The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 30, 1913, Image 1

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Farmers' Institute November 11-12-13-14
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A Newspaper That (lives The News Fifty-two Week Each Year Far $1.50
This Govern men t Won't Put
Its Money
In a bank that docs not guarantee it against loss.
Why Should You?
The United States will not deposit a dollar in a
National Bank, on any other bank, unless the bank
furnishes a bond for twice the amount deposited.
The United States Government can at any time
make an investigation of any National Bank and learn
all about its resources. But still the Government de
mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU
have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State Guaranty Law no matter what happens
Just received another large shipment of Rugs
in all sizes. My stock is now complete in all
lines. I can furnish Rugs from the small 18x36
inch to the large 11-3 by 12 foot size, and we
have in stock Wiltons, Axministers, Body
Brussell, Tapistry, Velvet and Wool Fibre.
Furniture Dealer and licensed Embalmer
Earnings Go To State
Since the state f lir was permanently
located in Lincoln, the state board of
agriculture had paid out in earnings
in the way of permanent improve
ments approximately 8170.0C0. The
property thus acquired now belongs
to the people without one cent of ex
pense to the taxpayers. During the
year 1013 the state board of agricul
ture has paid for the following im
provements out of the earning:
Placing walls about machinery hall.
Building the west bleuchors.
Laying stone walks.
Kxeuvuting and tilling draw on the
new east tract itntl fencing said tract.
Paving seventeenth street north of
Hurllngton truck.
Sewers on Marker Avenue and thru
center of inachiuory section,
Ten car loads occluders for surfac
ing. .
Extra balcony in new ugi (culture
horticulture building.
This Is n record that few state fair
associations have equalled und attests
the loyalty of Nebruskaus to their big
LOST A satchel, on last Friday, be
tween Amboy and a mile west of town.
Finder leave at thU oftlce and receive
reward. A. N. Teriiy.
Town Team
This week a number of our young
men who used to attend school in days
gone hy and were star foot ball players
in the teams of which they were mem
bers got together and organized a town
foot ball team and are busy practicing
every day. They are now ready to
play any team that wauts to match a
game with them. Wejprodict for them
many victories. Chus. A. Schellak in
the manager of the team. Helow we
give the names of the players on the
Center- V. .elss.
Ulght (luard Teddy MoAi thur.
Ulght Tackle Carl lerubcrg.
Ulght Und Lloyd Illncs.
Left Knd Floyd Turuure.
Left Tackle Lloyd Crow.
Left Guard "Ited" (Jeer.
Quarter Hack Henry Pharos.
Full Uaok-Wohster Kay.
Ulght Half littck Ksty Bmelser.
Left Half Back Vinton Johnston.
Substitutes U. Zeiss, M. Duller, C.
Lest you forget hot wattles at the
Puritan restaurant. H. Ludlow, Proprietor.
Income Tax Law
How It Will Work.
The new income tux law is In full
force and effect and we muy as well
understand its provisions uow hs to
wait. The principle of the income tax
has ueenjudvoeated by legislators for
many years but it was never made a
part of our law until the Democrats
came into power last March. In its
broadest interpretation this law puts
the tax on the man who can best af
ford to pay it, that is on the men who
has an Income of thiee thousand doll
ars or more.
The law provides that every person
or corporation with an annual Income
(if three thousand dollars or more must
tile a otrttemeut with the internal re
VL'tiiii' cilice r which must statu the in
come and the source. The til st state,
iiient must be tiled March L. I1H1
which is not very far away. The tax
eol lector then estimates the tux Ha
Wlllty. sending notice .Tune 1 and tliis
tax must Ue paid by the :10th of the
Mtnif month: failure to pay within
ten d.iys costs live pel cent, more ittid
an additional one, percent, per month
Tim law provides for u normal lax
of 1 peiceut per annum on thu amount
of net. income over 111,000 for Individ
uals, and over $1,000 for husband nud
wife living together. Tills tux applies
to all tuxablo incomes, small or great
The law also provides for an addition
al yearly tax of 1 percent on the total
amount, of net Income from all sources
over 820,000 and not over ?ot),u00 per
annum; 2 percent on the amount of
net income over S-10,000 and not over
$75,OoO; .'I perceut on the amount of
net income over $".",000 and not over
8100,000; 4 perceut on the amount of
net income over 8100,000; and not over
8250,000; 5 perceut ou the amount of
net income over $2!0,000 and not over
$500,000; and G percent on the amount
by which the total net income exceeds
While for a man and wife living to
gether the first 84,000 of an income is
exempted'from taxation, there is no.
thing in the law freeing such a man
from the requirement of making a re
turn of his income to the collector.
The normal tax of 1 perceut, when an
income is derived from investments,
muy be with hold at the source of In
come und paid to the government, hut
the surtax in nil, instances is to be
paid by the individual.
From a further study of the tax it is
seen that the burden of the tux will
rest heaviest upon tho bondholders,
and furthermore that these persons
who have their fortune invented in
government or like bonds will find
themselves better off, inasmuch as in
come from these will be exempt from
tuxation. Without doubt one of the
flual results, if not an immediate re
sult, of the application of the new tax
will be a shifting in Investments in
this country.
We have had tho corporation tux
for tho past three years, which in the
filial analysis has been borne by the
stockholders. Therefore the income
tax under the new law will uot rest
any heavier on fortunes invested in
stocks than the corporation tax hus
in the past. In tho sale of bonds, how
ever, this is dlirorent. The return
from bonds has not been taxed by the
federal government before, but under
the new law such interests will bo
Tho law in addition' inovldes that
the Interest upon obllgnt ions of a state
or any political subdivision thereof
and upon tho obligations of the United
States or its possessions shall bo ex
empt from the tax. It would ho im
possible to accurately estimate how
many fortunes under this clause will
he exempt from tho tax. It Is knowu
thut Hetty Green has larger holdings
of such bonds and her interest there
from will be exempt from the federal
income tax. People of smaller wealth
have their fortunes to invested and
, they will be exempted from taxation.
this provision should also encourage
the malting of such investments
The rank ami file of the taxpayers
under the new law will not have to
trouble with the surtax as that is to
rest upon incomes only abovo 820,(X)0 a
year and the number of such incomes
Is comparatively small Much has
been said about taxing at the source,
huUthls is to play but a small part In
the tax on the income of moderately
salaried men. Men with incomes be
low the 1120,000 mark usually have n
salary and nu auiiual return from u
few investments. Such a man will b
required to tile a statement with the
collector indicating what his not In
come is.
Supposing such a man to have var
ied interests, .tho head of n private
business in which he has most of his
Invest ments Furthermore ho may
have nuiHldtt inveM incuts, In order to
estimate the income upon ulihili he
nil I u,v a ta such a uitti will MiUlract
from his gloss income Ui actual and
necessary expenses of curjiug on his
business, Uut this is not to include his
personal, living or family expenses.
Then he will lie permitted t isuhstniut
the ihtcic.-t he has paid during the
year on his intlcUtcduos: all nation il,
state, county, school, and muii'ciiml
taxes; all Liases not. m Mired li in-.iir'
a ce or ntticrtvi-c; debts that, mo no I
good and clurgcd t IV dm ug I lie year.
bucli a man m
from his income
for wear and tear of iprnpeity arising
out of its use in business, but ho is
uot to lie permitted Uuleduct aunllou
unco for new buildings, permanent im
provements, or betterments. If the
tux-payer haw investments ill any cor
poration, joint-stock company, associa
tion or insurance company ho is per
mitted to subtract his returns from
this from his gross income, because
under the law such income is taxed nt
the source and the corporation paying
the dividend must substract and pay
the tax to tho government. Also as
pointed out above if the small business
man has investments in "the obliga
tions of u state or any political sub
division thereof, "or in 'the obligations
of tho Uuited States or its possess
ions," tho iueome ho receives from
such a source is not to be tuxed. Sub
tracting from his gross income nil
these items will louve the net income
upon which the individual is to be re
quired to pay a tax.
3 wv
Cut Glass
Costs Money
! . ii inn iny i iii yeui, I '
may then dilute uT ,&)
i u reasonable allowance (fi
n p$k
) T R It1
Teachers' Held Meeting
At Cowles, Saturday.
At the first general teachers' meet
ing held at Cowles, Saturday, October
2rth. each teacher received a copy of
the ..Nebraska Special Day Programs
published this fall. The book con
tains 188 pages of material for the
special days observed In Nebraska
schools. Patriotic Day, Washington
Day, Nebraska Day, Arbor aud lllrd
Day, Peace Day aud Closing Day. It
is an excellent selection of poems and
exercises with which every school child
should be familiar.
Other helps to teachers and pupils,
and a circular giving full information
concerning tho Gold and Silver Medals
offered to children for the best essay
ou tho ''Repair aud Maiutuiiience'bf
Earth Roads" were distributed. Tho
contest closes March 2, 1UU. The cir
cular gives some helpful suggestions
to children concerning roads. These
circulars arc to be posted In the school
room so that every child may have thu
benefit of tho Information contained
as some of the Webster-County lioy.sund
girls will try for thu medal und it Is.
honed tuiitmuiiv will when tliev know i cholera.
about it.
And the better it is the more
it costs just like everything
But cut glass Is bought mainly
for its beauty anyway and
you can't get beauty without
paying for it.
But that needn't frighten any
lover of cut glass away from
our store.
To tell you that ours is moder
ately priced, doesn't explain
anything for you,
To tell ypu that we have just
opened a new, clean stock does
not let you know the beauty of
our glass, nor can you appre
ciate the beauty of our new
silver deposit ware till you
see it.
So we guess you'll just have to
drop in 'and see for yourself,
Will you?
Optometrist and Jeweler
RED CLOUD, - -' - Nebraska
I 111 J
Last Chance Offers!
Many of the Magazines
Will increase their subscription rates after
November 10th. I have a list of these Maga
zines and can make a combination now
At Reduced Rates
I meet any offers made you and SAVE you the
expense of remitting direct. Come in and get
these lowest rates before the advance
Stamping Out Hog Cholera
The Uuited States Department of
Agriculture, co-operating with the
University of Nebraska and the State
Sanitary liourd, has formed a special
district composed of Johnson county
aud the north half of (lage in which
to attempt thu extermination of hog
ment's share of the expenses will b
paid from a special appropriation of
173,000 made by the last Congress.
A survey will Hist be mudo of tho
Tho teachers voted to send greetings , district to ascertain the present uoudi
to the Webster County girls who have
gone to other counties to tench: lOlmu
Alles, Dawes Co', Anna Peterson, Ollle
Speuce, Flora Sliutc Jessie Morauvlllo
Murle Jeruherg all of Lincoln county.
Talk about Nebruskaus being hard
up this fall! Look ut the way they
rushed for a chance to get some of
(hat government laud spending more
monoy in car fare than the total value
of all the land to be opened. Wednes
day's Superior Express.
tion of hogs, llegiuuiiig next spring
men will be placed in the Hold to pre
vent the spiuad of any disease which
may bo present, to cure herds where
the disease is raging and to Instruct
thu farmers of the community as to
the best methods of preventing tho
spread of thu disease.
I Liberal use will be made of serum
, and virus where it seems advisable. It
is hoped that this will prove that bog
cholera cau be stamped out if sensible
'precautions are taken. The Govern-
Foot Ball Pictures
At tho Tepee, next Tuesday evening,
Nov. 4, will be shown the pictures of
tho Nebraska-Mlunosota foot ball
game ut Lincoln, when Nebraska won
7 to 0.
These foot ball pictures will be shown
In addition to the regular program and
a straight 10 cents admission will be
charged for both adults and children.
First show at 7:30.
Ladies Take Notice!
All entries for the Ladies' Depart
ment of the Farmers' In8tltuU.kb.cuhi
be brouf ht to Turnure's ball,
Our dinners advertise thtMHlTM, Hr
Ludlow, adv
i S-A $-,
mmMmmm.. .. &w
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