The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 11, 1913, Image 4

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Red Cloud, Nebraska.
4 kmwouo, neoraiKBi ,. t.-.-p,.,. i ,.in ms been caremiiy JK "KH f,
fCnttrtd In tliu f'oMoftlce nt Kid Cloud, NO.
ill Hcctmil Claim Matter
It was truly real refreshing to note
the return of tlie school mar'ins atitl
to hear again the ringing of the old
school bell last Monday morning.
The school library does awake an
Interest In the pupil. It gives him a
good appetite It stimulates. Itorens
the channels of usefulness. It has a
powerful tendency to keep the boy in
school longer, and thus In the above
enumerated ways aid in the develop
ment of thoM! traits of chaiifcter that
will be boncllclul to the men and wo
men of the fittute, anil also to those
with whom they come In contact
through business and social life.
The must petllous hiiirot a poison's
lifu is when lie is tempted to despond.
The man who loses Ids courage loses
all. There is no nunc hope lor him
thuii tor ii dead itiiin; hut il mallei
mil huw pi or he may In-, how much
pushed by ciicutustuncc-, how much
(levelled by li lends, how much lost to
thewoihl; if ho only keeps, his cour
age, holds up his head, works on with
his hands, unci witli unconquerable
will deteimiue to be and do what be
comes a mini, all will lie well.
Oiii advice to the luiineis is to hold
mi lo their young cattle and cows.
Cattle will be higher limn eei UeXl
j ear, as the diuulli lias many
thousands of cattle to bu ki'iit to nun
Uet. Among them being many cows
and cuius, ami lot' this icanm cattli
hid sine to bu rciticc and high Uo.l
year. Save jour cattle and tabu them
thru the winter If possible, for il will
pay to do .so. HI' ionise, fat cattle
should be sold, but hold on lo the
cows ami young cattle by all muuii.
The Chief olVeis a column it its
pages to tlie citizens of the city toi
any discussions pertaining to the well
tart: of the county or the community
Ai tides I'm publication must be sign
ed but names, will not be printed nil
Ic-s the writei has no objection. Wi
dest! c to malie this a peimaueut leat
uie of the papei and asdc joii to use
the column licely. Anything thai will
build us up, conserve our i essoinees
givo us a better way of doing tilings
enlarge our onllouli, will be gladly
welcomed. This column will be for
ion to use as joii see lit ami we usl;
you to gel in and "bun so aiouiitt" to
youi heat I'm content.
An OKhibiiuia politi"ian billed an
editor who dauil to ciitieie him last
l'riday. We'll but a million dollars
the editor has lemleied valuable ser
vice to the scamp Ihtoiigh many a haul
louglit campaign. It has ivcr been
thus In tit her idltoo; tlie politician
loves us while he can use us and seebs
to destroy us when we date to thiiilt
for ouisehe)-. 'lbelefiie, le it le
solved thai as newspaper men we giind
out own iiislead of tlie oilier fel
low's Mini that we swat blin wheietilr-
tie wore her beads wlienevei he conies
in reach. The only red enemies the
Appeal has In the world me men who
owe it a debt of giatitude instead of a
grudge. Most any other newspaper
man can testify to thu same stale of
things. Monroe County Appeal.
lo auswer to a few inquiries that
have been received at this olllcc we
will say for the benetlt of our out-of-town
readers that thu new county
court house has not been built yet
The commissioners are very desirous
of doing thiugs just right and they
are carefully plauning to avoid mis
takes. As far as we can learn it is
the plan of the board to build a house
that will be tirst, last and all tlie time
useful. All frills are to be trimmed.
They fully realize tlmt such a build
ing should le built for business pur
poses and not. forhcttingolV the beauty
of thu trees or the greenness of the
grass At tho same time this docs not
mean tlmt the new stiucturu will nut
be attractive looldiig or meiely a mass
of Illicit and Mono We are conlldcnl
that when our new court house i
erected it will meet tho icijuireniuuts
of Webster county and will lellccl the
good common benseof hcrcitlxcus
Tlie city council has persued the;
right nlaii in leganl to the sewer sjs
teni. Kvery detail has been carefully
gone over, the cost has been ascer
tained and tha plans have been care
fully piepared. This Is as It should
be. There Is no leap In the dark and
everyone can know just what Is con
templated. This sewer system will
fill a long felt want. Our wells need
to bo preserved and no better time
than the present could be selected for
the installation of this project. We
cannot be too careful In safeguarding
the health of our citizens. The eess
pools are becoming so numerous in the
city that there Is danger of contamin
ating all the drinking water and it Is
high time to eliminate these danger
ous cess poolH. llceause we have been
fortunate in the past iu escaping seri
ous trouble is no reason why wc should
shut our eyes and trust to lock. With
a proper system well cared for risk
will be set aside.
The following grasshopper stuiy
taUen fiuin Hie .Ictinoie Wepublicun,
is a i loli one: It is tepoited that one
ol our fanners lost his can of -ynip
while tubing his poisoned hum home
Mluulay. Having tin iiip lo mix
(III, l.l. Ill In, Ii.llnllli1.(l In l.l'V llll I - I '.
pcilmcnl. Ho had n lull quart l
II. 1.1.1. I ,!,.,! t. til, II... I.I'..,.
""m' "mu" '" """" " v '
iu place of thu syitip lie icjoits i
thai the hoppvis m'imii to tahe to tin-J
tuixtuio even better than the ordinary
bran ml.xluio. lie s-avs thai olie obi
male hopper would como along, take a I
, ,. , , I
bite of the bum. jump about lour led
high, spit, a stioam of tobacco juice, j
light down and take another b.le, ami
then start out lo lick tho llrst hopper,
he met
In this way all the hoppeisjhls. Noted iin-n have come from t:n-
In tho Held were soun llghliug each
other and tho carnage Wits awful. As
toon us. one hopper would kill imolher
bo would jump mi lo another hoppei.
and this I'ontiuued until Iheie was
but one big old imppei left. 1'ietlj
mioii an old n oster came along and
iiiuile a dive for this big hopper, but
Mr. Hoppei, instead of allowing him
self to bo quietly eaitn, juuijud up
and kiclud thu old rcostei iu tlie face,
spit tobacco juice ti. l.fc, eyes and
1 J !
oliiibi'd him under the burn.
L. It tiiegoiy left for York .Monday
Itollio Cecil has letuiiicd to bis
Inline iu Cliestei.
lilenn lliblietli of Tienlon is visit
ing relatives beie.
.Mis. Starke and daughter, licncvu,
i etui lied 1 1 oni Not man .Monday.
Miss Carrie llolsworth spent thoilay,
Wcilnesilay. between linins visiting
.Mr.s. C. C. Uonuett.
The ball game with I'laiiivlew Satur
day was a goud one and resulted in a
si'oie ol d lo I in tavor of Cowles,
CH-llMWKU.I came in from Yora I
Sulmday evening to visit home fulKs.
lie Icliagalu Wednesday morning.
Miss Mabel Fuller leliirucd Ir.iin
Coloiudo Friday evening wlieie she
had been on it two weeks outing.
The lied Cloud Auto Co, has pur
chased C.C lleliuelt's Kultigc. lieoigo
Holt will limli after business lieie.
Miss .Mable Tliomas who has been
isitiug her si.ster, M:s. Ida Knelt in
Colorado, i'L-tiii in d home Wedncsiiii
The Xcbiasltu League sea-ou closed
Monday and
Da." Vance who has
been pitching witli Superior in mice I
more seen on our streets.
lames Sauudeis teturiied from St.
Joe .Saturday night wheie he went lo
buy tall goods. He has puicluiscd the
brush car tiom A. A. lioieu and will
use it to deliver goods about town.
Post Ottlco Inspector, Cobel, visited
the ottlec of our city Wednesday morn
ing, lie reported every tiling In good
condition. While on the streets, he
remarked about our maiiyoutomobllcs
and our busy town.
The surprise on Miss Lottie Dcakln
Friday night was a success in every
way. About eighty young people were
present and they enjoyed a good noisy
time ou the church lawn. Miss Deakiu
left fur l'eru Monday.
The male quartet furnished the
music at the Methodist church Sun
day night. The music was good, but
owing to tlie threatening weather was
not enjoyed by a very large audience.
Messrs. Ciegory, Waller. Swigart and
Cecil are the members of the quartet.
While he-was reluming fioiu lted
Cloud Wednesday evening, Ileniv
Hose'.s team liecame liightened and
ran liuni Wm.'.s place to town.
I'hey turned the cot net by K. A.tjuod's
house and demolished a tieu ou bis
lawn. Mis daughter was with him.
Two wheels passed over her bod.v, but
.slie was only slightly iiijaivd. The
buggy wai badly bioki u up, but the
huiscs escaped injuiy.
Support of ReslliDlt of Stale
Miku Ore mizitloo Possible.
people f Thlt Ortat Commonwealth
Visit Omaha Inetltutlon ana Mingte
With Their Brother of the Cty.
oth Better for Cloetr Friendship;
OMAHA, SEPT. 30-OCT. 4.)
Tuesday Afternoon, Sept. 30.
TAutotiomlle Floral Parade.
Wednesday NlKUt. Oct. 1. Elcc
trlcal Parade. J
Thursday Afternoon, Oct. 2.
Ifictmtiu Hay Parade.
1'ild.iy Night, Oct. 3. Corona
J,lIOII Uilll. ,r,
Hi tit. "7 to Oct. .1. trwln'a Wild
.... "
i q, wctii, unci noun aim uvt-u-.t,
I flag.
A fllg Show at Auditorium. 1
!; i:ery 13enlng -Ak-Sar-Ikn IIlp
' Xpoilroine and oilier attractions on ',.
! tfthe .Midway.
-: ::"-$;"::-m::"5 :K--X'-i- m
King Samson, ruler of llio land of
(iuera nMti momiuh of all he aurvi .n
in the i calm ol Ak-Sur-Hcn, bits mm!.'
loine rcmui liable succes.-a in 11.
iilueteuu yiriit, of hip rehn. Hut never.
in these via is, liatt his Bojourn been
mm bed with the pomp mid d'gnlty us
tlmt which characterizes tblrt year's
in the nineteen yearn, much has
nr-eninpllabeil. Ills loyal subjects
ftoiu nil pints of tl.o grnt dr.naln ol
Nt,ht.a,i. j.v paid lilbute to him ufd
UniH it sih'cb; preaKiFiiiH r.avo
homage to h in; Henntois and rorr-
seniatlvea linv? bowed In meek sub
mlsn'on to the music of bis wuil;
bci'utltu''es from every part of tho
globo hnvr- paid their repperts.
King Snin-on, nlwaya one of the pro.
grcsiive ml ih, has pioflted from bis
ONperleiice. I'rom his mistaken, which
have been fe.v. SntiiRon baa been en
bled to build up a Kinrdo'ti for N'o
brnakn, nrt. and for h's most immedl
tte subject", which has gained tho re
spect of the entire world.
King Samson appreciates tlmt hi
i1 f'lll,Jrt',s succcsful and happy
It, tit. ,1m l.ttMnc ? 'nlil'ltVn tlluftA ft
111 Lltl'll iijur-n Ul ttcuaiDitU, m.nuo n
playground a year. And King"
ynniMMi thi year, biluglng tho re
marknbln icn'iircis of all his helper
to h! coir.mnud, has nrriumxl n wr-'
lor fculvitlis wi'b'h w.ll surpass any
tltlnj? he has over offered for tha ap
proval of bin people l iore
rsouD or- his wor.K.
pioud of the siu feds of his yati a
work, proud ol t'... visit of the thou
anmlb and thousands of loal Nebi..B
kens, Sainsun bus outdone blms. 1
Am thing that In bin opinion mlKh.
add or bit to tlie ple.i. an of tf
coimtlei'-, tho'i'ii'ds, who .ill i : '.i
the r annual pltgilmni,c to Omalui u
September .mil October, na.s b"ut ci
cm ed by King Samson.
Ali-Sar-Ilen. ilrst. laxt. ami nil Hi.
lime, Ib for NeluvHUa. To sin h an e
tP"1 ',,"t. in -oIoetli.S the name, tb
Kiviu MtiiU ioii:raLii. iinii hi iiu
behold was developed a name that to
day stands as much for the state hk
the name hrelf Without tlu unsi lfi-li
co-ier:it'on of the Nebraska peop e
such woul I never have been neioni
pllahed. Hut tcvluy, thanlts to thei'
untiring effoitn. AUSar-Ibn Is- a .'
luasba tnpfi itlon, Unown when u
fciitlvltlca 'ii" Krown.
TTnhlue in Us organization, .b-Si
Ron has lie -n able to build an liwt 'i
tlon whUh stands lor Nobraslta an'
for all that 's sood iu N'ebiasUa. 'Il.i.
r.pirlt Is roil TtiMl months in advance
when bcndie-N of Omaha Ii i-i
"ion glw of their time and brulim t'
porfeit an fiiterlalnuienl that wlp
fmulsh d'veralou and pbasure fo
tbouandH of admiring friends.
In this, It differs from the regular
festivals, tn that for months preceding
an entertalrment Is Riven every Mon
day evening, to which tho people of the
world aro bidden. Then, ns a gigantic
climax to there weeks of toil, the an
nuul festival la offered, where tb
brothers of Nebraska may meet upon
a common ground.
September 24 to October 4 are the
dates which Kinc Samson has dealg
nated as the play-time dates thla year.
From tbe opeilsr hell, which will rlr
up the curtain on tho evening of Sep
tember 24, to tbe tip of the gong
which will sound the death of Kir.p
Samson, Thu Nineteenth, on the even
Ing of October i, there will bo aome
thing doing "every minuter
Other attractions that will centei
the attention of" the visitors are the
Bhowa ou the Mldwav, Irwin's Wild
West show, which wi'il hold forth at
Hourko's baseball park, the Ak-Sar
Hen Illppo'lrome show, the big show
nt the AuilKoriiun and the Hough.
County Fair and IJve Stock assoct.i
t oil's show
On Tuerdav aflernnnn. Setitpmli. t
I 30, the Automobile rioral parade wib
lie tho gal.i event, with entries fio.n
r'l inula of the state; en Vdnesd.i.
"'slit the lV.ectucal parade will wend
! u wa' th'tniRli the stre.ta of Oma
iwi, more iji-iiiiuiiii man t ' er, ami on
Tht'isiiay ai'tmioon tl'c
v T.aaLii(LiW
Here's the neatest, cleanest,
easiest-to-fill fountain pen
you ever saw
Fountain Pen
Just think!-for the same price
that you would pay for an old
style dropper filler pen, you
can get a CONKLIN that
Fills itself
Cleans itself
Never leaks
Never "balks"
Writes superbly
All biyles and sizes of holder and
point. Some special Myitis for students.
The Druggist.
Frame ConscmLiction
Is Most Preferable
tn Oil.- 1 I'
: t, it
hi y
$l nee 'tint
f I.
y Clt-" o. it-. . tl i,t.mi.i t tn V....U.-
iug e in.ii I'i.i- 1). iiu- In. Ill
HU ! HI. .l-li III i. ed IVnlll Hit
Inl'll MJl: '! ill, l l, I t ny mill 1),
lIlleiriiiM ill Ii;'. ! Will. Hit Ijtjui
lug liieir m n -i il u, ; .i.-'i.c lui
the I e ;-,.t.i IIhiI i,iil I14 Will tlililit
If). I'll! ..1 t.tii'1 a-, lilt.' i.t-.i.
lllStt',1,1 Iti l ..l.illllH II .I, lOIISlll-
en il uu . ,j i. v . I si.i. . i i u in i;, I i
lie ii ; -. mi .i;.,n .'. , t.ii I Ikh'.iii-.. i
:m r.
1 1 1 nia us uw in- i .i i. .1 pe ti i.ii i
Oi j II li' tl.i . i II I .li ill lilt.
Ill Hi' i l l i i . til. ' I i I i li .1 i lil lit'
us i- . i i s ..tli i - i '. i s i , a .
ii w l.i
.ii. f -I
n ,
II. O.'ti -
' I ni.i.i i t J I. il rilir
! in. ' . , ' lit II ii. t- In
- 'I iiii- ,i i .1 ..i
ii J e ii II ill u- t liiiigs
v. i i,- i. Hi,, ii ! i til
i . . - i , i I. , i i i. e .i
. . l ii.. ', I iMlil1 in . llil
u ii h
w 1 1
Uj.iii' ' ill i'i
SSiwiAMPmcB LiKt. Mod"
SiftiBdws Brsa
& 0 ?u!':. xcbr-siia il
Sccl4.lcu(f, -s- Nebraska
Pli.MK; itill. 2t'2
Dr."iy T laiiQht.
Run away iiom ,c.ip as from n
ccaii'.i Uii, i-'d aOiJ In lour souls
1 ,. . t i. r.v tir bolltude.
I Aib v" ,;.lu!
A Mighty 3f
AAAE are these days receiving ship
ments of fine new merchandise
in all departments. Well be glad to
show them to you whether you buy or
We wish to impress the ladies of
Red Cloud and vicinity with the fact,
that our line o
flem Fall Goats
Are of the higher type and class of
fashion usually found in southern Ne
braska. Our line has that attractiveness
seldom shown in a city the size of ours.
:1 a very ! r;go ;.;orlment to select
: . )m - h ' 7C f.X
mother and all the
) pleasing prices.
Make Our Store
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ys',yr&99 mmmmmm 33'vv'r
1 1 firocerie$?l J
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P. A. Wullbrandt
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Hat m
.im.JMAU4Mii )i iJe-'