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How He Smoothed Things Out
for Little Dan
The old man paused, out of breath,
lit the end of his laborious climb up
the bteep flight of concrete steps thnt
marked the Intersection of Ninth ave
nue. He fumbled In his pocket and
drew forth a battered llttlo red note
book, turning the worn pages with
tremulous fingers. Here It was: 173n
E. Ninth, between Onk and Klin
streets. The house on the corner bore
the number 173G In large gilt letters
and the ono next door, the big gray
Btono building overrun with thick, vel
vety Ivy thut must be the pluco he
was looking for.
His heart misgave him as he timidly
took Inventory of tho handsome edi
fice, the Imposing grounds and general
air of grandeur that undoubtedly be
spoke wealth and culture and Impor
tance. Ho almost wished he hadn't
come and was of halt a mind to turn
round and go straight back to the sta
tion. After all, it was foolish even
a ridiculous thing to do; this coming
to New York to see und talk to tho girl
Dick wanted to marry. In nil prob
ability he would only be turned from
tho door bucIi a door and what was
worse, If tho boy ever heard of it, suc
ceed in incurring his everlasting dis
pleasure. What If Dick found out that he had
purloined one of his letters and read
tho address of "Miss Barbara Shop
ard," delicately penned In tho up pur
rlght-hund corner?" Ho hadn't been
mean enough to go further he
wouldn't liuvo done a thing like thnt
but he hud gleaned enough from the
lntimute conversation ho and his
nephew had held together to form his
own conclusions. And they amounted
to just one thing: Uarbara Shepard
was rich, Dick poor; they loved each
other devotedly, but the boy's pride
stood liko a brick wall between them,
and until ho could batter down that
wall, ho would not ask her to share his
life. And, mused Uifclo Hilly, forlorn
ly, perhaps he was tho real handicap.
Alone, Dick might havo faced the
world, wrestled with it, thrown it
and conio forth victor. Hut with an
old man to block his path!
Tho swish of skirts cut In abruptly
on Uncle Ullly's reflections. Ho glanced
eafeerly Into the fresh young face of
the owner. Tho girl paused and smiled
pleasantly; she was very young and
very pretty and exceedingly winsome,
and tho old man found his toiigue
without any trouble under the melting
sunshlno of her smile.
"Excuse me, miss, but could you tell
mo It a family by the name of Shep
ard lives in that big house yonder?"
"Why yes, certainly. Were you look
ing for some one?"
Maneuvering was strange to Uncle
Billy and ho replied directly: "I want
ed to see Miss Darbara Shepard, and
talk to her. You see, it It's about a
very Important matter and I'vo come
all the way from Drooklawn about
Drooklawn! Tho girl drew a little
quick breath and answered quickly "I
know Darbara qulto well, but but
she's not at homo tills morning, though
1 expect her in within an hour."
A disappointed look swept over the
old man's face. The train back to
Drooklawn would leavo that city at
two and despite tho fact thut only a
llttlo while ago he had mado up his
mind to return without seeing the girl,
the thought that ho couldn't seo her
troubled him. Dut tho other had be
gun to speak again, and ho noticed
(that her voice was soft and clear and
very gentle.
"Won't you come with me and sit
there on one of the lawn-benches and
wait for Darbara?" she asked. "It
you're a friend of hers, I'm sure sho'd
never forgive me for letting you go
Uncle nilly gave a little appreciative
cackle. "Well," he drawled, "I don't
know as that's exactly the word to
use, since I've never Been Miss Shep
ard In my life."
"Ah!" Tho girl has commenced to
walk on toward the lawn with the old
man keeping pace beside her. They
came to a twisted-oak seat under a
great, spreading tree and sat down.
"I'm rather curious," sho admitted
laughingly, "to see, Bobby her bst
friends call her that sometimes and
I aro close chums and there Isn't much
she hasn't told mo. Perhaps If you
told mo your name?" sho paused with
a little tentative uplifting of her
"William Darker. I livo, as I said, at
Droodlawn with my nephew, Richard
Fielding. Perhaps you know Dick too?"
Tho girl nodded thoughtfully. "I
guess you mean Darbara's sweetheart,
don't you?"
"Precisely. I'm feeling a bit worried
about tho boy and that's why I'm
here. I want to talk with her; I want
to find out what's at the bottom of
Dick's well, his pale face and silent
ways. 1 was young myself once and
I can come pretty near to guessing at
tho bottom of some things."
The young girl had turned and was
gazing Intently into the rugged old
face beside her; sho saw that th
faded blue eyes were dim with hold
back tears. "Oh, but I'm Buro that
Bobby loves him," she said quickly. "I
know It. You couldn't bo mistaken?"
Uncle Billy shook his head back and
forth. "Maybe you'll think I'm a fool
ish old man to bo telling you, a perfect
stranger, all ubout my troubles on
first acquaintance, eh?"
"Not at all, Mr. Barkor. I've heard
(Of ypu so often through Dick and Bar
bara that it doeBii't seem as If we're
strangers at all. And" she hesitated,
throw him a Bwift scrutiny, then pro
ceeded, "It may be that I can help you
out a little."
Tho old man was silent, thinking In
tently. "Maybe you can;" ho exclaimed
suddenly, "and then I wouldn't havo
to bother her at all."
Tho girl bent forward abruptly and
broke a spray of clematlB from a near
by trellis. Sho burled her nose In the
blossoms for a moment, keeping her
eyes steadily down. Presently sho
said: "I don't mind telling you Mr.
Darker, that Barbara, too, has Bcemed
to mo a good deal troubled ubout some
thing of late. And why, I might Just
as well tell you tho truth nt once;
they're crazy about ouch other, her
parents admire young Fielding lm
inunscly and are perfectly willing for
her to mnrry him. Hut Dick Is ob
stinate; ho refused to allow her to do
it until, In his own words, he 'makes
good.' "
Tho anxious expression on Uncle
Ullly's face all at once gave place to
one of satisfaction. "If that Is all, then I
know it already. Hut 1 was afraid
there might bo something deeper. I
was thinking perhaps sho'd said some
thing done something maybe hurt
tho boy's feeling In tomo way. I I
even went so far as to wonder If If It,
might be me."
A tender little smile played nhout
tho girl's lips. "You should hear our
nephew talk about you, Mr. Barker
and you should know too, how Barbara
has already taken 'Undo Billy' Into
her heart."
The old man mopped his eyes. "I'm
mighty glad to hear you say so, miss.
Now I'm going to tell you something
queer. You've been so good as to take
me Into your contldenco. I'm not Dick's
real uncle at all. Once when ho was
a very llttlo boy, oh, ten or eleven, I
guess, I was knocked down In the
street by a big express wagon and In
jured about the head. Dick and his
father were close by and Mr. Fielding,
giving in to the boy's persuasions, had
me carried to his own homo InRtead
of to tho village Jail. That was tho
orjy place In Brooklawn; they didn't
havo any hospital then. After n few
weeks I got on my feet but It wub
months before I could work. Dick and
I had grown to be groat friends and
Mr. Fielding kept mo on at tho place
as his overseer. A few years later ho
died, then, his wife and there wns
Just Dick and mo left. Wo'vo been to
gether ever since. It would break my
heart to go out of that boy's life, but
If I thought I was hindering him In
tho world "
"Indeed, you mustn't sny such
things. 1 I'm convinced 11 isn't that,
bilt just a silly, false pride that's got
possession of your nephew."
"I guess it's silly nil right. But
but I Just can't help admiring Dick for
sort of feeling that way. And, If tho
truth wns known, I bet Miss Barbara
thinks a lot more of him for it!"
Tho girl flushed softly nt soma sud
den recollection, "I'm certain of it, too,
Mr. Barker; It only goes to show what
what Dick Fielding is mado of. Dut
sUo'b only human, you know, nnd sho
Isn't willing for him to go to breaking
her heart forever!"
Tho old man rose suddenly to his
feet. The girl glanced up, bewildered
nt the swift change of expression that
had come over his uWld little face with
tho faded eyes aim withered cheeks.
Tho former were suddenly nflash with
purpose and the latter streaked with
dark red. "And ho shan't either!" he
cried. "I'm going homo nnd tell him
somothlng tonight that' will mako a
whole lot of difference. I'll tell it to
you now, though you must promise to
let him be first to his sweetheart with
tho news. A week ago, a distant cou
sin of mlno died out in Colorado and
loft mo a fortune of a half a million
dollars. It's all going to Dick tho lit
tle boy with tho great big heart. I
only wanted to find out the truth about
tho gtrl, thnt's all. I wanted to know
it sho'd been fair. I I lovo him too
much to give htm up to to somebody
that'll care less can t you see?"
The trembling old voice trailed al
most to a whisper. The young girl had
risen too and was standing beside him.
She laid an affectlonato row of soft
fingertips on his rusty coat sleeve;
the eyes she lifted to his were brim
ming with the totidernesB of unshed
"You won't have to give him up,
Uncle Billy," she revealed herself in
a little Joyous undertone, "for It
wouldn't be n homo at all without
you." - '
(Copyright, 1913, tho McClure News
paper Syndicate)
Iron Ore Statistics.
The rank of tho five states produc
Ing tho largest amount of Iron ore
Minnesota, Michigan, Alabama, Now
York and Wisconsin remained un
changed In 1012. Tho Minnesota Iron
rnnges aro producing at present con
siderably more Iron oro than is pro
duced In all tho rest of tho states to
gether, having furnished nearl 62.5 por
cent, of tho total for tho United States
In 1912. The wholo Lake Superior dis
trict, comprising ull the mines In Min
nesota and Michigan and part of those
In Wisconsin, mined 46,308,878 tons in
1912, or nearly 84.08 per cent, of the
Could Not Enthuse Philosopher.
Horbert Spencer, the philosopher,
once nttended tho Derby. Francis
Galton, who wns his guldo, took noteE
of tho Jaunt: "All wont off well, ex
cept that Spencer would not be roused
to enthusiasm by the'rucen. Ho said
that tho crowd of men on tho grass
looked disagreeable, liko files on a
pinto; also that tho wholo event was
just liko what he had Imagined tho
Derby to be." Even tho costumes of
tho men who shouted tho odds was
only what be bad imagined them
to bol
LlwawawaV sf ." -V ' I V As IkwawawT 9 1 J LM
m LLbV T "fcX i v J 'r I j" yf W
m bB r iff Mhb J? J& w
sV . sW'&f 'r . 1 swwwwH J ISfJl yK" f Zi
'i''''-,'' "J V
AMERICAN nnd Parisian designers agree that white makes as nttractlvo
tone for bathing garments. Tho two models shown glvo ono an Idea of
tho bathing gnrments very much in vogue at American and Parisian
Eoasldo resorts. Tho American costume on tho left Is of whlto silk with
sandals to match and headgear of tl j name color. Tho Parisian garment, on
tho right, Is of whlto taffeta trimmed with broad silk biald of ho samo
color, nnd cap to mutch.
Persevered In, This Treatment Will
Bring Beat Results and Hair
Will Not Become Oily. '
If your scalp Is dry and shows dan
druff, get a bottle of ordinary red
vaseline. Put a very little of thq vase
line on the tip of each finger of your
hand; then rub-the tips of the fingers
of the other hand against thoso that
havo vaseline on them. Thero should
Ue apparent then only a slight olllness
of all the finger tips. Next place tho
finger tips upon tho scalp at tho edgo
of tho hair, ono hand at either sldo
of tho hend. It does not, matter much
whether you start at tho nape of the
neck, or on tho forehead, but wher
ever you do start, let the hands bo an
even dlstanco apart. For Instance,
place one In back of each ear. Onc
started rub tho finger tips above each
templo, slowly and gently forward, un
til they meet at the crown of the head,
Margslne Lacrolx model of pink
charmeuie with skirt veiled by white
lace. White chiffon yoke.
ILHLLiaiaV 'K'A'fH "' SaVH)
HllillllllW- .. ,tTCii " H
ViBr ? "' l & ' iVif
f' f$ i "Jlf Bb j
then draw them bnck to tho starting
point In tho name manner. Repeat
this operation until tho finger tips he
come dry, when more vaseline should
be applied to them. By meuns of this
five minute massage moro vascllno is
rubbed Into tho scalp than ono real
izes, and it Is well nourished thereby.
If tho massago 1b properly carried
out, that is to say, always started at
tho hair line, and llttlo vaseline used,
the hair will not becomo tho least oily
as a result.
tlust a Few Minutes Each Day, With
Proper Applications, Will Ac
complish Wonders.
If tho skin of tho throat Is loose and
baggy, dip tho tips of your fingers in
alcohol, massage from tho throat up
ward toward tho chin, and then from
the throat downward toward tho
chest. Do this two and a half min
utes, and the remaining two and a
half massage with a pure skin food
along the samo lines. You will And
that alcohol is absorbed rapidly, and
that If the skin food Is applied quick
ly after, it, too, will sink quickly In.
When flnlsheoglvo the throat a few
dashes of cold water and pat dry.
Now, if you wish the best results,
do not put off starting this maBsage
until you aro badly in need of th6
treatment, for then five minutes will
hardly suffice. Start right in now and
make a five-mlnuto massage a part of
your dally toilet. Keep it up and in
time you cannot help but notice a de
cided change in your skin. Flyp min
utes may not seem worth while, but it
will surely help to retain the beauty
you do possess, besides keeping In
abeyance tho many troublesome blem
ishes which affect tho skin.
Wash Silk Petticoats.
Wash silk petticoats aro a useful
addition to any wardrobe, be it limited
or not. They are mado of somewhat
heavy silk. Silk and cotton so-called
tub silk, is almost as durablo as heavy
all-silk material and is moro durablo
for petticoats, at least, than chaap
all silk. Tho petticoats aro mado in
striped pattern with scant bias
flounces at tho bottom. They can bo
worn with any light street costumes.
Ono of violet nnd whlto in narrow
stripes could bo worn with tan, green
or violet outside skirts; one of tan
and white would find many uses, and
more decided colors would bo useful to
wear with a few frocks.
To Gain Health and Beauty.
A teaspoonful of ollvo oil before
each meal Is an excellent thing for
tho nerves as well as a tlssuo builder,
and is eald to prevent tho joints from
becoming stiff and rheumatic. Out
wardly applied, it prevents wrinkling,
which is caused by a deficiency of fat
In the cells of tho skin. In cases of
oxtremo waste of tlssuo larger dosos
aro advised, as tho oil Is absolutely
puro nourishment. Keeping oil in
darkness Is the secret of its remain
ing Bweet. Cold is less essential than
"The English nro a henvy-hnndod
race," said a suffragetto In tho smok
ing room of 'tho Colony club.
Sho lighted a fresh cigarette nnd
sipped her cofteo.
"Tho KngliRh nro heavy-handed,"
sho repeated. "I went to henr Mrs
Pankhurst lecture In Woodstock on
my InHt visit to England, and do you
know how tho jolly old farmer chair
man Introduced her? Well, this Is
what ho said, Intending It for a com
pliment, mind you:
" 'Ladles and gentlemen, you havo
heard of Mr. Gladstone, tho grand old
man. Let mo now Introduce to you
tho grand old woman.' "
Never Again.
"Going to get out hero nnd stretch
your legB?" asked ono pnssenger of
"What place la It?" asked his com
panion. "Chlcngo."
"No. 1 had ono stretched hero
Sizing It Up.
Bacon What did you glvo for that
cigar you're smoking?
Egbert Nothing.
"Is It good?"
"Well, lt'H good for nothing."
Their Style.
"Tho gems of literature nro In this
"I seo most of them aro uncut
gcniB." .
Only n newly married man over
dodges when his wifu throws thlugHnl
A Threat Them -fMB
j to the treat of treats k
il ill always welcomed, by all,
V krll W W every he re .
JM Sparklinsc with life delightfully cooling M
JV'nT supremely wholesome. . M
rfTBnSu fiAltmmia I? Aa-aaABrtiMnp Br
IvVTiaflllBV Tkit,.ll1iaAninitiiv .F
fojL3ifiBW ainoi.-uciv.iain5
'hV7 -Hati'Ml "Bsassw VTinsm llir liriMlliil. aBBBBBr
fcin!62-A-w Kcluie tutiulliitci. T
Millionaire Gently Reminded That He
Was Not Alone In Quest of
the Missing Link.
A western mllllonnlro of tho "newly
rich" vnrlety recontly camo to Now
York and ono of his first extravagant
purchases was a pair of diamond
crusted cuff-links, for which ho paid
But tho prldo of possession lasted
only two days, for ono of tho links
became lost. High and low tho mil
lionaire hunted for It,' turning 'tho
wholo hotel upsldo down In tho search,
but It was not discovered. But he
would not glvo up tho search.
Ono evening a week later, whllo giv
ing a dinner party to a few friends
and business associates, ho recounted
tho circumstance!' of his loss and con
cluded by saying:
"Confound It; I don't understand It
Here I'vo spent a wholo week hunt
ing for that thero missing link, and
still, by crackey, I can't And it!"
"Oh, cheer up," advised one of tho
men who was bored by tho recital.
"Charles Darwin spent a whole life
time In tho same quest, but ho wasn't
holt as peevish as you aro I"
Do They Eat Them?
Yeast I see exports of American
faorseB arc i Increasing! Last year the
value of our horseflesh sent to 'for
eign countries was nearly $5,000,000.
Crlmsonbeak Mercy! What eaters
thoso foreigners are, to bo euro!
Ever Think of This?
"Why don't women dresB sensibly?"
"If they did, hair the industries of
the world would go to smash."
Late hours and a spicy breath aro
sure to tell on a man.
. Plumo and nut-like in
9 awV AwW L at .SBBBBSr
choice pork. Prepared the Libby way, nothing can be more
l , . . t I !.. D..a
ppcuzins; ana sausrying, nor
? J. H il A. aV
up wim or witnouc lomaio
served either hot or cold.
Intiat on
Libby, McNeill Libby
Perfectly Clear.
"Peters has a clear head,'
"Yes, there's nothing In It."
Don't Be
just because your Stom
ach has "gone back" on
you. There's a splendid
chance for it to "come
back" with the aid of
It soothes and tones the
tired nerves, promotes
1 1. I
bowel regularity, aids di
gestion and will help
tip you
fry it.
back to health. Try
ll.a nl, riMti, or
iini.nll,cnntiilfiL rliri. tk.t kll
on. Mad of
nri will not loll
I njiir nthlnf .
(luitranlont fTwtlT.
iprra. piiil tot II.M.
HatOLD I0MEM, lit P.Salk At , Bfooklji, M. 1.
or Carbon
ated in Bottles.
How to Stop Pen Leaking.
"Thnt reminds mo of tho story of
tho advertisement which said that for
tho small sum of 25 cents, anyono
could receive tho information on how
to keep a fountain pen from dripping
Ink," ftuld City Attorney Daniel W.
lloan In Illustrating a point.
"A young man whoso pen bothered
tho llfo out of him, sent a quarter for
tho desired information. The reply
'"Don't put any Ink in If" Mlb
wnukoo Wisconsin.
Don't Reach That Far.
Bacon Tho United States makes
epough paper money each yoar to
reach twice around the world.
Egbort That's queer. Very llttl
of It rcnchcB mo.
Mra.Wludlow'o Hoothlnir Syrup for Children
teething, Hoftrim the ifuinH, reduces Inflnmmt
tlon.allaya ialu,cureH wind collc,35c m bottle.
Tho earth's fertile area is estimated
at 28,269,200 square miles.
I The Ant iseptic powder shaken lot
I aBBBBBaw l.u-u.
BclalclalalalaVJ y tor lk feet for a nuartet
century 30,000 testimonials. Sola
Trade Mark, everywhere, 23c. Sample PRRB.
Address. Allen B. Olnnttd. I.e Hoy. MY,
laMMaUBWhOIHrttlMEEsi U ftZT.
A tollH prtparatloa of mrtk
ill to .radical, dandruff.
FnrftngragPalnr --
Emu ty to Cray or Faded Hair,
I toe, andluo at DrnrttMa.
W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 31-1913.
Delicious - Nutritious
flavor, thoroughly cooked with
or greater iuuu, vaiuc. s us,
- jBl a auaI 1 aa A J a a aat
sauce, sin ctcuut uu.
r f atHLBW
'r WV.Jff'Wyf'4' .ilffrtTaV,ar"TiyTlfJinlBBBa
t (L (?fuWigRsPJSfiSlT
H...Vf ,J Vt.fa$M ,
T' I r" 'I asm 'Trj.''''