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This Government Won't Put $
Its Money $
In a bank that does not guarantee it against loss.
Why Should You?
The United States will not deposit a dollar in a
National Bank, on any other bank, unless the bank
furnishes a bond for twice the amount, deposited.
The United States Government can at any time
make an investigation of any National Bank and learn
all about its resources. But still the Government de
mands a guarantee for its deposits why shouldn't YOU
have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State Guaranty Law no matter what happens
. to
Ssssssasssasrssss assssaa
School Board
Holds Meeting
P.r.n Ci.oim, Ni:n., Aug. 1, 11)13.
Board met in regular sc-slon. Mem
bers present Coon, Crelghton, Gilliam
nnd Storey.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
The following bills were read and
ordered paid:
MacmUHan Co,, 11 00
W.T. Bohrer 2-00
A..T. Suttley 3 75
Jltn Mcintosh 30 00
Red Cloud Chief 5 50
Upon motion the Secretary was in
1 structed to enter into contract with
the Huncie Normal Institute for their
system of Manual Training.
Moved and seconded that 110 per
month additional pay be granted John
Wolf for the months of June, July and
August. '
Moved and seoonded that the open
ing of school be postponed from Hept.
1, to Sept. 8th.
Upon motion, a ballot was ordered
for the election of an 8th grade teacher
which resulted in the election of Miss
Ruby Coieman.
Board adjourned.
It. D. MoitiTZ, Secretary.
(Prom Smith County)
Andrew Upp and family visited at
31 r. Dunn's home Sunday.
II is still dry in these parts and
scarcely no feed iti the pastures for
the cattle.
Miss Sarah Ann (J recti visited in
Lebanon last week as the guest of
Miss Ada Wagner.
Misses Mamie and Dulcie Payne and
Emma Ring are visiting relatives in
Chase County, Nebraska.
Mr. aud Mrs. Orn Prill have returned
from a visit In Yuma County, Colorado.
They report the corn crop lookiug
better there thau here.
Mrsllert Payno was called down to
Crystal Plaines, Sunday, on account of
the illness of her father, Mr. Ilenth.
Hoy Upp and family havo returned
to their homo near Yuma, Colo., after
u two weeks' visit with relatives hero.
K. M. Biown and family, Mis. Laura
Morris and son Vernon aud the Misses
Johnson were visitors at the 11, V.
Spurrier homo Sunday
If you are figuring on a corn crop in
this unlucky year of Mil quit it. Try
aud be contented with a fair wheat and
oats crop and the big first alfalfa cut
ting. Several iainilies around hero attend
ed the second annual Chautauqua at
Lebanon last week, which was enjoyed
by all. .The farmers did not show tho
Interest this year uMs usually shown
in entertainments of this kind.
Fob Sali:: A good milch cow, ficsh.
Inquire of W. K White. adv
H rlcnl
Buick Car Wins
Endurance Race
The Lincoln Daily Star's Endurance
Knee, conducted under the auspices of
the Lincoln Automobile Club, was
won by Leo Hull', local manager at
Lincoln of the Nebraska llufek Com
pany, he driving a Model 31 Buick
touring car. There were 21 auto
mobiles in the contest, nnd about 81
people, they having spent last Tuesday
night in this city.
The race covered a distance of about
CoO miles, aud all the participants are
loud in their praise of Nebraska roads,
as well as the treatmeut which they
received at every stop. However ow
ing to the excessive heat, it was a
hard race both for the driver and car.
Mr. Huff is highly elated over his
victory and says his success was dun
to the wonderful cooling efficiency of
bis motor, he receiving no penalty on
aocount of being compelled to replen
ish his Bupply of water In the radiator,
between the 100 mile patrols.
We have ever held to the opinion
that the Buick was an A 1 car, and no
doubt, our friend John Havel, who is
agent for them here, and who, by the
way, has never overlooked an op
portunity to tell of the wonderful ad
vantages of this said Buick "Model
31," is likewise pleased over Mr. II tiff's
More Than 200,000 Papers
Will Go Out of Nebraska
Oumha, Nebr., Aug , nth Additional
newspapers, that will get out booster
editions the third week in Sentember.
are coming in every mail to the Iiureau
of Publicity, throucrh whose" olllces the
details of the big campaign are being
Practically every county In tho state
i9 represented iu tho list to date and
tho number of papers that will go out
of the state that week, has already
gone way above tho 200,000 mark.
Many editors in tho state aro making
extensive plans for thoir liooster edit
ions and when tho third week in
loepiomucr rousnround, there will bo
many sui prised people iu different
parts of the United States, when thoy
receive copies of tho various Nebraska
The state story, to be o.trrlcd by all
pipers iu tho propaganda will consider
Nebraska, among other things, as an
n rt loll 1 1 ..i.uil Lt.tfi. tic il flttl.t.l.w ilf.J..
as u horso breeding state, as a. -live !
stock raising state, and as a state with
(superior railroad facilities.
Tho (lata for the story Is being as.
buuimil-u u) wiu- njivuiui euiiimiiicu in
charge, Itoss Hammond, C. U. Johns
nnd 12. V, I'arrlsh, who hope to havo
the story arranged within the nc.xti
three weeks.
Mis, liobbius went down to Sunerior
Saturday morning to visit friends. J
A Newspaper That aives The Nras FINy-two Weeks Each Year For Sf.R0.
RED CLOUD, SJSnilAS.vA. AlM.lST 7," lHJt.
Union Service
A Strong One,
I'lie spivice Sitnduy night was well
'attended. Mr Albt-iuht was culled to
tho plutQnin to lead the singing, and
much Interest ami enthusiasm was
aroused In this part of tho exercises.
Kuv. Buy tie acted as manager, 'Kev.
Wagoner read tho lesson and Kev.
Cole preached the sermon. He took
for his subject the invitation to the
feast and insisted that the church dc
vote Its attention with more emphasis
to the poor and needy, the people In
the by-ways, Mrccts,nlliysundlK'rigos,
Tin- church did not succeed in mak
ing these people feel at home within
:.. .1 .. . i. ., ii -.i i .. .
hi iiinjir., us ii nullum, Islllircil pUOIIIC
did not ooinco their sympathy with
the repentant sinner as they should,
lie told some very pointed stoiiestola-
live to mission work In New York Olty, '"'"i'hed (lie power, when power
Ho might have told something more' "hihled hummers and power driven
closely related to Ked Cloud from l?s "nguis for boiing steel were not pint
own expei ience. Mr. Colo, nioio thni) '"l l,'e equipment of u black miHIi shop,
almost any minister lied Cloud lm 1'- Sleeper Hist conducted Ills
over had is competent to preiUih a i?er- blacksmith shop aero-- the citcl; east
mon on the topic he selected! More of town in a log shack. lie
thrill mont cleivj man, his llfer "duiiti"
his shoi.t stay among us, has been con
secrated to bilnging the gospel to the
poor. He has not insisted upon the
poor being brought to him, but he 1ms
gone out after them. He has not in
sisted on the prisoners being producer
before hiin, but he lias gone to the
prison. He bus visited tho jail of this
county more, possibly, than all the
mlulsters who have been in lied Cloud,
and lie has been the means, under
heaven, of setting more feet on the
upward way than most of the clergy
meu of the city. He has apparently
tried to fulfill literally the gospel in
junction, of visiting the prisons.
There is no doubt that he has won the
respect of those outside the church
for his genuine work in uplifting the
Uvea of the downcast and defeated.
He has come to W looked upon, in a
special manner, aa the friend of the
weak and the fallen. Discouragements
have met bit efforts again and again,
but ue has persisted with a noble dis
regard of failure, and be has appar
ently been successful where none have
heretofore hoped for success
He-is a good example of the faith
that comes by works, of the rlchuess
of human sympathy 'acquired by re
peated practice of the enlargement of
spiritual manhood by cobstant exer
cise. Red Cloud will miss him very much
when he leaves us. He has taught us
in a measure to roly on tho preacher
lu the extension of our interest iu
others, iu the expansion of our sympa
thies for others, He has taught us
this by leading the way and asking us
to follow where he led. We have been
so acoustomed to beiug told what to
do without auy leadership us to time
and place of doing, that the words of
advice and Instruction have lost their
meaning. Our preachers seem too
willing to be commanding generals of
armies with headquarters In tho rear
of tho battle field, the library or the
pulpit, that It is refreshing to follow a
captain or colonel who takes his plhco
in front of the battle line and savs
"Come on" instead of "Go on".
Mr. Cole always said, "Come, men,"
wheic others simply said, "Uo, men".
His sermon was sotnollilng iu tho
nature of a farewell talk. Wo are of
thoso who are vory sorry to miss him.
We regret that his church could not
keep him. It will be a long time he
roic his church will obtain a minister
who appealed so strongly to tho people
out side of the membership ol tho
We trust that iu tho Held to which
ho Is to removo, ho may bo nblo to ac
complish as much good, as It was
possible for him to uceompllsh hero
in lied Cloud, but wc doubt It. How
ever, he will do good work wheio ever
ho may be, because he has tho fight
spirit In him.
Mrs. W. L. Wecsner has been on the
sick list thU week.
.Time Brings
Many Changes
It was the boat of Ira Sleeper, tho
'hM blacksmith of Ucd Cloud, that ho
ha-' roofed In more building than any
man in obster county. This was be
foie the day of big bums, He pointed
to the lesldence, stneo re-built, of Mr.
McArthur, the building formerly oc
cupied by Dr. Howies, lately removed
from thu coruor of Poplar stieet find
I'oiirth Avenue to make room for the
new McP.irhiud structure, th old
blacksmith shop just temoved to
make loom for tho new building which
Mr. Hall is electing, and '.he Overlng
building noi Hi of the livery stable.
Mr. Sleeper bote the lupiitatloii ol
1 ta'ii'U U'S't class blacksmith, with the
tools and conveniences of u half
century ago, btlorc ga-ollue engines
lenlly purchased the quarter block
hunting on Ifotirth Avenue and
Cedar street. lie erected the dwell
ing house iu lSTi, or spiltif,' ol 1-.7I,
tho blacksmith shop a shot) time be
foie. The blacksmith shop has been
added to, yet tho old building was
still there, and Mr. Hall has removed
considerable dimension stuff of cot tou
wood, sawed out in the old saw mill of
J. (J. Potter.
If I til should come buck to lied
Cloud next Octobor, he would be lost.
The Overlng building which stood so
long us the only brick on the east side
of Webster street, is now the last of a
solid block of brick. The McArthur
residence bears uo resemblauue to the
structure Sleeper left on tho site. The
Mc Far laud buildings cover the site of
the residence, aud the Hall cement
block structure with its handsome
Crick front will replace the homely
sheds that disfigured that corner of
the block. Mr. Hall may be a better
blacksmith than Sleeper was; he cer
tainly is building a finer building than
Sleeper ever built; but he does not
compare with Ira iu the readiness to
blow bis owu horn, and the delight
with which he listens to its tootlogs.
Very uolsolessly, Mr. Hall has been
quietly and industriously making
cemeut blocks since the curly part of
May, and piling them ou the rear of
his lots. Whcu he got his blocks
made, be began trenching In front of
his shop aud laid a good cement
foundation. Then he begun taking
down the frame of the old structures,
uud replacing it with the wulls of u
substantial, commodious uud hand
some building, which, so far as out
side appearance goes, would be credit
able housing for udry goods establish
ment or a bank,
Iu us much as Mr. Hull has been so
reticent uboutthe affair, the Chief ro-
gards It us Its duty, to suy a good
word about his enterprise aud skill,
add commeiid his example to tho rest
of the community.
Apples For Sale
8t'0 bushels of Sprayed Summer
Apples windfalls 2."ic or 5 bu. for 61.
Picked apples fiUe pur bu At my larin
II miles southeast of Inavalo 1). O.
Heavy Steers Bring $8.75
Slarkcy II res. Bring 30 Head of HI a
Ones Today
Starkey Uros., extensive cattle feed
ers of I.od Cloud, Xeb , marketed horo
today .'JO head of the heaviest steois.
sold hero for some time. Thoy aver-.
aged l.OSo pounds and sold for S3.7fi, I
making them bring f 117.53 per head,!
Tho Starkey Uros,, are among the(
most extensive cuttle feeders in that
section ol the state, handling over
1,000 head a year. Tliursdaj's Kansas
City Drovers Telegram.
'l Tmmm'- '"" ---'---''"'-- " w)
You Need a
Now is the time and here is the place to supply that
need. We have on display rijht now the newest, and
best, in the clock line Tor any room in the house.
Kitchen clocks, parlor clocks, hall clock, bed room
docks all included in this showing'. Clocks that strike
every hTleen minutes, others every half hour, others
the hour only. w
Prices run from SI. 00 to '.$35.00 and every one full
value for your money.
Optometrist and Jeweler
RED CLOUD, ... Nebraska
9sH6S 6ShcaI
Red Cloud Has
A flew Barber Skop
M. T. rorsythe Has opened up .
barbershop in the basemeut of the
Potter building. New cement stairs
have been built to take the place of
tho old wooden ones, the room has
been re-modeled, and with the fixtures
and all which Mr. Forsythe has in
stalled, aud which by the way are
necessary to properly conduoted a first
class shop, he has one of the neatest
and most up-to-date tonsorial parlors
in this community.
Mr. Forsythe is an artist In his
chosen Hue, and while he has installed
n three chair shop, Intends to hire
only first class.bclp, uud to conduct an
up-to-date place, Ho has moved his
family here from Akron, Colorado,
they moving into tho Albright resi
dence In the west part of towu. The
Chief extends to them the glad baud,
aud wc are pleased to know thoy havo
decided to locato among us,
Weather Report For July
Tempcruturo: Mean 82 dug.; maxi
mum 108 deg. on 1(1 uud 17th; mini
mum 52 deg. on tho 10th.
Precipitation: Total 0.03 Inches.
Number of days clear 20, partly
cloudy 1, cloudy 1,
Dates of Thunderstorms C aud 28th,
Prevailing wind Direction S W 11
Kem.irks r days with tnore than ,01
Inch rainfall, lliiufall slnco April 1
1) O.'j inches.
Ciu.s S. LtMU.OW,
Cooperative Observer.
Mrs. Henry Strayer's
Suffering Is Ended
Mrs. Henry Strayei' died at her
homo on Not th Him street at an early
hour this morning after patiently
buffering or tho'past two years from
cancer of the stomach.
Mrs. Strayor was well known iu
this community, having resided horc
for several years, and leaves a hus
band and seven children, four girls
uud'thrco boys, to mourn hJr loss,
.''(moral arrangements have not yet
been completed, ,
1 -jrloBl
EZZZ numbek aa
New Clock
RmI sttafr f rmftit.
For the' week ending August 5, 10I3L.
Compiled by M. W. Carter, Bonded Ab
stracter, Bed Cloud, Nebr.
Henry B. Welchand wlfeto..
Tnppaaa P. Duffy, wd, lot .3, 4r
5, Blk, l Spence & Bennett's v.
Addition to Bladen f 2
Leroy B. tipeaoe and wife to .
Joseph A. Denton, wd, lots la, r
13, Blk. 1, Spence & Bennett's "
Addition to Bladen aioo
Joseph.A. Denton and wife to
Leroy E. Spence, wd, lot 4,
Blk 1, Bladen loO
Janna Rose and husband to Liz
zie J. Hudson, wd, lot 1, Mk.
10, Uosemont ioo
Bertha Olobe uud husbaud to Ed
McHj-ldo, wd, lots 1, 2, lllk. 7,
Hoover's Add to Illue Hill 2000
Claas Hose and wife to Lizzie J.
Hudson, wd, lot 2, Jllk. 10,"
llosctnout , loO
A. A. Ilushec and wife to John
C. Stevens, wd, lot 8, Blk. 4, .
Sponce's 1st Addition to Iliad-
" 400
Mortgages filed, 83,035.00
Mortgugos released, ti),029.2u.
Many Japanese Performers
Greatest Jaiaiese f rve la the tfarM
ere with the RoblasM Circus
Beyond nil cpiestlou tho greatest
troupe of .lapancso in tho world are
with the VunkcoKobiuson circus. This
Jupuneso troupe wore imported to this
country Just season for tho New York
Hippodrome, where they appeared for
thirty weeks, They woro thou engag
ed for the Yankee Koblnson circus
ami made the greatest hit ever record
ed under a circus tent. This Japanese
ttotipo immediately went back to
Japan, loft the port of Yokohama on
March 27, lauding at Seattlo April 12,
going direct to circus winter head
ipuuters, They aro iu this couutry by
permission of his Uoyul Muje.sty, the -l.mporor
of .lapiiu. Yankeo Robinson
will show Iu Bed Cloud, Monday,,
August 11th.
Widow's Pension.
The recont act of April 10th, 10Q8
gives to all soldiers' widows a pension
$12 per month. Fred Maurer, the at
torney, has all necessary blanks.
''". I,,, ... ,...
1 ?
1 1
vi ;
- sal
nwu n fifflrajnar-iriiriiass