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This Government Won't Put
its Money :
In a bank that does not guarantee it against loss.
Why Should, You?
The United States will not deposit a dollar in a
National Bank, on any other bank, unless the bank
furnishes a bond for twice the amount, deposited.
The United States Government can at any time
make an investigation of any National Bank and learn
all about its resources. But still the Government de-
have protection.
Your deposits in this bank are protected by the
State Guaranty Law no matter what happens
tKW . . . - w . .fc .fc.fc fc. fc '-Mfc.fc3fc tBl'Bl'B) Aktft?A
. ;
J. NcPartland
- Dies Sunday
.Tames Merartland, aged M years,
died ut htb home north of this city on
Sunday morning after a long sickness
caused by cancer or the stomach.
Mr. McPttrttaiid had resided ill tills
county for some twenty odd years, and
was a highly respected eitl.en. lie
leaves a 'wife, four daughters and two
sous to mourn his loss. To them the
sympathy of the entire community is
The funeral was held from the
Catholic church on Tuesday morning.
Red Cloud To Build Sewer
County Engiueer fuller as consult
ing engineer is drawing plans for an
extensive sewerage system to be in
stalled at Red Ckmd, Neb.
The improvemeut contemplates an
expenditure of upwards of 115,030 by
the city of Red Cloud for the mains
alone and a much larger sum by the
property owners for laterals.
Mr. Fuller has been in Ued Cloud
for several days in consultation with
George II. Overlng, city engineer of
Ued Cloud, and getting the data
necessary for the preparation of the
The city will build about 8,C(M feet
of uuins lu the central' part of tlio city
and leading to the settling busin. The
city slopes gradually toward the basin
aud the average depth of the sower
will be 1'2 feet. Monday's Hastings
Dally Tribune.
Will Fisher is able to bo out
around after a mouth's sick spell.
Vern Harris arrived from the west
on Saturday where he made his stake
in the wheat fields.
Al Smith is palutlng George Coon's
house on the farm this week and he
also painted his overalls.
The new school board got together
aud hired Miss Laura Osboru to teach
in district 85 for the term of ulue
Cap Houcbln is around In Garfield
with a petition for a new court house
and trying to make the people think
it won't cause auy more taxes,
A little shower of a quarter of an
inch of rain fell Sunday night. We
need a three days drizzle drazzle rain
like the old woman prayed for.
Wlthw's PcMleit.
The recent act of April 10th, 1009
gives to all soldiers' widows a pension
912 per month. Fred Maurer, the at
torney, has all necessary blanks.
Maple Ice Cream and Strawberry
Sherbet every Saturday and Sunday a(
the I'urltan Cafe. H Ludlow, Pro
prietor, adv
Jake Ellinger
A Fast Driver
The two young men, S. S. Sheau
aud C. O. Johnson, who were running
the pilot car which marked out the
road by scattering confetti at every
turn in the Lincoln Daily Star's Kn
duranco Run, evidently taken "Jake"
Ellinger for some farmer that did not
Kno.v a great deal concerning the
running of an automobile, when he
first offered them the use of his car
from Nelson to this city last Tuesday.
Jake asked the boys how fast they
wished to go before starting out, and
they replied that It was all right to
go as fast as he wished, that Red
Cloud was to be the night patrol, and
the sooner they reached here, the long
er time they would have to remain.
Hut the boys did not know Jake they
did not know that since the automobile
was first introduced in this county
that the name of KUinger had always
stood for speed. But they know now.
Before Superior was reached, one of
the young men told .Take to put hor in
low, that they had plenty of time but
Jake never faltered he remained true
to his reputation for speed and last
evening Mr. Sheau was heard to re
marked ho had taken several fast
rides in his time, hut he never went as
fast before as he did that afternoon
with Jake at the wheel. And the
satisfied look which came on Jake's
fauo on letting the boys out of the car
lu Ued Cloud, was well worth the
risk of the fast rldo, for it was easy for
us thereon, "well I showed
them what thoy call bpeed lu Webster
Real Estate IraisTers.
For tho week endlug July 20, 1913.
Compiled by M. V. Carter, Bonded Ab
stracter, Red Cloud, Nebr.
Thomas I'aul to C. E. Paul, wd,
lots 17 to 20, Blk. 0, Cowlos....8 1
Laura J. Pope to B. II. Albright,
wd, lots 7, 8, 111k. 0, LeDucs
Addition to Red Cloud 000
Ilugh B. Hunter and wife to
Mary H. Marsh, qcd, lot 14, Blk.
4, Guide Rock 1077.40
James P. Mcltae, Single, to Oliver
I). Hedge, wd, lots l,fi, Illk. 1,
Jackson Add to Red Cloud... 750
William Johnson and wife to
Minnie Rose, wd, lots 1 to 3,
Blk. 14, Roscmont S00
Stato or Nebr., to l'aul Sohultz,
wd, Hi lot 0, s sel sw Sec.
4-1-10 260
L. 13. Talt and wife, and Lyra C.
Garber, to Edwin S. Garner,
wd, lots 10, 11,12,111k. 13, Ued
Cloud -5
Rose Delima Chevalier to Romu
lus C. Chevalier, wd, ejtf netf
Seo. 31 and nw Seo. 32 1-12... 15000
Mortgages filed, 514,010.00.
Mortgages released, (10,223.00.
Fresh candy, peanuts and cigars a
Warren's Restaurant.
v -''..
A Nwsriapcr That filvcs The News Fifty-two Weeks E.tdi Year For Sl.ttO.
Has a Birthday
'l'hc following article taken front the
Mciivoi News. Wednesday, July "'-).
was sent by Dr. MorAUvlllo, who is tit
present stopping in Denver, to Col. A.
B. Wiggins, of this city Scout Wig
gins, about whom the article is written
is an uncle of Col. Wiggins, and was
for 15 years a peace olllcor In tho post
ofllee building in Denver, and is at
the present time drawing a pension:
"Old Scout Wiggins" tho iBSt of the
forty-six fatuous Indian fighters who
crossed tho great American desert in
1937, yesterday celebrated his nine
tleth birthday by receiving uIr old
time f i lends from his bed at 3110
Larimer street, by eating throe hearty
meals, tiot to mention a slice of his
own pink and white frosted birthday
cake, and by living again those stir
ring days of his youth.
But "Old Scout Wiggins" waits for
death for that death he faced a thous
and times in the history making days
of tho early West. The fever of a
burned out spirit of adventure dully
lit in his blue eyes yesterday as he
greeted old friends, talked over old
times and revived great memories of a
great past. Tho scout's room was
bright with myriad blooms the gifts
of his friends.
"Scout" Oliver 1. Wiggins' pet
hobby is talking. He loves It. With
his thin hands nervously fingering the
bed spread, and in a feeble voice, ho
told yesterday of how he ran away as
a boy of 13 with the party of remits
who blazed the Santa Fe trial; of the
hardships endured; the porils faced lu
Iudian attacks.
"Hut the happiest day In my life,"
said thcaged scout, the companion for
twelve years of Kit Carson, "was the
day I went back to Canada to claim
my bride, the little girl I met while
hunting in the woods of Canada when
1 was 15. I was 22 when I married.
Love is what counts in life love and
"My wife and I lived together fifty
one years with never a cross word.
We understood each other- But she
died twenty years ago," he added
"It's intemperance, it's whisky,
smoking, extravagance and a craze for
gaiety outside the home that makes
for all these divorces nowadays," said
"Scout Wiggins wisely. "Then, now a
days, the women don't know how to
do nothlu' but dress up and go down
town to bo looked at, Thoy can't
cook, or sew, or homemake or any
thing, and their chief object in life
seonis to bo to display their anatomy.
Yes, life is much worse than It used to
bo. Before mp wife died I had never
heard of a divorce."
As he talked his voice grew feebler
and choked. He lay back on his bed,
exhausted. His niece, Mrs. Bertha
Styles, who has nursed the aged scout
through three attacks of pneumonia
and one of paralysis, bent over him
tenderly and stroked the grizzled face.
He had almost reached the end of the
trial he knew it and was unafraid.
The Chief is also in receipt of 'the
Denver Post under date of Sunday,
Juno 10', as well ns n copy of the
Denver Field and Farm, both of which
contain articles concerning the "Old
Scout" but both articles arc too long
for us to produce.
1013 Model, Motor Cycles and Motor
Boats at bargain prices, all mnkes
brand new machines, on easy monthly
payment plan, Got our proposition
before buying or you will regret it,
also bargains iu used Motor Cycles.
Write us today. Enclose stamp for
reply. Address,
Lock Bos 11, Tri:nton, Mich.
Applet For Sale
80o bushels of Sprayed Summer
Apples windfalls 23c or 5 bu. for II.
Picked apples fiOo per bu, At my farm
3 mlle9 southeaat, of Inavale. D. O.
j -
Union Service
Proves Popular
Theie was u largo attendance at the
union open air set vice Sunday own
ing, many people driving in from the
eoiinli.v in eai ilages and uutos
Rev .1 J. itayne pastor of the Con
gregational church had chargo of the
service and pleached the sermon.
Rev. Wagoner of the Iticthern church
read the Scripture and offered a very
helpful prayer. Mr. Albright assisted
by the huge chorus choir led tho con
gregation in the opening song service.
Tho evening was perfect and thu large
uongregiitioii puid.thu most profound
attention to the sermon which was up
on the subJHct: "The Measure of a
Full Giown Man". Mr. Ihiyno spoke
lu part as follows:
Text. Epheslans 4.13 'Till we all
come iu the unity of tho faith, and of
the knowledge of the Sou of (Jod, un
to a perfect man, unto the measure of
the stature of the fulness of Christ".
Evorv man is a hero worshiper. One
man's hoio is the man of great physic
al beauty and strength. Another pays
his adoration to the ono of great In
tellectual ability while a third has for
his ideal the man of great physical
power. Most men iu their youth wor
ship the man of mighty brawn. As
they prow older brain becomes more
Important to them than brawn. As
they develop still fuitlier benevolence
becomes the most Important of them
all. Brawn, brain aud benevolence,
these are the standards by which wo
measure men. The Ineompletness of
tho worlds great men lies in this: One
man is strong physically but Is weak
mentally. Another man has a gteat
head but not a great heart. Another
man has a great head but not a great
heart. Another mau lias a powerful
spirit but it is enclosed iu u weak
sickly body. Only one man ever lived
who readied the full measure of the
perfect nun. Jesus was a perfect
man physically, mentally and spirit
ually. He is the crown of the race,
the perfect pattern of manhood. a
First then, I make bold to say that
Jesus is our pcrfeet example physical
ly. Wherever he weut he attracted at
tention because of his physical berfuty.
As a boy he had played with the other
children In the streets of Nazareth.
Asa young man he had spent nights
togther with his cousins on the sea.
He knew how to work. IIu took time
to rest lie loved tho things of nature,
the birdb of tho air, the llowers of the
Held, tho sower and the reaper, tlio
sou-shore and the mountain side. His
blood was led and rich and hot. He
was always strong, always calm, al
ways courageous. He Is tho supieine
example of u perfect man fiom the
physical standpoint. The time has
come whon it ought to bo considered u
part of our religion to bo strong and
well. When our young uieu and
women will consider it an honor tij
take tho Christ as their hero in the
realm of the physical and strive to
grow up toward the perfect staudard
of strength and beauty which Is found
in tlio Christ.
The second measure of u perfect
man is the intellectual. Here again
Jesus is our pattern. Jesus was a
thinker and he taught men ' to think.
Where shall the thinking man go for
an answer to tho great problems of
life but to Jesus. Who is God'.' Who
am I? What lies bcylid the grave?
How shall a man bo just before his
maker'.' There are the'grcat questions
that throb through all history. They
are the questions that were usked by
tlio first great thinkers away back at
the dawn of history aud will be asked
till that day whan the stars shall go
out like sparks aud the earth shall melt
with fervont heat. 1 go to tho great
thinkers of tho nations of earth. 1
hear the dropping of their tears hut
they give me no answer that will
satisfy the longlug of my heart. Where
shall I go but to the Great Master
mind of the oges? And when I go to
Him I Hue that he knows. God ts'your
Father. You are bis child. You can
be saved by trausplautlog Ids life in-
$CS - BSW - 6S
You Need a
i-'"n!tfjniIjBHMBKflMPMMIINI!Pl (A
Now is the time and here is the place to supply that
need. We have on display right now the newest and
best in the clock line for any room in the house.
Kitchen clocks, parlor clocks, hall-clock, bed room
clocks all included in this showing; Clocks that strike
every fifteen minutes, others every half hour, others
the hour only.
Prices run from 51.00 to $35.00 and every one full
value for your money.
to yours. There is a home beyond
full of mauy mansions where the sous
and daughters of God shaft live after
earth's pilgrimage is passed. Today
as iu no other period of thu worlds
history, the great intellectual lights
of earth are crowning JeTus Lord of
all. The statesman, the scientist, aud
the social worker, the philosopher,
the poet and the preacher, all turn to
Jesus for light on the great intellectual
problems of the present age.
The third measure of a man is the
Spiritual. Aud what do we mean by
the spiritual? Iu Revolution we are
given a picture of a perfect Spiritual
man: 'And 1 saw a great multitude
standing befoic the throne, clothed iu
white robes, with palms in their hands
singing. Tho white robe, tho symbol
of purity. Tho palm the symbol of
victory, the song the symbol of har
mony. These are tho three elements
of tho spiritual life, Jc&us lifu was
pure, vLtoilous, harmonious. How
do we moasurc up to Ills stature'.' Do
we wear the white robe. The white
Imagination, the white thought, the
white act? Do we llvo tho life of vic
tor? Have we eonquored ourselves'.'
Our InvlronmentV Do wc llvo the
sougful life, free from discord because
iu complete harmony with God aud
Uis laws?
I cannot help but believe that all
men either consciously or unconscious,
ly ure strlviug toward a fuller and
more perfect life. Hut the trouble is
that some men are seeking in the
wrong way aud in thu wrong place.
Jesus stands lu tho center of history
and says to all men: 'I am the life'.
I camo that ye might have life and
have it more itbuudcutly'. Aud when
the modern man goes to Jesus and
asks him how ho can have the full
life, the whole life the wholesome life,
I seem to hear Jesus answer: 'It Is
very simple. You can grow toward
my perfect life, physically, mentally
aud spiritually by simple transplant
ing my life into your life. Thero Is
nothing magical about becoming a
Christian: The Christian U tho man
that is putting into his life the vital,
characteristics of the life of Jesus,
making the life of Christ his life, the
truth of Christ his truth, the servico
of Christ his service, the venture of
Christ his venture,
Christ is ever calling men reter-l'aul-John
and the world's great men
mm esaiesf
New Clock
and Jeweler yi
- - Nebraska fl
down through the ages. Did anyone
ever follow Him aud fall bf (uluessof
life? Did any ono ever turn away
from Him without turning away from
glory aud honor?
Oh, men and women. The Christ of
the Ages Is the Christ of modern life.
Do you want lite? Do you want to be
whole? Do you want to be whole;
somo? Take Jesus as , your Ideal.
Transplant what was vital in his life
Into.your own. His truth, His Spirit,
His Life. And with His life within,
grow physically, mentally aud Spirit
ually toward the perfect man. Toward
the measure of the fulness of the stat
ure of the Christ.
Joy Riders
Were Here
Those taking part in the automobile
endurance run from Lincoln arrived
In tills city Tuesday night. There
were tweuty-ono cars and eighty poo
pie in the party. This editor went to
Nulsn with Jake KUinger iu his new
Cadillac touring car acd joined the
speeders there. Messrs. S. S. Shcan
and C. O, Johnson were the pilots of
the expedition and at Nelson their oar
went wrotig, Mr. Ellinger offered
them his car if they thought It could
could go fast enough. They accepted
and Juke whirled them in here d hour
and fifteen minutes quicker than the
last car. The gentleuou said that
thoy had never traveled to fast in their
lives. For several stretches the speedometer-showed
fifty nine miles an
hour but the gentle purr of the ma
chine and the even swing a the cor
ners wore turned showed that the
machine was in the hands of a master
and no apprehension was felt for the
safety of thu occupatants, The Liu
coin men expressed their appreciation,
for tho cxcelleut driving and also
praised the roads betweon Guide Rock
and this city.
The party left early Wednesday
morning for Kearney wherothey spent
the-nlght. Five hundred and twenty
eight miles will havo boon traveled
when they reach home agaiu,
I have tho bost rate in the county om'
farm loaus. See me and be convinced
My motto -prompt servlee.
A. T, WAUntf
if l
! 1
mi k