The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 06, 1913, Image 5

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' fw-1 , 11!'!
Just While you
Are Thinking
whats the use of enduring the
Cold Winter days without a
good Cozy Cloak with a col
lar that buttons close around
the neck.
We Are Selling
these kind of Cloaks daily to
Many Many people in this
vacinity. We have your size
and at the price you want to
Tlio largest lino of vu,'9 In Iho clly
on display ut Minor Urns. Co.
Lost Sniiill Open I'lU'ellohl Wulch.
Return to Chief otllcu and reeelvu re
wind, udv.
Wlion jolt witnt A Short Order or
fresh Oysters go to Warren's restaurant
A trial of Hip Comet Cigar will con
vlnco you that It Is well worth loots,
whilo It Is sold for outs, by all dealers.
Glen Ilitlph, who is working on the
News-Chronlelo at ltenlcleinan, spent
Saturday and Sunday hero with his
Walter Warren returned homo I'll
day morning from Iowa where, ho has
lieon the past few weelcs enjoying a
Come In And
O. A llarber and wlfo dittoed down
from llaveloclc Saturday and spent
Sunday in this city with A. E. Atlilns
and family.
For goodness saUe' buy your caudles
Ht The Hon Ton lluUery Just receiv
ed u fresh supply of Kimball's choco
lates the best ever.
Friday and Saturday
NOV. 7 8
Another fine, four reel program for
these dates
BV F1UK an, I WATKU-A pleasing
Eillsou diaiua. An appealing story
that tcnchei a s itiml lesson.
story of orphaned
twins, a staitling Illusion vlll buseeti
lit tills picture, One twin falls Into tho
hands or the underworld, the other In
to favored walks of life. Moth slsteis
are portrajo I by MI-.H Nllson In a dud
cm p uilty. In the climax the twin
sisters meet. Ho wonderful Is the Il
lusion that lew eau lonllzo that Miss
Nilsott and her sister are one and the
same poison ,
tures of woild wide events.
Iltill WOtHiHN LHO-Ootnudy.
First show at 7:UJ. Matinee hjatur
day afternoon at --.'M and MW.
Going fluiay Thanksgiving jf
Our Line of Children's Cloaks
are elegant.
p. G. TuMwe & Son
I have the best rate in the. county on
farm loans. See me and be convinced,
My motto prompt service.
A. T. Wai.kkr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall nnd
children of Strang, Nebr., were here
attending the wedding of Miss Mildred
Fulton and Mr. Earl Hall.
We handle the Mueller&Kcllcrcelo
brated box candles, also Chase's fancy
bulk chocolates. Puritan Restaur
tint, H. Ludlow, proprietor.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Koou of Okla
homa who have been visiting his
brother, Will Koou and family, went
up to lllvcrton Saturday evening.
Monday and Tuesday
NOV. 10-11
THE LINK Ul'.-A lino two-reel
special which is in truth a feature. A
pretty and convincing story introduc
ing college life, foot ball, eto.
Pathc Coined v.
Mrs. Alf. McCall and sou are borne
from Valparlso, Indiana where sbe
has been visiting her daughter, Miss
Orace McCall, who is attending college
at that place.
Bulletin of The Week's Doings
Attend the Farmers' Institute.
See Warren's
restaurant for Fresh
John Rose of Blue Hill was in
It. L. Boren Is
Creek, Colorado.
home from Cripple
Stewart Rogers of Superior was
town Tuesday on business.
When in'nccd of anything in the rug
line seo Miner Bros. Co.
Will Scrlvner
spent Sunday in
Mrs. Chas Cross is visiting In Frank
lin this week.
m . m
See the complete line of rigs at
Miner Bros. Co.
Walt. Denny retu-ned
from Kansas City.
Joe Perry returned
Sterling, Colorado Friday.
home Friday'
home from
J. F. Grimes returned to his home
at Blue mil Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sleeper of Lincoln
arrived in the city Saturday to visit
Brakeman Roy Robinson of McCook
spent Suuday in this city with Ills
Lest you forget hot wattles at the
Puritan restaurant. II. Ludlow Proprietor.
Felix Curry and wife left Friday for
Hastings where they will reside in
the future.
' Col. Jake Ellingor shipped two cars
of stock to .St. Joe Sunday. He ac
companied the shipment.
Mr. and Mrs Will Fowler of North
Platte spent Suuday In this city with
Chas. McCord ahd family.
Two or three auto loads of Rlverton
foot ball enthusiasts were down tak
ing in the game Friday afternoon.
Last Friday the Bloomiugton town
foot ball team came dowu and played
our town team on the local gridiron in
the afternoon. In the first quarter our
bojs made a touch down and kicked
goal making seven points and in the
third quarter they made a touch dowu
falling to kick goal. Our boys won
the game by u score ot 111 to 0 It was
a good fast gamo and both teams put
up a good gutuu.
T. C. Hacker and Sam Lindsey were
in Superior Wednesday.
Oris Fcarn of Hastings visited over
Sunday with his parents.
Win. Busking of Rosemont was in
the city Tuesday on business.
Rer. and Mrs. W. II. Wright of the
M. E. Church have been entertaining
members, friends and Sunday school
scholars of the church at the parson
age this week.
Dr. Warrick, The Specialist, wll
meet eye, ear, nose and throat patients
and thofec Yteeding glasses fitted at Dr.
bamereil's oillce in Red Cloud, Mon
day, Nov. 10th.
Rev. J. M. Hates will leave Monday
on 13 fqY McCook, where tie' will be'
engaged most of the week In attending
a Deanery Convocation and examining
a candidate for ordination.
Wednesday and Thursday
NOV. 13-13
THE HINDO CHARM.-A bitagraph
drama featuring Costello. A charm
ing plcturo taken in India.
A MODES P II EUO. An 'interesting
Blograph drama.
TANOOOA. A line scenic.
HOUSE. A good Comdy.
Whether you are or not, its a
good idea to Check up your
needs in Clothing and Fur
nishings and come in and
see us. We've prepared for
a big Thanksgiving trade and
can take care of you in good
Kuppenheimcr Clothcraft
and Society Brand
Suits and Overcoats for Men
and Young Men.
The HestClothing money can
buy. Priced Within Your
$8.00 to $30.00
Mens Ties, Shirts, Under
wear, Silk Hosiery, Collars,
Gloves, Mittens. Hats, Caps
and Fine Trousers.
Come To Us For Your
Thanksgiving Needs you'll
not have any regrets.
Gwrrlfhl 191) The Home cf Kupptahdnwt
Jhe Gouiden-Kaley Clothing (Jo.
Red Cloud's Fore Most Mothers
meaeseaig 5i eaeaescl
Dr.-. Boles was called to St
Wednes'dity by the serious nine's
'Babe" McKlminey.
The 1913 Rye Crop
Nebraska farmers devoted 15U,817
acres to ryo in 1013, according to the
figures compiled by tlio state board of
agriculture. The average yield per
acre was Hft7 bnt-hels and the total
i .. ..... n ma .1') 'ri.
. . crop is csnmaieu hi .,i-r,i.-.. .
Dr's. Miss Nellie Muurcr, Cross ,,a narkct. value, computing the yield at
ui.niaL, i., s..,w,ri.' v,wi,.n,. I GO cents a bushel, Ir 11,877,1.18.10.
Nicholson were in Superior
day attending the Dental Associut
Ion. "'
Our dinners advertise themselves, II.
Ludlow. adv . f
The New Comminion
Carson lllldreth of Franklin will dis
cuss "Tlio Agricultural Development
Commission" at thu Mid Winter meet
ing of Organized Agriculture at Lin
coln Jan. 10-2.'). This commission is
composed of bankers, the business and
transportation Interests of the state..
Its functtou will be to raise funds to
finance the extension ot Rcleutlflc agriculture.
wv w NwaBiv' """ " it h.
' 1
Mrs. George Atnack has for her
guest this week Mrs. Miller of Best-wick.
Supt. Morltz went to Omaha Tues
day to attend the State Teachers'
See Dr. Warrick, The Occullst and
Aurist, at Dr. Damerell's office Mon
day, Nor. 10th.
The members of the Iiaptist church
gave Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hall a fruit
shower Wednesday.
Miss Mabel Duckies, who is attend
ing Normal at Kearney is visiting her
pareuts this week
n.i m 9 i i i
Miss Anna Fulton of Shelton Is
spending the week wtb her pareuts,
Mr and Mrs. Willis Fulton.
Chas. C. Cottle of Kdgar, Nebr., will
be the judge of the poultry depart'
mettt of the Farmers' Institute.
Mrs. Fred Plumb Is enjoying a visit
with hor two sisters, Misses Hattie nnd
Louisa Smalley of Eureka, Illinois.
Cottlng The Druggist sells the
"Standard Hog Regulator" guaranteed
to expel worms uttd keep your hogs well.
Rev. W. F. Cole of Genoa, formerly
pastor of the Baptist church here was
Id town Wednesday. We were nil
glad to see Brother Cole.
Mr. and Mrs. Vorit Butler of Abcliue
Kansas was visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Butler the Hist of the
Miles McCord and wife of Labauon,
Kansas spent Thursday In this city
with his brother, Chas. McCord
Rev. Wright, pastor of the M. E
church will preach n sermon to the
old people of this city next Sunday
morning. All old people nre cordially
invited to attend this seimon.
Mrs. Jas. Stelnmau, who has been
visiting her parents in Iowa for some
time returned home Monday evening.
Her sister accompanied her home and
expects to spend the wiuter in this
There seems to have been a mistake
made In the Woman's department of
the Farmers' Institute. In the old
ladies department it says, "Articles
mado by ladies over 70 years old.'
This should have been CO years old.
"The World's Battle" will be the
morning subjeet at the Congregational
church. Subject of the evening ad
drees "All the Days." At the SundBy
sohool hour "World's Temperance
Sunday." Sunday will be observed
with special excerclses.
Last Saturday afternoon Will Scrlv
nor's automobile and Mrs. Ernest
Welsch's horse and buggy bad a colli
son on Webster street. In the mix-up
Mrs. Welseh was thrown out of the
buggy slitrhtly injured. It was a close
call for her and she might have been
injured worse.
Sugar Beets
Reports tabulated by the state board
of agriculture indicate that the acre
age of sugar beets for 1013 amounts to
22,040. Scotts Hluir county devotes
13,000 acres to sugar beet culture. The
following counties reports sugar .beet
acreages In excess of 100 acres:
County Acreage
Buffalo'. 410
Dawsou f7u
Hall '. ,410
Hitchcock 1337
Keith 8G5
Lincoln nGO
Morrill 1781
Rod Willow 057
Scotts Bluff 1UG0O
Sioux ,N. 1M
Mean of Maud.
Ethel "Jack snatched a kiss from
tlice last night and she crlod." Maud
'What for more?"
'-' MMH
Special Brass
Bed Sale
During The Week, Commencing
I shall make a Special Sale on my Guaran
teed Brass Beds, rmttresses and Springs.
This is a Bonded Brass Bed Guaranteed for
. 10 years has two inch posts, and will not
This Mattress is made of Felted cotton and is guaranteed
for Five years, the Springs is made of the best tempered
steel. Has interlocking top wires, and will not sag nor
lose its shape. It is guaranteed for Ten years.
This Combination of Bed, Mattress and
Springs will be sold during this sale for-
ONLY $26.35
This is a rare Bargain and any one desiring to purchase
anything in this line should see our goods before buying.
Licensed Embalmer and Furniture Dealer.
Tr ,fanj.T.: - idejfr- vM:v
n' i .a