The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 08, 1913, Image 7

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?- IN THE -g
Chief Auto Contest
- ON -
Wednesday, lay 21
Si : 1 i
Bulletin of The Week'. Doings
Double Votes Issued For One Day
Grand Prize
To be Awarded Saturday, June 14th
Voting Schedule and Subscription Rate
The following voting schedule and subscription rate
"will hold good during the remainder of the Contest:
Chief one year SI. 50, (new subscription) counts 1000 votes.
Chief one year SI, 50, (old subscription) counts 700 votes.
Nebraska Farmer to January 1 1915, $1.00 counts 1000 votes.
Chief (new subscription) one year and the Nebraska
Farmer until January 1, 1915, for $2.00, counts 2000 votes.
Chief (renewal subscription) one year and Nebraska
Farmer until January 1, 1915, $2.00, counts 1700 votes.
Five years subscription to the two papers, $10.00, counts
3000 extra votes.
Contestants ahould work for the combination subscriptions.
For one day only, Wednesday, Nay
21st, all subscriptions received at
The Chief office will count for double
the regular number of votes. ' The
subscriptions, and cash to pay for
them, must be received on the
above date.
Standing of The Contestants
The votes cast are counted on Wednesday of each
week. The count this week shows the following result:
Gertie Cartwright 101,925
Miss Gertrude Coon 100,175
ElenorGilham 89,450
Miss Maude Hayes 79,200
Mrs.L. H. Matkins 30,100
Miss Rose McGuire 25,600
Red Cloud, r Nebraska
Weather Report Fer April
The following Is tho Metcrologlcul
record for the month of April, taken
by Co-operative Observer, Chas. S.
Mean temperatuie 12.
Maximum temperature 88.
Minimum temperature 21.
Total precipitation '2.0.5 inchos.
Total snowfall $ inch.
Number of dajs clear 10; partly
cloudy 3; cloudy 0.
Light frost on tho 2dth.
Hail on the 25th.
Thunder storm's on the lt.
Direction of prevailing wind was
south 10 days.
1 1f
Will Be Observed Again
By The Merchants Of
Red Cloud On Wednes
day, Nay 21st. Watch
For Large "Ad" Next
Will ltonen spent Sunday in (Snide
Ftchh ciiudy, peanuts and cigars at
Wat ten's Restautaut.
SI.G0 to 82.00 for good tint row stripe
fur. J.O. Camiwiii l.
Try Sheeley's limber Shop for the
best in the tonsotial line.
Frank Slatr wni In Campbell a few
days the (list of the week.
Kon Sai.k White Plymouth Rock
CockeiellH. Joseph Tophntn. adv
Tlie W. C. T. U.. met with Mrs. A.
T. Walker yesterday afternoon.
Miss Mildred Fulton is spending the
week visiting with friends in Geneva.
fU Acies of (Jood Pasture for rent
Inquire of V. U Rt'i'AUD It. F. I). No
Iia Trueblood of Inarnle was trans
acting business in Hed Cloud on Satur
day. Will Wolfe had for his giiet over
Sunday Mr. It. It Turner of Rlrd City,
(ieo. Woods of liurllngton, Iowa,
spent a few days the first of the week
in this city.
Miss Mary Walker of MeCook was
visiting in this city a few days the last
of the week.
Editor W. D. Kdson of tho Aigus
was nttending to business affairs in
Superior Saturday.
Mrs. Johanah Tnit left Monday
morning for Lincoln where she will
reside iu the future
Mrs. A E. Atkins lias for her guest
this week her mother. Mis. A J. Deals
who resides in Geneva.
Mis. K V. Wedemeyer returned the
latter part of the week from a short
visit with relatives in Kansas City.
W. 12. Kills of Superior was attend
ing to business affairs in this city a
few days the first of the week.
II. C. Wolfe is spending the week in
Ulrd City, Kansas, where he is visiting
Ids two sons, who reside at that place
Mrs. W. R. Dailey and Miss Kathryne
liurko nro entertaining their brother
Kdmoud Burke, of Wuluut, Iowa, this
Roadmiister Phillip Trout spent sev
eral days in MeCook the latter part of
the week attending to railroad busi
ness. Mrs. Eajl Holler accompanied by
the Misses Lillie and Pearl Huffer left
the latter part of the week for Omaha,
where she intends to enter a hospital
for treatment.
John lleutley of Slloam Springs,
Arkansas, spent several days in the
city the latter part of the week attend
ing to affairs in connection with the
settling up of the M. H. Rentley estate.
Rev. J. M. Bates in company with
several members of his church left
Tuesday morning to attend the Annual
Convocation which is held in St. Mark's
church in Hastings three days this
Springer's bakery, confectionery and
luuch room is now located in the Pot
ter building opposite Cotting's drug
store. We wish for a hearty co-operation
in business and solicit a share of
the trade of the public V. E. Spring,
er. adv.
Perhaps before the summer is over
the court house will be so badly dam
aged by rain storms, etc., as to cause
some action to be taken toward secur.
Ing a new one. The storm of Friday
certainly proved it to be even past
"sheddlug water", and did consider
able damage.
The Koyal Hotel has lately under
gone considerable remodeling, and
this week a fine uew cement sample
room is being completed. Itoy Oat-
man bellevrs in being up-to-date and
spares no pains or expense in securing
any and all conveniences for his guests.
lien McFarland intends to soon beeln
the erection of a two-story bnilding on
the lots west of Ids present store build
ing. The building will be brick and
will be built for two store rooms on
the ground floor and the second story
to be used as a rooming house. It is
also rumored that O. A. Hall intends
to start a new building on his lots. If
lie does tins and also puts up a brick
building, when all is completed, It
would make another half block of
solid brick buildings for Red Cloud.
A meeting of all feeders and shippers
who reside between here and Oxford
is in progress today at Franklin. The
purpose of the meeting is to appoint a
committee to confer with the rail road
company in regard to furnishing a
stock tiiilu tour times a week, and
also a lequest that greater pubis may
iu uikuii uj win .sain ran road com
pany in an efroit to cut down the time
now taken to gut htock to maiket.
Webster and adjoining counties are
too liberal patrons of the C B. & Q.,
when It comes to the shipment of
stock, to he netted with anything but
the best hy the railroad company and
we ti ust that the committee meets
with success.
Ice cream and soft dilnks scried at
Wan en's Restauuuit.
Chat ley Stiong spent it few da.s In
Lincoln this week on business.
Mis. Chas. duiker f I,lllinM
spent a Tew lns In town the latfei
part of the week.
A, II. Carpenter spout beeinl da,s
the first of the week in l ulbet iM)ll at
tending to business niVaiis
O II. Reeve of Supeilor was attend
Ing to business it tl airs in the city n
few days the last of the week.
John Holcomb left Sunday uidhiIiik
for a visit with i datives mid friends in
Chicago and other eastern cities.
Special attention glen to diseases
of eje and ear. Glasses accurately
fitted. Dr. Stockman. Rod Cloud, Nebr
Alice Smith, widow of John F
Smith, lias been granted a widows
pension, rie.l Matirei was her attor
ney. The ponltiy industry Is an Import
ant factor today, ami will beat iinieh
study, whether conducted as a shle
Hue or as an evclusiie occupation.
I have the best rate in the county on
farm loans. See mo and ho convinced.
My motto pi om pi service.
A. T.
Daniel F. Curlier hits purchased a
new auto. It is n dandy car and will
be of considerable aid to him in the
conducting of his real estato business
Fmrm Loans-l hae a limited u
mount of private money to place in llrst
mortgage farm securities, short or
long time, at lowest rates with optional
payments. Write or phone. Daniel
Gakiikii, Rlverton, Nebraska.
P. Killett has leturned Home from
Kansas City where he went with a
shipment of stock. Ho had .'it head ol
yearling calves for which ho touched
the market for 98. 10 per hundred. Mr.
Kollett reports the eastern pint of the
state also enjoyed a good rain.
Manager (ieo. Warren of The Tepoo
treated the th'reittre going public to a
fine two-reel feat in e nlctuic entitled.
"The Wives of Jamestown" on Mon
day and Tuesday evenings. It was a
colonial scene and one of the best pic
tures of this class which has ever been
offered heie.
James Silva, who has been iu the
employ of the Saunders Hios. Lumber
Company at this place for some time
past, lias pin chased Tho Inaviilu Lum
ber Yard. Jim is one of the ilsing
young men of the community and dur
ing his residence In Red Cloud hits
secured for himself the friendship of
all who knew him. He also possesses
a great deal of business ability in his
chosen lire and it is safe to predict
that he will make a success in hi now
G.N. Rmukenbakcrof Webster coun
ty, Neb., says a large number of hogs
were imported from Arkansas into that
section of the Republican valley this
spring. Farmers have had good luck
with them". 'All these hogs were stop
ped near Kansas City, where they vac
clnated and as a result no losses oc
curred," Mr. Rhtukenbenbaker said.
"This plainly shows that hogs can be
made immnue." Kansas City Drovers
iSSeS 3 OM 3 SSfcSvai
in new things new
Something New
I in Men's and Young Men's
Clothes Every Day
To keep our slock right up to the minute always, wc get
tueas every day. So that this
store is especially valuable to
the man who always wants the
new things while they arc new.
Kuppenheimer Clothcraft and
Society brand Clothes for Men
and Young men
91A4-ASOA f)
$Q 4- $0
" JHt
i WOr
10 to
Boys Knickubocke Suits
3 to
Mothers Dress your boys in
new K. & E. Waists.
e the Mew
Spring Hat end
8 Gouiden-aleyClotningGo.
jwvwvSS S3 S3 S3 esSSwwy
Fifty cents per bushel at
cellar. Inquire of Porter
Hale, Rural phone 11 on 19.
Jy H&Vn Mli V vW
if 'L iEEWj tKrlktLAYk
f ill t4Xm HDHUV?
J i lvni IT ' iiTin i 'ill n. '
jffflwilSL&iwp)I llm Vol
A Bride's
JfllhL depend upon her
ability to market suc
cessfully. We help the bride
as we do all of our customers
by the right price on the
right goods. There is safety
in trading with us.
B. E. McFarland
All thm Phontrn
Will Kent went to Uoat i ice yester
day. When in town got your dinner at
Warren's Itestamant.
Mrs. "llabe" MuKlnney Is visiting
tier sister in Mishomi this week.
M Us Naomi Corner lias been quite
sick tills week but is hotter at this
Miss Minnie I'ofus of (iuldo Hock
visited at the home of her brother,
Martiu I'ofus Sunday.
Mrs Davidson and children after
spending several days visiting with
friends at this place, returned to their
home iu Superior on Monday.
Mrs. C. II. flule received word
Wednesday from her brother, Sam
Wright that his little son about two
years old strayed into the cow corral
and the cow had knocked him down
and stepped on his hand and other
wise bruised him.
'Mother's Day," will be observed
Sundav morning at the Congregational
Church with a special sermon on the
subject; "Love, Marriage and Mother
hood. In the evening the pastor will
give an illustrated lecture on; "Run
van's Pilgrim's Progress."
Governor Morehead has dedicated
Saturday, May 17th, as "Clean-Up
Dy," with the dandelion playing the
part of tho leading iBdy. The citizens
of Red Cloud should all take an
active part in cleaning up their re
spective premises, and should spare
no pains in ridding their lawns and
yards of this great pest.
Joseph Q. llrltton and Miss May
Frisbie were married at the home of
the bride's parents, near Amboy, on
Sunday afternoon, Rev. B. N. Tomp
kins performing the ceremony. An
elegant three course dinuer whs
se'rved Both the brido and groom
enjoy a wide circle of friends in
Webster county who wish for them
only joy in the home which they have
established in Guide Rock.
A surveying gang in the employ of
the C. B. & Q. spent several days iu
this city the first of the week. They
were laying out the new depot grouuds
making preparations for the laying of
additional tracks, etc. Work is to
begin at onoe on the re-modeling of
the Hepot, and before the summer Is
over it will find Red Cloud possessing
as good a depot as any town of Its
size in the state along the C. li. it q.
Rev. W. F. Cole, who, among many
other good qualities, dotes on raising
the licit possible, iu the chicken line,
informs the Chief that lie has some
chicks up at Ids henery, which at the
age of $ weeks tipped tho beam at
j'j of a pound each. This certainly is
the best chicken story we have ever
lieaid, especially, coming as it does
just at the hcgluuiug of the fishing
season, and did we uot know tho
reverend gentlemen as we do, and
know that he would uot make mis
statements that weie not absolutely
correct, we might be inclined to be
lieve he had uot read the (Igurcs cor
rectly. Hut surely thcie can be no
mistake as Rev. Cole ended by asking
us to come up and see the chicks our-
(Ieo. Ovcriug went to llloomiiigton
O. (1. Leggett wenttn llloomiiigton
Tlie Degiee of Honor met on Tues
day evening and taken in several new
For your Ice eieam and soft drinks
go to tlie Bon Ton Ilakery. adv.
Tony Clark and wife returned homo
tills morning from n slioit visit at
various Pacillu cou'-t points.
Sunday is "Mothers Day, and surely
there can not bo u persou iu t he
whole wide world whose heart doea
not heat warmer as memory goes back
to tlie grandest of all grand ladles.
Wednesday afternoon, on the local
diamond occurred the opening bail
game, the Unlde Rock and Red Cloud
High school teams crossed bats. The
visitors won the game by a score of 5-3
Do you notice that J. II. Ilalley is
making the most of tlie farm Ioansr
He is sole agent for Trevctt, Mattls A.
Ilaker, and is offering tlie best rates,
terms and option in the market and
that is the reason. adv.
Sheriff Hedge is spending a few days
in Excelsior Springs, Mo , where be is
endeavoring to exchange a rather
severe case of rheumatism for a few
baths. What a large amount of water
it will take to cover our genial sheriff!.
A special sermon at tlieM. E. cbnroh
on next Bunday evening "Our Moth-
eis" will be tlie subject of the address.
Let all as far as possible wear a white
flower for the occasion. In the morn
ing "David In His Vices" will be the
theme. All are invited to these ser
vices. It surely looks like "A Rig Night
Toulght." A new band stand has been
erected In the Washington sohool
park, at which place a band concert
will be given; The Tepee, us usual, la
offering the best to be secured in the-
musical line and "Hans nud Filtz" la
the title of the play which Is billed at
the opera house. Surely this city life
is great doings.
selves as well as "just what
he feeds
Improved Alfalfa, Grain and Stock
Farms in The Great Republican
Bought Sold Exchanltd
Any desirable Real Estate listed up
and advertised for cash sale or ex
change without expense to owner.
Cash buyers for improved farms
and ranches seemed through care
ful, llbeir.1 and systematic adver
tising. Some of the best farms in
Webster and Fianklln Counties Ne
biaskiiunw listed Sureial farms
tor sale that will pay good Interest
on the entire puichin-e price and
enhance giently in value. Seveial
good larins for sale on easy pay
ments and special terms worth the
money. The largest list of local
fai ins for sale to select from and
Mtuatod hi the Ruckle Ihid of the
Coin licit.
FARM MANS-Libcral nmouuts,
optional payments, lowest intcs.
Money alwajs lead v.
Daniel Garber
Riverton, - Nebraska
it i'
' SJ