The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 15, 1914, Image 8

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Red Cloud, Nebrnsktx.
Enttrtil In the I'oMfifflcc nl lt 1 loud, Ncli.
us Second Clnm Mftttcr
The, terms of blxly-elght Ncbnislm
pnitiimsroiH ojpir fliirlnp; tho current
your, most of llu-m wlllilu t lie JlrM.
four montlis. There will bo plenty of
excitement until tbo bubo bull hciimiii
opens. Omnliu Uxiitniner.
llavo you uqUcod tlml sltico the
present (lovoinor bus been ut tbo stale
helm tbo nnpors arc not filled every
other day with effusions from tbo
oxecutivo mansion'.' Governor Moore
betid bus disappointed bis critics by
going nboad with the state's business
without noiso und bluster. Thochnngo
is very agreeable.
No ono questions for n moment but
what tbo rural curriers will be plea&od
when the rouds got hotter. Anil the
auto ownors are as anxious tis a boy
with a now pair of skates to got out
and talto another spin. However,
altbo the going is a bit unpleasant,
tbo wheat crop Is booming and tbo
farmer smiles at the prospects of the
golden harvest that is not very far
Three now business buildings were
erected last year which have greatly
added to tho appearance of our city.
Tho MoFailnnd building, the Peterson
building and tho Hall building. Thesu
Hew structures have tilled up tho gups
that hitherto occurred In our htioets.
Several now dwelling houses were
built mid inlilly 'niomfro-iudtleU'd qo
that as ntwlV wo pui'oiilcttt botfbvnp;
pentaiKv than ev'gr before und"
to tlui f.vot that wo uro indeed a po:'
miiiii nt ijif.w
Wo frocpumtly hour the question why
a fluuubci' of Commtucei This oiguii
ixallou has nmdo It possible for our
business and professional men to got
acquainted with ouch other and if it
never iccnmplNhcs more than Unit "It
will n it have- lived lit vain." IJut It
bus do lemotu than that and It will
continue to bo a bonoflt as long ns It is
couduoted along presi'nt plans. What
benollth ono, benellts all, and we can
not innlco this au ideal city unless wo
all work for the common good. The
Chamber of Commerce is to muke this
city a better city, a good marlcot towu,
a fit place in which to live
It is about time for talking city
politics. The planning for tho year's
work should not be delayed until tbo
last minute. The plan of having but
one party tlckot resulted in good and
rte believe that it should bo given
another trial. Wo ought to empha
size our agreements aud not our differ
ences. The get togother spirit is in
the air and we have loarnod that iu-
Jense partisanship iu city aurs is not,
for the best Interests of tho wholo
An Open Letter
Hiss Edith A. Lathrep.
Scc'y .School Law Revision Com..
Lincoln, Neb.
I winto the Sun
ders Publishing Co., of Chicago, n week
or ro ago, to send you tho holiday
number of the Gazette u farm paper,
that has au atliclu in by Uovuinir
Khurluirtof Minnesota, in rng,ird to
the Country .Schools.
J liopo the School Law Revision Com
mission will lead what the (lovernor
has to say In regard to tho Ilural or
Central High School. Vou will notice
that they have over Mxty consolidated
schools that arc doing good work for
I hu community Hurt they ate located
Yon will notice that tho Governor
recommends State Aid for the rural
community school. The question
arises bow shall we get or raise -file
state aid for rural communities.
As I wrote you some tltnu ago I bo
llevo that the State Superintendent
should have all school funds that Is
paid in the different couutios from tho
railroads, interstate telegraph and tolo
phono linesv because all tho ponplo of
thu state support interstate or railroad
trttjllo. Tbo rural communities should
at least have their prorato sharo of the
school fund paid iu by interstate cor
porations. The rural communities havoHomuch
further to take their tralilc to support
Interstate or railroad trafllc.
1 will send you a clipping from ono
of our county papers, stating bow we
voted lion lis '2 years ago and have
paid Interest to tho amount of $33,375.
Tho amount of lfonils wo voted was
SiT.GOO.OO, making a total of 8l.'n7."i.00.
All tho taxable property iu the county
paid Its sharo of tittT bonds and inter
est." 1 notice that 'district No. 12 lias a
t-cliool levy of :i mills, it Is a rural dis
trict but tins a railroad through it. A
poison would suppose that the railroad
paid a good shaie of their school taxes.
Our district No. G.' has a levy 'for
school purposes of SIX per 8100. The
whole community" tfippdrts tho rail
road. I think It iftfrinjusticu f'"1 ti.e
other rural eotnmiihlty, etc.,- to flup
port) district No. P.!. with railroad tlixos
to I'uiifh'eir school with
i 1'iVe'fy child of school ago should
have au equal chauco foraii education.
Now if lMstrlot i'o. 0.1 help1 pay any
psrl. of M-liool district, No lti's School
Uixes.'it in an injustice U the child of
clNtiietNo ii." and every other rural
cDiiuuiiuity that suppcut'S tliti railroad.
Tho whulo community supports tho
railroad. Aud the district that has a
railroad thiough it should only get Its
prorato sharo for every child of school
age in the state. I think that If a
school district lias a levy of $;i,50 per
S100.00 and gets all of the railroad
school taxes from the railroad that
runs through it. It is just so much
greater of au injustice than the district
that lias III) cents per 100.00 because
tho wholo community outside and in
side of said district has to support tho
railroad in order for them to get tho
f.'J.CO per 8100. 00 School Levy for said
school district.
I think Governor Eberhart's article
on Rural School Communities is good
and should be read by all of tho
School Law Revision Commission.
Respectfully yours,
P. E. Patne.
Dated Inavalo, Neb., Jan. 12, 1914.
Enjoys A Pleasant Evening
The Red Cloud Chamber of Coin
morco gave a Smoker In tbo club rooms
on Wednesday evening, which was
partlclpited iu by some seventy infill
tiers, and which was prouomictd h
all present as being up to Usual high
standard which bus heretofore been
cstiblNhe'l by this popiil tr method ol
spending mi entertaining ami sociable
Mr. llinvo or 'Hustings, who is the
seuro'ary of the Hastings Chamber of
Commence, was present and gave an
interesting mldum, in the ojiiiso of
which hu congr.utilutcil the Red Cloud
club on bavlii' such a lively bunch nt
The best of cigars were indulged iu
by nil tbi'so having the "habit," games
of all kinds were played after which
lunch was served by tho iOnlcriain
ineiit committee.
Webster Encampment
No. 25 Elects Officers
At the rogular meeting of Wobstor
Encampment No. 35, 1. O. O. V , the
following olllccrs were olected for the.
ensuing term:
Chief Patriarch llort Person.
Sonior Warden W. (3. Warron.
lunior Warden A. It. McArthur.
High Priest Ted Harris.
Scribe W. O Hamilton.
Treasurer S R Florancc.
Public Sale
I wllloll four miles south and ono
half mile wo it of Inuvale on
Thursday. Jan. 22. 1914
forty-one head of stock consisting of:
Eight good horses; II.'J head of cattle,
comprising milk cows, steers, young
stock, etc.; also farm machinery.
Tonus Ten months at. III per cent
inteiost. In.v Tiiukiii.oud,
A. I). Woxiiuni.Y.
Prod Kolb, Auct. S. R. Plornuoe, Clerk
tmmi Perry & Go.'s 1 1
i dig January Ijlearange Saie I
V . WWWIWW fcWMn iiwj mail i i MWIIinw .,- Jtat
Mj - .,...,.tw , , ... , M..M, , (
. A
All Sweaters - All Blankets
All Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Winter Coals also all Skirts,
Wool Dresses.
Furs and
All our Red Seal and Toile-Du-Nord
Ginghams which sell at 1 2ic and 1 5c
will go at 1 Oc yard.
All Dress Goods
Fable Lines, Napkins,
Bed Spreads, Towels
. . .ON. . .
Knit Hoods,, Etc.
Flanette Night Robes,,
Winter Under-Wear'
'Order To Show t'citiso.
Siiilc of Nebrosltii. i ,,, , , ,. ,
Webster uuiitv. 1 " " v,,
ra oinity iinut helit at the Ouhty t (J
roart room In aint tors.ilit futility Mint:o ni
.I.inuiry Uth . . II. loll.
Iv the matter of IIib estate ot .laco1!
cliaiilln, I'teeaspil.
On ccndliik! nail mini; Uio iietltlon ol
'l'lioinns I. ('hillin. Illul mi tho l'Jth lav ot
.limitary, A. J)..;JW . KflyliiK tor tl.o exanilu
titton and alirAvnneaoL Jils llniil nceount ol
thi same lnte, ii r ill. trllmtlRj the red istati- und .l"ie' upon tin
onltr illwlinr :lin: lilm Imin lui tliur liurittn
anil ner l e la lit t.nul tit.lee iu.nduiinlstraun.
Ouiichcii, That 1'ililny, the !Wlh dny ol
January, A. P., lull, at ID o'clock a. m.,
Is installed for liiarlnt; said petition, when all
pi'iiioiiilutcretUd In n:iIi1 matter may apiicir
at ft County court to ho held Iu and toruttiil
eoualy tiiid Klioweansi) why lira) or ot poll
tliiuerBhoiild not be unuitfil; and that nollco
ol the pendeney olMilil petition audlheluar
tut; thereof be given to all persons Iiitcrcsteil
lutntd matter, hy puhllshluu' a eojiy ol thin
order la the Ked Cloud Chief, a weekly new-
paper printed In said county, (or threo con-
Hcuiitlvo weeks prior to H.ild day of hiarlut;.
lllALl A. I). ll.VNMJV,
CoiuUv JiuIkc
Tbo rooent act of April lOtb,' 1008
Rives to all Holdiers' widows a pension
Hi per montb. Fred Mauror, tbe at
torney, has all necessary blanks.
Just As You Are I
Wouldn't Change a Thing
Tli at is tbo spirit of
Modern Photograpby.
And wltb tbe fast plates
and fast lenses of to
day, tbo clever pboto-
KrupilCl can imm juup
"Just As You Arc"
In fact, having a pic
ture taken iu a modern
studio is as pleasant as
an informal call on good
friends. Make tbe ap
pointment today,
Stevens Bros.
Dr. J. C Caldwell
Calls Answered Day or Night
Ih theCaunty Court of Webster County
Nebraska. ,
In tho matter ot tho estate of UonrJ.
Sheldon, Deceased.
N0T1CK, that tho time limited lor preicnta
tlonandnilngotclalmiagatnat tbe same la
July 18th. 1914; and lor the paymoMtot debt
Is December 19th. lM. that I will alt at the
county court room In said county atiitho 17th
day ot July 1914, at 10 o'clock, A. Rfc, to re
ceive, examine, hear, allow, or adjust all
claims and objections duly Hied.
Dated this 19th day ol December, 1913.
(Heal) A. D. Uannev, County Judge.
We are making some especially close prices on Canned
Goods in our Grocery Department which will pay you to
investigate. See our-large circulars for other special prices
no t mentioned here.
"wmi-tiitsuiaUnfYtw wt
?MwcWM rr.w u
cSgsqs Saturday, $aniaai-y 2tfc anti iiso
prices are strictly for G ASS'S
OmeoTeliihonos: llell.&H; 1 ml. MO.
ltcit. Ttluplumes: Dell, lted'.TJ; Iml.luO.
Office Over N. k. Albright's Store
Red Cloud, -s- Nebraska
E. A. Creighton,
M. D.
Red Cloud, -:- Nebraska
Second House North ot K 0. 0. F. Hall ,
Consultation and
Spinal Analysis Free
-O- j
PhiM lsd.212
Has Played Havoc
wltb many a family's most cherish
isbed, long planned home boeanso
they followed tho advioo of some
one-idea, builder who thought perhaps-bo
improve, upon Nature's, own
tried and tested, material liuaber.
Tb time to guand agatnBb disap
pointment is- atr tho start. Look
around and Invoatlgato th frame
houses that have been standing for
as many as. thirty yearsancbeotnpare
then with, those constmwted ot
other materials. Time alone is the
real test othorae bulldlntaaateriais,
beeauHO you. don't build u home-
ovory ten years,, aud few people can.
afford to experiment with fads or
theories. Alter making your com.
parisouscome in and bee tbe nice,
bright lumber wo hiwo in stock and
let us tell you. in actual figures
what a good, f ramo houbo will oobt
you today- Ileal facts ure deadly to
..-' -"--- - w - , , -..I. mimi .. .11 ., V
m m fa m m " : wstjimj sr w jr m&a 3 is;
buB's I km I f 9 $Wm U
-JL J f)
Bulletin of
Travel Specialties
DEIWK Western Stock Sho-.J-w iyifltllto.g4th,' 191 Special' ratcs.from.
East and North-of Denveiv ( Dsraver1 makes, this a gala week for the stock-'
en of the Western country- v :i
WMTERTtllRIST MiTESf-lBi effect dally'; With, lower hoateseekers?- fares first
and third Tuesday of eaaiYmonth. 'treseWt that the nupaber
of Northern visitors duuiog the WinteV of) 19)3-11, to.the Soutb,.wlll be'the.
greatest in the history ofl the Southland.' , A
fMKStNALLY COMOUCTEI-Partles to California sevea. each Mteek vU.Den.
ver, Scenic Colorado, Siltv'La'ke,.in through tourist sleepers. Burlington:
special conductors are-men especially 'selected to look aftei your eomfort
enroute. I can secure you very handsome, illustrated publications of
Southern or California Railroads and hotels, if you dosha them.. ''Lour
Itatos South," "Calirornb. Tourist I'm-tiesV "Pnclaic Coast Tours." Let me.
help you plan any ttvju- you have in.mlud.
I?. E. FOE, Tlckot Agent
L. IV. WAKELEY, General famonger Agt.
ye. nose and throat
Live Stock and General Auctioneers
J. fl. EltW IGEH
General Auctioneer
Former Cuftomers. ...
I &
t JU.Tt.wwll
"llere'&NftiMMe Like mt"
Saunders Bros.
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Staple. Groceries
Hod Cloud
17 on 8
a on 187
THE ALARM is a dreadful thing
OF FIRE for tbo mau without
insurnuco. Every tlmo ho 6eos tbe
engines raclup; nloug his heart comes
up In his throat If the lire is anywhere
near his place. What folly, what mis
taken economy.
THE COST OF is so small Unit it
INSURANCE noed hardly be
considered. Tbo f rooiloni from worry
We Have Aided
In Building Great
- Fortunes For -Clever
(Irnduato Cblcago Veterlunry College ykaiis i:xrr:itiKxcE
WE assure you that our
groceries can be de
pended upon for any or all
of your meals. Fresh goods
added to our stock every
week. J Are you one of
our many .satisfied custo
mers? If not, we solicit
a trial order.
i 1
'k child
I t
aloue ib worth It many times over
Have us Insure you to-dny.
Write or Phone
Red Cloud. - Nebr.
)it ' Nebraska
Reliable Inturanc:
I Cloud -;- Nebra$ka