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Eight Thousand Extra Men In Mali
Service Ex-Presldent Strongly
Defends Monroe
Wnshlngton At 1:30 o'clock Mori
day moraine (lie Joint conference com
mittee on tin administration currency
bill agreed to Htrlko from the measure
the senate provision for nn insurance
funil to guarantee deposits in national
banks. At that time but n single point
of disagreement waH still In (llfiputc.
That was the composition of the fed
eral reserve hoard. The commltteo
agreed to strike out the senate amend
ment which would all-.v the imp of the
new federal reserve ma ns bank ro
Roosevelt Defends Monroe Doctrine.
Washington. Members of the diplo
matic corpp, especially representatives
from tho South American countries,
arc greatly interested In a report
reaching Washington that former Pres
ident Roosevelt nnd Mr. Martinez, at
one time Chilean minister to tho
United States, had clashed In Santiago
de Chile on account of divergent views
concerning the Monroo doctrine. Tho
Chilean la reported to have dissented
strongly from tho Roosevelt view that
the much discussed doctrine Is still nl
Postmaster General Has 8,000 Extra
Men at Work.
Washington. Postmaster General
Burleson has empolycd 8,000 extra
men in the railway mall service as an
emergency measure to prevent con
gestion of tho malls during tho holiday
rush. Postmasters, particularly thoso
of first class offices, have been author
feed to employ as much additional help
ns may be necessary to make dellv
erics. General Superintendent Ste
phens of tho railway mall service said
thnt tho amount of "unworked mnll"
left on the trains on their arrival nt
tormlnal stations was negligible as
compared with tho figures for previous
years. "With the exception of n few
Isolated lines," said he. "there will bo
no failure to effect distribution in th(
railway mall service."
New Beet Sugar Record Is Made.
Donver, Colo. The freo sugar pro
vision of tho Wilson-Underwood tariff
6111 has not dlscouraeed sugar beet
ralsors of northern Colorado, accord
ins to figures Just mado public. This
year they raised approximately 1.900,
000 tons of beets, ngalnst 1.641.861
tons last year, receiving $10,000,000,
which is $1,000,000 moro than they re
celved in 1012. Colorado factories
produced 230.000 tons of sugar in 1913
against 216,000 tons last year.
A Hint to Nlcaranuan President.
Woshlngton-Socrotnry Bryan thinks
the reasonable tlmo allowed to Former
president Zelnya of Nicaragua to leavo
the United States, as he agreed to do
when tho proceedings for his extra
dition on murder, charges wero
dropped, has expired nnd on tho In
stance of Solicitor Folk, who handled
tho caso. Zclaya's Washington nttor
neys wired the former dlctntor In New
York asking when he planned to sail
for Barcelona.
Hearing on Potato Embargo.
Washington. Secretary Houston
conducted a hearing nt the offices of
.the department of agriculture on tho
"n ,CCt.0f lho 1ro-,OBCl embargo on
all forolgn potatoes commencing Jan
uary l next. Such an embargo Is In
effect at present against the nrltlsl,
Isles Germany, Austria Hungary.
Newfoundland and the Islands of.
Tlcrro nnd Mlquolon. It is now pro
posed to extend tho embargo to numer
ous other forolgn countries.
Wndlson. Wis. Attorney General
Walter C. Owen was served with an
application of John F. Dcltz, tho so
called "hero of Cnmeron dam." now
n the penitentiary, for a writ of
habeas corpus from the federal court
of the eastern district. Tho appllca
tlon will bo heard December 27 at
Milwaukee by Judge Gelger.
Financial Impoverishment of Mexico
Moxlco City. Financial Impoverish',
ment and nn Increasim? n
( - ....r, ... ..iill-Atll Utl
tamong scores of rebel bands havo re
duced tho provisional government to
(what appears to bo a desperuto situ
ation, hut conservative residents of
tho capital profess to beliove, In view
of tho recent mlltalry operations nnd
tho fact that Provisional President
Huerta continues to Recuro money,
even though in small amounts, that
the government may not fall for many
montLji unless somo unexpected turn
for tho worse occurs.
Omaha Overruled Antl Saloon Protests.
Omaha. Nob. Confronted by tho
failure of tho Anti-Saloon league to
present a single Item of evldenco in
support of its protests against the
granting of sixteen saloon licenses, tho
city council overruled tho protests
unanimously. Instead of appearing to
support its protests., tho league filed
a lotter which vaguely threatened
impeachment or other punltlvo meas.
urns against any city commissioners
who might vote fon licensing men who
have heretofore violated tho liquor
Result of Deliberations on More lm
oortant Measures Given In
Condensed Form.
Tho Senate Conferees on tho cur
rency bill prepared to meet represent
atives from the house.
Adjourned to noon Monday.
Tho House Took up the adminis
tration currency bill to appoint con
ferees to work ftlth tho senate manag
ers to compose disputed points.
Representative Taylor of Colorado
introduced bill to establish ten mine
experiment stations, to be located in
tho discretion of tho secretary of the
Secretary Garrison testified before
house appropriations subcommittee
on fortifications in advocacy of his
estimates for fortification work.
War department asked for urgent
deficiency appropriation of $2,250,000
for ui.sVllled labor on tho Panama
The' Senate. Senator Chamberlain
Introduced n bill to prevent discrimin
ation against the uniform of the United
.States and prohibit Its misuse.
Passed administration currency bill
by vote of 54 to 34.
Adjourned at' 7:45 p. in. to noon
The House. Representative Chatid
lerof New York addressed the foreign
(affairs committee on the treatment
of Jews In Roumanin.
Judiciary commltteo heard argu
ments on bill for an Interstate trade
Roads committee appointed sub
committee of live members to agree
on a general good roads bill.
A constitutional amendment for six
year terms for representatives in con
gress, subject to the recall proposed
Jn a bill by Representative Kent of
Adjourned to noon Saturday.
The Senate. Met at 10 a. m. and
continued debate on currency bill.
The House. Met at noon and de
bated n bill to discontinue the federal
government's payment or 50 per cent
of the municipal expenses of the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Colorado and Michigan miners' unions
sent telegraph appeals to tho rules
committee for congressional Investi
gation of strikes In those states.
Deferred action on district appro
priation hill.
Adjourned nt 5:30 p. m. to noor.
Uncle Sam Violating State Law.
Lincoln, Neb. State concerns havs
to observe the female labor law but
Uncle Sam can work Nebraska girl
In postolllces nnd other federal lnstl
unions without tho least regard foi
that statute. Such is tho conclusioi
reached by tho state labor commission
following nn Investigation started
when complnlnt of overworking of fe
males reached that department. It Is
not Improbable, If there is a demand
Governor Morohead as head of the
labor commission will get In touch
with Postmaster General Burleson.
Gets Fortune for Heroism.
Seward. Kas. Ethel Mountz, a six
teen-year old girl of this town, will ro
eelve $20,000 from tho estate of Col.
C. Grant of Denver for her heroism In
salng n baby from death under the
wheels of Grant's motor car, according
to a lotter received by her. Grant,
with his family, passed through here
last summer nnd It wns then Miss
Mountz risked her life to save the
Ought to be Enthusiastic.
Pawnee City, Neb. W. F TrilofT of
Sterling. Okla. has written to friends
here, telling of the birth of a fourteen
pound baby boy in his fnmlly. Mr
Trlloff Is a veteran of the civil war,
almost seventy years old. and Mrs.
Trlloff is two years older than her
husband. Mr. Trlloff Is enthusiastic
over the Christmas present. For many
vears they lived in this place.
Hogs Are 20 Per Cent Tuberculous.
MndiBon. Wis. Twenty per cent of
tho average lot of hogs brought to
slaughter are tuberculous, nccordlri",
to a statement by Dr M. P. Ravenol'
professor of bacteriology In tho Uni
verslty of Wisconsin
Villa Pledges Protection.
Chihuahua Mex -Gen. Franclsc
llla. tho rebel military chief, has
Issued a notice from tho state palaco
ihat he would guarantee he rights of
all foreigners and all Mexicans who
have given no support to the Huerta
Oldest Mason In U. S. Dead.
Lynchburg Va.-Georgo K. Johnson,
05 years, said to be the oldest Freo
Mason In thu United States. Is dead
here. Ho had been u Mason seventy
three years.
Bank Robbers In State Prison.
Lincoln. Hoone county officials
have brought Hugh Sims nnd Carl
Corson, convicted of planning and nc
complishlug the Primrose hnnk rob
bery, to tho stnte nenltentlnrv. si,
.wlll go in the beginners' class ,,t tho
institution, as ho Is n mere boy, nnd It
Is to bo his first experience behind tho
thick stono walls. It is tho second
visit for Corson, ho having served a
sentence several years ago for shoot
ilig hogs belonging to Boone county
If I Jplra . JpiMi B i JIIm
Will Look Into Government Ownership
of Telephone and Telegraph
Aroused Over Eugenics
Washington. Tho administration
currency reform bill, proposing a re
vision in the financial system of tho
United Stntes and tho creation of
legional reberve banks to act as
strengthening elements in the banking
and financial world, passed the senate
by u vote of 54 to, 31. Forces that had
fought together for improvement and
amendment of the measure to tho last
divided when the llnal vote came.
Senator Hitchcock, who had led the
opposition to the bill, returned to the
democratic ranks, and Senator Weeks,
one of the leaders on the republican
side, with other republicans and Sen
ator Poitidcxtcr. progressive, voted for
the passage of the measure.
Trouble Over Eugenics BUI.
Milwaukee. "There" is absolutely
no likelihood for the calling of a
special session of the legislature to
consider the so-called eugenics mar
riage law," said Governor E. B. Mc
Govern. Never before have the peo
ple of Wisconsin been so aroused over
n state bill. Ministers nppear to be
leading tho defence of the bill, while
doctors are heading the opposition.
Ministers say that the measuro will
lead to a general uplift of the future
generations, and base all of their argu
ments on tho ethical side, while the
doctors opposo tho law, saying that
tho $3 fee for examination of all pros
pective bridegrooms, as specified in
the law, Is far too small and that they
will refuso to make tho examinations.
Government Ownership of Telegraph
and Telephone to be Looked
Washington. Postmaster General
Burleson's declaration for tho princi
ple of government ownership of tele
graphs and telephones, as outlined in
his annual report undoubtedly will bo
followed by a democratic caucus In
the house In January, which will de
cide how far tho project is to be made
an administration policy In congress.
President Wilson has been giving thu
project careful study, and administra
tion supporters Bay he has not pressed
in on enormous expense involved. A
parliamentary move will be congres
sional authorization to the postmaster
general to make a report on the feasi
bility of acquiring the lines for a gov
ernment monopoly.
Solution of Mexico's Financial Status.
Mexico City. A presidential decree
making the state bank notes legal
tender throughout the republic, a guar
antee fund to be subscribed by the
state banks and deposited In tho na
tional bank, nnd finally a government
guarantee of the bank notes, is the
program decided upon by a commltteo
of five bankers representing tho na
tional banks, the Bank of Loudon and
Mexico nnd two or three other con
cerns, which met with tho acting head
of the finance department.
Was Too Obliging.
Washington. Georgo W. Roco of
Merrlam.'Neb,, a temperance ndvocate,
who unwittingly delivered packages
containing liquor to persons on tho
Pino Rldgo Indian reservation. South
Dakota, lias been relloved by Presi
dent Wilson from the sixty-day Jail
sentence imposed upon him, although
he will have to pay a $1,000 fine and
posts. While a fair was In progress
In the reservation Roeo was asked to
bilng some packages In his delivery
nutoniobllo from Morrinm. Ho said
ho had no Idea of their contents.
Same Wardens Are Watching Them.
Sidney, Neb. A novel sight wns
witnessed In this city when fifty-seven
wild antelope wore discovered feed
ing n quartor of a mile west of town.
They wore driven in on account of the
heavy snows In tho hills. Two other
Inrge buncheu are nine miles south of
hero In Colorado. It Is also reported
that a bunch of elk are graying In tho
Sldnoy draw eighteen miles south
west of here. The game wardens of
Nebraska ami Colorado are watching
them to see they nro not molested.
Miss Wilson Suggests Side Degree For
Order of Spugs General Villa
Continues to Levy
Washington. With the democratic
legislative machinery running smooth
ly, the administration currency bill is
moving rapidly toward its final
passage In the senate. The last of the
opposition amendments to the measure
was voted down and Senutor Owen
began the presentation of tho demo
cratic amendments calculated to per
fect the measure, which were adopted
without meeting strenuous protest.
Legislative leaders declare that the
end of the currency fight Is In sight.
Still Levying Tribute.
El Paso. Tex. .More refugees who
have arrived ut the border reported
that before Gen. Francisco Villa, the
rebel leader, allowed their train to
start from Chihuahua City. Mex., ho
exacted from the .Mexican families
sums ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.
The refugees wero mostly Americans
and wealthy .Mexican families who had
closed their places of business since
the rebel occupation of tho city. They
said General Villa permitted those who
had passes to board tho train, but as
It was about to leave he personally
appeared and ordered assessments.
Miss Wilson Suggests It as Compan
ion to the Spugs.
Washington. Miss Margaret Wood
row Wilson, the president's eldest
daughter, who is chairman of tho
Washington committee of the society
for tho prevention of useless giving, in
a public statement suggests a plan of
useful Christmas giving for local spugs
which, if adopted in tho capital, she
said, might "alter tho wholo Christmas
spirit all over this mighty and pros
perous land." She made it plain that
the "Bpug" movement was not directed
sololy at useless Christmas giving, but
toward tho encouragement of useful
Mexican Federals Mutiny.
Vera Cruz. It is reported here on
good authority that a column of six
hundred federals, under command of
General De la Llave, mutinied near
Rincon Antonio, in the state of Oaxaca,
while the general was absent in Mexico
City. Tho mutineers are said to have
shot their officers and joined forces
with the Zapata adherents. The in
surgents are still reported to be in
considerable force about twenty miles
from Tamplco.
Egg Boycott Declared Off.
Kansas City, Mo. An egg boycott,
declared several days ago, at a mass
meeting of women's organizations of
Kansas City, has been lifted. Storage
eggs were selling at to cents at the
time the boycott was started. -Now
they retail at 30 to 34 cents. The
boycotters, led by the housewives'
league, announced In the beginning
that they would use no storage eggs
until the price dropped to 32 cents.
State Teachera Will Meet at Omaha.
Lincoln, Neb. The desire of the
State Teachers' association to accept
Omaha's hospitality again next year
was expressed in the ballots counted
here Saturday by tho executive com
mittee. The final was Omaha '1,487
votes, Lincoln 989. Election week of
November was chosen ns tho time for
tho gathering with 1,014 of the teach
ers, and the Inttor half by 134. Only
forty-threo ballots were for Christmas
Kansas -City, Mo. Dr. B. Clarke
Hydo will face trial a fourth time on
a charge of murdorlng Colonel Thomas
II. Swopo, according to nn announce
ment today of Floyd JacobB, county
Destruction by Volcanic Eruption.
Melbourne, Australia Dispatches
from Noumea, capital of the French
colony of New Caledonia, report that
great destruction has been wrought
by a volcanic eiuption in Ambrlm is
land, of tho Now Hebrides group. Six
now crators wero formed on tho west
coast December 0. Tho following day
Mount Minnie collapsed and many vll
lages wero overwhelmed by streams
or molten lava. Most of tho inhnbl
tants sought refuge In canoes and
boats. A steamer rescued 500 of them.
The home rule charter for Lincoln
as defeated.
Falrbury enthusiasts have organ
ized a golf club.
Citizens of Albion are taking steps
to establish a butter factory,
A. L. Lynch, a former resident oi
York, Is dead at Boulder, Colo.
Nearly 150 persons were converted
at the revival services Just closed at
An effort is being made to perfect
a good roads organization for York
Ohlown will hold a special election
January 2 to vote on bonds for a
$20,000 school house.
Rabbits havo Increased to such an
extent that they havo become a pest
to Adams county farmers.
The use of tobacco by Hastings
grade school boys Is causing those In
authority no end of grief.
Seven cases of smallpox have been
discovered at Sutton, nnd It Is possi
ble the schools may bo closed.
The Ainsworth Light and Powci
company has commenced laying tht
foundation for Its new building.
Insurance on the York courthouse
has been distributed among the rep
resentatives of eighteen companies.
Mrs. Harriet Noble, who took a
post graduate course at Peru. Is now
superintendent of schools nt Herman.
A petition to the county commis
sioners Is being circulated for county
ownership of telephones In Lincoln
A thief worked the city hall at Om
aha and secured a purse containing
$15 belonging to Beulnh Ryrd, a sten
ographer. Mrs. Sarah Shlndle. nged 7t it
dead at nrudshaw as the result ol
Injuries received In a fall a few
wopks ago.
Verne Flory, a Lincoln boy wns
wounded by a stray bullet from an un
known source, while out walking with
a companion.
The Rev. Mr. Sandahl has accepted
a call as pastor of the Swedish Luth
eran church at Wahoo. He comes
from Michigan.
York county dentists havo formed
a county organization and elected N.
R. Wildman. president, nnd E. A.
Calkins, secretary.
The little two-year-old child of Au
gust Klelnschmldt nt Hampton lost
two fingers by geting them caught In
a platform rocking chair.
Mrs. J. A. Phelan is dead nt her
homo in Johnson ns a result of In
juries received when she fell down
the cellar steps of her home.
Automobile bandits are worrying
the Omaha police and Incidentally
numerous citizens when business
keeps them out late nt night
The "blacksmith evangelist." Rev
M. W. Boyer. has Just closed a serlef
of meetings at Nemaha, at which there
were nearly fifty conversions.
The Hastings high school football
team closed tho season with n balance
In the treasury, with which macki
nawB and sweaters were bought.
Mrs. Blanche Clapp has brought
suit ngalnst the city of Tecumseh in
tho sum of $3,079 for injuries re
ceived when she fell on a board walk.
Ten automobiles were burned in
a fire that consumed the Syfert gar
age at Ainsworth. The fire started
from nn explosion in the workroom.
William Barmby, a DoWltt banker,
scratched his hand with a nail and
blood poisoning resulted, which has
caused him considerable pain nnd
Workmen engaged In tearing down
an old house at Fremont wore routed
by a swarm of bees that had made
tho Interior of the walls their winter
Fremont. Superior, Falrbury, Beat
rice and Nebraska City have asked
tho Nebraska Manufacturers' asso
ciation to organize local associations
at those places.
At the annual election of officers
for the York Commercial club, C. N.
Beaver was elected president; Fay
Copsey, vice-president; J. M. Kll
dow, treasurer, and T. E. Sedgwick,
The young ladles' auxiliary society
of the First Congregational church
at Fremont held a baby show last
week, In which there were 125 entries.
Owing to the prevalence of hog
cholera in tho neighborhood of Green
wood an unusually large number of
porkers are being shipped. Most
everything fit to go on tho market Is
being sold.
Thirteen Nebraska football players,
members of tho all-victorious Corn
buskers of 1913, wero awarded honoi
sweaters at tho last regular monthly
session of tho state university ath
letic board.
Mrs. Martha Whipple has brought
suit for $20,000 against Lincoln saloon
keepers and their bondsmen for sell- i
Ing liquor to her husband.
Tho first annual show of the Mid
Continental Poultry association will
be hold in tho Auditorium at Lincoln
Christmas week. A number of birds
from all parts of Nebraska, as well as
from several neighboring states, will
be on exhibition.
A net cash sum of $280 was added
to tho Old People's Home fund by
tho recent charity benefit program at
Hastings under the auspices of tho
Woman's club,
Georgo Howe, a rural mail carrier
who resides nt Schuyler, -Is pursued
by tho Jinx. Twice his barn was
burned, nnd In both fires ho lost
valunhlo horses. Two months ago ho
was poisoned in a mysterious man
ner, but recovered. Recently ho de- j
ii-i-iru a ruriuiKU iubio to a cup oi
coffco ho was drinking In his homo.
A doctor who examined tho coffee
found it contnlned a deadly poison.
Little Mario Mercer, a 3-year-old
Lincoln girl, fell twolvo feet, landing
on a hard floor, and received a com
pressed fracture of tho Bk:ll. She
may recover.
Iteme of Interest Gathered from Re
liable Sources and Presented In
Condensed Form to Our
There appears to bo some mlsunder
standing in regard to when tho sea
son for shooting ducks and other
water fowl closes. The state law It
supposed to be set asldo by tho na
tlonnl regulations. Chid Game War
den Rutenbnch will endeavor to en
force the national regulations anc
drop the state law. Tho state law per
mlts the shooting of water fowl dur
ing the winter and in tho Bprlng. The
national regulations provides that the
season for killing water fowl shall be
closed from Decombor 16 until the
first of the following September. From
the 16th of December until September
1 it will be unlawful undor tbe
national regulations, to kill water
fowl. As there are no duckB or
geese In Nebraska during tho winter,
except in tho extremo northorn
part of the state, the national regula
tion will not deprive Nebraska sports
men of any shooting except in the
early spring. The stato law provided
that tho season should begin Septem
ber 1 and close April 5. Under the
government regulations it will open
September 1 and close December 16
which means a period of three and
one-hnlf months of fall shooting. The
next open season will bo on fish. This,
opens April 1 and cndB November 15,
with the exception of tho open season
for trout not less than eight Inches
long, which begins April 1 and ends
October 1. The open season for bass
not less thnn eight inches long begins
April 1 and ends November 15.
Are Within Their Rights.
County boards act within tholr dis
cretion when they agrco not to call a
special election for voting bonds for
a county telephone system under the
provisions of the Fuller bill, In tbe
opinion of Judge Cornish of tho dis
trict court. The judgment was handed
down by him In the application or
1-ancaster county public ownership
leaders for a writ of mandamus com
pelling the county boards to call tho
election which they long ago pe-
tioned for under the county owner
ship bill. According to tho court's
finding the county board has tho right
to either call or refuso to call tho
special election. Tho question de
cided means that unless the supremo
court remands tho caso after revers
ing the finding, the proposition will
have to go over until next fall's gen
eral election.
Typhoid at Ingleside Hospital.
Typhoid among attendants and in
mates, several cases of which devel
oped in one day, resulted recently in.
tho vaclnation of 175 employes with
typhoid vaccine and in unusual sani
tary precautious being taken at Ingle
side. Superintendent Baxter suspect
ed the milk supply as the source of
the disease and an analysis of the pro.
duct proved tho theory true. iHe
learned thnt the disease germs had.
developed from the manner In which,
tho milk had been handled, Instead
of diseased cows, and tbe sterilizing of
all milk used from the slxty-threo
head now milked, together with the
vaccination put, a stop to its further
Word of the selection of former
State Land Commissioner H. M. Eaton
as superintendent of schools at
Emerson has been received by State
Superintendent Delzell. Mr. Eaton is
a school man of many years' train
ing, particularly In normal work.
Offer Prizes for Boys,
Three buslncs men of Kearney have
subscribed a fund of $70 which will
be awarded to the farm boy who
gives tho best reason why farmer
should attend the six weeks' short
course at the state farm in January.
This prize is given for the purpose of
creating interest in the short course,
the business men having become Inter
csted In the matter of bettor farming.
With the increased Interest which has
been created among the farmers in
Buffalo county since tho matter of
farm demonstration was taken up
boys will respond quickly to the ques
tion. The $70 will go to aid the win
ner In attending tho school.
Conflicting provisions of the pure
food law, demanding In ono section
branding of all compounds with the in
gredients and percentage of eacb, and
In another section allowing the mere
word "compound" to suffice as a label,
may invalidate tho heretofore efficient
manner In which administration of the
statutes could bo hnd. The caso has
arisen over prosecution of the Ameri
can Linseed Oil company of Omaha by
the food commission.
Want Foreign Potatoes Barred.
Possibility of lifting the quarantine
now effectlvo on forolgn potato ship
ments Into this country will be resist
en by Nebraska growers. Dry rot, the
worst dlscaso with which tho Nebras
ka raisers havo had to battlo. came
from abroad and has not yet boon on
tlrely stamped out. Tho Btato board
of agrlculturo has taken tho matter up
with Secretary of Agrlculturo Houston
In tho hopo that potato growers of
other states will join In and put up
fight for their rights.