The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 24, 1913, Image 1

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VOLUME xxxxr
JJ It is true that you are not likely to lose your
T savings il deposited in any good bank but you
tj when you deposit where you have the additional
iy protection of the State Guaranty Law. Such
i& protection is offered you here.
? It is surely "good business" to deposit where
Jf you get absolutely guaranteed protection, in pref- jL
u. erence to placing money
ty tees nothing.
il The State Guaranty Law is behind every dollar de-
iJlii posited in this bank, and when you open an account here,
jr you are ON THE SAFE SIDE.
Automobile Will Be Given
Away On June 14, 1913
The dosing date of the Chief's big
-subscription contest has been set or
Saturday. June 14 at 3 n. m. This is
the oply date tbfct has. ever been an-
nounceu ior mis contest to ciuae tuu
it will positively come to a close at
just that time and the prizes consist
ing of a Ford Touring car, a genuine
Diamond ring and a fine Solid Gold
Watch will be awarded to the three
contestants having the largest number
of votes to their credit.
This contest has been going on for
the past six weeks, but like all other
contests of this character the real ten
thuslasm comes during the last few
weeks of the race. Now that the eud
is in sight we are expecting the Inter
est to wax warm, and that everyone in
the community will be given an invi
tation by one of the candidates, to
subscribe' for the Chief.
In talking over the contest from the
start with our contestants, the manage
ment of the'Chlef promised to employ
some contest expert to assist with the
details of the work towards the end of
the contest. In this regard we wish
.to say that we hare made arrange
aaentt with C. M. Hutted of the Ne
braska Farmer Company, of Lincoln,
who has had charge of contest work
(or a number of years, o assist us.
Mr. Hutted It with qs this weak call
log on the contestants, and he would
be pleased to meet anyone Interested
In any way with" the contest, or any
one who la interested in seeing any
on of the contestants secure one of
ike crises. Ha will be pleased to give
special instructions to aU ooatestanta
-''. assist them La any manner
laMMMt tO TllSlXllstcS
An Interesting experiment for tbs
.purpose of creating immunity against
tuberculosis Is being tried in Pitts
burgh undsr tbs direction of the Tub
erculosis League of that city. Dr.
William Charles White, Medical Direct
or of the League, says it will probably
take ten years '.before definite results
of the work will be appreciated. The
experiment is being conducted on the
theory that muoh, if not all, tuber
culosis Infection begins in childhood.
In view of this fact, the League is aim
ing to supervise the growth of. every
baby born for the next ten years In
the South Side district of Pittsburgh.
The babies and their mothers will be
taken lu charge at the birth of the in
fant, and everything possible will be
done to Increase the resisting power of
the child to disease and to make It
thereby immune to. tuberculous in
fection. The theory of the Socletv Is
that by fortifying the body in the
earliest period of a child's life, the in
in a bank that guaran
In order to assist the contestants in
increasing their votes from now on we
are going to ive them the privilege of,
soliciting1 subscriptions for "Nebras
ka's Real Farm Paper" Thc Nebraska
Farmer, of Lincoln in connection with
the Chief. ' We are also going to give
the people of this locality a real bar
gain in the two papers. The regular
subscription price of the Nebraska
Farmer is 81.00 per year. The rate of
the Chief, as you all know is 91.50 per
year. i
Duriug the contest we will make a
special price of the Chief for one year
and the Nebraska Farmer for the rest
of this and all of next year for even
two dollars. This is only fifty cents
more than the price of the Chief for
one year. That fifty cents given the
subscriber the Nebraska Farmer for
twenty mouths almost two years
and the subscription to the Nebraska
Farmer will count for one thousand
extra votes for the contestant who se
cures the subscription.- The Nebraska
Farmer Is published every week.
Contestants should notice the voting
schedule in the large advertisement
this week. This voting schedule will
hold good during tha balance of the
contest, with the exception that spec
ial Inducements may be offered at cer
tain times for a certain number of
It wlfl be to the. interest of every
contestant to secure tbs subscriptions
tor the two papers from now on at the
ooatblaatlon price. The contestant
ways is the most successful In-securlng
She . eomblaetlou subscriptions j wlfl
id the-best opportunity to be the
rot the Ford Touring oar oh
fant wiU, in .moat esses, beeaate lav
Mas to the dlsasias with waist) hare
dlty and eavtrontusat assy threaten It
From Smith county)
The farmers are busy getting the
ground ready to put in corn.
Jack Brown of Topska is In the
vicinity visiting relatives.
Harry Gatlin and wife are spending
a portion of the week as the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. T. Shrader.
Bert Payne and family spent Sun
day at the home of Ezra Snow's.
Grandpa Cox has been la very poor
health for the last three months but Is
a little better at present.
The Storlc was very busy last week,
leavlue a daughter with Ura Prill and
wife and a young Woodrow Wilson
with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delka.
Nettles Made Inte Fiber.
Nettles by a new German process
are converted Into a Sber which can
he combed, carded and spun like other
faUle ihaMf.' . .... . -
A Newspaper That QWet The News fflftytws Weeks Each Tear Far SI.50.
Willof J.Pierpont
The last will and testament of thu
eminent financier has received eulogis
tic comments from many of the clergy
and n large proportion of the metro
politan press. To the Chief the will is
remarkable for its hypocritical pre
tense of Christian piety. It com
mences with n paragraph, In which
the man who devoted a life to, public
rapine and plunder commends his soul
to his Maker as h white and redeemed
thing, made so bj thu hltfod of Jesus;
but, with uncounted millions to dis
pose of, he makes no mention of, or
provision for, the people wltl whom
Jesus identified himself. It is the
most, tin Christian, irreligious docu
ment, in its want of actual charity,
ever published as thu last .solemn act
of a professedly Christian niillioiiiiiio.
Solllsli, exclusive, unsociable in life,
he dlod as ho lived, an extreme ex
ample of the Mammon worshipper, who
says iu his heart, what ever he muy
say with his lips, "There is no Uod".
How shall his spirit meet that of the
first great American fiuaucler, Robert
Morris, the patriot who financed the
revolutionary struggle, who equipped
Washington's army at bis own expense
for the march against Cornwallis at
Yorktown, and died iu a debtor's
How shall be stand before the con
tempt of that other Philadelphia flnnn-
cier atepnen uirara, wnose.neari was
embittered against the hypocrisies of
the religious pretenders of, his" day!
Oirard founded a great Institution
where every American youth might
obtain the highest education he de
sired. He accompanied his sneer at
the false pretenses of others with the
most generous benefaction to his race.
Morgan professes the holiest faith
with his lips and denies Jesus and
humanity with his deed.
With what assurance shall Morgan
come Into the presence of the great
New Yorker, whose wealth was the due
reward of industrial enterprise and
genius, .Peter Cooper?
Cooper's name and memory are
among the highest inspirations of his
city, and, while his noble benefactions
endure, tbey will aid, instruct and
stimulate the youth of America to
lofty endeavor and generous living.
The name of Morgan will be a by-word
and a hissing.
What will Morgan answsr to the
great founder of bis house and wealth,
George Psabody? Twenty-one thous
and people In London live cheaply,
comfortably, and independently la the
homes Peabody's wise philanthropy
founded, and the philanthropy was
built on such sound foundations that
the increase' of the homes keeps
with the growing population of that
vast city. He also remembered his
native land with institutions end bens-
whieh reawvedaU tbeohlaw
Epilation .of great
e atee tha u It 'of
a reproaeb. There lsM-a
- . - njm-
henstaetioB, not an object of eftiUj
or public good waleh the v great
clsr remembers In ;his Willi
How shall he face the indigestion of
the great masters of painting and
statuary? They painted and obtselled,
not for Individuals, but for humanity.
Thsy dreamed not to sell the products
of their genius and art for vsst sums
of money, that they might minister to
the exclusive enjoyment of the unap
preclatlve few who value them, not
for their actual worth, but their
market price Morgan purchased the
creations of the world's great teachers
and hid them from the gaze of the
multitude, and his last words to eurth
were to keep them hidden.
There was a certain rich man, which
was clothed in purple and fine llueu,
and fared sumptuously every day:
Aud there was a certain beggar
named Lazarus, which was laid at his
And desiring to be fed with the
crumbs which fell from the rich man's
I Aud it came to past, that tbs beggar
tress the
n .,..".
Carry a South Bend Watch
and end forever ttiu continual annoyance of an Inaccurate wntili. Huuth Ilend aro tho watch
wot ill anion men who know. When you liuy a Honth Ilend Watch Irom uh you secure our expert
regulation service. TliM Is important, for wntchcH don't run the name for everybody, Come In
and let uh tell you why. Every South Ilend Watch mum paw 411 liiNpectlona and run on tho dot In
freezing cold nnd hollliiK lieat before leaving the factory. This take n full year but limuret accu
racy, i omo In aud look over our Mock and price, lioth will plcamtntly mtrprlHO you. Coiuo now t
died, and was curried. to Abraham's I
bosom: the rloh man also died, and
was buried.
And In hell he lifted up his eyes,
being in torments, and seeeth Abra
ham afar off and Lazarus on hit bosom.
And he cried and said, Father Abra
ham, have mercy on. me, and send
Lakarus, that be may dip the tip of
his finger in water, and oool my ton
gue; for I am tormented in tbis flams.
There are a million of people. like
Lazarus in New York City, but Morgsn
leathern lsy at his gate unnoticed
while he lived He may now look up
on them afar off.
iMutt HttMC
lt is a enssmoasaperstlUoa, especial
ly among older people, that electrlolty
In the house will attract tbs lightning
during a thunder shower. It is no un
common sight to see men and women
turning out the electric lamps and
getting as far as possible from the
electric fixtures during a ssvero thun
dsr shower.
Lightning does not follow along
electric light wires, except lu rare in
stances and then to no great amount.
If a large amount of lightning at
tempted to follow an electric wire
along the street it would instantly
burn up tho wire. If u bmall portion
of a lightning discharge attempted to
enter the hottsn via the eloctrlc light
wires there Is a little device located up
in the attic, or down lu the cellar,
which is called a "fuse box," designed
purposely to prevent any such en-
trance. The "fuse" is a bit of lead
wire inserted in the electric circuit iu
such a manner that any attempt to
force a large current over the circuit
J will instantly molt the lead wire and
f ft) n (f ft n-iii4i
Glorious Gems
ulorv'of diamonds and other tfems
.,- ... o .....
paics; inc iridescent lire never aics; inc
lovely radiance is perpetual.
We have been selling tfems for many years.
We know their value. Here you will find
one of the most complete collections oC
diamonds. and otherlstones in the country,
both in the loose gems and in the latest
(lesigns of settings. Every gem thoroughly
guaranteed pure in color and perfect in cut
tingwith a price saving of fully 25 per cent.
The Center for Presents
Our store is the ideal
Elaoe for wedding or
irthday presents.
The hotter Judge of
jewelry you are the more
you will appreciate the
quality, beauty and low
prices of our varied stock
of ring?, mesh bags, silver
ware, watches, chains, etc.
We are satisfying scores
of customers new and
old, every day we can
please you, too. ?
stop the flow of current. With the
fuse melted out there is an inch or
more of air gap between the house
wires and the street, which is quits
enough to stop any ordinary circuit
which might try to run among the
house wires. Current heavy enough
to jump such an air gap would escspe
down the light pole outside.
The idea that eleotrlc motors, elec
tric flstirons or any otbsr electric de
vices for the home can ,4explede" is I
ridiculous. No dangerous explosives
enter ,iato (heir .construction. Elec
tricity Itself oen not 'explode, .It does
not burn. Dangerous "shocks" sxlet
osfy in tie Imsglastlon. . f
for years and years Are Insurance
companies have kept.acourate .records
of Ire causes and they have idstsvatla
ed that electrlolty eaases fewer flree
thsmaaeleaerkerosse, matekee,ges
and' other things in dslly use about
the home. Electric News Service.
Mm. Amtidt Cammiif s
Mrs. Amanda Cummings passed
away at her home In this city on Sun
day, April 20th, after a long illness
from a complication of diseases. She
was 04 years, Q months and 13 days
old at the time of her demise.
Mrs, Cummings had been a resident
of Webster county since tho early
seventies, and was tho mother of four
children, all of whom survive her.
Funeral services were held from the
Christian church on Tuesday, after
noon, Hev. Nuu, conducting the ser
vices. Ideals.
The man who succeeds In living up
to his Ideals probably has ideals that
ars not very high. Chicago RsoorsV
Robert F. Raines Called Hoae
Robert F. Raines waa born la 8outh '
era, III., Nov. 19, 1868 and died in Rsd
Cloud, Nebraska, April 90, 1913. Ho
was 44 years 5 months and 1 day old at '
.the time of death.
fie' married Helen Aitkin Dec 1.
897. To this union was born twev
children, Helen and Robert.
In early life be accepted ChrUt as' eV
personal Savior aud pitted with tha-'
Baptist oborch. Evsraineehe haslet
the world know that he waa on the
side of God and Tight' He was not sv
man of many words, but one that lived
hu religions very day., flsMeananly
saakensrsallae oar lees as-a ehureh
andnoommnnltr. Be lq?ed human?'
Ity and one of the onuses ofhU death;
was a loot ride In that dreadful bllrara
in March, to' edmiaUter help o.the
sick and suffering.
In 1998 bs same to Nebraska on ae
oouutofpoor health. Bs settled in
Beaver City and remained there until
1 90S when he came to Red Cloud. Here
has been his home ever slnoe.
In 1909 he was elected state Repres
entative. Ho leaves on this side of the river,
to follow later, bis wife and children
aud a very large circle of friends.
The funeral services were held from
the home April 22, at 2 p. m. His
pastor W. P. Cole olUuiatlng.
It is sublime to feel and say of an
other, I need never meet, speak mt
write to htm; we need not reinforce)
ourselves or send tokens of
hrsuce. ymerson. . ,
Good Substitute fsr Salt
A sash lock mskss an effective
Utate for a bolt oa a door Jf tha
and easing are lush with saeh
w i - J a 'lm
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