The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 11, 1913, Image 1

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A Nnwp.i)!!r Hut filtcs ihs News HJfty-two Wcisks Year For $l.r0.
il) This Government Won't Put
Its Money
-i'? J5 i9 & & H & " -"5 "5 & & & -T5 .-5 ?5 .5 ". -"5 9 :
In a bank that does not guarantee it against loss.
Why Should You?
The United States will not deposit a dollar
National Bank, on any other bank, unless the
furnishes a bond for twice the amount deposited.
The United States Government can at any
make an investigation of any National Bank and
all about its resources. But still the Government de
mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU
in a
ili ' have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State Guaranty Law no matter what happens
Booster Edition
Called Off
The Farmers Trust Co., of Beatrice,
Nebraska, formerly Smith Brothers
will give lowest rates on first class
A The ralo on well improved farms .in Wcbslr
County now is o per cent interest witn moderate com
mission. Loans run 5, 0 or 7 years with option.
If you are considering buying more land, making
improvements, or renewing loans soon coming due. and
want money, write to us. We will do the business with
you direct, which will save you the commission usually
paid to a local agent.
The Farmers Trust Co.
' -
m'm.mXr.. vhhh
September 21 1U o October 1th 19B
Everybody shouldcome
to OMA-HA'to see
'AiimMnRTTx Floral ParadeTuesday RM.Sept.30'
p GEawAN Day Parade. Thursday Atternoon, October S5?
Coronation Ballripay jlvening, uctoblr o.
IRWIN X3R05. rR.OKTltiKini. nuuv . ..
Eyerv Afternoon, September 27 to October 41
Bia Hippodrome SHowf TlNEwGARmwi Grounds.
..t -T '""" 17U1 R. Howard
,"--""1 17?' wnO- X DDTKrtPMPHTS NOWf Jl IV
IT-PTfeMBER. 2tiu to October 42"lSl2,
'l'lie Chief nmioiiiu'i'il u tnoiilli or SO
no Its Intention of putting out it
spouWil "Uoo-tor Killtlnu'' on Septem
ber Htli. This spvuiul edition wbs to
contain u full and complete history of
tlio county, together with till the re
houices ami ouuuprttiotis of the people
of the county, hs well .19 a general
write up of this grent state of Ne
braska. However, owing to the illness of the
editor, hiuI the consequent inability of
him being able to n-eure special arti
cles, we are forced to give up the cou
templated edition at this time.
To put out an edition of this kind
requites considerable time in order to
seeuif the necessary data, etc., that U
if the edition is up to a high standard,
anil as previously stilted owing to
illness, the editor has been unable to
devote this necessary time to the
cause. Hence we lay down, lather
than to endeavor to put out an edition
which would not ictlcci our best
I'llmt-, weie we given sutllcient time.
Theie is a total ot i! 17 news papers,
howcM'i, thioiighout the state who
will nest week put out their "Uoostet
IMitlou" containing a complete wtite
up ot the htate in 11 general way, as
well as their pin ticnlar community,
and to these "llietliten fjuill Pushers'
the t'hict wishes success, and 11 1 1 s t
that thi v, as I. il' as p'lssible., inulic njn
I'oruliut we wcu'iiualileio iiei'oinpllsh.
Changes Made
In Newspaperdom
bcveial changes have been made
lately in iicnspupeidoiu tlnoughout
the state. F.I' Shields, who for mjiiio
time has published that old familiar
pink sheet Shield'h Tamoia Lyre at
Tauiora, Nebraska, has purchased the
Orleans Chronicle, at Orleans, Nebras
ka. Mr. Shields is a writer of consid
erable note, and the first edition of
The Chronicle, under his management,
has reached our desk, and it is easy to
tell that the same hand and mind
which has for years shaped the destin
ies of The Lyre, was now gul'ding The
The Superior Daily Journal which
was purchased by V. S. Trites, last
mouth, and which was heielofore pub
lished as an evening paper, lias been
changed to a morning paper, making
its initial appearance, in its now l'owii,
on Tuesday morning. Mr. Trites has
clearly deiuoiistiatcd his ability as a
newspaper man, since talcing chaige of
the paper, and during his short man
agement has greatly improved its ap
pearance, as well as placing it in a
higher class from a news stand point.
School Begins
Big Attendance
Our public schools started Monday
with the largest enrollment in the
history of the district. Tlio enroll
ment this year for the first day is .175.
The high school enrollment is largest
by twenty tliun ever before. Professor
Moritz estimates that by the end of
the week there will be 21.1 in the high
school alone. The teachers are as
II1011 School
Anna L. Richards, Principal and
C. H. Dennett, Science.
Cecile Thorton, Domestic Science.
Rutli Johnston, Mathematics,
Josephine Richards, Commercial,
Gertrude Blackledge, English
Vernon Stoiey, German nnd History.
The grade teuoheis are ns follows:
Klndorgaiten, Irma (irimes.
First, Louise Schumacher.
Second, Alice Coombs.
Third, Maize Wonderly.
Fouith, Florence Kellogg,
Fifth, Kathryn llurke.
Sixth, Ulsie Arnold.
Seventh, Minnie Christian.
Eighth, Ruby Coleman.
The new teachers tills year all come
to us highly recommended. Prof.
Bennett is a graduate of the Colorado
University; Miss Thorton is a graduate
of the Kearney Normal; Miss Illack
ledgehas been attending college at
Rockport, 111.; Miss (irimes has been
teaching iu Blue Hill; Miss Schumacher
is a graduate of the Kearney Normal;
Miss Wonderly is a graduate of our
high school; Miss Kellogg baa been
teaching in Iuavale; and Miss Coleman
Is a graduate of the Peru Normal.
Base Ball
Red Cloud base ball fans are this
week enjoying a three day base ball
tournament which began on Wednes
day at luillo, at which liinu the. home
team ciossed bats with the Mint Hill
team, lilne Hilt winning the game by
11 seoie of IK to .1, Ju the afternoon at
.'I o'clock the same teams played anoth
er game which lesulted in a victory
for lted Cloud by a scoie of 10 to f.
They weie both good games.
This mot uing at in HO Red Cloud
plays the Otego, Kansas team its first
game, and at II o'clock this afternoon
will play the same team a second
game. The Otego toam lias a good ie
cord and no doubt both of these games
will prove to be good ones.
Tomorrow, Friday, at 10:1)0 a, 111.,
and :i p. m. Red Cloud meets the Or
leans toam. This team is considered
one of the best in southern Nebraska,
and the prospects are that our boys
will have to put forth their best.eiforts
If they win thee games.
The weather has been ideal for base
ball, Hie rain being sutllcient to lay
the dust, and to cool oil' the air, anil if
you have not as yet witnessed our boys
perforin 011 the diamonds you should
not fail to take in one or all ot these
games. You will find that Red Cloud
has some "real" base ball material,
the like of which is not to be found In
every town of this size.
ni:i Ci.otrn, Nr.nn , Sept. fl, inn.
Hoard of County Commit loners met
puiMiant to adjournment, Members
piesent-Ohuistcde. McCall, Hoirmati,
Chaplin and Storey Chairman ot said
On motion the resignation of J. A.
Denton Constable of Oleuwood Pre
cinct was and is hereby accepted.
Motion made and seconded that S.
A. (Sreeii bo and Is hereby appointed
Constable of (Kenwood Precinct to till
Hcancy cieated by the resignation of
.1 A. Denton Constable. Motion
Moved and seconded that H. .1. Solo
mon be and Is hereby appointed Just
ice of the Peace ill and for (lleuwood
I'leeiuct. Motion carried.
On motion the ntllcial bond of E .1.
Solomon us Justice of the I'eace In and
for lilenunnd Pieciuct was and is
heieby approved.
In the mutter of the Itiidge to be
built by Mel all 011 Section -- iu Har
mony I'leclnet. Itouiil lecouiuieniled
that one of the steel biidges north of
Iiiiial be moved to the above place
ai'inss the liluo river and a cement
ford be put iu to leplaee the biidge
mirth of Iuavale. I
Mo ed and seconded that the above
tccommeii'l be acted upon and eariied
out by Mef'all Motion e 11 lied
In the matter of the claim tilled by
IM Jones mid A M Cook 'lor wilifcss!
lei, State vs William lluideii and '
Kiel iilnbc lor violation of the (inmc'
Mid I'Mi Law. iu the Mini ol SI Mil). I
It was inoteil and seconded that said 1
claim be and is hereby 1 ejected. .Mot
ion carried.
On motion the following claims weie'
audited and allowed and the Cleik
autlioiied and instructed to draw
wanants on tlieir respective funds in
payment of same.
(iENi:iul Fi'.sn
Ed Amack Sill Oil
P. II. Rartholtncw 4(H)
Casper Wegman 4 00
J. D.Crans 2 Co
D. McMullen 2 00
(Irant Christy 2 00
Charles Jackson 2 00
George Fentress 2 00
Dr. J. W. Stockman 2 uO
A. E. Douglas 2 00
A B. Deck Co 2 II
Dr. Itobt. Damerell 8 00
J. S. tiilh.nn .1 00
Hammond A- Stephens Co 2t 3
KloppX llaitlettCo, (il 21
II. .1. Maiirer HOW)
Edith r McKeighan 12 70
E. II. New house .'.. 12.1
V. K Putnam '-'5 oil
Paul Stoi ey fill (M
Annie IJelle Sp.tlioglo Ml i;
State Join mil Co , 71 2.1
Harry Vaughaii 12 2.1
lliunia: Fi M
Win. McCord 8.1 8.1
I'ooit Faiim Ft'NIl
Piatt S: Frees CIO 80
Hoard adjourned sine die.
There is a special charm to pictures
you make yourself. Let us show
you how simple picture taking Is.
PREMO CAMERAS $.2 to $25.
BROWNIES $!. to $12,
? Optometrist and Jeweler
J RED CLOUD, - - - Nebraska JJ
ussnaaSna c
The State Fair
A Big Success
Despite the extteuiely dry season
nnd the continued heat, the Nehiushu
Statu Fair for l!M!l was a success fiom
every point of view. Whilo theio was
a uoticable falling oil' In the agricul
tural exhibits f i nut ceitain sections,
the live stock display was better than
ever. The extreme heat serve 1 to de
crease the attendance somewhat below
that of 1'.)12. "Omaha and South
Omaha Day," Filday saw fully :i,W
puoplo from the Twin Cities on the
grounds, each one decorated w it h badge
and pennant. The down town parade
in the forenoon was a feature of the
day. The exchange of courtesies bo
tweeu the big cities of Nebraska Is
serving to build up a greater unity of
spirit in working for the best interests
of tlio entire state.
Lincoln was more beautifully de
corated than ever beforo in honor of
tho state fair. Tlio decoration schemo
was worked out by the Commercial
Club and the business men co-operated
with greater unanimity tlinn ever before.
Public Sale
The undersigned will sell at Public Auction, at his residence four
r miles east of Red Cloud, seven miles west of (Julde Rock, J
fj miles south of Cowlcs, nnd H mile north of Amboy,
IHonday, Sept. 15th
Tho Following Described Property:
16 Head of Cattle 16
17 Milch Cows, ' 2-yeiir old Heifers, 1 t-year old Heifer, t 1-year old
Steer, .iSpilng Calves
Head ol Horses
1 llrood Maro, 1 Hay Horse, 0 years old, 1 Hay Horse 1 years old
Head of Hogs
II Uiood Sows, 1 Spring Roars, 1 Dour lj$ years old, III small
Pigs These hogs uro all pure bred Poland Chinas of the big type.
Farm Machinery
1 John Deere riding plow, 1 John Deere riding lister, 1 Deeto
walking lister, 1 'section harrow, 1 disk, '! cultlvatois, 1 2 row disk
cultivator, 1 McCormick mower, 1 hay rake, 1 hay sweep, ) Champ
ion grain binder, 1 feed grinder, s wagons,! hay rack and truck,
1 '-.' seated carriage, I top buggy, :.' sets work harness, 1 set of light
driving harness, fi stands of bees, some household goods. Free lunch
at 1 1 ;10. Sale to commence at noon,
TERNS All sums 810 aud under cash. Over 310 n credit of 10
months time will be given, purchaser giving note nnd approved
security bearing 10 per cent Interest from date.
C- J- Cooper 8 Son
Col. G. G. Denny, Auct.
Sid Florence, Clerk
3 wvMfQWMl