The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 17, 1913, Image 12

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The New Spring Silks
have copied Nature's best and most beautiful colors.
You know nothing artificial can ever excel the color
ings of the spring flowers with their setting of rich
green and amber. A brief visit to the woodlands
will show where was found the inspiration for the
colorings of the new silks we have just received.
You'll want to see this new lot of Messaline,
Foulard and Taffeta Silks we have just opened. MosT:
of I hem are Messalines and Foulards in blues, brown,
la;:, heliotrope and other preferred colors. These
soft bilks are the mosl stylish for this season. They
are so easy (o make up in the clinging lines of the
new Spring Styles.
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Style Leaders
Are Wearing
J. C C
WI HE women whose
trim figures arc being
studied by other women the
style leaders whose corseting
and gowning are looked upon
as most perfect.
They are wearing the
very style of corset which
we are featuring right now
J. C. C. LaVogue.
Here are a few of the patterns:
Messalines in navy and Copenhagen, willi
mignonette, flcur de lis and pin stripes.
Messalines fin brown and tan and brocaded.
Foulards in all colors with two colored
The Extra Modish Lines
that give this corset such distinction are carried well down the
At the same lime the corset is slit at the hips so as to re
lieve the strain on the corset when tiie wearer
is sitting. We know you will be delighted with
the distinctively trim effect of your gowns worn
over the J. C. C. LaVoL'nn. Wn wish in nm.
phazisc however, the solid quality of comfort
which the makers of this corset have secured for
the wearers.
You will nt lenst wnnt to make the acquaintance of
this much patronized model. Ask our corsetlcro to show it
to you.
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I am now located
at the Willow Dale
Breeding Barn in
Red Cloud for the
season of 1913 with
a fine bunch of Im
ported, Pure Bred
Registered Draft
Horses and Jacks. These Horses range from 3 to 5
years old. weighing from 1700 to 2250 pounds, and are as
good as you will find any where.
TERMS ON ALL HORSES-520 for a live colt. $5
discount on all bills paid within 30 days after colt
is foaled.
H. A. Johnson
Barn Phone Independent 168
Paints That Protect
and Beautify
A touch of Paint hero and there wheu it is needed costs but
little aud brightens thlugs up wonderfully. During the spring
renovating you will probably Heo many ptoces where a little paint,
enamel, varnish or varnish stalu will make a great Improvement.
Lot U Supply You
We sell the Sewall Mixed Paint nnd the Chi-namel Varnishes,
and we know them to be the bo6t on the maiket. Our prices are as
low as high grade goods can be bold anywhere. Come and examine
our stock.
Service, the laud will become available
for homcblciuls.
The soil experts say that approxi
mately thirty percent of the area .is
suitable for farming, in spito of the
fact that it is in what is locally known
as the sandhill region. There is no
prudent stand of timber, and it was
first proclaimed as a Mtt of the Nat
ional Forest wilh the idea that trees
could be made to grow there through
artificial planting
At the present time the land is oc
cupied by stockmen under grazing
permits from the Forest Service. It
I for this reason that the time of eli
nilniitloii has been set forward to
'October I, although the proclamation
Whs issued by President Tuft the day
before he left tho White House.
For several years the Forest Service
hus been studying how to determine
satisfactorily what lands within tho
Forests are best suited to agriculture.
The problem was held to be one that
must bo settled by agricultural and
forest experts working together to as
certain the comparative values involv
ed. Ueeause there was no money
especially appropriated to carry on
the work and many demands on the
general funds, it was impossible to do
much more than examine these lands
which were actually applied for under
the Forest Homestead Act. The last
Congress, however, provided an ap
propriation to examine lands which
might be considered agricultural, and
this elimination is one of the first im
portant results of that legislation.
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Ira SraNe& 3 J
Mil $"JSSB&W' 41 J
Private Money To Loan
also regular Farm Loaus on best terms
to be hud in tho State. Call for me at
State Dank Ked Cloud. C. F.Catiikh.
End of Golden Nugget Day.
Men have found a mass of native
copper weighing 420 tons and they
nave discovered a chunk of pure sil
ver weighing one and one-half tone,
but the largest nugget of gold that
has yet been seen weighed only 190
pounds. And gold seekers are Inform
ed that larger finds in tho future are
Chas. L. Cotting
The Druggist
Nebraska National Forest
Land Eliminated
Dr. E. V. Wedemeyer
Veterinary Surgeon,
Physician and Dentist
OFFICK: Hrlek Livery Darn
Doth Phones 8i!
Red Cloud,
Washington, April ll.Dcglnnliiff
October 1st, the end of the present
grazing season, tho North Platte divis
ion will be eliminated from tho Nebras
ka National Forest. This area will
then bo open for settlement and entry
under whatever conditions tho Secro
turv of the Interior may impose. The
Xorth Platte division, which lies in
IS rant nnd Arthur counties, contains
nearly U.'iO.O'JO acres.
Whon tho original boundaries of the
Nebraska Forest were established
they included a great deal of public
land which at that titno was not con
sidered available for agriculture. Tho
recent developments of dry faim'ng
have demonstrated that some of this
land can bo cultivated with profit. As
a result of this demonstration and of a
study by the experts of the Durcau of
Soils, in co-operation with tho Forest
Application For License
Xollco Is lioreby ulvcn Unit petition sign
al by thirty or more resident tree holder ol
tho llrst ward of tho City of lied Cloud, Ne
hraaka, hn been lllcd with tho Clorl; or t,uld
I City of Iteil Cloud, juiiylnK that a license 1U0
I untitled by tho City Council ol wild city to
wurren i.oiiKtin tor inoHnto oi man, nnrll
uoimand vlnuous lliiuortt on Lot 0, In llloek
HI, In tho City of lied Cloud; tlmt action will
bo taken on Hitch petition by tho Mayor ami
City Council of b:Ii1 city on tho llrst day of
May Will, or ut tho llrst meeting of the coun
cil thereafter.
I Dated at Iteil Cloud, Nebraska, April 7th. ,
(Seal) City clerk.
A Car of Buggies
If you are in the market for a buggy it will pay you to investigate. They
are new 1913 style with Democratic prices.
This Litter was sold by us last year. We put out 31 of them. There
was no other article sold that pleased our customers more. Here are the
names of a few farmers that you may ask: Harry Koth, Albert Perry, Will
Watson. Will Lippencott, Chas. Isom, Adolph Goth, M. Bogenrief, Ran Zach
ary, John Most. If before you buy you will ask these nine men you will be
convinced what they are. For prices come and see. You 'will never be fully
satisfied with any other kind.
Whitaker & Buckles
Red Cloud,