The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 11, 1913, Image 5

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Xf assi
J It's time to have
that long promised
portrait taken.
C Norctdlov.a
for a fine day, how
ever. With the
equipment of the
modern studio you
can be taken one
time as well as'an-other.
Turnure Block
Bulletin of The Week's Doings
Kev. Itutvs was in Hastings Mond.iy
Geo. Overlntf was In Ulue Hill
A. K. AtWlps whs in Supet-ior one
day this week.
Wult Deliney iiud family liuve moved
to Salinu, Kansas.
See WuirotiS restaurant for Fresh
Soo this complete Hue of nigs "
Ml nop Hpos. Co.
.Itilin Mcl'niti"" nt-ilvud home Tuesday
evening from I.nvn.
Tlio club d.iuco wnt held Wednesday
evening nt the hisouic hull
Tlio largest line of rugs in Ihf eil
on display sit Miner Hros. Co.
Alf. Snludoii and C. M. Smith weio
in Superior Muinliiy on busincs-s.
Deo. Ilollister in in Lincoln this week
intending the Slnlnui'-. meeting
Mr-, Amos Dillon mid clilldicii of
tiuido Koulc were in town this week.
Dr. C. l' Dumdorf is lit tending the
veteuupy association nt Lincoln this
Mr-. Fred Slimheiiy luis le'innul to
her homo tit ?eoUblnlK Nelnn-nii
iif i'P vMtJiig ii' the home of 1M
Amuck nml wife,
Tho following 'hipped entile to
Kansas City Sunday, 0 II Miner S ens
nml J. I MoCull 'J oils. They diaper
oneil the shipment.
Mp. .Iisse llni low of Itel Cloud. Nek,
Is vMllng his -Istep, dis. II. It. Clem
inolis"):!3 (Gill St., this ivcfhauil attend
lug tin' l.ive Stoek show. - nuglcuivitl
Times Chicago.
When you want A Short. Order or
Fresh Oysters go to Wiirreuls res
tmirmit. m m
Kd Hiichoiimi of Nemaha wtib In the
ity the last of tho week visiting Pust
master IlHckor.
Mr. Relnliohl of St. Francis, Kansas
was in tho city the last or ' tho week
vfcltlng friends.
P. N. Denno of Norton, Kansas is ill
Khe city visiting ut the homo of his
anclo.A I). Uoiiuo,
Don mid Dick Saunders and Juineh
Sllvey ate in Liueoln this week attend'
ing n Shrinei-'s meeting.
Operator Kills and family have mov
d into Mi. 12. H. Smhh's iohleiieo on
North Walnut htruet.
Mrs. U.ittie. Dedrick leturned this
week from a inonth'a visit with re
latives in Kdgiir, Nohra.ka.
Mrs. Itept Leonard i.s in Wheeler,
Kansas visiting hep bister, Mr. .John
Wolfe who Is sick, tills week.
' Miss Mary l'eteison arrived home
Sunday from Ciillforniu where f-he has
been visiting for .some time past.
Howard Alles, formerly of this elty,
is now express agent on No. 4 ami 11
between Ked Cloud and Hasting.
Bay Paul camo up from Superior
Wednesday night and played the piano
(or tho orchestra nt the club duueo.
A trial of the Comet Cigar will con
vince you Mint It is well worth loots,
while it is sold for Huts, by all dealers.
Cutting the Druggist would like your
Subscriptions for Magazines and
Papeis. Call or send for catalog, tulv.
Mr. Merchant see the Chief olllce
for your next order of stationery.
Best quality of material und work
Mrs Cowloy of Mludeu who has been
spending n few days In this city with
nor mother, Mrs. W. B. Cramer, re
turned to her home Monday morning.
Tlie Chamber of Commerce are en
I'Ugitig their loom this vseek. The
partition bet wtci the club room mid
the ha'l is being removed thus greatly
culatging tlie club rooms
"(hid in the Commonplace'' will b"
the Mibjeet of tl o seimoii Suudii
luoiniuc; at the Cotigicgiitiuiiulcliiii-rli
In the evening the pi-til" will giw mi
adilit'-s on the siibj-'Cl; "'The Mountain
Vision mid the Valley woik"
l!iinipluey .li ti"-. who ha- leen
iiiuning the Mine Mill Leader fop -nine
tiii'O pa-t fop I'o-ttiuistep l.ane, pup
cha-ed the s.iiiio of .Mr. Lane last
week. Tho Chief wishes tho new
editor .success.
Will Kent closed a leal estate deal
Saturday where by Portnr Hale traded
his farm south of Cowles to W. A.
Maynard and Mr. Hale taking in e.
change IlL'O acres of land near St
Francis, Kansas,
Will ll.iiley and wife moved this
week to Urokeu How, where Mr. Halluy
has a position in a general store at
that place. The Chkf along with
their ninny fi lends are sorry to see
them leave this city, but wish them
prosperity in their new home.
Sophia sdiumaUur of Hermose, South
Dakota, is here visiting relatives and
f i lends for a few days. She is in i oute
to Oklahoma where she will join her
father. Her father, Ulchard llovier, is
one of the Web-tei" county pioneers
having staked his claim here more
than thirty year tit-'o.
Large Attendance Predicted
For Winter Course At The
State Agricultural School
All Indication!- point to mi increased
attendance ill tlie winter cuuifU in the
Univeisity School of Agiieultiiie. This
C iuie i- six weeks in length beginning
.lauiini'.v 0 anil closing Fchiumy 17ih.
Many men of all age- taku 'advantage
of this short course, eveiy winter to
gain new knowledge along iigrleuiluial
The School of Agiicul'mo will olior
IcutuiTH and dciiio.iStialiiiii woik in
Soils, Crop-, Fin m Machliieiy, Faun
Motois, Animal mid l)iiy Husbandry,
Animal Pathology, Farm Foiestry,
lintomology, Plant Physiology, lloitl
culture und Faun Management.
Herds of pure bled dairy cattle and
beef animals will be used for demon
.stratlon in the judging classes
Thousand of pollars worth of farm
miiclilnury and farm motors will be on
exhibition for u-e in studying Farm
Mechanics. The instructors are all
specialists in their various Hues and
the lectures will apply directly to the
Nebraska farm problems.
At the close of the winter course n
special train will take the students to
South Omaha where day will bo spent
in visiting the stock yards ami pack
ing house-.
The onlv fee chaiged is a registra
tion fee of SI. 00. IJoanl and piom may
be -edited for four to live dollar.-per
Wii I,. The espfiise of the cntiie term
nm. llit exceed J 10 II').
ToTItc Fanners.
CorriNM the nnuoaisr oiui tell you
the lNri:ii.N".riiN.n. hrui-iv Food on tin.
s. line terms as oVtied diiect fiom tlio
faotoi'.v. Give us the chance, adv.
Choosing the Right Present
Are you in doubt about a certain
present? Tho Youth' (.'ompiiuion has
proved to be one of the best that can
he chosen. Pel Imps jou have not sein
it lately, and are not quite sure. Tin n
let us setiu you a sample copy or two
Suppose you ask for the indues contain
ing the opening chapters of Arthur
Stanwood l'ier's fine serial story of
life in a hoys' school "Ills Father's
Son." If you look tlie paperover cric
fully, bearing in mind that there are
titty-two such numbers for a year's
sub-cilptiouof $0,00, we me sure you
will say that a better pie-ent could
not bo cIiofvh, whether for u jouig
person or for an entire family.
For the year's subset iption of 3.00
there Is iuoludcd a copy of Tho Com
panion Practical Home Caleiidnr for
10H, and all tho Issues for the remain
ing weeks of this year, dating flora
tho time the subscription Is received,
If you ask for suinplo copies we will
send lliom with the announcement for
114 Hcrkeley St.,llobton, Mius,
This Is The Place to Buy HIS Gift
MAKE this your gift-buying headquarters. The best
place to buy gifts for men is at a Men's Store. We've
always been recognized as the leading Xmas Store for Men.
The season's latcft crealions---yi'e$s needs of cVerv
description useful articles desiteable as gifts are here
in large vriely. Our merchandise, our prices and our
service are right in every way. If you arc in doubt, we
will help you make your selection.
ii n
N ithing would be more appreciated or appropriate
than .1 Muppenhcimcr or Clolhcraft suit or overcoat, A
splendid -."'ft at $ 10 to $23, with a guarantee of all-wool,
lasting slnpe, satisfactory wear and service. TLcl us send
him a .suit or overcoat for Christmas. We'll exchange
it if it d icsn't fit properly.
Some Good Gift Suggestions
Are given below: Look through the list carefully. All useful things that men like. Check off the items you desire clip the
lis! and bring it in. It's the most convenient to do your christmas shopping. Choice is best now. Make your selections earl)'.
We'll hold them for you.
Hath Robe
Boxed Holiday Set
Oaf, cloth or fur
Clolhcraft Suit
Clothcraft Overcoat
Cuff Hut tons
Fancy Vest
Cloves, dress or street wear
llandkcrchcif silk or linen
Hosiery, silk or lisle
Kuppenheimcr Suit
Kuppenheimcr Overcoat
Lounging Rode
Rain Coat
Scarf Pin
Smoking Jacket
Suit Case
S'ta tcr Coat
Sweater Vest
Traveling Bag
(and viany other choice w7,;,7j suitable for gijts
? sH R U& to m
y vwi
Don't take the time and
trouble to correspond with
distant agencies if you
want to subscribe f o r a
magazine or other publica
tionas a gift or for your
self. A year's subscription to a
magazine is a thoughtful
and valuable gift. If you
will make a list of the per
sons you wish to, favor in
this way and give us a list
of the magazines, we shall
order for you. We will
give you as good service
and as low prices as any
agency can give.
R. N. A. Lodge
Has Big Time
Tlie Hoyal Neighbors of America
held nil' iutcrcHtiiig mi'etinf,' in tliolr
hull la&t Wfdiiuiiduy niht and Initiated
ton new inemboiH. Tlie present ollloois
wero re-elected for tho ensuing year.
Mrs. Klleu Urn-gets was elected deK-
guto to tho bt'ito convention anil Mi".
Mury Hall ns nlturnato.
After closing tho lodge, tlio third
division entertained all present to
light refreshments, In honor of tho
new members.
Wo wish to instull a cash oreuni re
ceiving stiitlau in every town in Neb
raska, undek'hiro to seonio tho horvlccH
of good, reliable purties to represent
us im agents. Wo furnish everything
ami will pay an extraordinary liberal
commission. If you want to buy
cream, let us hear from yon.
s KnihCiliiRAUN ,t Sons
i Omaha, Nebraska,
20 Per Cent Discount
Just Think o! it. Wo are really
paying you to help us sell out this
stock. Discount sales are frequent
when the merchant wishes to
clean up odds and ends, but we
reserve nothing in this big, clean
stock of Up-to-date shoes. We
aro simply changing the line and
the new stock already received is
included in this sale. You need
shoes and we need the room. The
Big Sale is still on. Come early.
Gappenters Shoe Store
Newhouse Block. First-Class Shoe Repairing
1 1
fywitrtr T!
"" H VSBKff
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