see new
hair, flnu and downy at first yes but
really new hair growing all over the
scalp. A llttlo Dandorlne Immediately dou
bles tho beauty of your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittle and
scraggy, Jubt moisten a cloth with
Danderino and carefully draw It
through your hair, taking one, small
Btrand at a time. The effect is amaz
ingyour hair will bo light, fluffy and
wavy, and have an nppoaranco of
abundance; nn lncomparablo luster,
ooftness nnd luxuriance
Got a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton'a
Danderino frdm any atoro, and prove
that your hair is as pretty nnd soft
bb nny that it has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment that's
all you surely can have beautiful hair
and lots of it if you will Juat try a life
tie Danderino. Aldv.
Their Kind.
"Have these nlrcraft any kind of'
"Cortnlnly, thoy have flywheels."
Tbai Ii LAXAT1VB UUUMO (JUIMNU. look for
In Denature of H w UUOVU. Core a Cold InOa.
bar, Card Grip In Two Dui Ho,
Tho only exercise some people get U
throwing bonauets at themsolvea.
r "
ii) itiSj aWliEliwtHfca!