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Colon, C. Z. If you wish to hear
"language" just say "Cucnracha" to
ono of tho engineers engaged In build
ing the central division of the Panama
Cucaracha In Spanish means a
cockroach. In tho Canal Zone If
means tho greatest of tho numeroun
slides that havo raado tho completion
of tho Culebru.cut so different and so
expensive Why that slide was named
tho cockroach I could not discover.
Certainly even tho Panamanian cock
roach 1b not so largo, and ho moves
much more swiftly.
Deforo tho first French company
quit operations In 1889 tho Cucaracha
began to slide, and It flrBt gavo tho
Americans trouble in 1905, the second
year of their work on tho canal. Do
tween then and July 1, 1912, nearly
3,000,000 cubic yards of material was
removed from the canal becauBo of
It Tho slldo had broken nearly 1,900
feet from the axis of tho canal, and
covered an area of 47 acres. Last fall
the engineers were congratulating
themselves on having the cockroach
stopped, but in January It started
moving again, and nearly covered tho
bottom of tho cut.
"What is going to bo tho cost of
that slide to tho United States?" I
-asked Colonel Goethals as wo stood at
the edgo of tho Culebra cut and look
ed across tho chasm to where the
steam shovels and hundreds of men
were laboring to remove tho vast
mass of earth and rock.
"Well," tho chief engineer roplled,"our
-estimate is that by tho time it is all
cleared up it will have required tho
expenditure of about $5,000,000 moro
than tho cut would have cost if tho
slldo had not occurred. It is still mov
ing, and has broken so far back that
,? h-.'- ?
Giant 8team Shovel.
sow we are shoveling the crest away
from tho canal in order to relievo the
pressuro from above. Before tho move
ment In January began the excavation
In the cut at that point hod been
carried to within 15 feet of tho canal
.bottom. Digging out that 15 feet of
material removed the support of tho
Cucaracha, and down It came. If we
could have turned in tho water and
taken out tho 15 feet with dredges, I
think tho pressure of the water would
havo dono much to prevent the slide."
"What of the future?" I asked. "Is
there any danger of slides occurring
after the canal Is opened?"
"Absolutely nono, I believe," ho an
swered. "When tho excavating and
dynamiting have ceased and tho wa
ter Is In, It will be quite safe. We
have tho Blldes and breaks mapped
out at far back as there Is any Indi
cation of their extending, and are
working back to those lines. It Is
merely a matter of persistency and pa
tlence." "When will the water be lot Into
the cut?"
In October," replied Colonel Qoe
thalB. "But there will be no celebra
tion over the event. That one in Jan
uary, 1915, is giving us enough worry,
and we don't forget the premature and
ridiculous celebration by Ferdinand de
Lesseps many years ago. We will Just
turn the- water In that's all. Then wo
can complete tbo excavation there
with auction dredges, which will do
the work cheaply and rapidly."
"And when will boats be passing
through tho canal?"
"That I cannot say, but tho sooner
the better, for tho operating crewB
must be properly trained before that
January celebration. I wouldn't have
an accident occur for anything. If wo
cannot have commercial vcssola going
through before then, I shall ask tho
government to send naval "vesselB
through, so the operating forces can
get the experience. Anyhow, I want
h' XT Xl v -XS9i VC
to see the canal opened to commcrco
as soon ns posslblo, for It Is revonuo
I am after."
Another day I stood with Col. D. D.
Galllard, the engineer of tho central
division, outsldo his offlco In Kmpiro,
and watched his nrmy laboring in tho
cut, tho completion of which has
been his biggest task atid greatest
glory, night at our feet a big area
had sunk down 70 feet in a night, and
if there had not been warnings of tho
break a wing of the colonel's offlco
building would havo gouo down with
It. "Wo had JUBt time to removo that
wing," said ho, "and my office force Is
rather nervous now, for there nro
throe big cracks under the main build
ing. I expect it, too, will havo to bo
torn down very soon.
"Theso Blldes used to make us rath
er despondent, for it seemed as if they
never would stop, but the progress
wo aro making this year has cheered
up tho operating forces again, and
we can see tho end of the task. The
slide and the break aro quite differ
ent. In tho formor the earth slides
at an anglo down a sloping face of
rock, and In the latter tho mass sinks
straight down and nt tho bottom
bulges out into the channel. Along
both sides of tho cut you can seo nu
merous small slides and breaks. Thoso
aro in pockots in tho rock wall, and,
annoying as they are, they only need
cleaning out. Tho Cucaracha started
as a slide nnd now it is both a slldo
and a break.
"Incidentally, that cut should bo a
great place for geologists. I have
found in it every kind of rock except
granite, and many interesting fossils
and petrification have been discover
ed there. In one stratum through
which wo cut there were found a great
number of teeth of prehistoric varie
ties of sharks."
"What is your opinion concerning
the date when the canal will be ready
for commerco?" I aBked.
"It I had my say," said the colonel
emphatically, "not a commercial ves
sel would bo allowed in the canal un
til it is absolutely completo down to
the smallest detail. In somo of the
many safety devices were not in op
eration and an accident should result,
tho canal would get a black eye from
which It might not recover for a long
time. Officially, the tlmo for tho com
pletion of tho canal is still January
1, 1915. It may be done before that
date, but In March of this year there
was still about $50,000,000 worth of
work ahead of us.
"Wo who havo been digging tho
canal and aro still hero in positions of
responsibility I mean tho members
of the Isthmian canal commission
aro rather fearful concerning that part
of tho Adamson bill which permltB
the president to dissolve the commis
sion whenever in his Judgment tho
canal Is near enough to .completion.
Wo -feel that it would be extremely
unjust not to allow us to remain 'on
tho Job' until after tho grand formal
opening in January, 1915. It would bo
much like permitting a boy to com
plete his university course, and than
taking him homo beforo he receives
hiB diploma."
And then Colonel Galllard said soma
things about Mr. Taft'B efforts to put
Into effect that clauBe last January,
which must have made tho ex-president's
ears tingle a bit.
"The Culebra cut in liko a three-ring
circus. I don't know which way to
look," said one visitor to the zone.
It Is Indeed a sceno of wonderful ac
tivity. Giant steam shovels aro scat
tered through It, scooping up cnor
mouB masses of rock and earth; on
halt a dozen tracks on as many dif
ferent levelB snorting and puffing loco
motives are swiftly drawing loaded or
empty dirt trains; along the ledges
nro batteries of steam and com
pressed air drills, making IioIcb for
dynamite; suddenly there is a toot
tooting of a steam whlstlo, a hundred
men scurry to shelter, and a dynamlto
blast Alls tho air with sound and dirt
and rocks.
Watching tho steam shovels Ib a fa
vorite occupation of visitors who ven
ture down into the Culebra cut. They
seem almost human, and do a vast
amount of work. Their dippers hold
ttvo cublo yards of material, weigh
lng"6n an average a little more than
three tons. This spoil is emptied into
cars of several kinds. Flat cars with
one high side are unloaded by plowa
that are drawn the length of the train
by cables upon a winding drum. Tho
othors are dump cars, tho largeBt of
which are oporated by compressed air
from tho locomotivo. Tho tralnB haul
the spoil from tho cut to dumping
grounds, which on an avorago aro
about 12 miles distant. Some 18,000,
000 cublo yardfl of this material was
used as filling for the long breakwa
ter at the Pacific entrance.
Why Barbara Was Married in
the Old Blue Gingham
Barbara had listened for the sound
of Lucy's light fcot too many times
not to know who It was coming along
the road behind her, but alio did not
turn until Clark Towusend drew up
and called cheerfully: "Let mo take
you homo, Barbara?"
"I I did not know you Mould caro
to, Clink," slio hesitated, Hushing.
"Of coursu 1 caro to," ho said, lift
ing her in carefully and Blithering up
the reins again.
For a tltno thero was silence eavo
for Lucy'B feet on the soft wood road.
Tho girl was evidently too 111 ut ease
to speak.
"1 have you In a trnp at last, haven't
I?" the man smiled, covering her cold
little hand with his big -warm ono.
"And I'm not going to let you go,
Barbara, until you tell mo what It has
all been about"
"What do you mean?" naked Bar
bara. "I guess you know what I mean.
What happened all of a sudden that
you should send mo this?" Ho took
carefully from un Inner pocket a fold
ed paper out of which 1 something
dropped that shono In tho twilight
"How do you suppose 1 felt to seo my
girl running round with that artist
chap? I really think that 1 deservo a
bettor explanation than 1 have had.
"Oh, Clark," she walled suddenly,
"you do but I'm afraid I cannot mako
you understand. '1 Just couldn't mar
ry you?"
"Of course not, Barby dear, if you
did not love mo enough. But I though
you did I thought well, never mind.
What camo up, anyway?"
"Nothing that is the trouble. 1
could not enduro It! Nothing hap
pened to me, no experiences like oth
er glrlB havo. People have told mo
sinco I was a child that I ought to
marry Clark Townsend. When 1 told
mother we wore engaged, she said,
'Why, of course I've known it this
long tlmo. I've got everything plan
ned about the wedding and your
housekeeping.' I had been so happy
before I told.hor, but after that 1 cried
myself to Bleep you couldn't know
about that Clark. But that was the
"No, I did not know," Clark admit
ted. "Everybody knew, beforo wo did
ourselves, that we ought to bo mar
ried at Christmas so that Brown could
movo off your place the first of Jan
uary. And they know we would spend
our honeymoon with your Bister Grace
in Plalnsboro.f I planned out thc.dear
est kitchen all buff and blue, but when
I mentioned it mother insisted noth
ing was so 'good as drab, and settled
the mattor by getting me a set of
those wretched gray cooking things
that I've always despised.
"I do not know what you will think
of me, Clark, but that is tho truth
about it! It seemed as if I Just
couldn't enduro it to be married ac
cording to rule, and Just to settle down
i afterward and llvo by rulo. I've lived
that w ay all my life and I know what
it means I didn't dare try to endure
"But that doesn't explain that artist
fellow that hat hung round you all
summer. Docs ho All the bill better
than I did, Barbara?"
"There has been this one comfort,
at least no ono has known what to
expect. And mother has been fu
rious!" Young Townsend watched the girl
hurry up the path to the side door of
the big farmhouse with a whimsical
imllo. Yes, ho could see how her ex
istence had been depresslngly matter-of-fact
for a romantic young thing
like Barbara Shepard. Tho unlovely
severity of the comfortable house told
Ub own story, Its exterior prepared
one for a drab kitchen with gray
"Lucy," he said, shaking the rclnB
affectionately over tho sleek back of
Ills favorite gray, "that child Is long
ing for romance in her gray little life,
and I take it, lt'8-tfp"to ub to produco
the goods I"
"Barbary," said Farmer Shepard
next morning, looking severely at his
pretty daughter, "didn't I see Clark
Townsend's .gray mare out here by
our gato last night?"
"Very likely you did, dad. He
brought mo home from tho Pine
road." ,
"Well, I don't want to see him here
again, do you understand?" with ris
ing irritation.
"Why, Hiram," expostulated his
wlfo, are you crazy? Thero ain't a
nicer young man anywhere round than
''Just tho same I'm not going to
have him hanging round Barbary, aud
I want you both to understand It"
"Then you'd better tell him so,
yourself," retorted that young person,
Indignantly. "I certainly shalj not"
"I have told him, young lady,"
roared her Irate parent, "and now I'm
telling you! And I want this tho last
word on the subject You and Clark
had everything fixed up between you
and you were not satisfied. I don't
know who was to blame, and I don't
care, but I'm not going to have that
fool business gone through with again.
I told him I'd till blm full of bird-shot
if I caught him round here again, and
I guess ho know whether I meant It
or not!" "
"Well, of all things," cried the
amazed Mrs. Shepard when her hus
band'B angry footsteps died away In
the direction of the barns. "I guess,
nurbaru, vo tiuii best numur nun u
little for a tiny or two. And for Rood
uobb snko. don't mention Clnrk Town
send's natnu till this spell hus worn
Late that evening Barbara snt at
her window thinking of Clark, who
was forbidden even hur front gate,
when his olco called softly from bo
low: "Barbara, conio down, Just foi
a minute."
"Oh," sho whispered frantically, "ob
Clark, please go away!"
"Not until you come down, pleas'.
TrcmblliiK. Barbara nuido her wa)
through the silent house nnd let her
self noiselessly out nt tho unused
front door. "What tnndo you come?"
she sobbed nenoUBly, when tho young
man loomed close In tho darkness. "11
rather Jlmls ou hero ho'lr novor for
glvo mo and I do not know what he
will do to you. What has lmpponcdl
Ho ho threatened to shoot you If yoi'
camo hero again. Please please c
away, quick!"
"You mean you do not want inn tc
stay, Barb)?" For answer, llarbanl
clung to him very satisfactorily. "Lis
ten, dear, I can't gtvo )ou up llki
this. Why, wo love each other, do wil
not, llttlu girl?"
"Oh, yes; but what 1b tho uso7"
"There is this much use; wo ar
going to bo married tomorrow. Now
listen; I'll bo down here nt tho bend
In tho road at twelve, sharp. You
must inmiiiKo to get away while they
aro at dinner. If I can once have you
In tho rig, I'll put up Lucy ugalnst nu
horso In this neighborhood!"
"But Clark." tremulously, "whorw
can wo 1Id? Father will never havu
ub horo after this!"
"Leave that to inc. JuBt you prom
iso to be there. Hero Is n rope, Barb;
pack your suitcase and let It down to
me. You'll probably havo to be mar
ried In that blue gingham affair you
wear mornings."
Barbara stole breathlessly back to
completo her preparations, and not
until sho knew Clark was safe on hie
homeward way did sho lay her head
on the window Bill and sob tho happi
est tears of her uneventful life.
Dinner was prepared early at tho
Shepard homo nox!t day that tho farm
er and his wlfo inlfcht go to town. It
was with tho utmost difficulty that
Barbara escaped at tho appointed
hour. "Hy Jovo," cried Clark aB ho
swung her Into his buggy, "your folks
havo turned Into tho road. It's going
to be a close call!" Aud Lucy shot
off as If sho realized tho part she bad
to play.
But tho license was feafo In Ms
pocket, and tho minister's door stood
open. Clark Just held her hand a lit
tle tighter when voices sounded out
side and Farmer Shepard and his wlfo
came In breathlessly, as tho ceremony
began. ,
"Barbara Shepard, what a looking
bride," sobbed her mother, when tho
minister's volco had ceased. "Now I
guess you can seo, Hiram; you've al
ways thought I was too steady with
her!" She's got her head, now, and
mercy knows where sho will stop."
"Never mind, mother," soothed tho
farmer with astonishing good-humor.
"It's up to Clark to manngo her, and
I'm not worrying about him, any!"
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8clence of Detection.
There had been n bold, brazen rob
bery in tho jam closet. ICvldence ol
haste was plain, splotches of Jam be
lng everywhere. When the ownor ol
tho Jam mado tho discovery that she
had been robbed, sho spent no time or
effort in futile speculation. She took
prompt and practical steps. She
searched In tho spilled Jam for finger
prints aud found them.
"Hah!" she chuckled in tho best
Sherlock Holmes manner, "I shall havo
the thief in five minutes." Sho went
to her bedroom nnd took from n bu
reau drawer four squares of paper.
They were labeled respectively: Wil
lie's thumbprint; Helen's thumbprint;
Tommy's thumbprint; and a fourth a
very little one Baby's thumbprint.
Quietly sho took them to tho Jam
closet and mado comparisons.
'"It Is as I suspected," she said, as
sho got down; "It was Tommy's."
"That night Tommy got his. Wom
an's Home Companion.
Teacher's Age.
Senator JoHoph L. Brlstow of Kan
sas contributed this ono at a recent
banquet when referonco wns mado tc
the somewhat doubtful ago of the
fair box.
In a village school a short tlmo ago,
bo ran the senator's anecdote, the
teacher was Instructing a class ol
small youngsters in history, whose
lesson for that day related to the
Civil war. The wish of the tcachei
wns to Impress on the minds of the
children how long ago it had oc
curred. "Just think, children," sho care
fully remarked, glancing up und down
tho class, "that terrible war was
fought so long Kgo that even I do not
remember It."
"Gee, Miss Mary!" earnestly ex.
claimed oao of tho wondering kids.
"Was It beforo tho flood?" Phlladol
phla Telegraph.
Most Unflattering.
George W. Perkins, In a tariff argu
ment, said the other day:
"Well, that may be a good defense,
but it certainly isn't very flattering to
the Intelligence of tho American peo
ple. It Is, In fact, so unflattering thut
it reminds' mo of a chap who was
sued for breach of promlso.
"This chap was twenty-flvo, and the
lady suing him was forty or so.
"What Ib your deefnse?" tho Judge
nskod. .
"The defendant waved his band
toward tho lady and promptly re
plied: "'Insanity, your honor.'"
Items of Interest Gathered from Re
liable Sources and Presented In
Condensed Form to Our ,
In vlow of tho increased appropria
tions nuulu by the last leglstatuto aud
tho fact that there nro now outstand
ing state warrants amounting to over
$500,000, It Is believed tho state board
of assessment will be obliged to In
crease tho levy for stnto taxes from
5 K mills, which wns tho levy last
year, to 8.80 mills on tho dollar.
It Is likely that one mill of tho In
crease will bo for tho general fund
nnd ono mill for the redemption of
outstanding wnrrants. Instead of ap
propriations for the normal schools,
to bo paid out of the general fund, the
last leglBlaturo pnsscd a law levying
oighty-flvo hundredths of one mill for
such Institutions. Tho legislature also
passed an act levying three-qunrters
of ono mill for university extension,
the peoplo of tho state to dccldo by
referendum whether It should bo ex
pended on tho present campus or on
,tho stnto farm campus.
Last year tho total assessed valua
tion of the state was $tC3,000,000. This
twill bo exceodod this year by only
two or throe million dollars.
The levy for stnto purposes laBt
year In mills wnn as follows:
For the genernl fund 4
For the university 1
For stnto aid bridges 1-G
Total Kl-r
Tho state lovy this year will prob
ably bo ns follows, In mills:
General fund !
Redemption of warrants 1
University support 1
Stnto aid bridges "0
University extension "
Support of normals "G
Total 8.80
Tho ono mill lovy for tho support of
the university Is to bo mado under tho
.provisions of nn old law, and tho state
(board has no option In tho matter.
jNolthor has tho board any option in
'regard to tho stnto aid bridge levy,
the university extension lovy and tho
llevy for tho support of normal schools.
The board may change tho general
fund levy, but the limit prescribed
'by tho constitution is 5 mills.
The stale supreme court was cheat
ed out of making a ruling when denth
interposod its mandate and tooknway
John Walker, tho Indian who had re
cently asked for a writ of habeas
corpus allowing hlB release from the
Btato penitentiary. Walker had beon
taken to a local hospital for an opera
tion for uppendlcltls, but before ha
could bo placed on tho operating table
he foil back on his couch and breathed
his last. Walker wns sent horo from
Thurston county, following his convic
tion on tho charge of killing another
Indian. He was sentenced to thirty
years for tho crlmo. Lnst Dccembor
Governor Aldrlch Issued a commuta
tion reducing tho sentence to ten
years, with the stipulation that this
period should comprise his total
actual service behind the bars. Re
cently, howover, attorneys for Wnlker
asked the supreme court for authority
to have him released. They contend
cd that tho governor exceeded his
powor when he cut the term to speci
fied tlmo and that Walker was en
titled to a good time deduction from
tho ton years. Under that Interpreta
tion ho would havo been "subject to
rcleaso last April. The 'matter waB
argucuVin the court last weok and a
decision was expected within a few
The heavy registration of automo
biles continued during tho month of
Juno, according to reportB by Secro
Itary or Stnto Walt. Tho total for tho
month reached 1,388, a hugo leap over
the snme month lnst year. Tho record
jvaB broken during tho month of May
.farhen over 1,700 licenses were Issued
py tho state.
No Action on TcbI of Cholera 8erum.
Governor Morohend has taken no
action on tho mnttcr of requesting the
government to try Its simultaneous
(cure for hog cholera In Nebraska. If
(tho test is mado nn entlro county will
3e placed under quarantine so far ns
hogs are concerned nnd nono will be
allowed to be shipped Into the county
ifor a fixed period, but hogs may be
phlppcd out for purposes of slaughter.
jlf herds In the county should die of
the cholera that might be caused by
inoculation with blood of diseased
hogs the state might be lield liable.
On Track of Baron Von Werner.
Officers think they are close on the!
trail of Daron Max von Werner, the
convict from the Nebraska penitenti
ary who wnB given a leavo of nbsenco
to go to Tecumseh and participate In
a musical entortalnment at tho home
of tho chaplain of the prison nnd who
mado his escape, According to tho
story, a Lincoln man saw Von Werner
at Spirit Lake, la. Tho baron had con
tracted for a garage, he claimed, had
rented a house and was mnklng ar
rangements to locate In that city
The wile of the fugitive is at Madison.
The Man WaePatlk
Look, for Thin Trnclt-Mitk rl
lute on the Lnltclwhenburlar
The Aiitliriillc PowiUr for Tn.
TrM Hut. (Iff, Achim Yttl. Sold evtrfw
whttc, ISc. Sample I' Kltn. A'ldrtM,
ALLEN a. OLMSllti. I Hoy, N. .
The Wretchedness
of -Constipation
Can quickly be overcome; vf
Purely vegetable
set surety ana
genuy- on uie
liver. Curs
ache, DIttI.
ness, and Indigestion. They do their duty.
Genuine must bear Signature
Foreman of Jury Had Claimed They
Had One Mind, but Losing Lawyer
Wanted to Go Shown.
Counsel for tho prisoner looked
hopefully nt tho faces of tho Jurors ae
they filed Into their Rents, and llstoned
hopefully ns tho foreman announced
that they hud ngrcod. His cllont had
enjoyed ample provocation for tho as
sault upon tho person of Tobias Jones;
hut tho JurorB were uniformly Tobias'
friends und not unbiased.
"Tho Jury ls nil of one mind, youi
honor," tho foreman said. "Wo find
tho prisoner guilty."
"You hear tho vordlct, counsel," re
marked the Judge. "The Jury Is all
of ono mind. Have you anything to.
ask of tho court beforo sontonce ll
pronounced?" '
"Yob, your honor," ropllcd counsel,
still hopefully; "for tho purposes of
tho appeal which my client will take,
It would be of material assistance to
learn which ono of tho twelve men
who havo reached this vordlct Is pos
sessed of tho ono mind you nro so caro
ful to mention." Now York Evonlng
Her Lucky Day.
Frances is only a llttlo girl, but she
lias a quick mind nnd tho gift of lan
gungo thut sometimes distinguishes
children who nssoclato much with
their elders. Tho other day Frances
camo homo to hor mother with cheeks
liko roses nnd eyes llko stars.
"Oh, mamma," sho exclaimed, hap
pily, "1'vo had tho best luck this
morning! I got downtown Just at
tho psychological momont!"
"Did you, doar?" was mother's
pleased Inquiry. "And what hap
pened?" Said Frances, solemnly: "I saw a
Richness Personified.
-Fader, vot means a
Fader Ono of dem fellers dot's so
rich ho needn't to fall any moVo.
Looking on the Bright 8lde.
"It Ib said that moro than ono per
son has boon killed by kissing."
"Yes; but Isn't It great stuff If you
llvo through It?" Judgo.
A man should bo a credit to him
self, but ho wants a little cash
thrown In.
Few young mon are really as bad
as tbo girls try to make them think
they aro.
Almost ns many women's heads are
turned by flattery as by peroxldo.
jflany a man's soiled character has
been washed Ifi a woman's tears.
A Sweet,
Delicious .
Dainty bits of pearly white
corn, perfectIycooked and
touted to delicate "brown."
U'ually eaten direct from
package with cream and
Or, sprinkle Toasties over
saucer ol freth berries
then add the cream and
lugar a dish to remember.
Post Toasties ara sold by
Grocers everywhere.
.ssaaaaar I Vr
aaaaaaar ! it
MvHHk i ai r a
: iM
4 A
111 iff .. I
. :
ii! i
1 1.
: M
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