The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 25, 1913, Image 1

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This Government Won't Put
jg Its Money $
In a bank that does not guarantee it against loss. ':
$ Why Should You? $
ft The United States will not deposit a dollar in a $
if National Bank, on any other bank, unless the bank '0
iA furnishes a bond for twice the amount deposited.
iii The United States Government can at any time 9)
jtf make an investigation of any National Bank and learn W
tff all about itsesources. But still the Government dc- $
tl? mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU OS
ilf have protection. (ft
iXf Your deposits in this bank are protected by the W
ilf State Guaranty Law no matter what happens $
Did You
Stop To
'P HAT it was better to trade where you can
have a full line to select from. When you go
to select that Kitchen Cabinet would you not rather
select it where you have four Standard Makes to select
from. Come in and let us show you our goods. The
Price and Quality is Right. .. .',
Furniture Dealer and I Icensed Embalmer
g, I
Farmers' Institute
Officers for 1913
Tlio request has been mndo tlmfc wo
publish the list of officers for the lOl.'I
Farmers' Institute:
President G. W. Hummel.
Vice President Lyman KsMir.
Secretary Henry (iillinm.
Treasurer .T. V. Auhl.
Hoard of Directors Or. Ilobt. Darner
ell, Kd Payne, Kroil Arnold, C. li.
Steward, 1 V. Cowtlen, W.J. Lippen
cott, .loe Oow,ellonry Johnson, Frank
Stokes, T. W. White, Frank Frlsble,
Max Mizer, Chte. (inrnoy Jr., Geo. K.
J, H, Hetz, Sunt, of Uiitorlulnnieut.
(Jlmlnimu Miss Irene Miner.
Supt of Educational Department
Miss Gertrude Coon.
Assisi'nls to Ladies' Auxiliary Dep't
Mis'. Laura Frlsble, Mrs. M. A. Al
brlfjul, Mrs. G. W. Humuiol, Mrs. L.
EssiK, Mrs. W. J. Llpponcott, Mrs. W.
A. Sherwood, Mrs. A. Arnold, Mrs. W.
II, Thomas, Mrs, Win. Wolf, Mrs. Laura
WhUaker, Mrs. Alf. McCull, Mrs.'JW.
White, Mrs. Max Mizer, Miss Mollle
Ferris, Miss Ella Stonebreaker.
Say Mr. Farmer! See Us for Sale Bills.
Miw !
..... ..&. ..... M
Real Estate Transfers.
For the week ending Sept., 23, 19ltt.
Compiled by M. W. Carter, Bondedb
stracter, Red Cloud, Nebr.
Tracoy U. Home and wife to
Sarah K. Heeves, wd, lot 0, Iillc.
Ji, Hohrer's Add to Blue Hill... 8
Ihnelia Martin and Husbaud to
Otto Mullor, wd, lot 10, Ulk.
n, uiuo mil :i:wo
Bertha G. Watt and Husband to
James H. Watt, wd, lot 1, Hlk.
12. Guide Hock i00
Charles T. Dickenson to M. U.
Fulton, wd, lots 2'.', 23, 21, Hlk.
8, Iuavale 1C0O
Ella V. Hart and husband to L.
C. iarl ur and James McUrlde,
wd, lots 0, 7, 8. 17, IH, lit, 151k.
5, (minors 1st Add to Bed
Cloud l
Florence II. Salndeii and Husband
to F. E. Helher, wd, pt. lots 1,
2, Blk. 10, Red Cloud 2'JOO
Mortgages tiled, SI 1,257.00.
Mortgages released, 81,;i:0.0o.
Widow's Pcnsl9H.
The recent act of April 19th, 1008
gives to all soldiers' widows a pension
912 per month. Fred Mauror, the at
torney, has all necessary blanks.
No. 21 Gc Cigars as good as gold.
Try them. adv.
" '
4 Newspaper That (lives The News Fifty-two Weeks Each Year For $1.50.
More About The
Sewerage System
There serins to be some misappre
hension roKardiuK the Mnvcr bond
propositi The HfleiMi thoiisuiid dol
lars ashed for in thlspioposal is for lite
purpose of installing sewur mains,
these sen til' mains will provide for the
entire city. Hy studying the plans in
t'.ie Gtlee driiK store one oan seu where
these mains are to be located and that
they will easily carryall material from
all over the city. The cost Iihh been
accurately estimated and nc arc in
formed that this estimate is consider
ably within bounds so that there will
be ample funds to carry out the pUjis
in case the bonds carry.
Then after these mains are laid, a
majority of anyone sewer districts
may petition the city council to lay
laterals thru the alley connecting' up
with the city mains. The cost vof In
stalling these laterals is assessed
against the properly in the sewer dis
trict, payable in five yearly payments.
This cost is pro-rated according to
beuellls received
This is a much bettor plan than wus
adopted uhtn our water worlts was es
tablished. If our water plant had been
installed in this manner no one would
huve been compelled to tfo further
than the alley to make his connection
with the city watur and when com
pleted the system would not have such
a hit and miss alfair such as we now
We trust that those who do not fully
understand this bower proposal will
carefully study the plans ami speci
fications on file so that they will fully
realise what au opportunity we have
at this time of safeguarding the health
of our cily. Materials are perhaps
cheaper now than they have been or
will be for some time, lubor is plenti
ful aud there seems to be no good
reason why we should uot act at once
The Hog Situation
Nebraska has been for many yeais
one of the great hog producing states,
being surpassod only by Iown, Illinois
and Missouri. There were more hogs
on Nebraska farms January 1, 1012
than on all of the farms in the thirteen
states east of Ohio and north of the
Cnroliuas. Perhaps In no other pari
of the United .States can hogs bo pro
duced more advantageously than h re.
as they furnish an economic wny of
marketing corn and iilfalfa.
At the piesont time in homo of the
localities of the State wheiu corn hits
been injuiod by the drouth there is a
tendency to market the hogs as soon
as posiiblo. Piofossor Bliss of the
Unlveislty of Nebraska does not be
lieve for n man to sacrifice his blood
ing stock because of the short corn
crop. While there may not bo much
profit iu feeding hogs at the present
price of corn, It must bo remembered
that this high price corn will discour
age hog raisin? so that wo may expect
a short pig crop next year, and conse
quently a high price.
We have been raising fewer hogs iu
recent years despite our increasing
population. In lltll there wore nearly
(i.,00O.W) hogs in the-United States
and at tho present timujho estimated
number is a little over 01,000,000. In
Nebraska wo had l,207,0o0 in 1012 and
at tho corresponding time thjs yenr we
had .'1,709,000. According to tho report
of the county assessors more than 11 1,
GOo hogs died of disoase Iu this State
dining the year preceding the first of
April 1012. Cholera is raging now iu
mauy localities and the serum plant at
the University is having troublo to" (111
Its orders. Our exports of cured poik
havo decreased until they were less
than 100,000,000 pounds In 1012, a little
more than half what we exported In
With the present teudoucy to save
corn by marketing hogs, before they
are fed out, ami the decrease in pro
duction, what do you think are the
prospects of cheap pork next year?
Save your breedlug stock.
" ' ' --.""--yiw
Rev. Tompkins Goes
To Grand Island
llev Tompkins has been assigned
to I lie IM M. E. chinch at (iiauil Is
land Hi" place will be tilled by Uov.
Wright fiom Central City. Mr. Tom p
kln. has been leinarkably successful
iu his pustulate lieu iu several dliect
ions A Hue parsonage is one I lie ma
terial evidences of ills popularity and
We have never heard a word of un
friendly criticism regarding him from
the members of his church, and thero
has been but little ill nattired com
ment by those outside of the pale. He
aroused a little feeling among some of
tho supporters of saloons by his dis
position to make what to Homo seemed
unnecessary troublo. But, ou the
whole, we know no Methodist minister
so active and aggressive who has main
tained the respect of the people of this
city so well and for so long a period.
Mr. Tompkins is a young man, full
.of energy, of a laudable ambition,
possessed of much native ability, and
great possibilities of gtowtti and de
velopment. He should rise high iu tho
ministry of his church, and wield a
great tullueiice In its a Hairs. He is u
Nebraska born preacher, a native of
Adams county, aud the Chief is dis
posed to regard hlin as almost a Web
ster county product, and wish him the
success we would doilre tor one of
'Mr. Tonipltlus, besides Ills services
in the pulpit, has won much and favor
able regard because of his public lect
ures, aud hit inteiest aud ability In
the conduct of Cliautauqiius. lie has
two illustrated lectures, one of which
he has given upon the Chuutauiiua
platform iu this city, witli u gicat deal
of pleasure to his hearers. Tho other
lecture, wo ure assured, Is still more
interesting, and vu trust that tho
people of Bed Cloud will bo given the
oppoituuity of hearing It before his
Tho Chief assures tho good people of
(irand Island, that Mr. Tompkins will
meet all demands upon him and will
supply a zealous aud intelligent en
thusiasm In every good nork.
Next Year's
Seed Corn
Many farmers tiro wondering where
they aro to get ne.t year's seed corn.
Many can find it on their own laud, or
can got it of their neighbors, and get
higher yielding corn than by sending
away. Professor T. A. Klessclbach of
tho University of Nebraska bus the
following to say of the present situat
ion: "The Government Crop Boport has
estimated the probable yield of corn
in Nebraska at less than .15 percent of
a normal crop." Tho crop is restricted
more or less to certuin areas, while
large portions of the State will have
almost a total failure. This condition
calls attention to the matter of toed
coin for next spring's planting. Tho
seed corn situation, however, need uot
be so serious as it appears at first
thought. In fact such years as this
may be beneficial by way of eliminat
ing all but the moio haidy strains ot
coin within any ordinary variety. If
only scatteiiug plants produce ears
under tho prevailing hardships, it is
quite leasonable to believe that thc-so
plants aro especially resistant and
should provide the best kind of seed
corn, lOven though tho cars bo small,
it Is to bo lecommemled wherever
possible, that a farmer select seed from
his own or neighbor's Held, Tlio small
size will bo duo to adverse growing
conditions and will uot be transmit
ted to the following crop. At any ruto
au abundance- of seed will bo available
In Nebraska for our own planting and
there will be no need of importing
less adapted seed from other states."
Mrs. J. NV. McCoy of Blue Hill spent
the latter part of the week with Mrs
W, A. Koou.
CTj CT3 ( I s r r"3 CT
Thoro I m spoof Ml charm to plcturo
you mako youraalf. Lot ua show
you how almpla plctura taking la.
PRENO CAMERAS $5. to $25.
BROWNIES $1.52 to $12.
7 Optometrist
The Farmers Trust Co., of Beatrice, N
Nebraska, formerly Smith Brothers
will give lowest rates on first class
The rate on well improved farms in Webster
County now is 5 per cent interest with moderate com
mission. Loans run 5. 6 or 7 years with option.
If you are considering buying more land, making
improvements, or renewing loans soon coming due, and
want money, write to us.
you direct, which will save
naid to a local agent.
The Farmers Trust Co.
Let Us Supply Your
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