The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 18, 1913, Image 1

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A R:wspa;3Br fll-ir-s ft M.:w iJli'y-Jwi Weeks Each Far Sl.tiO.
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This Government
Sis Mone'
In a bank that docs net guarantee it against loss
Wisy Should Yon?
The United States will n t deposit a dollar
National Bank, on any other ba.ik. unless the
furnishes a bond for twice, the amoun' deposited.
- The United States Government an at any
make an investigation of any National Rank and
all about its resources. But still the Government de
mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU
have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State Guaranty Law no matter what happens
asesaa: i a Good pian
VVOH'C frlil. ',V KoclWnvwrt
Perhaps TIs You
in a
1 -i..t.H.IJ A U. S," u V 'J. a w. WV VI v
' (ountv l'iMlutjw no inlniiloi' lias li'It d us. mlv
j j HiIh i-oiiiii miitj, It-KvitiK i'y ' j liny MikNcv rotwuicd
111 ( lie I'll lU'lll' 1 llih flit L'WOU M'l"-
iii iii Siindav uiulit, u'i'l I of I Mull'laj
foi lii-5 new li lil if lubor
in I'l.-iUe
l.leul weithor to Miinlc of .vo'ii
iiiiiKo lilue Hill l ipTiu (yO. Xo
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fNt 'Midi slin'ii e llienlls HUlOIIU tlio
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11-11111 I'll JJIllI 111 IUl" .III. UIJIV. I1IO
t ) i ic milium me (.pniimny hick ana
lei llt lilts In it Ml CUIIU'Nt, fi) hJltl-V
juitlieUe, mo helpful nml vslhu, lliut, '
Hut Illume ii'm e who liue lieeiJ the .
i Mp -eiitl iiliject-, of hi- iniul'Ury, bill
the eoiniiiuiiitj m kcmummI liiivl lui)l:uii
tn Hi in with eon llileneo ami lesju-ct.
.Mule t li.-tn any niitilsti'r who liusuver
bicu in (he city ho has iiit-iil the
tieisoii1 in jail, anil ititeiusteil himself
in then-heiialf. Ho has tiinl K) help
them f-iape the penalty of Hn-ii
eriiiRt-. nml fieo them ftoTn, the con--eijiieneci
of their ynllt In", this ho
has hlit! the help of it Homey, v. ho
weio only too (;hul to llixl tht iiinchub
ol seieke to a iniiiislor who was hy
1 in to he til' piactieal use to the ooin-
inuiiit 1)1 eoui'se, he insisted t-nilef-l,
but on njipiopriate ulinuge
in I he eon met of the uuiltv pm Uul.
in tl to an i Ment mibilleuiblo by many
he found u r..ul,y ru-ponso In the wills (1 lilankeubtthm
ol ihou he tried to htlp. ( Chut k-o Uenlsel
Wl.etlu r tht"-e men will piove i.tiong i I'rett Liiuihrteht
liomu Satin
il.i, fi'oiu Toxas
Prt'h t'linrly, pemilH Hinl t'ijriir at
U.iiri u'h Koistuniiiiit.
Kev. i: N. Tuiuikins left Moinlaj
fur Imuolii to attend Oonfeioiu'.e.
Mf. O V. Tool lelurneil hoine
Weilni'vtlay fioni an extended visit in
The 111 si of the week Mi'.. .1. A.
Ittiiilini will have cm disphiy two doen
pillern hats in all the latest styles
and eilotin. adv.
The October teini of the Dlstilel
( out t I'omenes heio on October lith.
Theie tue si erimiiial eases and foily
jt II casu'i on the d icltet for tho let in.
The folio MH4 1 the jury list:
V II. Mulviuimcy .lainei I) ylo
A c mm: x
fS&r iV " 7 LAV
i ..i.i "a .vttrmT'Wi$
vViH tuasa
pry s --. . fiUSff
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i v, vifl. yM
HAT it was better to trade where you can
have a full line to select from. When you f.'o
to select that Kitchen Cabinet would you not rather
select it where you have four Standard Makes to select
from. Come in and let us show you our (foods. The
Price and Quality is Right.
west 3n 1
A trris yr7i K?r tOTKTv y w
& m ct itf 3 wr &)
i a & R r I
ks : fi. . m . ijs it
JU itl ULzd CifWf iii r F I
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Furniture Scaler and Licensed Embalmer
Red Cloud Boys Returned
Tuesday From Montana
The Eighth Annual
Webster Couuty Fair
The Kij-ht Anuuiil Webster County
Fair will be held at Dladen, Sept. 21,
Jim Ityiin and Bun MeFurliuiil re
turned homo Tuesday ovciiiiiK o'
Olusjjow, MontKiin, wlicro they wcnttoi2., 20. Sept. 2.'Jrd bo eutnuice
ict'lster at the big land drawing which i day. We know it lias been dry and it
is to be hold tliuro on Septombur 2l is tfohik' to bu moio of a jnb to (,'ot f-
The boys went over the Oieat N'oith
crn and leport that never before had
they seen suuh corn eiops iw the one
raised this j ear between Council JJIulfi,
Iowa, and St. l'uiil, IilinnesoU. Jim
says that tho nitfht they ?ot into Ht.
J'aul thoy found theuiselves in tho
midst of a two inch lain, which was
only u fair sample, they weie told, of
what that bcctlon had enjoyed all
Messrs Kyau and McFarland also
litate that the laud which Undo Sam
uel is oiVeilnc, is highly productive,
nml uro Hi m In tho opinion that this
.section of tho country olleis raio in
ducements to the man who is possessed
of only u few dollars and wishes to add
to his pile. They state that thero was
27,000 legisteied at tho tlneo legUtcr
in places, Olabgow, Oieat Falls and
lluvie, up until Monday morning, and
that It Is estimated that by the last
oflho week, at which tlmo tho lepis
nation closes, thero will be bome 10,
COO names on the list.
iiiuus tins year tiian in lormer yuuis
lint wo aro hure Unit Wobstor Uounly
has tho stull" and we want you to help
niaku this Fair tho best cor. lhlntf
In your nice farm products, cuttle,
lion's, holies, llowors, fancy work,
canned fruits, poulliy, etc , and lot
the people seo what you have, it will
pay you. Kcinomhor this Is your fair,
scud in your exhibits Sept. 2.'t. ilo
heie jourself duriiif,' tho fair take in
the l ace-, seo the sights. We are fjo
liifj to givo you your nioney'w worth
tiiu same as ever, music, ftee attract
tons, ball games and in fact wo aio
going to please jou. Come.
Seed Corn Week
F.verv farmer should spend at least
one day during "Suod Coin Week"
(Sept. 22 27) selecting seed corn. Time
so spoilt will pay big wages In next
jeai'hciop. After It Is selected titko
good care of it. Dry it out thoroughly,
store it ctttefuliy, and noU winter test
it. Then you'll know.
c i: Htioni;
t. II. llolllhtor
All-oil Suhid"ii
r. Coon
I jy mini Hislg
There is a special charm to pieturos
you make yourself. Let us show
you how simple picture taking is.
e.HiUnh to ttavi.1 the ardiiooiiN toad of.
silf-deiiiil without Ids pies-Mine, Is
loi'ii.i tiituru to deteuiilue. Ceitalu
ly, nniiibei's of theru hae made a ery
ereditable shewing up to the present
time. They needed Christianity ami
rud the spilit ot the gospels to be
li'. 'in if est ed to them ill the foim and
conduct of u Chilstian man. They
hud eoiiic to look upon the chinch an I
ehuteh muubeiij as cold and iopiilsie,
dispo-ul chiefly to condemn, and
little minded to blcs. Thoy had come
to rtj'iinl the cliuroh as uu uigaui
v it ion of pretentious hypiocilsy, with
out auj wih or purpose to give kin Hi
ulsj mid aid tJ men of tliolr typo.
Itev. ( olo brought them assiiutiucs
ol a icg.ud of quite an oilier milinc,
and they welcuined his int"i venlioii
and his council. Could the iiiiuisttr
lime louiid u church that win, lo,illy
behind him, ready to second hisciToits,
It is dillieult to estiumtu the good
might have been accomplished In this
eltj Hut his chuioli was hopvlo-siy
li tiled. Jealousy and envy took
pleasme in dis-torting his actions, in
dispainging tho ruiiilt of his l.iboi-.
1'iide, sell' i,lghteousncBs and hjpo
ciitical pretense despised tho poor and
sinful whom he tried to lead into
bettor ways und put or living. The
icsptctablo lesented tho fellowship ol
the hitherto disi eputablo. The hauiitl
ness of caste', and the pi ide of outwaul-lyscemlines-j
lefuscd association with
thoso who weie emerging with ditll
culty fioui the mud nml tilth of pic
vious viclousuoss. Thero was llttlo
uso in beiug tho reconl.od elder
brothers in tho kingdom if fatted
calves were to bo killed for piodlcals.
In additional to this,, there was an un
der cm rent, busily kept actlvo by
some who could bear no equal with
themseUcs In the counsels and policy
of tho church. They wore detoi mined
to rulo or niin. Uocausc they them
selves could not bo at the head, they
would hiUU'r no one to lead,
IJravely Mr. Cole struggled against
the dlillcultles of his position. Hut no
nun can do his best woik under such
conditions. Wo aro not surprised
that Ito dually accepted a cull else
where, notwithstanding, that, outside
his chinch, his standing was becoming
tinner, ami his energies weie becoming
more fruitful all tho time.
1 01! SALE
1011 Model, Motor Cycles and Motor
Boats at baigaln pi Ices, all makes
brand new machines, on easy monthly
payment plan, Get our proposition
befoie buying or you will regret it,
also bargains In usod Motor Cycles.
Write us today. Kncloso stamp for
reply. Address,
Lock ilo. 11, Trkxio.v, Miuu.
. .. V .
J.tirl I'
11. Ooutrilt
1)1 ,'k lloppui
I'.rnest Teirell
William Kchud
S. S. Luiidstedl
rraiilc Diokerson
Chat le Hodges
l-'rank K tul'iiciii
CharleH Schull.
riillllp Ciiiimemau
Mike Coll
William t?uir - - '
.Iotpll Havel
A larewell rocop'ion was glu-u llev.
and Mrs. W. 1". L do at tho llaptii.t
ohuiuli on Thursday ovouing. A huy,e
crowd was prbsent and u veiy pleas
lint e cuing was spi nt V. 18. I'liltoii
and .Mls Mildred Fulton bv.eetly lend
ored a duel; 1'jnyoi by Kev. Hate.; a
bolo by Miss .lohie l.ssig; a shoit ad
diess by Hi v. Tompkins, a solo by
Mm. McKlniiney; anaddiesh by lit v.'s, a talk In luhalf of tho eliuich
by II. 18. Fulton; uslioit talk by Kev.
Cole, afto. which tho audience s-u.g
"(iod lie Willi You Till Uo Meet
Again" made up the evening'H pio
gram, at the conclusion ol 'which lee
ci cam and c.iko wore served
Mr. lleriiio Fiuit, who For iicveiai
months past has presided over tho
pots and pans in the Walt W.tiien
u'lU'ti'.iiit, anil whose rnputation us a
"waiter" is a well known quantity,
severed the t.os that bind on Tuesday
evening. Mr Fruit Intends to leave
in a fow days for tho north p ut of tho
state- whoie ho will devoto hla enetgy
to hunting, trapping, chasing butter
lly'selc. We regiel to seo Mr Fiuit
move lioin among our midst, but Hud
uomo llttlo consolation in u icmaik wo
hoard one of the boaidersat this popu
lar icstauraut make on Monday morn
ing, vl.: lied Cloud's climate was not
adapted to the proper pioservlug of
Fruit during the winter months, and
Uiuf t In, Vf.iimr inn, i ivnu mnlfltirf Hi,
....... .mw j v,..-h ....... n
uiistako by going northward,
Franklin county papeis aic making
the wiso move ot going to $1,50 per
year, after Januuiy 1st. 1011, This Is
a move lu the right dlioction. No pa-
por can stand thu picssure at u dollar
iiow-a-dajs. Webster county pape
with one exception luvc been char
SI u0 going on tlneo yours und
found it just us easy and tho people
just as willing to pay thu pi leu. Uo
to it boys and HtleU to It Wo have
been In the punting business 17 yeais
atitl wo have learned two things thor
oughly, vl.: Don't do jour woik for
less than it's worth and don't give your
pupor uway just tu bo a good fellow,
No, sir! Cour Ail.
Tho above Is good advice bi other,
but If wo teinoinber correctly can to-
call a boast tufUlu some time' ago by a J
jet do wo lead conectly you can se
cuio this same wcekly,or If you pie
fr, a seml-wcckly, ut tho modesty
ptleo of Sl.t'O per. Straugo, indeed
His strange, that In 17 years some
have not yot leaitiod that old procib
about those without sin casting the
first stone.
PREHO CAMERAS $g0l to $25.22
BROWNIES $1.52 to $2,
Oplomcirisl and Jeweler
$5 PED CLOUD, - - - Nebraska fl
rvrSS(5S v smWB- 'v&SSS'"
The Farmers Trust Co., oi Beatrice,
Nebraska, formerly Smith Brother
ivill give lowest rates on first class
Tho ratu on well improved farms in Webster
County now is 15 per cent interest with moderate com
mission. Loans run 5, ft or 7 years with option.
If. you are considering buying more land, making
improvements, or renewing loans soon coming due, and
want money, write to us. We will do the business with
you direct, which will save you the commission usually
paid to a local agent.
The Farmers Trust Go.
4 "fl ii
Public Sale
" ivir
tpeis tf)
Having decided to move to another stato, I will sell at
Auction, at mr lesidiMieo U miles uoith und li'i east of Hod
audi milu M"t and :i'2 miles south of Coulcs, on the old J. 11.
Motse faint
Tuesday, Sept.
Beginning At 1 O'clock Sharp
78 Head of Live Stock 78
.Six head of Iloisos and Mules; 17 head of Cuttle; fi,! head of
IIol's: Farm Miiehlnei-v: Household Goods; 10 tons Alfalfa Hay; s
aln paper, the iiamu or which -,. tons Oat Hay; .ri acres Kalllr corn; .'.Obiishols of Oats; 1 doeu Hens;
lesty lot bids us calling, that it was jj lot) young chickens and numeious other articles.
best weekly in Webster county, VW ' ' ' ' '
TERMS! All sums $iu uuu under, casii. uver $1U a cicdlt oi ion
mouths with approved scetiiity at 10 por cent Interest.
c. n. cox
Col. J. II Kllingor, Auut. dipt. Sid I'lorance, Chirk,
0 69S9SSQ