The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 30, 1913, Image 2

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HI.OW tln bluffs which
skirt tho shore of Fort
Sheridan military ruHcr
vatlon the waves of Lake
Michigan wawh over the
nltn of a loHt town.
Whon tho winds of a fow
more HtorniH nhnll have
blown to tho beach two
applo troos which Imvo
but a frail footing at tho
embankment's odgo tho lant remlnderB of
a onco thriving and iiopuloiiH place will
havo boon Bwopt awny.
AlmoHt seventy yearn ago the hamlet
of St. John waH founded by a man named
Uctllngcr and n fow of hln follow urn
Tho wlto chOKon wan n coiniunnilltiK one
on tho bluff overlooking tho lake and
onehnlf mllo cast of tho point whom tho north
western depot at tho Village of lllghwood now
standH. Tho grunt clay bank with tho stretch of
sand beach which shelves awny to tho wator'H edge
at Its foot looks us If It woro strong enough and
far onouRh removed from tho breakcrH to be nfo
against tho nngrlcBt northenHter that over blow.
Tho men who built their Iiouhch upon tho plain
surmounting tho embankment thought their foun
datloim woro na suro uh though founded on tho
tradltlonnl rock. Thoy did tako tho precaution,
howovcr, to limit their building oporatlotiH on tho
wast by a lino drnwn fifty yards from tho odgo of
tho bluff. That lino hns long Inco been burled In
tho sand under tho waves, and with It nro the
houfiofl and tho ahopB of tho early HettlerH.
In tho year 184G tho Village of St. John was tho
rival of Wnukcgnn, which was then called Llttlo
Kort Iloth woro prosperous and both wcro grow
Ing. Hlghwood tradition hath It that people pass
ing through tho two places from Chicago declared
that St. John ehowod tho oar murks of success and
that It wna destined to bo a big city. Other people
besldo tho Chlcagonns thought bo, too, nnd thoy
flocked to the placo and built substantial Iioubcb
and shopu. Tho two applo trees which ulono re
main of all that pertained to tho Vlllago of St.
John grew In tbo yard of Sebastian Richards,
whose houso waB farther removed from tho
lako thnn any other In tho vlllago. Tho applo
trees woro back of tho residence. Not long ago
the foundation of bricks, which was all that
waa loft of Richard's dwelling, fllld down tho
bluff Into the Inko during tho height of a win
ter Btorm. Tho roolR of one of tho npplo treoB
ro oven now extending Into tho air through tho
Ido of tho embankment. Onn good strong push
would Bend It hurtling to tho bench 100 feet
below. s
Among the names of tho builders or St. John
In addition to thoso of Hettinger nnd Sebastian
Richards, tho only ones that tho oldest High
wood Inhabitants can remember, nro Frank
Mitch, Fotor Raker and George Shopard. Mitch
wna a shoemaker nnd It Is snid that ho is still
following tho trado In a town In tho, far north.
Ah far aa la known ho Ib tho only survivor of
tho men who foundod tho Vlllago of St. John.
In tho yenr 1847 thero woro several Btores, n
blackBmlth shop, a tavern and a postofllco In tho
Vlllago of St. John, which thon held a populn-
tlon of about 200 people. In that" day thero was
a Btago coach lino between Chicago nnd Mil
waukee. The ravorn at St. John was a relay
fltatlon for the Btago. Henry Mowers, who ro
members tho vlllago In Its lnttor days, says
that tho tavern was noted for Its table, nnd Uh
liquor, and that pcoplo frequently took tho Btago
Journey from Chicago for tho boIo purpose of
setting a good dlnnor and n good glass.
It waa a man who intended bocomlng n resi
dent of St. John that nttorwnrd foundod tho
Village of Half Day. Ho hnd looked over tho
lakeside village, and thon had declared that ho
would establish ono that would last longer nnd
had moro pcoplo In It. Tho nutomoblllsta who
every 8unday pass through Half Day on their
runs to Waukcgan and return may look on tho
half-dozen houses thero assembled, and know
that the man who turned his back on St. John
haa kept hla word.
Whon tho Chlcngo and Mllwnukeo rnllroad was
built tho aurvoyed lino ran onohalf mllo weBt
of the Village of St. John. An ndequato idea
of the Importance of a plnco of which now bare
ly a vostlgo remalnB may bo hnd when it In
known that the railroad authorities built a spur
Una running to tho south edgo of tho town.
Some of tho practical rcsldonts of tho placo had
discovered that an excellent quality of brick
could be made from tho clay which was found
In a pit a 8hort dlstanco south or tho blacksmith
ahop. As a matter of fact, tho presence of this
brickyard was one of tho chief reasons that tho
branch line of tho railroad was built. Whon
Uncle Sam accepted from tho Commercial Club
of Chicago tho land to tho north of tho city ns
a military reservation tho soldiers drew hun
dreds or cartloads of both good brick nnd broken
brick from the site of tho old brickyard nnd
uBod the material for tomporary road-making
and for the filling In of swamp BpotB. Tho foro
thought of tho St. John pcoplo In leaving bo
hind them spoclineim of their handiwork saved
the United States government n great many
It is possible to traco today with no dlfllculty
at all tho embankment upon which tho branch
lino of the railroad ran to tho brickyard nnd to
the now lout Vlllngo of St. John. In size nnd
outllno it looks llko a military redoubt, and It
would perfectly answer tho purpoHo of one. Tho
ombnnliment waB leveled nt its western end
whon stores woro eroded In tho Vlllago of High
wood. It starts now from n point almost direct
ly back of tho little Methodist church, and runs
eastward, broken only by roads which havo been
dug through It.
It was less than ten years nftor tho founding
of St. John that tho people nwakened to a possl
bio danger to their homos by tho encroachment
of tho waves of the lako. It is truo that thoy
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Many Islands, Large and 8mall, Scat
tered Around Shores of United
London. Scattered around the
shores of the United Kingdom aro a
number of small Islands, Inrgo and
email, whosu proprietors, while own
Ing allegiance to King George, are,
nevertheless, monarchs of all thoy sur
vey, with greater power over tho com
fort nnd well being of their "subjects"
than his majesty enjoys. Indeed, In
some instances tho Urltlsh parliament
haa no power to tax thoso Island es
tates, without tho consent of their
owners, nor can anyono land or reside
upon them without tho permission of
saw year by year that tho
face of the bluff was being
gradually worn nway, but
tho erosion was so Blow that
thoy gave llttlo heed. One
night In tho winter of 1852
a Btorm whipped up out of
tho northeast. It was forty
right hours bctoro It had
fully spent Its force. Re
foro Its assaults, tho bluff
gave way, tons upon tons of
tho hnrd clay breaking off In
great pieces and falling to
the boach. When tho wind
ceased blowing tho born of
tho dwelling nearest to tho
lnko stood nt tho edge of tho
embankment. Tho villagers
started to move tho structure
Inland, but another storm,
coming up suddenly, forced
them to stop tho work, nnd
of disjointed Jo b B and broken planks, was be
ing tossed about by the waves.
It waB about this timo that' tho peoplo of St.
John rccolved a visitor who was much more
unwelcome than the storm. ThlH visitor was a
Inwyor armed with a lot of formidable-looking
pnpers. Ho went to the tavern nnd nsked that
tho elders of tho village bo sent for. Thoy enmo.
Tho Inwyor told them that their tltlo to the land
which they occupied was extromoly faulty nnd
that thoy must cither pay agnln for the ground
on which their homos 'stood, or got out. Tho
villagers made up their minds to tight the mat
ter out, but preliminary court proceedings allowed
them that tho lawyer had fully ns good k case
ns ho claimed. Thoy becamo disheartened, and
when another terrlllc storm nroso, and the black
smith's shop und George Shopard's houso went
Into the lako thoy lost nil courage. Thoy told
tho lawyer that tho lake soemed to have a bet
ter claim to tho land thnn either thoy or he
hnd, nnd that It apparently wns bent on enrorc
Ing tltlo rights. One by ono tho pcoplo or St.
John moved awny, leaving their dwelling nnd
stores to the will or tho wind nnd wnves. Set
tlements sprang up to tho Bouth nnd the west
or tho deserted village, and the peoplo. during
tho height or winter storms, used to go to a plnco
nenr the bluff and wntch for boiiio deserted dwell
ing standing perilously nenr the edgo of tho
embankmont to fall with ono final craBh onto
the, water-swept sand below.
Henry 'Mowers, an old time hunter was a vet
eran of tho residents nenr tho Blto or tho lost
village. Not long nttor tho disappearance In the
lako or tho last building or tho Vlllago or St.
John, Mowers took a Bpado nnd walked up tho
lako Bhoro until ho caino to the point whoro
a largo part or tho slto of St. John had disap
peared beneath tho waves. Mowers' trip wns
taken up nt sunrise, a tlmo whon he was not
likely to bo interrupted In his work. Ho began
series of mysterious diggings Just at tho base or
tho mud cliff. He worked for two hours nnd
thon quit. Ho returned to his task ovory morn
ing for a week, making several now excnvatlons
a foot or two in depth each tlmo. Ono morning
tho spado struck something hard, and In a mln
uto Mowers hnd unearthed an ingot or pure cop
per weighing eighteen pounds. This was worth
halng, but It wns not what Mowers was arter.
Ho kopt on digging for a month, nnd nt tho end
of that tlmo had socured gold nnd silver French
nnd SpanlBh pieces In vnluo to tho nmount of
$24. tn addition he found somo United Stntos
copper centB nnd hnlf-conts of an early date and
ono bronze Roman coin oILjho porlod of Noro.
Mowers kept at his work for wcoks, but nftor
unearthing tho Roman ploco ho found nothing
ror n long time. Ho wns about to glvoup tho
work for good. Ho shouldered his spado and
started homownrd. On the sand, glistening In
tho sun at tho wnter'B edgo, Just as ho ttirnod
to go for supposedly tho last time, ho found two
United States silver dollars minted on one side
&ZV&&JVZX& 3izr afj&dP rowTr-
Time it! Papc's Diapepsin enda
all Stomach misery in five
Do somo foods you cat hit back
taste good, but work badly; ferment
Into stubborn lumps and cause a sick,
sour, gassy stomach? Now, Mr. or
Mrs. Dyspeptic, Jot this down: I'apo's
Dlnpepstn dlgestB everything, leaving
nothing to Bournnd upset you. Thero
never was anything so safely quick, so
certainly effective. No difference how
badly your stomach is disordered you
will get happy relief In flvo minutes,
but what pleases you most Is that It
strengthens nnd regulates your stom
ach bo you can cat your favorlto foods
without fear.
You feci different as Boon aa "Pape'a
Diapepsin" cornea In contact with the
stomach distress Just vanishes your
stomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
Ing, no eructations of undigested food.
Go now, niako tho best investment
you ever made, by getting a largo fifty
cent case of I'apo's Diapepsin from any
store. You realize In five minutes how
nccdloEH It Is to suffer from Indiges
tion, (lspcpshi or bud stomach. Adv.
Modern Agent.
Hall What nro you doing now?
Gnll Oh, I'm making u house-to-house
canvass to ascertain why pcopla
dof't want to buy a new patent
clothes wringer. Chicago News.
only. Hero was a puzzle which even his shrewd
ness could not solve. The coins were silver and
of full weight, and In that dny silver wns of
sufficient intrinsic value to mako it useless for
anyone to mako counterfeltH out or tho pure
metal. Mowers searched for another week, but
found no moro coins. Ho then showed the ro
suit of his labor to neighbors and to somo people
In tho city of Chicago. Ho said nothing about
where ho had discovered tho treasure. Shortly
afterward, however, u man offered him $100 for
tho secret, und though Mowers told him that
the plnco wns probably worked out the man of
fered the money, Bald ho would take the chance,
nnd the offer was accepted. The purchaser
never found anything and gavo up tho labor in
disgust. '
It wns not long beforo the story or tho place
where tho coins had been picked up became gen
erally known and the peoplo flocked to tho bluff
and to tho beach marking the site or the lost
town. They dug, searched and prospected with
all tho ardor or Klondtkors, but tbo solo result
waa a gold piece or tho valuo of $2. HO, which a
boy picked up from the wake or a retreutlng
wave. The collection or coin which Henry Mow
ers round Is now In the possession or a man
who onco rnn a Chicago dlmo museum. No one
has ever been able, to account for the presenco
of the money In the place. The theory that It
was left behind by n departing resldont or St.
John is said to be hardly tenable, because the
peoplo or that place were not rich enough to
mnko them careless or valuables.
There Is ono metal which tho prospector may
find In abundance If ho will go to St. John before
'the tu old applo trees tumblo down the bluff.
Tho trunks nnd branches of both or them are
full of lead. Tho trees stood Just at tho end
of tho old Sixth Infantry rifle butt. For three
years before tho building of the present post
the troops that first camo to Fort Sheridan
pumped lend at target practice Into the butt nnd
Incidentally into tho applo trees at the side.
Despite tho attacks of the weather and this
leaden onslaught the two trees bore a burden or
fruit for years an sound and as sweet as that
which bent their branches nt tho time when the
town of St. John was something more substan
tial thnn a memory.
Typical Cottage In Lewis.
their rulers. Some of them are but
a few acres In extent, whllo others
run Into many square miles of terri
tory, boasting of a lordly castle and
quite a largo population.
Perhaps the principal island proper
ty In tho United Kingdom is Lewis,
In the Outer Herbrldes, whoso pres
ent ruler is Major Matheson. Lewis
Is certainly no mean kingdom," seeing
that it boasts of an area or 437,221
acres and a poulatlon of nearly 30,000
souls. Indeed, it 1b tho largest island
In the United Kingdom next to Ire
land. For the man desirous of setting
up In a moderate sort of way as a
monarch, here Is an admirable chance,
for Major Matheson is anxious to dis
pose of his kingdom.
The little kingdom boasts of ex
tenslvo locks, where magnificent Ash
ing is to bo hnd, whllo in some parts
It Is very mountainous, Menlasbhal nnd
Ren Moro, tho two highest peaks, tow
erlng l.SOO odd feet above Bea level.
Over Its extensive moors and forest
land the red deer still roam. Every-,
where there are numerous antiquities)
and Druldlcal remains. The owner's
residence is a magnificent old castlo
close to Stornowny, the prlnlcpal town
Many members of tho royal family
have stayed here, Induing tho lata
King Edward. The principal industry
Is fishing, and In the season tho girls
of Stornowny go nil over Scotland
packing herrings. Noxt to flshlag,
cloth weaving engages tho attention
of the Islanders, who aro a hardy and
thrirty set or peoplo, tho majority or
whom know no other tongue but Gael
ic. Major Matheson is nsking $1,500
000 ror this Island kingdom.
Important to Moth ore
Examine carefully overy bottle of
CASTOR: A, a Bafo nnd Bure remedy for
Infants nnd children, and see that it
Signature of C7
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castorui
Tho fellow who casts slurs Is gen
erally throwing a boomerang.
Money talks, especially when ttgoea
to tho opera.
Imagines People Are Always Cook
Ing on It and Making Him
Eat, Hungry or Not.
Savanna. Of three men charged
with being lunatics, who were tried
at tho Jail, two men were ordered sent
to tho state sanitarium, while the third
was discharged In tho custody of his
(sister and a friend with whom he
II. J. McCoy, who was released, is
isubjoct to periodical attacks of in
sanity, when ho believes ho possesses
(miraculous religious powers. And
.tho women who defended him excused
his claims in this respect
A few years ago he was hurt In si
jrallroad accident. Ills lawyer tiled
mult, and McCoy now sometimes Imag
ines ho and his lawyer aro partners.
When theso spells are on him he tries
his caso, testifying, examining wit
nesses and making tho argument to
tho Jury.
Ben Perry Is an old-tlmor. Ho
thinks ho carries a hot stove around
In his head. People aro all the tlmo
cooking things on this strive, and
ithey make him eat whatever It is,
'whether he 1b hungry or not. He Is
'always surrounded by his enemies,
'who never give him a moment's peaco.
JIm Spencer, tho third subject, haa
'lost bis mind, speech and hoarlug.
Rah! Rah!
Three cheers for a
keen appetite, perfect
digestion, liver activ
ity and bowel regu
larity. If you do not
possess these, you
should take
before meals. It helps
Nature overcome all
Stomach, Liver and
Bowel ills.
Free Homesteads
In tho new PIMrlet of
Manitoba, Haftkklctie
wnn nnil Alberta there
era Ibuusandt of rre
llomrstoailRleft, which
to the miin maklngentrr
In 8 iron lima will be
worth from IJu toftt per
Hern. Thcue lands are
well arinntj'd to grain
growing ana camo raiuog.
BxcmiCT iuilwit; rinuras
In many raftea the railways In
Canada ham been built In ad
vance of aettli menu and In a
abort time there will not be a
settler w ho need be. more than
ten ortnrlTeiulles from a line
of railway, ilallwar Kalea are
reiin lait it br UoTarnmenl Ooa
nusslon. Social Conditions
The American Settler Is athome
In Western Canada. Ilelanota
stranger In a strange land, bar
Ing nearly a million of hla own
people a I ready settled there. If
Son desire to know why theenn.
Itlonof tbeCanadlanHeUlerla
Brut p runs write and send for
teruture, rates, etc, to
Bee Building, Omaha, Nab.
Canadian Government Agent, or
aaareta Biiirinirnurnj ui
IBiniiKTmiiou, wmwsn
wmt'seWlwT' Ttawl
vol i.vOJM
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ll ll" tf
Nebraska Directory
JJyVtJJwHg--r'"ll fs "rrr ii l"l" iiriJ Jl"l
Room", front $1.00 up alngle, 76 cents up double.
"My wlfo must bo doing tbo cooking today."
"On thoBo days my dog always, comes to the
ofllco. All right, Towsor, you can go to lunch
vslth mo."
"Thero Is one thing queer about an accusing
"What Ib that?"
"A man refuses to countenance It when ba
faces It"
Big Alabama 8nake,
Huntsvillo, Ala. Tho body of ono
of tho largest rattlesnakes ever seen
In this section baa been brought hero
'from tho Green plantation, near Far
loy, where It was killed by Will WIbo.
.Tho nsptllo moasurcd six nnd one-half
feet and carried sixteen rattles. A
Don of Wise almost stepped on the
snako while in the mountain and gave
the alarm.
Lincoln Sanitarium
iiiaMailr '
V'lVJ I laLTaGsWfwBj
Sulpho Saline Springs
Located on our own premlie ind used la tbo
Natural Mineral Water
Unsurpassed In the treatment ol
Heart. Stomach, Kldntrand Uer Dlteuea
I40S M Street Lincoln, Nab.
f" Ji-t.
Vi .V it, ."tn
jn mim i-i .1 jVJi u i '.. !. , "aft lli" iwft 4$&'A i'w.' j t .,-.