The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 21, 1913, Image 1

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This Government Won't Put
Its Money
In a bank that does not guarantee it against loss.
Why Should You?
The United States will not deposit a dollar in a
National Bank, on any other bank, unless the bank
furnishes a bond for twice the amount deposited.
The United States Government can at any time
make an investigation of any National Bank and learn
all about its resources. But still the Government de
mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU
have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State, Guaranty Law no matter what happens
Institute Closed
On Saturday
Ou Tuesday the special program of
eutertaiuments were given Ht the
getierasesslons held at the hour of
lo a. m. These general sessions were
well taken by the teachers Every
performance was greeted twltu ap
plause aud givcu an appreelative ear.
Rev. Cole opened Wednesday's ses
sion with bible lending and prayer.
The program was opened with a piano
holo by Guy Dunbar of Guide Rock
Mr. Dunbar is one of our talented
men teachers ot the county and bis
belectlons are always heartily enjoyed.
Nellie DeTour of Bladen followed
with a reading, "Bobbie and the Mus
tard Plaster," and captured the audi
ence with the amusing incidence of
the two boys striving to have the
honor of wearing the mustard plaster.
Nellie Christy closed the program
with a vocal solo. Miss Christy has a
sweet soprano voice and rendered her
selection beautifully.
Thursday morning Rev. Bayne held
I he devotional exercises. Irene Crow
of Guide Rock played well a piano
solo. Miss Inez Boner of Red Cloud
suug in her attractive and effective
manner a vocal solo, about the birds.
Miss Bouor has a sweet hopntno voice
and all enjoy hearing hur hing.
Ivy Graunis of Blue Hill closed the
piogram with ii phuio solo which was
well executed.
The program given Friday wrtvthe
hurjulso ot the week, when the Fisher
Maid girls inurchud lo the btugo and
eutertained the teaoheis for thirty
miuutes wiih u chorus solo and duet.
Mr. Taylor had thlu part of the pro
gram planned anil carefully drilled tlio
young ladies. Ills work was nppre
elated, nud he is to be congratulated
upon the results he secured from Ills
training. Ho sang a solo, asslstod by
tlio ohoius, one of iho best features of
the cantata, aud made n notable hit.
Jtfr Taylor is one of tho Red Cloud
boys milking u decided murk in the
teaching profession. Ho holds tliu
chair of Jnglish In the l'uoblo high
bcliool. Mr. Taylor has taught tlio
teaohi'i-s to sing the Nebra-ka Mings.
Miss Fern Hall of Bladen closed tho
program, giving In her charming stylo
it leading and imporsomition.
The general sessions were delightful
and eutertainlug features of the insti
tute, that was planned for tho teachers
by the county superliitenpeut, Miss
Coon, and tilled a place of entertain
ment of high class.
Saturday morning by request of tho
teachers Dean E, L. Rouse repeated
his lecture on "The Rewards ot a
Teacher," which he gave last year.
The closing lecture of the Institute
was given at the M. E, church by
Frances M. Richardson, on "The
Growth and Development of the
American Flag."
Smoke Bine Hill Cigar Co. No. 21 5o
Cbjars. adv.
'Jm J bw P P 00 yiW 00 0W P mfr 3w 9 0W s9 P m 0& mm v &9 0&
Special Session
Of School Board
Rkd Cloud, Nkii., Aug., IS, 1013.
Special meeting of the Board called
to order. Members present Storey,
Crcightou, (iilham and Coon. a
Upon motion Fred Turnure was
elected to till vacancy caused by the
resignation of T. A. Trumble. The
Chairman appointed Mr. Turnure to
serve on the Buildlug and Grounds,
Finance and Teachers Committees.
The following named persons filed
application for the janitorship of the
Lincoln Building: Col. Wiggins, Jay
Pope, J. D. Kuhn, Joe Barta, Beach
Robertson, Jim Robinson, John Mar
tin, Frank Henderson, Ed Laiu, Ver
non Zeiss.
Upon motion Building and Grounds
committee was instructed to secure
option on 5 acres of land for lease or
Board adjourned.
R. D. MoniTz, Secretary.
Baptiitt Hold District
Meeting at Guide Rock
August Hth-17th will be a time long
to be remembered by the members of
the Republican Valley and tho South
Central Associations, It was the time
when the two became one and because
of this we believe will be better nre
pared to carry on the woik of the
Kingdom of God.
The meeting from beginning to tlio
end was very spiritual and the great
key note was "How can we be of tho
most service to (lod and man."
Our state workers Biothors Mills,
Berry, Collins, Mrs. Keir aud Mrs.
llomau all brought very encouraging
words. There presence were a sourco
of gteat blessing. While the work of
the state is not what we wlsii it was,
yet on the.wholo thoro Is every reason
to take coinage and go ou.
The sermons and addresses weiu all
very helpful but there mu two parts of
tlio piogram that need special mention.
That of the young people's program.
The three young people from the local
society certainly handled their sub
jects well. At the close of the pio
giam Hon. Mr. Custor of Oborlin,
Kansas was Introduced and gave an
addiess on the subject "What think
yo of Christ." This was an address
that would graco any Chautauqua
The evening service was given to
our state secretary, Rev. Fred Berry,
This service was strictly an evangelis
tic service. It was oue long to be re
membered by the masterly addrc68
and the sweet spirit that prevailed,
Thus ended the first session of the
Southern Union Baptist Association.
Maple Ice Cream and Strawberry
Sherbet every Saturday and Sunday at
the Puritan Cafe. H. Ludlow, Pro
prietor, adv
4 Newspaper That (lives The News FITty
Death Visits
Two Homes
Mrs. Jacob Whipkey
Mrs. Jacob Whipkey died at her
home in this city on Saturday, August
Kith, after an illness of some duration
at Hm age of (t yeaib, 0 months and
15 days.
Annie Kelso was born in Summerset
county, Pa., January ill, 18 Hi. She
wa married to Jncnb Whipkey, Feb
ruary 11, 1 873. From this union woro
born live ehlhlien, four gills anil ono
The funeral sei vices weio conducted
from the Baptist church, of which she
was a member, on Monday afternoon,
August lSth While her icideucc In
this community was eotnparatloly
brief, it was long enough to iiiuke
many kindly associations, mid exhibit
those qualities which make ti woman
an houored wife, a beloved mother, a
respected neighbor and a valued friend.
To the husband nud children who arc
left to mourn her loss the sympathy
of the entire community is extended.
Mrs. Longtin
Mrs. Longtin, to the surprise of
those not intimately acquainted with
here died Sunday morning. Mrs.
Lotig'tin, though n native of Illluols,
was of French ancestry. She was
born during the closing years of the
Civil war. In 1882 she was married to
Nelson Longtin at St. Joseph, Mis
souri, and removed with her husband
and children to this city ten years
afterward, where she has ever since
made her home.
Abont three years ago her husband
died leaving her live children, of
whom the three eldest Sidney, War
ren and Silver have attained to man
hood, and two daughters. Alpha and
Marcelllne, of whom the youngest is
yet a school child.
Mrs. Longtin was a member of the
Degree of Honor and of the Roman
Catholic church. In both her church
and society relations she won the es
teem and affection of those she labored
with, and her loss will be sincerely de
plored by her many friends.
Funeral services were conducted
from the Sacred Heart church this
morning at 10 o'clock.
In behalf of tho teachers of Webster
County attending the Institute of l'JKt,
we wish to present the following reso
lutions: Ri:soLVi;n: That wo express o u r
gratitude to youivery oilleletrt .Super
intendent, MissGerttudc L. Coon, 'for
her excellent supervision of the schools
of Webster County. Also the extreme
care with which she has selected tlio
Instructois for the best Institute of
Red Cloud.
Ri:olvi:i: That we thank our In
structors, one and all, for the care
fully selected nud well prepaied ideas
presented to us and will strive to show
our uppieciatioii oi sucli by uoiug
much better work this coming year.
ltr.soi.vci; That wo feel moro than
lcpaid for the time and money expend
ed for the lectures given by Prof.
Morlt, Dean Rouse and tho Illustrated
lei'tute given by Rev. Tompkins.
Rhsoi,vi:o: That we o.totid our
thanks to the Individuals by whom wo
were entertained during the general
Rksolvk.ik That a copy of these
resolutions be published in the various
papers of Webster County.
Signed in behalf of the teachers of
Webster Comity.
J. Evan Hutciiins, )
W. G. Shannon, Committee.
Guv Dunii&b. )
Applet For Sale
800 bushels of Sprayed Summer
Apples windfalls 23c or & bu. for tl.
Picked apples 50c per bu. At my farm
miles southeast of Inavale.
n a
- tw Weeks Each Year Fsr Sf.50.
Schools To Teach
The art iclo relative to tho Agricul
tural schools quoted fiom Hie Super
ior Kxpicss is wrong in oue respect, as
we have been informed by Professor
Moi-iu. Instead of nineteen, theic
were hut twelve, schools selected, of
which the lied Cloud school was one.
Thoic will, therefore, be Slu.UOO to bo
dhided het'xecu 1'J, making SI'O lo
each school.
Ucd Cloud can cougiatiilatc Itself on
llie oppoi luulty thus ull'unlcd it of lie
coming an educational center lor the
fuimiiiL' community of this and the
adjoining counties. Doubtless, if we
do our pin t, the lied Cloud schools wiM
ueiiiiiully attract hundiods of young
men and women lo this city as a place
lb acquaint themselves with the wid
est infoiuiatlou, iiutl leceive the best
Induing, to III themselves for the most
successful uiul happy cultiiie of the
fertile lauds of the Uepiiblican valley.
The presence of these young men
and women will attract their parents
and friends, and do more to put this
city to the front than any other thing
within our menus.
7.. In.... 1 .t.. n.wt tt ufl.l lllnintl rnll
Rwuyu uud other means to promote tho
growth of tho city, but here is some
thing tangible uud real. .,
Whilo the amount appropriated' by
the state is small to begin with, it
rests with us in a large measure to
make it the beginning of a great woik.
The days of colleges aud schools
which have for their immediate object
no practical teaching is rapidly puss
lug. Tho day is at hand wheu the
young men uud women arc seeklug
the knowledge which will make them
immediately useful in the production
of weultb. That wealth is to be pro-
diced primarily from the soil.
.The sohool that devotes itself most
earnestly to prepare Its students for
successful toll in the production of
food and the economic management of
the farm and home, is tht school that
will attract and retain the largest
number of our best boys and girls.
One other result will follow. When
the Red Cloud Schools show themsel
ves prepared to teach the subjects of
most practical interest to the farmers,
there will be in this city a source of in
formation to which the farmer may
apply, and will with the certainty that
he will ohtaiu disinterested aud In
telligent advice in the emergencies
that meet him.
Last vear had there been sucli u
school In this city, the mistake-) In
the treatment of the horses ami mules
of this vicinity could liatdly have hap
pelied. Theie would have been u
bcloutltlcully educated teacher of ugii
culture in our picsenco. Kvory farm
er would have gone to him in the ilrst
instance, ami learned, at least, till that
science could ,teaeh him. If science
could not tell him all he wished to
know, ho would, at least,' learu what
lo avoid
Tho tioulile with our educational
syotoin in lite past, lias been that while
the teachers were authority on giaiu-
inar. mathematics literature, ami logic,
they weie not supposed to know us
much about tho practical ailaiivs of1
life as common people. Their heads
......... w... ....... ,.-..,.... ........
weie supposed to he in the clouds, Imit
their feet often were. Fiom now Oil,
wo look lor the Ucd Cloud schools to
become the authotitativo somco of In
formation ou the subjects in which
the people of Red Cloud ami the Repub
lican valley are vitally inieiestod.
We expect its graduates will be so
well Informed ou practical uiattcis
that the mistakes of tho past will bu
Impossible la the future.
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You Need a
Now is tho time and here is the place to supply that
need. We have on display right now the newest and
best in the clock line for any room in the house.
Kitchen clocks, parlor clocks, hall clock, bed room
clocks all included in this showing. Clocks that strike
every fifteen minutes, others every half hour, others
the hour only.
Prices run from $1.00 to $35.00 and every one full
value for your money.
Optometrist and Jeweler
RED CLOUD, - - - Nebraska
Red Cloud's
Schools the Best
The Red Cloud Public Schools will
open Monday, September 8th. Exten
sive repairs and changes in the high
sohool building have been made this
summer. The assembly room has
been enlarged to accommodate 240
students A large basement room baa
been prepared for a science room. The
north basement room has been equip
ped for a domestic science room and
the frame building will be used here
after as a manual training room. Our
high school is now provided with nine
recitation rooms including the labor
atories and an auditorium which fur
nishes ample seating capacity for all
who desire to attend the Red Cloud
High School this fall.
Fortunately thet foresight of our
school board in making these changes
in order to meet tho ever growing de
mand for moii) room, has beon the
means of having Red Cloud designated
by the state superintendent as one of
tho twelve schools in the statu as an
Agricultural High School with statu
aid amounting to iVl'M per year.
A student who attends tho Red Cloud
High School has all tho advaiitugcs
ollored by any school lit tho state.
Wo no longor rank among tho list of
' socomlai les but have ollieial standing
among the llrst In our statu.
Tim following courses arc now offer-
I ed from which ii student may select
the com
' tleiilar i
the course bust suited In their par-
Manual Training Couise Ono Year.
Domestic Science Course One Year.
Commoioiul Coursos Three Years.
Agricultural Courses Four Years.
Normal Courses Two Years.
Language Coursos Four Years.
Parents are Invltod to call or cor
respond with Supt. R. 1). Moritz for
any Information relative to entering
their children In school September 3th.
Picture taking opens a uew world of
entertainment to the children and
they never tire of the fun. The Kodak
puts this pleasure In the hands of
young or old at small cost. Is simple
I nnnutrh Inr A nhlld to 11SQ with ffOOd
, , ", . , .. ..
' results,-so cmclent the expert cannot
lexnauBi iw poBioiiinB. nu
New Clock
The Present
Cattle Situation
Only few years ago we war ac
customed to talk about the greatness
of our western ranges, and to boast
that we not only consumed more meat
per capita than any other civilised (
nation but that we bad a surplus biff'
enough to satisfy the demands of
Europe. We had some excuse for
boasting, for In lOoi we exported 496,-
000 cattle and :JJ2,O0O,o00 pounds ot
fresh beef. By 1008 our exports had
fallen to .In 0,000 head of cattle and.
201,000,000 pounds or fresh beef while
in 1012 wefcxporied only IOs.OOO cattle
and 15,000,000 pounds of fresh beef.
Our dairy exports amounted to 80.COO,
000 in 1P01 ami les- than half that
amount In 11112. Tho indications are
that this year's exports of beef will be
less than last.
During tho years that our beef ex
ports have decreased our Imports have
increased from 02,000 head of cuttle in
1003 to .'118,000 In 11113. The value of
tho dairy products imported during1
tho same period Increas&d from S,700,
000 to moio tlirm ?10,000,000.
In 1000 tliero wero over 71,000,000
cattle in the United Statos. At tho
present time tliero uro fiOVSOO.OOO. it
is u story of deci o islng herds and de
creasing exports, of increasing imports
and iiicroaslug population.
In the fnco of tho ahovo llgiuos no
Nebraska larmer should sacriflco his
breeding cittlo because of tlio prosont
shot tage of forage, Tho cattle market
is high now, but vc have ever reason
to believe It will coutluuo to be high,
and that tho farmer who soils his.
breeding stock now will not only lose
his natuial increase but will have to
pay as much or more for similar stock:
when feed becomes moro plentiful.
In practically all parts of tho stats
there is suilloient feed for the wluter
if it is proporly conserved. Much ot
the Injured corn can bo cut for fodder
aud the silo Is a means of saving feed.,
which otherwise is a total loss.
Tho reoent aot of April 10th, 1001
gives to all soldiers' widows pension
112 per month. Fred Maurer, the at
torney, has' all necessary bUalu.
' I
-1- i fc""i--itr iTi