The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 13, 1913, Image 4

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Red Cloud. Nebraska
Xntcrcd In tin- I'okIoiIIcc nt Hid Cloud, Nob.
M Hccond CIiim Matter
Speaking of baseballIf your boost
ing percentage In tills town were hh
high ns Ty Cobb's hutting, how inui'h
better the mininunlt.v wotilil be.
The oetlon of the slate board in oust
ing Dr. Thomas from the state noriniil
school at Kearney brings up u plni-u
of our educational affairs that, should
be changed. This condition exists not
only with the state hoard but also in
ft large degree with the board of Uni
versity regont! and the school boards
in cities mid rural districts. These
boards should not have the authority
to remoro a teacher who linn establish
ed his Ability to tench successfully
with n just cause. For instance before
our own school board adopted the
permnnent teacher system that board
could dismiss anyone ns teacher In the
city schools without excuse or reason.
This is the power the state board has
and it is wrong in principle and often
works 'hardship in actual prnctlce.
After Dr. Thomas has successfully con
, ducted the affairs nt Kearney for eight
.or ten years it is reasonable to suppose
(that he never would be dismissed with
.out a hearing. Nebraska was thoroly
aroused when the Joe Cannon methods
were disclosed but apparently we have
had something of the sumo conditions
here in the government of our schools.
Jn all fairness to the capable teachers
who are educating the young in this
great commonwealth of ours their
positions should rest on n sure found
ation and not tiprn the caprice
whim of the governing power.
State Teachers
At Omaha
Whatever eUe was disclosed at the
Jaat state teachers association meeting
.the fact that there is a well-dellned
idea on the part of a great many teach
era in regard to n clique within the
circle. This was made so plait that
'he who runs may lead." We notice
in the press account's that the leaders
of tho association complained that the
jiewspapers paid too much attention
7o their quun e! and not enough atten
tion to the great work they were doing
Tiiis reminds us that someone has said
.something to tho effect that what you
are sounds so loud that what you say
ttfMiinot be heard.
:JhcJi'uivrs 0( our cousUtutlQU jdiv
rtol.cfl above all things to Leon edllcu-,-tional
institutions out of politics.
'That is the theory but it has developed
j$i late years that politics has crept in
lftpt,iiccaubu of the voters but in spite
cat them." The charge was freely made
.that this Inner circle of schoolmasters
aa used their high offices that tile fav.
cored ones were slated for the favorable
jpwiUons and every effort has been
UNed to HecUre the fat salaries for the
alftted ones.
Jf the teachers themselves very gen
crally beleive that undue inlluence is
Iheiug used for the benefit of the fav
cored few it is time that the voters of
lhe state take the matter in hand and
eskange the administration. The re
gmblicanB have been in charge of the
ifltate Superintendent's office, for a good
Many years and it is time that a demo
and filled that office. Nothing but a
fean sweep will remove the taint
Population Figuring
A editorial writer for n Chicago
jMjjper has analyzed the 11)10 census
grith respect to rural population and
teclares that the rich agiicultural
laaetlon of the Middle West made otily
j small gain in population. Iowa,
oWHMidered one of the richest states in
jkm union, Bhows an actual loss in in
itvritants. Missouri shows an increase
jrf.ouly 0 percent. The sixteen great
.-agriculture states, the irardeu snot of
'Jtso earth, made a gain of hut l'.'.T per
dwut or a little more than half of the
Jfenro 21 pur cent for the whole
Waited States
JMany conclusions are drawn by theor
Sritf but the fact remains that farmers
-who have mude good in Nebraska have
iHwn drawn to other sections in re
jKMise to tlhi cheap land lure when
tlkey could have made handsome re
floras at less risk at home. This shift
Ikwr of the population of tho rural see-
Hiotis affects every industry
IfeMincss in those commuuilies.
'JBavu you seen those New Coats at
')Hioer Bros. Co. ? A new Hue just io-
rejehred yeduesday morning of this
fweck. Prices range from 80 00 up in
-hu V nit u's sixes
Nark H. Warner
Visits Here
Mark If. Warner, ono or tho former
editors of this paper, and one of Him
plolicois of the county, has been in the
city u few days. Mr. Warner settled
in this county in 1872.
His brother Joseph C. Warner was
the llrst real hotel man of tho city,
the builder of thd Valley house.
In Irio Mark, wlio was then a com
paratively young man, bouirht. the
Chief from C. L. Mather, the first own
er ami editor. Mr. Warner was wholly
without newspaper experience Ht the
time, lie had never set astick of type,
nor written anything more pretentious
than a letter. However, tho times did
not require a signal display of editorial
ability, and there was a competent
type-setter in tho olllce, known as
"C'urley" It did not take Mr. Warner
long to familiarize himself with the
business, and the Chief of those days
was not unworthy of its general his
tory. The purchase price of tho paper, at
that time was, wo are informed, 9.100.
In 1H77 Mr. Warner sold out to Mr
Thomas, and having married in the
meanwhile, went upon his farm south
of the river, and soon became one of
the leading f aimers of this vicinity.
His homestead was the land now own
ed by Mr. Barlow. In addition he
owned two or three adjoining quarters.
In 180.'! Mr. Warner removed to the
Kig Horn country where he has made
his homo ever since. He has served
the government as a forest ranger in
that part of Wyoming, and his own
particular locality as a county com
missioner. He is extensively interested In horses
and cattle, and it was a shipment of
cattle to Omaha that was tbe occasion
of his present visit to his old camping
grounds in Nebraska, where he was
gladly greeted by the old timers, who
knew him only to respect and love
llEII CLOUD, Nkii., Nov. 11, 'l.'l.
ltnaid met pursuant to adjournment
Members present viz: T. .1. Chaplin, C.
Ohmstede, W. (. Hoffman, Floyd Mc
Call, Paul Storey, Chairman of said
In matter of J. M. Harrows tax, he
having paid S.1.07 taxes in Missouri,
this amount, was deducted by County
Treasurer upon orderof thelloaVd.
Upon motion the County Treasurer
is ordered to strike from the tax list
the assessment of S22.'.'.'i of J no. Dar
w lu, on account of duuole assessuieut
of state land contract.
lly ouler of the Hoard the County
Treasuier was ordered to refund S'J .17
to Mrs, Jaclisou, on account of an
erroneous assessment f
On motion the following claims weio
audited anil allowed:
M'.U'H rti Angle g so oo
A. B. Atkins 33 00
Blue Hill Leader 07 70
Henry Huntjer 4(10
Henry Cook 03 00
Comuivrelul Advertiser 07 00
Willis P. I-'uUou ...'..,....'.... ? 85
Charlotte (Jalbraith 35 00
J.C. Mitchell 1 00
Robert S. Mitchell 10 00
W. II.McCord tti. i 00
A.I) Ranney HO HO
Annie Helle Spanogle 7.C.. 11 65
JohnOiger 8 00
C. H. Hale 30 00
O. I). Hedge 82 03
Som Llndsey !2 50
II. C. Lindsey.... 12 00
II. J. Maurcr 0 50
James Alexander 7 30
Fred C. Hock 13 00
Charles Fnl wider 07 50
II. V. Qado W 00
W.V. Lockhart 13 50
William McCord 17 50
CO. Pitney 30 50
William H.Sawyer 57 75
H. L Suhouk 03 50
W B. Toap 75 00
Wells & MoTaggart 92 00
C. H. Wilson Oi 00
Fred Wessell...., 33 00
l'OOlt FARM rUM)
George A mack 8 GO
Floyd Copley 1 30
Oscar Vannattu 5 50
Wells & McTaggart 0 35
On motion Hoard adjourned.
Wolf Hunt
November 19th
North Line at the River, Hast Line
1 mile east of Line Precinct, South
Line 1 niilu lu Kansas, West Lino
Frnuklin Conntvlliue.
The Comers start nt 0:30 ui. in. and
the Sides start at 10:00 a in.
Only shot gnus with No. 1 shot, No
docs in assistance. l'leao keep the
lines lu shape. The Coyotes caught
will be sold und nfter advertising ex
penses tire pnld the balance will go to
the Ludies Aid Society. Lunch on the
S969WSS6SMHi'v"ss 9 -vwMM iiMiSK
HI '-kI
i ii i
I l
Cnprrlcht 1911
by The H. Itlick Cat
"A Nighty Safe Place To Trade"
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- - ev
.. ' ' '"; ' - a m m,.
Annual Meeting
Chamber of Commerce
The club rooms of the Chamber of
f 'oininorce were completely filled Tiles
day night at the annual meeting. The
members showed their enthusinsin and
their faith in the organization bythe'lP
presence. The entire meeting was
perfectly harmonious and there was
plenty of vim and vigor injected into
tho plans for the coming year's work.
The following 1-. a iccord of the trans
Meeting called to order by Picsident
Report of Secretary and Treasurer
re id and accepted.
Motion made and sccomtad the Hy
laws, be amended to make the Vice
President wild TrcHsuter R member o
the Executive board, and to elect eight'
members instead of ten, motion car
ried. The next order of business being
election of officers, tho Chair appoint
ed F. W. Cowden and Dr. Boles as teller-.
V. O. Hamilton, President.
E. L. Grimes, Vice President.
K. S Oarber, Secretary.
W. A. Sherwood, Treasurer.
Hoard of Directors F W. Cowden,
T. J. Diamond, D. B. Saunders, H. A.
Letson, E H. Newhouse, Paul Pope,
Frank Perry, S. R. Florunce.
Tho following Is tho Secretary and
Treasurer's report. "
AnBual Report
Membership 105 S0.OO each. .8 535.00
Membership dues 1,037.00
Fourth of July Fund G4C.U3
Total Heceipts . . . .S2,103.'J."i
Furniture &. Fixtures.... $133.70
ttent and extras 317 00
Billiard and Pool Tables. 183.41
Hand donatlou 82.80
MUcal. expense (Secrotary
salary, Janitor, tele
phone and eto.) 4 1 0.80
Total Disbursements. . . .$1,087.80
Balance on hand 420.45
Respectfully submitted
V. A. Sukrwoop, Treasurer.
No further business appearing, meet
ing adjourned.
K. S. (iArjikii, Seoretary.
The members of the Chamber of
Comuietce aud all of those having um
brellas and pennants are requested to
meet at the west side of the court
house Friday afternoon at 1:U0, where
they will join the purudc. He sure and
he there. Committee.
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You are noUtlctl that on tho !Knd day ol
July lMi:i. UttttleN. (llnss tiled a petition In
tho Itlstrlct Court ol Webster County, Ne
braska, niinlnst you, tliu ohjtcr anil prayer
ol which Is to obtain a docmiol divorce on
the ((round ol extreme cruelty.
You are reulicd tonuBWcrthcsuldpcUllon
onorbeloruihuBth day ol November, IUi:t.
or a decree will be entered MnuliiKt you as
prayed lor lu said petition.
Dated October !ml, lUUi.
IIattik N. lli.VKs, I'laintltl.
lly llernurd McNcuy, her attorney.
General Auctioneer
Recommendations My
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Red Cloud, - Nebr.
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Tho Prince of Monaco was amazed at the
;., i minim on uuiu sines Ol
Shoshone Project near Powell, Wyo.,
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CeprricM ion
bjr -1111. Black C
'Twenty Miles of countless
tUO ISlirllllKton through tliA -.
and was further surprised to learn that
taken place within five years.
D. Clem Deaver, Immigration Agent
too 4 Far nam mt Omaha, Ncbramka