The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 22, 1914, Image 8

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lied Cloud, Nebr., .Inn. 13, Wit.
Board of County Comml'sloiicrs mot
In regular fctsslou. MemborH present:
T. .1. Chaplin, (I Ohiiislcclc, W. O.
Hoffman, I'ttul Stoiey mid Floyd Mc
Cnll. '
Hoard culled to order liy clerk mid
tipon motion proceeded to elect the
chairman of board for 1014, and nfler
balloting novoral times Floyd McCall
was elected chairman for tho yciir
101 i. Upon bin lofiiMil to accept Mild
chalrtniiinlilp, the board proceeded (o
balloU ituaiti, and after hovuml tliiitH,
T. .1. Chaplin wan the tin minions choice
of ald boinl for ohnliiinti for 101 1.
On motion tint following bo'dover
bonds woic approved:
II W Koontz, county trusuicr;
Geo II, Ovcrlng, county Mivcjor; Jfld.
Atuaclc, eoronor! J. M. Dean, road
ovoineor, dlstrlut !; W. 13, Toinphltis,
constable; 1. It. Uolvln, Just lot) of tho
peaco; John Konzaelc, road ovorrieer,
(llhtriot '1H D. D. Sttinkntd, road
overseer, dlntrli!t 0. Hond of V. V
Qerhurdt, architect, apirovcd.
In the matter of sealed bids forprlnl
ing olllco Ntatlonery, etc., which have
been lllcd with tho county clerk by the
following named persons mid ilruiH,
Iiotisliaiisen Supply House, Loup City
Klopp Printing Co., Oinuhii, Nebr,
Mine Hill Loader, Hluu Hill, Nebr.
II. K. (Irloo Drug Co,, Hcd Cloud, Neb.
Commercial Advertiser, Red Cloud,
Coming on now for Investigation, on
motion Mild bids wore opened and
Button taken as follow: On motion the
bid of II. E. Orleu Drug Co., for oluss
"C" olllco htutlonory, bo accepted and
contract be n wauled to wild II. 10.
Giteo Drug Co., for thojenr lull. On
motion all other bids arc hereby re
jected. On motion cuch and every county
otllclul shall imrchiihe all supplies
through the supply committee, .Storey,
MoCall, Holl'miiii and Ohmtedo.
Montlou made and seconded that
lho semi-annual statement and the
delliupieut tax list be .given to the
Webster Counly Argus and the Hluden
lintcipilso for the ensuing year. 3lo
tion curried.
In the matter of Hettllng up with the
vatlous eouuly ollleeih, Ohmstedo and
iioiiuuiti wore uppolnteil to eneck up
the tollowlng: County judge, county
buperintendent, sheriff, district cum t
clerk and county cleric. T. J. Chaplin,
"Paul Stoiey ami Floyd McCall to set
tle with the county treasurer.
On motion .). V. Htoolcinnn'a bill for
nifdltml attendance for J. A. Dice for
."i0 was cut to $.15,
On motion t ha following bllU wore.
.audited and allowed and the clcik
authorized to dnuv wurtunts on their
i cspeutivo'fumlH In payment of same:
General Fund
1) Kdson S 15(i
O I) Hedge S3 10
H IiGrlco Drug Co 7r 70
Anna llclle Spauoglo 7 Oo
J J (Jarbor 5 00
.) A TomUbon 1 r.o
t Kd AmacU i) 25
lMllhlj MoKelghan sO 11
IA orctt JJeau l 2J
Kwm Lovejoy , i 30
Dr. A II Uaulen 1 so
Delia FalrbanliH 1 00
C It Hose 1 01)
llobt. Damerell :j 0j
V K Maurer u 00
D 1) ijuudoi son 8 01)
Otis Li-gtol , . 1 00
MlUe f'owoll '1 r0
C G I'itney 1 20
U13 Hunter 1 r0
II C l.ovejoy 1 ;w
O 11 lluigc-s 1 no
W l: Hear 1 fit)
Geo H Overing (Jj
1 A Albright '.'.... 10 t'O
Li3ta.,ce 81 10
F. G. Turnw'0 & Son W '0
Weesuer, Perry Co 3o 73
Diamond MilliugCo 1 20
11 J Munror 11 50
Weesner, I'orry & Co HI 00
State Journal Co "1 50
F C JJiibchow 8 75
M Durdln 0 'Jo
Miner UrosCo , b 00
Harry Vaughan 10 50
Klopp Allmtlett Co 3 05
ADHaunoy K to
J W Stookman 35(0
YanccSoigesou W 0
110 Wilght 51 bl
II liGilco Drug Co 5 (30
l'aul Stoiey 17 00
Gertrude L Coon.- .. . . 107 110
Morhart Dios.,.v .. 11 10
It S I'roudlU Lumber Co 10 50
Poor Farm
Moihart Bros ". 11 Si
Elmer Wilson 150 00
Uetl Cloud, Jan. 10, 10M
Board mot in ectuion with nil mom
here present, .f?
To the Boarilf Wo your committto
beg to report that wc find tho accounts
of tho county treasurer to correspond
with bib Biml.unnuttl 11 pur t now on filo
with tho 'county clerk. Respectfully
Pout Storey
T. J. Chuplin V Com.
Floyd JKcCiW
To tho llnnrd: Wo your committee
uppi iiilcil in nettl- wiin cdiil ty cltik,
county Mipurfntcndcnt, clerk of dlntrict
court, sheriff and county judge, that
their nccouiita ru hb per their reports
now on file in tho county clofk'B office.
Il.'Hpcclfully submitted,
(. OhniHtrde r
W. (J. Iloirmnn i Ujm'
On motion tho abovo und foregoing
reports of tho Hovornl fcommlttccd were
upprotcd and tho clerk Instructed to
spread tho repotttt of tho several county
officcra on tho record.
county juoan's nnrouT
To the Honorable B-jnrd of County
Commliudouors. .Gentlemen: I beg
leave to report eoi earned by the olli
Co of tho county j-nlu for the your
1U18, also for I If term Hiding
7, 15)14:
I'Vum from J.11.11. ri 1 'lUto.Iuly '
1 'l'J S73 59
Foc:i from Julj 1, 1913 to Jan-
tiur 7, 1011 8G7 Co
Total fccH for year 1913 1740 14
KxceflH fcea for yeai 1913 90 14
Fees for tho term j ea 1912.... 15G8 41
Feeii for the tenn year 1013.... 1740 14
Total fees for tho term ending
Januury7, 1014 3314 58
Exccbb fees for term paid coun
ty treasurer 14 58
State of Nebraska, Webster county.
I, A I). Kinltey, county judge, do
hereby certify Unit, the above atatc
mentof fcea collected in the office of
the county judge, for tho year 1013,
und for the term ending January 7,
1014, in trim and correct to thu best of
my knowledge.
A. I). Kanney.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 8,h day of January, 1014.
Audited andupproved thidlSth duy of
January, 1014.
E. V. Boss, County Clerk.
My J. J. Garber, Deputy.
W. G. Huffman
G. Ohrmtedo
nci'OKT or P'lKItltT
Bed Cloud, Jan 2, 1014
Report of O. D. Hedgo, Sheriff of
Webster county, Nebraska, and F. A.
Hedge, deputy for thu nix months end
ing December 31, 1013:
Fees for county work $ 00 50
Mileage for county work 81 310
Fees for other work 112 51
Mileage all other work 33 GO
$ 352 01
County treasurer receipt No.
701 attached 112
Rtspectfully submitted,
O. D. Hedge, Shoiiff.
Approved January 15, 1014.
G. Ohmutcdo )
W. G. Iloirmnn f.
Red Cloud, Jan. 0, 1014
To tho Honorable Board of County
Commit blotters. Gentlemen: I heto
with bubmit my report as to the bal
mice or focBon July 1, 1013, and fuiM
collected the 3rd und 4lh quarters of
oaid-year and tlidhursementB of eumc
which is aa followf, to-wit:
tint or teoH on hand July 1 '13. .$ 283 80
I illy receipts for paid year .... 58 00
August 81 10
Septrmber " .... 112 20
October " .... 110 30
November ' " .... oo 50
December .... 102 53
Total fees for 3d and 4'h qtrs. . 560 35
Bal on ImtidJun 1 and feoocol. 810 21
Disbursements as fallows:
Paid J, J. Garbcr, halanco of
salary for year 1013 506 35
Paid offices expenses, sundry
Items as per fee book .... 52 89
Paid office expense, extra help
In olllco during time of
traking tax list and 3J
dnya since- 95 23
Bal on hand Jan. 1, 1911 101 72
Stnto of Nobrneku, Webster County.
I, E. W. It iss, county clerk of said
county, hereby certify that tho foro-
going is a true mid correct report of all
fees and disbursements of my office for
tho 3d and 4th quarters of the year 1913,
to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Witness my hand and official seal this
Cth dy of January, 1014.
Audited and approved this 14th day
of January, 1914.
E. W. Ro?p, County Clork.
By J. J. G arbor, Deputy.
G. Ohmstodc. rv,m
W. G. Hoffman f U)m'
To the Honorable Board lof County
Commissioners of Webster county, Nob.
Gentlemen:-!, Edith L. McKeighan,
cleik ot tho ilidtrict court, hereby re
spectfully euumit tho following ub n
true and correct report of feos collect
ed in the office of the district court for
the year 1913:
Fees and Hiilnry Jan. 1U, to
Jul 1st, 1913 $ 749 50
Fees nnd salary July 1st to Dec
3lHt, 1913, inclusive .... GC3 51
Total nmt col. for year 1913 .. 1112 81
Witness my hand and tho seal of said
court this 14th day of January, 1914.
Edith L. McKeighan,
Cleric District Court.
Audited and approved this Mil) day
ofJunuary, 1914.
G. Ohm i' ode. I
W. G. Huffman J
Report of Institute Fund, Jan. 8. 1911
Bal on hnml Julv 2, 10131 $262 58
Fi-ui to.- ix 11 iiiKi'i.n and re-
corded teachera certlft-.
cates G7 00
IitHlitulo fees .....
County Biard xppropdation
101 00
75 00
Examinations at Nnrmul train-
508 58
G Gl
Gencrnl meeting of teachers at
Cowles 7 10
Institute 335 21
T..U 340 18
HiUnce on bund .... 150 JU
Kcjiecl fully submiitid,
Gi-rlitt'c Ij. Coi,
(3", 5?u; rioti 1 i'oi I.
Sibucrilid Hud sworn i bifcr me
tldi8 hdiy of Juuuiiv, 1011.
Approved January 14, I0i4,
E W. R-fs, County Cleik.
By J. J. Garher, Diputj .
G. Ohmntodtj. )
W. G. Hoffman S
To tho Honorable Board of Webster
County. Gentlemen: -Being ncressary
to appoint two deputy assessors I will
appoint for your approval W. E Patter
son of Harmony, and Geo. W. Baylor
of Red Cloud precinct. Approved.
J. O. Butler, County Asjcjsor.
On motion Miss Coon, county super
intendent, is hetoby allowed the sum of
$75 for Institute fund during tho year
1014, nnd clerk instructed to draw war
rant on general fund in payment of
same. Motion carried.
The chairman appointed McCnl', Huff
man nnd Storey us the county fatm
comm.itcc fo. 1014.
The chairman uppointcd the bridgn
CTinmiUee IU follows: '
District No. 1 -Chuplin, Hcffmnn
and McCall.
District No. 2 Hoffman, Storey and
District No. 3-McCall, Ohrnstede
nnd Chnplin.
District No. 4 -Storey, Ohrnstede und
District No 5-OlimsleJe, Storey and
On motion the following list of i'e-na
as fixed by the county board pliull be
estimated amount of oxpenecs for said
county of WehMcr and state ol No
bruskn, for tho ensuing year 1014.
County Superintendent 5 1800 00
Court 3000 00
Incidental 8000 00
Books nnd'onnry 1000 00
Coroner 200 00
Cnnrnlsaiouero & equalization 3500 (0
County Attorney I2t;0 00
A'eorund ileputicu 2500 0)
County roatli 20000 00
E'octlon 1-00 00
CouutjPoor 10(10 CO
Bl'idgoi 210OO 00
Soliilm relief E00 00
Insane 2000 00
Com t Hoiiio Levy 230CO 00
Totul 590500 00
Tho following claims were allowed:
G. Ohnialedo $ 25 20
W. G. Hoffman 23 00
Paul Storey 50 00
Floyd McCall 25 50
T.J. Chaplin 17 20
Charles R-ddcn' 2 30
M. Durdln 430
Tho following official bonds were up
proved: Meinto Bargman, mad overseer, Dis. 4.
Johann Rose, road overseer Dio. 3J.
II. L. Schonk, road overyear Din. 16J.
C. M. Wilson, road overseer Dis. 15.
Tlie following notico was ordered to
bo published:
Notice is hereby Riven that sealed
proposals will bo received at tho office
of tho County Clerk, Red Cluttd, Nh
liraskn for the moving of ihn present
C iurt Houe to n point 120 font west of
of peient location and placid on u
temporary foundation, county to fur
nish material for fourdalion, bidder to
preform all labor and material except
H ' M iri III Phl will h iLV hl 1 1 I HC
M he r' In provided
Snl J f.mrt li 1 in 1 ipu- 1. 1 n t
liter ttthii Ap il 1', 1014. BitHrr to
furnish bond in the um of J500.00 to
secure bud insure tho preformnuce of
the contract if awarded.
All bids to bo on file with the County
Cleik not later than Fob 1, 'II at 12 M.
By order of the County Commission
otr. Ai'j uir,ed to February 21, 1011.
E. W. Kosf, County Clerk
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