The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 25, 1913, Image 3

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.Much More So Than English
Brother Across Border.
'Sturdy Self-Assertion of the Edinburgh
Cabby in Marked Contrast to Hit
Kin in London Are Skilled
in Many Trades.
Edinburgh. One has only to
cross the Kngliuh border go
ing northward to roullzo that
Scotland 1b a far more dotnocrutlc
country than England. Who ahull any
why a land Unit venerates an old and
proud aristocracy tdiould have uniong
its common people a sturdy democrat
ic Bclf-respcct? 1'erhaps Scottish
democracy owes something to the
land's having lucked for more than
thrco centuries a resident king. For
'much of that time ulso It has hud a
(reading and thinking peasantry. The
Scotch wero stubbornly truo to the
Sturat cause, but perhaps If their mi
jtlvo royal family had been resident
In Scotland when James 11. was driven
from the throne the two Pretenders
'would havo fouud fewer frb-nds to
'aid them In their vain invasions. Hob
lert Burns, also, has long been n
'strong democratic Influence in Scot
land, as by far the greatest British
'poet of unmixed peasant blood.
Whatever the causes that He bo
jhlnd the peculiar spirit of the Scot
tish common folk, the American trav
eler who Is sympathetic with democ
racy feels it In tho atmosphere as
Isoon as ho sets foot within the coun
try. Thero is a look in the eyes of
the Scottish workman, skilled or un
skilled, that is not commonly seen iu
his English brother. It is easy to de
tect the greater poverty of the rural
Scot after one leaves the English lake
country, with its simple and homely
comfort for all and Its rich fields of
grass and grain, ita fat horses and
cattle, its walled and embowered
farmsteads, its air of well-peopled
country and a well-housed population.
In spite of comparatively rich valleys
in tho lowlands of Scotland, the coun
try Is manifestly not so rewarding to
tho toil of tho farmer as tho region 100
miles further south. Many of the farm
steads aro without trees or shrubs, and
unadorned with flowers, while tho
larger fields indicate a sparser popula
tion. Tho hills, beautiful though they
are, tako on a bleak aspect beneath
clouded skies and country folks aro
less comfortably clad than those of ru-'
ral England.
When ono reaches Edinburgh tho
early impression is confirmed of a peo
ple less materially well of, but moro
sturdily self-assertive than thoso of
England. Your cabby at Edinburgh is
more a man and brother and less a
servant than he of London, though the
In the Cowgate, Edinburgh.
London cabbies are still a race to
themselves, and far moro at ease in
tho presence of their "betters" than
most others of tho English working
classes. And the Edinburgh newsboy,
what a delightful creature he is? He
could Bell newspapers in Boston, New
York or Philadelphia and ask no odds
of tho native newsies, it Is thus
through all grades of Scottish work
ing folk, except, perhaps, thoso who
.directly minister to tho immedlato
needs of tho public, such as waiters,
iand they often seem to bo other
'Scotchmen. The Scotch seem to bo
especially skilled in certain trades,
They are excellent masons, for exam
ple, and for many years they have
'gono back and forth between Scotland
iand New York plying their trade at
tho high American wages when busi
ness is brisk during spring, summer
and fall, and returning to winter at
home. They catch tho American pace,
.more quickly than most immigrants,
land they havo the physical strength
ito handle American tools, something'
ithat the southern European skilled;
'mechanic does not always have, with
the result that he sometimes finds
;himself in the land of his adoption re-,
duced to the ranks of tbo unskilled;
Invents New Kind of Bomb.
Dresden, Germany. A bomb which
produced stuplflcation has been In
vented by a Prussian woman, Ida
'Doehm. Gas from a single bomb haq
thrown several hundred men into an
eight-hour sleep, it is claimed.
Burglar Escapes from Box Car.
Newvlllage, N. J. Tho constablo
locked a burglar in a box car. Next
morning prisoner was gono, leaving
this note: "Next time bo euro there'll
only one wav out"
Luxurious Wrap for Gold Weather
i v;
t V 'K 1 (Vx
& IIIHiIIk DImhv'.
I i'i sLLLLLHsLLW yf I
VP: aHliHBH !' '"I I
wsx bKLLLHsaLI & I
NLfH'X iBiBkkHlikkKRk ' -Y
fiJDs:? '-xfSw aHkBllkkkwkkVr - --'---ftff
f Xk! c: -' vBHikkKkkKH js 7
TC! iUCiiiii.A BkkkkkBaBB :
ONE of the full, short coats trimmed
with fur which nre unlike those of
any previous season and immensely
successful now, Is shown In tho pic
ture. A muff of tho fur used for a bor
der about tho bottom of tho coat and
appearing in the collar Is worn with
coats of this kind.
Costly broadtail fur is used in tho
body of this luxurious wrap, and Fitch
fur trims It. Few wraps of broad
tall aro worn, in deference to a senti
ment which has grown up against it.
Tho handsomest plushes make up Into
wraps quite as beautiful, and are fur
nished with tho same expensive furs
in borders and muffs.
The heavier furs will not answer
for wraps of this kind. Nutural and
dyed squirrel and ermine aro used,
and sealskin is ideal for ample gar
ments which must not bo too heavy.
Instead of furs, handsome plushes are
used for garments which aro to be
within a reasonable cost. TheBo
plushes in the best grades are high
priced fabrics, but at that, much less
costly than fur. There aro cheaper
grades that will look well and outlast
the season. For wraps and outside
garments nothing Is more fashionable
and more satisfactory than the plush
imitations of fur, which are often bo
closo in appearunco to the original
as to deceive tho average- eye.
Tho furB most favored for trimming
coats are martin, skunk, civet cat, fitch
and fox. These are the moderately
long haired furs. Mink and sablo and
ermine (all growing higher In price
constantly) are also employed. All
furs nro used In wide and narrow band-
HATLESS ladles at the horse show
n Now York appeared to be In
dulging in a go-ns-you-please style of
hair dressing. Dut coiffures wero well
taken care of. Waves and small curls
reappeared, and there was a plentiful
sb iwlng of high coiffures. Among
f W ' I -U.BBkV 1
V i'ilito';'''''v3iVXBBBm a
these were a few extrcmoly high and
really very pretty now Ideas.
Changes nre coming nnd, in' fact,
have arrived, but no dollnlte stylo has
established Itself as a universal favor
ite yet. The liking for covering the
top of the car remains. But huir which
has boon encroaching upon the face,
over the cheekB, is no longer good
Ingtt, and In trimmings for costumes,
and mlllluety.
Sleeves in the new wraps nro very
roomy the kimono nnd bnt-wlng
styles ,)re ailing. Thero 1b no trou
ble about crushing the bodice under
fur wraps, because of the light weight
of furs ufced in the body of the wraps,
and there are ample sleeves and armt
eyes. The hat worn with this pretty coat
is of black velvet, ono of few hav
ing u blocked crown. The trimming lb
a generous, fan-shaped spray of soft
white feathers. Thero is an attractive
and novel bag carried for the accom
modation of the various belongings
which vanity fnlr must needs have near
at all times. The coin purse, handker
chief, powder puff, etc., placed in
email compartments on -ho Inside, do
not distort tho shape of this plain and
elegant accessory. It is of knitted
silk finished with silver rings and
silver fllagrco monogram, and is car
ried by a silk cord.
Good furs, in garments or in trim
mings, amount to a good investment,
if well cared for. It 1b not likely that
tho cost will grow less; all the
chances are that it will increase for
several years. But furs must be
cared for. Tho industrious moth will
succeed in finding them when one
thinks ho is well shut out. Cold stor
age is therefore good for furs, but
they may bo protected by placing
them In paper bags with moth balls,
and In cedar chests. They should be
examined occasionally, bung In the
sun and beaten. Tho Bunlight Is deatb.
to moths.
Tho chances arc that In tho many
new coiffures which havo been de
signed for this season tho eurs will be
wholly or partly covered. Light fringes
over tho forehead, middle and side
parts, hair colled high or low, but al
ways waved, and little, short, full
curlB are in evidence everywhere. For
popularity the high coiffure promises
to be tho winner in the raco for favor.
Much depends upon the styles in
millinery which aro favored for spring.
For evening wear, and especially
where hats are removed, or not worn
at all, Miladl may wave aud curl and
coil and pile up her crowning glory to
her heart's content. Also her coiffure
ornament or evening head drcsB may
be as elaborate as any of which wo
have a history. Some of those design
ed for wear In Paris are said to be
twenty-eight Inches in height, which
is something over two foet, you know.
But the Parislenncs have a certain
grnce in carrying off extremes which
1b peculiar to them, their stock-in-trade
for setting styles before the rest of
tho world. They aro to bo followed at
a conservative distance.
Fads and Fancies.
Jet Is Increasingly used as tho sea
son udvuuccs.
Last year's gown may bo rejuvenated
by a tlchu.
The gown of ono color may have
two or three girdles.
There is a Blush In almost every
skirt worn by women.
For littlo girls tho Hussion blouso
droeseH aro In the lead.
Tho smartest tailored costumes em
phablzo the belted coat,
' . .J JPWM5iB,
Ai.rniiot.-n PER CENT
Avgcl J)lc Preparation for As
imitating iheFoolnmincgiil.v
ling ihc Stomachs and llowh of
Promotrs Digcslion.CliccTftil
ncissniulKcsl Contains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral
Not Nahc otic
Jtjw tfOMUrSMVUnWlftt
Mx Si
KoihlU Stilt
Amu Snl
Hprm Srd
Ctmftt I Suy
A perfcel Remedy forl'anslirkv
lion . Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea,
Facsimile Signature of
The Centauh Company.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
ru mm
Guaranteed under the Food ant
Kxact Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
Nebraska Directory
nilr I UIIIb without pain or a
ideal operation. No pay until cured. Writ
DK. WHAV, SOU Ilea nlilg., Omaba, Ktu
ftootna from M tip Mnul-, 7T cenln tip rtouMa.
Omaha. Nahmta
Lincoln Sanitarium
'"'I'll Jmmmmimmmmm
Sulpho Saline Springs
Located en our own pramlies and uierf In Ita
Natural Mineral Water
Umurpautd In the treatment et
Heart, Stomich, Kidney and Liter Dlieatae
1409 M Street Ulnooln, Neb.
jReftdeiTS desiring to
advertised in its columns should
Insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
WftUna K.Cnlrman,WMa
Inctuii.DC. Uuoknln. Mica
tat rtdtvuena. Daat nauMa,'
MflslTCn ManwIthrlctoranTamanmnsCan
II UN I BU r. 1 160 tminlhhr. I'leMant work.
Aniwiirnow. rAMini'rri.ruMii,u44rMKi.
I W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 62-1913.
"That's What I Want!"
"It always makes Mother happy when I take home this
big family package. We all like them so much that she doesn't
have to worry about baking when she doesn't feel like it'
L.-W. Soda Crackers are lighter than even well-made bread,
and their flaky crispnesa makes them most digestible.
Ask for the Big Package
L.-W. Soda Crackers ore very economical in the extra
large family package triple-sealed to keep them fresh, crisp
and flavory 25c.
Joose -Wiles Qiscurr (ompany
Baleen ot Sunshine DImcuUm
W' ifl
His Message.
"That man has a look of profound
wisdom. I'm anxious to hear what ho
has to say."
"Good heavens! He's announcing
that ho has on exhibition the only
three-legged chicken In existence"
"Helen is an Interesting talker."
"Practice makes perfect, my dear."
A man Is soon forgotten after he Is
dead, unless you happen to marry
his widow.
A eimple remedy aRainiit coughs nnd nil
throat irritntionn nre Duari'a Mcntholnted
Cough Drop Co at all good Druggist.
Thoro'e a lot of credit coming to n
good woman In tho next world that
8bo failed to get In this.
MintTft No. 1 Bnlt curft cattle hides (beet condition) 15c (avnrnr)'
rssBK( condition) 14c. Howe hides No. 1 Iaw $3.60 to H.OO: Medium,
$.100 to $3 SO; Kmnll, $:.G0 to $3 00; Hheep Pelts, green, large, 7Co to 11.00;
Medium. W)o to 7Cc; small, So to 60c each; Dry Pelts, 10c to 12c per lb.
Dry Hides, 20u to 25c. Beeswax, 30c to 30c per lb.
CIIRft No. 1 I.arKo-HKt!NK. black, IS 60; Short stripe, $3.60; Nar-e-
wn row lliM. nroad goc; Muekrate, Winter. 80c; Fall, 26c. MINK,
dark, $6 00: Drown. $5 00; Pale, $4 00. Opossom, Choice, $1.00; Heavy, 78-;
Average. 60c. CIVIT CAT, Choice, 80c; Average. 60c. COYOTE cased,
Koft furred, $3 00; Average, $3.00; Coarse, $1.00. BADGER. Choice, $2.00;
Averago, $1.23 each.
Have tho rclallcr'n profit by shipping your hides direct to us. We pay
wholesale prices nnd give you exactly what your hides weigh and grade.
Ship hy exprrns, servlro Is quicker, shrinkage less and you get your money
a day after thoy lenvo your depot. Wo ton hides Into robes and coats at
half retail cost. All goods shipped us held separate If requested, so you
an npprnvo returns and If not satisfactory wo will return them free of
ihurgo. Wrlto for our free safoty shipping tags.
1213 JONES ST.
Grand Junction, Cola, Oct sist, 1912.
Bankers' Life Insurance Co ,
Lincoln, Neb.
I beg to acknowledge receipt of your draft for I935 Bo, being
the cash settlement of my 15 Payment Life Policy for 8100000.
I paid iu premiums duriug tho 15 year period $679 50, leaving
9256.39 profit, besides the 15 years' protection.
I have cashed several matured policies in other companies,
and I am plad to stale that this is a much tetter settlement than I
have had myself or any of my friends that I have been familiar with.
I wish to thank you for this settlement and am pleased to re
commend your company to any ono needing insurance.
Very truly yours,
I ask your pardon for delay, Yours. P.
Ask the man who owns on of our policies.
Fifteen Payment Life Policy
Matured in the
Old Line Bankers' Life Insurance
of Lincoln, Nebraska
Name of Insured Walter E. Page
Residence Syracuse, Nebr.
Amount of Policy 91,000 00
Total Premiums Paid Company $ 679-50
Heserve . , , .,,..$ 520 89
Surplus 415.00
Total Cash Paid Insured $ 93S.89
General and special agents wanted. Write us.
Assets $6,800,000.00