The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 06, 1913, Image 6

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.The Red Cloud Chief
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Knlrrcil In the I'oMofflce at Red Cltmil, Net).
an Second Class Matter
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The Coinnierlcal Club offers Itsi
robins to tho visitors of Red Cloun, to
the farmers lu the vicinity, who are
nxpeetcd to make themselves at home
whenever they have occasion to puss
un hour in town. Any member of the
club will be glad to escort a visitor
from abroad, or a farmer patron of the
city, to tho rooniH and extend him the
hospitality of the clab and coiivcu
dunces. It will bo one of the objeota of the
club to furnish opportunity for friend
ly discussion on the various needs of
the city ,v the improvements desirable
(to be made, the little things that any
one may suggest upon which united
notion should bo had. Take for In
stance the matter of cleaning the side
walks after n suow fall. It is such n
little matter to clear off the side walks
with a horse and suow plow, that it
ought to be provided for, elthor by the
city or the school district.
I Winter Cloaks and Suits!
Up to and Including Saturday, March 8th, we will
still allow you SO Per Cent Discount on our Winter
Suits and Cloaks.
Mr. Hurden who cau not get down
town with out a fairly clear side walk
has such n plow, and the rest of us are
content to rely on the enterprise of n
cripple to provide us a walk down
town. . This suggested to Mr. I'littt
thut Mr. llurden's plow might just us
woll be run up as far as his residence
while it whs going. That 'much of Ihe
city whs immediately put in travels
uble condition.
Suppose the school district or the
city hnd .such u plow and Immediate
ly after a snow put it in operation.
Jt would be a little matter to get riil
of the snow.
This reminds us of ex-Mayor Ross,
who in this respect, at any rate was
the best mayor the city ever had. Im
mediately after a suow storm his team
nud a snow plow were on the street
road way was opened. Mr. Ross
did this at his own expense, uud no
churgo was ever made to the city on
account of the same. Away down in
our hearts we shall always have a
kindly feeling towards the ex-mayor
for this exhibition of a spirit to oblige
the public.
While wc are on the subject of side,
walks, something should be done with
the smooth cement walks In the city.
They are a source of serious danger.
It should be an eas? matter to discover
some mode of roughoning.thelraurfnce
so that the danger of slipping wheu the
walks are wet with snow or rain will
The Club contemplates the provision
of a slate, bulletin board, or other
means of noting the suggestions that
may be made from time to time.
These suggestions may then be con
sidered and aoted upon at the regular
meetings of the executive board.
There were many valuable suggest
ions in the editorial entitled Civic
Pride iu the last issue of the Chief,
eaoh of which should be made the sub
ject of discussion, that the proper
action msv be had to bring about the
changes needed. What the city has
lacked is just such a meeting place for
social and public purposes. The old
commercial club rooms had nothlug
inviting about them to attract the
members to visit them. The preseut
rooms have a very hospitable ami cozy
welcome for everybody.
As wa hava not many laft but such as are hara are all of this season's manufacture.
We are receiving our spring lines these days and will be pleased to have you call and inspec Vem
New and Fashionable Silks
White and Novelty Wash Goods
Wool Suitings and Dress Goods
Staple and Colored Wash
Spring Suits and Coats
We have received a partial shipment of these
and others will be arriving in a few days.
Curtains Goods
Linen Suitings and Dress Linens
White Tailored Waists In All
The New Materials
Buttons, Trimmings, Laces,
Nets, Etc..
Should Never be Overlooked as the Stock is Large and Complete.
Make Our Store Your Headquarters, You Are Always Welcome Whether in the Market For Anything or Not '
The Miner Bros. Co.
69696SOMMLa e3e3N"BWLese3SSwwxw
The busiuesh men of the city enjoyed
seeing the press through the eyes of
the ministerial brethren and they eu
Joyed a look at the ministers as they
appeared to the attorneys but would
it not be .keen delight to turn the tele
scope and microscope on the editors?
The editor swiugs his 'search light
upon every act of human endeavor
every aspiration of the human heart
uud deliberately informs a waiting
world of every detail. But how about
the editor? Let us look at him thru
the microscope, how small he looks
that's because he has just asked Ub to
increase our advertising and if we do
not he will silly iuvlte the great Roar
back catalogue house to us his
columns. Then he seems a prettv
bmall speck when he insinuates that
it is time for us to have more letter
heads printed wheu he knows that the
other fellow 1ms just loaded us up for
h year. Then but what's the use?
We have troubles euough of our own
let's use the other machine. Through
the telescope the editor looms large
and mngnlflclunt he lets us tulle to
our trade iu nice big black letteis at
so much per. lie lets us meet our
cuHtomeis face tojface right iu thoir
own homes and without coremony, he
tells the publio what benefactor we
are and makes us feel good, tickles la
under the ribs and always has the sun
shining. He looks better through the
telescope aud we belleve that is the
only lustrument to use on the editor
Iu the management of lines of busi
ness where competition exists, it has
long bfen a custom to use some meant
of stimulating trade, and directing It
to one's own establishment. The meth
od of most of the large wholesale
houses is to send their traveling men
to each customer, to lucrease trade
by solicitation. The method used
largely by retail houses is the judicious
use of advertising.
These two methods used appear
widely dltferent, and yet they are
governed largely by the same laws.
Advertising Is simply a cheaper form
of soliciting trade. By the use of the
columns of the newspapers, tho busi
ness man can speak to hundreds of
customers while the traveling man is
speaking to individuals. The travel
ing niim must be tactful; must know
his goods from A to ; and he must be
nble to present his arguments in such
a way that a desire for his Hue ts creat
ed, lie must understand the psycho
logy of salesmanship. These require
ments are just as ueccssary in the case
of the ad writer. The man who is
preparing to address an audience of
hundreds gives much time iu deter
mining what to say, although he may
have time to use from three to six
thousand words in presenting his case.
The business man can hardly afford to
be less careful in writing a message to
hundreds of readers, many or all of
whom are prospective customers, es
peciully since ho isv limited as to the
number of words he may use. All
supertlous matter must be eliminated.
The wording should be' striking, and
the whole advertisement must help to
create a desire for the goods which the
merchant Is selling.
far as vigorous effort is concerned, as
a mati can not be alive and dead at
the same time. It is the steady grind
of the enterprising merchant thai
builds up a town or city and sets the
hot blood coursing through the veius
of the citizen who wants to do things.
Then again the merchant must have
the backing of the town people if he is
successful iu his effort. No merchant
town or city ever thrived and became
famous by its citizens knocking the
home merchant or sending their orders
for merchandise out of town instead
of placing them with home merchants
aud thus cementing that unity of spirit
that goes toward building up a town
or city. As a usual thing Red Cloud
merchants are "top notches" but
there should be a greater effort put
forth in the future than in the past to
get together on everything that per
tains to the amplification of the city's
interests. Fill up a town with selfish
aud non enterprising merchants and
we will show you a dead town. Fame
aud glory awaits the merchant, busi
ness mac or community where enter
prise runs rampant. Don't get that
'I don't care spirit" but hang your
banners on the outer walls" so that
"He who runs may see" and know that
there are uo cob webs across your
front door.
A Few More Locals
A town or community is what the
people make it. If a town or city Is to
verge on greatness three thlugs are re
quisite, viz: Uultyof spirit, Vigorous
effort, and Willingness to help push
the town to the front. No town ever
amounted to much where the mer
chants and business men did not com
bine their efforts with the town's in-
Ed. Walters Marries
Popular Red Cloud Girl
Ed. Walters and Miss Grace Kinsel
were united in marriage at the home
of the bride's parents, on Sunday after
noon, Rev. I. W. Edson performing
the ceremony, which was witnessed by
a few friends of the families. After
the ceremony a big wedding dluner
was served, the decorations being
pink, red aud white.
Tho bride is the" youngest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs J. W. Kinsel, and only
recently resigned her position as oper
ator ut the central office of the Farm
er's Independent Telephone Company
1 She Ik un esteemable voumr ladv and
habitants In one grand effort to vigor-1 ejov (l wl(Je dr0,e of tri(inda. The
oubly push the town to the front at tfroom . H Webster county product,
every point. To build up u town tb, being born und raised iu this county,
merchants must unite on plans to Hm, ,K ft 601 of Mf Rud Mrs W,
draw trade to the town. He ,m,Htj, Walters,
constantly devUe judicious advertls-i' They have gone to housekeeping iu
mgoj- wmcii ms ur uwir names hs . ,.,. ........ ruL.eiltiv vacated bv the K.
M. Uard family, across the street from
well us the town will become a house
hold saying. Thev must advertise the
'own at all times as the place for bar
gains and the square deal. The mer
shant that does not advertise and push
'lis town Is a decidedly lame duck, as
the I. O. O. F. hall, and the Chief joins
with their many friends in wishing
for them a long and happy life.
If it happens, it is in The Chief.
Jim McBride of Cowle-. whs in town
Two weeks from Sunday is Raster,
Have you your new hut?
Residence property for sale. Leaving
the city. D. W. Tim.Ninu:
The little son of Mr. und Mrs. Chris
Jensen has the pneumonia
W. W. Richards of Guide Rock whs
attending court here this week.
Ed. Amack, left Wednesday for Ox
ford where his brother, Charley is ill'
White Plymouth Rock eggs for set
ting W. F. Coi.k, Red Cloud, Nebraska
Roth l'houes.
Russell Amack spent a few days see
ing the sights around Lincoln the
first of the week.
I have the best(rate iu the county on
farm loans. See me aud be convinced.
My motto prompt service.
A. T. Wai.kku.
I will give my Millinery Opening of
Spring Designs, Saturday March 8th.
You are invited to be present aud look
at my large stock of Millinery.
Mrs.C. W. Barrett.
Otto Swanson, recently from Moberly
Mo., but more directly from "the old
country," huving only been in the
good old U. S. A., about a year arrived
on Saturday, and intends to locate
Walter I)euney,a mechanic of con
siderable ability, who formerly resided
with his family at this place, but who
1s now a resident of our sister state to
the south, Kansas, is spending a fnv
days in the city. , v
Arch Rasser and Miss Lacy Decker
went to Hastings last Thursday and
were married. They left on Saturday
for Oklahoma, which place they will
make their future home. The Chief
joins with their ininy friends iu ex
tending congratulations.
The Hillmau Ideal Stock Company
will be at the opera, March 17-lK-l!Mli.
Don't forget the date aud remember
that llillmun is one of the best com
panies which has ever been flu the
house. The company comes to us this
time larger, stronger and better equip
ed with special scenery than before
All good, clean entertainments, The
prices are as usual U.'.c, .'Mo, .(V.
Private Money To Loan
also regular Farm Loans on best terms
to be had iu the State. Call for me at
State Bank Red Cloud. C, F.Catiikr.
(Hall Paper Opening
We Extend To You
A Personal Invitation To Call
And inspect our stock of New Spring Wall Paper.
They are worth seeing purely as works of art
and doubly worth seeing in case you contemplate
using paper later.
A little observation will show what remarkable
changes can be made in the appearance of a home
by use of suitable wall papers.
This stock includes all of the latest designs and
will permit of carrying out any plan or scheme
Our Nw Spring Stmck Whllm Complif
Gbas. It. Getting
The Druggist
hot cakes, made with
ROYAL Baking Powder
are deliotoum, health
ful and easily made.
V. . . ' .
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