The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 17, 1913, Image 8

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The Chief
0. 1. HALS, Publisher
Statement Made that Madero and 8u
arez Were Shot While Unconscious
In Bed Attempt on Life of
Spanlah King.
Wellington. President Wilson
8corcd his Hrnl tariff victory Saturday
when tho houso democratic caucus by
n vote or ldr. to .1!) adopted tho tenia
live pttRor schedule, making thnt com
modity free nfter threo yenrB of 1 per
cent duty. The vote wns taken after
Chairman of tho Ways and Means
Committee Underwood had warned tho
house thnt the adoption of any of tho
many amendments placed before It
would bo n direct affront to the prosl
dent, who had specifically asked the
Adoption of tho sugar tariff schedule,
and would seriously Imperil tho pass
age of tho bill In tho senate. Nebras
ka's threo democrats In tho houso,
Congressmen Mngulre, Stephens and
Lobeck, nil voted In favor or tho Un
derwood provision. This provides for
n duty of 1 cent per pound on Cubnn
mignr. with tho provision that tho en
tiro duty be eliminated In threo yenrs.
Congressman Stephens expressed the
opinion thnt the beet, sugar Industry
would not be Injured by freo sugar.
Attempt on Life of King.
Madrid. For tho third time In his
reign King Alfonso nnrrowly escaped
Sunday being the victim of an anar
chistic attempt against his lire. Three
BhotH wero tired nt the king In the
streets or tho capital by a native of
Barcelona, Rafael Sanchez Allegro,
who was Imcdlately overpowered.
Madero and Suarez Had no Chance for
Their Life.
New Orleans, La. Marlon Ovlcdo.
formed provlslonnl secretnry to' Presi
dent Mndcro of Mexico, lias arrive.!
hero with a sensational nnrrntlvo ot
tho mnnncr In which Madero and his
vice president, l'lno Sunrez, met their
death. Ovledo declared two rurales
performed tho executions on tho direct
order or their superior and thnt later
they were -put to death to Bcnl their
lips. Arter Ovledo escaped from Mex
ico City ho Joined the Carranzlstns In
Coahulla. Ovledo reiterated a report
that the Invest Igntlon of tho killing of
Mndcro nnd Sunrez hnd revealed thnt
both whlln prisoners In tho national
pnlnco had been given- narcotics In
their food nnd shot to death whllo un
conscious In their beds.
Pope's Condition Moat Grae.
Homo. All IndlcntlonB point to tho
utmost grnvlty of tho popo's condi
tion. At midnight Sundny tho rever
nnd cough were giving ciuiho for great
alarm. Tho Impression hnd gained
ground that tho tracheal bronchitis
had developed Into pneumonia. Whllo
not absolutely denying this, Professor
Marchlafava said: "At tho present
tlmo It could not properly bo cnlled
pneumonln; but with tracheal bron
chltlB sometimes tho lungs do not func
tlon properly. Probably tho reslstont
nnd robust fibre or the holy fnthor
may overcome this danger."
Seems to Work In Kansas,
Kansas City, Mo. With tho appoint
ment of four women to city offices In
Knnsns City, Kan., five Important po
sitions under tho government of that
municipality nro held by women. Miss
Laura A. Joat was appointed city
treasurer; Mrs. Merle Addison Cutler
and Mlsa Esther nower, deputy treas
urers, nnd Miss Beulah Reltz, city
Missouri River Rising.
Pierre, S. D. The water ln tho
Missouri river hns gone over tho flf-
teen-root mnrk, nnd still Is slowly rls
fng. noats are operating In many or
the Btreets or Fort Pierre, whero tho
water Is threo root deep In plnceB.
Fire at Kansas Penitentiary.
Lansing, Kns. Flro that destroyed
four largo buildings and caused a loss
estimated at 500,000 In tho Kansas
state penitentiary hero Saturday after
noon was spread by convicts who scat
tered burning papers In buildings not
In the path of the flames, according to
a statement by Fire Chief Bahler of
Leavenworth. Patrol Officer Hlgglns
and Prison Physician Axford con
firmed tho opinion of Chief Bnhler.
Warden Coddlngton said ho bolloved
It Improbable.
Destroy Haunted House.
Chlsholm, 'Minn. Superstitious per
eons, believing tho lato Fontana home
to be haunted, are thought to have
set fire to tho dwelling hero. Tho
structure was destroyed. Tho house
was recently tho sceno of tho murder
of Mrs. John Fontana by her husband.
Fontana then drowned hlmsolf in tho
cellar. At the tlmo of tho flro tho
houso waa unoccupied. Slnco the
murder nnd suicldo no one has ven
tured inside tho dwelling j:h1 children
who always played in tho street hnd
found other playgrounds.
lummary of the Dally Transaction
of the National Law Makers
at Washington.
The Senate. President Pro Tempore
Clark presided for the first time.
Nominations of President Wilson
Coast guard service to bo composed
or lire-saving und revenuo cutter
Hcrvlco proposed In bill by Senator
Prlmnry elections for nomination of
presidential und vice presidential can
didates proposed in bill by Senator
Senator Ncwlands re-Introduced IiIb
interstate commerce trndo commission
Adjourned at 1:05 p. m. until 2 p. in.
Tho House. 'Not In session.
Democratic caucubes continued to
vork on tariff bill.
The Sennte Not In session; meets
nt noon Saturday.
Finance committee democrats met
nnd considered new tariff bill.
Tho House Representative Ste
phens (Cnl.) Introduced a bill direct
Ing Pnnnma Hnilroad company to es
tablish Pnclflc Eteamshlp- lino In con
nection with Atlantic llnoB.
Representative Mnnn Introduced u
bill for n tariff board of five mem
bers. Ropresentntlvo Hobson Introduced
a Joint resolution for constitutional
amendment for direct election of
president and slnglo seven-yenr
terms; Representative Bartholdt ono
to limit presidential tenure to two
four-year terms; Representative Nee
ley one to provide popular election
of United States district Judges every
six years.
Representative Bartholdt Introduced
resolution for commission to fix boun
daries or North and South American
Representative Clark Introduced
resolution for special committee to In
vestigate various legislative nnd ex
ecutive committees to Investigate to.
bacco pool; Henderson (Ky.) nnd Loo
beck (Neb.) ono to Investigate prices
pnld by government for olevators.
Tho president would bo authorized
to invite foreign nations to partici
pate ln a naval pnrado at tho opening
or the Pnnnma cnnnl by a resolution
Introduced by Representative Copley.
Biggest Hotel In the World.
Chicago, 111. Definite plans ror tho
construction or tho biggest and most
expensive hotel in tho world are said
to havo been completed ror Chicago's
down town district. Tho new hostelry
la to cost $13,000,000 and will bo built
ftt tho southeast corner or Clark and
Madison streots. According to the
plans announced the structure will bo
twentyono Btorles nnd will contain
2,1: 10 rooms, each of which will havo
a bnth.
Fatal Explosion of Ammonia Boiler,
Ponsacoln, Fla. Four men were
killed by tho explosion of nu ammonia
boiler nt ono of tho plants of tho
Mooro Ico works. Fumes from tho
'escaping nmmonla overcame several
firemen who attempted , to enter the
wrecked building. Tho force of the
explosion shattered windows for half
a dozen blocks around and startled
people from their beds five miles away.
Tho boiler contained nearly 2,000 gal
lons of ammonia.
Indians on War Path.
NogalcB, Ariz. Ynqul Indians, par
tlsnn to neither side In the Sonora re
volt, havo takon tho.war path between
Hermoslllo, tho 'state capital, nnd
OuaymaB, tho gulf port. Reports
reached hero of tortures Indicted on
captives. Eighteen Mexican men, wo
man nnd children wero captured by
tho Indlnns between Orltz nnd Em
palmo. a few miles north of Ouaymas
nnd killed by torture.
Must Work Seven Days a Week.
Washington. That fifteen per cent
of tho employes In tho Iron nnd steel
Industry ns a whole, and more thnn
fiO per cent of tho blast furnace work
men work soven dnjs a week Is dis
closed by an Investigation by tho bu
reau of labor.
Washington. Woodrow Manch, who
first saw tho light of day March 4, in
Wahpato, Yakima county. Washing
ton, is to havo for his godfather tho
president of tho United States, and a
telegram announcing tho honor waa
received by his proud father, Potor
Manch. Young Woodrow did not
solicit tho honor, but his father did.
President Wilson, In accepting, made
It clear that his action was not to bo
taken by the country at largo as an
Indication tlmt he proposed to stand
in tho same relationship to all babies
born on tho day of his Inauguration.
Charges Against Ambassador Wilson.
Washington. Charges by Lny Man
uel Rojas that Ambassador Wilson or
Mexico City was morally responsible
for tho death of Madero nnd Sunrez
nnd had refused them protection havo
been formnlly recoived by Secretary
Bryan. Tho secretary declared he
had -not rovlowod tho charges and de
clined to aay what tho courso of action
would bo.
Memorial Borvlces for tho lato King
George of Greece wero held in vari
ous cities of tho United States.
"JSy'' ' "43ij53slloBWaBBBBV-al aLaBBBBBEBBBBV fl
This Is a scene In Bhawneetown,
over the entire town.
Presenting Their Side of California
Controversy Pope Plus Receives
an Audience For Munici
pal Theaters.
Mexico City. That tho withholding
of official recognition by the United
StnteB materially has weakened the
Huertn government Is tho opinion gen
erally expressed by the public and pri
vately admitted In certain Mexican of
flclnl circles. Tho new rebel move
ment hno mndo greater progress thnn
hns tho provisional government In
suppressing Insurgency nnd It no
longer Is a secret thnt the condition of
tho treasury Is such ns will not per
mit tho continuation or military oper
ations much longer. This hns been
public ndmitted by tho Mexican mln
'ster or tho Interior, Grncla Granados.
Have Audience With Pope.
Rome. Desplto tho injunctions of
his physicians nnd tho remonstrnnce
of his attendants, Pope Pius received
In audience Frlduy three bishops who
had headed a pilgrimage to Rome to
visit him, nnd bestowed upon them
tho pnpal blessing. His holiness,
wearied by his efforts, fell Into a deep
sleep Immediately after his physicians
had made their customnry call. The
meeting between the pontiff nnd the
threo nged bishops wns pathetic.
Business Men Present Their Side of
California Controversy, j
Toklo. riovl Nnklno, tho president
of tho Toklo chnmber or commerco,
visited tho United Stntes embassy and
outlined tho views or the Japanese
business community In regard to tho
California land ownership bill. Ho re
quested tho chargo d'affaires, Mr.', Bail-Iy-Blanchard,
to lay his arguments be
fore his government nt Washington.
A Joint meeting or the chambers of
commerco of Kobe, Ozaka, Yokohama
and Toklo havo boon summoned by M.
Nakano to discuss tho question. M.
Naknno Is well known In tho United
States, having visited several of the
principal chambers or commerce there
In 1909.
BUI for Municipal Theaters.
Des Moines, la. Cities ln Iowa will
bo authorized to build thenters if a
bill which pnssed the houso of the
Iowa legislature meets with similar re
ception In the senate. Tho measure
provides that elections may bo hold to
determine whether municipal theaters
shall bo established and a two mill
itnx for tho Btipport or the playhouse
Is Included. Management Is to be In
vested In a board or homo trustees ap
pointed by tho mayor and council.
Bad Fire In Arizona Town.
Clirton, Ariz. Five persons were
Killed and a total property loss or
$200,000 caused by n flro which swept
tho Chase creek section or Clirton
Monday. Frnnclsco Prevnlco, his son
nnd two Americans, whoso names
could not be learned, nnd n Chinese
wero killed by railing walls. Tho fire
started In n small dwelling shortly be
foro noon nnd destroyed twenty-five
structures. There was no water avail
able. Torrential Rains In Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark. Tho rainfall In
Little Rock for tho twenty-four hours
ending Thursday night broke all rec
ords, being nearly twenty-four Inches.
Tho natural gas supply of tho city,
coming from the Caddo. La., fields,
wns cut off by n washout which sov
ored the supply line. The Rock Island
fltntlon Is lnundnted and traffic on the
St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Sniiihnm
railroad to Loulslann points has boon
cut off. In somo sections of tho city
tho water Is n foot deep In tho streets.
Was 8ent to Capture Booth.
Rono, Nov. .1. B. McCoIlough. one
of the men of company F. Ninth Ohio
volunteers, detailed to search for John
Wllkca Booth on the road to Washing
ton on tho night or tho assnsslnatlon
or Presldont Lincoln, Is dead here,
nged 70 years. McCoIlough was sta
tioned at Point Lookout, guarding
prisoners, whon detailed on tho duly.
London. Tho militant suffrage In
condlarles set fire to and destroyed a
large mansion In tho suburbs of Nor
wich. The houso was not occupied.
111., taken when the water had spread
Bill Before the House Provides for a
Permanent Fund for Relief of
Sufferers by Flood and
Other Damage.
Chicago. A committee authorized
at the closing session or tho confer
ence on marketing nnd farm credits
will go to Washington shortly and
present to President Wilson the con
elusions or tho COO scientific agricul
turists, financiers and economists who
attended the threc-dny meeting here.
They will appeal for the establish
ment by the government of a bureau
for the thorough study of markets,
crops nnd cost or transporting food
stuffs nnd will nsBert thnt the appro
priation of $50,000 for such an organ
ization, which now is pending, should
be Increased to $1,000,000. They will
ask for federal loans to farmers.
Pope Plus' Condition Much Improved.
Rome. Tho change for the better
In the condition or Pope Plus X Is
now absolutely certain, and tho Im
provement In his condition is so
mnrked that ir no complications In
tervene, his speedy recovery to nor
mnl health seems practically assured.
There is a complete absence or rever
nnd signs thnt the pope's strength la
beginning to return nnd tho reap
pearance or cheerfulness In thep atlent
nre Indications thnt tho relnpse which
the pope suffered hns been mastered.
Bill Providing Permanent Fund
$100,000,000 In House.
Washington. A permanent federal
fund of $100,000,000 for relief nnd con
struction work in localities laid waste
by flood, Arc, earthquake and othor
cntastrophies. Is proposed In a reso
lution Introduced In Uie house by Rep
resentative Cary of Wisconsin. The
resolution would authorize tho treas
urer or tho United States to Issue
$100,000,000 in notes to bo held sub
Joct to tho order of tho secretary or
tho Interior.
Belated Nebraska Blizzard.
Lincoln, Neb. A blizzard gripped
most -or the west half or Nebraska
Wednesday, piling snow drifts high
and threatening for a time to stop nil
railway traffic. At midnight eighteen
Inches of snow wns reported on the
ground at Seneca, and the blizzard was
raging as far east as Ravenna. In the
eastern hair or the state rain fell gen
erally and temperatures were above
freezing from five to ten degrees. Thi
wind was not high.
Woodmen Insurgents at Fairmont.
Fairmont, Neb. A meeting of Insur
gent Woodmen was hold In this city
Thursday, with a representation pres
ent from nine of the eleven counties
In the district nnd comprising about
fifty delegates. It wns ono of the most
successful and largely attended meet
ings ot this character ever held In this
section or the state.
Omnha. The NebrnskaPeace Ora
torical association will hold Rh annual
meeting on Friday evening, April 18,
under tho auspices of the University
or Omaha. This association la com
posed or all the colleges In Nebraska.
with tho exception or tho state Institu
tion, and they meet ench year for nn
orntorlcal contest upon tho subject of
International peace. Tho original
date for tho contest wan April fi, but
It wbb postponed until April 18 bo
cause or tho tornado.
Chicago. Everybody at tho farm
credits conference got enthusiastic
Wednesday and some of them became
excited In discussing tho high cost of
living, the meager returns to the
rnrmer on his products and tho best
means or readjusting tho economic
problem among the agriculturists,
middlemen and the ultimate consumer.
There was such a wealth of opinion
clamoring for expression that it could
not bo crowded Into the two sessions
provided by the program, and an ex
tra session was held at night.
Attempt to Fire Y. M. C. A. Building.
Council Bluffs. la. It hns become
known that the fourth attompt within
three weeks to destroy the Y. M. C.
A. building was mndo Sundny night.
A portion of tho basement of tho build
Ing Is used ns a lodgo room by tho
Grand Army of tho Republic. Lnte
Sunday night tho watchman discov
ered thnt overy gns Jot ln this room
hnd been opened oxcept one, which
wns lighted nnd turned low. Three at
tempts havo been mare to burn the
building, which is valued at $100,000.
There is no clue to the Incendlry.
Sterling will have Sunday base ball
Shubert will hold a two days' carnl
Tal In August.
Coleridge will hold an election to
dectdo the postmaster question.
Tho Nebraska Federation of Wo
mens' clubs Is ln session nt Beatrice.
The entire tomperance ticket was
eloctod at tho city election at Hold
rege. There Is considerable distemper
among horses In the vicinity of Wy
more. Tho building record of Falls City
for last year was tho largest in Its
. Kearney is pretty proud of her now
$5,400 flro auto truck, which has Just
Tho public school at Ainsworth hns
been closed on account of an epidemic
of measles.
A fire which started in n fruit Btoro
nt Bloomfleld caused damage amount
ing to $14,000.
The voto on the Sunday baseball
question nt Hastings carried by about
100 In its favor.
Tho "cost congress" of tho mastei
printers of the Missouri Valley is It
Ecsslon at Omnha.
M. L. Rawllngs of Wymore has Just
completed two new Ice houses of 10,
000 tons capacity.
Tho woman's society of tho Ne
braska Presbytery will hold Its next
session at Beatrice.
Stelnaucr Iiub voted $7,000 for an
electric light plant.
The Infant daughter of Frank Mason
at Preston was attacked by a vicious
dog and severely injured.
Fremont will celebrate the Fourth ol
July. Tho firemen havo taken oei
tho celebration proposition.
The sixth annual reunion of Span
ish war soldiers In Nebraska will be
held at Omaha on April 25 and 26.
Tho post office at St. Edward was
badly damaged when burglars used
nltro glycerine to blow up the safe.
Wheat prospects aro tho very best
around Wymore. all fields showing
green. Spring work Is well under way.
Boys "hopping" trains In tho yards
at Beatrice will bo stopped by the ar
rest and fine of every ono caught in
tho act.
Retiring Mayor Patterson of Kenr
ney tendered a banquet to the Incom
ing and outgoing city officials or that
Rev. E. B. Taft has departed from
Falrbury for Omaha, whero he has ac
cepted the pastorate of the Grace Bap
tist church.
Harry Sorcnson, a brakeman, wns
run over nnd killed in tho Burlington
ynrds nt Lincoln. His body was cut
In two at the waist.
Tho district celebration or the
ninety-fourth anniversary of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Fellows will be
held at Exeter, Saturday, April 2G.
James Grover, a 12-year-old Valley
boy, who was accidentally shot by a
companion n fow days ago, died at a
Fremont hospital as a result of the
Tho Wymore Athletic association
gavo an entertainment at the armory
for the benefit of tho Omaha tornado
sufferers, nt which a good round sum
was realized.
Information has been received by
tho Shelton township library board
that tho Carnegie library commission
has allowed $90,000 toward the build
ing of n Cnrneglo Hbrnry In that place.
II. O. Bishop, formerly or Beatrice,
was badly Injured at Los Angeles,
Cal., when ho got caught In a belt at
n creamery plant whero ho waa work
ing. His clothes wero entirely torn
from his body.
Tho city council of York has passed
an ordinance requiring that all fruit
bearing mulberry trees along side
walks of the city must be cut down
on account of the litter the falling ber
ries make on tho walks.
Rather than return to the stnte re
form school at Kearney, whence he
had been paroled recently, Thaddous
Sledzlnowski, nn elghtoen-year-oll
South Omaha boy, mado two unsuc
cessful nttempts to take his lifo
Rico Bros, of St. Paul, Minn., hav-
purchased an Interest In Cnmpbell
Bros, show, which wintered at Falr
bury. The Christian church at Falls City
haB Just closed a successful revival.
Sixty-eight were bnptled and taken
Into tho church.
Tom Smith cf York who has been nt
Excelsior Springs, Mo., for several
months, has return to his home much
improved In health.
A gasoline lighting plant ln the
Wells storo near Clarkson exploded,
and tho Are resulting destroyed the
building and contents.
Clinton Dougherty a 16-year-old boy
died nt Lincoln Sunday morning from
tho effects of a gunshot wound In the,
neck, tho origin of which Is as yet
a mystery.
An angry mob tore down the eighty
rods of fenco which was rebuilt across
the W. W. McDonald farm west of
Shelton by a gung of Union Pacific
The body of Andrew Thompson, a
contractor living at Omaha, who has
bcon missing slnco the Easter tor
nado, was found by a crow of firemen
under the walls of the fated Idlewlld
pool hall.
Jefferson county farmers are plow
ing for oats and getting ready for
spring work.
Treasurer J. R. Splcer of the com
mittee to raise funds for the relief of
tho storm sufferers of the state re
ports that tho total amount of con
tributions from Bentrlce to 'date
amount to $1,446.30.
Tho convention for the clerks and
letter carriers of the state will be held
In Beatrice Arbor day, April 22, and
the local committee are making plans
for the entertainment of visitors,
About 200 delegates are expected to
be In attendance.
Like Magic after taking Lydiev.
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
North Bangor, N. Y. "As I havo
used Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound with
great benefit I feet
it my duty to write
and tell you about it.
I was ailing from fe
malo weakness and)
had headache and
backacho nearly all
the time. I was later
every month than I
should have bean
and so sick that I had to go to bed
"Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound has mado me well and these trou
bles have disappeared like magic I
have recommended the Compound to
many women who have used it success
fully." Mrs. James J. Stacy, R.F.Dv
No. 3, North Bangor, N. Y.
Another Made WelL '
Ann Arbor, Mich. "Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has done
wonders for me. For years I suffered
terribly with hemorrhages and had
pains so intense that sometimes I would
faint away. I had female weakness,
so bad that I had to doctor all tho time.
and never found relief until 1 took
your remedies to please my husband.
I recommend your wonderful medicine
to all sufferers as I think it is a blessing;
for all women." Mrs. L. E. Wyckofp,
112 S. Ashley St, Ann Arbor, Mich.
There need be no doubt about tho
ability of this grand old remedy, made
from the roots and herbs of our fields, to
remedy woman's diseases. We possess
volumes of proof of this fact, enougb,
to convince tho most skeptical. Why
don't you try it?
Jg Jifgn ANT BO
sAA JUL, J'..
For years t be Prorine
of Allrerta (Western
( annrta) wns tho Bit
Ittim'hltlffr.itintrv Man
of tneso rnnclus today
RlTon 1 placo to tb cnltiTatlonof
lvlieat. nau. harlv stui f.nw. ...A
cliaDRo him mado many tbontamtt
of American), icttlrd on tbme
plains, wealthy, but tt has In
ircabcd the price of Uto stoci.
Tber Is splendid opportunity
now to geta
Free Homestead
of 1C0 acres (and another a n pro
emiitlun) In the newer districts
'Ihucrppaaronltrait good, tho
cllmutols excellent, schools and
2!!i" '.! Pr" pnTnlr-m. markets
plniidld, In either Man tuba. Sas
kutilinwnnorAlherta. """ '""
i1!;n.'i.f!,r..ll,,,.r",urc' "" latest
information, railway rates, etc., to
Boa Duliuing, Omaha, Neb.
or address Superintendent of
muai-ratlon, Ottawa, tutda.
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
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will put you right
in a lew days.
They do.
tneir duty,-
Cure Con-J
stioatlon. i
Biliousness, Indigestion and Sick Headache
Genuine must bear Signature
I L M'-Paper desiring to buy any.
thins advertised in ita cnlumnoohnnM
I insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
Nebraska Directory
and nil. All stamlar.1 m.It. ..i. . . T7T
Omaha's Catastrophe
View Book 30 Tornado Picture, or 16 Poat
cnrdH of Omalia'H Storm, ISe, postpaid tor both,
for SOo. WXEATH STATIOHttfCo!, OsaaU, Ns.
Omshs. Ntkrsika
Booma from 11.00 no alnle. n eanSPnl'i.kiv
Lincoln Sanitarium
Sulpho Saline Springs
Laeattd on our own prtmlisi and used In tho
Natural Mineral Water
Uniurpitsed In tho treatment of
Heart. Stomach, Kidney and Liver Diseases
I4QS M gtroot Lincoln, Nob.
t, jH B
is. hoiuu lOtb Htreet, Omaha, M